Zip, Elven Witchling
Hello and welcome to my little page about me.

I was born in the magical elven town of Cillidellia, one half of a set of twins. My family consists of my father, Vorax, my twin brother, Bahlzuri, and a half-sister, Selune. Like some of the ancient elves, my brother and I were not merely born, but willed into existence. We were born in the same town our father originated from. We both chose to follow in our father's footsteps, so to speak. Instead of following in the path of the clergy, we decided to study sorcery and witchcraft, the black arts of magic. My brother was quickly accepted into our father's following of Shadows. I, on the other hand, wandered around for a bit before seeking him out. While looking around in the temples, I happened upon a lovely Goddess. She spoke kind words to me, tempting me to join her followers. I was about to say my goodbyes to her just as she pulled out a small piece of candy, a piece of chocolate. Tempted by the delicious candy, I turned my attention back towards her. She smiled and showed me a huge bubbling cauldron, full of melted chocolate. She told me she would share some with me, but she wasn't allowed to give away anything to anyone who didn't worship her. Craving the chocolate, I quickly worshiped her and became one of the members of the Coven of the Ashen Moon.
Descriptions that have been written for me

Description written by Neodis
      The first thing you do is smile. You seem to have found one of the
cutest witches in the realm. Remarkable how this little Elf seems to
charm you without so much as looking in your direction. Outfitted in
a short red leather skirt, and pointed hat, the thigh-high boots and
black choker seem very tasteful. Around her Waist a scabbard,
blackened around the rim, the pommel of a flaming blade pokes out
amongst the occasional flickering of fire. Her broom has been placed
against a nearby wall to free her hands as she focus's upon her spell
book of black magic, floating before her.

As her hands flicker through some interesting arcane patterns, you
notice that her light tan tends to set her rich auburn hair off
nicely. Her intelligent eyes flicker quickly in your direction,
their deep purple, almost blue color, seem to possess not only the
determination that is required of magery but also a warning to keep
away from her broom whilst she is casting.

A moment later, she utters something under her breath, a soft pop and
a little smoke later and... nothing. Muttering she picks her broom up
decides that she will have to travel to get herself some chocolate

Description written by Cordir
      If being perky and cute was a crime, the young elf maid before you would be 
behind bars for life. With a ripe, lush figure the envy of any courtesan, a
head of thick, auburn hair the color of the last fading leaves of fall, and
eyes that are an intriguing shade somewhere between sapphire and the deep 
amethyst purple of spring pansies, she is a force to be reckoned with. Those
lovely eyes are filled with a mischievous intelligence, and she winks saucily,
as if she knows exactly what illicit thoughts crossed your mind just now. 
Her clothing is a mixture of the playful and utilitarian. Her dress is form-
fitting flame red velvet, with a short, flirty thigh-length skirt. A sword 
harness of dragonhide peeps over one shoulder, sheathing the flaming blade 
she wields.  A pointy black hat, ornamented with a wide band of velvet and 
a mithril buckle, tops her head, making her look quite the part of a wicked 
little witch. Her full crimson lips curve in a smile that is touched with 
compassion and caring for those less capable, or truly innocent... but you 
can't help but wonder what evil must be in her soul to have been named the 
Ordained Enchantress of the Ash Moon Coven. She smiles again, but this time 
it is less innocent and more knowing. A spark of something playful, like a 
cat toying with a mouse, flares in her eyes, and she whispers softly:
'Careful... I know curses as well as warding spells, and my loyalty is bound 
eternally to my Lady."