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How does "The Final Challenge" operate?
"The Final Challenge" is a volunteer effort from top to bottom. Both the programming code and the TFC 'world' have been created by hard working volunteers. The game itself charges no fee in order to play.

Why is there a TFC Support Fund?
The game incurs expenses, such as hosting charges and advertising expenses. The Support Fund offsets these expenses.

Why should I contribute?
Your contributions help to insure that TFC will be able to keep going. You will also be recognized on a "Contributors" web page. You will not receive in-game privileges or favors, such as special equipment or rules exceptions. There are currently no plans to provide donation-based in-game 'enhancements' or compensation. Please, if you financially contribute to TFC, contribute because you like the game and you want to see it continue, not because you think you'll be entitled to special perks. And thanks again for your consideration!

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