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Before logging in

Read everything in this "New to TFC" section. You may also want to read Solaron's Newbie Guide or other newbie guides. (Note that some of these web pages provide additional helps, but that they express only the views and opinions of those who made them.) We also recommend that you read the information available under the Community and RP & PK sections to get a feel for what TFC is like. One advantage of reading web pages like these that they don't spam. (On MUDs the word 'spam' refers to information that scrolls past your view on the screen before you can read it.) You also have the advantage of being able to print out the pages or read them at a more leisurely pace.

Next, think about choosing a name for your character. Your name should be appropriate for a fantasy roleplaying game. Cuss words, slogans (Pepsi, SmithWesson, etc), modern names (Jimbob, Fred, etc.), acronyms (ICQ, IRS, etc.) are not acceptable, and you will be asked to select another name. Also, your name is the first impression people have of you. If your name is "Skullhammer Deathlord", you might have difficulty being accepted into a good or pacifist following, but you might do well in an agressive pk following. Make sure your name aligns with your character, or at least does not make the wrong impression.

Remember that you don't have to become too attached to your first character. Your first character is very likely to be a kind of experiment, although there are people who still play their first MUD character on a regular basis. But most likely you will be getting a feel for the mud and its intricacies and it's entirely possible, even likely, that your first character will die several times, even become unplayable, etc. You could also lose link before you get to 2nd level and can save. You can't save until 2nd level. Explore, learn, map and get to know the people on TFC.

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