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Creating your character

When you first connect to TFC, you will be asked for a character name, a password, and your email address. Remember what you choose for the password, and choose something not easily guessed because this is all that stands between you and another person playing your character. Passwords are encrypted.

You will be asked to choose a class, race, and hometown when you log on. TFC offers three magic classes: mage, cleric and shaman, and three physical classes: warrior, ranger and thief. All have their strengths and weaknesses, and some are more difficult to play than others. In general, we would suggest the new player choose either a human mage or perhaps a cleric and an "easy" hometown. Any of these will provide the ability to quickly learn the fundamentals.

Once you have accepted the general stats of your character and acknowledged your understanding of TFC's policies, you will enter a special room. This room welcomes you to TFC, and lists what help files and other online information are suggested reading. When you exit that special room, you will enter into an area designed to teach new players about TFC. This area is Camp Tolanreal. The Camp and the Help Newbie Files were designed to teach you the basic skills of survival you'll need. We strongly recommend that you read the help newbie files. You can review them at any time by typing HELP NEWBIE. Don't skip those lessons! They will teach you things like how to obtain food (no, you cannot die of hunger or thirst, but you don't regain hit points or mana as quickly when you're famished), how to CONSIDER your opponent, and many other important lessons.

It's a good idea to stay in Camp Tolanreal, and the connected Gallery, Coliseum, and Lleheibwen until you at least reach level 2 (and level 3 is better, some stay until 5th). Once you reach level 2 you will be able to save your character. Save often to ensure you keep any experience (xp) or equipment (eq) you collect in your play. You should make use of these areas for as long as you are allowed, because they have added features to assist a newbie that other areas for low level players do not have. You will also be able to do the quest that Algenara offers, which can be helpful in learning your hometown. Newbie, by the way, is shorthand for "new player" and should be not taken as an insult.

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