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6/26/09 - Whistler posts the following note as part of his bard tour:

Whistler: The Hovelton Polka (whistler bard council review)
Fri Jun 26 08:57:26 2009
To: all

The Hovelton Polka

Half a bard from Hovelton went for a walk quite spry,
He came upon a Halfling maid, a Beauty to the eye,
He paid her twenty gold and then asked if they might play,
But instead she slapped his face and quickly walked away!

He rubbed his little cheek and chased after the young maid,
And asked her why shed been so rude after he had paid,
She scolded him again and explained to him quite clear,
This is the town of Hovelton, and we dont play that here!

Oh, can I
Get a little help (I could use a little help)
Where the stream runs through the trees,
Can I get a little help, (I could use some help)
Could I get a CR, please?

He went south to the Ivy Bush, where he could get a drink,
And maybe talk to Nevyn about some new songs to sing,
But when he inquired of the bard the look he got was queer,
The Innkeeper just stared and said, We dont serve Him here.

He struggled through the patrons, to be seated at the bar,
And looked to see who else was there, but couldnt see that far,
He called to the barkeep and ordered a glass of beer,
But his server stared and said to him, You cant buy that here!


Into the inn there came along a fine and strapping Youth,
Who asked the bard to buy for him a drink of higher proof,
When he reached for his wallet he saw that hed been tricked
The youth and his money gone, His pocket had been picked!


He found himself a sheriff then, to file a complaint,
And described in finest detail a picture of the crime to paint,
He told the lawman of how the child had stolen every cent,

But the sheriff screamed Banzi at Him, Protect the Innocent!

He fled the fight to Pippenworts (whom sells pipeweed bread,)
There He found there a sheriff standing by a gnome quite dead,
The lawman looked him in the eye and said without a fear,
If you are not a Halfling, then Your Not welcome here!

(refrain) (refrain)


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