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TFC Historical Timeline 2004

12/31/04 - Boromir's temple is installed. The rank listings from this day.

12/27/04 - Boromir runs a few quests.

12/25/04 - Kerriariadne gets the geek spot.

12/24/04 - Cordir announces on gossip that: A present was just delivered to Marisa, for TFC...And at some point in the future (not sure when) entire timeline will be visible on the TFC homepage (Along with Marisas, if I understand correctly - as a mega-merged timeline). Some people share Christmas wishes.

12/23/04 - Montyhaul gossips (in common), 'fluorescent orange swirls in potions are good for teeth right'.

12/20/04 - Wish turns 2000 years old. Boromir posts a note about renfest 2005.

12/18/04 - Tynian announces that there is an update to policy8.

12/9/04 - Bliss posts a note about redemption of Natilena and Bliss quest prizes. Later she holds a rumble mania :)

12/8/04 - Tynian restores an old FYI about high levels picking on low levels. Later Tynian posts a note about Ink's actions and a previous note of Tynian's. Molo posts a note about Conclave pacts with Hunt.

11/30/04 - Boromir accepts Krynn as his first follower. Oakheart Inn by Tamar is installed, and Faile is the first to find it. The area list from this day.

11/29/04 - Schwartz turns 1000 years old.

11/28/04 - Katrana is promoted to Lesser Goddess! Later this night Katrana & Solaron's area, Northern Stronghold, is installed and Orpik is the first to find it. Boromir is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Nexus, a neutral aligned following. His initial finfo reads: The Nexus stability change wisdom experience expertise opportunistic Gaining knowledge and skill in a constantly changing arena Finding equilibirum in chaos having focus in an ever shifting world Seeking such calmness amidst a storm of uncertainty Speak to Boromir, Master of the Nexus. The wizlist from this day.

11/26/04 - Bliss holds a Rumble Mania, and Ink is the last man standing. Earlier this day Ink dies, and Tynian posts a note about it. It must be the day for death notes, because Noctus also posts a note about dying.

11/25/04 - Molo turns 10,000 years old. Guess it pays to be a lich if you want lots of birthday candles!

11/23/04 - Schwartz is promoted to Demigod! He starts the neutral Nashite Circle of Choice following, and his first follower is Golson. His initial finfo reads: Everything in life and death is determined by choice. The Nashite Circle of Choice is an elite group of believers who recognize the empowerment that choice provides and get their strength from making those choices. The Nashite Circle of Choice have one charter: honor Lord Nash in word and deed. We are not bound by alignments or auras, as those are simply labels applied by non-believers in their vain attempts to classify and segregate each other. Lord Nash does not concern himself with these labels, nor do we. We associate with whomever we choose, for whatever reason we decide, whenever we feel it appropriate. For further information on the Nashite Circle of Choice, seek out Schwartz or a member of the Circle Elite.

11/22/04 - Tamar announces a call for 4x areas. Tynian posts a note about character descriptions.

11/21/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.149.

11/20/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.148.

11/19/04 - Natilena sets up a beach in the kitchen.

11/18/04 - The gods get an MG group together. Oook hosts a bardic circle, with a 20k gold prize. The winners are Kailani with first prize, and Once, Scrye, and Miressa with second prize. Molo posts a note regarding future followers of Schwartz.

11/16/04 - Several people posts notes titled my hero.

11/14/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.147, which means that existing characters can now dual into thug.

11/13/04 - Natilena announces the winner (& winning joke) of the Bob Joke Contest.

11/10/04 - A who list from today.

11/9/04 - Kerriariadne ordains Taint!

11/6/04 - Today is a very, very, very good day :)

11/5/04 - Tynian posts a note about a version 4 survey. The wizlist and rank listings from this day.

11/3/04 - Orpik posts a note about a Black Conclave registration requirement for all individual pacts.

11/2/04 - Wylin ordains Croix! Natilena announces the start of a bad joke contest. (Or was that a bob joke contest?)

10/31/04 - Tamar announces the winners (Jeda & Sabella) of the annual Halloween costume contest.

10/30/04 - Boromir is promoted to Attendant of Kerriariadne! Schwartz is promoted to Attendant of Molo! (Which also means that Molo gets his first attendant.) Natilena's cool Halloween contest with the pumpkin carver is cancelled, due to people trying to get around things :(

10/28/04 - Azeworai reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)

10/26/04 - Coleman is retired. Faile gossips (in common), 'Can you imagine a real life case where a mudder goes nuts and kills people randomly at work, then pleads that he doesn't understand why they didn't repop?'.

10/24/04 - A random who list from this day.

10/20/04 - The wizlist from this day.

10/18/04 - Schwartz gossips, 'Anyone else need fixing while I'm here?'. Judge gossips (in common), 'What kinda "fixing" we talking about?'. Tamar gossips (in elven), 'Neutering goes beyond your job description, Schwartz'. Schwartz gossips, 'Check out 'help ambassador' - under Secondary, it lists "Get a feel on what it is to be a TFC immortal" Neutering definitely qualifies'.

10/15/04 - A GT is held in Chicago, with Wylin, Triston, Jeda, Wunk, Erian & Boyardee attending. (If I missed anyone let me know!)

10/14/04 - Tynian announces on the forums that version 4 of TFC is in the works!  Tiberious posts a retirement note.

10/12/04 - Legionaire posts a retirement note, becoming the first immortal to retire as an Attendant.

10/10/04 - Natilena runs a quick Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Quest.

10/8/04 - The rank listings from this day.

10/5/04 - Tynian stirs up things by posting a proposal in TAG suggesting a player file reset. Of course there's a lot of discussion about it. And maybe surprisingly, the majority of people talking about it seem to be in favor of it. The wizlist from this day.

9/29/04 - Tynian is away for a little while, and while he's gone it becomes Pick-on-Ambassadors-Day. (More so than normal, I assume.) Both Boromir and Schwartz get sex-changed and changed into "Goddesses" for awhile:

Hum [      Goddess      ] Schwartz is proof that TFC finally has a big Schwartz!
Elf [      Goddess      ] Boromir Ambassador!!..Ambassador?!? yep its true!!

9/25/04 - Natilena holds a pk rumble! Her summary says: Gregar killed by Ink, Thor killed by Orion, Guartwog killed by Valgar, Valin killed by Ink, Orion killed by Dart, Lex killed by Orpik, Eldric killed by Azeworai, Cujo killed by Mystaya, Dart killed by Ink, Valgar killed by Orpik, Mystaya killed by Orpik, Cyali killed by Orpik, Mistyfier killed by Ink, Faile killed by Orpik, Ink killed by Ink, and Azeworai killed by Orpik. (Apparently Ink's so into pking that he pk'd himself :P)

9/24/04 - Schwartz is promoted to Ambassador!

9/21/04 - Schwartz finally gets out of Bliss' office. Later, Schwartz traumatizes the mud with his future plans.

9/19/04 - A hungry mouse appears at Mish, wanting treats. Xallus finds a problem with typing "k m": Xallus gossips (in common), 'stupid mayors and merchants startin with the same letter'.

9/17/04 - Schwartz proposes to Bliss. Later, he's trapped in her office. (Do you think there's some connection?)

9/16/04 - Boromir is promoted to Ambassador! The rank listings from this day.

9/15/04 - The donor quest winners are announced!

9/11/04 - Bliss announces a blood donor quest. Tynian posts a note about version 3.146c.

9/7/04 - Tynian posts a new note about thug info.

9/4/04 - Bliss runs a teeny little game.

9/2/04 - Schwartz gets picked on, and he doesn't even know it.

8/31/04 - Lexie passes the 6000 point mark in mobhunt points. Kethran posts a note about taking a break.

8/30/04 - Schwartz petitions for immortality. The official golem wars quest announcement is posted by Bliss. There's a small invasion of chocolate bunnies today. (What is it with all these bunnies? At least these are chocolate, yum!)

8/29/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.146. Bliss needs another chocolate fix. The wizlist from this day.

8/28/04 - Bliss is promoted to Goddess, and as her first act she of course posts chocolate crumbs and smudges.

8/27/04 - Aflie is the first real level 2 thug! Boromir petitions for immortality. The rank listings from this day.

8/25/04 - Wish posts a thank you note about the quest.

8/24/04 - Natilena announces the winners of the bunny quest! Novis retires.

8/23/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.145, which will bring in the thug class with the next boot :)  The bunny quests ends today, but before it does, Noctus gets one-rounded through a sanct. (Noctus gossips (in common), 'Jeez, who gave that killer rabbit steroids?'.)

8/21/04 - ### [Somewhere, a bunny mage says (in bunny), 'Mish told me DarkClaw has been snuggling with someone late at night']

8/18/04 - Isolas reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30)  Natilena updates everyone about the bunny quest. Slues sings, altho I gotta wonder about his song choice: Slue gossips, 'fish heads, fish heads...rollie pollie fish heads...'.

8/15/04 - Tynian posts a note about thieves no more in preparation for the upcoming thug class. DarkClaw gossips an ode to Tynian.

8/14/04 - Cordir runs two brief quests, and Natilena posts a bunny invasion update.

8/12/04 - Natilena posts a newsflash about the recent bunny invasion.

8/11/04 - In addition to the insane bunnies from yesterday, now we have chipmunks: A chipmunk operative shouts, 'No don't kill me you lousy gnome! I'm working for Natilena!'.

8/10/04 - Some slightly insane bunnies are seen wandering around.

8/9/04 - The rank listings from this day. Geez, somebody give Lexie 7456760 gold so she can be #1 on ALL the ranks listings! (she's got 4 out of 5 now).

8/8/04 - A thug is seen on the mud! (no not Slue, Joebu: Sunday August 08, 2004 11:30 Joebu (II) leveled his unknown class to level 3.). However, the official word from Tynian is that 'We're not accepting thug testers at this time, but thanks for all the offers. :)'. I'm thinking when he starts thug for real the class designation should be "Ug" :P

8/7/04 - Skie retires.

8/5/04 - DarkClaw posts "Beloved Darkness" to the TFC forums. Kerriariadne's tree is repotted. (I mean, his temple is reinstalled.)

8/4/04 - Tynian posts a note about the TAG (the TFC Advisory Group) to discuss and advise on things related to the mud.

8/2/04 - The wizlist from this day.

8/1/04 - Kerriariadne takes back his tree, and is promoted to Demigod! He restarts the Dark, of course. His first follower this time around is Melisande. A crash-severity bug with pummel sticks is fixed in version 3.144c, and a bug with bug with ex-FLI rejoining code is fixed in version 3.144d. Novis petitions for immortality.

7/30/04 - Coyul is back, after a hugely long absence.

7/28/04 - Wylin sets a few drunks loose, and the Conclave sweeps them up, winning the quest. Wunk posts a silly note about it.

7/25/04 - Kerriariadne unretires and is promoted to Attendant of Athorne!

7/22/04 - Natilena posts a reminder about triggers.

7/16/04 - Lexie hits 15001 location quest points. I'm sure this means she's by far number one on location quest rank. I go on vacation, *bounce*

7/8/04 - Azeworai joins Molo, and posts a note about it. Natilena announces that its CANDY day!

7/6/04 - The wizlist from this day.

7/4/04 - Three days after hitting the 5000 point mark in location quest, Lexie passes TEN thousand points. (Guess I know who to ask for directions!)

7/1/04 - Lexie passes the 5000 point mark in location quest points. Slue the Canadian Mountie starts his patrol! And A Canadian beaver gossips (in common), 'Nooooo! don't kill me someone!'. I mean, Natilena starts a quest. Wait, is it Canada Day or something, eh? (Kethran wins, and Wisteria comes in a very close second.)

6/29/04 - Cordir runs a mini trivia/object quest, and the winner is Lexie.

6/27/04 - Dundrave posts a note about old alliances and friends.

6/25/04 - The Conclave holds a day of deception, changing their titles accordingly.

6/23/04 - Lexie passes the 5000 point mark in mobhunt points.

6/22/04 - Natilena puts up her new and improved fountain of fun: Gunner's Fountain of Fun is here. Drink me! And this...just sounds wrong somehow: ### [Isolas says (in elven), 'Love, could we not raise my blood pressure any higher?'] The rank listings from this day.

6/17/04 - Legionaire is promoted to Attendant of Cordir! Katrana posts The Tides of Chaos Return to the forums.

6/13/04 - Gytar posts a retirement note. Faite announces an upcoming party in the realm.

6/8/04 - Natilena's office is installed, and she doles out fancy party hats and becomes the unwitting patron of death matches in celebration.

6/6/04 - Faile posts a strange note titled "Our recent behaviour".

6/5/04 - Natilena announces that the top exterminators/quest winners are Valo with 129 in the 31 to 50 range and Teren with 199 in the 16 - 30 range.

6/3/04 - The rank listings for this day. More combat adjustments are checked in with version 3.144b.

6/2/04 - Natilena starts an extermination quest.

6/1/04 - Tynian makes a few more combat adjustments in version 3.144a.

5/30/04 - Factor posts a silly farewell note to "grand recall". Mylk posts a short poem and his retirement note.

5/29/04 - Erond is promoted to "Honored Guest" -- freaking people out as he whips thru the levels in a few seconds. Tynian posts a note about version 3.144.

5/28/04 - Dundrave is ordained "Servant" by Molo! Tynian posts a note about version 3.143.

5/26/04 - Stouthbound gossips (in common), 'I would like to formally protest the item a stout leather jerkin - w'.

5/23/04 - Natilena is promoted to Goddess!

5/20/04 - Stouthbound's back! (But as a little guy, since he apparently purged during his extremely long absence.)

5/16/04 - Khorlan loses a 300k bet with Molo. (I'm wondering how he could have possibly won, since where would a lich store gold?)

5/15/04 - Twelf reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)

5/12/04 - Tynian turns 11 THOUSAND years old, making him the oldest implementor, and I'm pretty darn sure the oldest period.

5/11/04 - The wizlist from this day. Rubicant wants to join Fate. Hans gets a case of the finings. And this must have been the work of a Wylin follower: Pip gossips (in common), 'all right, who has been walking around in nydia giving the mobs mugs of beer? i've killed 2 janitors, a mongoose, and 3 ferrets that had mugs of beer on them'.

5/8/04 - Katrana's Hunt wins Avatar Quest II. Tynian posts a note about version 3.141.

5/7/04 - Legionaire is promoted to Ambassador! Kirith gives a bard performance.

5/6/04 - Boromir shocks everyone by ending his leisurely stroll down xp lane and reaching effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30)

5/5/04 - Isolas posts a big thank you. Someone asks whether they should consider immorting, and Schwartz gossips (in common), 'i'd like to see isolas immort actually'. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'i wanna be there when he tries to workship self'. Tynian posts a note about version 3.140b.

5/4/04 - Erian & Isolas decide on an impromptu wedding which is officiated by Cordir. Schwartz is ordained "The Mirthing Link" by Coleman! (And here's the ordainment from Cordir's point of view, which includes some additional details.) Tynian posts a note about version 3.140.

5/3/04 - Tynian posts a couple of notes about version 3.139 & version 3.139b.

5/1/04 - Cordir's following wins Tynian's Avatar quest, killing 3 of the 4 participating avatars includine one in Jester's Keep, despite some bugginess and crashes.

4/30/04 - The Chosen of Fate complete the Avatar Quest by slaying each of the avatars: Tagnik'Zur, The Fonz, and RigelStar.

4/28/04 - Tynian's Avatar quest starts.

4/27/04 - Elladan and Laujar post notes about retirements. Tynian posts a note about version 3.138. Spike gossips (in common), 'well i guess i can't abbreviate with sp for spectators'. Spike gossips (in common), 'Your strike MASSACRES yourself! You have been KILLED!!'. The wizlist and rank listings from this day.

4/23/04 - Molo posts retirement. Tynian posts TFC and me, and later he talks about nash with Wish.

4/21/04 - Alright, I'm starting to think there's something in the chocolate, since both Bliss and Vorax retire :(  A few people post notes about the retirements in general.

4/20/04 - Tynian reports that "Weezer was mean to me today. :("

4/19/04 - Chylder posts a couple of nice song titles.

4/18/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.137.

4/17/04 - Fury joins the Chosen of Fate.

4/16/04 - Luther is ordained "Freak of Nature" by Rhina! (which is later amended to be "Jade Knight" -- I wonder why :P)

4/15/04 - The wizlist from this day.

4/13/04 - Kerriariadne chooses to Retire and there are some notes about it. Maimer is restored after a long absence. Isolas joins the Chosen of Fate.

4/12/04 - There's a little "incident" with Mish. And even worse, there's some conversation about Solaron's nipples.

4/9/04 - Luther reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30). Tynian posts a note about version 3.136, which changes how teleport and portal work. Legionaire gossips (in common), 'ok im really getting sick of bad recalls'. Legionaire gossips (in common), 'it would be great to actually get to the recall room every once in a while'. Legionaire gossips (in common), 'HAHAHAHA Tamar :P'. Legionaire gossips (in common), 'Tamar has transferred you.'. Legionaire gossips (in common), 'Recall Room'.

4/8/04 - Shakhmet gossips (in common), 'it's weird seeing Maimer and Lins being so small. Sort of like watching Muppet Babies on TV :)'. Wish posts an interesting idea about character restoration, saying, "Characters who purge and are subsequently granted restoration should be restored naked.". The rank listings from this day.

4/7/04 - Arieda joins the Chosen of Fate.

4/6/04 - A who list from this date.

4/5/04 - Rhapsody has a level 10 bard review.

4/4/04 - Grimace retires :(  Grale, Korran and Mandrake retrieve Chylder's corpse from Demon Realm. Alleron joins the Chosen of Fate.

4/3/04 - Hex posts a thank you note to Luther, saying "Just wanted to give thanks to Luther for risking life and limb to recover my corpse, after i stumbled into the tempest. Not having played in some time, and thinking Druid Sanc was still there, i walked head on into death. Thanks again! :)"

4/1/04 - Adja earns Bards' Council approval for level 10 with this song.

3/31/04 - Azuroth posts "Necroport is so NEAT" to the forums.

3/30/04 - Natilena retires :( and there are some notes posted about it. Fury posts "When Booga's go bad to the forums. Adja earns Bards' Council approval for level 5 by performing "Bouncy Drunk Gnomies", a drinking tune by Quisallin.

3/27/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.135.

3/26/04 - Khore is implementor for the day. Schwartz posts "A Visit with Tamar" to the tfc forums.

3/24/04 - Tynian does a remodel on Midgaard.

3/20/03 - Chylder has her first bard review.

3/19/04 - A HUGE PURPLE APE -- (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) A HUGE PURPLE APE is here! Don't mess with him. -- is set loose on tfc. Many people try to kill it, and this is the result.

3/16/04 - Schwartz reaches effective 40th! (Ra:30 Cl:30) And wouldn't this be nice: Hope gossips (in common), '1k gold = 1 dollar'. Beowulf gossips (in common), 'I'll bring a print out of my mish account to the bank and see if they can change it at that exchange rate'.

3/13/04 - The wizlist and rank listings from this day.

3/12/04 - Talyn is ordained "Divine Wrath" by Athorne! The gambling, swimming and buffet-plate-loading begins, as the Las Vegas GT gets started. View a few photos from the GT. (For more photos, see Natilena's page.

3/11/04 - Tiax retires :( 

3/10/04 - Neodis is removed from the game. Beowulf posts a wedding invitation on behalf of Isolas & Erian.

3/8/04 - There's some clamor to have Elemental Canyon reinstalled, and so Faite posts "Ode to Elemental Canyon, mournfully departed"

3/7/04 - Vorax turns 3000 years old. Faite performs for a bard review, and Rhapsody performs for a bard review as well. Katvis rejoins the Chosen of Fate after self-deleting.

3/4/04 - Fling joins the Chosen of Fate.

3/3/04 - Beowulf reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30) He posts a thank you note that says, "Tonight, I leveled to 50. I'd like to thank all those who xp'd with me, spelled me, popped weapons for me, and put up with me. I'd also like to thank all those who hunted me while xp'ing, for being so horrible at it."

3/2/04 - Natilena reminds everyone that the Vegas GT is to be March 12/13/14. Get in touch with her if you're going! :)  Tamar posts a note about the Battle of the Alignments, and here is a huge log of the battles. Balin gossips (in common), 'what spell is 'you feel fortified'?'. Oook gossips (in common), 'The Vitamin D spell?'  Isolas notes that he passed 1mil total xp, took over as Captain of Longship, and got a bottle of rum from Tamar as a present. There are tons and tons of notes posted about alignments.

3/1/04 - The wizlist from this day.

2/29/04 - Nayr is retired. Athorne is promoted to Demigod! He restarts the Brethren of the Righteous, which is a Lawful Good following, and his first follower is Lex. His initial finfo reads, "The Brethren of the Righteous is a self sustained following, containing some of the most lawful and trustworthy people throughout the realm. The following is centered around its uncanny ability to spread goodness to even the most remote places in the world. This is accomplished though Athorne's strict rules and beliefs, as well as the family atmosphere found within his temple. The Righteous not only spread kindness throughout the land, but act as protectors for those in need. You can be sure, anywhere evil raises its ugly head, the Brethren will be standing tall in defiance... There are 3 ways of requesting an audience with Athorne. 1) Place "Seeks a tell from Athorne" in your title. 2) Compose a note to Athorne with your comments/concerns, and post it. 3) Contact one of Athorne's captains of the guard with your comments/concerns." Nicholai posts a note about his website and former Kindred members. The rank listings from this day, and Isolas points out that he got onto goldrank.

2/28/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.134. Isolas hits the 40 mobmaster mark by killing the student.

2/27/04 - Robert is retired, and there are some notes posted about his retirement. Mandrake is ordained by Whitehawk. Dusty the Bard performs.

2/25/04 - Legionaire reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30). Kirith the bard announces S.T.U.P.I.D. Mistyfier gossips (in common), 'well isn't that a duezy! I try to kill myself and give myself a scratch... Better clip my hangnails'. Mylk performs for a bard review.

2/24/04 - Athorne unretires, and is promoted to Attendant of Katrana!

2/23/04 - Kaori posts a note to welcome back mobmastery!

2/22/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.133.

2/20/04 - Kim gossips, 'hey Azeworai, dont you hate when you buy an expensive pair of hose and put a run in them just putting them on?'. Azeworai gossips (in common), 'yea!'. Azeworai gossips (in common), 'it looks nasty!'. Azeworai gossips (in common), 'it feels weird on your legs to'.

2/19/04 - Tokugawa announces that the TFC Area Status page has moved.

2/16/04 - Vorax's temple is installed, and he posts a note about it. Natilena reminds everyone that the Vegas GT is "March 12, 13 & 14 or any combination of those days. Theres a GT thread on the forums or feel free to give me a yell if you're interested!". The wizlist and the rank listings from this day.

2/15/04 - After some initial mixups, Tamar announces the finalists in the quest. Natilena turns 2000 years old.

2/14/04 - Vorax is promoted to Demigod! (for the second time, after unretiring and serving as Grimace's Attendant.) He starts the Sanitarium, which is a neutral good following, and his first follower is Malachi. His initial finfo reads, The Sanitarium is the place where folks should come to seek help with problems or learn how to deal with them if they cannot be solved. There are two ranks for those within the Sanitarium: Those that require help (patients) and those that administer the help (staff) to the patients. Each have their own duties and rules to go by. Tynian posts a note about version 3.132 which changes mobmastery back to the way it used to be.

2/13/04 - Natilena is promoted to Lesser Goddess! Here's a log from Natilena's point of view and a log from Cordir's point of view. The quest ends, and so Isolas dies since he didn't play, but its rumored that he later redeems himself by turning in some trivia answers.

2/12/04 - Mobs that look like Vex start appearing in the guild. (When you look at them you see stuff like, "Someone has summoned you! Vex fades into existance. Vex's blast *** ANNIHILATES *** you! Vex's blast *** ANNIHILATES *** you! Vex's blast *** ANNIHILATES *** you! That really did HURT! You sure are BLEEDING!")

2/7/04 - Pol reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30). The quest starts, and Isolas gets some "encouragement" to do the quest.

2/6/04 - Once again, bad puns take over gossip. Later, Isolas tries to con an award out of Tokugawa, I get chocolate cake (yay!), and Schwartz gets abused. Dracos posts a note about "rule". Tamar posts an update on the quest starting Saturday.

2/5/04 - Shawn is ordained by Wylin! Novis is ordained by Bliss! Version 3.131 is checked in, which makes this change to OMs: "Total number of active Ordained Mortals is 1 per following, regardless of Power Rating(*) or Immortal level. (*) Demipowers and Cult Followings still get zero OMs."

2/4/04 - Saavik posts a note about the annual RenFest GT in Arizona.

2/3/04 - Aster posts a cool idea called hardcore.

2/2/04 - Rhina's temple (A Stand of Hazelnuts) is installed. The rank listings from this day.

2/1/04 - Lycron posts a retirement note. Serge posts a note about the new changes. Salomar posts a note for the nosy ones.

1/31/04 - Vorax unretires, and is promoted to Attendant of Grimace! A couple of people post notes saying they're NOT retiring. Tamar announces that a Mudwide quest starts Saturday Feb. 7th. Yesterday's version change accidentally made it so that evil immortals couldn't heal their followers, so that was fixed in version 3.130a.

1/30/04 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.130, which makes some changes that affect goods and evils. A bunch of self-deletions occur, many of which are little-played characters, but the major ones are Lins & Lanfear and Pug. A who list from this day.

1/29/04 - Solaron is PK'd by Judge. Mandrake posts a note called "Me Myself and I".

1/28/04 - See the dangers of using triggers? Rhina gossips, 'That darned disarm trigger, I hate losing my dandelions.'. Talyn joins the Enforcers.

1/27/04 - The wizlist from this day.

1/25/04 - Rincewind leaves Coven and joins Hunt. Here are a few notes about it. Laujar comes back :)

1/24/04 - Cordir talks about her Bio page for TFC players, and Rincewind says he'll submit a photo: Rincewind gossips (in common), 'topless agressive it is then, more suitable for the RL me anyhow'. Miressa gossips (in common), 'better than bottomless and passive I guess'.

1/23/04 - Mordith posts a retirement note.

1/22/04 - Wisteria posts a note about walking vs. vortexing, and Wylin reminds everyone that the vortex restriction has already been lifted.

1/20/04 - Gytar offers maps for sale. Slath posts a retirement note. The rank listings from this day.

1/19/04 - A flurry of notes are posted about the recent change.

1/18/04 - Jyllix is ordained "Paradigm" by Bliss! Tynian posts a note about version 3.129, which among other things restricts certain activities for the first 15 minutes of logging in.

1/17/04 - Mystaya reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Sh:30)

1/14/04 - Mystaya and Seraph get married, in the Dark of course. Shawn gossips (in common), 'what comes after excellent'. Hiro answers (in common), 'dude' (Can you say 80's?)

1/13/04 - Khore retires for the second time, posting a note called "With Deep Regret" to the tfc forums. Seraph posts a wedding invitation. Cordir runs a storytelling quest. Tiela gossips (in common), 'why just mad cow...why not depressed cow? Neurotic cow? '.

1/10/04 - Rincewind reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30)

1/9/04 - Minhillo is deleted. Tiberius thinks he's sex-changed.

1/8/04 - Bliss turns 4000 years old. Natilena posts a note about the Nova Scotia GT photos. Tamar auctions off some eq in exchange for "the best" entertainment. Mistyfier immediately "misunderstands", and gossips (in common), '*seductively takes off his platinum breast plate* *you can hear music playing in the background'. 'o wait, wrong entertainment'. Rincewind talks about using mud terms in RL.

1/7/04 - The high priesstess of Jesters Keep goes on a rampage, killing several newbies and whomping on various people. Clytemnestra deletes herself. Khore posts a few announcements from the void on the tfc forums.

1/5/04 - Natilena has an experience bathing with Vorax. And a housecat. And an elephant.

1/4/04 - Jaerith posts a note about the Tuck situation.

1/3/04 - Lins posts a note called the whole deal where he states that he won't "be 'unallied' with Dark, nor will [he] stop playing" afterall.

1/1/04 - Ptarchyzk continues his sudden streak of life-changing events by de-mugglefying and tripling to mage. Tamar posts an FYI about relogs, fast logins/fast log outs & character separation. Braelyn gossips (in common), 'where can i find a small kitten?'. Kitty gossips (in common), 'Gasp!! don't you dare!!'.

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