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TFC Historical Timeline 2005

12/31/05 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.161. Belsambar gossips (in common), 'this is THE HIGHEST my tnl has EVER been roflmao'. His title is: Hum [     Ma:29 Ra:30     ] Belsambar 182k tnl. And counting.... *Analay*   Some New Year's wishes are posted.

12/30/05 - Schwartz's classtitle becomes "Semi-Retired".

12/28/05 - Paython gossips (in common), 'the god to Player ratio is 1:1!'. Tynian gossips, 'Here at TFC we believe in small classes and favorable Immortal:mortal ratio'.

12/27/05 - Natilena goes on a version-note-posting rampage, posting some notes about version 3.161d, e, f, h & i. And here are the rank listings and wizlist from this day.

12/26/05 - Isolas turns 2000 years old.

12/24/05 - Cordir posts an ode to Frothy (the Beerman).

12/23/05 - Solaron is promoted to Demigod! He starts the lawful neutral Mafia, and his initial finfo reads: "The Mafia - hidden behind the name of the Genovese crime family - is a close-knit group of thugs, goons, lawmakers and lawbreakers. Their vast wealth, resources and immeasurable skills, along with their strong sense of loyalty and kinship, make them a force to be reckoned with. Those wishing to join should speak to a member of the Family. Those wishing 'protection' may speak to a Family-member for pricing. Those with contracts must seek out the Godfather himself." Tylin is his first follower. And earlier in the day, Solaron and Belsambar discussed reading. The Christmas mobs are in.

12/22/05 - Whitehawk is retired :(  Tynian notes that Kerriariadne is considered to be inactive at this time. Schwartz posts a note about version 3.161, and Natilena posts a note about version 3.161a, which among other things heralds the start of the Snowman Wars. Some of the snowmen created are called Vanilla Ice, Phraustea, Frostbite, GrandMaster Icy, & Mr Freeze.

12/21/05 - It starts snowing in multiple colors on TFC, as part of a quest Natilena is running. Schwartz posts a note about version 3.160e.

12/20/05 - There's a singing cow in the guild hall. (Don't say I didn't warn you!) And if it wasn't evident from the cow, Natilena's sense of humor is also on the loose. (Or maybe it was just permanently stationed in Wylin's temple?)

12/19/05 - Miressa is the first mortal to find the new slot machine. There's some joking about the slot maching being "fixed" on gossip. Natilena posts a note about version 3.160b, and one about the era of the Snowman Wars!

12/18/05 - Natilena posts a note about version 3.160.

12/14/05 - Jashon is ordained "Nexus Prime" by Boromir!

12/13/05 - Solaron is promoted to Attendant of Wylin!

12/9/05 - A Battle of the Bards is held by Cordir.

12/6/06 - Cordir posts "Cycles".

12/5/05 - Karm is ordained "Insane Slave" by Mystaya!

12/3/05 - Schwartz runs two small quests (an Alphabet Soup Scavenger Hunt and an FLI Item Creativity Quest). For quest 1, Avarice took first in 20+ & Karm took first in <20. For quest 2, Kinen took first & Avarice got a honorable mention.

12/2/05 - Avarice is ordained "Servant" by Molo!

11/30/05 - Dundrave announces a new AMMQ high score of 499.

11/27/05 - Marduk turns 1000 years old.

11/23/05 - Natilena start a Thanksgiving scrabble contest, and the winner is Marduk with "turkeys"!

11/15/05 - Pitt sent this in ### [Erian says (in common), 'man i really wanted to be the cat lady'], saying that he believed Erian and Arella were goiing around trying to charm lots of cats.

11/13/05 - Gimble's Gambling Hall is quietly installed, but is not yet open for business.

11/11/05 - Dundrave gets the ghost of Wunk as his mobmaster.

11/6/05 - A who list from this day.

11/4/05 - Arella gets stuck.

11/2/05 - Lestat is ordained "Knave of Darkness" by Kerriariadne!

10/31/05 - Mong is the winner of the 2005 Halloween Costume Contest! Here are all the entries.

10/30/05 - Silence retires.

10/29/05 - Locatus is ordained "ENFORCER" by Wylin!

10/28/05 - Maja is ordained "Nexus Prime" by Boromir! Trell auctions some pants.

10/26/05 - About the funniest retirement note ever is posted. (Although did he really retire?)

10/24/05 - Orpik announces that the AAMQ high score is now 424.

10/23/05 - Tamar announces the annual Halloween costume contest.

10/22/05 - Tynian posts a note warning of upcoming thug class restrictions.

10/21/05 - A "new class" is announced.

10/20/05 - Ratchus asks for good news.

10/18/05 - Several characters are deleted for character sharing and/or equipment swapping.

10/14/05 - Tynian posts a note about inactive immortals.

10/13/05 - ### [Somewhere, Silence signs - theres not nearly enough drunk malaysian men for me to do that]

10/13/05 - Ratchus posts a silly note about his "big ego". And I have no idea why, but Belsambar gossiped this: 'You wouldn't happen to have 6 fingers on your left hand, would you?'.

10/11/05 - The wizlist from this day.

10/10/05 - Isolas is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Lawful Neutral following of the Fellowship of the Magi, and Drakar is his first follower. His initial finfo reads, "The Fellowship of the Magi are a group dedicated to Magic in all its forms: Whether the raw, natural forces of the earth itself, wielded by shamen, the deific energy channelled by the clergy, or the fiery core of creation itself, the Wyld Magics, all are equally embraced. All members of the Magi are required to have a spellcasting class upon presenting themselves for entry into the Tower of Magic. There is none so old they cannot learn, and none so young they cannot teach: All are students here, each enriching the lives and experiences of one another. We dedicate ourselves to the search for knowledge and secrets in all forms throughout the realm. Those who wish to join the Magi can expect a close-knit group who work with one another for the betterment of all. Player-killing is not the focus within the Tower, but is a reality of the Realm that will be dealt with decisively. Interested parties should seek out one of the Magi-Adept, or Isolas himself, to learn more of this followings guidelines for behavior, and requirements for entry. More information can be located at:".

10/9/05 - Schwartz turns 2002 years old. (When did he turn 2000 tho?) From Pitt: The earth trembles beneath your feet! ### Krakatoa has connected.

10/5/05 - Isolas begins attending Boromir! (Making him probably the first attendant to attend two different FLIs before ever reaching Demigod).

10/4/05 - It's a busy night for promotions: Solaron and Azeworai are promoted to Ambassador, and Thor is promoted to Demigod! Thor starts the Lawful Good following of Thor's Guardians, and his first follower is Kalara. His initial finfo reads, "Thor's Guardians are a close group of adventures dedicated to spreading good throughout the realm and eliminating evil in any form it may take. The Guardians is a place where you can come to learn. Leaving safe rooms is the best way to learn. Because of this, safe sitting is highly discouraged. Yes, you will die. It's part of the game. But, we will be here to help you learn and recover."

10/2/05 - Velius posts a little story about elf vs. dwarf. DarkClaw posts a note about a potential eastern GT.

10/1/05 - Tynian posts some notes about version 3.157, version 3.158, and version 3.159.

9/29/05 - Thor turns 1000 years old. Natilena posts some notes about version 3.156 & 3.156a.

9/28/05 - The Enforcers turn two years old today! To celebrate, Wylin has a party. The wizlist from this day.

9/27/05 - Noctus turns 2000 years old.

9/25/05 - Tynian announces an immortality freeze. Natilena announces the winners of the Master of Magic's quest: The winner in the 20+ range...Nazinthas! The winner in the 20- range...Tank! She also posts a note about version 3.155.

9/24/05 - The wizlist and rank listings from today. Someone else finally has the same MUDing philosophy as Marisa: ### [Armor says (in common), 'i dont really pay attention'].

9/23/05 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.154.

9/22/05 - Orpik asks people to post a note if they have beat the 1 round ammq high score of 410. Rincewind posts a retirement note. The free reforms note is updated.

9/21/05 - ### [Somewhere, Dundrave tickles a demons buttocks] (Thanks Pitt)

9/20/05 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.153.

9/19/05 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.152.

9/18/05 - Despite all her preparations for vacation, Natilena does manage to whip up a quest to celebrate her promotion.

9/16/05 - Natilena is promoted to Greater Goddess!

9/14/05 - Noctus turns 2000 years old and offers free beer to celebrate.

9/13/05 - Natilena posts details of the results of the recent quest.

9/11/05 - Isolas is promoted to Attendant of Cordir! Athorne is retired. Tynian posts a note about the recent promotions, one about archmob masters, & updates the free reforms note. The wizlist and rank listings from today.

9/10/05 - Thor is promoted to Attendant of Boromir! Tynian posts a note about free reforms.

9/9/05 - Every now and then, it looks like Tynian checks to see if anyone is paying attention. (See if you can figure out why I'm saying that.) After a great deal of hemming and hawing, Natilena announces the winner of the quest. Orpik gossips (in common), 'haha i got better at earthquake'. Rincewind gossips (in common), 'I'm "trembling"'.

9/7/05 - Azeworai posts a retirement note due to RL reasons.

9/5/05 - Marisa dies a lot trying to do the quest. A who list from this day.

9/4/05 - Natilena starts a "scavenger-y triva-y type quest-y thingie".

9/1/05 - A who list from this day.

8/30/05 - This just strikes me as funny: ### [Rubicant tells Pitt (in common), 'there more then one book in the library?']

8/29/05 - Hurricane Katrina hits :(

8/28/05 - Mystaya is promoted to Demigoddess! Her first follower is Artichondra, and she creates the Lawful Evil following of Insanity. Her initial finfo reads: A safe and welcoming asylum for all those who aren't quiet right in the head, and even if you are, we can easily relieve you of that annoyance with endless tickling... or a hugging .... or any number of Vile and Horrible Repercussions. If you dare to embrace the Craziness within you... seek out Mystaya! (The especially cute are encouraged to apply).

8/26/05 - ### [Somewhere, Belsambar utters the words 'Boot to the head'. He sends himself flying accross the room!]

8/23/05 - Tynian spends an entire day running quests, including a number of archmob quests. A who list from this day.

8/22/05 - Mystaya is promoted to Attendant of Cordir! Eldric reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30)

8/21/05 - Tamar runs a little "find the Ambassador" quest, teleporting the 3 ambassadors to the ends of the earth. Belsambar, Kinen find 2 of them, and Mystaya is declared a winner since no one finds her.

8/20/05 - The wizlist and rank listings from this day.

8/19/05 - Thor and Isolas are promoted to Ambassador! (And here is an edited version of Isolas' immortality petition.)

8/18/05 - Eldric is shocked to see Marisa (who is going to level this year, really) playing.

8/16/05 - Myst is ordained by Cordir. Pez may or may not have stopped by for an extremely brief visit: QBall gossips (in common), '### Pez has quit.'.

8/14/05 - Myst reaches effective 40th! (Ma:30 Ra:30)

8/13/05 - Bort is back as "BortInfinity", at least long enough to post this note.

8/8/05 - Ink posts the results of his quest!

8/6/05 - The rank listing and the wizlist from this day.

8/4/05 - Arella passes the 6000 point mark on location quest.

8/2/05 - Anaerin attacks Mayor Daniel by mistake, which prompts Bignose to ask 'you didnt vote for him?'.

7/30/05 - Gyro retires, posting reflections of a DARK sandwich.

7/29/05 - Henry reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30)  Ink starts his mudwide quest: INKQUEST 2005!

7/14/05 - Natilena's clams escape. Velius gossips (in common), 'I'll Kill You!'. Gloom gossips (in common), 'That wouldn't be much fun. '. Velius gossips (in common), 'Well your name IS Gloom'.

7/11/05 - Schwartz runs a scavenger hunt, and Belsambar was the winner.

7/9/05 - Apparently a few player's capslocks keys and spacebars fail to work.

7/6/05 - Tynian posts a note titled "Me".

6/28/05 - Anima posts a retirement note.

6/26/05 - A who list from this day.

6/25/05 - Darts post a kind-of retirement note. Valo "retires from retirement".

6/23/05 - Natilena announces the Scrabble contest winners. Belsambar asks about Mish: So, how much does it cost to buy a new hand? I know for a fact she's made at LEAST half a mil off me alone...and she can't afford her new hand yet? Remind me next time I have a simple that it'll just be cheaper to give it to my attackers than let them cut my hand off for it :P  Much later, Tynian responds, saying "She's collected 203,746,337 gold, but has not as yet petitioned..."

6/22/05 - Boyardee gossips (in common), 'info me! I might even leave the kitchen'. Leo gossips (in common), 'you better not leave the kitchen! thats a chef's place!!!'.

6/20/05 - Ptarchyzk & Belsambar both post non-retirement notes. Version 3.150i goes live. Soulcrush gossips (in common), 'YOU VILLANOUS DARKS WILL NOT KILL ME (again that is)'.

6/15/05 - Pitt posts a huge non-retirement note. Belsambar tries to get Pitt to marry him quick while he's sex changed to a she.

6/14/05 - Adso (who was retired already) posts a retirement note.

6/13/05 - Valin posts a retirement note, as does Orion.

6/9/05 - Mystaya didn't do it.

6/7/05 - Valin and Marcus both start auctions for their fully loaded corpses.

6/6/05 - Anandunaiss drops in and posts a note.

6/2/05 - Some new bard suggestions are requested.

5/30/05 - Natilena starts a game of Scrabble.

5/29/05 - Stranger gossips (in common), 'hey someone!!'. Arella gossips (in common), 'hey stranger'.

5/23/05 - Azeworai rants about bards, and Tynian response, both in a couple of notes.

5/19/05 - Cadee has her third bard review.

5/18/05 - Mystaya is promoted to Ambassador! Several people write congratulatory notes.

5/16/05 - Gyro gossips (in common), '*gasp* You know I'm really just attracted to Lamias?'.

5/15/05 - The wizlist from this day.

5/14/05 - Molo posts a note about former Choice.

5/13/05 - Schwartz retires from tfc due to unfortunate rl events :(

5/12/05 - Natilena posts a note/mini-quest about her tasty puddings.

5/11/05 - There's some discussion between Analay and Azeworai on notes.

5/10/05 - Oook hosts a bardic circle.

5/9/05 - Beowulf fills out a personal ad.

5/8/05 - There are some comments about the Dark that end with a final say from Kerriariadne.

5/5/05 - Natilena sets Tiberius' nemesis loose in Safehaven, holding a gift for anyone who can catch her. She is slain by the group of Kaira, Noctus, Oook, Hiro and Kykmi. Wolfwood posts a very fond farewell. The rank listings from this day.

5/1/05 - Mystaya posts her petition for immortality.

4/30/05 - Tynian announces a Bliss sighting!

4/23/05 - A revised note about high levels picking on low levels is posted.

4/21/05 - Zarous stops by for a visit.

4/19/05 - Sylarn levels to 30 thief!

4/17/05 - A who list from this day.

4/12/05 - Padrone reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Cl:30). Cadee passes her first two bard reviews.

4/9/05 - Natilena sets the grape ape lose, offering a pick from the prize bag to the person who kills it. Tynian posts a note about bard reviews.

4/8/05 - Tynian posts a note about ideas and bugs.

4/7/05 - Clue posts a note regarding the end of FoLK.

4/5/05 - Talyn posts a note to Schwartz followers, and Schwartz responds.

4/4/05 - Wylin posts a note about Clue & FoLK.

4/2/05 - Clue is retired.

4/1/05 - Kel posts an apology to the Chosen.

3/31/05 - Darkmoon and Bliss are retired. The wizlist from this day. Clumsyfool posts a note called "Mudding etc". ### [Gunner says (in elven), 'i gotta run though... hmm wut should i say to my gf i wanna break up with her? or i wanna marry her.. it is april 1st.. which would get me in less trouble'] Version 3.150c is checked in, which fixes a problem with justifications not happening properly for thug victims.

3/29/05 - Both Kykmi (Wa:30 Cl:30) & Golson (Ra:30 Ma:30) reach effective 40th! Azrael posts a retirement note.

3/26/05 - Katrana retires. ### Oldschool new character.

3/22/05 - Wunk reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Sh:30).

3/21/05 - Cordir posts "A web untangled".

3/18/05 - Yoram reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30).

3/17/05 - Marduk reaches effective 50th! (Tg:30 Wa:30 Sh:30). DarkClaw posts "The Forgotten Scroll" to the tfc forums. Aravan hosts a St. Patrick's Day quest.

3/16/05 - Zephyr posts a retirement note.

3/15/05 - Neon reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30). DarkClaw posts "Retreat" to the TFC forums.

3/13/05 - This combined TFC Historical Timeline goes live, and Marisa posts this note about it. Isolas breathes.

3/12/05 - It's time for the quiet after the storm. Twelf posts a "Beginners Guide to Mystic Woods area" to the forums, which stirs things up there for awhile. Alyria (Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30) deletes herself.

3/11/05 - Natilena's day of hysteria and delusion takes place, and all kinds of stuff happens. Because of this day, Molo posts a note announcing that the first law of Nashite is temporarily lifted. A sneaky snitch shouts, 'lalalalala .. am i annoying enough yet?'. Selune shouts (in drow), 'No'. 'That's the first time i heard ya'.

3/10/05 - Wish's area, Shipwreck, is installed, and Luckyboy is the first to find it. Shortly afterwards, Tokugawa reboots to fix a bug, and Tamar gets a little silly with saves in preparation for the reboot: Tamar forces you to 'save and earn interest'. Tamar forces you to 'save me a cookie'.

3/9/05 - Seraph becomes the first to reach effective 50th as a thug! (Tg:30 Cl:30 Wa:30). Solaron posts a retirement note on the forums.

3/8/05 - Natilena posts a note about an upcoming day of hysteria and delusion.

3/5/05 - Schwartz ordains Luckyboy!

3/2/05 - A who list from this day. Version 3.150b is checked in, which fixes a problem with equipment purging that causes the player file to vanish.

2/26/05 - Weezer retires.

2/21/05 - Talyn and Tamar spar. Stafir gives a late Valentine's Day performance. Lex reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30).

2/20/05 - Qua reaches effective 40th! (Ma:30 Ra:30).

2/17/05 - A who list from this day.

2/16/05 - Azeworai and Sybill get married in a Nashite ceremony, after having their wedding unexpectedly delayed a few days ago when the mud went down.

2/6/05 - Armalag (Wa:30 Cl:30 Th:30) deletes himself. Stafir performs the Eclectic Glide.

1/30/05 - Rincewind and a twist ring tangle, and the ring wins! Natilena notes that Taint has been deleted. Tynian posts a note about version 3.150a. Croix posts "You have made your Choice, and so have we." - a note regarding the Enforcers position on Schwartz's following, and Schwartz posts a response.

1/28/05 - Stafir appears for his weekly bardic performance. Maldobar posts "Peace & Prosperity".

1/25/05 - A wizlist and the rank listings from this day. Natilena announces the January TFC poker winners. Wylin posts a poll for Enforcers.

1/24/05 - Azoth kills a helpless duck, which turns into a strange discussion on the forums. Some notes are posted about nashites taking over the mud.

1/21/05 - Stafir gives another performance.

1/20/05 - Schwartz ordains Sybill! Natilena posts a few notes about TFC poker.

1/17/05 - ### Natilena's sense of humour killed by Luckyboy at A Thick Jungle. Here's a little more info on Natilena's sense of humor.

1/15/05 - Boromir hits greater power.

1/13/05 - Stafir gives a performance.

1/9/05 - Tranquility post a note about Triton's. Taim posts what looks like a retirement note.

1/8/05 - Tynian turns 11,800 years old.

1/6/05 - Take turns 200 years old.

1/3/05 - Rhina is retired.

1/1/05 - Happy New Year! Pink elephants populate the realm for New Years. Tranquility posts the jester chapter. Greed gossips (in common), 'any one need ids freee of charge'. Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'Greed offering something for free.. '. Greed gossips (in common), 'and no one took me up on my offer!'.

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