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TFC Historical Timeline 2003

12/30/03 - Grimace & Wylin become allies. Wylin has a little fun with Zero. Lins posts a note called "dark people", stating that he'll retire if a corpse is not returned and Kerriariadne posts a response.

12/27/03 - Eliste begins posting a series of character interviews in Word format to the forums. They can also be viewed in html format on the tfc website here.

12/25/03 - Merry Christmas :)  And holiday blessings from DarkClaw. Tamar passes out a few Christmas presents, including such things as killing "a skunk" and sex changing Schwartz.

12/23/03 - Hectorborb somehow manages to fight guards in MG safe. Rascal questions (in common), 'where is the dark desert highway......where the cool wind blows in my hair?'. Andress gossips (in common), 'I believe that would be the Hotel California. Take a left off of the GWR.'.

12/22/03 - Seraph is ordained "Dark Shield" by Kerriariadne! Shaido is ordained "Shadow Knight" by Katrana! Rhina posts a note about a curious vow.

12/21/03 - Nhye auctions (in common), 'wanted: holy handgrenade of antioch'. Pol auctions (in common), 'for trade: holy hand grenade of Antioch...looking for thermonuclear device or a bazooka...'.. There are a few followup notes about mages and iding.

12/20/03 - Armalag Blackflame reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30). Boromir posts a note about mages and iding.

12/18/03 - Ptarchyzk reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Th:30, making him the first non-magic-using effective 40th.) He later posts a note auctioning his worshipping abilities off.

12/16/03 - Nevi actually kills "a skunk" for mobmaster 7. (Yes, that previously unkilled-for-a-mobmastery skunk.)

12/14/03 - Lins posts a note about mobmastery.

12/12/03 - Wisteria posts an all-inclusive note about Looting, pit, newbies, & haunt.

12/11/03 - Natilena posts a note confirming that the Vegas GT rumors are true. Grimace holds a mini scavenger hunt.

12/9/03 - Pepe le Pew posts a note about the Skunk Mobmaster Liberation Unit. Legolas logs in, and is quickly sent on a teleporting spree by Tamar for old time's sake.

12/8/03 - The Monastary and Tinkers Workshop are removed. The area list and the rank listings from this day.

12/7/03 - Vivi is ordained "Stardust" by Natilena! Tokugawa posts a note about the removal of the Monastary and Tinkers Workshop.

12/6/03 - Majere posts a note on the forums about his time on tfc ending.

12/4/03 - Zeks gossips (in common), 'Warning: Zeks is not to be taken seriously (or orally)'. Zeks gossips (in common), 'Externally only! Apply smoothly'.

12/3/03 - Eliste has a RL birthday. Tamar picks up the pit, and then battles Thrall and Taws for possession of it. (Bet you can guess who won :P) Wish posts an idea about a new looting system, which sparks all kinds of debate and other stuff. (Wish's idea and the seemingly endless followup notes are here.) Zek's starts a thread on the tfc forums called limericks anyone? which gets a lot of responses.

12/2/03 - Laujar stops by for a visit! *bounce*

12/1/03 - A who list from this day.

11/30/03 - DarkClaw leaves Cordir and joins Bliss. Gytar posts a note in response to Whoz's retirement.

11/29/03 - Fobro is ordained "Tank" by Clue!

11/27/03 - Dart reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Cl:30) Vivi levels to 3 warrior, and Vivi gossips (in common), 'WOOT! what a lvl! almost ALL of my stats went up!'  Despite what Natilena's title says (Natilena is Canadian. Thanksgiving was LAST month), Happy Thanksgiving! Cause it's THIS month! ;)

11/25/03 - Armalag gets info3 & global cant. Turkeys invade TFC, just in time for Thanksgiving. (Don't they know they should LEAVE around this time of year?)  The rank listings from this day. Shilea gets hungry a little too quickly.

11/24/03 - Whoz posts a retirement note :(

11/23/03 - Tranquility is given a triat mastery quest. A who list from this day.

11/22/03 - Natilena rises to Greater Power.

11/20/03 - Tamar posts a note about a shadow thief, saying "This mob should be reachable for mobmasters next reboot."

11/18/03 - Clue posts a note about Shilea.

11/16/03 - The mud comes back up after being down for about 8 hours. Boromir gossips (in common), 'the mobs were having a bad hair day :)' -- but Tynian later says it was due to nearly running out of disk space. Daisy posts a "winter" note.

11/14/03 - Syrinz is created.

11/13/03 - Ok, this is a nice thing to find on a shopkeep: Gabbro questions (in common), 'For 1808 gold the glowing jade amulet [m|AC 0 blk(22)]'.

11/11/03 - Takeda reaches effective 50th! (Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30)  And, Tranquility reaches effective 40th! (Th:30 Sh:30)

11/10/03 - The wizlist and the rank listings from this day. DarkClaw posts "Ode to Tynian". (Maybe after seeing what it was like as Implementor? :P)

11/9/03 - Tynian gossips, 'Who can help me with a fly problem?'. Dart gossips (in common), 'Shoot it with a Dart'.

11/8/03 - DarkClaw somehow becomes an Implementor. Look! Here's proof! Right after Tynian in the who list, it said:
      Hum [ Implementor ] DarkClaw, Ebon OFC'er. -= Fate =-
(Don't you believe me?)  Kyrie posts a large idea about mud balancing, and some people respond to it as well.

11/6/03 - Triston is retired. Khore runs a quest involving killer ducks (and other small normally otherwise-innocent animals) and Solaron is the winner.

11/5/03 - Wylin rises to Greater Power! (Your following is one of the most powerful in this realm! Your Immortal influence on the mortal realms is that of a Greater Power.) -- bet that's about the quickest someone's ever hit greater power. Coleman posts a note about his Riddle-Me-This contest.

11/3/03 - Alyria reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30)  Tokugawa posts a note about Nosferatu.

11/2/03 - Rhina is promoted to Demigoddess! She restarts her old following, the lawful neutral Natural Forces, and Armalag is her first follower. Her initial finfo reads: The Natural Forces seek to maintain the natural equilibrium of the realm. Strictly pacifist, they believe that all are entitled to live their full time until other forces decree their end. The following will be small, of necessity. To tend the growth of many sacrifices the bloom of some; Rhina wishes to see all her followers in full flower. Leaving whims to their goddess, the Forces are principled, objective, and deeply committed to neutrality and peace. The forces of nature are a part of all that surrounds us; those who steward nature will be rewarded as they grow with her.

11/1/03 - Khore announces the latest Golem Wars! Okk posts "Adversity" to the forums. JohnPaul stops by for a visit.

10/31/03 - BOO! Happy Halloween! MissFit passes the 1000 point mark on location quest. Seraph announces that "a small gathrering at yarmouth nova scotia is being planed around nov 12 or 13".

10/30/03 - Fury posts a thank you note. Khore posts "The Singer" to the forums.

10/29/03 - Katrana posts tfc heroes to the forums.

10/28/03 - Neodis posts a note about mobs on vacation.

10/27/03 - Khore gossips, 'Try not to die, and excuse the falling rocks of death in the temple area.'. after he "accidentally" meteor swarms the temple area. Molo holds a contest where the participants have to race from hometown saferoom to hometown saferoom within a certain amount of time and tag Molo, and the winner is Ink. But what's really amazing about this is that Molo's actually vis! Of course, Schwartz gossips (in common), 'Will this be a plaque in RoR, with all the public poking of the Arch-Lich?'.

10/25/03 - After some people get curious as to why Cordir's finfo changed to, "cordir has chosen not to share following information with mortals", it's discovered that Cordir's following has gone sword, bringing to an end the sentry pk model on tfc. Khore turns 3000 years old. (Pretty young for a vampire.) Katrana's new temple is installed. Alex posts a retirement note, retiring himself and all his chars.

10/24/03 - Pez hears that Majere retired, and has a few comments about it: Pez gossips (in common), 'thats unfortunate' 'but on the bright side, now theres a spot open for me'. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'First immortal candy dispenser!'. Pez gossips (in common), 'okay, i'm ready, Tynian...take me' 'hmm...i guess he is eating dinner...i'm still mortal'. Talyn announces that he's going to stay unaligned until Tripper returns. (Does this mean Tripper might come back?) Okk posts "Gazing" to the forums, and Nicolas D. Wolfwood posts a poem as well.

10/23/03 - Lexie posts the hilarious War of the Words to the TFC forums. The rank listings and wizlist from this day. Eliste posts some poems to the forums.

10/22/03 - More notes are posted relating to Majere's retirement, including a note from Tynian. Azeworai triples to thief.

10/21/03 - Majere retires, and there are some notes posted about it. Weezer turns 1000 years old.

10/20/03 - Rhina is promoted to Attendant of Bliss! Wisteria posts a couple of well-thought out notes on neutrality in response to Cordir's note from yesterday.

10/19/03 - Tamar posts a note about this year's Halloween Costume Contest. Lexie cants, 'god!'. 'remind me not to spy on immortals any more :P' after dying 3 quick deaths in a row to Tokugawa, Tamar and then Kerriariadne because she info'd them. As far as her corpses go, Someone cants, 'You gotta play a game, three corpses shuffle them between you then let her pick one person..'. 'Then she gets the corpse back that person is holding!'. Cordir posts a note about the Defenders.

10/18/03 - Gordon is ordained "ENFORCER" by Wylin!

10/17/03 - Coleman and some snakes take over gossip.

10/15/03 - Kethran wins a 13 round game of mobhunt, with 356 points.

10/14/03 - Zakarious deletes himself.

10/13/03 - Rincewind holds a small trivia contest, and Myre is the winner.

10/12/03 - Happy Thanksgiving if you're Canadian! (if this isn't the right day, happy October 12th!)

10/11/03 - Hiro gossips (in common), 'sorry hockey season has started Im kinda one dimensional'.

10/10/03 - TerraHunden returns to the mud after a long absence.

10/9/03 - During a few group fights today, Azeworai realizes he's just a few deaths away from hitting the 2000 death mark for Bliss. Shortly afterwards he reaches that mark by dying to Teluin. It's a busy note day. Tamar posts a couple of notes about RL harassment and rumors. Dundrave posts an angry note about "mud trash" which continues the note saga from Tweedle & Jobano, and Khore posts a funny response. Finally, still more people post responses.

10/8/03 - Tweedle and Jobano post a couple of sarcastic notes regarding a trade.

10/7/03 - BerylNamir posts a thank you note.

10/6/03 - Grimace's temple is installed.

10/5/03 - Fabulous gossips (in common), 'the female laughs at you mercilessly. Man, I hate it when women laugh at me...'. Marisa actually levels -- to effective 40th no less -- Ma:24 Th:22 Wa:25!

10/4/03 - Judge is ordained "Redeemer" by Bliss! Jasmine is restored, and she posts a note promising not to harm Fate. MissFit turns 200 years old. Apache gossips (in common), 'I seem to have accidentally created a command halfway between backstab and consider'. Apache gossips (in common), 'bacon'. Kahlan is restored.

10/3/03 - Judge reaches effective 40th! (Ma:30 Ra:30)

10/2/03 - Vhirrek is restored.

10/1/03 - Wylin offers tours of his Saloon.

9/30/03 - Avair (the Veladorn House Mage) comes back! Tynian posts a note about his management assistant.

9/29/03 - Wylin's temple is installed. His newly-acquired followers have fun in the temple, but instead of dancing on the bar, they keep saccing his altar. The wizlist from this day. Bluehawk joins Grimace, becoming his first follower.

9/28/03 - Wylin is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Enforcers, a neutral good aligned sword following, and his initial finfo reads: "Witness "The Enforcers," a motley team of former scoundrels, priests, adventurers and nobles now banded together and bent on destroying evil in any of its varying forms. The Enforcers fight evil as a team, and strive to make this world a better place. If you are good, we will be at your side in times of most desperate need. Neutrals need not fear us if they afford us the same courtesy we shall show to them. If you feel you have the courage and the mettle to be an Enforcer, seek out Wylin or any of his Enforcers and they will guide you down the path that is good and right. For more information visit the Enforcers homepage:" His first follower is Fisrad, and he doesn't waste any time collecting more followers (he was up to 13 already last I checked. Maybe it's the beer? :P) Later this day, Grimace is promoted to Demigod! He starts the League of Nidea, a lawful good sword following. His initial finfo says, "The League of Nidea is a lawful good following that is divided into 3 divisions, each having a different focus in the following. The three divisions are the Force, the Trade Commission, and the Magi. The Force is the militaristicly focused division, which is adept in the art of fighting. The Trade Commission is focused on the wealth of the following and trade issues with other followings. The focus of the Magi is the use of their magic and wisdom for the good of the following and of the realm. The three divisions work together for the common good under the leadership of the 3 division leaders and Grimace. Visit the webpage for more information:". And sometime prior to Grimace's promotion, some of the immortals decided to have a little fun with titles. Lins breaks 3 million earned experience points. Is he addicted or what? :)  QBall returns to TFC, after a very long absence.

9/27/03 - Charles reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Sh:30) Oook performs the "Demon Stomping Song".

9/26/03 - The rank listings from this day.

9/25/03 - Vhirrek is back!

9/23/03 - Several people tell stories as part of an items-story quest Cordir ran. (The winner of the quest was Xandria, with Valgar getting an honorable mention for his "sheep stuff" story.) Garland posts a strange note about "a new low", which i'm guessing means he's saying goodbye, but anyone know for sure?

9/22/03 - Neodis posts a couple of notes about a coven site and neodis's website.

9/21/03 - Three new areas are installed! (Candlespyre Mountain by Mael, the Ruins of Ofcol by Nyx, and Riverdale Plantation by Bliss). Ink is the first to find Candlespyre, and Garvax is the first to find Riverdale. (And even Marisa could have found the Ruins of Ofcol, so no prize was given out for that.) The area list and a who list from this day. Gafgarion gossips (in common), 'Who's the geek!?'. MissFit gossips (in common), 'Better to ask who's not a geek :-P'.

9/17/03 - Valgar is ordained "Bara no Tamashi" by Majere! Skeltah posts an "amzaning" note, which tfcers might not even notice anything unusual about :P

9/15/03 - Weezer reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Sh:30) Natilena announces the results of the quest! Neodis reaches mage 15, and gets max hitpoints, max mana & an extra practice.

9/14/03 - Edge retires, along with all of his characters. Wylin posts a list of the final team members for the quest.

9/13/03 - Marisa posts a note about web page changes. People start locating for IOU's (which are found on fire fairies for the quest) and Solaron finds a slightly unusual one: Solaron gossips (in common), 'An I.O.U. for 108 hockey games in someplace mysterious.'. Wisteria gossips (in common), 'Canada isn't mysterious!'. A spirit of darkness gossips, 'hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Ihshan rescues Ryo from a no exit 1hp room when he gets stuck there with no recalls.

9/12/03 - Natilena announces the potential prizes for the quest, and the quest is posted and begins. Ryo deletes himself and re-starts.

9/11/03 - Natilena announces a large quest (run by herself, Majere & Wylin) that is due to begin on the 12th.

9/10/03 - Doc is ordained "Wandering Rogue" by Bliss! Majere runs a small 1-hour scavenger quest, and the results are: first place Teren with 32 pts, second place Valgar + Mortimer with 26 pts, and third place Magnus + Gdelf + Malakost with 15 pts.

9/8/03 - Valin reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)

9/5/03 - The new TFC website goes live!

9/4/03 - Lanfear gossips (in common), 'let goooooo .. relaaax (### Anger new character.)'. (But did anyone logon Management?)

9/2/03 - Pol stops by for some really bad limericks. Coleman reveals the secrets of Thard on the TFC forums.

9/1/03 - Skeeve finally purges, after I-don't-even-know-how-long of not logging in, and Gleep posts a note about that and eq through history.

8/30/03 - Lycron (aka Sybill) talks on gossip.

8/29/03 - Zip reaches effective 40th! (Ra:30 Ma:30) The rank listings from this day. The door to Whitehawk's temple is installed :)

8/25/03 - Natilena, Rhina & Wylin get into caps.

8/24/03 - DarkClaw posts a note called "It Was You".

8/22/03 - Molo turns 9000 years old. That's NINE THOUSAND. Good thing he's an already dead (or is it undead?) Arch-Lich, otherwise that many candles would've been dangerous.

8/21/03 - Rhina unretires, and is promoted to Ambassador! Tokugawa posts an important note about sanctify. The Inspector gossips (in common), 'STOP!! In the name of the Law!!'. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'The inspector's been drinkin again'

8/20/03 - A who list from this day.

8/19/03 - Wylin is promoted to Attendant of Kerriariadne!

8/17/03 - DarkClaw reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30) Her comment on the event? DarkClaw cants, 'It really feels weird not eating or drinking at all anymore...but it's nice.'.

8/16/03 - Champ is more than a little confused about what character separation means - which leads to a big discussion on gossip.

8/14/03 - It's kind of a slow day on the mud since a lot of Northeastern US & Southeastern Canadian players are sitting in a power outage. Gul gossips (in common), 'any int is welcome, I AM STUPID!!!!'.

8/13/03 - The rank listings from this day.

8/12/03 - Belsambar gossips (in common), 'with Arnold at the switch, any California executions are gonna be followed by 'Terminated''.

8/11/03 - All kinds of limiteds all over the mud start poppping like crazy, after the mud comes up after a crash. Wonder if a Rod of Neutrality popped? *drool*

8/10/03 - Rhina mysteriously appears on the wizlist as of today, and in an unrelated event, a huge black cloud of smoke settles over Ofcol. The rank listings from this day.

8/9/03 - Eliste holds a dance in Cillidellia, which involves a costume contest, a dance contest, & some performances by Oook. Meanwhile, Isolas gossips (in common), 'Hmm, a less popular dance is going on the kitchen, where I'm hastily assembling a large brass pole and a stage'.

8/8/03 - Azeworai kills Borlan & makes effective 40th! (Ma:30 Wa:30) It's reported that this level was due to a final little nudge from Tamar, his old immortal.

8/7/03 - Garland dies in Master's Tower, and gets his corpse retrieved. He then posts a note to all saying, "Valin, Vex, Alucard, Azeworai, Aoife, Indiga, Roen, all my thanks go out to you guys for diving head first into Masters tower to get my corpse."

8/6/03 - Belsambar gossips (in common), 'my day is never made unless I scare a complete stranger...'.

8/5/03 - Tweedle is ordained "Guiding Light" by Natilena!

8/3/03 - Bliss holds a scavenger contest. Trap reaches effective 40th! (Cl:30 Wa:30)

8/2/03 - Natilena rises to Lesser Power.

8/1/03 - Joey reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)

7/31/03 - A pair of wicked black spiked heels purges from Eliste, and Quarnel gossips (in common), 'hoarder!'. Quarnel gossips (in common), 'I've been looking for those spiked heels forever!'.

7/30/03 - ### [Corri tells Ptarchyzk (in common), 'i'm archaic'] Bah, no she's not! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, hmm, pretend you do :)

7/29/03 - ### [Zip says (in common), 'Dragons are for shamans.'] (Is that like Trix are for kids?) Cordir turns 4000 years old, and a bardic circle is held. Abe leaves Cordir's following and joins Majere.

7/28/03 - Qrzon actually kills "the kobold" for mobmaster 2, shocking the entire mud. (Where WAS it?) Wylin posts a note about the Chicago GT #3.

7/27/03 - Natilena's temple is installed. Mongrel announces that he is retiring.

7/26/03 - Wish and Natilena argue some more about squishyness.

7/23/03 - Natilena is promoted to Demigoddess! She starts the chaotic good-aligned sword following of the Stars and her first follower is Cirion. Her initial finfo reads, "Stars guide, they advise and they provide light when all that remains is darkness. Hold in your hands the power of the stars and you have the strength to change the world. Free spirited souls with a desire for fun and benevolence for good deeds will find a home amongst the stars. Each will stand up for what is right and oppose evil in their own way.". Maximus posts a note about RL music.

7/22/03 - DarkClaw posts a public apology.

7/21/03 - Heaven posts a goodbye note.

7/20/03 - A who list from this day.

7/19/03 - More notes are posted about Hercules.

7/18/03 - Wish gossips (in common), '### [Somewhere, Eliste grabs Misty's arms and wraps them around her. She needs'. Wish gossips (in common), 'could this be the start of something special?'. Malekith posts a note concerning Hercules.

7/17/03 - Probably in response to yesterday's FYI, someone posts an idea about an ignore command, and there are some notes pointing out the obvious. Coleman moves up to Intermediate power.

7/16/03 - Whitehawk moves up to Lesser power. There are quite a few comments about EC being replaced, including Garland's note. Tokugawa posts a note/FYI that his email address has changed and an FYI about tells.

7/15/03 - Nyx's zone "The Living Lands" is installed! It replaces Elemental, and Dyr is the first to find it. The new area list from today. DarkClaw posts "The Weaver's Poem" and Solaron posts a poem for the Wyldess to the TFC forums.

7/14/03 - Elwin is created. Tamar posts a note about a thief contest.

7/13/03 - Locke is ordained "Treasure Hunter" by Katrana! Majere gossips a warning that ALL followers of Tiax are now fair game for Rose. Shortly afterwards, Cordir posts "The Weaver's Bind and Tiax posts a note about friends, enemies, alliances and pacts. Mylk has a bard council review and reaches Bard: 21 14 6. Slue gossips, 'my girl likes to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time...'. Darla the Saucy Tart gossips, 'Shhhhhhhhhh!!! Slue, it's not nice to kiss and tell!'. ExarKun stops by. DarkClaw reaches 30 ordained, and then is de-ordained, saying that 'There are other obstacles I must overcome...and more ways to grow.'. The wizlist from this day.

7/12/03 - The rank listings from this day.

7/11/03 - More notes are posted about the trial. The mud is down for a lot of the day (for scheduled downtime), and then later Tynian posts a note about version 3.128.

7/10/03 - Accusations fly about the term "squishy", and then preparations for the trial of the century get underway. Hork takes his chances with the immortals: Hork auctions (in common), 'I do not believe Immortals are allowed to purchase any items sorry'. 'Mortals ONLY! *smile*'. Someone auctions, 'I could just take it from you, :)'.  The Reavers are disbanded.

7/9/03 - Jynx posts a note about trading with Malekith. Maxwell reaches Ra: 6 Ma: 9. Erondyll levels to 5 cleric. Nail reaches Th: 4 Ra: 9. Tynian posts a downtime announcement.

7/8/03 - Grimace is promoted to Attendant of Clue! (Becoming Clue's first attendant.) Kain levels thief a lot, reaching Th: 9 Ra:30 Cl:30. Proven (who is back for a short time) levels to 8 mage. Lothauwin reaches Bard: 15 9 2. Malekith posts a couple of notes, and there are still more notes posted about Rose.

7/7/03 - Dax is created. Istari reaches Wa: 4 Ma:15. Dokimion reaches Ma: 9 Wa:13. Dart has swingset issues. (Gossip is ALWAYS the place to come for advice!)

7/6/03 - Shushila reaches Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Treyvan levels to 5 shaman. The rank listings and wizlist from this day. (Apparently Natilena does double duty as both Attendant and Ambassador.)

7/5/03 - Dyptricx gossips (in common), 'well necroport is a bit nasty'. Draco gossips (in common), 'The corpse of a little imp starts moving, transmutes, and looks like Dyptricx!'. Nessa hits 1000 points on location quest. Emaleth is re-created. Missfit fixes her gratz trigger so she doesn't gratz herself anymore ;)  Fabulous gossips (in common), 'yes.. thank you, I'm Fabulous. How about yourself?

7/4/03 - Natilena is promoted to Attendant of Tiax! Tynian turns 10,000 years old, sheesh! Hammerhand levels to 9 cleric. Iris reaches Sh: 7 Wa:15.

7/3/03 - Tynian posts a note about a new news page. Kain reaches Th: 3 Ra:30 Cl:30. Barney & Fubblegut are created, maybe for some kind of new kids show? *ponder*. Tamar posts a note about area coordination information. Andrew reaches Th: 2 Ma:15 Wa:15. A who list from this day.

7/2/03 - Whitehawk is promoted to Demigod! This time he starts the Hawk's Spirit, a chaotic good sword following. His initial finfo is, "The Hawk's Spirit has a simple focus in life: To bring good into the realm. Just as a flying hawk has the freedom to choose its own path, they too, choose their own way in how they manifest this good. Yet only 2 rules exist to bind this group together. Rule 1: Never to lay the sword upon one of Good faith. Rule 2: Love Lord Whitehawk and all those under his aura.". His first follower is Tifus. Rath posts an oath. Demonslayer reaches Ma: 9 Ra:11. Nevi levels to 5 shaman. Dokimion reaches Ma: 8 Wa:13.

7/1/03 - Khore is promoted to Greater God! And a couple of minutes later, Tamar is promoted to Greater Goddess! (Becoming tfc's first Greater Goddess.) Tynian then posts a note about god+ re-assignments. And happy Canada Day! (Just checking to see if Natilena reads this.) Leif of the Coven levels to Ra:22\Cl:25\Th:21. Today is Clue's ONE YEAR anniversary as an Immortal! Congrats, Clue! A number of characters are Restored: Orpik (Cl:30 Ra:30 Th:30), Zakarious (Ma:30 Wa:30), Malekith (Sh:25 Wa:17), Pendrell (Wa:29 Sh:30), Erkenbrand (Wa:25 Ma:26). Orpik promptly rejoins the Black Conclave.

6/30/03 - Marisa posts a note about my timeline & big thank you's, which leads to a conversation with Tiax et al. Draco levels to 30 warrior as a single classer! Isolas gossips (in elven), 'Basket weaving is not only a fine skill here, but also serves as a great major for college.'. Lins threatens Ebencaleneezer. Branta of Mirth levels to Sh:6\Wa:15. Nessa travels from the Lands of Skull Spire, to Dangerous Shores, the Citadel, Wyvern Tower, and the Catacombs, completing five quests for a total of 932 LQ Points. Oook leveled his Bard combat class to 28. Isolas Starleaf ascends to Ma:17\Th:15\Ra:15. Mammon gains Ma:18\Wa:15. Factor killed a silver lion for MM #51. Qeiri reaches 1000 LQ points! James of the FoLK ascends three times, reaching Cl:14\Wa:10. Cyrus joins the Rose. Hork reaches 200 years of age. Mandrake: Debonair and his deceits \ Mon Jun 30 11:44:20 2003 \ To: all \ Debonair is hiding under a false title of unity. He is not in that following, so be wary around him.

6/29/03 - Early AM: Shwarts levels cleric, duals to ranger, and levels that, too. [Ra:25\Cl:25]. Belsambar becomes a reprisalist. Heaven levels to Ra:6\Ma:12. Brightbranch is reformed from the Tel'Quessir when he enters the Realm. Clumsyfools levels to to Wa:24\Sh:26. Whitehawk reaches 2900 hours, whereas Natilena celebrates 1575 years (3126 hours - 75 of which is as an Ambassador). Leland levels to Ra:8. Scave gains Sh:17\Wa:15. Flier levels to Wa:3\Cl:12. James ascends to Cl:11\Wa:10. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Kethran won with 48 points and Tweedle came in second with 39 points. Rath advances to Ordained level 15, and later reches 1000 years of age. Heere of the Ash Moon Coven levels to Wa:7\Cl:12. Silvanus Sunblade duals back to ranger class and levels to Ra:22 Ma:22. He then commissions a description, and reaches 200 years of age. Kethran completes 6 location quests, reaching 84 points total, and finding targets in Goblin Camp, The Jungle, Gla'Shorn's Glacier, Ofcol, Utopia, and the Dark Manor. Unfortunately, while he pauses between LQs, the Tempest finally catches up to the Mack Truck, and Kethran is mob killed in his own hometown. (He CR's himself) Lastly, Kethran manages to ascend to Ordained level 20. Ihsahn turns 700. Keef the Elf gains Ma:5 & Ma:6\Ra:9. Heaven of the Folk ascends to Ra:7\Sh:12. Hutt gains Cl:22\Wa:10. MissFit gains a train when she ascends to Th:5\Ma:20\Wa:20. Somebody trys to convince Ptarchyzk to triple to a spellcasting class, and his response is 'I'll cast when I Immort... :>'. Can you picture his following? ;) Eddy levels for the first time in two years, reaching Ma:18 Ra:15. MissFit reaches Th: 6 Ma:20 Wa:20 & gets a train. Mystaya reaches Wa: 9 Sh:30. Tynian's busy doing uh, something today. I'm not sure what it was, but it sure involved a lot of announcements. He also posts a note about version 3.127. Rath turns 1000 years old. Marisa posts a note about dots on a map. (Get dotted, if you haven't already! The rank listings from this day.

6/28/03 - Riella advances to Or:10\Ra:30\Ma:30. With very little ceremony other than a 'welcome home,' Trap T'sarran joins the Chosen of Fate. Dokimion gains Ma:7\Wa:13. Gdelf dies in the third floor of Master's tower to a zombie guard, and his corpse is looted by Evil Bad People. Blanca, the Sun Guardian of the Defenders, advances to Ordained level 14. Ash becomes a miscreant - but is it the same Ash? Or a new one? Or just a pain in the .. ash? Nozdormu levels to Wa:20\Cl:20. Isolas Starleaf ascends to Ma:16\Th:15\Ra:15. Brundlewart BadAxe of the Rose gains level Cl:22\Wa:20. Venthaladir becomes a miscreant. Joey reaches Ma:30\Wa:30\Th:20. Tynian reboots the mud to bring version 3.126b live. Damien felt it was news that 'I finally log on in months :P'... and Majere definately thought it news when Damien was deathed and rejected. Sacaras Fernye gaines Cl:14\Wa:11. Keefe is created. Katrana rejects Ajax, and shortly thereafter, for attacks against Fate, he's named Anathema. But wait! Ajax then uses the Deleteme command and recreates. Baal levels to Wa:8. Hiro reaches Wa:3\Ma:15. Pitt gains an LQ for 668 points total. Pardoquilian of Fate ascends to Wa:24\Th:22\Sh:22. Markoon becomes a vigilante. A game of Mob Hunt ends in Round 4: Micah won with 31 points and Grale came in second with 30 points. MissFit of the FoLK gets to 20\20, triples, and through much hard work ascends to Th:3\Ma:20\Wa:20. Gulotor levels to Cl:21\Wa:20. Solaron is briefly silenced for being mouthy and refusing two direct orders. Tost, whose title declares that he "Wonders when Natilena will become a GOD?!!" gains Ma:8. Qeiri completes more location quests than can be kept track of, totaling over 865 points. A group exp'ing up in the Adventurer's Inn gets scattered as Allanon becomes a miscreant. Oook realizes that 'According to my records, which may be short a couple items, I've memo'd 2215 scores and 593 scrolls'.

6/27/03 - Factor becomes a vigilante and later a miscreant, and later still, enjoys his 400th birthday. Version 3.126 and Version 3.126a live go live. Joey gains Ma:29\Wa:30\Th:20. Branta advances to Sh:5\Wa:15. Tiuri (Th:14\Ma:27\Wa:30) celebrates his 800 year birthday . Dregsa becomes a sociopath. Clue accepts James into the FoLK. Kleitor celebrates his 400 year birthday. Bytorr and Joeb embrace the Darkness, joining Kerri's following. Joeb later deletes self. Fistandan becomes a miscreant, as does Tolven. Avatarr killed by one of Safehaven's Elders, but CR's himself. Boucho becomes a reprisalist. Version 3.126 goes live. Bevier ascends to level 10 warrior. Bliss posts a note about the Black Kismet. Istari levels to 14 mage, and without missing a beat Coleman gossips, 'when it's really hot, my driveway istari'. This is followed by Azeworai gossips (in common), 'what i look really really hot in your driveway?'. Istari gossips (in common), 'how did we get on driveways?'. Coleman gossips, 'it's amazing how someone could read that into my statement'. Tynian posts a note about Nevyn songs. Damien is restored. Ink levels thief 3 times, reaching Th: 6 Wa:30 Cl:30.

6/26/03 - Joey mob dies in the Volcano, slain by a Fire Elemental. Tidus is rejected from Majere's following and begins attacking members of Rose shortly thereafter, becoming a sociopath. Falcor and Dreg use the DELETEME command. Ink becomes a miscreant, then a sociopath. Damien the repeatedly recreated levels to Cl:4. James levels to Cl:3\Wa:10. HarKlan posts a note about her view of Neutrality. Azkral becomes a miscreant. Nightfall gains Ma:11\Ra:13 then later becomes a vigilante. Upon entry into the Realm, Take is reformed from Veldrin. Clumsyfool celebrates his 1001st Birthday! In a ritual known as the Sceleratus Sacramentum, Vex ritually offers his life and blood to Saya, binding them forever. Saya then departs the Ash Moon Coven. Qeiri scores over 180 LQ points today, moving from #20 to #14 on the LQ rank, and over 600 points total! Tynian adds news to the tfc homepage and posts a note about version 3.125. Version 3.126 is also checked in. The news thingy is really cool, check it out if you haven't already! :)  Seraph reaches Wa:23 Cl:30. Kerraazzyy is created. (Is that someone imitating Marisa spelling Kerriarai-however-you-spell-it, or someone who's craaazzy?) Ecnelis reaches Wa:19 Th:16 Sh:20. TOST is createad and levels to 5 mage. Nozdormu reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Hiro levels to 15 mage. Maynard reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Shushila reaches Wa: 6 Ma: 9. Selune reaches Cl:20 Wa:20. There's a big discussion on gossip about pinking.

6/25/03 - Myre ascends to level 18 warrior, and in doing so, gains a Train! Avatarr Farseer of Fate ascends to Wa:21\Sh:23 also gaining a train. Orthos Zeernebooch levels three times to reach Cl:20 Wa:20. Maynard of the Rose gains Cl:3\Wa:11. Valin reaches Ma:23\Th:20\Wa:30. Lothauwin levels to Bard:15\8\2. Tynian posts a couple of notes about version 3.124. Bol reaches Wa: 7 Cl:10. Ink levels several times, reaching Th: 5 Wa:30 Cl:30. Locke reaches Ma:26 Wa:30. Ebencaleneezer comes up as a mobmhunt mob :P  Tassadar becomes a sociopath.

6/24/03 - Rhina stops by for a long visit! Ratchus completes mobmaster 3 and reaches Bard: 14 9 3. Maynard joins Majere. Adea levels to 5 warrior. Goth reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Qiki levels to 5 mage. A bardic circle is held, during which Furnock is released by Cordir. Atmos reaches Ra: 6 Sh:15. Myre completes mobmasters 31 & 32. Dax levels to 8 shaman. Merrick does some rhyming on gossip. Malakost reaches 11 ordained. Goomba levels to 10 shaman. Dokimion reaches Ma: 6 Wa:13. Orthos Zeernebooch levels to Wa:17\Cl:20. Kiko Muhashima of the Sun gains Ra:15\Ma:12. Milena of the Rose levels to Thief 9, Thief 10, duals back to mage, and gains Ma:10\Wa:10\Th:10. Maynard levels to Wa:11. Nosferatu becomes a vigilante. Heaven reaches Ra:2\Sh:12.

6/23/03 - Milena is killed by a clay golem and Pitt and Kethran work together on the CR. In reponse to an idea post by an Anathema, there are a torrent of notes about Neutrality, starting with Belsambar. Qeiri of Fate reaches #20 on LQrank, tied with Teren of the FoLK and Ambassador Wylin. Raszagal duals to mage. Ramza reaches Cl:30 Wa:23 Th:20. Tessa levels to 5 warrior. Katja reaches Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Leif reaches Cl:23 Ra:21 Th:21. Legolas talks on cant. Lucian levels to 15 cleric and then duals to ranger. Linkin reaches Ma:25 Wa:30. Hectorborb levels to 18 shaman. Oook reaches Bard: 27 26 17. Teren passes 400 points on location quest and Qeiri gets close with 396. Zulieka levels to 5 warrior. Garland reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30. Nozdormu reaches Wa:18 Cl:20. Debonair completes mobmaster 2. Isolas reaches Th:13 Ma:15 Ra:15. Late at night Tokugawa auctions off some nice stuff, including adding +1 to any slot not a light or wwp, which goes for a million. At one point he auctions +3 strength pants, armor class 2 and a someone asks if they are from a kill. Tokugawa says, yes, from an eq swapper, I killed him, ;) and the someone responds Well I don't want blood stained pants (but of course a player was happy to buy them :P)  The rank listings from this day.

6/22/03 - Zip reaches effective 40th by killing Slue! (Or:30 Ma:30, making her the first effective 40th straight magic-user.) Brundlewart joins Majere. Apollo is re-created. Hulwin levels to 5 mage. MissFit reaches Ma:19 Wa:20. Wisteria reaches Ra:16 Ma:16. Majere followers start wildly looking for amulets for some reason. Qeiri hits 373 points on location quest and levels both classes to reach Wa:21 Th:21, getting an extra practice & training session in the process. Graaga levels to 10 ranger. Isolas reaches Ra:15 Ma:15 Th:12. Santiago reaches Wa: 7 Ma:15 Th:10. Darodayos levels to 13 mage. Azreal reaches Ma:15 Wa:16. Tynian posts a note about version 3.123i. DarkClaw reaches 28 ordained and gets a train. Dekuin levels to 21 shaman. Abbatoir is created. Natilena spray-paints a ceiling somewhere and spreads glitter-glue in the kitchen while squishing bananas. (Is *that* what ambassadors do these days?)  Ceven joins Kerriariadne. Verilak levels to 9 cleric. Hectorborb levels to 17 shaman. Aurora reaches Ma:20 Wa:10. Grommash has a busy day - he's created, levels to 10 warrior, and joins Katrana. Wentworth levels to 10 warrior. Shaido reaches Wa:24 Ma:22. Zaak levels to Wa:6. Balthazar reaches Sh:20\Ra:18. Qua becomes a Defender of the Sun & perfroms four MMs: #21 - a triton, #22 -a brown trout, #23 - a sand snake, and #24 - Kylir the Amyklaian fisherman. Isolas decides he "officially dislikes Hunt." Dokimion gains Ma:5\Wa:13. Heaven ascends to Sh:10. Boucho of Mirth levels to Cl:15. Xzanadin reaches Ma:16\Ra:12. Mozdormu of the Rose levels to Wa:17\Cl:20. Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Th:21\Wa:30\Ma:30. Lucian levels to Cl:14. Aphrodite is granted a god+ reform from the Chosen of Fate.

6/21/03 - A GT is held in Darien Lakes, NY with Natilena, Skie, Malakost, Dart, Lycron, Garland, Kerriariadne, Belsambar, Tidus & Goth attending. (See some pictures by Natilena, tfc staff photographer.) Lucian levels to 12 cleric and joins Majere. Milena reaches Th: 8 Wa:10 Ma:10. Bilk levels to 8 warrior. Gleep posts a note to European tfcers. Sicarian gossips (in common), 'Why's everyone keep checkin' my health?'. Tirpitz gossips (in common), 'you look sickly?'. Dreck joins Triston. Xander levels to 22 shaman. Scave reaches Wa:14 Sh:15. Tessa is created. Lins kills an oversize musk ox for MM #126. Orthos Zeernebooch levels to Cl:16 Wa:15. Fweep completes MM #15 - Kuurg. Rone Leah advances to Wa:18\Cl:20. Myre reaches second place on the Mobhunt Rank! He also ascends to Ma:18\Th:16\Wa:17, and completes MM #30 - a freshwater snake. Blanca the Sun Guardian advances to Ordained level 13. Her fellow Ordained Defender, Riella, reaches Ordained level 9. Heaven joins the FOLK and levels to Sh: 8 & 9. Isolas Starleaf, newly of Fate, ascends to Ra:13\Ma:15\Th:12. Kronos and Tiberon join the Rose. Heed becomes a miscreant. Tidus gains Wa:9\Th:15\Sh:15. Belsambar helped Adena 'start in the game today.' Qeiri of Fate completes two LQs for 309 points total. Teren turns 100! Kronos levels to Sh:13. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 3: Myre won with 10 points and Teren came in second with 9 points. Ratchus gains 3 points on an LQ for 13 points total. Lycron reaches 300 hours of play. Mammon levels to Wa:12\Ma:11.

6/20/03 - Kleitor Azanos levels to Wa:21\Sh:25. Dilandou gains Cl:20\Wa:15. Tuck sends Khore an email with a proposal to add a newbie section to the forums. Eriq levels to Wa:20\Cl:20. Magacion gains Wa:5. Atmos reaches Ra:4\Sh:15. Linkin ascends to Wa:30\Ma:24. Dart of the Rose reaches Cl:23\Ra:20\Th:15. Tuck also throws a bash at the LL Inn for his 160th birthday. Tidus gains Th:15\Wa:9\Sh:15, then duals back to warrior. Clue and Majere name one another reciprocal allies. Grale dies to the Protector in the Sacred Shrine on a bad recall, and self-CRs. Mistyfier ascends to Ordained level 17! Here's a Who\Wiz\RANKS from today. Naralas levels to 9 cleric. Uginn reaches Wa:12 Ma:13. Ernoy levels to 10 cleric. ### [Schwartz says (in common), 'and i know the oldbies could use the info'] (What info?! I'm an oldbie, tell me! :)  Azual reaches Wa:23 Cl:22. Roen reaches Ra:19 Cl:30. Branta reaches Sh: 2 Wa:15. Milena reaches Th: 7 Wa:10 Ma:10. Adena is created. Teluin gossips (in common), 'any girl that carries a shot gun has my heart'. Debruin is created and levels to 5 cleric. Tamar turns 1500 years old, having spent just under 1250 of them as an immortal.

6/19/03 - Lanfear reports that she 'didn't MUD for 3 STRAIGHT days!' Atmos Drangonite of the Rose gains Ra:3\Sh:15. Oook reaches Level 26 in his Magic 'class'. (Bard: 26 26 17.) A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5. Grale won with 69 points and Oook came in second with 15 points. Mammon of the Rose levels to Wa:3\Ma:11. Coleman's temple is installed thanks to an early AM reboot. Apollo becomes a miscreant. Orthos Zeernebooch, joins Mirth and levels to Wa:13\Cl:15. Isolas joins the Chosen of Fate. Qeiri ftells, 'i died last night fighting a female centaur and Kethran did the CR'. Lins completes mobmaster 125! (an enormous octopus) Bevier reaches Wa: 9 Cl:14 and gets an extra practice. Branta levels to 15 warrior. Hiro levels to 10 mage. Leif reaches Th:21 Ra:21 Cl:21. Mordith yells (in common), 'the players behind the characters have gone MAD!'. Aiken reaches Th:29 Ra:30 Ma:30. Istari levels to 10 mage. Saithien joins Coleman. Dekuin levels to 19 shaman. Ratchus reaches Bard: 13 9 2. Teluin levels to 23 shaman. Kirby is created. Korran reaches Ma:26 Ra:25 Th:25. Agirik reaches Sh:15 Wa:10. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'we have a lost immortal looking for his parents at the courtesy desk'. (Wonder who it was?) The wizlist from this day.

6/18/03 - Whitehawk unretires and is promoted to Attendant of Bliss! Azeworai reaches Wa:29 Ma:25, and gets 20hp and a train! Tuck reaches Ra:17 Ma:20. Azreak reaches Ma:13 Wa:16. Malakost reaches 10 ordained. Wentworth is created. Mammon levels to 11 mage and duals to warrior. Wylin holds a few "find Wylin" games, offering (what else?) beers as prizes. Hiro levels to 9 mage. Grale reaches Th:18 Ra:30 Ma:30. Malakost finds a pair of 5mr boots (marked) just laying at the pit. Darodayos levels to 11 mage. Teluin completes mobmasters 25 thru 29. Valgar reaches Sh:27 Ra:30. The Pax Nocturnus alliance is dissolved. A few of the rank listings from this day. Avatarr Farseer ascends to Sh:23\Wa:20. Qeiri of Fate ascends to Th:20\Wa:20. Bevier "leveled to Warrior 9, Cleric 14. 2 hp, 5 mv, and an extra prac!"

6/17/03 - Natilena is promoted to Ambassador! Vorax retires. Lins completes mobmasters 123 & 124 (the chambered nautilus & the dullahan). Lins posts a note about the dullahan. Slath levels to 5 cleric. Stolz reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Serenity levels to 20 ranger. Sland reaches Cl:17 Th:10 Wa:12. Armalag auctions (in common), 'wanted simple ring, will follow god in trade.'. Skie posts a GT reminder about the upcoming NY GT. Leif completes mobmaster 50 and levels twice to reach Th:20 Ra:21 Cl:21. Ratchus reaches Bard: 12 8 2. Pez, Sybill, Serenity, Boucho, Hiro, Clumsyfool & Schwartz all join Coleman. Xander levels to 21 shaman. Gulotor reaches Wa:20 Cl:20. Armalag reaches Th:14 Wa:30 Cl:30. Qeiri hits 222 points on location quest. Valin reaches Wa:28 Th:20 Ma:22. Goomba levels to 5 shaman. Tidus reaches Th:13 Wa: 9 Sh:15. Tynian posts a note about version 3.123f. Coleman's temple is installed. Turek levels to 10 warrior. Lycron reaches Wa:24 Sh:22. Hectorborb (Master Borbite, Keeper of Nachos) levels to 14 shaman. Mammon joins Majere. Slue does a strange version of the hokey pokey. The Atheistic Muggle Sneak advances to Th:30\Wa:26. Brosh levels to Sh:5\Wa:15. Orthos Zeernebooch gains 4 levels bringing him to Wa:11\Cl:11. Noctus gets 16 points on a location quest bringing him to 2327 points total. Oook of Fate levels his magic class, reaching [Bard:26\25\16], then gets MM#40 and #41, both for a female sauhagin then levels to [Bard:26\25\17]. DarkFang reports that 'Shadowman, Bevier and I had a ticklewar'.

6/16/03 - Coleman is promoted to Demigod! He re-starts Mirth, but this time around it's a Chaotic Neutral Sword following. His initial finfo reads, "Having honed his Mirth during years of absence from the Realm, Coleman has returned to once again cultivate a following. Followers should bring with them a sharp tongue, an enduring sense of humor, a knack for creativity, and a strong sense of camaraderie. A Pointed Wit is the weapon of choice, and the unprovoked PK is, with few exceptions, not a part of the Mirthite's arsenal. The relationships developed with others are not constrained by the concepts of Good or Evil. Instead we follow few laws outside our own, aid those that deserve our assistance, and torment the rest. Ask Coleman or a follower for more information if you are interested." His first follower is a tie between Belsambar in actuality and Schwartz in spirit. Shortly after that, Wylin is promoted to Ambassador! Valgar reaches Ra:30 Sh:26. Gdelf reaches Th:21 Ra:30 Ma:30. Zeluin levels to 5 shaman. Tressa is created. Lins completes mobmaster 122 (the spirit of the dead). Tidus reaches Th:11 Wa: 9 Sh:15. Ptarchyzk reaches Th:30 Wa:26. Atmos levels to 15 shaman. Khore posts "Ehdawuin" to the tfc forums. Spasm joins Katrana. Myre reaches Ma:17 Th:16 Wa:17. Orthos levels to 10 cleric. A who list from this day. Oook leveled Magic 4 times and Combat 1 time, bringing him up to [Bard: 26 24 16]. Additionally, Oook won all three rounds of "Find the Booga". Diver ascends to Ma:21\Wa:16. Linkin gets an extra practice when he ascends to level 28 Warrior!

6/15/03 - Teluin completes mobmasters 19 thru 24. Aldursil levels to 8 mage. Tairee reaches Th: 2 Ma:11 Wa:15. Wylin gossips (in common), 'If I get sunburnt while fishing and drinking beer in a boat, is that Tiax's fault?'. Qeiri passes 200 points on location quest. Hectorborb levels to 12 shaman. Augustine reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Malakost reaches 8 ordained. And winning the TMI award of the day is...Malathreal with his gossip of 'I Just Dropped my breeches'. Pygmy posts a small poem to the tfc forums. Tranquility Rose of Fate ascends to Th:25\Sh:25.

6/14/03 - Tranquility of Fate ascends to Th:24\Sh:25. Slath is created. Grale reports: 'I cleared the Dragon's Lair solo! That one was HARD. And involved a LOT of running in and out. But I got all six copper dragons dead, and looted their gemstones!' Lins completes mobmasters 120 & 121 (a large statue, both times, and he also makes a HUGE zombie (level 42!) out of 121). Kailani reaches Wa:11 Ma:15. Hitoriga levels to 19 thief. Seraph reaches Cl:30 Wa:21. Melisa joins Triston. Locke reaches Ma:25 Wa:30. KatVina reaches double 19's (Wa:19 Ma:19). Ratchus does his first mobmaster and reaches Bard: 12 7 2. Ihsahn reaches Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:20. Ptarchyzk tries to get Tynian to xp with him, but decides it's not a good idea when Tynian cants, 'I'm careless with spells and what I attack'. Thamuz levels to 5 cleric. Valgar reaches Ra:29 Sh:26. Malakost reaches 7 ordained. The rank listings from this day.

6/13/03 - A huge herd of Pink Elephants (the beer-stealing kind) are fought off in Dwarvenhold, apparently foiled while attempting a hostile takeover of Churg's Brewery. Lins takes the #1 spot on mmrank by completing mobmasters 116 thru 119 (?, a tormented apparition, a traveler, & a dangerous watersnake - click on mobnames to see logs). Roen reaches Ra:16 Cl:30. Judge reaches Ma:24 Ra:30. Alias reaches Cl:10 Wa:11. Tynian posts "win now!". Mirelle is created. Ambiant reaches Ma:18 Wa:13. Taelanus reaches Sh:16 Wa:15 Th:15. Nevyn has a field day with Azeworai (apparently Nevyn was ticked that Aze wasn't paying enough attention to his songs - Vex gossips (in common), 'Nevyn yells, 'You RUINED my performance!'.'.. Nemesis is created and levels to 5 cleric. Qeiri reaches Th:19 Wa:20.

6/12/03 - Pitt completes several Location Quests to reach 635 points total, his last one taking him to the north shore of Mithas. Lins gains MMs #112, #113, #114, (a white oak tree, a bison, veil of fog) and fails his first attempt at #115 - an Evil Fiend on 3rd floor Master's Tower, only to later succeed on the same mob, which took 24 heals & ghosted too. Avatarr becomes a Blade of Fate. Tassadar becomes a reprisalist and then a vigilante. Boucho levels to Cl:7, and gains an extra practice, a training seesion, max hit points, max mana and 6 prac's. Noctus travels to the Dragon Tower for an LQ, reaching 2311 points total. Linkin of the Chosen ascends to Wa:27\Ma:24. Santiago reaches Wa: 4 Ma:15 Th:10. Leif reaches Ra:21 Cl:21 Th:18. Version 3.123d is installed. Schwartz reminds Marisa that she'd promised (threatened?) to post his picture here, so here it is: (He made her put up "the good one".) Teluin completes mobmasters 11 thru 17. Jian reaches Ma:11 Ra: 9. Morphius reaches Sh:15 Wa:10. Seraph reaches Cl:29 Wa:21. The wizlist from this day.

6/11/03 - Aster reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Sh:30). Kiko completes mobmaster 1 and levels both classes, reaching Ma:11 Ra:12. Prowler reaches Wa:13 Cl:18. Carmen levels to 8 warrior. Mordon is deathed and the corpse looted by his following, before he leaves Katrana and posts a note about Mordon inc. Uriel reaches Sh:28 Th:22 Wa:30. Blizzard levels to 15 shaman and duals to warrior. Leif reaches Ra:20 Cl:21 Th:18 and completes mobmaster 49. Aldursil levels to 4 mage. Teluin completes mobmasters 9 & 10. Lothauwin reaches Bard: 13 6 2. Uginn reaches Wa: 4 Ma:13. Naralas levels to 4 cleric. Blanca completes mobmaster 29 and reaches 12 ordained. Tassadar joins the Black Conclave. Teren al'Calis of the Folk ascends to Ma:16\Ra:15.

6/10/03 - Malakost is ordained "Dark Undead" by Kerriariadne! Mystaya reaches Wa: 4 Sh:30. Ratchus reaches Bard: 11 6 1. Teluin completes mobmasters 7 & 8. Bol levels to 9 cleric. Vandil reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Hitoriga levels to 16 thief. Rone completes mobmaster 7. Target reaches Ra:21 Sh:20. Santiago reaches Wa: 3 Ma:15 Th:10.

6/9/03 - Eliste reaches ranger level 11, and Teren's second attack improved to very good. Bophal of Sin levels to Wa:19\Ma:16. Lankor reaches Cl:2\Wa:15. A Mob Hunt game concludes in round 3: Oook won with 3 points and Ratchus came in second with 1 point. Rone Leah joins Tiax's Defenders of the Sun, and levels to Wa:16\Cl:20. Tweedle also joins the Defenders. Dart of the Rose gains Ra:19\Cl:22\Th:15. Fraser joins Sin. Paython joins Rose. Paython becomes a vigilante. Oook gets MM #39 by killing a white unicorn. Shaido reaches Wa:23 Ma:22. Yagi joins Majere. Darodayos is created. Milena reaches Th: 3 Wa:10 Ma:10. Ratchus reaches Bard: 9 5 1. Ezoriel joins Katrana. Wylin has a little problem with his phone line. Teluin completes mobmasters 1 thru 6 and levels to 19 shaman. Ebony reaches Cl: 5 Wa:13. Chyna levels to 10 warrior. Lycron reaches Wa:23 Sh:22. Majere accidentally becomes a Demigoddess (Hum [ Demigoddess ] Majere, God of Monks Clan of the Rose). Mongrel completes mobmaster 1. Mystaya reaches Wa: 3 Sh:30. Strohm is created. Malathreal joins Triston. Azual reaches Wa:21 Cl:22. Lothauwin reaches Bard: 12 4 1. Qeiri hits 135 points on location quest. The rank listings from this day.

6/8/03 - Myronides retires :(.  Dekar posts a note to all Wisdom & Plato. Casius reaches Sh:17 Ra:12. Bahamut levels to 8 cleric. Barry reaches Sh:19 Ra:15. Bliss, who has needed a CR for a while now, watches as Tynian auctions item after item that sound suspiciously like her eq. But at least he's generous enough to give her back a whole egg casing full of negative stuff! Wonder if she still needs a CR? ;)  DarkClaw reaches 27 ordained. Targin reaches Wa:19 Cl:21. Mongrel levels twice, to 21 warrior. Ween joins Kerriariadne. Oook completes mobmasters 37 (a white unicorn) & 38. Dekuin levels to 15 shaman. Cytoxan reaches Wa:12 Ma:11. Kethran reaches 16 ordained. Drek the Warrior gains Wa:10. Raedan reaches Cl:18\Ra:15. Ihsahn shows off his gift from Tynian, received the previous evening: Ihsahn gets a nice, cold one from Tynian's ice chest from bag made from Ihsahn hide. Kleitor finally levels, after mob dying four times this level: Wa:19\Sh:25 Wisteria gains Ra:15\Ma:16. Gyro becomes a vigilante. Fobulous gains Sh:7. Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Wa:29\Ma:30\Th:20. Pheonix becomes a vigilante. Lothauwin the Bard levels twice, gaining Bard:10\3\1. Huma becomes a vigilante. Mystaya Skylore levels to Wa:2\Sh:30. Ratchus of the Conclave gains Bard:8\3\1. Bol gains a train when he levels to Cl:7. RANKS list from today.

6/7/03 - Valgar of the Rose levels to Ra:28\Sh:26. Schwartz mobdies, but his corpse is recovered, and reports that Qeiri also "got beat on by a different centuar and mobdied - but Abe performed the CR in 15 seconds." Kailani levels to Ma:15 Wa:10 and reports that she has 'been posting "Wanted - People with crap to ID" ever since :)'. Mistyfier of the FoLK ascends to Ordained level 14. Qeiri overcomes her mobdeath and ascends to Th:18\Wa:20 and gains yet another extra practice! Aster of Fate ascends to Th:29\Ra:30\Sh:30. Teluin levels to 18 shaman. Tynian logs on and passes out spell after spell (including rift & flamestrike - Lothauwin and Keat are the masochistic recipients of those) to the first person to say they want it. He throws in a beer for Wylin too. Maybe the beer-spell is next on the to-be-implemented list? Milena triples to thief. Raeden reaches Cl:17 Ra:15. Kethran reaches 14 ordained. Xander completes mobmaster 3. Santiago reaches Th:10 Ma:15 and triples to warrior. Schwartz reaches Ra:23 Cl:24. DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'I'm so buff I scared away a termite by hugging it! *cheer*'. Later she does some impromptu rhyming on gossip which I can only assume was inspired by Keat, and people help celebrate her birthday. Nathlar is created. TaRgIn reaches Wa:18 Cl:21. Dekuin levels to 14 shaman. Take reaches Wa:25 Cl:24. Jobano re-creates himself. Lothauwin reaches Bard: 5 1 1. Aslan reaches Wa: 8 Cl:30. Tynian posts a note about tfc-related web sites.

6/6/03 - Plato is retired and as his followers enter the realm, they are forcibly reformed, much to their distress. Serenity (no, not that one, a new one) levels to Ra:11. Tidus gains Th:5\Wa:9\Sh:15 and becomes a miscreant. Gregar of Fate ascends to Wa:18\Sh:30. Aurora of the FoLK ascends to Ma:17\Wa:10, gaining Max mana, and her tenth train! DarkClaw (Star) K'Treva of Fate ascends to Ordained level 26. Ebony and Isitititis join Majere. Rath reaches 13 ordained. Brosh levels to 12 warrior. Mystaya levels to 30 shaman and then duals to warrior. Tynian posts a note about version 3.123c. Ihsahn reaches Wa:28 Ma:30 Th:20. Mistyfier reaches 31 ordained. Kailani reaches Ma:14 Wa:10. Scelus joins Katrana. Wish does a corpse retrieval for Alyria from the blazing inferno (4th floor masters), and doesn't even charge his "normal corpse rescue fee". (Since she's in his own following, he actually returns it intact.) Taelanus reaches Sh:13 Wa:15 Th:15. Alexis reaches Ra:22 Ma:21. Teluin levels to 15 shaman.

6/5/03 - Linkin reaches Wa:25 Ma:24. Zander is created. Wistom joins Cordir. Milena reaches Ma: 8 Wa:10. Dekuin levels to 10 shaman. Agirik reaches Sh:13 Wa:10. A huge shaman mob runs amok, killing everybody it comes across until Vex manages to kill it. Targin joins Triston. Xzanadin reaches Ma:14 Ra:12. Aster reaches Th:28 Ra:30 Sh:30. Brosh joins Tiax. Mongrel levels to 19 warrior. Aslan levels twice, reaching Wa: 7 Cl:30. Kethran reaches 13 ordained. Dokimion duals to mage. Mystical joins Katrana. Valin reaches Ma:22 Th:20 Wa:25. Yoink reaches Th:18 Ra:18. Qeiri gets a pair of LQs, bringing her to 102 points total. Sadly, she then dies when the Priestess of Jester Keep shows up in Wintermeet. Abe performs the CR. Bahamut reaches Cl:7. Clue passes 600 hours as a Demigoddess.

6/4/03 - Qeiri ascends to Th:17\Wa:20, gains an extra practice, and gets her Sneak to excellent. Pardoquilian ascends in two classes, raising thief to 22 and Warrior to 23, gaining an extra prac and a train. Gangleri reaches Sh:23 Wa:15. Dwalin reaches Cl:13 Wa:11 Th:11. Mistyfier reaches 12 ordained. Ratchus reaches Bard: 5 1 1 and joins Molo. Aster reaches Th:26 Ra:30 Sh:30. Azeworai Prince Junior Grade of Rhinoceroseseses reaches Wa:27 Ma:25. (What IS a prince junior grade anyway?) Ire reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Teluin levels to 5 shaman. Tiberon is created. Kirith reaches Bard: 10 8 2. Blanca reaches 11 ordained. Katja reaches Wa: 8 Ma: 9. Ebony levels to 10 warrior. Bahamut joins Triston.

6/3/03 - Myre of Fate ascends to Ma:16\Th:16\Wa:17. Nataku levels to Ma:23\Wa:17. Vandil gains Wa:7\Cl:15. Aster joins Fate and ascends to Th:25\Ra:30\Sh:30. Bovina duals to thief and reaches Th: 6 Wa:11. Ambrose completes mobmaster 28. Dart reaches Cl:22 Ra:18 Th:15. Apollo reaches Ma: 7 Wa:10. Serenity is created. Kaldred retrieves Lanfear's & Noctus' corpses from Jester's Keep. (Sounds like one of those tours of death to me.) Azkral reaches Wa:27 Ma:25. Marcalo levels to 10 warrior. Schwartz reaches Ra:22 Cl:24. Plato drops to Lesser Power. Dyr levels to 5 warrior. Valin reaches Ma:21 Th:20 Wa:25. Tramp reaches Cl:16 Th:15 Wa:16. Chyna the Ogress levels to 5 warrior. (Does anyone else picture a bull in a china shop?) Spartacus reaches Wa:12 Cl:14. Cloven reaches Wa:18 Th:16 Ma:16. Tidus reaches Th: 3 Wa: 9 Sh:15.

6/2/03 - Aster reaches Th:24 Ra:30 Sh:30. Ezoriel reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Goth reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Total completes mobmaster 6. Mongrel levels to 16 warrior. Qeiri reaches Th:16 Wa:20 and gets her first *** ANNIHILATE *** with backstab. Casius reaches Sh:16 Ra:12. Veldrik is created. Pride gossips (in common), 'when I was young I had to fight the chicks off with a stick.'. Pride gossips (in common), 'now all they say is you make me sick'. Raeden reaches Ra:13 Cl:15. Sycora reaches Th: 2 Ra: 9 Ma:10. Raszagal levels to 10 ranger. Gdelf reaches Th:18 Ra:30 Ma:30. Brosh levels to 5 warrior. Dolomite reaches Ra:17 Cl:20. And for those who've thought about joining Tiax's following, this spell might come in handy... ### [Somewhere, Dolomite utters the words, 'comprehend dutch'].

6/1/03 - Mael, Patriarch of the Ash Moon Coven, reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30) Katja reaches Wa: 7 Ma: 9 and gets another train. Zaaris reaches Wa:20 Cl:30. Faille and Judas join Katrana. Yoink reaches Ra:18 Th:16. Shaido reaches Wa:22 Ma:22. Twilight is created. Platinum reaches Ma:14 Th: 9 Wa:10. Aster goes on a massive leveling kick (doing at LEAST 7 thief levels) and reaches Th:23 Ra:30 Sh:30. Milena joins Majere. Kethran completes mobmaster 59 and levels twice to reach 12 ordained. Bilk levels to 5 shaman. Kodak reaches Wa:18 Sh:30. Wisteria reaches Ra:14 Ma:16. Tranquility posts a thank you note. Pardoquilian reaches Th:22 Wa:22 Sh:22. Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Wa:27\Ma:30\Th:20. Phlegm reaches Wa:17. Pericolo is created. DarkClaw (Star) K'Treva advances to Ordained level 25. Dawn reaches Cl:9. Logain reaches Cl:3\Wa:10.

5/31/03 - Smoke duals to ranger. Myre reaches Wa:17 Th:16 Ma:15. Tramp reaches Th:15 Cl:15 Wa:16. Tynian posts a note about some helps changes. Nozdormu reaches Wa:16 Cl:20. Cirien levels to 5 cleric. Humble reaches Th:19 Wa:21 Ma:20. Ire reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. I think the OMs must have been having a secret contest or something, because 4 of them level: Solaron reaches 21 ordained. Riella reaches 5 ordained. Blanca reaches 10 ordained. Kethran reaches 10 ordained. DarkClaw (Star) K'Treva ascends to Ordained level 24.

5/30/03 - Qeiri of Fate ascends to Ra:15\Ma:15, and completes 2 LQx for 81 points total. Typhis gains Th:14\Wa:20\Sh:13. Oook, Fate's Bard, completes several LQs for 1582 points total. Ihsahn also works on his LQs, reaching 140 points total. Elisa levels to 5 cleric. Azreal reaches Wa:10 Ma:12. Cloven reaches Th:14 Wa:16 Ma:16. Teren reaches Ra:15 Ma:15 and hits 330 points on location quest. Mongrel levels several times, to 10 warrior. Nessa reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Clytemnestra reaches Wa: 2 Sh:29. Zero is created and levels to 5 warrior. Yagi reaches Ma:11 Ra:11. Reggie reaches Wa:12 Ma: 9 Th: 9. Riella reaches 4 ordained.

5/29/03 - Nayr stops by and posts typos in the very early hours of the morning. (Is that like counting sheep?) Azual reaches Wa:20 Cl:22. Taelanus reaches Sh:11 Wa:15 Th:15. Ajax reaches Wa: 9 Cl:11. Tynian posts a note answering the question "are FYIs rules/policies?". Leon levels to 5 mage. Eriq reaches Wa:18 Cl:20. Dolomite reaches Ra:16 Cl:20. Riella reaches 3 ordained. Logain duals to cleric. Ink completes mobmaster 48. Draco levels to 29 warrior. Cloven reaches Th:12 Wa:16 Ma:16. Argon levels to 10 mage. Elisa is created. Blanca reaches 9 ordained. Bergsten reaches Ra:25 Cl:25 Th:20. Teren al'Calis of the Folk levels to Ra:15\Ma:15.

5/28/03 - Drazuk, the Abrasive Ghoulie Pizano of Fate, ascends to Ra:19\Ma:24\Th:11. Eve advances to level Sh:18\Wa:16. Teren al'Calis of the Folk ascends to Ra:14\Ma:15. Qeiri dies to the Chief in Gronk while trying to find an LQ room. Pitt, who was nearby, retrieved her lost weapon and corpse. KatVina reaches Wa:16 Ma:19. Xero reaches Ma: 5 Wa:10. Schwartz reaches Cl:23 Ra:21. Margera reaches Th:10 Sh:10 Wa:10. Mordon gossips (in common), 'What a tramp!' Tramp gossips (in common), 'hey, I represent that remark'. Tynian posts a note about mobmastery quest stuff. Crumb duals to warrior. Mace reaches Cl:23 Wa:20. Ink joins Katrana. Tostig reaches Sh: 6 Wa:25. Yagi reaches Ma:10 Ra:11. The rank listings and the wizlist from this day.

5/27/03 - Myre gains MM #29 - a young Sahuagin in Sahuagin city, with the help of Noctus, and gained 651 exp. Morphius duals to warrior. Syl levels to 5 ranger. Jian reaches Ma:10 Ra: 9. Typhis levels several times, reaching Th:12 Wa:20 Sh:13. Milena levels to 10 warrior. Taelanus reaches Sh:10 Wa:15 Th:15. Tripper posts an open letter to TFC and the Tigers. NuTTeR levels to 20 shaman. Ajax reaches Wa: 7 Cl:11. Target reaches Ra:17 Sh:20. Thrall reaches 17 ordained. Argon joins Majere. Aster reaches Th:10 Ra:30 Sh:30. Crumb levels to 10 shaman. Takira is created. Valek levels to 5 mage. Schwartz goes on an unplanned trip to demon realm, and makes it out safely after "flee/recall/flee/flee/flee/recall/breathe".

5/26/03 - Noctus, Bashful, and Dakkon performed a CR for Platinum in the second part of 4th Floor Master's Tower. Bashful died during the adventure, but both corpses were regained. Tholbar becomes a reprisalist. Myre gains a train when he ascends to Ma:14\Th:16\Wa:16. Ihsahn turns 600 years old. Typhis becomes a reprisalist. (Bophal dies to the Dark Horrifying Essence and Lexie performs the CR. Blacky gets a 4 point LQ, for 65 points total. Margera levels to Th:8\Sh:10\Wa:10. Gulotor joins the Rose. Tesarye advances to Ma:7. Target levels to Ra:16\Sh:20. Valek gains Ma: 4. Locke becomes a miscreant. Scave of the Rose levels to Sh:14\Wa:11. Cytoxan levels to Wa:7\Ma:11. MissFit of the FoLK ascends to Wa:19\Ma:18. Myre of Fate ascends to Ma:15\Th:16\Wa:16. Typhis gains Wa:19\Th:11\Sh:13. Silence becomes a miscreant. Dart reaches Cl:21\Ra:18\Th:15. Pitt of Fate ascends to Wa:26\Sh:30\Th:20. Kalob levels to Ra:9. Nalor Ironwolf gains Wa:25\Cl:26. Vex reports that he CR'd Lexie in the Dragon Tower and 'some 3mage/10warrior earlier' who may or may not have been named ' Meline or something'. A WHO/WIZ/RANKS list from today. Lexie completes mobmaster 115 (the ebon dragon). DarkClaw reaches 23 ordained. Adversary is created and levels to 8 cleric. Roen reaches Cl:29 Ra:15. Xero levels to 10 warrior. Kethran reaches 8 ordained. Blizzard joins Triston. Drakar reaches Ra:29 Cl:30 Th:20. Aster passes 200 points on location quest and reaches Th: 8 Ra:30 Sh:30. Skylar levels to 5 shaman. Goth reaches Wa: 8 Cl:15. Yagi levels to 11 ranger and then duals to mage. Mistyfier reaches 11 ordained.

5/25/03 - Dakkon reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30). Congrats on TFC's newest level 50! Kalob levels to 7 ranger. Nero levels to 4 warrior. Isolas gossips (in elven), 'I'm trying to get everyone to yell if when I log on like Norm on Cheers.'. (Everybody yell "Isolas" next time you see him on... or at least gossip "Norm!" :P)  Ephiny reforms from Katrana. Riella, Sun's new Ordained, advances to level 2. Factor, also of Tiax's Defenders, gains Wa:23\Cl:30. Cytoxan of the Conclave gains Wa:5\Ma:11. Prowler of the Rose levels to Wa:12\Cl:18. MissFit of the FoLK ascends to Ma:18\Wa:18. Total of the Sun reaches Sh:22. Andrew levels to Ma:14\Wa:13. Grimace reaches 60 Ambassador hours. Nessa levels to Wa:11\Cl:15 and she also gets three LQs, for 786 points total, and a MM for level 34 (the Hierophant). Eve gains Wa:16\Sh:16. Dauthi becomes a miscreant. Platinum levels to Ma:12\Th:9\Wa:10. Kethran of Fate ascends to Ordained level 6. Typhis levels to Wa:18\Th:11\Sh:13. Epeon gains Ma:3\Wa:15. Dayel reaches Wa:4\Ma:10. Phlegm levels to Wa:15. Quarnel gets 17 points for a location quest (11851 total), which pushes him to level 30 warrior, effective 40!! Platinum becomes a vigilante. Eve levels to Sh:17\ Wa:16. Mael, the Patriarch of the Coven, gains Th:28\Wa:30\Ma:30. Cloven becomes a miscreant. Scave levels to Sh:13\Wa:11.

5/24/03 - Solanthas retires :(  Riella is ordained "Sun Guide" by Tiax! Casius reaches Sh:14 Ra:12. Demeter completes mobmaster 3. Schwartz reaches Ra:21 Cl:21. Margera reaches Th: 6 Sh:10 Wa:10. Garland joins Cordir. Reggie reaches Wa:10 Ma: 9 Th: 9. Yoman levels to 15 mage. Scave reaches Sh:13 Wa:11. Lexie completes mobmaster 114 (some slime mold). Darius is created. Edge reports that Vorax 'rifted me last night and released me :('. Fistandan dies in the fireworms and Myre performs the CR one single second before an Anathema shows up to grab it. DarkClaw ascends to level 22 Ordained for Fate. Grale becomes a vigilante. Nessa of the Tel'Quessir levels to Wa:10\Cl:15. Isolas is killed by Kalena the Minister of Agriculture, and his fellow Tel-Qessir, Rone, does the CR. Scave dies in the icy wasteland and Garland performs the CR... only to find Scave died there twice, and he grabbed the wrong corpse. So back to the Wasteland he goes, to find the correct one, at the feet of the Ice Wyrm. Target levels to Sh:20\Ra:15. Zip, the Witchling of the Coven, advances to Ordained level 28. Typhis of the Black Conclave gains Wa:16\Th:11\Sh:13. Tidus levels three times to gain Sh:10\Wa:9. Yoman gains Ma:15. Targin levels twice to reach Wa:16\Cl:21.

5/23/03 - Riella reaches effective 40th! (Ma:30 Ra:30). Tesarye levels to 5 mage. Dokimion levels to 12 warrior. Kayura reaches Ma:12 Wa:10. Schwartz reaches Ra:20 Cl:21. Wunk gossips (in common), 'Somewhere, Slue sees nobody around, so he slides in his 'Madonna' cd and starts humming quietly...'. Followed by, and this is even worse, ### [Somewhere, Slue sees nobody around, so he swaps out his 'Madonna' cd for 'Brittany'..."Oh baby baby"]. Gdelf reaches Th:14 Ra:30 Ma:30. Gangleri reaches Sh:20 Wa:15. Sandman levels to 9 shaman. Kethran reaches 5 ordained. Phlegm joins Triston. Marcalo is created and levels to 5 warrior. Yoink reaches Th:14 Ra:16. Rone reaches Wa:15 Cl:20. Valgar reaches Ra:26 Sh:26. Tidus gains Sh:5\Wa:9. Azeworai reaches a creepy '666 years old (1308 hours), created Tue Nov 12 02 20:08:06.'. Qeiri gets 5 location quests, each worth 5 points, bringing her to 68 points total. Andrew levels, duals back to his other class, and levels that, too, reaching Ma:12\Wa:13. The shade of a keep guard is DEAD!! Abe killed it for MM #63. Garland joins the Chosen of Fate.

5/22/03 - Teren al'Calis of the FoLK ascends to Ra:13\Ma:15. Dayel levels to Ma:10 & duals to warrior. Sandman is created yet again. Rone bad recalls and dies in Vela, and Abe performs the CR in a shamefully long time of 8 minutes plus. Casius gains Ra:12\Sh:12. Nozdormu reaches Cl:18\Wa:15. Tidus is created and levels to Wa:7. Garland departs the Wyld Hunt. A WHO/WIZ/RANKS list from today. Dawn levels to 6 cleric. Jynx reaches Ra:10 Sh:25. Sniper is created. Schwartz reaches Ra:19 Cl:21. Apollo levels twice, to Ma: 6 Wa:10. Vincent levels several times, reaching Ma:12 Ra:12. Eve reaches Wa:14 Sh:16. ### [Belsambar tells Rath (in common), 'reactivate and stay a while, I decided we need Conclave to come back to power completely if I'm ever gonna be rid of Vex :P']  Barry reaches Sh:18 Ra:15. Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA) reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. (Try saying THAT 3 times fast :P) Goth reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15. Method reaches Th: 9 Wa:10 Ma: 9. Masher stops by for a visit.

5/21/03 - Lexie is the first to complete mobmaster 112! (as well as #113 - they were a a vile sea creature and the veil of fog). Alexis joins Triston. Neodis reaches Ma:10 Ra:11. Isolas reaches Ma:15 Ra:12 Th:12. Selune reaches Cl:19 Wa:18. Tokugawa posts a note about some mobmaster changes. Qeiri completes mobmasters 3 thru 6 (a flying fish, a mountain climber, a fat rat, and a penguin). Scave reaches Sh:11 Wa:11. Pardoquilian reaches Th:21 Wa:22 Sh:22. Juniper reaches Sh:14 Ra:10. The rank listings from this day. Azeworai reaches Ma:25 Wa:25. Margera reaches Wa:10 Sh:10. Tamar announces that "Armicron has been deleted for eq swapping, and the eq in question is forfeit." Malakost completes mobmaster 77. Morgant reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Madilyn levels to 5 warrior. Weedler joins Majere. Witchdoctor of Fate ascends to Th:27\Wa:30\Sh:30. Schwartz of Fate ascends to Ra:18\Cl:21. Arianos Talesedrin of Fate ascends to shaman level 14.

5/20/03 - Aravan becomes a miscreant. Damien is killed by the Rock Monster at The Burning Gardens - Abe performs the CR in less than fifteen seconds, from guild to corpse. Raeden gains Ra:12\Cl:15. Qithlorien is recreated. Malignant becomes a vigilante. Myre of Fate ascends to Ma:13\Th:16\Wa:16. Isolas reaches Ma:14 Ra:12 Th:12, leveling for the first time in 5 months. Nightfall reaches Ma: 9 Ra:13 and gets a train. Yoink reaches Ra:13 Th:11. Reaper reaches Wa:10 Ma:10. Rone reaches Cl:20 Wa:14. A who list from this day. Mandrake has a terrible typo, as he accidentally gives Ink's corpse to Vex instead of back to Ink. Ink then is de-ordained, posts a note about leaving, and later still triples to thief and reaches Th: 2 Wa:30 Cl:30. Nail reaches Cl:10 Wa: 9. Xev is created. Teren reaches Ra:12 Ma:15. Barry reaches Ra:15 Sh:15. Mistyfier reaches 10 ordained. Qeiri completes mobmaster 2 (a parakeet). Schwartz reaches Cl:20 Ra:18. Nox reaches Th:18 Ma:19 Wa:20.

5/19/03 - Coleman posts a note about his OOC travel, and there isn't a single pun in it! Bophal reaches Wa:12 Ma:16. Quite levels to 5 shaman. Casius reaches Ra: 7 Sh:12. Neon completes mobmaster 50 and reaches Ra:20 Th:21 Ma:25. Jynx reaches Ra: 6 Sh:25. Rhys reaches Ma:15 Wa:11. Ishahn reaches Ma:29 Wa:26 Th:20. Garland gossips (in common), 'I'm not insane, it's just that everyone else is'. Prowler reaches Cl:18 Wa:11. Tuor levels to 5 cleric. Furnock runs around streaking people. Epeon joins Majere. Fleas converge on Midgaard for some reason. Oook, Fate's "Wandering Trouble-dour" ascends to Bard:25\20\16, and completes a number of location quests (1526 points total), but sadly 'got whacked by Tynnir the Demon Slayer'. Fortunately, Lanfear and Ihsahn who were a short distance away in Mystic recovered the corpse. Pitt gets over 100 points in LQs, and his third attack improved to expert! Damien levels to Cl:13. Qeiri of Fate completes a number of LQs, totalling 48 points and she also ascends to Wa:19\Th:15, getting max hit points. Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Ma:29\Wa:26\Th:20. Teren of the FoLK completes several LQs, totalling 264 points. Nox Awnwood gains Wa:20\Ma:19\Th:15. Tichondruis reports that he was CR'd by Kethran, Fate's newest Ord. Dwalin of the Rose advances to Wa:11\Cl:11\Th:11. Gehn is killed by the whittler at Wheat Field and is CR'd by Nyx. Nozdormu of the Rose levels to Cl:16\Wa:15.

5/18/03 - Casius of the Black Conclave advances to Ra:5\Sh:12. Myre of Fate completes MM #28 - an electric eel and later levels to Th:16\Wa:16\Ma:12. Barry of the Black Conclave levels to Ra:14\Sh:15. Schwartz of Fate ascends to Cl:19\Ra:18. Factor reports that he completed MM #50 and for a change, it wasnt 'an ogre', but the Master Assassin this time!'. Damien of the Rose levels to Cl:12. Prowler of the Rose levels to Cl:17\Wa:11. Andrew becomes a miscreant. Kethran is ordained "Cuinnsear Dhan" by Cordir! Scave reaches Sh: 9 Wa:11. Yoink reaches Th:11 Ra:11. Aragorn levels to 5 ranger. Mace announces his retirement. Dwalin reaches Wa:10 Cl:11 Th:11. Targin reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. A few notes are posted about Majere's following. Gehn levels to 11 cleric. Typhis reaches Sh:13 Th:11 Wa:11.

5/17/03 - The Rose Monks do a lot of leveling as Goth reaches Cl:10, Scave reaches Sh:7\Wa:11, and Nozdormu levels to Wa:14\Cl:15. Qeiri complets an LQ for 30 points total. Hunt starts the Reavers, which stirs up the realm for some reason. Katrana's website is removed from its host. Vincent duals to mage. Dracon reaches Cl: 5 Wa:15. Triston gossips, 'anyone not in my following wish to worship me for 5 secs so I can rift them (mordith doesn't count!)'. Typhis reaches Th:11 Sh:11 Wa:11. Andrew reaches Wa:11 Ma:11. Liabrum is created and joins Triston. Targin reaches Cl:14 Wa:15. Christoph passes 50 points on location quest. Method levels twice, reaching Th: 5 Wa:10 Ma: 9. Eve reaches Wa:12 Sh:16. Abe gossips (in common), 'Kaern is Gaelic for: 'He who takes you places and gets you killed.''. Kaern gossips (in common), 'abe is gaelic for 'he who did not learn gaelic until it was too late''.

5/16/03 - Nail Bunny of the Wyld ascends to Wa:8\Cl:9. Casius levels to Ra:2\Sh:12. Pharoah is created. Drycell gains Wa:3\Sh:17. Tichondruis of Sin levels to Wa:11\Ma:15. Triston reaches Intermediate Power and Tiax becomes a Greater Power. Sland of the Rose levels to Cl:14\Th:10\Wa:12. Damien gains Cl:9. Pitt gains another LQ for 487 points total. Phlegm reaches Wa:13. Killian completes an LQ for 8 points total. Mael, Patriarch of the Ash Moon Coven, advances to Th:27\Wa:30\Ma:30. Target levels to Sh:16\Ra:15. Gdelf gains Th:12\Ra:30\Ma:30. Scave duals to Shaman. Demian duals to warrior. Typhis joins Molo, reaches Wa:10 Sh:11 and then triples to thief. Apollo reaches Ma: 4 Wa:10. Tairee reaches Wa:12 Ma:11. Vincent levels to 5 ranger. Cytoxan reaches Wa:20 Th:15, and then does deleteme and starts over. Bain levels to 5 warrior. Margera reaches Wa: 8 Sh:10. Valin reaches Wa:24 Th:20 Ma:20. Zip reaches 27 ordained. Prowler reaches Cl:15 Wa:11. Trogdor levels to 10 shaman. Nox reaches Ma:17 Wa:15 Th:15. Quarnel hits 11688 on location quest. Silence is deactivated as an ordained, since Kerriariadne dropped to Intermediate. Boyardee gets to 153 points on location quest.

5/15/03 - A bazillion people level today: Damien levels to 7 cleric. Typhis reaches Wa: 7 Sh:11. Nail reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Weezer reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Sh:30. Gwynne levels to 5 ranger. Eve reaches Sh:16 Wa:11. Serene reaches Wa:21 Ma:20. Vandil reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. Azeworai reaches Ma:24 Wa:25. Draco levels to 27 warrior. Silence reaches 2 ordained. (Surely SOMETHING else happened today besides levels, but I don't know what... oh yeah, the Matrix Reloaded came out :P)

5/14/03 - Silence is ordained "Dark Bandit" by Kerriariadne! Tiax turns 1000 years old! Tokugawa posts a note about the new mobmaster mobs that were added to the mud, and Tiberius is the first to find and kill one of them. Tilly hits 200 points on location quest. Valin reaches Wa:23 Th:20 Ma:20. DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Darnit, Triston! Don't do that while I'm sleeping! *grumble*'. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'yeah, wake her up first'. Nox levels many times, reaching Th:14 Wa:15 Ma:15. Goth us created. Valgar reaches Sh:26 Ra:25. Damien levels to 6 cleric. Tylorn deletes himself after some comments that are best not repeated. Ihsahn passes 100 points on location quest. The realm gets littered with PC corpses for some reason. Oook completes mobmaster 37. Jynx levels to 25 shaman. Gdelf reaches Th:10 Ra:30 Ma:30. Tuck becomes a miscreant.

5/13/03 - Alucard completes mobmasters 50 & 51 (an ogre & a minotaur). Lankor joins Majere. Tairee reaches Wa:10 Ma:11. Disaster waiting to happen levels to 5 mage. Target levels twice, reaching Sh:12 Ra:15. Scave duals to shaman. Nessa reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Schwartz reaches Cl:18 Ra:15. Brimstone joins Majere. Typhis reaches Wa: 4 Sh:11. Sindel levels to 5 thief. Valin reaches Wa:22 Th:20 Ma:20. Nail levels to 9 cleric, and Coleman gossips, 'keep on leveling, inch by inch. You're up to 9 inch, Nail'. Belsambar is released by Solanthas, in expectation of joining Coleman. Today is Leveling Day! Aslan Tsarran of Fate ascends to Wa:3\Cl:30. Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Ma:28\Wa:26\Th:20. Teren of the FoLK completes two location quests for a total of 163 points. Brimestone Firebrand advances to Sh:10. Cytoxan of Sin levels to Th:15\Wa:15. Nessa completes an LQ for 743 points total. Shylok Jaelre of Fate ascends to Wa:17\Ma:15\Th:12. Myre of Fate ascends to Th:15\Wa:16\Ma:12. Qeiri of Fate gets an LQ for a total of 25 points. A WHO/WIZ/RANKS list from today.

5/12/03 - Pitt of Fate ascends to Wa:25\Sh:30\Th:20. Factor of the Sun gains Wa:21\Cl:30. Method levels to Th:3\Wa:10\Ma:9. Malis is reformed from the Phalanx of Blood when he logs in for the first time in months. Scave is briefly silenced, then later levels to Wa:10. Targin advances to Cl:11\Wa:15. DarkClaw advances to Ordained level 21. Oook takes great, ogrish strides across the Realm, completing more than eight location quests, which advances him to 1323 points total, and Bard:24\20\16. Pitt reaches 454 total points in LQs. Armicron of Darkness dies to Lord Plague, and Abe performs the CR. Schwartz of Fate ascends to Cl:17\Ra:15. Neodis reaches Ma: 9 Ra:11. Total completes mobmaster 5. Crumb levels to 5 shaman. Look reaches Wa: 5 Sh:11. Eve reaches Sh: 9 Wa:11. Nessa hits 732 points on location quest and completes mobmaster 33. Rincewind reaches Cl:19 Wa:17. Mistyfier bad recalls to Bliss' temple. Brundlewart reaches Wa:20 Cl:20. Legolas reaches Ma:26 Ra:30 Th:20. Enigma joins Triston. Papa the Gnome is created, think he's a smurf? Juniper reaches Sh: 5 Ra:10.

5/11/03 - Silence levels to 30 thief! Ecnelis reaches Sh:19 Th:16 Wa:17. Eve reaches Sh: 8 Wa:11. Tynian posts a note about version 3.123. Tilly completes mobmaster 11 (a vagabond), passes 100 points on location quest, and reaches Bard: 16 8 7. At her own request, Aslan is de-Ordained from her service in Fate. She duals to warrior (from 30 cleric, ouch). Nail levels to 7 cleric and joins Katrana. Cytoxan reaches Th:13 Wa:15. Margera duals to warrior. Pitt completes an LQ for 440 total points. Rhys Metahyl gains Ma:13\Wa:11. Method reaches Ma:9\Wa:10 and triples to thief. Marjen levels to Wa:5. Seraph becomes a vigilante. Vandil gains Wa:4\Cl:15. Myre of Fate ascends to Th:14\Wa:16\Ma:12. Damien levels to Cl:5. Nessa completes three location quests, bringing her to 709 points total. Aerith of Fate ascends twice today, reaching Ma:24\Ra:15. Eriq becomes a miscreant. Malakai gains Ra:12\Ma:15. Alias reaches Cl:8\Wa:11. Feargus dies in Utopia and his brother in faith, Aerith, performs the speedy CR. Goor'Il-Mek levels to Ra:13\Sh:15. Pardoquilian of Fate ascends to Th:20\Wa:22\Sh:22. Quarnel completes somewhere around fifteen consecutive LQs, bringing him to 11639 points total. Katja of the Tel'Quessir reaches Wa:6\Ma:9. Solaron ascends to Ordained level 19. Zhentil of Sin gains Sh:9. The Forum reaches 444 registered users who have posted a total of 5283 articles Dyer gains Cl:12. Septimus of the Darkness levels to Wa:12\Ma:13. Omar becomes a miscreant. Target reaches Sh:10\Ra:15. Mystaya Skylore of Darkness advances to Sh:29. Dwalin levels to Wa:8\Cl:11\Th:11. Triston announces, 'Please congrats Serene on winning the Sinners week long quest!'. Qeiri completes an LQ, reaching 20 points total. Schwartz of Fate ascends to Cl:16\Ra:15.

5/10/03 - Tynian holds a mob hunting quest and posts the results. Ephiny reaches Or: 5 Wa:30 Cl:30. Gdelf reaches Th: 9 Ra:30 Ma:30. Ezoriel duals to warrior and goes on to reach Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Eve joins Triston. MissFit reaches Ma:16 Wa:18. Boredom reaches Ma:11 Wa: 9. Rincewind reaches Cl:18 Wa:17. Schwartz reaches Cl:14 Ra:15. Oook has a busy day, passing 1150 points on location quest, completing another bard council review, and reaching Bard: 24 20 15. Taelanus reaches Sh: 7 Wa:15 Th:15. Drake reaches Ma:10 Wa:10. Brundlewart reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Schwartz convinces Tokugawa to perform an ID for him. Then, when he gets the item back, Schwartz complained that it wasn't a very good item... so Tokugawa improved it for him: Schwartz ftells, '[m|AC 0 ac(-2) mv(10) mv(20) mv(100) ]'. He then ascends to Cl:15\Ra:15. Clue's Ordained, Mistyfier, completed his 8th OM level - and gets a train! Nozdormu levels twice, reaching Wa:12\Cl:15. Aerith of Fate ascends to Ma:21\Ra:15. Quarnel completes a couple more LQs, bringing his total to 11362 points. Loto and Brundlewart both become a miscreants. Barry of the Conclave levels to Ra:11\Sh:15. Target gains Sh:7\Ra:15. Malakai reaches Ma:15\Ra:11. Pitt gets an LQ for 426 points total.

5/9/03 - Scave joins the Rose. Quarnel finishes an astonishing 12 Mob Hunt rounds, and reaching #1 in the ranking. Floyd uses the Deleteme command. Damien is created. Oook hits 838 points on location quest. Barry reaches Ra:10 Sh:15. Wunk reaches Wa:25 Sh:30 Th:20. TaRgIn reaches Cl: 8 Wa:15. The Inspector gossips (in common), 'go go gadget binoculars!'. Oak stops by for a visit. Kylanae reaches Ma:12 Ra:12 Th:12. Tilly completes mobmasters 7 thru 9 and reaches Bard: 15 7 6. Pitt passes 400 points on location quest. Bophal reaches Ma:11 Wa:10. Typhis levels to 10 shaman. Bebbly reaches Wa:15 Ma:11. Ajax levels to 5 cleric. Margera joins Triston. Tokugawa auctions off several nice items, and people throw in some crazy bids.

5/8/03 - Quarnel passes 11,150 points on location quest, sheesh! Jarom is created. Taelanus reaches Sh: 6 Wa:15 Th:15. Killian reaches Bard: 11 2 1. Tilly gives her first bard council review performance and reaches Bard: 14 7 4. Selune completes mobmaster 14. Xynx is created. Nox reaches Th: 9 Wa:11 Ma:11. Kiko reaches Ra:10 Ma: 9. Noctern levels to 10 thief. Schwartz of Fate ascends to Cl:12\Ra:15. Thrall becomes a sociopath. Targin reaches Cl:7\Wa:15. A WHO/WIZ/RANKS list from today.

5/7/03 - During the very early AM, a team CR was performed for Kylanea in the Vile Rule. Although no one could carry the entire corpse, Ihsahn, Pitt and Ananasi of Fate managed the retrieval. Toni of Wisdom levels to Ra:17\Ma:19. Method becomes a miscreant. Onyx of the Conclave gains Wa:6\Ma:15. Shojima is created. Styx reaches Sh:10. Quarnel blows other records out of the water when he completes several LQs, bringing him to 10924 points total. Barraic of Sin reaches Wa:9. Oook, Fate's premiere Bard, also works on LQs: 443 points total. Ezorial followed their lead, taking the first few steps down the LQ trail, reaching 12 points. Total levels to 10 shaman. Ezoriel levels to 5 cleric. Tilly does her first mobmaster (among others) and her first location quest, and levels several times to reach Bard: 13 6 4. Quadim reaches Ma: 3 Ra: 9. Sarik levels to 10 shaman. Killian joins Kerriariadne. Target duals to shaman. Qeiri reaches Wa:17 Th:15. Aerith reaches Ma:20 Ra:15. Temanick is created and levels to 5 warrior. Mistyfier reaches 7 ordained. Drake reaches Wa: 7 Ma:10. Pikonah reaches Ma:18 Wa:12.

5/6/03 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.122. Quarnel passes 10350 points on location quest. Valin reaches Th:16 Wa:21 Ma:20. Zhentil is created. Oook gives his second bard council review performance and reaches Bard: 24 19 9. Quadim reaches Ma: 2 Ra: 9. Rincewind reaches Cl:16 Wa:17. Seraph reaches Wa:21 Cl:25. A wizlist and the rank listings from this day. (Note that Quarnel is now #1 on location quest.)

5/5/03 - The last of the Chicago GT-ers head back home, completely wiped out but already anxious for the next one. See pictures from the whole thing. (And here are links to Natilena's and Wylin's pictures too.) Noctern and Snoose join Majere. Killian reaches Bard: 7 1 1. Quadim levels to 8 ranger. Tilly reaches Bard: 11 2 1. Halo is created. Shadowman reaches Wa: 6 Cl:15. Pitt hits 369 points total on location quest. Spade levels to 5 thief. Kylanae (who is not a girl :P) reaches Ra:12 Th: 9 Ma:12. Aerith reaches Ma:18 Ra:15. Nitidus levels to Ranger level 26.

5/4/03 - Grimace is promoted to Ambassador! Schwartz reaches Cl: 7 Ra:15. Mordos levels to 5 mage. Tynian posts a note about version 3.120 and 3.121. Cloven reforms from Majere. Tichondrius levels to 3 cleric. Sarik levels to 7 shaman. Rincewind reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Phantasm reaches Wa: 5 Th:16 Ma:16. Tilly is created. Tiax reaches 1000 years of age. Wisteria Lynx reaches effective 20th when she levels to Ra:12\Ma:16. Additionally, she won a restring for creating a bag design for Tiax: "a gap in his long white beard" Quarnel returns to the realm after an absence and promptly performs over 100 points worth of Location Quests, bringing his total up to 10111 points. Alliceet is created. MissFit begins doing Location quests for the first time, and quickly gains 29 points doing so. Jobano levels to Cl:5. Oook works on his bardic requirements by completing a location quest for 184 points total. Malcom levels to Wa:16\Th:15. The Suicide Mage gets an LQ for 41 points total. Due to some reshuffling of code on Tynian's part today, changes were made to level requirements for bards with respect to needed location quest points. Consequently, Oook of Fate was then able to level 6 times in less than 3 minutes, bringing him up to eff 33: Bard:24\19\9. The bards are back and leveling in force.

5/3/03 - Oook successfully passed TFC's first Bard Council Review by performing 'Fire and Darkness,' 'Der Shiny Fishy Song,' and his personal 'Song of Power', dazzling people in the Storytelling Amphitheater. Due to the current lack of master bards, Tynian was the sole judge. Additionally, much-needed new bard code was introduced. This code allowed Oook of Fate to level four times in rapid succession, bringing him to [Bard:24\16\6]. The Clan of the Rose declares war on The Wardancers. Valin reaches Wa:20 Ma:20 Th:15. Factor levels twice to 18 warrior. Kel posts Bliss's baby picture and Tynian talks about shaman refresh. Grale reaches Th:17 Ma:30 Ra:30. Floyd dies to the vampric mist. Target is created and levels to 6 ranger. Sinister levels to 4 mage. Malcom reaches Wa:15 Th:15. Aerith reaches Ra:11 Ma:15. Merl levels to 5 ranger. The rank listings from this day.

5/2/03 - The long-awaited Chicago GT starts! Tynian posts a note about version 3.119. Garland becomes a miscreant. Cordir reaches 3800 years old (7576 hours of play.) Boyardee completes a number of Location Quests, brining his personal total to 146. Destrukctor is created. Valin reports that, 'Wish attacked.. I tele'd to Zul... got killed and Lexie and Alucard beat Tylorn and Wish to corpse'. (This is not exactly how Wish reported it, stating that he was about to 'rescue' the corpse. However, Wish tends to levy taxes on the corpses he rescues; the tax being based on the quality of the items in the corpse... so beware.) Despite his death, Valin levels to Wa:19\Th:15\Ma:20. Mistyfier, the Ordained of the FoLK, ascends to Ord:5. Schwartz of Fate ascends to Cl:5\Ra:15. Serene levels to Ma:20\Wa:15.

5/1/03 - Talyn reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30). Judge reaches Ma:23 Ra:30. Noctus does a corpse retrieval for Bytorr, which unfortunately later decays. Merkderk completes mobmaster 67. Anthis levels to 13 warrior. DarkClaw posts "The Chill" to the tfc forums. Huma reaches Wa:16 Cl:22. Erondor levels to 6 warrior. Wish gets a little excited cheering on the Giant Squid (and spams himself off). Jian duals to mage. Adwen completes mobmasters 7 & 8. Myronides requests special permission to abuse Schwartz. (Seems like most people do that without permission?) A who list from this day. Dwalin of the Rose levels to Wa:6\Cl:11\Th:11. Pitt, newly joined member of Fate, ascends to Wa:24\Sh:30\Th:20. Kiko Muhashima gains Ra:8\Ma:9. Draco reaches Wa:25. Kel becomes a miscreant. Rincewind StarBreeze levels to Cl:13\Wa:11. Aerith ascends repeatedly, going from Ra:3\Ma:10 to Ra:9\Ma:10. Malcom reaches Wa:14\Th:15. Viper gains Wa:13. The winner of Triston's following title contest is announced, and its "Serene (Drop your linen and start your Sinnin)" Vandil levels to Wa:3\Cl:15. KatVina gains Ma:17\Wa:12. Strave of the Rose reaches Wa:12\Sh:20. Belsambar Lin Silverdyne levels to Ma:23\ Ra:25. Kiko levels to Ra:7\Ma:9.

4/30/03 - Tel and Athorne retire. Dolomite reaches Cl:20 Ra:15. Flint levels to 10 thief. Wired reaches Wa:17 Ma:15. Fobro reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. Triston rises to lesser power. Schwartz duals to cleric and reaches Cl: 2 Ra:15. Jian levels to 6 ranger. Asai is created. Qeiri reaches Wa:16 Th:15 and gets 20 hp and yet another train. The rank listings and the wizlist from this day. Tairee the Sinner levels to Wa:5\Ma:11. Total reaches Sh:17. Kiko levels to Ra:5\Ma:9. MissFit joins the FoLK.

4/29/03 - Riella of the Defenders levels to Ma:27\Ra:30. Bebbly gains Ma:7\Wa:11. Talyn becomes a vigilante. Majere reports that 'Derth hit level 9 OM'. Valin reaches Ma:19\Th:15\Wa:17. Strave of the Rose levels to Sh:17\Wa:11. At the Fateful Hour this evening, Pitt joins the Chosen of Fate. Kiko duals to Ranger, and levels up to Ra:4\Ma:9. Wolfwood of the FoLK ascends to Cl:21\Wa:15. Tynian announces an upcoming mob hunt quest. Qrzon duals to warrior. MissFit reaches Ma:14 Wa:15. Kodak reaches Sh:30 Wa:15. Serene reaches Ma:17 Wa:15. Coulter completes mobmaster 92. Malakian reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Edric levels to 5 ranger. Schwartz joins Cordir and levels to 15 ranger. Debonair reaches Ra:17 Sh:25. Drucilla completes mobmasters 8 thru 14. Flint joins Triston. Tichondruis reaches Ma:13 Wa:10. Aerith levels to 10 mage and duals to ranger. Mistyfier reaches 4 ordained. Vex completes mobmasters 106 thru 109. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'now selling logs of the schwartz+toku group as they housecleaned malenest'.

4/28/03 - Khorlan Farseer of Fate ascends to Th:20\Ra:30\Ma:29. Acheron levels to Sh:9. Tichondruis becomes a miscreant. Shadowman ascends to Wa:5\Cl:15. Aerith is created. Qrzon 'the Happy Dude' levels to Ma:8. Pikonah reports that 'I finally swing a regular maims...'. Schwartz joins Fate. Kiko reaches Ma:9. Strave reaches Sh:15 Wa:11. Serene reaches Wa:15 Ma:15. Platinum reaches Ma: 7 Th: 9 Wa:10. Viper levels to 12 warrior. Tynian posts a note about version 3.118. Rincewind reaches Cl:10 Wa:11. Teren reaches Ra:11 Ma:15. Qeiri reaches Th:15 Wa:15 and gets another train. Flint is created. Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* does anyone else ever get the feelign that maybe we dont exist? that maybe, just maybe we are really just characters in some game . . . .'. DuKaron reaches Wa:12 Ma:21 Th:12. Kirith hits 30 points on location quest.

4/27/03 - Strad reaches Sh:12 Wa:10. Phantasm reaches Wa: 2 Th:16 Ma:16. Strave reaches Sh:11 Wa:11. Crovax joins Clue. Myre reaches Wa:13 Th:12 Ma:12. DarkClaw reaches 20 ordained. Platinum reaches Ma: 5 Th: 9 Wa:10. Pardoquilian reaches Th:19 Wa:22 Sh:22. Valin reaches Ma:17 Th:15 Wa:17. Draco levels to 24 warrior. Takuen is created. Qeiri reaches Th:14 Wa:15. Bophal duals to warrior and levels to Wa:3\Ma:10. Kiko is created levels repeatedly gaining Ma:8. Spite levels to Sh:14. Darrin reports that he is 'making a comeback.' Mystaya Skylore advances to Sh:23. Acheron gains Sh:7. "Chef" Boyardee completes several location quests, totalling over 114 points. Chad levels to Ra:18\Ma:18. Gdelf dies in Wintermeet and DarkClaw catches up the corpse before it can be stolen by others. Tiberius completes MM #93 - Guildmaster. Christoph of the Rose levels to Sh:17\Ra:15. Valgar, also in the Rose, reaches Sh:23\Ra:25. Sickly StarBreeze gains Wa:10. Drax Bufflekill reaches Sh:11. Oetharm completes a couple of LQs reaching 612 points. Croaker Lainnir levels to Ma:15. Kiko reports that in reference to Mob Mastery Quests, they 'had 'a rat' for 3 times.. failed it :('. Dyer of the Hunt ascends to Cl:10. Nanthus and Drake are created. Here's a RANKS list from today.

4/26/03 - Auron posts a note about Ephiny. Platinum reaches Ma: 4 Th: 9 Wa:10. Grimace reaches 800 hours of play. Khorlan rejoins the Chosen of Fate. Valgar completes a location quest for 61 points total. Shadowman of the Folk ascends to Wa:4\Cl:15. Pardoquilian Beoluve of Fate ascends to Th:18\Wa:22\Sh:22.

4/25/03 - Glasya levels two classes to reach Th:15\Ma:19\Ra:18. Noctus (who cut his hand severely in RL) reports'I did a 1 handed cr in the vortex, to find an empty corpse from andrew ;)' Malcom gains Wa:10\Th:15. Majere changes alignment from neutral good to lawful neutral. Maximus hits 181 points on location quest. Wired reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Khorlan reaches Th:10 Ra:30 Ma:29. Ping reaches Wa:19 Ma:20 and gets a train. Andrew reaches Wa: 7 Ma:11. Alucard reaches Th:20 Wa:30 Ma:30.

4/24/03 - Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Ma:26\Wa:26\Th:20. Selune Crimsonmane gains Wa:15\Cl:15. Strave of the Rose levels to Sh:7\Wa:1. Crovax dualed to Shaman today, and leveled [Sh:2\Wa:9]. Shushila joins Triston in Sin. MissFit ascends to Ma:10\Wa:15. Rincewind, who recently joined the Rose, levels to Cl:5\Wa:11. Wish the Cuttlefish of the Black Conclave passes 8000 points on location quest and reaches effective 50th at 11:12 A.M. system time! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30 - gratz and happy RL 35th birthday!). Qeiri reaches Th:13 Wa:15 and gets a train. Malcom reaches Wa:10 Th:15. Atmos levels to 8 shaman. Jynx levels to 21 shaman. MissFit reaches Ma:10 Wa:15. Draco levels to 21 warrior. Ink reaches 20 ordained. Kaz reaches Ma:18 Wa:15 Th:15. Barry joins Molo.

4/23/03 - Coleman unretires and is promoted to Attendant of Kerriariadne! Taelanus reaches Th:15 Wa:15. Bebbly reaches Ma: 4 Wa:11. Mistyfier reaches 2 ordained. Strad reaches Wa: 9 Sh:10. Dart reaches Cl:19 Ra:18 Th:15. Dwalin reaches Wa: 2 Cl:11 Th:11.

4/22/03 - Malcom levels to Wa:8\Th:15. Derth gains Or:7\Wa:30\Cl:30. Serene levels twice, and reaches Ma:13\Wa:11. Strave reaches Sh:5\Wa:11. Valgar claws his way to Sh:21\Ra:25. Ankha joins Triston in gleeful Sin. Phatasm levels to Th:16\Ma:16. Ryen (also of Sin) reaches Wa:3\Ma:9. Reggie gains Wa:7\Ma:9\Th:9. Mistyfier is ordained "Wyrmling" by Clue! Wish passes 7500 points on location quest. Pikonah joins Triston. Platinum reaches Wa: 8 Th: 9. MissFit reaches Ma: 9 Wa:15. Lankor levels to 5 warrior. Maximus hits 100 points on location quest. Dwalin triples to warrior. Locke reaches Wa:28 Ma:23. Kharis is created. Omar reaches Ma: 5 Wa:10.

4/21/03 - Thrall reaches 15 ordained. Cytoxan levels to 10 warrior. Khore posts "On a Cliff" to the forums. Kaz reaches Ma:16 Wa:15 Th:15. Qeiri reaches Th:12 Wa:15. Triston's temple is installed. Dwalin reaches Th: 9 Cl:11. Sland reaches Wa:10 Cl:12. Dekar reaches Or:15 Wa:30 Cl:30. The rank listings and a wizlist from this day.

4/20/03 - Happy Easter! Oetharm hits 591 points on location quest and reaches Ma:25 Th:20 Wa:15. Katana levels to 5 cleric. Nozdormu reaches Cl:11 Wa: 9. A chicken gossips, 'I taste'. Bebbly levels to 5 warrior. Alex reaches Ma:30 Wa:30 Th:20. Grale reaches Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 and completes mobmaster 72 (a shadow lord). Sicarian finds two named amulets (a blocking and a health) in one day. Qeiri reaches Th:11 Wa:15. Chad of Unity levels to Ra:13\Ma:15. Andrew completes a location quest, for a total of 20 points. Factor kills Landru for MM#47 and the Mazekeeper for #48. Fisrad gets a location quest for a total of 53 points. Ravin of Fate dies in Landru's Keep, and his brother-in-faith Kenlo Bigberry performs a quick CR. Oetherm finishes more location quests than can easily be kept track of, for over 100 points worth, which propels him to Ma:25\Th:20\Wa:15. Bophal takes up Sinning, with a specialty in Greed. Andrew levels to Ma:11 - then duals to warrior. Dasehra dies in the High Tower of Sorcery, but CR's herself. Wish gets yet ANOTHER location quest, reaching 7337 points total. Despite a death while exp'ing with Ravin, Jynx levels to Sh:20.

4/19/03 - Atmos joins Majere & levels to Sh:7. Kalthar levels to 8 warrior. Hetsri reaches Cl: 5 Ra:13. Malcom reaches Wa: 7 Th:15. Terny hits 30 points on location quest. Targin levels to 10 warrior. Alex completes mobmaster 33. Taelanus reaches Th:13 Wa:15. Nordstrom levels to 17 warrior. Ananasi reaches Ma:29 Th:28 Ra:28. Oberon is created. Triston posts a note about sinning. Andrew gets an LQ and also levels to Ma:10. Spasm levels to Wa:18\Ma:20. Shylok Jaelre ascends to Wa:16\Ma:15\Th:12. Norzdormu levels twice to gain Wa:9\Cl:9. Strider reaches Ma:7\Ra:11. Anandunaiss reports that she 'got killed by a hunting killer whale in the fog bank' and that Aslan CR'd her. Dayel gains Ma:8. Draco levels to Wa:18. Ire joins Sin. Kel reaches Th:20\Sh:30. Nessa finishes a location quest reaching 555 points total. Ecnelis dies and Mistyfier performs the CR. Mistyfier is later foully PKd by Ink and Alex of the WarDancers in retaliation for the corpse rescue, causing a huge uproar which is discussed at length on the forum. Khorlan Farseer levels to Th:5\Ra:30\Ma:29. Andrew takes up Vanity for his Sin. Zeriak is silenced for cussing on Gossip, and then uses the deleteme command.

4/18/03 - Triston is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Lawful Evil following of Sin, and his (huge) initial finfo reads, "The act of sin is an offense to those of a certain moral standard. The followers of Triston don't believe in moral standards, but seek to indulge in the manufacturing of a sinful nature. While all sins are welcomed into the following, a sinner indulges in one of the following seven deadly sins listed below. Vanity: is excessive belief in one's own abilities. Representative Color: Lavender. Envy: is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation. Representative Color: Green. Gluttony: is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. Representative Color: Orange. Lust: is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body. Representative Color: Blue. Wrath: is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. Representative Color: Red. Greed: is the desire for material wealth or gain. Representative Color: Yellow. Sloth: is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work. Representative Color: Light Blue. Following members are expected to do some role playing to keep the essence of the following true to the game. A character's name must reflect the day and age of which it comes or have a plausible role-play explanation as to why the name is viable. A quest or other form of initiation may be required to determine if your soul will embrace a sinful nature. All this can be superceded by Triston at any time under any circumstance.". His first follower is Flux. Dazael is among those who are accepted that first evening. Barry duals to shaman. Loco levels to 5 warrior. Petey reaches Cl:13 Ra:12. Mario reaches Th:16 Sh:17 Wa:17. Terny hits 25 points on location quest. Kaz levels twice, reaching Th:12 Wa:15 Ma:15. Valin reaches Wa:16 Th:15 Ma:16. Nibbler reports that he joined Rose 'a few days ago' and Rhayl informs us that he 'got better at butcher.' Wish completes another LQ, reaching 724 points total. Eliste gains Ma:15\Ra:9.

4/17/03 - Gangleri levels to Wa:5\Sh:15. Hulwin is created. Tweedle levels to Cl:30\Wa:30 & completes mobmaster 43. Wylin and Grale do 2 corpse retrievals (for Tweedle & Mistyfier) in Jester's Keep. (Remind me to keep that zone off my wanderings.) Valgar completes mobmaster 29. Darkstarr reaches Wa: 8 Ma:10. Ambiant reaches Wa:11 Ma:11. Drax is created. Hetsri reaches Cl: 4 Ra:13.

4/16/03 - Noctus gains MM #88 - a Triton Warrior and #89 - another Triton Warrior. MissFit reaches Ma: 6 Wa:15. Santiago reaches Th: 6 Ma:15. Wario completes mobmaster 13. Kel reaches Th:18 Sh:30. Autumn reaches Ma: 6 Wa:11. Rincewind returns, after an absence of about 5 years. Straezan completes mobmaster 8. Dart reaches Th:15 Ra:18 Cl:18. Nozdormu reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9.

4/15/03 - Wish passes the 7200 mark for location quests. Qualin the gnome gains Cl:16\Th:15. Verdad levels to 10 shaman. Nordstrom levels to 13 ogre (I mean, warrior). Syne reaches Cl:23 Wa:15. Isilwen is created. Ginger levels to 5 warrior. Qeiri reaches Wa:15 Th:10. Kaz reaches Wa:12 Ma:15 Th:10. Drucilla completes mobmasters 5 thru 7. Gangleri reaches Wa: 4 Sh:15. Morphius is recreated.

4/14/03 - Tine posts a note saying goodbye. Dekar completes mobmasters 59 & 60. Andrew levels to 5 mage. Cloven reaches Th: 4 Wa:16 Ma:16. Chad levels to 15 mage and then duals to ranger. Nordstrom the Ogre is created. (Now I'm picturing an ogre in a department store...) Seraph reaches Wa:19 Cl:21. Qeiri reaches Wa:14 Th:10. Hetsri joins Majere. Ink completes mobmasters 45 & 46. Flux levels to 9 shaman. Dolomite reaches Cl:19 Ra:15. A low level thief discovers that it's a really bad idea to practice steal from a friend instead of from mobs, and invokes the wrath of cityguards and bounty hunters.

4/13/03 - Nozdormu levels to Wa:2\Cl:9. Teren levels both classes, gaining another train and reaching Ra:10\Ma:15. Teren levels twice, reaching Ra:10 Ma:15 and gets a train. Tiuri reaches Th:11 Ma:27 Wa:30. Graybone levels to 10 warrior. Harkle reaches Wa:17 Ma:15. Vandil duals to warrior. Nessa reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Santiago reaches Th: 4 Ma:15. Schwartz levels to 12 warrior. Pitt hits 348 points on location quest. DarkClaw reaches 19 ordained.

4/12/03 - Teren reaches Ma:14 Ra: 9 and gets max hp, max mana & an extra practice. DarkClaw posts fortune cookies for muds. Santiago duals to thief. Vash is recreated. Brum levels to 7 warrior. Neodis reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11. It's reported that "Gdelf, Riella, and Otago all leveled to 30 ranger/ranger/warrior in an EXP orgy." (Riella: [Ra:30\Ma:26] - and also leveled her Mage class as well and Otago: [Wa:30\Sh:21]) Myre of Fate ascends to Wa:11\Th:12\Ma:12. Grimace slays a gnoll for MM #50. Boromir of Fate ascends to Ma:25\Th:25\Ra:25.

4/11/03 - Lins completes mobmasters 107 thru 111 (Triton King, the Clerk, Captain Niall, & Scriem twice), and is the first to hit 111. Lexie completes mobmasters 110 & 111 (also Scriem). (Is this like I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream?) Agirik levels to 8 shaman. Kel reaches Th:17 Sh:30. Tilar levels to 10 shaman, noting that Tilar gossips (in common), 'ive been pantless for all my levels' 'and no one told me'. Ihsahn reaches Ma:23 Wa:26 Th:20. Gedix reaches Sh:17 Wa:15. Wish hits 7027 points on location quest. Joelle levels to 15 mage. KatVina reaches Ma:13 Wa:12. The rank listings from this day. Sidney completes his first mobmaster. Ink also works on Mob Mastery, gaining #42 - a deranged naiad and #43 - a choking tinker. Coleman is on for the third day in a row!!! Ganglieri gains Sh:15. Arden is recreated. Cloven levels to Wa:15\Ma:16. Triston reports that he "started a forest fire by Ofcol, but Tynian rebooted the mud and put it out." Lanfear dies in a lag spike to the Protector of Balance and loses a mob mastery level. Rhayl gains Ma:15\Ra:10. Qeiri levels to Wa:13\Th:10, and her backstab improves to superb!

4/10/03 - Ambiant becomes a reprisalist. A game of Mob Hunt ends in Round 8: Noctus won with 114 points and Aviendha came in second with 7 points. Kaz levels to Th:2\Wa:10\Ma:10. Dart gains Th:8\Ra:18\Cl:18. Aviendha of Fate ascends in her exp class. Teren ascends to Ma:13\Ra:9 and gets max mana! Whoz completes mobmaster 105 (Avangeline). Tweedle completes mobmasters 39 thru 41. Merkderk completes mobmaster 64. Bramble is created. Malcom levels to 14 thief. Verdad levels to 8 shaman. Cordir announces that Whoz was the only person to complete the "Great Race" quest that she ran, and that he spent many many hours on it. Lins completes mobmasters 105 & 106 (Avangeline).

4/9/03 - Malignant levels to Wa:16\Sh:23. Factor completes MM #46 - the lammassu. Wish dashes through a number of location quests, reaching over 6860 points. Ambiant Luscence of the Rose levels twice, gaining Wa:8\Ma:11. Azeworai performs a CR for Eliste in the Wyvern's Tower. Lanfear completes MM #101 - the Guildmaster - gaining 2899 exp. NatAku reaches Ma:22 Wa:17. Tyrn reaches Th:17 Ra:15 Ma:20 and turns 200. Ihsahn completes mobmastesr 61 & 62 (a centaur herdsman & a zombie guard). Schwartz is back (yay!) and levels to 8 ranger. Teren reaches Ma:13 Ra: 9 and gets max mana. Fobro completes mobmaster 57. Dart reaches Th: 7 Ra:18 Cl:18. Jinn reaches Wa:14 Ma:16. Qeiri reaches Wa:12 Th:10. Coulter completes mobmasters 90 & 91 (Myron). Ozdrao levels to 16 shaman. Belsambar passes the 1500 hour mark. Merkderk completes mobmaster 63 (a zombie guard).

4/8/03 - Qeiri gets her very first CAPS damage on a backstab! She also levels to Wa:11\Th:10. The Anduin, Teluin, and Gala characters are deleted. Synn reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Shadowman levels to 15 cleric. Tynian posts a note about version 3.117. (And Onyx later notes that Tynian "Should have named it - Version Spring Clean :)".) Ambiant reaches Wa: 5 Ma:11. Maximus reaches 10 ordained. Fistandan announces that he's taking some time off. The rank listings from today.

4/7/03 - Sland levels to Wa:4\Cl:12. Ink kills the guardian spirit for MM#32, and an ogre for #33. Synn levels to Wa:12\Cl:15. Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Ma:22\Wa:26\Th:20. Coulter CR's Xant from the Blazing Inferno. Kaz reaches Ma:8\Wa:10. Wylin becomes a vigilante. MissFit ascends to Wa:10. Lexie slaps Avangeline around for MM #106. Teren works on his mob mastery quests, completing #18 - the spirit of a man and #19 - the ghost of a priest. Coleman stops by for a visit. (Belsambar gossips (in common), 'that can't be right...Coleman is on who...guess I'll have to bug it...'. Coleman gossips, 'didn't anyone inform you that we're reverting back to version 2.x immediately?'. Coleman gossips, 'I am officially the third sign of the apocolypse'.) Schwartz, also of the Mirthies, visits, too. Fisrad reaches Ra:23 Ma:22. AmbianT levels to 11 mage. Maximus reaches 9 ordained, and Thrall reaches 11 ordained. Ryen is created. Xexuse levels to 15 mage. Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'it's a nun's outfit.. what can I say?'. (Is he cross dressing, or shouldn't I ask?) Qeiri reaches Th:10 Wa:10. Goor reaches Sh:14 Ra: 9. Mars reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Factor completes mobmasters 43 thru 45 (the Dancing Master, Mordath's Spirit, and a Mother Fireworm). A who list from this day.

4/6/03 - Lexie is the first to complete mobmaster 105! (Ramona, and she uses over 100kg of magical stuff in order to do so.) Ephiny is ordained "Huntress" by Katrana! Factor reaches Cl:29 Wa:16. Riella reaches Ra:29 Ma:25. Versions 3.116a & 3.116b are checked in. (If it wasn't obvious from all the version notes, Tynian's been really busy, since it looks like ALL bugs are now fixed!) Otago reaches Wa:29 Sh:21. Qeiri completes her first mobmaster (a dwarven tourist) and reaches Th:10 Wa:10. Snook duals to mage. Cordir posts a note about Tripper & ICQ. She also runs part of "the Great Race". Tassadar completes mobmaster 78. Sland reaches Wa: 3 Cl:12. A someone tries to encite people into having the "fight of the millenium" (reds vs. blues), but this somehow turns into the founding of Solaronville instead. Rolland reaches Th: 9 Ra:15 Ma:16. Bevier reaches Wa: 8, Cl:14 and gets a train. The rank listings from this day. The forum reaches 385 registered users and a total of 3819 articles. Tynian fixes the issues with mob mastery quests, but for some quirk of Fate, the first several mobs folks get for targets are all on Tier Sh'Halen. Lycron completes MM #46 - a servant.Jobano levels to Cl:16. Malcom becomes a miscreant. Cordir runs a scavenger hunt quest with a total of 49 items for a possible perfect score of 131 points. Indiga wins with 46 points, Mandrake gets second with 41, Fobro takes third with 18, Belsambar gets fourth with 11, and Ihsahn takes fifth with 8. Tiuri gains Th:10\Ma:27\Wa:30. Fobro of the FoLK ascends to Wa:26\Cl:30. Goor'Il-Mec reaches Sh:12\Ra:9. Ihsahn completes MM #59 - A mercenary guard. Kaz gains Wa:6. Autumn levels to Wa:6. Tweedle becomeS a reprisalist. Qeiri dies to the terror of the Deep, and Tranquility performs a swift CR. Qualin gains Cl:15\Th:11. Dart levels to Th:2\Rn:18\Cl:18. Cordir reaches 7500 hours of play.

4/5/03 - Since girls are allowed to change their minds, Natilena goes ahead and hits 10012 points on location quest, retaking the number 1 spot. Versions 3.115, 3.115a, 3.115b & 3.116 are checked in, which among many bug fixes adjusts the mage dispel magic spell and also implements a rewrite of the mobmastery code. (This means that 104 is no longer the upper limit on mobmasters.) However, due to problems with the code, folks are temporarily asked not to do any Mob Mastery quests. Baldie levels to 10 shaman. Septimus reaches Wa:10 Ma:13. Rhayl reaches Ra:10 Ma:10. Floyd gossips (in common), 'I'm naked and vulnerable' TMI :P  Alexander levels to 19 cleric. Dwalin levels to 10 cleric. Zip reaches 25 ordained. Fobro accidentally attacks Nevyn, so Grale & Co rally to the rescue and kill Nevyn. Factor of the Defenders gains Cl:28\Wa:16. Otago completes MM #48 - a demonic boar and #49 - Clanni the spawn hunter. Jakirth levels to Ra:4\Ma:9. Adwen of the FoLK levels to Ra:10\Th:9\Ma:12. Fobro slays Unwro for MM#56. Lanfear kills the Clerk for MM#100. She is unable to kill Borlan for #101, as the mob is somewhere unreachable at current. Sarik becomes a sociopath. Tuck of the Rose gains Ma:15\Ra:15. Kefka of Darkness levels to Cl:11. Ping reaches Wa:18\Ma:20. For repeatedly disobeying direct instructions, Carrie is deathed by Clue and rejected from the Fellowship of Lore and Knowledge. Takeda Shingen levels to Ma:17\Th:15\Ra:16. Dart triples [Th:1\Ra:18\Cl:18]. Belsambar Lin Silverdyne levels to Ma:22\Ra:25. MissFit (2x Ebon Hand) returns to TFC.

4/4/03 - Qeiri does her first location quest. Neodis reaches Ma: 6 Ra:11. Reimer levels to 8 shaman. Santiago levels to 12 mage. Lanfear completes mobmasters 98 thru 100 (the Magistrate twice and then the Clerk). Fobro completes mobmaster 56 (Unwao). Version 3.114a is checked in, which fixes a variety of bugs. Ihsahn completes mobmaster 56. Ogrogo the Ogre is created. Jiggle levels to 12 shaman. Sycora reaches Ma: 7 Ra: 9. Straezan reaches Ma:16 Wa:16. Coleman visits the forums! Wish completes several location quests in a row for over 100 points, which pushes him to Th:28\Wa:30\Ma:30. Malcom levels to Th:10. Alyria D'Aleth gains Th:15\Ra:30\Ma:30. Keat reports that he completed MM #86 at some point in the last two weeks, but doesn't remember what mob or what day, beyond that it was 'some dwarf.' It is reported that Gedix "managed to get 7 mms."Adwen of the FoLK reaches 100 hours of play. Lania Athsien-Goldleaf levels to Cl:23\Wa:15.

4/3/03 - Merkderk reaches effective 50th, in UNDER 500 hours! (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30). Qeiri levels twice, reaching Th: 8 Wa:10. Maximus reaches 8 ordained. Wish passes the 6400 point mark on location quest. Takeda reaches Th:14 Ma:15 Ra:16. Kefka levels to 10 cleric. Grale has 7 consecutive bad recalls. Some of the rank listings from this day. Version 3.114 is checked in. Wylin hits 319 points on location quest. Myre completes mobmasters 25 & 26. Goor reaches Sh: 6 Ra: 9. Valgar reaches Ra:24 Sh:20. Qualin reaches Cl:14 Th:11. There's a very quiet moment on TFC. Otak shouts (in common), 'IN THE NAME OF ROSE AND BY ALL THAT IS GOOD AND TRUE, I DENOUNCE NASH, FALSE GOD OF THE WEAK MINDED!!' (A requirement by Majere before joining the Rose.) Spartacus levels to Wa:3\Cl:9. Malcom is recreated, levels nine times and joins the Rose. Boromir dies in Jester's Keep to the Billow Weeds and Lexie & Vex perform the CR. Fisrad reaches Ra:22\Ma:22. Gulotor levels twice, advancing to Wa:17\Cl:20. Bliss runs a miniquest to drown out Pez's references to chocolate and dung in the same sentance. Belsambar got 2 prizes, and Mandrake got 2 prizes as well. A Who list from today. Dart: Scelus / Wed Apr 2 14:22:48 2003 / To: all / Beforehand, YES I shoulda been smarter then that BUT .. If you trade with Scelus becareful, he likes to do what Zakarious did.......Basically I lost a nice item cause the trade was for 3 things. I got one, handed my item over and that was that........This is just a warning to everyone else nuff said. - Dart, Dragoon of the Rose

4/2/03 - Fobro completes mobmasters 51 thru 55 (a traveler, a magman, a Dark Brother, a male centuar & a centaur archer) and reaches Wa:25 Cl:30. Harkle gossips (in common), 'I'm starting to wonder just how normal this realm is, if I'm killing someone for a fur hat..'. Qeiri reaches Th: 6 Wa:10. Malcom & Santiago join Majere. Myre completes mobmaster 24 and reaches Th:11 Wa: 9 Ma:12. Takeda reaches Th:13 Ma:15 Ra:16. Alexander levels to 17 cleric. Triston gossips, 'Link keeps getting lost. Please someone find him!'. Clumsyfool gossips (in common), '*gasp* not the missing link?!'.

4/1/03 - Noctus and Lanfear are both slain by Cordir for pulling April Fools Day pranks. A who list from this day. Mario completes mombmaster 20. Landric reaches Wa: 3 Sh: 9. Qeiri reaches Th: 5 Wa:10. Lins posts a note about Fate. Ihsahn completes mobmaster 55. Demeter levels to 7 cleric. Aurora reaches Ma: 5 Wa:10. Solaron gossips (in common), 'Help, help, I'm being repressed!'. Qualin duals to thief. Ecnelis completes mobmaster 23. Xant reaches Ra:16 Ma:15. Mars reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Harkle completes mobmasters 29 & 30. A couple of free simple rings are offered: one to whoever can get 10 bags of tiny elements in an hour, and one to anyone who can get Slue a date. (The second sounds easier, somehow, but does anyone notice this is April Fool's?)

3/31/03 - Ink advances to Ordained level 18. Later, Ink and Aster are both coolered. A WHO list from today. Mario gets MM #18 & #19. Fishbelly the Minotaur is created. Myre of Fate ascends to Th:8\Wa:9\Ma:12. Ire levels to Cl:17\Wa:15. Gwen gains Ma:7. Landric levels to Wa:3\Sh:9. Qeiri levels twice, reaching Th: 4 Wa:10. Synn reaches Cl:11 Wa:11. Darkwind is created and levels to 5 mage. Ragnorak reaches Cl:16 Wa:11. Maximus reaches 5 ordained. Thrall reaches 10 ordained and completes mobmaster 33. Nomad is created. Merkderk reaches Th:28 Wa:30 Cl:30. Sylarn reaches Th:21 Wa:30 Ma:30.

3/30/03 - Lanfear completes mobmaster 97 (the Clerk). Tynian posts a note about version 3.113. Sicarian completes mobmaster 88. Nessa passes 175 points on location quest. Glumflor completes mobmaster 21. Beowulf reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Bergsten cants, 'Gee... just realised I made Th:20... just pracced info3 and this is my first cant *snicker*'. Ink completes mobmasters 19 thru 31 and reaches 17 ordained. Sylarn levels several times, reaching Th:15 Wa:30 Ma:30. Erol reaches Ma:19 Ra:15 Th:15. Alexander levels to 15 cleric. Skie is silenced for foul language on the Forums. Persephone of Fate ascends to Cl:18\Wa:15. Fobro of the Folk slays a TP instructor for MM #50 and later levels to Cl:30\Wa:24. Odin gains Cl:8. Qeiri joins the Chosen of Fate. Aurora is created, ascends to Wa:6, and joins the FoLK. Thrall completes a number of location quests, for more than 20 points total. Noixas dies to the Blue Dragon. A group ponders the options of going in after the corpse, but Lanfear drops her bags and heads in alone and performs the CR. When Aviendha the Bard is spotted, she is deluged with scrolls and scores. A WHO list from today.

3/29/03 - Clumsyfool joins Clue. (His comment on the event was "Mud stability - I .. the one ..the only CF .. joined the FoLK March 29,2003. and the mud did not crash .. wobbled ..yes .. crashed"). Trunks duals to warrior. Ink is busy...passing 100 points on location quest, doing mobasters 10 thru 18, and reaching 15 ordained. Rhayl reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Drashamir levels to 5 mage. Wario joins Solanthas and reaches Cl:25 Ra:20. Grale reaches Th:15 Ra:30 Ma:30. Seraph reaches Cl:20 Wa:18. Auron joins Majere. Portrait levels to 5 cleric. Ibicus reaches Th:12 Ma:15 Wa:12. Mukimura levels to 5 thief. Qeiri reaches Th: 2 Wa:10. Silence posts a note about a thieves guild. Mistyfier performs a CR for Aristeaus "in the middle of Cloakers."

3/28/03 - Artanis retires, after naming practically every following on the mud an enemy. (His final act of Mayhem?) Maximus is ordained "Bara no Ikari" by Majere. Lanfear completes mobmasters 95 & 96 (the Tempest & Grandma Schon). Beowulf reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Ibicus reaches Th:11 Ma:15 Wa:12. Rhayl levels to 10 mage. Ihsahn completes mobmasters 52 & 52. Gdelf reaches Ma:26 Ra:27. Seraph reaches Cl:18 Wa:18. Christoph is created. Qeiri duals to thief.

3/27/03 - Wish hits 5999 points on location quest. Stormletter levels to 5 warrior. Jiggle levels to 10 shaman. Okk posts "The Circle". Shushila duals to warrior. Ragnarok reaches Cl:15 Wa:11. Alexander levels to 13 cleric. Beowulf levels to 5 warrior. Qeiri levels to 10 warrior.

3/26/03 - Tyrn levels to Ma:20\Ra:15\Th:15. Synn gains Cl:6\Wa:11. Alexander reaches Cl:12. Blanca gains Ordained level 6. Sycora the Elf Maiden ascends to Ma:2\Ra:9. Aristaeus d'Azhure gains Wa:14\Sh:20. Karyna levels to Wa:6\Cl:11. Bergsten completes mobmaster 48 (the ghost of a Fire Elemental). Reggie reaches Wa: 4 Ma: 9 Th: 9. Saryio completes mobmasters 46 & 47. ### [Boromir says (in common), 'chocolate restores the balance needed '] (no no, chocolate IS the balance!) Nazzuk reaches Cl:26 Wa:15. Xant reaches Ra:12 Ma:13.

3/25/03 - Takeda Shingen gains Th:9\Ma:15\Ra:15. Aoife triples to thief and levels twice. (Th: 2 Ra:30 Sh:30) Tylorn becomes a sociopath. Again. Travin ascends to Th:13\Wa:11\Ma:15. Septiums of Mayhem reaches Wa:9\Ma:13. Toke kills a Centaur Scout for MM #60 and a Triton Chef for MM #61. Xant reaches Ma:13 Ra:11. Aster reaches 25 ordained. Omar levels to 10 warrior. Tweedle completes mobmasters 35 thru 37. Karyna reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Daelan levels to 5 warrior. Synn reaches Cl: 5 Wa:11. Bergsten reaches Th:20 Ra:23 Cl:23. It's nursery rhymes on gossip. Tiela duals to warrior. Wish does several location quests and hits 5857 points total. Qeiri levels to 9 warrior. Dakkon completes mobmaster 70. DuKaron reaches Ma:21 Wa:11 Th:12. Erol reaches Ra:15 Ma:15 Th:10. Dee reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Jiggle the flying ogress levels to 9 shaman. (Does visualizing a jiggling, flying ogress scare anyone else?)

3/24/03 - It's ordainment day, as Blanca is ordained "Sun Guardian" by Tiax and Thrall is ordained "Bara no Toge" by Majere! Alexandrea reaches Ra: 7 Sh: 9 and gets an extra practice. Twelf reaches Wa:17 Th:19 Ma:19. Bergsten levels thief twice, reaching Th:19 Ra:23 Cl:23. Erol reaches Ma:12 Ra:10 Th:10. Dolomite reaches Ra:14 Cl:15. Thrall does his first location quest. Ragnorak reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Squawk the Aarakocran is created & levels quite a bit. Mordon auctions (in common), 'HUMMING! now all I would need is a whisteling pair of pants and I'd be set'. (I don't want to picture him walking down the street like that...) Mace levels to Wa:19\Cl:20. Vandil gains Cl:14. Star K'Treva (DarkClaw) ascends to Level 18 Ordained...effective 43. WOOT! Alexandra levels to Ra:7\Sh:9 and gains an extra Prac. Factor reaches level 27 cleric today and completes MM#42 - the Lammasu.

3/23/03 - Trunks ascends to Cl:11. Cloven of the Rose reaches Ma:12\Wa:11. Gedix joins the defenders of the Sun and levels to Sh:15\Wa:12. Qua reports, "I got mobms 19 & 20, and level 9 ranger - and promptly died *wince*" Sako becomes a miscreant. Thrall reaches Ma:30\Wa:30 - effective 40! Clue reaches 500 hours as a DemiGoddess. Shadowman levels to Cl:14 and joins the FoLK. Factor reaches Cl:27 Wa:16. Bergsten reaches Th:17 Ra:23 Cl:23. Versions 3.112c & d are checked in. The world has 9083 mobs with 15066 objects in 12600 rooms. Shaido completes mobmaster 30. Grale reaches Th:11 Ra:30 Ma:30. Ergain levels to 5 warrior. Sluuna reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Phantasm completes their first mobmaster and reaches Th:12 Ma:12. Dwalin is created. Myre reaches Th: 4 Wa: 9 Ma:12. Mace reaches Wa:18 Cl:20. Xander becomes a sociopath. Erol triples to thief and reaches Th: 5 Ra:10 Ma:10. Harry Potter, the Boy Wizard levels to 5 mage. The rank listings from this day.

3/22/03 - Blanca reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30). Flick reaches Wa:17 Th:12. Mario reaches Wa:16 Sh:17 Th:10. Belerik levels to 15 warrior. Version 3.112b is checked in. Dee reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Method reaches Ma: 6 Wa:10. Dauthi reaches Ra:10 Cl:17. Tyrn reaches Ma:19 Ra:15 Th:15. Alias kills his first dragon. Somnus ascends to Ma:14\Ra:9. Gulotor reaches Cl:19\Wa:15. Morgoth levels to Wa:14\Cl:15. Erol reaches Ma:7\Ra:10. Ptarchyzk, TFC's one and only Atheistic Muggle Sneak, levels to Th:29\Wa:26. Shaido kills a Gold Dragonette for MM#28 and levels to Wa:17\Ma:20. Solaron, Katrana's Huntsman, completes MM #65 - the Beholder. "Gabrial" visits and the first (and second) words out of his mouth are profane. He's promptly silenced... followed by noemote... followed with an invitation to leave after he displays further inappropriate behavior. Takeda levels to Th:7\Ma:15\Ra:15. Wolfgang's BIO is added. Mace becomes a miscreant. Grale levels to Th:9\Ma:30\Ra:30. Persephone of Fate gains a train when she ascends to Cl:17\Wa:15. Gedix levels warrior five times then duals back over to shaman and levels that class as well. [Sh:13\Wa:12] He loses the Shaman level when the mud crashes, but quickly gets it back. Furnock Sweetleaf of Fate ascends to Ma:21\Th:20\Wa:24.

3/21/03 - Within five minutes of logging in, Cordir's favorite Anathema becomes a miscreant once more. Wish completes several location quests (over 5412 points total) which pushes him to level Th:26\Wa:30\Ma:30. Mace completes #19 - a Malenest Guard. Twelf gains Th:19\Wa:16\Ma:19. Lins reports that with the aid of Lanfear, he made three level 30+ zombies (of the Magistrate: lvl 32, 34 and 35). Kinky completes MM #39 - a female tinker and #40 - a satyr. Qeiri levels to Wa:8. Gaul Stone levels to Cl:4\Wa:15. Esariston completes MM #30 - a fireworm. Lanfear completes mobmasters 91 thru 93 (Scriem, Avangeline & Jair the Librarian). Version 3.112a is checked in. Method duals to mage. Coulter completes mobmaster 89. Natilena posts a note about helping with advertising. Izual reaches Wa:11 Cl:30. Xant reaches Ma: 7 Ra:11. Grale reaches Th: 8 Ma:30 Ra:30. Malakian duals to cleric. Synn levels to 10 warrior. Erol reaches Ma: 6 Ra:10. Dynn is created.

3/20/03 - Kinky completes MM #38 - a carrion crawler and ascends to Cl:26\Wa:24. Noctus gets two location quests, reaching 2261 points total. Nightfall gains Ma:5\Ra:13. Aslan is reactivated as the third Ordained of Fate. Lanfear slays Captain Meryl for MM#90, Scriem for #91, and Avangeline for MM#92. Coulter completes MM #85-88 : the headmaster, the guildmaster, the divine clairvoyant and a balrog. Tynian posts a big note about version 3.112 (### [Fobro says (in old-common), 'the last note on the new version is scary']) and then posts a note about Mish. Endairairrek levels to 9 mage. Dolomite reaches Ra:13 Cl:15. Ink gossips (in common), '### Bozz killed by Bozz at A Grand Hunting Lodge' Tyrn gossips (in common), 'I didn't know it was Bozz season'. Qeiri levels to 7 warrior. The wizlist and rank listings from this day. Erol duals to mage. Rone reaches Cl:18 Wa:14. Renalie is created. Alyria posts a note offering many thanks. Thrall reaches Ma:29 Wa:30. Gedix reaches Wa: 7 Sh:12.

3/19/03 - Noctus of Fate completes four location quests, bringing him to 2167 points total. Garath of Unity levels to Wa:17\Sh:20. Gaul Stone of Fate ascends to Cl:2\Wa:15. Wish finds the right room for yet another LQ, reaching 4996 points total. Mace gains a train when he reaches Cl:20\Wa:15. Aristaeus d'Azhure levels three times to reach Sh:16\Wa:10. Thrall of the Rose reaches Ma:28\Wa:30. Dart gets MM #30 - Fireworm, and #31 - Sea Lion & reaches Ra:15 Cl:18. Malakai reaches Ma:12\Ra:11. Terny levels to Ma:10\Ra:9 by slaying an ent, and gains 15hp and 15mana. Artanis announces that the Ottawa GT has been postponed to April 6th. Lins posts a little quest. Saryio completes mobmaster 43. Seraph reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Rone reaches Cl:17 Wa:14. Solitude is created. Kinky completes mobmaster 38. Derth reaches 5 ordained. Qeiri levels twice, to 6 warrior. Vex gossips (in common), 'You see the following faint symbols: [|AC 6 ma(25) ma(10) hr(2) ]' Vex gossips (in common), 'hehe the funny thing was i stepped in zone and Thingone says nothing good popping at all!'.

3/18/03 - Indiga, Dark Phasma of Kerriariadne, reaches effective 50th! (Or:30 Cl:30 Wa:30). Congratulations to TFC's newest level 50. Fobro completes mobmasters 48 & 49 (the ogre captain & a centuar archer). Myre triples to thief. Renegade levels to 5 warrior. Gulotor reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Synn joins Majere. Solaron posts a story about Tharune to the tfc forums. Cynder hits 100 points on location quest. Merkderk reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30. Zip reaches 24 ordained. Endairairrek is created. (And they get my vote for hardest to spell name since Kerriariairaiarrieidne.) Isolas reaches Ma:13 Ra:12 Th:12. Thrall completes mobmaster 31. Kinky reaches Cl:25 Wa:24. Bomber levels to 10 cleric. Qeiri is created and levels to 4 warrior. Travin of the Hunt Ascends to Th:9\Wa:11\Ma:15. Gaul Stone of Fate ascends to Wa:15 and then duals to Cleric. Myre announces that 'We have a freakshow in the Kitchen' which is quickly denied by Vorax. Grale levels to Th:7\Ma:30\Ra:30. Myre completes 7 mob mastery quests today, including #8 - a Kuroth Janitor. WarMachine becomes a vigilante. Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Wa:22\Ma:20\Th:20.

3/17/03 - Indiga reaches level 29 Ordained. Aristaeus d'Azhure gains Sh:11\Wa:10. Merkderk levels to Th:25\Wa:30\Cl:30. Star K'Treva (Darkclaw) performs a a CR for Tatiana. Zip slays a screaming banshee for MM #38 and Keat pummels the Lineoth Valley Camp Leader for MM #86. Furnock Sweetleaf of Fate ascends to Ma:20\Th:20\Wa:24. Gedix reaches Wa:2\Sh:12. Democritus reaches Th:17 Wa:20 & announces that he is going for 40: who will be the first eff. 40 Warrior/Thief, he or Ptarchyzk? The gauntlet has been thrown down! (Ptarchyzk counters that HE is doing it without the help of a following or immortal.) Today is Karyna's RL birthday! Elektra reports that she 'sat on her butt' all day. Reggie levels to Ma:8\Th:9. Kurie duals to warrior. Wired and Dantareth join Majere. Gala completes mobmasters 60 thru 62. Ibicus reaches Wa:11 Ma:15 Th: 9. Look levels to 5 shaman and joins Clue. Nessa completes mobmasters 12 thru 19 and reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15. Somnus reaches Ra: 8 Ma: 9. Shushila is re-created, after a very long absence. Lydawn levels to 5 mage. Valin reaches Th: 8 Wa:15 Ma:15. Thingtwo announces that he is retiring, "due to popular demand and Damnation".

3/16/03 - Tynian posts an important warning about an upcoming change in the storage code. Tycho reaches Sh:21 Ra:17. Kaia levels to 5 cleric. Mace completes mobmaster 7. Merkderk reaches Th:24 Wa:30 Cl:30. Neodis reaches Ma: 3 Ra:11. Tiela levels to 13 mage. Gaul Stone joins the Chosen of Fate. Boromir completes MM #29 - leopard. Aristaeus is created. Gedix duals to Wa:1\Sh:12. Linkin completes MM #55 - Pheather, #56 - a centaur, and #57 - Chester. He then got a Triton Patrolguard, and Linkin reports, "Let's just say he handed my butt back and said 'Get a little bigger before you come back to my zone!'."

3/15/03 - Triston is promoted to Attendant of Bliss! Snarf slays Merrick for MM #78. Indiga advances to Ordained level 28. Bilbo Baggins of the Hunt ascends to Cl:8\Wa:10. Ravin of Fate ascends to Wa:15\Cl:16. Dakkon completes MM #64 - Nemdor. Rolland of the FoLK ascends to Th:5\Ra:15\Ma:16. DarkClaw K'Treva ascends to Ordained level 17. Bozz of the Hunt ascends to Ma:4\Wa:9. Linkin of Fate completes MM #53 - a magman and #54 - a traveller. Karyna and Terny renew their vows. Nessa hits 99 points on location quest. KatVina levels several times, reaching Wa: 4 Ma:12. Gala completes mobmasters 58 & 59. Croaker levels to 3 mage. (With a name like that, is he planning to die a lot, or is he a frog?) Dart reaches Cl:18 Ra:13. Tyrn reaches Ma:17 Ra:15 Th:15. Persephone reaches Cl:15 Wa:15. Travin reaches Th: 8 Wa:11 Ma:15. Mance levels to 5 ranger. Nazinthas completes mobmaster 65. Cevon levels to 10 cleric. Mario reaches Wa:15 Sh:17 Th:10.

3/14/03 - Dolomite completes mobmasters 17 thru 19. Maximus reaches Ra:28 Cl:30. Rhys reaches 11 ordained. Solora is created. Judge completes mobmaster 52. Blanca reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. Satar levels to 5 warrior. Solaron reaches 16 ordained. Arioch is created. Lycron reaches Wa:22 Sh:20. BRaKaN the Aarakocran is back! Lycron hits the 200 hour mark. Ire levels to Cl:16\Wa:15. Triston reports that he and Katrana and went skinny dipping in Majere's pond today, but Katrana vehemently denies this allegation, saying the new Ambassador 'just has a want to see me naked.' Noixas performs a CR for Wired in a 'family tomb in the ghost town.' Furnock hits the 2632 hour mark today. Micah rescues Dolomite from a bad recall by summoning him off of the Longship. Ihsahn of Fate ascends to Th:19\Ma:20\Wa:21. Gala Vandree gains Ma:21\Wa:30 & completes mobmaster 47 thru 51. Azeworai, the self-proclaimed 'Kissing Bandit" of the Coven levels to Ma:20\Wa:25, and completes MMs #47 - clan mother, #48 - Ghost of clan mother, and #49 - "one of the O mobs" which was later revealed to be Orina. Wish loudly protests when the Tempest tracks him down inside the Goblin Mines. Thingtwo is created and does some leveling and a lot of dying. Solaron of the Wyld Hunt Ascends to Ordained level 16. Merkderk gains Th:21\Wa:30\Cl:30. Somnus is created and levels repeatedly.

3/13/03 - Alaric, formerly of Tripper's Tigers, joins Lady Clue's FoLK. Harkle reports that "Lins has nothing on Lanfear" and that she is 'invincible' for retrieving his corpse from Kimon, the Drow Weaponsmaster in Velalisier. Solaron reaches Ordained level 15. Tyrn reaches Ra:15 Ma:15 Th:15. Seraph reaches Wa:12 Cl:12. Bozz levels to 8 warrior. Karyna reaches Wa: 4 Cl:11. Valgar completes mobmasters 22 & 23. Linkin reaches Wa:24 Ma:24. Thingtwo reaches Sh: 5 Wa:12. Gala reaches Wa:29 Ma:20.

3/12/03 - Karyna invites everyone to a renewal of her & Terny's wedding vows. Bergsten completes mobmaster 40. Helm levels to 4 shaman. Morgoth reaches Cl:13 Wa:11. Skie announces the details of the upcoming NY gt. Judge reaches Ra:27 Ma:22. Treehugger joins Katrana. Mystical reaches Th:20 Ra:30 Cl:30. Zip (aka "Bubbles") reaches 23 ordained. Thrall completes mobmasters 20 thru 28 (2 guardian beasts, a milita man, a rakaska citizen (sp?), half elf mother, snow dog & clansman). Lita reaches Ma:10 Wa:10 Th: 9. Gaul levels to 5 warrior. (Maybe he'll get properly addicted again?) Valgar completes mobmasters 19 thru 21 and reaches Ra:22 Sh:20. Tyrn reaches Th:15 Ma:15 Ra:11. Raiko reaches Cl:17 Ra:16 Th:14. Lycron completes mobmaster 41. Linkin Park of Fate ascends to Wa:24\Ma:24 and gains a train. Takeda gains Th:5\Ma:15\Ra:15. Solaron Ascends to Ordained level 14. Azeworai becomes a miscreant. Terny levels three times and gains Ma:9\Ra:9, and completes four mob mastery quests, slaying a gnat, a chicken, a waterbug and a mountain kid. Morgoth reports that he was "haunted by a talking horse today. I've had to seek counseling with Chaplain Grimes in order to get over it." Ecnelis gains Sh:2\Wa:9. Maeron and Lexie go up against the Ancient Blue Dragon to perform a CR for Trell. Gaul reports that he 'tripped over a stray dog...' Ragnorak levels to Cl:13\Wa:11. Selune gains Wa:12\Cl:15. Twelf completes mobmastery quest #40 - the master glassblower, and along with Saryio, fetches the corpse of a newbie from the western turret of the Wyvern's Tower.

3/11/03 - Sharn of Fate ascends to Cleric 21. Twelf works on knocking out a bunch of mob mastery quests, including #37 - the student, #38 - Talemon, #39 - a Tinker gnome, and he also leveled to Th:18\Ma:19\Wa:16. Travin of the Hunt ascends to 6 thief, and his brother-in-faith Dauthi ascends to 17 cleric. Tyrn the Elf gains Th:14\Ma:15\Ra:11. Joelle joins the Tel'Quessir & levels to 10 mage. Kaori completes MM #20 - a polar bear. Solaron, the Ordained of the Hunt, gains level 12 and 13. Tynian posts a note about Specious being deleted. Kaern gossips (in common), 'I've been tagged by the crossbow fairy!' Dracon duals to cleric. Skie posts a note about a possible NY gt. Gala completes mobmasters 38 & 39 and reaches Wa:27 Ma:20. Blade reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Aster completes mobmaster 87. Dragonslayer gossips (in common), 'do you know where i can find a fetish'. Garland gossips (in common), 'Depends on what type of person you are....'. Bergsten completes mobmasters 33 thru 37. Iki levels to 5 warrior. Ziggy is created.

3/10/03 - Rohan duals to mage. Bergsten completes mobmasters 20 thru 28 (some of which were one of Landru's guards, the queen's bard & Anathea) and he also reaches Th:13 Ra:23 Cl:23. Wish hits 4496 points total on location quest. Aster completes mobmasters 82 thru 84. Smug levels to 11 warrior. Rhys reaches 10 ordained. Coulter completes mobmaster 82. Harkle reaches Ma:14 Wa:10. Daisy reaches Sh:21 Wa:15. Ecnelis levels to 5 warrior. Morgoth levels to Wa:9\Cl:11. Null slays a Mycon Changer for MM#22. Pitt CRs Tuck's corpse (in two parts)... where? Pitt's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** a green dragon. Tyrn levels to Ma:13\Th:11\Ra:11. Valin of the Rose levels to 15 mage, then triples to thief and levels that class as well, reaching Th:2\Wa:15\Ma:15. Karyna duals to Warrior (Wa:1\Cl:11). Glasya completes MM #40 - the Royal Minotaur Guard. Krys is created. Ihsahn ascends to Th:17\Ma:20\Wa:21. Sicarian performs a CR for Yoman after he bad vortex'ed to the Vrocks. Judge gets his very first restring. Ragnorak levels to Cl:12\Wa:11. A plea for newsworthy events for the timeline turns into a discussion of .. er.. weapon average? Linkin slays the Librarian for MM#52, and seconds later, Aslan gets MM#51 by slaying Oprah. Solaron ascends to Ordained level 11.

3/9/03 - Gaul stops by for a visit! (Maybe next time it'll be when I'm on :P) Tynian posts a note to those for whom tfc might be going on a back burner for awhile. Cordir gets a "Triat Weaver" classtitle. WarMachine joins Katrana. Allsop is re?-created. DarkClaw completes MM #45 - a servant (in War'Loovs and # 46 - the drunken abbot. Tyrn gains Th:9\Ma:11\Ra:11. Saryio levels to Wa:25\Cl:26. Lycron becomes a miscreant. Indiga advances to Ordained level 27. Linkin of Fate gets four Mob Mastery quests: #48 - a triton child, #49 - an angry drunken centaur, #50 - a bullette, and #51 - a bullette again. Valin becomes a miscreant. He also ascends to Wa:23\Ma:24. Valgar of the Rose levels to Ra:21\Sh:20. Harkle becomes a miscreant. Rone levels to Wa:12\Cl:14. Nessa gains Cl:15. Fobro ascends to Cl:29\Wa:24. Vandil joins Tel'Quessir. Izual gains Wa:6\Cl:30. Straezan levels to Ma:12\Wa:16. Tyrn completes a location quest for a total of 12 points. Tynian: Re: combat contest / Sun Mar 9 19:55:10 2003 / To: skie all / The combat contest was cancelled. There weren't enough entries, and there was too much going on to make it a success. I announced that it was cancelled, but didn't post a note. Sorry about that. - Tynian

3/8/03 - Here are the results of Tynian's quest, which ended this afternoon. (Altogether 46 people signed up for it, 25 died, 4 played without dying but scored no points, and 6 were left with points at the end.) Lins posts a note about the quest. Faith suggests, "How about we all tell Vex the quest ended and the guild is safe?'. (Bethany, Queen Mariel x2, the Master of Magic, Savah, and a Guildmaster were waiting in Recall for questors to enter the game). Tynian gossips, 'Hmm, I just got a weird info'. 'I'd better shut us down and investigate!'. (In other words, Marisa shocks everyone and reaches Wa:25 Th:22 Ma:22.) Durin reaches Cl:27 Wa:24. Dolomite completes mobmasters 12 thru 16. DarkClaw reaches 16 ordained & gets a train. Bergsten reaches Wa:25 Th:22 Ma:22. Gedix levels to 10 shaman. Vex gossips (in common), 'for short when i want to assist rubicant all sometimes i type ass rub all'. Tryn reaches Th: 8 Ma:11 Ra:11. Dart reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Mace reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Sluuna levels to 5 mage. Caradoc stops by for a visit. Sicarian CR's Asmodeus' corpse from Scairz. Tynian posts a note about more contributions. Takeda levels to Ma:13\Ra:15. Valin gains Ma:14\Wa:15. Rolland reaches Th:3\Ra:15\Ma:16. Mystical slays Thengar for MM #69, and also levels to Th:19\Ra:30\Cl:30. Twelf levels to Th:17\Wa:16\Ma:19. Mulva joins Majere's following, declaring, "After 5+ years I have found a home :)" Tyrn gains Th:6\Ma:11\Ra:11. Rone levels to Wa:9\Cl:14. Maeron and Mace both commission descriptions.

3/7/03 - Tynian's quest starts, and all kinds of crazy things happen during it -- including Mong becoming the richest ogre on tfc for one minute (and probably the richest mortal ever :P), and many many group fights, pks, meteor swarms, hoards of Queen Mariels, etc. Oh and people killed the mage mobs too! Mosi reaches Th: 8 Sh:12 Wa:11. Sidney reaches Ma:12 Wa:11 Th: 9. Myronides is SURE that Marisa's not really herself, because he discovers her xping. A lot. Demonwalker levels to 5 cleric. Several mini-versions go in to fix quest-related things, with the last one being version 3.111e. Pygmy levels to 5 thief. Leoglas follows his own ghost around. The rank listings from this day. Solaron advances to Ordained level 10. Valin gains Wa:13\Ma:13. Talyn kills Karll for MM #72. Lanfear of the Chosen of Fate ascends to Effective level 50! ### Markoon killed by the ghost of Markoon at The Pit . (Never seen a player killed by his own ghost before..) Ihsahn levels to Th:16\Ma:20\Wa:21. Noixas gains Cl:22\Wa:20. Zazoo reaches Cl:11. Treehugger reaches Wa:21\Cl:25.

3/6/03 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.111. Ink completes mobmaster 6. Lexie posts an "important notice". The wizlist from this day. Twelf gains Ma:19\Wa:16\Th:16.Bergsten reaches Ra:23\Cl:23\Th:10. Morne joins the Shadows. Valin levels twice, reaching Ma:11\Wa:11. Ihsahn gains a Train when he Ascends to Wa:20\Ma:20\Th:15. Vorax has some fun with Mace, Rone, Solaron and Mandrake, when he asks anyone who can 'play nice' to come to Temple Courtyard, then eats some pink sand, and earthquakes those present, much to their amusement (and disappointment at no 'justification.'). Tynian updates the TFC contributors website. Gytar is killed by Baird in The Hall of Bards, and Lins CRs the corpse. Here's a 27 person WHO list. Coulter completes 5 MMs in a row (77-81) : the high mage, the Supreme Thief, the ranger, the Master Warrior, and the Master Thief. Alyria and Aravan join the Black Conclave. Solaron of the Wyld Hunt is a busy lad, reaching level 9 Ordained, and performing two CRs: Solo, he regained Elektra's corpse from Dark Manor, and with Lanfear, he CR'ed Linkins corpse from the Demon Realm.

3/5/03 - Lins posts a note called "me and myself". Merkderk completes mobmaster 60. Rhys reaches 9 ordained. Ire reaches Wa:15 Cl:14. Dracon levels to 10 warrior. Locke reaches Wa:22 Ma:23. Bragadoran joins Majere and also levels to Ma:15 Ra:12. Bergsten gains Ra:22\Cl:23\Th:10. Yoman joins the FoLK. Thrall finds a 6 dmg shield. Wish slimes his foul, sepoidish self to Th:24\Wa:30\Ma:30. Linkin completes MM#47 - a female Triton - for 1425 exp. Thrall levels to Wa:29\Ma:26.

3/4/03 - Glasya reports "some matthias in utopia mm 37" and reaching level Ma:17 mage. Thrall levels to Wa:28\Ma:26. Mosi, Opps and Mordon join the Wyld Hunt. Flynn reports that he died in the Vortex, and Whoz performed the CR, "Which was a kind act considering I am in Mayhem..." Ihsahn levels to Wa:19\Ma:20\Th:15, and rescues Glasya's weapon in the Trading Post after an Instructor grabs it. Thingone becomes a sociopath. Levron posts a retirement note. Gala completes mobmasters 23 thru 27. Valin reaches Ma: 6 Wa:11. Dart completes mobmaster 25 and reaches Ra:11 Cl:13. Coulter completes mobmaster 76. Kay reaches Or:10 Wa:10. Gangleri levels to 5 shaman. Thingtwo is created. (It's beginning to sound like Dr. Seuss around here.) Mace joins Majere. Pygmy is created. Triston must be going ambassador-crazy already, because he gossips, 'Are you lost? Do you find your hometown confusing? Do you type the wrong commands in and end up fleeing? Well order Triston's new book, "How not to be a newbie" only 10000 gold'.

3/3/03 - Vex of the Coven slays Orpik of the Draoi. Demian and all of his characters retire and a few people respond. Later this evening, Xavier retires as well, and his followers are automatically reformed. Dart completes mobmasters 23 & 24. Genessee levels to 5 ranger. Rone reaches Wa: 5 Cl:14. Ragnorak reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Vandil levels to 10 cleric. Blade levels to 10 cleric. Wish hits 3644 points on location quest. Mael reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Ma:30. 3/3/03 - Talyn becomes a miscreant. A WHO list. Shadowman reaches Cl:12. Adrien levels to Ra:24\Sh:21. Dekar completes MM #58 - the MG assassin.

3/2/03 - Grimace reaches effective 40th! (Ma:30 Ra:30). Khore posts "Dog Days and Rain" to the forums. Rone reaches Wa: 3 Cl:14. Kleitor reaches Sh:20 Wa:17. Dart reaches Ra: 8 Cl:13. Tynian holds a practice quest, and here's the note about the winners. Gala levels to Wa:24\Ma:20. Valin reaches Ma:2\ Wa:11. Loto gains Wa:20\Cl:20. Ink advances to Ordained level 7. Adrien Macht gains Ra:23\Sh:21. Rhavin joins the Shadows. Tynian posts a note on the quest to be run Friday.

3/1/03 - Tynian posts a new policy and a HUGE note about version 3.110. He also announces a cool quest which will start March 7th. Dakkon reaches Th:24 Ra:30 Ma:29. Sland levels to 5 cleric. Indiga reaches 26 ordained. Rahvin joins Vorax. Seraph reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Alyria reaches Th:13 Ra:30 Ma:30. Tweedle completes mobmasters 31 & 32. Adrien reaches Ra:22 Sh:21 & gets a train. Xavier posts a note about a new stance. Celeborn reaches Ma:27 Th:26 Ra:28. Mace reaches Cl:10 Wa:11. Dundrave reaches Cl:30 Wa:25. The rank listings from this day. Ink advances to from Ordained level 2 all the way through 6. Tynian reports, 'Version 3.110 went live!'. Morphius becomes a vigilante. Ire levels to Wa:13\Cl:14. DarkClaw ascends to Ordained level 15, gaining 3 HP and 3 mana. Spasm gains Wa:13\Ma:16. Raeden gains Cl:9. Harkle levels to Wa:3\Ma:10. Celeborn becomes a miscreant. Xavier reports that Bomber joined the Draoi today, and Mordon, Vandil, and Joelle have all joined "since Tuesday". Valgar reaches Ra:19\Sh:20. Boromir of Fate ascends to Th:25\Ma:24\Ra:25 . Blade gains Cl:8. Derth advances to Ordained level 2. Dart levels to Ra:6\Cl:13. Phlagrim joins the Shadows. Elektra holds a special purification ceremony.

2/28/03 - Ink is ordained "Khayamu" by Solanthas! Triston posts a story about "Ambassador Triston" and Khore posts "Journey's End" to the forums. Marveru levels to 5 warrior. Riella, Triston & Natilena get bored (and Marisa is apparently sex-changed). Rhys levels several times, reaching 6 ordained. Mace reaches Wa: 9 Cl: 9. Gala reaches Wa:22 Ma:20. We play with the letter z on gossip. A who list from this day. Indiga reaches level 25. Blade joins the Shadows and Edge is 'suckered in' by Vorax as well. Tynian sets Slue on Mistyfier who barely escapes. Aiken then slays the Executioner, prompting... Tynian gossips, 'You will pay, meddler!'. Majere accepts his 40th follower, but neglects to provide their name. Here's a WHO list. Cordir runs a quick five minute (okay, it was more than 5 minutes) quest, requiring participants to find various items. Mandrake wins first place, Daisy takes second place, and Mistyfier takes third. Cordir leaves the rifting or the rewards to Tynian.

2/27/03 - Derth is ordained "Bara no Kishi" (which means Knight of the Rose) by Majere! Noctus teleports 49 times in a row, & does at least two teleports where he only had ONE hp left. (What if he'd landed in MG and gotten smooshed by a cityguard?) Alyria reaches Th:12 Ra:30 Ma:30. Huma reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Thrall reaches Wa:26 Ma:26. Rone duals to warrior. Dekar posts an update on the Ottawa GT. Someone FINALLY comes up with a good policy for words that are and aren't allowed on tfc: Prinzip gossips (in common), 'You aren't allowed to use the words that you would feel apply to President Bush'. Dolomite completes mobmaster 7 (a raptor). Cupid reaches Wa:16 Cl:18. Harkle reaches Wa: 2 Ma:10. Valin levels to 11 warrior & then duals to mage.

2/26/03 - Rhys is ordained "Aquila" by Athorne! Cujo reaches Sh: 4 Wa:17. Daisy the Giant Flower reaches Sh:16 Wa:15. Fenwyth levels to 5 mage. Shaido completes mobmaster 21 and reaches Ma:17 Wa:15 in the process. Linkin reaches Wa:22 Ma:24. Thrall reaches Wa:25 Ma:26. Tamar announces that Cain was caught eq swapping, and that both characters involved had all eq destroyed. Coulter completes mobmaster 69. HarKlan posts "Lights of Life" to the forums.

2/25/03 - A conversation on gossip starts off discussing vampires, then goes to wigs, then 'squish' factor. Landric gains Sh:9. Valin reaches Wa:8. Telek gains Cl:12. Cloven reaches Wa:11. Drazuk advances to level 18 (Ra:18\Ma:24\Th:11) by killing a duergar princeling for MM#34. Look levels to 21 warrior. Tranquility posts a warning to newbies. Maximus joins Majere. Thrill completes mobmaster 10 and reaches Sh:10 Wa:11. Gala reaches Ma:19 Wa:20. Sland is created. Bergsten reaches Ra:19 Cl:23 Th:10. Linkin completes mobmaster 45. Mystaya levels to 20 shaman. Siri levels to 5 mage. Malakai reaches Ra: 3 Ma:11. Shadowman levels to 10 cleric. Harkle completes mobmaster 5. Loto reaches Cl:20 Wa:17.

2/24/03 - Grimace levels to Ma:29\Ra:30. Tassadar instigates a hoax that Pez has "spontaneously combusted." Tweedle completes mobmaster 30. Wish hits 2775 points on location quest. Talyn reaches Wa:21 Cl:30. Telek levels to 11 cleric. Malachi reaches Cl:24 Ra:16. Dart joins Majere. Wired is created. Cujo completes his first mobmaster. Loto reaches Cl:19 Wa:17. Gala reaches Ma:17 Wa:20. Azual reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Triston gossips, 'they call me the STREAKER'. Rone joins Myronides and levels to 10 cleric. Alucard completes mobmaster 49. Malystrim reaches Sh: 5 Ra:10. Valin is recreated.

2/23/03 - Mistyfier reaches effective 40, the first member of the FoLK to do so [Wa:30\Cl:30]. Pez announces the winners of Pez Quest 11. Pez realizes to his horror that he forgot to include Lanfear in his story, and as penance, creates a unique Pez-Trigger referencing her, and promises her a Mini-Pez-Quest of her own. Pez gossips (in common), 'Your Dwarven Prince has arrived to once again bring meaning into your lives.'. Pez gossips (in common), 'Pez Triggers activated, watch out Lanfear!! '. Sakyra completes mobmasters 36 thru 38. Wish hits 2445 points on location quest. Orpik completes mobmaster 70. Cupid completes his first mobmaster. Lexie cants, 'I honestly think there are no more typos in this entire realm' Tynian cants, 'Not to worry. I'm adding a few here and there, just to keep the typo industry going.'. Talyn reaches Wa:20 Cl:30. Adwen reaches Th: 7 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Yoshi reaches Ra: 9 Cl:14. Travin reaches Ma:15 Wa:11. Mashadar levels to 5 thief. Apparently Natilena must have continued her mission to teleport mobs, because she was suprised to find that a trout came back. Gala levels twice to reach Wa:19\Ma:15 and later becomes a miscreant. Ire gains Wa:6\Cl:14. Xzanadin reaches Ma:11\Ra:12. Mystical gets a lot done today, including MM #67 - a Drow Officer, and levels to Th:18\Ra:30\Cl:30. Cujo becomes a vigilante. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 6: Mandrake won with 98 points and Ink came in second with 8 points. Valgar of the Rose levels twice to reach Sh:19\Ra:16 and Straezan gains Wa:12\Ma:11. Dekar advances to Ordained level 13. Thrall levels twice to reach Ma:25\Wa:24.

2/22/03 - The Dutch GT is held in Amsterdam, with Adso, Whoz, Gytar, Robert, Saruman, Pitt, Tiax, Riella, Rhys, Lins, Lanfear & Azeworai (via phone) attending. Pez Quest 11 starts. Ruru levels to 15 mage. Ire duals to warrior. Boromir reaches Ra:25 Ma:24 Th:24. Omen levels to 5 shaman. Mystical completes mobmaster 66 and levels a few times, reaching Th:17 Ra:30 Cl:30. Straezan reaches Wa:11 Ma:10. Bomber levels to 5 cleric. Lance is created & joins Majere. Talisa duals to mage. Orpik completes mobmasters 68 & 69 (a guildmaster). Harkle levels to 5 mage. Prinzip reaches Sh:13 Ra:11. Reggie reaches Ma: 3 Th: 9. Karyna levels to 10 cleric. Natilena teleports all the 1/2 elves out of Safehaven, and then is promptly bored when they don't come back. Dekar advances to Ordained level 10, 11, and 12. Twelf reaches Ma:18\Wa:16\Th:16. Solaron of the Wyld Hunt becomes a sociopath. Kahlan (who is NOT, according to Maldobar, the original Kahlan who was in the Ivory Rose) gains Ra:15\Cl:16. Daisy levels both classes, reaching Wa:12\ Sh:15. Gala Vandree levels three times, gaining Wa:17\Ma:15. Bowser reaches Wa:11\Ma:9. Mortis of the Wyld Hunt ascends to Wa:5\Sh:9. Mystical of the WarDancers gets seriously busy, and levels to Th:17\Ra:30\Cl:30, and completes three mob mastery quests: #64 - Triton Patrolguard, #65 - Borin the Cleric Guildmaster, and #66 - a Drow Soldier in Vela. Tweedle gains Wa:26\Cl:30. Otago levels to Wa:23\Sh:21. Indiga, Kerriariadne's Dark Phasma, levels to Ordained 24th. Daelin declares a personal day of deception, using Indiga's title for a while. Ranks and Who list from 9:36 am system time.

2/21/03 - Triston is promoted to Ambassador! Lanfear Ascends to Ordained level 29. Mistyfier completes mobmaster 63 (the huge mithril golem). Jodah is created and levels to 5 mage. Riverwind reaches Ma:14 Ra:11. Bowser reaches Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Yoman does his first mobmaster. Coulter reaches Ra:30 Ma:26, and completes mobmasters 67 & 68. A bunch of Ladislaw clones show up in Bliss' temple, but sadly, they refuse to sell any chocolate :(  Talisa levels to 10 warrior. Blanca reaches Wa:23 Cl:30. Zip completes mobmaster 37. Judge reaches Ra:26 Ma:22. Twelf reaches Ma:18 Wa:16 Th:16. Versions 3.109, 3.109a & 3.109b are checked in, which among other things fix a crash bug and makes a small adjustment to starting ogre constitution range. Mystical reaches Th:15 Ra:30 Cl:30. Carrie reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Alucard reaches Th:18 Wa:30 Ma:30. The rank listings and the wizlist from this day.

2/20/03 - Coulter completes MM #67 - First Mate Bortizeth of the Longship. Carrie completes MM#33 - a female ent. A WHO list. Kaern dies to the balrog, after being lured to a place he can't escape from by Sako. Talorien levels to 5 cleric. Huma reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Azeworai completes mobmaster 45 (the Elite Minotaur Guard). Gala reaches Wa:10 Ma:15. Ezorial levels to 10 cleric. Foolkiller posts a reminder about the RenFest GT. Kahlan reaches Ra:14 Cl:16. Pheonix completes mobmaster 51. Elise reaches Th: 9 Ma:13 Wa:13 and gets her first regular info. Raiko reaches Cl:16 Ra:15 Th:14. Kaern gossips (in common), 'don't make me assault you with frogs'. (Is this related to his death? :P) Kisanth reaches Wa:19 Ma:18. Mulva levels to 15 thief. Rahvin levels to 5 shaman.

2/19/03 - Nigel reaches Wa: 8 Cl:12. Adwen reaches Th: 6 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Thrill completes mobmasters 3 thru 6. Talyn joins Majere. Dekar posts a note about an upcoming Ottawa GT. Strife is created. Zip completes MM #36 - an alligator hunter. Gala Vandree reaches Ma:15\Wa:9. Valgar gains Sh:17\Ra:16. Mistyfier of the Folk levels to Wa:29\Cl:30. Dilandou earns "the ire of the frowny face empire." Tiberius hit level 50 today!!! Congrats to TFC's newest 50. A WHO list. A game of mob hunt ends in round 8. Sicarian won with 126 points and Ink came in second with 54 points. Elise of Darkness levels to Th:8\Ma:13\Wa:13. Coulter cr'd Azeworai in the Adventurer's Inn. Carrie completes MM #32 - a rakasta warrior but fails #33 - the strong aara guildmaster (Death mobs are ickky).

2/18/03 - Cordir changes her finfo to reflect that her following "is not accepting new followers". Straezan reaches Ma:10 Wa:10. That completes mobmaster 40 and reaches Cl:26 Ra:23. Platinum levels to 5 thief. Kahlan reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Elise levels a few times, reaching Th: 7 Ma:13 Wa:13. Iyre is created. Dolomite reaches Ra: 5 Cl:11. Tokugawa announces that Migoti was killed, coolered and her corpse forfeited for eq swapping. Polo levels to Th:6\Wa:15\Sh:16. Alyria D'Aleth gains Th:11\Ra:30\Ma:30. Linkin of Fate completes MM #44 - effreet overlord for 1303 experience points. A couple of notes are posted: Maldobar: Kahlan the imposter. / Tue Feb 18 22:00:36 2003 / To: all / The character named Kahlan, Ancient Ward of the Ivory Rose is not affiliated with the Kahlan who did in fact follow Lord Kalten as a member of his Ivory Rose during 2.x and early 3.x. Since this new character sports an identical name, race and class configuration, and suspiciously similar title, I felt the need to interrupt my plotting and inform you. - Maldobar, Dark Minion of the Arch-Lich. Platinum: whos who and whos not / Tue Feb 18 23:43:26 2003 / To: all / if you think you know someone from RL, and think you recognize them in this realm. Make sure you know whos who and whos not before you go telling all you deepest secrets over tells. because not all are friendly or helpful or sincere. In fact there is a good possiblity it could cause your corpse!!! - Platinum the Blonde - p.s. Sorry Flick,sorry Lycron, but i just wanted to see your corpse. =)

2/17/03 - Lins posts a note about the upcoming Dutch GT. Mistyfier completes mobmaster 62. Elise reaches Th: 5 Ma:13 Wa:13. Nightfall reaches Ma: 4 Ra:13. Shaido completes mobmasters 18 thru 20. Silvanus reaches Ma:22 Ra:22. Juxtapoz reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Zoren is created. Grimace reaches Ma:28 Ra:30. YumanMon reaches Ma: 3 Th:10. Xzanadin reaches Ma: 9 Ra:12. Opps levels to 9 thief. Nataku reaches Wa: 5 Ma:10. Tiax announces that Blanca has taken a vow of silence until she completes her quest. Triston posts "Immortal" to the forums. Zip the Witchling advances to Ordained level level 21. Range levels to Wa:6. DarkClaw ascends to to level 14 ordained.

2/16/03 - Sicarian reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Cl:30) He does this while hitting 4961 points on location quest. Vex posts "The realization" to the TFC forums. Zeriak reaches Cl: 2 Ra:10. Huma reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Artanis kills his follower Bowser, all because his team lost in hockey. Ezorial levels to 9 cleric. Cupid reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Malakai levels to 5 mage & joins Majere. Sheep invade the guild hall, and neither Natilena nor Triston will admit to owning them. This somehow leads to talking bunnies: ### [Natilena says (in common), 'A small bunny tells you, 'no potions for you!'.'] Natilena gossips (in common), 'oh the horror! I tried to tell everyone the bunnies where smarter then they looked! now they're.. TALKING'. Valgar reaches Ra:14 Sh:16. Nightfall reaches Ma: 3 Ra:13. Cujo levels to 10 warrior and joins Majere. Alucard completes mobmaster 47. Ibicus reaches Wa:10 Ma:15 Th: 9. Cici and Lictilon are deleted by Tynian. Shaido levels to Ma:15\Wa:15 & completes mobmasters 14 & 15.

2/15/03 - Katrana reaches Intermediate Power. Solaron reaches Ordained level 6. Tynian posts a note about version 3.108. Cujo is created. Sicarian reaches Th:29 Ra:30 Cl:30 and also hits 4500 points on location quest. Gala reaches Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Crux levels to 10 warrior. Zip completes mobmaster 33. Phantasm duals to thief. Wish hits 2080 points on location quest. Rolland reaches Ma:16 Ra:15. Vertigo is recreated. Dazzle reaches Ra: 9 Cl:15. Borok reaches Sh: 9 Wa:24. Wario reaches Cl:21 Ra:20. Tokugawa announces that Ashram has been deleted for eq swapping. Aralanthas reaches Wa: 4 Ma:16. Judge reaches Ra:24 Ma:22. The rank listings from this day.

2/14/03 - Valentine's Day! Mortis joins the Wyld Hunt. Tynian posts a note regarding Anduin, and shuts down the mud for about 13 hours. Carrie completes mobmasters 25 & 26 (a female ent & a bronze dragonet). Mistyfier completes mobmaster 60 (Tain, the potion brewer) and reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. Vex posts "Inner Turmoil" and Triston posts "Introduction gone awry" to the TFC forums.

2/13/03 - Myronides' temple is moved to the upper level & his office is installed. Valgar reaches Sh:14 Ra:13. Fobro reaches Cl:28 Wa:24. Tweedle reaches Cl:29 Wa:25. Elise reaches Wa:10 Ma:13. Mystaya levels to 15 shaman. Blanca reaches Wa:21 Cl:30. Hazel is created. Zim reaches Wa: 3 Cl: 9. Sidney reaches Ma: 8 Wa:11. Dregsa reaches Ra: 2 Ma:13. Glasya levels both mage and ranger, reaching Ra:15\Ma:16\Th:15 and also mm 38 - a male ogre. Therin reaches Wa:5. Zeriak gains Ra:10. Dekar advances to Ordained level 8. Sicarian spams the mud with LQ after LQ, finishing up somewhere in the 4000 mark. Gala Vandree levels to Ma:9, then duals to warrior and levels it twice. Tiberius Xendrilius reaches Th:28\Ra:30\Cl:30. Dakkon completes an LQ for 91 total points. Yoshi kills something unreported for MM#15. Ezorial gains Cl:6 and also does his first location quest. Taelanus reaches Wa:10. Akai levels to Wa:6. Azreal becomes a miscreant. Thrall levels twice, reaching Ma:20\Wa:24. Mistyfier completes MM #60 - Tain, the potion brewer, and also levels to Wa:27\Cl:30. Riverwind slays an enraged sea-lion of the Dessert Island for MM#25. Boromir's cat terrorizes Natilena (among others). Fobro ascends to Cl:28\Wa:24.

2/12/03 - Derth Lin Etrech gains Cl:30\Wa:25. DarkClaw ascends to Ordained level 13. Kerson completes mobmaster 104! Fobro completes mobmaster 47 (an angry, drunken centaur). Therin levels to 4 warrior, and gets a train. Grimace reaches Ra:30 Ma:27 and 700 hours of play! Daisy reaches Wa: 2 Sh:11. Natilena, Wylin & Tweedle finally kill Boromir's HUGE cat, which then ghosts on them. (Natilena gossips (in common), 'Everyone now know! it is done! I've finally taken down Boromir's cat!'.) Aralanthas duals to warrior. Tweedle completes mobmaster 28. Thrall reaches Wa:23 Ma:19. Nataku levels to 8 mage. Prinzip reaches Ra: 9 Sh:11. Judge completes mobmaster 44. Azual reaches Cl:15 Wa:15. Kahlan levels a few times, reaching Cl:14 Ra:10. Pol tells everyone the the Top 10 things least likely to be heard on TFC.

2/11/03 - Malystrim Banegrim levels to Ra:10. Yoman reaches Ma:9. Mistyfier completes MM #59 - Nanrei. Bashur levels to Wa:30 and "challenged Martyr for leadership of the BOC." Maeron gets MM #85: the Lineoth Camp Leader. Juxtapoz joins the Rose. Grimace levels to Ra:29\Ma:27. Carrie completes Mob Mastery quest # 23 - a vampire. Pez posts a note about PezQuest 11. Later, Pez gossips (in common), 'I wake up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, make some lame crack about vex, and all of a sudden I'm a horrible little candy dispenser'. 'oh wait, I already was a horrible little candy dispenser'. Taril duals to ranger. Kahlan reaches Ra:10 Cl:11. Wish hits 1636 points on location quest. Zip completes mobmaster 28. Xzanadin reaches Ma: 8 Ra:12. Elise reaches Wa: 6 Ma:13. Boromir notes that he's leveled 4 times in 5.5 weeks. Flynn levels to 12 shaman. Arabella reaches Wa: 2 Ma: 9. Shaido completes mobmasters 12 & 13. Daisy levels to 10 shaman. Vash reaches Th:15 Ma:15. Lorg levels to 17 warrior. Ragnorak reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Kael is created. Sicarian reaches Th:28 Ra:30 Cl:30.

2/10/03 - Sidney reaches Ma: 4 Wa:11. Amethystian & Yoman both level to 8 mage. Taril levels many times, to 9 cleric. Crell joins Clue. Nessa completes mobmaster 4. Mystaya levels to 14 shaman. Cyris reaches Sh:18 Wa:17. Boromir reports, 'perhaps the time line should mention that I have leveled 4 times in 5.5 weeks .. *grin*' (Even Lord Tynian was heard to note with surprise that such events had not caused the mud to crash.) Arius the Elf levels to Ra:7. Mistyfier reaches Wa:26\Cl:30. Juxtapoz is created, levels to Ma:8 . Vex, Dogdaze, Uriel, Malakost, Zip, Alucard and Lins travel to Master's Tower, slaying everything in their path, including the Master of Magic and the Lady. WHO list. Amethystian is "locked up" by Athorne for declaring "Ephiny is my idol."

2/9/03 - Natilena's rewrite of the Great Eastern Desert is installed! This means that the mud is up to 12600 rooms total. (Also new are maps for sale of the upper & lower temple areas. Here's Tokugawa's note on it.) Garland levels several times, reaching Th:23 Wa:30 Cl:30. Fobro completes mobmaster 46 (a female centaur). That completes mobmaster 39. Kaern gossips (in common), '*Discovery channel voice-over* this is the mutant cannibal in his philosophical mood'. Dilandou reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Thrall reaches Wa:20 Ma:19. Elise & Izual both dual to warrior. Jeraal levels to 5 mage. Straezan reaches Wa: 3 Ma: 9. Mystical completes mobmasters 62 & 63 and reaches Th:14 Ra:30 Cl:30. Sakyra reaches Th:24 Wa:25 Ma:25. Dekar reaches 6 ordained. The rank listings from this day. Solaron of the Wyld Hunt advances to Ordained level 5. Kahlan levels from Cl:9 to Cl:11, then duals to ranger and levels that class to 5. Valgar gains Ra:5\Sh:12. Shaido of the Wyld Hunt gains Wa:13\Ma:15. Mandrake heroically snags the corpse of Huma from under the slavering jaws of the evil Werewolf... by fleeing madly around level 3 masters, all the while Lins is "helpfully" trying to summon him. Jet Starvo of Darkness reaches Th:26\Wa:30\Cl:30. Sicarian does a bunch of Location Quests, ending somewhere around 3050 points. Ariel gains Cl:7. Elise reaches Ma:12. Carrie completes MM #22 - the duergar cook. Borok gains Sh:8\Wa:24. Elise becomes a reprisalist. Gulotor reaches Wa:13\Cl:15. Lorg levels 6 times, reaching Wa:15. Prinzip becomes a miscreant. Riverwind slays a miner for MM#24.

2/8/03 - The Quest of the Rings ends, and here is the winning entry. Some thank you notes are posted about the quest. Mystical reaches Th:13 Ra:30 Cl:30. Valgar levels to 10 shaman. Fobro reaches Cl:27 Wa:24. Lycron posts a retirement note. Borok reaches Sh: 7 Wa:24. Damian reaches Wa: 6 Cl:15. Straezan is created and joins Majere. Carrie completes mobmaster 20. Boromir of Fate gets a "pet cat" from Tynian. A very BIG pet cat. He also ascends to Th:24\Ma:24\Ra:24, "with Kaldred's help." Gulotor reaches Cl:15 Wa:12. Mistyfier reaches Wa:25 Cl:30. Garland levels twice, reaching Th:20 Wa:30 Cl:30. Dekar completes mobmaster 57 (the mercury dragon) and also reaches 4 ordained. Bashur levels to 28 warrior. That completes mobmaster 38 (a vrock). Talisa of Majere's Order of the Rose gains Wa:9. DarkFang completes MM#11: The Miller, #12: a green bat, #13: a baby gorilla, and #14: a giant bat. Ariakas gains Wa:9\Ma:17. Witchdoctor of Fate got 4 MMs today: #49 - a magman, #50 - a magman, #51 - an instructor, and #52 - Inindo. Zip completes MM #23 - a green troll & MM #24 - a rakasta citizen. Solaron advances to Ordained level 4. Riella reaches Ra:25\Ma:25. Cupid levels three times and reaches Wa:15\Cl:15. Thingone advances to Ordained level 27. Kahlan levels to Cl:8. Kerson completes MM #102 - the Clerk. Venthor reports, 'I returned and I joined wardancers m'lady'. Silvanus completes an LQ for 177 points. Toke levels twice, reaching Wa:25\Cl:28. Ginny reminds everyone why we miss her...

2/7/03 - Glasya completes a couple Mob Mastery quests: a journeyman smelter for #28, a deer for #29 and the ghost for #30, helping them level twice to Th:15\Ma:15\Ra:13. Yoshi gets MM# 14- a shadow guardian. Linkin Lin of Fate ascends to Wa:21\Ma:24. Lanfear of Fate advances to Ordained level 28. Aslan kills a drunk centaur for MM#50 and 1443 exp. Aviendha leveled her bardic magic class to 9. Yoman levels to 5 mage. Thingone reaches Th:25 Ra:30 Cl:30. Gyro reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. Zip completes mobmasters 21 & 22. Kaldred cants, 'You know i have a log of the last time i "got some" Uriel :P'. Trunks levels to 5 thief. Nigel reaches Wa: 6 Cl:12. Vex, Dogdaze, Uriel, Malakost, Zip, Alucard and Lins raided Master's Tower. They killed all the mobs, including the Master of Magic, Kerberos and the Lady.

2/6/03 - Sidney gains Wa:6. Winne reaches Cl:26. Ragnorak levels to Wa:2\Cl:11. Maeron kills Yygren the sword crafter for MM #82. Malakost completes MM #74 - Tynnir the Dragon Slayer. Glasya reaches Th:13\Ma:15\Ra:13. Kethran is killed by the Avatar in Sahuagin City. Vex performs the CR. Sharn of Fate leveled twice, reaching Wa:19\Cl:20. Adwen of the Folk levels to Ra:7\Ma:9. Foolkiller posts a note about the upcoming 2003 Arizona RenFest GT. Bevier reaches Wa: 4 Cl:14, and gets a train. Twinklefire does her first location quest, noting that she can now get exp without leaving the guild. (Maybe THAT'S how Boromir keeps leveling?) Kerson completes mobmaster 98. Lanador levels to 10 warrior. Thrall reaches Ma:18 Wa:19. Factor completes mobmasters 39 & 40. Mistyfier reaches Cl:30 Wa:24, becoming the first member of FoLK to reach level 30. Elise levels to 10 mage. Sicarian completes mobmaster 87. Isolas reaches Th:12 Ra:12 Ma:12. Pia is created. Thingone reaches Th:22 Ra:30 Cl:30. Huma reaches Cl: 8 Wa:11. Alexandra reaches Ra: 5 Sh: 9, getting 6 practices and a train. Judge completes mobmasters 36 thru 39. Darkstarr reaches Wa: 5 Ma:10. Score levels to 5 cleric. Zip zips thru mobmasters 16 to 20. (Ok, how could i resist a bad pun?)

2/5/03 - Dekar is ordained "KING" by Plato! The Unlikely Apprentice saga continues, as Khore posts "Finding Khore" to the forums. Floyd reaches Ma:15 Ra:11. Ragnorak levels to 10 cleric. Frothel duals to shaman. Orpik completes mobmasters 63 & 64 and reaches Th:29 Ra:30 Cl:30 in the process. Thrall reaches Wa:19 Ma:15. Darkstarr reaches Wa: 3 Ma:10. Blanca completes mobmasters 16 & 17. DarkFang joins Clue. Isolas completes mobmaster 19 (an elven mage). Riverwind gains Ma:13\Ra:11. Witchdoctor reports that he leveled and got 2 mm today. Glasya levels mage twice today. Vex performs a CR for Wolfwood on the River of Despair, against Scairz.

2/4/03 - Toke and Dekar perform a CR for Floyd in Demon Realm. Tangrid reaches level 3. Judge gains level 19. Malystrim joins Athorne. Isolas passes 50 points on location quest. Toke completes mobmaster 55. Prinzip reaches Ra: 4 Sh:11. Roja reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Cupid reaches Cl:11 Wa:12. Carrie completes mobmasters 5 thru 13 (a chicken, a small spark, a sheriff, a human fighter, a cityguard, a resident and a giant eagle, among others.) Amethystian levels to 7 mage. Spasm reaches Wa:10 Ma:11. Khore posts "An Unlikely Apprentice: Finding Evil" to the forums. Pez holds some trivia contests, winding up with 3 winners and a jackpot of 150k. Rhys posts a note to honourable players everywhere asking for help mapping Merrick & Guido.

2/3/03 - Wolfwood reaches Cl:19 Wa:11. Prinzip levels to 10 shaman. Roja reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Dillon joins Tel. Otago completes mobmaster 27. Travin reaches Wa:11 Ma:10. Landric levels to 5 shaman. Zeks gossips (in common), 'You've gotten better at being targeted for summon!'. Aiken reaches Th:27 Ra:30 Ma:30. Cyrain levels to 5 warrior. Isolas completes mobmaster 18 and reaches Th:11 Ra:12 Ma:12. Spasm reaches Ma:11 Wa: 9. Malakost reaches Ma:29 Wa:30. Thrall reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Valgar is created. Lexie goes nuts on the typo list (even more so than normal) and later finds out that every one has been fixed. Isolas completes mobmaster 18 (a laboring miner).

2/2/03 - Airanad gains 3 levels to reach Wa:5. Shaido reaches Ma:15\Wa:10. Zen becomes a reprisalist. Indiga reaches Ordained level 21. Fisrad reaches Ra:20 Ma:22. Lins posts a link to Orpik completes mobmaster 62. Maeron reaches 13 ordained. Smoke levels to 10 cleric. Travin reaches Wa:10 Ma:10. Phantasm reaches Th:16 Ma:20. Judge completes mobmaster 30 thru 32 (a giant pudding, among others). Ichabur reaches Wa:22 Ma:21. Garland levels several times, reaching Th:13 Wa:30 Cl:30. ### [Khevan tells Carrie (in common), 'jeez this place is filled with ppl killing each other']. (Isn't it a pk mud?)

2/1/03 - A GT is held in Tempe, Arizona with Pitt, Mistyfier, Johnpaul, Syla, Azeworai, Rubicant, Majere, Alucard, Tolken, Tokugawa & Marisa attending. View a few pictures. Andashalla posts information on the quest of the rings, which has now been changed from not allowing teams at all to requiring teams of 3. Rhys joins Athorne. Orpik passes the 150 point mark on location quest and completes mobmaster 61. Lanador is created. Nessa levels to 12 cleric. Travin reaches Wa: 9 Ma:10. Balthazar reaches Ra:17 Sh:18. Vex does quite a few location quests, passing the 700 point mark. Cupid reaches Cl: 8 Wa:12. Isolas reaches Th:10 Ra:12 Ma:12. Zip reaches 18 ordained, and Maeron reaches 11 ordained. Tweedle completes mobmasters 21 thru 23. Anduin posts an idea about websites. Sicarian completes several location quests, totalling over 2880 points. Bergal levels to Wa:5\Sh:18 and later completes MM#25 - a servant. Talisa gains Wa:7 & 8. Spasm levels to Ma:5\Wa:9. Bilbo joins the Wyld Hunt. Lanfear gets to 45 LQ points, and Wish reaches 998 LQ points. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 3, with utterly unimpressive results: Sicarian won with 2 points. Ilisam came in second with 1 points. Aemon becomes a miscreant. Indiga reaches Ordained level 20. Seven Lights / Seven vessels for seven hopes, sixteen minutes still. / Seven billion earthbound minds for seven dreams to fill. / Seven men in the Texas sky, brimming full of light: / Seven hearts whose seven souls are Heavenbound tonight. / V.H.L. Kraven / In Memoriam Columbia / STS-107 - 2/1/03

1/31/03 - Wish reaches 825 total points with LQs. Huma levels to Cl:7\Wa:11. Tib gains Cl:10. Dundrave gets MM #28 - dwarven prince. Riverwind ascends to Ma:12\Ra:11, and completes MM #23 - the guardian beast. Alton reaches Ra:12\Cl:12. Arianos joins the Chosen of Fate. Talisa, Yurian, Takeda, Strohm all join the Rose. Cygnus completes mobmaster 20. Khore posts "An Unlikely Apprentice: Into Fire" to the forums. Yurian levels to 5 cleric. Xander levels to 15 shaman. Orpik completes mobmaster 59. Chao is created. Khevan levels to 7 thief. Rolland completes mobmaster 12. Kaleyah posts "One With Me" to the forums.

1/30/03 - Sicarian gains level Th:27\Ra:30\Cl:30. Cygnus slays a mimic for MM#18. Smoke reaches Cl:7. Tweedle gains Cl:28\Wa:25. Blanca levels to Wa:17\Cl:30. Derth slays a centaur archer for MM#56. Cupid levels to Cl:7\Wa:12. Thrall gains Ma:12\Wa:12 and later becomes a reprisalist. Kurie levels to H:8. Majere's temple is installed, replacing Tripper's, N N N W S of Temple Courtyard. Tiberius reaches Th:27 Ra:30 Cl:30. Xla levels to 5 cleric. Wylin points out that he's been attacked 2000 times. The rank listings from this date. Micah joins Tiax (with help from Fobro for the entry challenge). Maeron reaches 9 ordained. Casper the friendly ghost reaches Cl:11 Wa:10. Lexie cants, 'quickly some god+ sleep Vex'. and quickly finds HERSELF slept instead. Isolas completes mobmaster 15. Arabella levels to 7 mage. And, Pez is back! Pez gossips, 'Hello TFC!! Your Dwarven Prince has arrived to once again bring meaning into all of your lives!'.

1/29/03 - Shaido reaches Ma: 8 Wa:10. Magis reaches Wa: 9 Ma:10. Wish hits 669 points total on location quest. Thrall reaches Ma: 8 Wa:12. ZtormBringer levels to 6 ranger. Dravik is created. Cupid reaches Cl: 4 Wa:12. Thor levels to 10 cleric. Mistyfier reaches Cl:28 Wa:24. Nusian levels to Cl:24\Wa:21. Chad gains Ma:7. Azeworai levels to Wa:24\Ma:20. Keat attempts to worship Cordir and fails, then decides that Azeworai will be his next deity. Unfortunately, Azeworai's hopes are dashed when Alyria enters the realm and the fickle Aara drops Azeworai like a hot rock to attempt to worship Alyria. Dee gains Wa:14\Cl:15. Frothel reaches Ra:10. Avatarr: What is the Wyld \ Wed Jan 29 20:46:56 2003 \ To: all \ for those of you have asked me questions on the Wyld and what it means to follow the triat faith i am composing a book or somthing along the lines of that for a reference to people all i was wondering is if anyone who has questions or have asked questions or think they know some good questions:P to post them to me you could also email me at *grins* thanks for your time:) - Avatarr Farseer

1/28/03 - Tynian, who's been busy for SOME reason, posts a note about their new baby, which was born on the 26th. Gratz :) Solaron is ordained by Katrana! Dekar reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30). Thrall reaches Ma: 7 Wa:12. Cygnus reaches Ra:11 Ma:18. Sicarian does quite a few location quests, hitting 2489 points total. Mosi reaches Th: 5 Sh:12 Wa:11. Travin reaches Wa: 7 Ma:10. Boromir reaches Th:23 Ma:24 Ra:24. Clue rises to greater power. Tiberius reaches Th:26 Ra:30 Cl:30. Raiko reaches Th:13 Ra:15 Cl:15. Judge reaches Ma:22 Ra:15. Aemon does his first mobmaster. Cupid offers to trade blessings on love lives for a container or two. Treehugger reaches Cl:24 Wa:21, having leveled for the first time since about June. Cupid of the Rose levels to Wa:11 and joins the Rose. Trunks is recreated. Mistyfier slays Lt. Oukri for MM #58, and levels to Cl:27\Wa:24. DarkClaw (Star) K'Treva ascends TWICE to reach level 12 Ordained. Floyd gains Ma:12\Ra:11. Bevier reaches his 100th birthday today (hours or years, unknown). Maeron advances to level 7 ordained. Cordir reposts the reminder about the Quest of the Rings. Pheonix levels to Cl:30. Rancid becomes a sociopath. Eoni levels to Th:7. Kethran of Fate ascends to Ma:30\Wa:30 while his goddess is afk :-( Grats on 40th!. Darkstarr joins the Wyld Hunt.

1/27/03 - Maeron advances to Ordained level 6. Derth joins the Order of the Rose. Kethran completes MM #56 - the warrior monk. Slick becomes a vigilante. Thingone levels to 13 thief. Wish finishes two location quests for 275 points total. Snarf completes three Mob Mastery quests: #68 - the scribe, #69 - the Centaur bow maker, and #70 - a centaur falconer. Ichabur levels to Ma:19\Wa:19. Dundrave posts a Tidbit, which is commented on over the next several days. Goblez duals to shaman. Maeron completes mobmaster 77. Azual reaches Wa:13 Cl:12. Gulotor reaches Cl:13 Wa:12. Uriel completes mobmaster 83. Aemon reaches Wa:10 Ma:11. At one point for no apparent reason the mud reaches 59 mortals online, making this day the 5th busiest day so far in 3x history. Xander levels to 13 shaman. Eliste reaches Ma: 7 Ra: 9. Treehugger completes mobmasters 38 & 39 (a young monk & a young centaur herder). Celeborn reaches Th:20 Ma:26 Ra:27, and gets his first info3. Kurie levels to 6 shaman. A who list and the wizlist from this day. Kerson completes mobmasters 95 & 96 (a divine warrior & Slue).

1/26/03 - Gulotor levels three times, to reach Wa:12\Cl:12. Noixas completes MM#35 - a fire elemental & #36 - a ghost. He also levels to 20 warrior, and performs a CR with the help of Mandrake for Bolverkr in the Shadowed Valley, when the fellow was slain by the Banshee. Bilbo Baggins levels to Wa:9 and gets his first Mob Mastery quest. Mandrake levels to Cl:26\Wa:30. Dekar gains Wa:29\Cl:30 & completes mobmaster 54. Treehugger announces that he is 'back for real this time.' Grimace levels to Ra:27\Ma:25 . Aralanthas reaches Ma:15. Fisrad completes an LQ for 52 points total. Equix levels to Wa:14\Th:10. Aoife reaches effective level 40! (Ra:30\Sh:30) Isolas gets MM#10. Spasm levels to Ma:3\Wa:9. Kethran reaches Ma:29 Wa:30 & slays Oowor for MM #55. Khorlan posts a note about taking an extended holiday. Shaido duals to warrior. Garland reaches Th: 5 Wa:30 Cl:30. Otago completes mobmaster 25. Arabella is created. Aldur reaches Ma:17 Wa:16. Specious joins Xavier. Tweedle completes mobmasters 12 thru 17. Floyd discovers he can't adopt a pet. Alton reaches Ra:11 Cl:12. Thibault reaches Ma: 4 Wa:11. Cygnus reaches Ra:10 Ma:18. Maeron reaches 5 ordained. Thrall levels to 5 warrior. Uriel completes mobmasters 81 & 82. Blanca reaches Cl:30 Wa:15. Floyd reaches Ma:12 Ra:11. Aslan reports: Carrie kills a horde of maggots for MM#2. Nazinthas gains MM#60. Mireya An'Shalach of the Chosen of Fate ascends to Wa:16\Cl:20. Grimace, Loto, Ariana, and Cupid joined Majere's new following of the Order of the Rose.

1/25/03 - Ariana & Loto join Majere. Dakkon passes 50 points on location quest. Travin reaches Wa: 4 Ma:10 and joins Katrana. Runt reaches Sh:13 Wa: 9. Huma reaches Cl: 2 Wa:11. Garland reaches Th: 3 Wa:30 Cl:30. Solinor reaches Ma:11 Wa:12 Th:11. Judge completes mobmasters 23 thru 26 and reaches Ma:20 Ra:15. Aemon reaches Wa: 7 Ma:11. Dingbat levels to 28 shaman. Zip reaches 17 ordained. Grimace levels to Ra:26\Ma:25, Mandrake joins the WarDancers. Dekar gains Wa:28\Cl:30 and also completes mob mastery quests #50 - a magman, #51 - the bulette, and #52 - a centaur archer. Factor completes MM#31 (he forgot) and #32 - a fireworm. Mistyfier levels to Cl:26\Wa:24. Factor completes his first few Location Quests, for a total of 7 points, but then dies in the Dragon's Lair. Salomar and Wistom perform the CR. Treehugger joins the Rose, and levels to Cl:23\Wa:21. Fraser re-joins Wisdom. Aslan reports: Saak levels twice to reach 3rd. Carrie levels to Ma:14\Wa:10. Wunk kills Oowor for mobmastery # 59 and Elektra gets #28 - the firebird and #29 - a clay golem. Bevier levels to Wa:2\Cl:14, and feels 'more mighty' and 'more coordinated'!

1/24/03 - Majere is promoted to Demigod! (His first non-AFK promotion :P) He starts the Clan of the Rose, a neutral good sword following. His first follower is Huma, and Kisanth & Ichabur join as well. His initial following description is, "The Clan of the Rose is a brotherhood of warrior monks. While trained in various forms of combat, the clan will use physical force as a last resort. The clan is founded upon the principles Majere followed in his mortal life. Balance between nature and man, heaven and earth, and good and evil are of the utmost importance.". Maeron is ordained "Dark Sadist" by Kerriariadne! Elektra joins Katrana. Kerson reaches 3914 points on location quest. Garland & Khorlan triple to thief. Diku levels to 5 cleric. Fobro reaches Cl:25 Wa:24. Nessa joins Myronides. Jaerith nominates himself for mayor. Riverwind completes mobmasters 21 & 22. Spasm levels to 9 warrior. Omega levels to 5 cleric. Acer reaches Sh: 2 Wa: 9. Nox completes mobmasters 12 & 13 and reaches Wa:11 Ma:11. Skeeve posts a late retirement note. Solinor reports, 'My first attempt at a steal was successful. I managed to lift a healing potion off a mob. Had I failed, I would surely have been attacked by the guards'. Aralanthas gains Ma:13. Charles and Arianos are reformed upon login, much to their sorrow. Edge dies in the Good Shrine, and Noctus and Keat perform the CR. Kerriariadne reports: "My Dark Phasma, Indiga, deactivated, as she is going to be somewhat inactive for the next few months. Thingone asked for full release from Ordainment, and has tripled to Thief after achieving 29th level OM. Carnage joined the Dark. My third attendant, Majere, has been promoted." There is huge, hideous FASTQ lag, and a couple people die and are looted as a result. :-(

1/23/03 - Tripper is retired at approximately 9:00 PM system time, and followers are automatically reformed as they log in, including Alaric, Fraser and Talyn. Cordir posts the Quest of the Rings. Knott levels to 10 mage. Floyd reaches Ma:11 Ra:11. Jaerith does his first location quest. Kurie levels to 5 shaman. Serge reaches Wa:21 Sh:21. Wylin randoms a health. Alexandra reaches Ra:3 Sh:9. Serge becomes a miscreant. Lexie reports, 'Oh and I'm going to stab Rubicant when I see him'. Riverwind levels to Ma:10\Ra:11. Garland joins the Wyld Hunt. Aslan reports: Kethran completes MM# 47 - magman , kills a mercenary guard for #48, and slays Acorla #49. Nail Bunny of the Wyld Hunt gains two levels to reach Th:14. Spurr levels to Cl:7.

1/22/03 - Marisa posts a note about the upcoming Phoenix area GT with Pitt. ZtormBringer levels to 5 ranger. Zidane deletes himself and starts over. Dee reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Boromir posts a note about the planning stages for the upcoming 2003 RenFest GT. Tara completes mobmaster 21. Look levels to 19 warrior. Skares reaches Sh:18 Wa:11. Valdazar levels to 14 shaman. Bevier completes an exploration quest set for him from within FoLK by Fobro by finally finding the last place/item on his list of "A Sacred Glade". He found it thanks to a suggestion by Lanfear, and after finding it dualed to warrior. Kian reaches Wa:2\Ma:15. Gregar is granted a reform from the Tigers. Khore does a brief trivia contest mentioning the Grand Canyon and Borlan's location. He also scatters gold in various places for people to find. Mistyfier of the Folk reaches Cl:25\Wa:24. Greystone joins the FoLK. Judge levels to Ma:18\Ra:15. Riverwind levels to Ma:9\Ra:11. Dakkon levels to Th:22\Ra:30\Ma:29 (the first time in three RL years he's leveled). Lanfear slays the guildmaster for 2531 exp and MM#89. Aslan reports: Ashram gains level 5, 6, 7, and 8. Tiberius levels to Th:25\Ra:30\Cl:30. Thingone advances to Ordained level 29. Zane gains Wa:5\Sh:24. Knott reaches level 6. Judge gains Ma:18\Ra:15. Mistyfier reaches Cl:25\Wa:24. Someone gossips, 'Khore controlled himself from killing Vex at least three times today. For the timeline.'

1/21/03 - Wish hits 62 points on location quest. Ginny tells stories in the baths (no not those kind of stories, for once :P) Afterwards, Marisa decides to get some xp, and winds up getting a LOT of it, but in the wrong direction. She dies twice to some big scary blue dragon, but Abe gets her corpse back. (Later on, Vex went and killed the dragon for Marisa, and got all the stuff that had blown out of her inventory back too.) Factor completes mobmaster 30. Achilleus reaches Cl:23 Ra:21. Saryio reaches Cl:21 Wa:20. Greystone reaches Ma: 2 Wa:13. Indiga completes mobmaster 85 (the headmaster). Lycron gains Wa:21\Sh:20. Skares gains MM#16. Loto becomes a reprisalist. Aralanthas reaches Ma:11. Darkfang levelled to 16 ranger. Judge gains Ra:15\Ma:17, and also CR'd Greystone when the little fellow died "a killer Wabbit on snowy trail," then "taught him the ropes of the Vortex." Junior and Gilk the newbiekillers become socipaths. Bevier of the FoLK completes an exploration quest with assistance of Lanfear.

1/20/03 - After sex changing everyone in the guild, Khore auctions an Amulet of Familiarity. Arandir is created. Kammi is created. ShadowClaw levels to Ma:7. Ichabur reaches Ma:16\Wa:17. Rolland of the Folk ascends to Ma:15\Ra:13. Gilk joins Veldrin. All the trading ends in Tynian's group mobmaster quest, and Vex is the winner! ZtormBringer's back as a newbie, after a long absence. Grimace reaches Ra:25 Ma:25. Riella reaches Ra:24 Ma:25. Melisa completes mobmaster 58. Serge reaches Wa:19 Sh:21. Sacaras reaches Wa: 6 Cl:11. Aemon levels to 10 mage. Khore posts "An Unlikely Apprentice" to the forums.

1/19/03 - Tynian offers a bounty for Levron's filled corpse. He also posts some updates on the quest, and others post commentary or bargains. Mordith is now at mobmaster 104! Here are the rank listings from this day. Solinor triples to thief. Xzanadin levels to 10 ranger. Kabal reaches Ra: 8 Cl:11. Wario reaches Ra:20 Cl:20. Kerson the Avenger reaches 29 ordained. Alton reaches Cl:10 Ra: 9. Zip reaches 16 ordained. Isolas reaches Ma:12 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Anduin completes mobmaster 88. In the Very Early hours of the morning, TFC is visited by the Headmistress of the University of Evil, GINNY! Aoife completed MM #60 - Neuse, the lighthouse keepers assistant. Karyna gains Cl:7. Jobano levels to Sh:12. Skie gets MM# 41 - a white tiger. Mordith becomes a sociopath. Casper becomes a reprisalist. Gulotor levels to Wa:8\Cl:12. Kethran completes MM#45 - the Ancient Wyrm, #46 - The Bounty Hunter, #47 - Stompt the Paladin, #48 - a mercenary guard, and #49 - an angry, drunk centaur. Fisrad levels to Ra:19\Ma:22. Dekar levels to Wa:27\Cl:30 and completes MM#44 - a winged tinker.

1/18/03 - Katrana's temple is installed. Tynian's weekend quest is well underway. Here's a list of target mobs to date. Tiberius completes mobmaster 84. Xzanadin levels to 8 ranger. Kastigier levels to 5 mage. Tassadar completes mobmasters 76 & 77. Serge reaches Wa:18 Sh:21. Murdoc levels to 5 shaman. Fisrad reaches Ra:19 Ma:22. Rampage is created. Fobro completes mobmasters 44 & 45. Riella gains Ra:23\Ma:25. Markoon becomes a vigilante. Charlotte completes her first mob mastery "thanks to Lanny" - a hellhound - and also levels to Cl:6. Markoon fell into a 1 HP room, and was promptly eaten by the Green Dragon. A CR attempt was made by Anduin, Tassadar and Whoz, during which Whoz also died. All corpses were eventually recovered. Marin Aristhe levels to Cl:5. Korran departs the Tigers. Grale slays a centaur bow maker for MM#71. Archaeon gains Ma:9. Star K'Treva (DarkClaw) of Fate ascends an amazing three times, gaining Ordained level 10. Tynian Himself acknowledges this as an event of astounding note. Click levels to Ma:7. Tweedle levels to Wa:24\Cl:27. Grimace kills a gnoll for MM#46 and a drunk centaur for MM#47. Solinor reaches Wa:11\Ma:9. Factor gains Cl:19\Wa:16. Serge becomes a reprisalist. Kethran of Fate ascends to Ma:28\Wa:30. Telek reaches Cl:7. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 6: Fobro won with 62 points and Mistyfier came i second with 48 points. Anduin reaches Th:29\Wa:30\Cl:30. Solaron becomes a miscreant. Blanca gains Cl:29\Wa:15. Alton, the 'muttering Monk of Wisdom' levels three times, reaching Ra:8\Cl:9. Magis the Elf gains Ma:4. Glitch kills an unreported mob for MM#29. Isolas Starleaf reaches Ma:11\Th:9\Ra:9. Nigel Lin gains Wa:4\Cl:12. Huma the Boy levels twice, reaching Wa:6. Solinor gains Wa:10\Ma:9. Look becomes a reprisalist. Ichabur reaches Wa:17\Ma:15. Katrana reports,'TIMELINE NEWS! I did my first immortal rift, hehe'. (Mordith is the lucky recipiant) Guardian levels to Ma:28\Wa:25. Toke gains Wa:21\Cl:28. Zane levels to Wa:3\Sh:24.

1/17/03 - Kailani joins Darkness, and Nail joins the Wyld Hunt. Kian levels to Ma:13. Wish reports that he 'acted like a foul sepiod for a good part of the morning'. Saryio gains Wa:20\Cl:20. CR'd Nazzuk's corpse from shadowed valley. Kethran of Fate completes MM #44: a ghostly woronin, #39: the student, #40: a tinker gnome, #41: the student, #42: a tinker gnome, and #43: the student. He also levels to Ma:27\Wa:30. Ephiny has four bad recalls in a row. The forum poll closes on going back to 2x, with 79 out of 106 voting AGAINST doing it. Yay! Tynian goes nuts with auctions all day long, making a lot of people very happy (especially the Dutchies). Examples of stuff that got auctioned are: +1 con on random item less than +5 and +1 health to random. Azeworai wins quite a few of the auctions, winding up with a really interesting leather onbody item: 'You see the following faint symbols: [|AC 7 hth(1) obs(1) ts(1) std(1) hp(10) wis(5) wis(1) ]'. Tiberius purchases a +1 charisma, Kerson gets +1 str, Grale buys +1 dex, Azeworai purchases +1 wis, and Maeron buys +1 con. Tynian also posts a note about this weekend's quest, and here's a list of some of the target mobs so far. Mosi reaches Wa:11 Sh:12. DarkClaw reaches 8 ordained. Dazzle completes mobmasters 10 thru 12. Alton levels several times, reaching Ra: 5 Cl: 9. There's egg puns on gossip. Ichabur reaches Wa:16 Ma:15. Sarik levels to 17 shaman. Lycron completes mobmaster 38 and reaches Wa:20 Sh:20. Isolas reaches Ma:10 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Sacaras is back, only smaller, and he levels to 8 cleric. Dakkon gossips (in common), 'then again, I get lost more often than marisa :P'. Fobro reaches Wa:24 Cl:24.

1/16/03 - Judge completes five mob mastery quests: #10 - a tiny fairy, #11 - a sheriff, #12 a half-elf guard, #13 - ranger guard, #14 - a minotaur guard and #15 minotaur guard and reaches Ra:13 Ma:17. Lanfear ascends to Ordained level 27, "with BIG help from Tiberius". Noctus becomes a reprisalist. Oetharm continues his relentless pursuit of Location quests, reaching over 421 points total. Mourngrim joins the Hunt. Isolas does two location quests, for a total of 32 points & reaches Th: 8 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Altair joins Unity. Serge levels to Sh:21\Wa:17 "for the first time in like a half year :P". Merous is created. Azeworai is silenced on the mud for something on the Forum (disobeying Molo's order to apologize to Asia for something Azeworai on the Forum.) Alyria advances to Th:8\Ma:30\Ra:30. Riverwind reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11. Heury reaches Wa:22 Sh:23. Neodis gossips (in common), 'I heard there was a wedding.... any food left?'. Gilligan is created. Alryia reaches Th: 8 Ma:30 Ra:30. Marlowe levels to 11 mage. There's a strange discussion about underpants on gossip. (I won't go into how that topic came up on gossip.)

1/15/03 - Adwen duals to ranger. Tiberius completes mobmasters 79 & 80. Eliste reaches Ma: 5 Ra: 9. Judge reaches Ra:12 Ma:17. ### [DarkClaw tells Alaric (in common), 'I'm not goth in RL.' Bet she's not a vampire, either ;P  Oetharm passes the 200 point mark on location quest. Factor levels to Cl:18\Wa:16. Ichabur gains two levels to reach Ma:15\Wa:13. Raziel kills a janitor for MM#1. Telek joins the Shadows. Boredom gains Ma:6\Wa:9 and kills a minotaur child for MM#3. Briggs completes his first two LQs in 2 seconds and continues to complete several others. Raziel becomes a miscreant. Junior levels to Cl:8. Wish CR's Verixuous from Moria, but the fellow had already logged off. Weezer reportedly stole all of the newbie's gold from his corpse. (Fie!) Casper levels to Wa:7\Cl:10. Mireya An-Shalach of Fate ascends to Cl:20\Wa:15. Alton levels three times, reaching Ra:8\Cl:11. Clue reaches 5000 hours of play! Solinor gains Wa:4\Ma:9. Abe slays Dhraxx for MM#61 and 1629 exp. Drakar completes MM#80 - the supreme thief, #81 - Chromican, and #83 - Ygren. Weezer levels to 23/30/30. Snarf also works on mob mastery quests, gaining Denrew the Warrior Guildmaster (#63), the patriarch's wife (#64), the assassin (#65), a centaur hunter (#66), and a groundskeeper (#67). Wylin reported about "Tynain's auction of +1 of every stat (individually), a hometown change, and a om title." Anduin purchased an OM title for 100,000 gold [Paladin], Wylin bought 1 wisdom, 2 charisma and 1 luck, and Tine purchased a change to his home town.

1/14/03 - Alexandra duals to ranger. Tynian announces a game, and you can see what happened on Natilena's site. Maeron completes mobmaster 74. Shango reaches Ma:13 Ra:12. Grimace reaches Ra:23 Ma:25. Belebrilad reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Rynna reaches Cl:10 Ra: 9. Locke levels to Ma:21\Wa:20. Boromir of Fate ascends to Th:22\Ma:24\Ra:24. Boredom of the Hunt ascends to Ma:5\Wa:9. Nox becomes a miscreant. Fobro completes two LQ's, reaching 46 points total. Judge becomes a miscreant. Lycron gains Wa:19\Sh:20. Lycron completes MM#37. Mistyfier completes 2 MMS:#56 - a Dark Brother and #57 - a master monk. A game of Mob Hunt ends in Round 5. Wylin won with 43 points and Fobro came in second with 18 points. Frothel reaches Ra:6. Riverwind of the Wyld Hunt does some hunting of his own, knocking off a level (Ma:7\Ra:11) and three Mob Mastery quests: #16 - a hawk, #17 - a minotaur guard, and #18 - a puma. Junior joins the Shadows. Kerson completes MM#94 - Avangeline. Vlao joins the Coven. Daelin runs a brief trivia contest, which Cordir wins, gaining a prize of over 150,000 gold. (*woot!*) Floyd levels to Ra:9\Ma:10.

1/13/03 - Dekar levels to Wa:26\Cl:30. Boredom gains Ma:3\Wa:9. Valdazar joins the Hunt. Clytemnestra slays a bodyguard for MM#41, "with assistance from Wylin". Ichabur levels twice, reaching Wa:12\Ma:10. The TFC Forum reaches 200 users and 804 posts. Wish levels to Th:17\Wa:30\Ma:30. Wistom reports that for a week (later amended to three weeks) he has 'done nothing.' Click levels to Ma:5. Khore reposts "I, PKer" to the Forums by request. Mourngrim joins Katrana. Alexandra levels to 9 shaman, getting 16hp/16ma/7pracs - max mana and an extra practice. Malathreal reaches Cl:15 Wa:11. Riverwind completes mobmasters 10 thru 15 (a cave fish, a lookout guard, a brown trout, a giant warrior, a spirit of a dead child and a Delving guard). Wish reaches Th:17 Wa:30 Ma:30. Daelin gossips (in common), 'I used to enjoy snapping his neck back and eating the sweet sweet goo inside'. Eww! (Oh wait, he's talking about Pez :P)  Craige posts a note about the 2x vote. Jobano levels to 10 shaman. Bergsten reaches Ra:17 Cl:18 Th:10. Karyna joins Robert. Nox completes mobmasters 2 thru 7 and reaches Wa: 8 Ma:11. Tynian posts some funny notes about a mini-auction. Floyd reaches Ra: 8 Ma:10. Drakar reaches Cl:29 Ra:28 Th:20. A large purse and a necklace of pearls mysteriously appear in the guild hall, but no one can pick them up.

1/12/03 - Tynian gets hexed by Bliss' following, and sets an army loose on them in response after naming Coven an Outlaw following. Eventually Bliss surrenders, after the mobs keep coming and coming to her followers. Devin levels to 8 ranger. Riverwind reaches Ma: 6 Ra:11 and completes mobmaster 9 (a lookout guard). Silonch posts Insidious to the TFC forums. Raiko completes mobmaster 9. Raziel levels to 11 shaman. Kailani reaches Wa: 8 Ma: 9. Mistyfier reaches Wa:24 Cl:24. The rank listings and the wizlist from this day. Thibault gains Wa:10. Ichabur reaches Wa:7\Ma:10. It is reported that "Noixas and Otago both leveled," but what levels and classes, are unknown. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 2: Wish won with 3 points, and Rolland came in second with 1 point. Tiax reaches Greater Power. Greystone levels to Wa:7. Muscles reports that 'I made 20k any the last 5-10 minutes'. Kabal levels to Ra:3\Cl:11. Otago joins the Wyld Hunt. There's an impromptu lyrics trivia contest, with the question passing to each who correctly answered the prior lyric. Wylin at one point suggests that Tynian 'only knows backstreet boys', for which he is promptly slain. Kollen kicks just about everyone's butt. :-) Gann is killed by Mordith at the Lower Temple Courtyard in "a spar gone wrong". Zuul levels to Wa:18. Ichabur reports 'I reached level 9, and Kethran pulled my butt from the fire..Blue Flame, more specifically'. The wee little half elf later levels to Wa:9\Ma:10. Kerson slays Scairz for MM#93. Sargeras is created. Weezer and Ephiny join the Wyld Hunt. Mordith regains level 50! [Th:30\Wa:30\Cl:30] and kills the Clerk for MM#104. Alton gains Cl:10. Alex is slain by the Coven.

1/11/03 - Garland & DarkClaw are married! This causes the number of characters online to peak at 54 today, which ranks 10th on the TFC Top Online Player Activity list. The wedding also causes today to be listed as #14, #15, #19, #21, #23, and #24. Tynian comments on the activity in a post on the Forum. And here's Lexie's point of view of DarkClaw's kiddnapping, etc. Katrana is promoted to Demigoddess! Here's the log from Cordir's point of view. She starts the Wyld Hunt, a neutral evil Sword following. Her initial following description is, "The Wyld Hunt is made up of individuals with both a keen sense of justice and need for vengeance. The Hunt may be called down upon a target for a variety of reasons, with no care as to alignment or race or creed. For those that are called down upon, it is their time - the Pattern has been Woven - their Thread is to be cut. For more information on the Wyld Hunt please visit:". Her first follower is Solaron, her second is Mordith. Riverwind also joins the Hunt, and her followers don't waste any time either, as they then almost immediately get 3 failed pk attempts. Azual reaches Wa: 2 Cl:12. Zephron levels to 8 shaman. TFC is down for a little while in the very early morning hours due to a database upgrade. Natilena cants '### [Kaldred tells Lexie (in common), 'Got an issue? here's a tissue!']'. Tolken is re-created. Crandall levels to 10 mage. Linkin completes mobmaster 43. Boyardee reaches Th: 9 Wa:30 Ma:30. Riverwind has a very busy day, completing mobmasters 1 thru 8 (the small bat, an elven infant, a penguin, a small rodent, a mountain goat, a killer frog, a raven and a larval polyp), reaching Ma: 5 Ra:11, and joining Katrana. Raziel joins Kerriariadne. Pardoquilian reaches Th:14 Wa:22 Sh:22. Hugor levels to 10 warrior. A huge who list from this day. Factor of the Defenders gains two levels, reaching Wa:17\Cl:16. He also slays a Green Troll for MM#22. Jarid gains MM #37 - spirit of a traitor, #38 - tired monk, #39 - a carrion crawler and #40 - the cat burglar. Isolas levels to Th:2\Ma:9\Ra:9. Skie completes MM #38 -a fireworm and #39 - Pertex the Mage, and gains Cl:25\Wa:15. Caradoc visits the mud. Witchdoctor joins the Chosen of Fate. Kethran completes a Location Quest for 49 points total and MM #37 - an Orc Guard. Abe CR's Pheonix in Vela and Shon grabs Belsambar's corpse, also in Vela. The third PC corpse there is looted. Solinor reaches Ma:6. Riverwind is a busy fellow, completing his first five mob mastery quests: the small bat, an elven infant, a penguin, a small rodent, and a mountain goat. He also levels to Ma:5\Ra:11. Dingbat becomes a miscreant. Ephiny takes a god+ reform from the Tigers, despite weeks of passionate declarations of undying and eternal loyalty. Tavnai becomes a miscreant. Floyd levels to Ra:7\Ma:10. Rolland levels to Ra:13\Ma:13. Boredom reports he "joined Kat, levelled twice warrior, classed mage, then levelled again, mage." Borok slays a sea trout (mm #1), a Duckling (#2), and a Snowshow Rabbit (#3).

1/10/03 - Rancid reaches Cl: 7 Ra:10. Claron levels to 5 cleric. Locke reaches Ma:19 Wa:20. Dyanne reaches Th: 6 Ma:11 Wa:11. Factor levels to Wa:15\Cl:16 & completes mobmaster 21. Maimer reports that today is "my real life bday, *mosh*" Tiax's people do double time for newbie helping - Azual gets a plague cure from Factor and Balthazar aids him in getting to Jack to dual. Their doing so is noted and they are thanked by Tynian on Gossip. Fisrad gets a LQ, adding to his total points of 47 points total and also levels to Ra:18\Ma:22. Borok gains Wa:24. Lanfear and Aslan both Ascend Ordain levels, on the same mob today: Lanfear gains Ordained level 26, and Aslan gains Ord level 12, by slaying Aivirt. Wunk kills a centaur for MM#57, and Bergsten levels to Cl:15\Ra:15\Th:10. Majere is rifted for the third time by Kerriariadne, but hey, who is counting?

1/9/03 - Thibault gains Wa:9. Judge levels to Ma:14\Ra:9. Wistom becomes a miscreant. Kahn gains Ma:4. Kian is created. Valentine dies bloodily in the Adventurer's Inn, dies again in the vortex trying to get back to the MOK, and finally succeeds in CR'ing himself with help from a Draoi Anathema. Sylarn gans MM#88 - Ygren. Wunk levels to Wa:22\Sh:30\Th:20. Nox levels to Ma:10. Allanon becomes a sociopath. Tiberius slays Mayor Daniel for MM#75. Mnaramenth ascends to level 16 cleric. Noctus completes a several week long randoming quest for the Chosen. Ambrose takes first place, Linkin gets second, and Ravin gets third. Mordith kills the Clerk for MM #103. Maeron reaches effective 40th! (Ra:30 Cl:30). Fobro completes mobmasters 42 (a gnome guard) & 43 (a servant). Kisanth levels to 10 warrior. Boom levels to 10 mage. Flick reaches Wa:16 Th:12. Boris reaches Wa:17 Cl:22. Kay reaches Or: 9 Wa:10. Tynian posts a controversial poll to the TFC forums about whether or not to revert to 2x code, and it causes quite a stir on gossip. Krule reaches Sh:15 Wa: 9. Scooby is created. Damian reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15. Ichabur levels to 5 mage. Bliss has a series of strange titles. Isolas triples to thief. Ruru levels to 5 mage. Lyra reaches Wa: 4 Th: 9.

1/8/03 - Wunk reports he "failed a mob mastery because it was in the Dream Realm and I was too afraid to go." Lexie and Uriel kill the tempest just for fun. Melanon gains Wa:4. Noixas completes MM #30 - a rakasta warior and #31 - a clay golem. Zuul levels to Wa:17. Ilisam becomes a miscreant and then shortly thereafter, a sociopath. TFC is down for some time when FastQ has some technical difficulties. Grimace reaches Ra:22 Ma:25. Shrike reaches Cl:14 Wa:10. Skie completes mobmaster 37. Demonslayer reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11. Floyd reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Cordir posts a note about wedding restrings. Boyardee gossips (in common), 'Mish says, 'I don't really want a simple ring, Boyardee, but thank you for the offer.'.'. Boyardee gossips (in common), 'you don't hear that every day'. Factor reaches Wa:14 Cl:16. Bergsten reaches Ra:15 Cl:15 Th:10. DarkClaw reaches 7 ordained. Phlanax is created.

1/7/03 - Clue reaches 2500 years old! Grimace reaches 300th (but doesn't note if its hours or years). Wish becomes a sociopath. Natilena completes MM#88 - the headmaster. Fobro of the FoLK gains Wa:22\Cl:24. Sabella posts a poll on the Forums about the Aura Flag color system. Tiberius gets two mob mastery quests in swift succession: #71 - a centaur trader, and #72 - Kyb Keyotay. Wolfwood is Embraced by Clue. Sirak slaps a variety of people. Vex posts a Forum note offering a prize to the best Avatar/Icon created for him. Cordir wins. The rank listings and a wizlist from this day. Alkhem reaches Cl: 2 Wa:15. Aravan and Mosi posts notes about newbies. Phipher reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Judge reaches Ma:10 Ra: 9. Rumor has it that some simples rings and enchant relics were teleported, but no one's saying if they were real or not. Bliss causes a stir by posting a Nashite poem to the TFC forums, but later retracts it and later still posts an anti-Nashite one instead. Abe gossips (in common), 'Has Baron Marel's changed any recently?'. Baron Marel gossips, 'One way to find out.'. Abe gossips (in common), 'er.. nevermind'. Lief posts an apology. Hutt reaches Cl:18 Wa:10. Kylanae levels several times, reaching Ma:10 Th: 9 Ra: 9.

1/6/03 - Lexie kills the jungle master. Alkhem duals to cleric. SirPsycho stops by for a visit. Bergsten reaches Th:10 Ra:10 Cl:10. Zeks reaches Wa:24 Cl:30. Cordir gossips, 'but SOMETIMES immortals take a freakin break from policing the playground.'. Zeks gossips (in common), 'I claim the see-saw!'. Khore posts "Soliloquy to a Brook" and Okk posts "The Sensitive Warrior" to the TFC forums. Pharamin Dester levels to Th:13\Ma:15. Kylanae gains Th:5\Ma:9\Ra:9. She is slain by the Giant Squid. Abe performs the CR. Maeron gains MM#70 and 71 - centaur falconer and Traetz the dragon hunter and also levels to Ra:29\Cl:30. Linkin gains MM #41 Royal Minotaur Guard and #42 - "umm... I remember it kicked my butt.." Kethran slays a large antelope for MM #34. Hex gains Ma:12\Th:9\Wa:10. Tiberius gets two mob mastery targets - 69 and 70 - a Centaur Elder, and Kharll, and also levels to Ra:27\Cl:30\Th:21. Judge levels to Ma:9\Ra:9. Linkin Lin of Fate ascends to Ma:23\Wa:21. Martyr is ordained by Xavier. Karyna is created again. Perrin reaches Sh:5.

1/5/03 - Myronides is promoted to Lesser God! Yay, Myro :) And a little later this same day, Majere is promoted to Attendant of Kerriariadne! This means that for the first time in a very long time, TFC has no ambassadors. Xavier ordains Martyr as his first Ordained, naming him "Thamaoddis". Casius levels to 7 mage. Kabal levels to 10 cleric. Cynder passes 75 points on location quest. Melkor reaches Sh:26 Wa:25. Thibault is created & levels to 5 warrior. Ouchohm reaches Ra: 6 Ma:16. Alkhem joins Myronides. Rolland reaches Ra:12 Ma:13. Slick completes mobmaster 47 and reaches Ra:24 Cl:30. Bergsten of Unity unordains and triples to thief, leveling many times to Th: 9 Ra:10 Cl:10. Drakar completes mobmaster 43. Kylanae triples to thief & levels a few times, reaching Th: 3 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Dingbat gains Sh:27. Lucid reaches Cl:9 and gets MM#3 - a goblin worker. Zephron levels to Sh:5. Dekar kills a safehaven Elder for MM#41. Lylanae of the Tel'Quessir levels twice, reaching Ra:9\Ma:9. Kabal gains Cl:10. Kethran gets three mob mastery quests: #29 - a clay golem, #20 - a minnow from Wintermeet, and #31 - a museum guard. He also reaches Ma:26 Wa:30. Aravan becomes a miscreant. DarkClaw (Star) K'Treva advances TWO Ordained levels, reaching level 6, and gaining a train on one level. Saryio kills a patrolguard for MM#14. Dekar gets #42 - the master smelter. Linkin Park of Fate completes MM# 40 - an ogre warrior in Gronk. Alucard gains MM#38 - a student. Zephron levels to Sh:6. Tiberius gains MM#66 - Tomas.

1/4/03 - Sicarian gains MM#83 - Ygren the sword crafter, and #84 - the divine theologian. Kylanae reaches Ra:6\Ma:9. Tiberius levels to Ra:26\Cl:30\Th:21 and gets MM# 65 - Travim the Holy Cleric. Grimace completed mob mastery quests 43, 44, and 45 today: a Fire Demon, Onnestjon, and a winged tinker'. Noixas leveled to 20\15. Factor reaches Wa:12\Cl:16, AND gets MM#16,17, and 18: giant warrior, duergar fisher and the gorilla. Calivax of Fate dies in Vela and Vex performs the CR. Mina, who suggests everyone 'shake your bon bon', levels to Ma:13. Kalel gains Wa:8\Sh:10. Abe kills Queen Sylette for Mobmaster #60. Borok levels to Wa:23. Pharamin reaches Ma:15\Th:12. Kethran of Fate completes 2 MMs: #27 and 28; an ice troll, and a maid. Maeron levels to Ra:28\Cl:30 and tags a centaur falconer for MM#67. Mistyfier of the Folk gains Wa:23\Cl:24. Equix reaches Wa:13\Th:10. Krule reports that he was released from the cooler. Jakirth duals to ranger. Ebone and Torbin both level to 5 cleric. Cthulu joins Xavier. Aster completes mobmaster 81. Iridium levels to 10 cleric. Locke reaches Ma:16 Wa:20. Flick reaches Wa:15 Th:12. Crandall levels to 5 mage. Fobro completes mobmaster 41 (a knight) and reaches Wa:21 Cl:24. Celeborn gossips (in common), 'Ok, whoever is watching me through the hole in the ceiling. I know your there'. Gyliana levels to 13 cleric. Dyanne reaches Th: 4 Ma:11 Wa:11. Saryio completes mobmaster 10. Darker is created. Nimf reaches Wa:12 Th:10. Gdelf reaches Ma:19 Ra:19. Drakar reaches Ra:27 Cl:28 Th:20. Boris reaches Cl:19 Wa:16. Oswald reaches Cl:27 Wa:23.

1/3/03 - Factor gains Wa:11\Cl:16. Linkin Lin ascends to Ma:22\Wa:21. Kaldred reaches 1000 hours of play. Boromir bad portals to Bliss's temple. Belsambar reaches 243 memorized items, and also CR's HarKlan's corpse in Demon realm, just before a group of two bad guys and a freelance bad guy can snag it. Pharamin levels to Ma:11\Th:10. Teren completes mobmaster 17 (a student). Raiko reaches Ra:15 Th: 9 Cl:15. Starla levels to 10 warrior. Aster reaches 23 ordained. Mistyfier completes mobmaster 55 (a bathing centaur). Fobro reaches Wa:20 Cl:24. Debonair reaches Sh:21 Ra:15. Regul levels both mage & ranger, reaching Ra:28 Th:23 Ma:28. Judge reaches Ma: 5 Ra: 9. Floyd levels to 10 mage. Flick reaches Wa:13 Th:12.

1/2/03 - Pharamin does some power leveling today, going from single class Mage:9, to Ma:10\Th:10. Sharn of Fate ascends, but forgets to note his level. Toke killed a female triton for mobmastery 48. Dekar completes mobmasters 39 & 40. Alex reaches Ma:29 Wa:30 Th:20. Acer levels to 8 warrior. Oswald completes mobmaster 41 (a tired monk). Tiberius completes mobmaster 60. Luthien levels to 5 cleric. Isolas reaches Ra: 7 Ma: 9. Saryio reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Phipher completes mobmasters 17 & 18. Taenn levels to 5 ranger. Judge does his first mobmaster and reaches Ma: 4 Ra: 9.

1/1/03 - Slick levels to Ra:23\Cl:30. Degrea gains level 4 warrior. Flynn reaches Sh:7. Essendil gains Ma:9. Isolas levels to Ra:6\Ma:9. Mael spams the mud in spectacular fashion with purging potion messages when he logs in - Some saw 7, others 10, and 12 was the highest reported. "The Chef" gained Th:8\Wa:30\Ma:30. Cthulu leveled to Th:10\Ma:12. Keng becomes a miscreant, and shortly thereafter, a sociopath. His buddy Kung levels to Ma:7. Rosalind the Elf Maiden levels to Ma:9. Drakar of Fate completes MM #76 - Chromick. Mridlis becomes a miscreant. Armicron becomes a miscreant. Hammer 'the clueless' levels to Cl:11. Belsambar Bloodstar reaches Ma:21 Ra:25, ganing a extra prac and a Train. Tynian posts a couple of notes to start off the New Year right, AND some new versions (3.107d&e) are installed. Here's the first rank listings of the year and a who list from this day. Dee reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Boris reaches Wa:15 Cl:17. Casper reaches Wa: 5 Cl:10. Rhys reaches Wa: 7 Ma:11. Harlan and Starla are created. Legolas gossips (in common), 'if you had to choose between having spoons in life or turtles, which would it be?'. Demonslayer reaches Ma: 3 Ra:11. Tiberius reaches Cl:29 Ra:25 Th:21. Bergsten reaches 19 ordained. Tweedle completes mobmaster 8. Locke reaches Wa:18 Ma:15. Hex reaches Ma:11 Th: 9 Wa:10. Kylanae joins Myronides. Alyria does her first location quest. Grimace reaches Ra:21 Ma:25. Wistom reaches Wa:25 Sh:30 Th:20. Borok sings "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" on gossip. (I didn't know that WAS a song.)

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