Group Tell

Triggers for your mud client can make your time online much less repetitive with all the typing while you are getting exp and typing the same commands time and time again. The first trigger set will be a "group tell" trigger set that will enable you to cast spells on anyone in your group. The problem with most "group tell" triggers is that a knowledgable player can set your triggers off thereby spelling someone up who is not in your group. My "group tell" trigger gets around this.


Friends - This variable works in conjunction with the trigger and 2 aliases.


alias name: addfriend

command: #var friends {%additem(%proper(%1),@friends)}

alias name: delfriend

command: #var friends {%delitem(%proper(%1),@friends)}

Create the Variable "friends" and leave all the fields blank for it, the 2 aliases will add and delete people to the variable.

Create the aliases "addfriend" and "delfriend", put the command you see above for the aliases in the "command" field when editing Aliases. These aliases will add and delete group members names from the "friends" variable. The syntax for adding a friend to the variable is: addfriend groupmember and just the opposite for deleting a name from the variable: delfriend groupmember.


pattern: (%w) tells the group ~(in %w~), 'comprehend'.

command: #if {%ismember(%1,@friends} {cast 'comprehend' %1}

The above trigger example will work for all spells, just replace the spell you want in place of comprehend in the pattern and command fields.

Improved Identify

Ah, the bane of existence for most Mages is Improved Identify, not only does it take a lot of time doing id's takes a LOT of typing if you tell the person all of the affects. I was very glad to get an Improved Identify trigger. I would not have done anywhere near the number of large Identify sessions if I did not have this trigger set.

As with the Group Tell trigger this can be abused with a knowledgable player, one example which I have worked to get fixed: lets say a Thief has looked at me and knows that my trigger when on ID's the item they hand me and then I hand it back, then tell them the results. They could emote "Soandso gives you a backpack" had I not had this fixed my trigger would have seen the emote and ID'd the backpack (or any other container they knew I had) then told them the results and then GIVEN THEM MY CONTAINER. This trigger with a variable and a list in the variable prevents this.

The trigger will automatically Identify whatever is handed to me, I will then rest, hand the item back and then tell them the results, and if I dont have enough mana left I give back the item, tell them I dont have enough mana and I will be right back, then I sleep to regen, all automatically. This is much easier than doing all this manually.


Here is the zMUD Improved Identify Trigger that I set up, back up your *.mud file before importing this in case there is a problem, then you can go back to your old *.mud file.

Improved Identify Trigger

For Netscape: Right click on the link above then highlight "save link as" and point to a temporary directory to download it, Then import it into zmud.

For Internet Explorer: Clicking on the link above should bring up a dialog asking if you want to "Open this file from its current location" or "Save this file to disk" select "Save this file to disk" and point to a temporary directory to download it, Then import it into zmud.

I have no idea if this will work with 5.xx of zMUD, your on your own in getting this working, hopefully it will work with no problems.











Create the above eight variables with nothing in the Value field.

Two aliases that will be explained next will add and remove containers for the "contlist" Variable.


Alias name: contadd

commands: #va contlist {%additem(%lower(%1),@contlist)}

Alias name: contdel

commands: #va contlist {%delitem(%lower(%1),@contlist)}

Create contadd and contdel.

The above aliases contadd and contdel will add and remove container names to the contlist variable.

The syntax to add a container is: contadd containername.

The syntax to remove a container is: contdel containername.


The following triggers are what tells zMUD how and what to say when identifying items.

After creating a trigger you will need to click on the options tab and then click on "disabled" in the "When loaded" area.

Also, click on "newline" in the "trigger on" area.

And last but not least, click on "pattern" in "trigger type".

class: AutoID

pattern: (%w) gives you * (%2).

#var id %1;
#var item %2;
#var ac 0;
#IF (%2="swirls") {#va item "potion"};
#IF (%2="spots") {#va item "potion"};
#IF {%ismember(%lower(%2),@contlist)} {#t- AutoID;
#t- reportitem;
#t- lostID} {#t+ lostID;
c imp @item;

class: reportitem

pattern: ^Affects (*) by -(%d).

command: #wa 2000;t @id %1: -%2.

class: reportitem

pattern: ^Level (%d) spells of: (*).

command: t @id Level %1 %2

class: reportitem

pattern: Affects (*) by (%d).

command: #wa 2000;t @id %1: +%2.

class: reportitem

pattern: Armor class is (*).

command: #var ac %1

class: reportitem

pattern: Damage is (%d) to (%d) ~(average (%d)~).

command: t @id Dam %1-%2 avg %3

class: reportitem

Has %d~((%d)~) charges of level (-%d) (*). command: t @id level %2 %3, %1 charges.

class: reportitem

pattern: Has %d~((%d)~) charges of level (%d) (*).

command: t @id level %2 %3, %1 charges.

class: reportitem

pattern: Has (%d) charges. (*).

command: t @id %2, %1 charges.

class: reportitem

pattern: Object (*) is type (%w), extra flags (*).

command: #t- lostID;#var object %1;#var type %2;#var flags "%3";give @item @id;#wa 1000;t @id @object ( @type | flags: @flags | @weight kg ) AC: @ac

class: reportitem

pattern: Spells of: (*).

command: t @id Spell: %1

class: reportitem

pattern: Weight is (%d).

command: #var weight %1

class: reportitem

pattern: You don't have enough mana

command: give @item @id;t @id low mana, be right back;sleep

Create the above twelve triggers using the class, pattern and command fields with the supplied syntax for the triggers.


The last thing we need is a button to turn this all off.

Create a button selecting the "keys" tab at the top of the zMUD screen, then select the buttons tab.

Click "new" to create a new button, then click on "toggle" , off caption: ID's Off, on caption: ID's On, variable: AutoID, On Command: #t+ AutoID;#t+ reportitem;#t+ lostID; Off Command: #t- AutoID;#t- reportitem;#t- lostID;

This has been put together with some help from Gwyrdain, Facade and Alagorn, thanks guys.

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