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Website credits

Thanks to those who have contributed over the years to the TFC website. Contributors are listed from oldest to most recent and include:

  • Madman: original content author, original webmaster
  • Thaygar: original assisting author, original layout author
  • Sinclair: illustrator of original TFC banner graphic
  • Cordir: layout review, updates author, previous webmaster
  • Polnevdra: Arch-Lich image on Molo's page and Madman image on Madman's page.
  • Shara L. J. Wilson, of Professional Illusions: illustrator of TFC Northern Continent Map.
  • Elladan: illustrator of TFC Southern Continent and Maelmordian Seas Maps
  • Scott Snedeker of IdeaWorks: second TFC logo
  • James Ellis of Dark Epiphany Studios for technical assistance on second version of website
  • Abender: technical assistance on second version of website
  • Nayr: first site redesign and flash/javascript development, TFC area writer's guide web formatting and TFC area writer's style guide web formatting
  • Tamar: TFC area writer's style guide tip formatting
  • Elladan: first redesign site review and link testing
  • Tokugawa: site review and link testing, updates and revisions to TFC area wrtier's guide
  • Tynian: TFC news and TFC statistics coding and back-end database design (test2)
  • Marisa: first redesign implementation and content updates. Second site redesign (this look), content rewriting/editing/updating, and second redesign implementation. Current webmaster.

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