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TFC Historical Timeline 2002

12/31/02 - Tokugawa passes out New Years Eve hats and noisemakers. Mistyfier reaches 22 warrior. Tylorn posts a note about his death to Vex and Allanon. Demonslayer duals to mage. Mosi reaches Wa: 8 Sh:12. Carmel levels to 19 warrior. Maeron completes mobmaster 64. Equix reaches Wa:11 Th:10. Boris reaches Wa:14 Cl:17. Slick completes mobmasters 44 thru 46. Abe ends the year on a great note, finding a AEANAU|C2 L30 enchant weapon relic. The are a bunch of notes posted about sentry followings. Memnoch is back, after an extended absence and and levels to Ma:6. Qoo levels to 5 shaman. Linkin completes MM#39 - Jill and also ascends to Wa:21 Ma:21. Mridlis the elf levels twice to reach Ma:12. Croix Blackfeather gains Sh:7. Rojan is killed by a Giant Pudding. The CR is performed by Abe, but the newbie logs off for quite some time, and the corpse decomposes and the gear put in the pit. Ping of Unity gains Ma:20\Wa:15. Teren of the FoLK gets two mob mastery quests: #15 - a golden tamarind and #16 - the spirit of Tallic. Almost simultaneously, Skie gets MM#36 - a Stone golem.

12/30/02 - Caine levels to Wa:3\Cl:16. Katrana reaches 303 hours as an Immortal. Fobro of the Folk levels to Wa:19\Cl:24. Sirak visits TFC, to varying degrees of celebration. Wolfwood completes mobmaster 8 (a Reveller Thief). Fobro completes mobmaster 40 (an amimated spear). Regul hits 631 points on location quest. Asmodeus completes mobmasters 23 thru 25. Croix is "hatched" and levels to 5 shaman. Balthazar levels several times, reaching Sh:14 Ra:11. Look levels to 15 warrior. Aldur reaches Wa:16 Ma:16. Dekar completes mobmaster 38. Pharamin levels to 5 mage. Locke reaches Wa:17 Ma:15. Ping completes mobmaster 37. Factor reaches Cl:16 Wa:10. Jarid completes mobmaster 36. Tiela levels to 10 mage. Alyria reaches Th: 6 Ma:30 Ra:30. Verdian levels to 5 shaman. The rank listings from this day.

12/29/02 - Today is 'level your brains out day!' Belsambar levels to Ra:25\Ma:20. These twin miracles are heralded as being signs of the end of the world. Or something. 'Iris the Virus' levels twice, to Wa:15. Talyn gets MM#62 - a centaur scout. Floyd levels to Ma:6. Alkhem gains Wa:12. Zull reaches Wa:10. Malekith levels to Sh:21\Wa:15. Caine duals to warrior & reaches Wa:2\Cl:16. Ink gains Wa:29\Cl:30. Isolas levels to Ra:4\Ma:9. Linkin Lin ascends to Wa:20\Ma:21 and braves the Demon Realm to kill a succubus for MM#38. Boris reaches Cl:16\Wa:12. Clumsyfool gets Cordir's pet spider drunk on Mirth Ale, much to her consternation. Havick levels to Ma:7. Carrie gains Wa:9\Ma:10. Bevier reaches Cl:13. Horus returns to the realm after a long absence, starting over as a level 1. Dogdaze dies and a CR is performed by Mistyfier in Wintermeet. Factor completes mobmasters 11 & 12. Balthazar reaches Ra:10 Sh:11. Hutt reaches Cl:17 Wa:10. Borok levels to 21 warrior. Cordir posts "The Time for Oaths", which refers to DarkClaw and Garland. Keng and Kung Fu both level to 6 mage. Clorox reaches Th:16 Sh:19. Ping nearly gets swallowed whole by a giant squid. Boromir warns that 'everyone should consider saving inthe next couple of minutes' -- and then he LEVELS, reaching Ma:23 Ra:24 Th:21. Dekar reaches Wa:24 Cl:30. Boom is created. Kalel reaches Wa: 2 Sh:10. Talyn gossips (in common), 'I just wasted 100 mana locating my own adamantite gauntlets'.

12/28/02 - Mistyfier levels to Wa:21\Cl:24 and also got his 54th MM; a centaur. Balthazar levels to Ra:6\Sh:11. Harbringer killed a horde of maggots for MM#2. Noixas levels to Cl:17\Wa:15. Avatarr Farseer kills a mongoose for MM#7. Teren completes MM#10 - a skink, #11 - a doomed ghost, and #12 - a crotchety old ghost, #13, and MM#14 - a lamia. Plato: Thank you, Khore, for all your hard work on the forum Clue: Hear, Hear! Lord Khore, adding my thanks for the forums Neodis posts a note about him leaving. Saryio levels cleric & warrior, reaching Wa:17 Cl:20. Floyd starts over again and rejoins Plato. Caine levels to 15 cleric. Aldur reaches Wa:15 Ma:16. Boris reaches Cl:14 Wa:12. Malekith reaches Sh:20 Wa:15. Bungle levels to 5 shaman. Isolas reaches Ra: 2 Ma: 9. Borok levels to 20 warrior. Boyardee reaches Th: 7 Wa:30 Ma:30. Asmodeus completes mobmasters 20 thru 22 and reaches Ma:19 Wa:15. Izual, a single classer, levels to 30 cleric! Factor reaches Cl:15 Wa:10 and completes mobmasters 9 & 10 (a vampire bat & one of Wicktor's employees). Rath reaches 8 ordained. Mystical reaches Th:12 Ra:30 Cl:30. Bayne levels to 5 cleric. Kang, Kung and Keng get into conversation. Raziel levels to 5 shaman.

12/27/02 - Noixas levels to Wa:15\Cl:15. Belsambar becomes a vigilante. Iris gains Wa:13. Linkin ascends to Ma:19\Ma:21, and completes MM#37 - a young monk. Anasatsu levels to Wa:5. Teron gains Sh:6. Rosalind gets to Ma:7. Garland takes up a collection to purchase Alex 300 bounty hunters, but sadly does not reach his goal. In a note related to yesterday's, Daelin posts "Uncrush, Unkill, Undestroy". Factor reaches Cl:14 Wa:10. Dyanne reaches Ma: 9 Wa:11. The siamese twins Nimf and Equix both reach Wa:10 Th:10. Natilena completes mobmaster 87. Balthazar duals to ranger. Ravin reaches Wa:12 Cl:16. Sharlin levels to 5 ranger. Kalel gossips (in dwarven), 'I'm looking forward to something involving an earthworm, two ogres and a milkshake..but I'll take what I can get.'. Harbringer levels to 8 mage. Rancid levels to 5 ranger. Balthazar levels to 10 shaman. Boris reaches Cl:12 Wa:12. Wunk completes mobmaster 55.

12/26/02 - Daelin posts "Crush, Kill, Destroy". Floyd duals to cleric. Rosalind levels to 5 mage. Bergsten reaches 18 ordained. Carrie reaches Wa: 7 Ma:10. The rank listings and a who list from this day. Equix reaches Th:10 Wa: 9. Malekith reaches Sh:18 Wa:15. Regul levels mage & ranger, reaching Ra:27 Th:23 Ma:27. Someone gossips, 'If your happy and you know it go and die'. Tokugawa reboots the mud to remove the Christmas decor, much to the dismay of several. Boyardee levels to Th:6\Wa:30\Ma:30. Linkin of Fate ascends to Wa:18\Ma:21. Flick gains Wa:11\Th:12. Iridium levels to Cl:8. Asmodeus gains Ma:17\Wa:15 & completes mobmaster 17. Kalel the Dwarf levels to Sh:8. Wisteria reaches Ra:11\Ma:16. Kodak asks for, and is granted, a reform by Tokugawa, departing the Draoi. Lyra levels to Wa:1\Th:9. Lucid reaches Cl:6. Regul gets five Location Quests, totalling 620 points. Micah reports tht he 'killed 3 centaur archers trying for mobm 51, but ran out of time'. Factor levels to Cl:13\Wa:10. Noixas completes Mob Mastery quests 25 through 27, targets reported as "Rakasta hunter was one.. Foreman was the last one." Mistyfier reports that he "gained my 22 warrior level today" and MM#55 (a bathing centaur). Teren completed mobmastery #17 (a student) and then changed class back to mage.Garland completes MM#85 - Ygren. Teron is created 'for the third time'. Isolas gains Ma:7. Boris levels to Cl:10\Wa:12. Whoz becomes a Vigilante.

12/25/02 - Merry Christmas! A few people posts Christmas notes, and there is a Christmas quest with crazed reindeer scattered across the mud. Gdelf reaches Ra:18 Ma:16. Perseus levels to 5 mage. Boris reaches Cl: 6 Wa:12. Kalel completes his first mobmaster. Rath reaches 7 ordained. Mani is created. Wario reaches Ra:17 Cl:20. Ragnar reaches Ra: 5 Sh:11. Adwen joins Clue. Tokugawa updates the inactive immortals FYI. Linkin of Fate ascends twice, reaching Ma:20/Wa:18, and completes MM#36 - a large antelope. Skares levels to Sh:16\Wa:10, and gets MM#10 - a lizard man. Factor levels to Cl:12\Wa:10. Wolfwood got MM #8 - a Reveller Thief and Fobro completed MM #40 - an amimated spear.

12/24/02 - Khore posts a little Christmas present to the mud: the TFC forums. Teren completes mobmasters 7 & 8. Zutibnor levels to 7 mage. Sharlin gossips (in common), 'this mud is addictive'. Regul completes mobmaster 58. Alkhem levels to 11 warrior. Mosi reaches Wa: 5 Sh:12. Skares reaches Sh:16 Wa:10. Malekith reaches Wa:12 Sh:15. Fehu levels to 5 mage. Jarid completes mobmasters 31 thru 35. Merkderk reaches Wa:25 Th:20 Cl:30. Factor levels three times, reaching Wa:10\Cl:11. He also gets MM#4 - an eddie and #5 - a lizard child. Caine levels to Cl:5. Hummer is chased around by various Bounty Hunters. Terny reports that he "didn't mobdie, but had a fun ride down underwater rapids and over a couple waterfalls :)" Lyra gains Th:8. Boris 'the Bullet Dodger' reaches Wa:12. Pitt reports he 'just swung my first post-betrayal caps ;)'. Abe becomes a reprisalist. Alucard reaches Th:12\Wa:30\Ma:30. Linkin works on Mob Mastery quests, completing #34 - an antelope and #35 - a savage woman. Iris Phris levels to Wa:11. Maeron gets MM#60 - Queen Sylette, #61 - Locathah ambassador, and #62 - target not reported. Factor dies in the Strands of Matter, and Drakar and Linkin of Fate attempt a CR but are unsuccessful. Linkin is adopted into the Lin family.

12/23/02 - Vorax is back! Yay! Regul hits the 574 point mark on location quest. Weezer reaches Th:21 Wa:30 Sh:30. Ravin reaches Cl:16 Wa:11. Drucilla reaches Cl:22 Wa:15 and sings "Dinah" on gossip. Odin levels to 5 cleric. Equix levels several times, reaching Th: 8 Wa: 9. Skie completes mobmaster 35. Valenvaryon levels to 7 warrior. Septimus reaches Wa: 4 Ma:13. Flick reaches Wa: 8 Th:12. Khore gossips a few Christmas wishes. Soloman completes mobmasters 31 & 32. Alyria reaches Th: 4 Ma:30 Ra:30. Borok levels to 18 warrior. Boyardee reaches Th: 5 Wa:30 Ma:30. Wylin notes that "this is the longest a version of the game has lasted since febuary through may 2001 which lasted 2 months (almost 3)". Factor gets a train when he reaches Wa:3\Cl:11 and completes MM #3 - a blue jay. He continues leveling throughout the day, doing so four times, reaching Wa:7\Cl:11. Linkin ascends to Wa:17\Ma:18. Bergsten advances to Ordained level 17. Pitt kills the Divine Theologian with aid from Fobro and Natilena for MM#82. Fobro reaches Cl:24\Wa:18. Teren gets MM #6 - a cave fish. Morphius reports, "I leveled to level 3 thief :), and i was quite today :)'. (We think he means quiet, and he wasn't.) Ravin gets his very first DISEMBOWL with a spiritual hammer. Teren keeps up the good work and levels to Ra:7\Ma:9. Clorax returns to the Shadows. Mystaya levels to Sh:7. Kail becomes a miscreant. Wunk completes MM# 53 - 'el instructuro'. Kleitor levels to Wa:15\Sh:17. Lyger completes MM #33 - a Minnow. Sharlin is torn limb from limb by the giants of Skorlanis. Kail becomes a vigilante. Valenvaryon is briefly silenced while the "No Cussing" rules are explained to him. Tiax runs a game of Teleport. Merkderk advanced to level 24. A WHO list from midday. Ambrose completes MM #27 - a rakasta citizen.

12/22/02 - Tamar posts a note about reforms from Xavier's following. Gdelf reaches Ma:16 Ra:16. Malekith reaches Sh:10 Wa:10. Tiela levels to 9 mage. Flick reaches Wa: 6 Th:12. Wilson levels to 15 warrior. Locke reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Aldoran is created. Xain levels to 5 mage. Nimf reaches Th: 5 Wa: 9. Soulcrush is created & levels to 5 shaman. Winne completes mobmasters 31 & 32. Factor reaches Cl:11 then duals to Warrior and levels twice. Grimace gains Ma:25\Ra:20. Tiberius kills an Old Knight for MM#56. Avatarr Farseer ascends to Wa:19\Sh:22. Azriath died to a ghost that "wasn't his, and then he lost his corpse." Krule reports that he was coolered. Linkin of Fate kills Marilyn for MM#31, and later in the day, ascends to Ma:18\Wa:15. Regul gains Ra:26\Th:23\Ma:26. Carrie levels to Wa:6\Ma:10. Solaron departs the Chosen of Fate, and Cordir posts a note about it. Phantasm bad portaled over 5 times and "still haven't died today." He also slew an animated sword for MM#36. altar of the Coven levels to Th:5\Sh:20\Wa:20. Teren gained MM#5 - a fisherman. Merkderk (who "goes *THWAP* in the night") levels to Wa:23\Th:20\Cl:30, and later MM #56 - a male centaur. Kailani gains Wa:7\Ma:9...and an admirer. Calivax joins the Chosen of Fate. A very drunk Morphius gets drunk and has a party in the kitchen. (Or maybe it was the other way around?) He is repeatedly asked by Cordir to hush up on gossip about gingerbread men, muffin men, and assorted baked goods, until she finally staples his tongue to his forhead. This leads to uh, Pillsbury gossips (in common), 'Have u seen the muffin man the muffin man the muffin man'., among other things. Tweedle completes MM #7 - a mockingbird.

12/21/02. - Rhys gains Wa:5\Ma:11. Factor kills a blue jay for MM#2, and later levels to Cl:10. Asmodeus gains Wa:15\Ma:15. Regul completes MM #53 - a centaur. Skie gets MM#34 - a fireworm. Alyria D'Aleth gains Th:3\Ma:30\Ra:30. Belsambar reports that he "found my first ever 3 seperate affects item" (Con/MR/DMG) Rolland of the FoLK gains Ma:12\Ra:9. Onyx gains Ma:11. Redrum the Elf (who says no, he isn't the old Redrum) levels to Ma:7. Alucard completes mobmaster 34. Linkin reaches Ma:17 Wa:15. Xzanadin levels to 5 warrior. ### [Uriel tells Linkin (in common), 'ah i dont kill FLIs'] (Does he just get them down to 1hp?) Neodis levels to 11 ranger and then duals to mage. Azeworai reaches Wa:23 Ma:20 and completes mobmaster 44. Kaldred finds a sanct potion & a bright on the same mob. Malekith levels warrior many, many times and then duals to shaman. Slick does his first location quest, completes MM #41, and reaches Ra:21 Cl:30. Terestai levels to 5 mage. Axe levels to 7 shaman. Mario reaches Wa:12 Sh:17 Th:10. Acer levels to 5 warrior. Dilandou reaches Cl:15 Wa:11. Merkderk reaches Wa:22 Th:20 Cl:30 and completes mobmaster 54. Teren reaches Ra: 6 Ma: 9. Rath reaches 5 ordained. Merkderk gossips (in common), 'why does fruit cake have a red aura?'. He then discovers that 'fruit cakes are no remove'.

12/20/02 - Christmas creatures begin appearing. The rank listings from this day. Tripper actually logs on for quite a while, after ages of absence. Cordir posts a note about an Estrella GT which'll be at the Estrella War in Phoenix in Feb. 2003. Rolland completes mobmasters 5 thru 7. Grogan is created. Iridium levels to 5 cleric. Wylin completes mobmaster 94 (a Triton war captain). Bergal duals to warrior. Coulter levels to Ra:24\Ma:25. After several rounds of 'large rats' and 'hellhounds' for a target, Wolfwood finally gets a mob mastery he can complete, slaying a blue caterpillar for MM#1. He then levels to Cl:12\Wa:11, and MM #2 - a drunk, shortly thereafter. Abelk is created. Teren has a busy day as he levels to Ra:5\Ma:9 (becoming more lucky and influential). got MM #3 - a minnow, and #4 - a baby polyp, and joined the FoLK. Noctus reaches 3000 hours of play.

12/19/02 - Pitt kills Ygren the Sword Crafter for the second MM in a row - #82. WHO list from 11:00 AM system time. Reaper completes his second Mob Mastery - a locust in Kuroth. Morphius got MM #57 - a bathing centaur. Kailani levels to Wa:5\Ma:9. Wylin killed Captain Meryl for MM #92 and Jair the Librarian for MM #93. Wario levels to Cl:16\Ra:15. Raiko reaches Ra:13\Th:9\Cl:15. Shon slays the Lineoth Camp Leader for MM #84. Axe Thorn levels to Sh:4 & joins Plato. Teren completes MM #1 - a gnat and #2 - a stray dog. Jasper gains Cl:17\Wa:15. A WHO list from the afternoon. Look completes MM #1 - rabbit, #2 - goblin worker, #3 - goblin baby'. Martyr posts a really nice item for trade. Lycron completes mobmasters 34 & 35. Soloman levels to 24 shaman. Hex reaches Th: 6 Ma: 9 Wa:10. Krule reaches Sh:14 Wa: 9. Cordir becomes an official geek by turning 7000 hours old, and announces that she's throwing a party. (Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir is an Official Geek: 7000 hours!) Patton completes mobmaster 20. Levron levels to 13 cleric. Drakar reaches Ra:26 Cl:28 Th:20. Specious completes mobmasters 8 thru 11. Hutt reaches Cl:11 Wa:10. Wolfwood reaches Wa:11 Cl:11. Dyanne levels to 5 warrior. Jet completes mobmaster 84. Linkin reaches Ma:16 Wa:15. Rath reaches 4 ordained.

12/18/02 - Noctus nearly dies himself when he attempts a CR in Master's Tower for Keat and Belsamber. Pitt assists, and all corpses are returned. Teren levels twice, reaching Ra:3\Ma:9. Cyris has a busy morning, leveling to Sh:13\Wa:15 and performing a CR for Ravin of Fate, when the smaller fellow dies in Sanguinna, slain by a Servant of Chaos. Lexie posts "An Ode to the Suicide Mage", which is answered over the next few days. Wylin completed MM #91 - triton war captain. Specious keeps up his power leveling, reaching Ra:26 Ma:24. Alkhem levels to 5 warrior. Reaper reaches Wa: 3 Ma:10. Tamar auctions (in elven), 'the runed obsidian amulet, take your chances', and throws in a free sleep spell, and people bid like crazy on it. Azeworai wins the auction, at 166k. He gets his free sleep spell too, as does Tiax for some reason. Regul completes mobmaster 52. Neodis levels to 9 ranger. Asmodeus reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Scorch is created. Alryia reaches Th: 2 Ma:30 Ra:30. Boyardee reaches Th: 3 Wa:30 Ma:30. Regul completes mobmaster 51.

12/17/02 - Xavier changes alignment from lawful neutral to lawful evil. (Xavier reports, 'My Covenant voted our change of alignment and we are now evil.) Neodis was rifted into non-existence by his Goddess Bliss. Moments later she nurtured him back to life. Once again Neodis is in service to the Coven, this time as a level 4 Elven Ranger. DarkClaw posts a note about a future Chicago area GT, and there are quite a few responses. Several people posts some Nash notes. Barrow reaches Wa: 4 Sh:13. Quinnthallis reaches Wa: 8 Cl:11. Bergsten reaches 13 ordained. Kolug levels to 19 warrior. Specious reaches Ra:25 Ma:21. Phipher levels to Wa:12\Cl:15. Taimalg gains Cl:15\Wa:10. Wylin dies in Master's Tower, and Paython performs the CR. Cyrix, the Mariner of Passion, levels his warrior class twice, reaching Wa:14\Sh:13. Blanca becomes a reprisalist. Linkin's harm spell Annihilates a Dwarven Warrior, helping him gain MM#29, and later, Wa:15\Ma:15. Drakar kills Thengar for MM#72, and the Jailor for #72. Teren duals to Ranger 'with a little help from Cyris and Abe.'

12/16/02 - Rath is ordained "Gravedigger" by Molo. Sancho levels to 20 warrior. Specious levels many times, reaching Ma:17 Ra:15. There are a few addicts on the mud. Jasper completes mobmaster 21. Bergsten reaches 10 ordained. Gagar levels to 5 warrior. Lexie and Wunk both get handed nodrops, and Wunk discovers you can wear sheep poo on your feet. Mario reaches Sh:13 Wa:10 Th:10 and Wario reaches Cl:15 Ra:15. Pitt posts a note about a future Phoenix GT. Stalkr reaches Cl:18 Th:15 Ra:15. Phipher reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Bevier discovers that DarkFang is ticklish. Draga levels to 9 warrior. A fat pig gossips, 'oink oink'. Micah gains a train when he levels to Wa:5\Cl:23. Pitt gets MM#91 - Ygren, the sword crafter. Cyris levels to from Sh:5 to Sh:12\Wa:11, and joins Passion. Linkin of Fate ascends to Wa:14\Ma:15. Blanca levels to Cl:27\Wa:15. Fobro chops down a tree for MM#39. Fobro gains Wa:12\Cl:15. Mistyfier is slain in TP, and Shon performs the CR. Sakyra gains level Ma:25\Th:22\Wa:25. Boyardee triples to thief at effective 40th and is named Fallen Knight of the Black Conclave.

12/15/02 - Lyra levels to 5 thief. Cahd levels to 5 warrior. Lexie becomes a miscreant, and blames it on her latest pet, Chia. Arwen is created. Helm reaches Sh: 2 Wa:12. Mario reaches Wa: 9 Sh:11 Th:10. Bergsten reaches 8 ordained. Falcor joins Xavier. Merkderk reaches Cl:30 Th:20 Wa:20, maxing out cleric. Jakirth gossips (in common), 'im the brighter one PICK ME'. Kay reaches Or: 8 Wa:10. Vogar levels to 5 warrior. Specious reaches 30 ordained, and gets de-ordained. Rolland levels to Ma:11\Ra:9. Teren reaches Ma:9. Wilson levels to Wa:14. Natilena kills the Thief Guildmaster of Loth-Llorien for MM#86. Borok gains Wa:16. Mistyfier gets MM#51 - Oprah, and then #52 - a male centaur, which gains him Cl:23\Wa:20. Fobro reaches level 23 Cleric. Aslan reports: Look advances to level 14. Aslan actually leaves the guild and gains some XP! Tiberius kills Heim's wife for mobmastery 51. Noixas completes MM#23 - Aylan and #24 - an orc guard. Ping levels to Ma:18\Wa:15. Riella gains Ma:25\Ra:20. Phipher levels to Cl:12\Wa:11. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 2. Lexie won with 7 points and Boyardee came in second with 0 points. Here's the Ranks for today.

12/14/02 - Alyria posts an invitation to her wedding to Rath, and the wedding is held later this same day. Carrie levels to 10 mage and then duals to warrior. Cyris levels several times, reaching Sh: 5 Wa:11. Mario reaches Wa: 8 Sh:11 Th:10. Clytemnestra levels to 28 shaman and completes mobmasters 38 & 39. Nebikanezzer the Ogre is created and levels to 5 warrior. Fobro reaches Cl:23 Wa:18. Malathreal reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Lycron reaches Wa:18 Sh:20. Specious reaches 29 ordained. Jasper reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Famine reaches Wa:14 Cl:17. Khorrine levels to 5 mage. Flick reaches Wa: 5 Th:12. Woiloth levels to 5 mage. Molo and Xavier both reach greater power. Adrien Macht levels to Ra:20\Sh:20. Smug the Ogre is created. Uriel is silenced. Belsambar Bloodstar gained a Release from the Tigers and joined the WarDancers. Shortly thereafter, he "barely excaped a self started death to the Clave via bad recall to his death in Dhraxx, and he did his own CR." Skie completes MM #33 - the Queen's bodyguard.

12/13/02 - Bergsten is ordained "Envoy" by Robert! Onyx levels to 10 mage. Aster completes mobmaster 80. Atilla reaches Wa: 6 Sh:11. Wunk does his first location quest and then shortly afterwards says, ### [Wunk tells Pitt (in common), 'if i do about a billion more i'll have enough xp to level past you']. Stonebull levels to 10 warrior. Jarid completes mobmasters 11 through 14. Weezer gets hit by a couple of lightning bolts, and then gossips 'damn Friday 13th =P'. Rhys reaches Wa: 2 Ma:11. Adrien levels a couple of times, reaching Ra:19 Sh:20. Regul completes mobmaster 50 (the sailor). Natilena completes mobmasters 83 & 84. Neodis gossips (in common), 'Detect Disease is a lvl11 spell yet is more useless and less acurate then my Steak of cave fish'. Asmodeus completes MM #11 - a sprite. Otak joins the Draoi. Kailani duals to warrior. Wardrof ascends to Cl:22\Wa:21 - and gains MAX HPs, MAX Mana, Extra Prac, and a Train!! Alucard completes MM #33. Tiberius gets MM #50 - the Tribal Chief. Phipher gains MM #12 - halfling thief . Here's a couple WHO lists. Ragnar is created & levels to 5 shaman.

12/12/02 - Lexie holds a naming contest for her pet ferret. Asmodeus reaches Wa:12 Ma:15. Gdelf reaches Ra: 9 Ma:15. Adrien reaches Ra:17 Sh:20. Blanca reaches Cl:24 Wa:15. Eliste levels to 8 ranger. Montaigne is created. Sylarn completes mobmaster 82. Coulter completes mobmasters 52 thru 56. Plato holds a teleport game, and later becomes a Lesser Goddess. Otak joins Xavier. Floyd levels to 10 thief. Seamus levels all three classes, reaching Ma:22\Th:21\Ra:23. Lazireth gains Ma:4. Cyan Bloodbane levels to Ra:7. A bizarre conversation over gossip discusses Wish's enjoyment of parasites. Greaver slays a moose for MM #11. Wunk gets MM #51. Syn has advanced to level 12. Kuynuka is created. Slick reaches level 20. Jakirith levels twice to Ma:6. Jarid gets MM#10. Ghazkull ascends to Ra:12\Ma:15. Kailani dualed to warrior, and leveled three times. HarKlan killed a peacekeeper that conned as Death. Famine gets MM #28. Locke becomes a miscreant. HarKlan levels to Ma:7.Here's a couple WHO lists from throughout the day.

12/11/02 - Tel falls to demipower. Ghazkull ascends to Ma:15\Ra:11. Solanthas regains Greater Power. Drakar of Fate mob-dies in Aran while linkdead, and Tiberius of the Coven performs a swift CR. Drakar gets MM#71 - a centaur bow maker. Coulter reaches Ra:22 Ma:25. Wish reaches Th:13 Wa:30 Ma:30. Quentin is created. Nazinthas completes mobmaster 59. Jasper reaches Cl:15 Wa:15 and completes mobmaster 20. Floyd gossips (in common), 'ever have a mustard sandwich?'. Ew! Kaleb reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Syn levels to 11 warrior. Heury completes mobmaster 10. Adrien reaches Sh:20 Ra:16. Kailani reaches Wa: 2 Ma: 9. Lexie actually has to use a recall potion. Pulaid is created. Zechariah levels to 9 cleric. Boyardee completes mobmaster 63.

12/10/02 - Lyger becomes a sociopath. Linkin kills a Rakasta Gatherer for MM#27 & a dwarven hunter for MM#28. Chaar gains MM#27 as well, an Ent Mother. Grimace levels to Ma:24\Ra:20, and gets an extra practice and a Train! Teren gains Ma:8, and got 16hp, 17mana and became "more mighty :)". Blanca joins Tiax. Regul reaches Ma:25 Th:22 Ra:25. Wolfwood reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Ping gets killed by the Tempest. Kerson scores 3902 points total on location quest. Myronides posts "A call to all true elves". Cyris levels several times, to 10 warrior. Twelf reaches Wa:15 Ma:16 Th:16. Zechariah levels to 5 cleric. Demoth reaches Ma:23 Ra:21 Th:20. A who list from this day. Eliste joins Clue. Mosi duals to warrior. Famine completes mobmasters 26 & 27. Phipher reaches Wa: 9 Cl:11. Sancho levels to 15 warrior. Flick reaches Wa: 3 Th:12. Asmodeus reaches Ma:15 Wa:10. Lycron completes mobmaster 33. Zylo levels to 5 shaman. Okk drops by for a visit. Kodak reaches Sh:25 Wa:15. Calivax gossips.

12/9/02 - The wizlist and the rank listings from this day. Gdelf reaches Ra: 8 Ma:15. Cyan levels to 5 ranger. Augustine reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Aster completes mobmasters 75 thru 79. Toke completes mobmaster 46. Tiberius gossips (in common), 'I'm creature of terminal vanity, I love myself. '. Locke reaches Ma:12 Wa:11. Atilla reaches Wa: 4 Sh:11. Mario reaches Wa: 4 Sh:11 Th:10. Doom is created. (Where's Gloom?) Phipher reaches Wa: 7 Cl:11. Keridan reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Some mobs break out in song. Ephiny gossips (in common), 'And I don't wear panties...just armor.'. Skie completes mobmaster 32 (a huge hairy beast). Noixas runs into the Tempest today, and miraculously escapes alive. Wolfwood reaches Cl:11, then duals to warrior and levels four times. Dauthi reaches Cl:8. Dauthi gains Cl:8. Sancho levels to Wa:12. Asmodeus gains Ma:13\Wa:10 and completes 5 mob mastery quests (#1 - field mouse, #2 - a hoard of maggots, #3 - a gnat, #4 - butterfly, #5 - a gnat). Lexie starts a company: "Bad Sport, Inc". Lorax joins her company, becoming its Financial Officer. Regul completse MMS #46-49: a female triton (twice), Captain Trag, and Inindo. Golan the Boy gains Ma:4. The zombie tells Cordir (in ogre), 'kaleyah just killed Ogra for mm53!'. (Cordir's note: First time I've had a zombie report timeline news!) Ephiny gossips something about things getting smaller and larger and confuses everyone. There are several very strange, brief conversations on gossip, some of which can be found HERE. Whoz asks for advice on picking his room service delivery. Recommendations are chicken and dwarf, and the Fajita Chicken Panini is recommended by Lorax and eventually ordered. (No reports on how the service or taste was.) Here's a bunch of WHO lists. Lorax is fired, and demands severance pay. A game of mob hunt ends in round 6: Maimer won with 36 points and Lexie came in second with 27 points. Talyn reports, 'Wardancers hate me :)'. Atillga gains Wa:4\Sh:11.

12/8/02- Gulotor levels to Wa:5\Cl:12. Starhawk is created. Kailani gains Ma:7 and reiterates that "mages are fun!!" Finache completes # MM's: a patient, and a shattered soul for #24 and #25, and #26 - a museum guard. Vecna stops by for a rare visit. Xantam gains Sh:16\Wa:15. Bergsten reaches Ra:10\Cl:10. Flick, the Drow Swashbuckler of Draoi levels thief twice then duals to Warrior. He also reports, 'I attempted to write my own description and It may have actually turned out good :-p'. Asmodeus does his first mobmaster and levels to Ma:11\Wa:10. Cygnus becomes a vigilante. Rolland of the FoLK gains Ma:10\Ra:9. Krule levels to Sh:12\Wa:9, and 'finally got a good mana level :P.' Ephiny becomes a vigilante. Brendan levels to Wa:7. Morphius Kelir gains Th:2\Sh:30. Mario reaches Th:10\Sh:11. Famine levels to Wa:11\Cl:17. Linkin of Fate stays very busy, working on levels and mob mastery targets, completing #21 - a dolphin, #22 - a Shamanic Guard, #23 - a rakasta gatherer, #24 - the spirit of a thief, #25 - a foreman, #26 - a rakasta citizen, and he levels twice, reaching Wa:12\Ma:15. Alexandra gains Sh:7. Flick gets MM#4 - the mountain ewe - and #5 - a gray fox. Wistom hits 1600 hours of play. Alucard kills something for MM#32. Atilla levels to Wa:3\Sh:11. Whitehawk visits and reports, 'Tamar's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** you! '. Regul completes two location quests, reaching 494 points total. Brendan gains Wa:8. Valence joins Xavier. Hunn reaches Ma:13 Wa:10. Thyris levels to 8 shaman. Jasper completes mobmasters 18 & 19. Mari is created. Nazzuk reaches Cl:25 Wa:15. Wolfwood levels to 11 cleric. Wilson levels to 10 warrior. Morphius completes mobmaster 56. Tiberius completes mobmasters 48 & 49. Malignant reaches Wa:10 Sh:12. Phipher reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11.

12/7/02 - Katrana is promoted to attendant of the WarDancers! Ravin gains a Train when he ascends to Cl:13\Wa:11. Wario levels to Cl:13\Ra:9. Quarnel passed the 1.8mil xp mark today and finds the Outermost Branches of the Treehouse to reach 10007 total location quest points!!! Fobro gains MM#38 - a carrion crawler. Drakar Grimward ascends to Cl:26\Ra:25\Th:20. Bergsten levels three times today, reaching Ra:9\Cl:10. Gdelf gains Ra:7\Ma:15. Mystical reaches Th:11\Ra:30\Cl:30. Rydell levels to Sh:23. Uriel gets MM# 80. Phipher levels twice, reaching Wa:4\Cl:11. Ink gains Wa:28\Cl:30. Cordir runs a 50 question Trivia contest. Greaver won with 18 points. Terenas took second with 10 points. Locke got 8 points, Lycron got 5 points. Ephiny got 3 points. Kerson and Fobro got 2 points each, Wistom, Ink, Seamus, Natilena, Locke, and Aiken got 1 each. There are various accusations of cheating in the contest, and to let off some steam, Cordir gives Lanfear a rifting without a sanc first. Amazingly, the Wyld Enchantress survives. Greaver later levels to Wa:3\Cl:11. Stonebull gains Wa:8. Razz reaches Ma:15\Ra:11. Onyx becomes a miscreant. Lexie completes at least seven Location quests, bringing her total to 1217 points. Locke reaches Wa:11\Ma:11. Bevier found his way into the Entforest through the Valley of the Mist for the first time on his own today, and later cast his first successful Summon spell - summoning an Entling. Onyx is killed by a guard in Kharad Delving and Stonebull performed the CR. Twelf levels to Wa:14\Ma:16\Th:16. Mogruk gains Wa:7 and Bevier of the Folk reaches Cl:10. Adrien turns 50 hours old and later reaches Sh:19/Ra:16. Garland out-old-fogey's him with 700 years old (1377 hours). Borok gains Wa:11. Flick levels to Th:10. Borok rejoins the Defenders of the Sun (Ironic for a guy who is involved with a Vampire...) Sako levels twice, to gain Ra:7\Ma:11. Wistom reaches Th:20\Sh:30\Wa:24. Drakar of Fate completes MM #69 - Tomas and #70 - the Jailor. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 2 with some pretty lackluster efforts: Natilena won with 1 point. Drakar came in second with 0 points. Aces gains Wa:11. Kailani levels to Ma:6. Boromir actually leaves the guild long enough in the company of Drakar to slay Slue... and a rather big Slue Ghost. Vex provides assistance with the ghost. Ephiny reports that 'Someone' is harassing her, and a god+ orders the Coven not to talk to her, and for her not to speak to any Coven for the rest of the night. Keat makes Someone mad with a discussion about Nash over gossip. The Someone then declares himself not 'just any' FLI, but 'THE FLI'. Flick failed 6 mob mastery quests today. Twelf reached Wa:14\Ma:16\Th:16. Mireya An-Shalach ascends to Cl:19\Wa:15. Regul levels three times to reach Ra:25\Th:22\Ma:24 and effective 40 in 220 hours. Helm does his first mobmaster. Asmodeus reaches Wa: 9 Ma:11. Septimus levels to 13 mage. Aces levels to 11 warrior. Garland starts a mosh pit at Mish :) There are a couple of responses to Martyr's "Cleansing" note from a few days ago. Garanhir is created. Tiberius auctions (in common), 'Seeking to make myself a cheeseburger with the power to annoy it's ingestor'.

12/6/02 - Quarnel hits 9362 points total on location quest. Skie completes mobmaster 31 (an ent guard). The rank listings from this day. Ouchohm does not die. Razz levels several times in both classes, reaching Ma:13 Ra:11. Carrie levels to 8 mage (again). Kailani is created and levels to 5 mage. Sicarian passes the 2300 mark on location quest. Garland gossips (in common), 'Vex attacked me and actually stumbled, which proves he may actually be human after all :)'. Vex gossips (in common), 'i got over excited'. Several bounty hunters finally realize that Morphius escaped from prison a while back, and spend their time yelling 'Escaped prisoner! Sound the alarm!' since they can't seem to kill him. Silver levels to 5 thief. Cynder completes mobmaster 46 (Cardinal Auroron). Cordir runs a game of Teleport, and Quarnel is the winner, getting a rift for a prize. Other competitors winning points on the scoreboard were Vex, Sylt, Traume, and Drakar. During the quest, Lexie is removed from it after being the one who asked for a game in the first place, because she gossips "bah!" to Vex and Sylt everytime they get a point. (Guess she should have been gossiping to Quarnel instead :P) Anyway, Lexie's the worst bad sport Marisa's ever seen: Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Lexie, CEO of Bad Sport, Inc. [104] --*Vex*--. Ravin ascends to level 12. Katrana reaches 242 hours of service as an Ambassador. Angelus reaches Th:5\Ma:15\Wa:9. Ravin of Fate ascends to Cl:12\Wa:11. Wunk reports that 'Shon and Wistom heroically saved my butt from the brass dragon'. Hunn gains Ma:12\Wa:10. Sedona Vian'shi reaches Wa:17\Cl:24. Helm levels to Wa:9. Linkin Park ascends to Wa:10\Ma:15. Phrygian sings his way to Bard:13\7\4 and continues to work on Bardic advancement, completing MM#7 and two location quests for more than 50 points total. Wardrof completes MM #33 - a deck hand. Allanon becomes a miscrent. Sylt becomes a sociopath. Kodak becomes a reprisalist. Drakar joins the Chosen of Fate. Stalkr completes MM #25. Shannon becomes a miscreant. Drakar completes MM #68 - the Scribe. Twelf completes MM #33 a manor servant. Quarnel and Lexie CR'ed Drakar's corpse from Velalisier. Kailani: Linkin and Drakar / Fri Dec 6 20:10:39 2002 / To: Cordir / While I was xping today, being young and learning the ropes, not one but two of your followers (one is a soon to be by my guess) asked if I needed or wanted anything. Your people have a reputation that is beyond well earned. Thank you for them.

12/5/02 - Neodis does his first pk ever. Oswald completes mobmasters 35 & 36. Cyan is created. Locke reaches Wa: 9 Ma:11. Garett levels to 5 cleric. Martyr posts "Cleansing, Rebirth, and now a call to arms". Shango reaches Ra:11 Ma:12. Jasper reaches Wa:12 Cl:14. Clytemnestra completes mobmasters 35 & 36 (the Ghost of Alyaros & a pike). Natilena thpppts and pouts. Specious does his first location quest. Regul completes mobmaster 41 (a tribal shaman). Tara joins Kerriariadne. Look, Alexandra & Carrie all join Clue. Noixas slays a Giant shaman for mm 9. Katrana reports that 'Algenara beat me at cards:( hehe'. Fisrad levels to Ra:16\Ma:22. Bergsten levels to Cl:9. Oswald leveled for the first time 'in months' to Cl:24 Wa:23 and got MM#35 - an alligator hunter and #36 - a pike. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 6: Sicarian won with 48 points and Lexie came in second with 33 points. Jarid gets MM# 9 - a halfling beauty. Torrent gains Ma:9\Ra:11 Lexie has scored 10 points on a location quest (1063 points total). Onyx gains Ma:7 just as Stonebull reaches Wa:7. Kodak become a reprisalist. There's a flirtation with Mish. Razz levels to Ra:9\Ma:11. Linkin of Fate ascends to Ma:14\Wa:10, then works on his mob mastery quests: #16 - a lamia, #17 - a minotaur guard, #18 - the polar bear, #19 - a monkey, #20 - the Guardsman. Phipher levels to Cl:10. Tara kills something for MM#19. Gulotor reaches Wa:4\Cl:12. Toku reboots the mud to rid the world of Turkeys. A couple of WHO lists from throughout the day.

12/4/02 - Lorax reaches effective 50th (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30) by slaying a Triton Warrior! Wylin reaches 29 ordained. Phipher levels to 8 cleric. Grale completes mobmaster 70 (the spider statue). Jarid reaches Th: 2 Ra:20 Cl:23. Locke reaches Wa: 8 Ma:11. Chaar reaches Th:19 Wa:20 Ma:20. Kaleb reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Gulotor reaches Wa: 3 Cl:12. Seamus reaches Th:21\Ma:21\Ra:22. Noixas gains Wa:7\Cl:15. Linkin ascends Ma:13\Wa:10. Here's a whole series of WHO lists from throughout the afternoon. Multiple brass swords purge from Gytar when he logs in, causing him to bemoan the loss of his silent entrance. HarKlan levels to Ma:4. Wunk got MM #47 -female centaur. Lessien levels to Ma:11, then duals to warrior and levels that class as well. Jarid gets MM#7 & 8, and Jasper gets MM#14 thru 16. Liam levels to Cl:4. Kalgar gets MM#18 and also reaches Wa:15\Sh:15. Xantam levels to Sh:14\Wa:15. Anthea is created. Hex gains Wa:2\Ma:9. Kerson gains 3808 points total on Location Quest. Maimer becomes a miscreant. Razz reches Ra:4\Ma:11. Pol does some housekeeping and announces, 'feeding frenzy at the pit! Pol just cleaned out hid inventory!'. A game of Mob Hunt ends in Round 3: Gytar won with 16 points and Riella came in second with 0 points.

12/3/02 - I strong suspect that Sicarian's addicted to mudding: Sicarian gossips (in common), 'I'll sleep when I'm dead.'. Ripper joins Kerriariadne. Morphius completes mobmasters 54 & 55. Nigel duals to warrior. Ink does his first location quest. Onyx levels to 5 mage. Gdelf reaches Ra: 4 Ma:15. Mars joins Xavier. Garland has women fighting over who gets to wizmark him at Mish. Ren reaches Th: 9 Wa:15 Cl:15. Camelia levels to 5 cleric. Azriath reaches Ma: 4 Th: 9. Jasper completes mobmaster 9 thru 12. Helm reaches Cl:11 Wa:11. Torrent reaches Ma: 6 Ra:11. Borok levels to 5 warrior. Tara completes mobmaster 15. Aslan reaches 11 ordained. Kerson passes the 3700 mark on location quest. Cadderly reaches Ra: 4 Cl:10. Torq levels to 5 cleric. Ever wondered how Ptarchyzk's name is pronounced? Here it is, right from the horse's mouth :P Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'and, for information.. it's pronounced S-M-I-T-H'. Ariakas completes MM #27 - a worker. Lanfear, the Chosen Mistress of Magic, gains a TRAIN when she ascends to Ordained level 25. Wistom and Maimer join the WarDancers and then later the Choo Choo levels to Th:19\Sh:30\Wa:24. Noctus reaches 1500 years old (2976 hours). Micah gains Wa:4\Cl:23by killing the nightstalker, and gained a train. Cordir posts a note about Mosi the cretin.Lania levels to Cl:22\Wa:15. Ephiny does a CR in Jester's for Mistyfier. Wolfwood gains Cl:6. Abaddon has become a vigilante. Razz levels to Ma:10. Kaleb levels to Cl:17\Wa:15. Maimer become a vigilante and joins the Wardancers. Quarnel gets MM #62 - a battle gnome. A WHO list.

12/2/02 - Kerson obtained MM #89 - Slue. Spite levels to Sh:9. Verid gains Ma:5. Wylin gets MM#88 when he kills Scairz. Rolland levels to Ma:9\Ra:9. Chef Boyardee reaches 14 points total with Location Quests. Demian joins Xavier. Katrana completes 237 hours of service as an Ambassador. A game of Mob Hunt ends in Round 4 - Wylin won with 19 points and Skie came in second with 0 points. Oswald kills something for MM#34. Uriel posts a note about an upcoming Tucson GT. Oswald completes mobmasters 33 & 34. Tostig joins Xavier. Skie completes mobmaster 30. Hawkeye reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Carrie deletes herself and restarts. Cadderly levels to 10 cleric. Seamus reaches Th:19 Ma:21 Ra:22. Natilena completes mobmaster 81. Helm reaches Cl:10 Wa:11. Both Ren AND Stimpy join Bliss. (Was there theme music when they joined?) Sako reaches Ra: 3 Ma:11. Wolfwood levels to 5 cleric. Ibicus reaches Ma:12 Wa: 9 Th: 9. Greaver does a ton of mobmasters, ending with 10. Rydell levels to 22 shaman.

12/1/02 - Ephiny keeps the geekspot warm for hours and hours and hours waiting for Tripper, but he never shows up. A who list from this day. Weezer reaches Th:19 Wa:30 Sh:30. Razz is created. Quinnthallis reaches Wa: 7 Cl:11. Cadderly levels cleric many times, then duals to ranger to reach Ra: 2 Cl:10. Dandin reaches Wa: 6 Cl:11. Sicarian did a CR at the White Dragon in the Dragon Tower for Isitititis in the EARLY a.m. Gulotor levels to Cl:12. Drazuk, the Ghoulie Pizano, Abrasive Blade of Fate, ascends to Ma:24\Ra:17\Th:11. Prior to that, he also gains MM #31 - a brown hare and #32 - a duergar smith. Arcaine gains Wa:8, and Mistyfier slays a Triton Child for MM#45. Lyger reaches Wa:16\Sh:23. Jasper levels to Wa:8\Cl:14. Winne gets two MMs: #29 - large cyclops, and #30 - ent guard. Goodspeed gains Sh:12. Greaver reaches Cl:11. Borok slays a ranger guard for MM#14 and a small vampire bat for #15. Brundlewart becomes a miscreant. Traume levels to Ma:26\Wa:25. Acaidias reaches Sh:11. Stimpy becomes a reprisalist. Kolug levels to Wa:16. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 3: Natilena won with 12 points and Seamus came in second with 9 points.

11/30/02 - Lestat does his first location quest. Clorox completes mobmaster 28. Armalag reaches Th:11 Wa:30 Cl:30 (leveling thief from 6 to 11). Seamus reaches Th:18 Ma:21 Ra:22. Haelestri levels to 5 mage. Uriel completes mobmaster 79. Specious reaches 23 ordained. Kolug levels to 14 warrior and joins Xavier. Aldur reaches Wa:10 Ma:16. Jasper completes mobmasters 5 thru 8 and reaches Wa: 7 Cl:14. Terik is created. Merkderk completes mobmasters 47 & 48 (a winged tinker & Kappa). (He also becomes a Miscreant). Stalkr has the best level of his entire life (Cl:17 Th:15 Ra:15). Rhys levels to 5 mage. Coulter completes mobmasters 50 thru 52. Ouchohm reaches Ra: 5 Ma:16. Clytemnestra levels to 27 shaman. Riella reaches Ma:24 Ra:20. Cordir announces that Tripper will be logging in tomorrow. Avatarr completes MM #4, #5, and #6 - a baby goblin, a dervish, and "one of those hatchlings at N'Kai'." Grale joins the Defenders of the Sun. Iono gains Wa:11 and The world is stunned and delighted when Silonch, Witch of the Black Conclave, LEVELS to Ma:27\Wa:15. Cynder completes MM#44 - a secretary of the Dream Realm with only 2 ticks to spare, and #43 - a werebear (Master's Tower). Jasper was deathed by Kerriariadne for 'unexplained items on DeathToll'. Rolland dies of plague in the Kitchen and his corpse is stolen. Regul reaches Ra:23 Ma:23 Th:22 and completes MM #38 - the student. Linkin ascends to Wa:10\Ma:11 and gets MM#12 - an entling. A Giant Squid slays DarkFang, and Kaldred performs the swift CR in the cold waters of Safehaven Bay. Keat failed his attempt to mobmaster, with the guildmaster as his target. Natilena commiserates by revealing her last mob mastery destroyed 5 containers, which Keat counters with loosing 500 kg of gear on a prior mob mastery! DarkClaw ascends to Goth Princess level 4. Boyardee becomes a vigilante. Hawkeye levels to Wa:4\Cl:15.

11/29/02 - Lycron quaffs a random, un-ID'd potion, and winds up in the cell in River of Dispair. Aslan of Fate comes to his rescue, and after some mishaps and later joined by Indiga, they free him. Wistom is granted god+ reform from the Tigers. Slick gets MM# 35 - young centaur, and #36. Wardrof joins the Chosen of Fate... Mael performs a CR for Wynne, in the lair of Jeanette the dragon of Dream Realm. Aravan levels to Cl:18\Th:16\Ra:16. Gdelf reaches Ma:14. Traume Solarflare gains Ma:25\Wa:25. Fangorn levels to Cl:9. Traume casts meteor swarm for the first time. A bunch of the entries - including all the winners - of Tiax's writing contest are posted. Wardrof ascends to Wa:21\Cl:21. Lyger completes MM #31 - brown squirrel, declaring, ".....Hehe i love easy mobmasteries." Grale gains Th:4\Ma:30\Ra:30. Wylin breaks the 1700 hour mark today! Tweedle levels to Wa:22\Cl:27. Kaleb gains Wa:15\Cl:15. Borok reaches Wa:30. Merkderk reaches Cl:27 Th:20 Wa:20 and gets two MMs - #44, a winged tinker, and #45 - master miner. Kincaid the Gnome levels to Cl:10. Durin joins Bliss. Glitch completes mobmaster 24 (a blue dragonet). Ambrose completes mobmasters 22 & 23. Indiga reaches 17 ordained. Slither is created. Sssss! Azeworai completes mobmaster 38. Phalagim levels to 5 shaman. Look levels to 10 warrior. Helm reaches Cl: 9 Wa:11. Eldric levels to 11 mage. Greenbudd levels to 5 mage. Durin does his first location quest. Mistyfier reaches Cl:22 Wa:20 and gets a train. Armalag reaches Th: 7 Wa:30 Cl:30. Mon reaches Th:21 Ra:16 Sh:30. Grathuk completes mobmasters 26 thru 28. Krypton is created, and levels to 5 thief. Chaar reaches Th:18 Wa:20 Ma:20. Mistyfier completes mobmasters 43 & 44. Stalkr wastes 50K switching his classes around. Ibicus reaches Ma:11 Wa: 9 Th: 9. Skie reaches Cl:24 Wa:15.

11/28/02 - Tokugawa posts an FYI about inactive immortals and several people get reforms from Tripper and Vorax. Aldur reaches Ma:16 Wa: 9. Mazrim reaches Ma:13 Wa:11 Th:11. Kerson reaches Or:28 Wa:30 Sh:30. Pyre levels several times, to 10 warrior. Natilena kills Myron (no no, not Myronides) to complete mobmaster 80. Mitaro is created. Rolland reaches Ma: 8 Ra: 9. Saposa levels to 5 ranger. Kodak reaches Sh:22 Wa:15. Coulter levels to Ma:23\Ra:20. Twelf managed MM #32 - the hairy beast, but failed MM #33 - the giant pudding, "although i must have been close." Slick gets three MMS: #27 - the Minister of Craftsmen, #28 - a young tinker, and #29 - the mummy. Sicarian becomes a vigilante. Famine levels to Cl:14\Wa:10. Kaleb gains MM #13 - Minotaur prisoner - and later reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Ambrose of Fate also gets three MMS in a row: #19 - a calm monk of The Abbey, #20 - soldier ant, and #21 - a miner. Grathuk reaches Th:10\Ra:10\Ma:15. Helm levels to Cl:8\Wa:11. Cordir runs a 150 question trivia contest and Greaver wins with 30% answered correctly (45 out of 150). Chocodip gets second place with 37, despite dying twice by blood-crazed turkies. (Chocodip gossips (in common), 'I'm trying to recover my corpse from a rabid turkey :('.) Solanthas takes third place. The winner receives 2 potions made by Khore, second place got one.. Samos levels to Cl:30\Wa:15. DarkClaw Embraces Saposa. Belial is granted a reform from the Shadows. Sylarn is silenced for some pretty foul comments on yell. Merkderk levels to Cl:26\Th:20\Wa:20.

11/27/02 - Slick reaches Ra:19 Cl:30. Zapz levels to 12 mage. Lycron reaches Wa:17 Sh:20. Aldur reaches Ma:15 Wa: 9. Neodis tickles a greater god (and then the greater god "tickles" Neodis with a rift in return.) Toke completes mobmasters 44 & 45 and reaches Wa:19 Cl:28. Seamus reaches Ma:21 Ra:20 Th:17. Cyrax is created and levels to 5 cleric. ### [Mordith says (in common), 'if i wanted to try a MM could i borrow like say....all your eq real quick'] Roar duals to warrior. Lestat reaches Wa:15 Cl:14. Azriath levels to 5 thief. Chaar reaches Th:17 Wa:20 Ma:20. Kerson passes the 3500 mark on location quest. Vex has initiated over 4700 attacks at this point. Lanfear ascends to Ordained level 24. Triston visits for a few seconds, declaring, 'you dont see me here shussh :)'. Famine levels to Cl:13\Wa:10. Spite gains Sh:8. Merkderk becomes a vigilante. Quarnel slays the Knight Templar for MM#61. DarkClaw, the Goth Princess of Fate, ascends to Ordained level 3. Marth levels to Wa:13\Ma:17\Th:10. Keat becomes a reprisalist. Sylarn slays Chromican for MM#81. Ibicus levels to Ma:10\Wa:9\Th:9. Drazuk completes MM #30 - a duergar hunter. Quarnel of Fate reaches 9150 points total with Location Quest. Dundrave joins Xavier, leaving the Tigers. Quinnthallis gains Wa:6\Cl:11. Kodak reaches Sh:21\Wa:15. ### INFO: Lexie has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 104. ( Your vampiric touch mauls the Magistrate. You gain 11 hit points! Your pierce MASSACRES the Magistrate. The Magistrate is DEAD!! Congratulations! You have killed your target. You receive 3184 experience points.) She then fibs a lot, claiming that no, Vex didn't give her any Heals to help her with the fight. (Personally, I lost count of the number of Pink Pearls she gobbled!) Natilena gains MM #79 - Cromick, the centaur patriarch. Ambrose steps down as the Taoiseach Councellor of the Wyrm, and at his recommendation, Boromir is confirmed in the Council position. Zaaris Tal'shyre levels to Wa:18\Cl:30.

11/26/02 - Famine reaches Cl:12 Wa:10. Pipsqueak reaches Cl: 6 Wa:12. Malignant reaches Wa: 6 Sh: 9. Azeworai completes mobmaster 37. ### [Tripletriztz says (in common), 'i might as well have a target painted on my arse'] and is given a tiny bullseye shortly afterwards. Merkderk reaches Cl:24 Th:20 Wa:20. Ibicus reaches Th: 8 Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Carrie completes mobmaster 18. Quarnel gossips (in common), 'he are havings the gooding grammatical'. (Try saying that 3 times fast.) Maeron gets two MMS: #51 - Emperor Salias and #52 - a male centaur. Wylin solo's Bethany the Fortune Teller for the first time. Hawkeye levels to Cl:13. Fangorn joins the WarDancers, then levels to Cl:8. Roar gains Cl:10. Kaldred and Noctus retrieved Recwon's corpse at Velalisier -- Apparently Recwon "couldn't resist tasting a teleport potion." Seamus levels both mage and ranger class, reaching Ra:20\Ma:20\Th:17. Uriel kills the Supreme Thief for MM#76. Traume reaches Ma:24\Wa:25. Clytemnestra escaped Oukri with 25hp... avoiding a mob death and learning that the fellow assists. Abaddon becomes a vigilante. Kerson completes six location quests (3456 points total). A special ceremony is held in which Clue is confirmed as the Incarna of the Triat Wyrm. Linkin joins the Chosen of Fate. Gytar scored 2.5 mil exp today! Specious advanced to Ordained level 21. Dandin levels to Cl:11. Traume reaches Ma:24\Wa:25. Lyger gets MM #30 - target unknown. Amusing Death Message Of the Day: ### EvilBob killed by the Giant Pudding at On a Mountain Trail. Sigfrid, Yulen, and Monshoon are created, and it is reported by Kaldred that Shylok is "is REDICULOUSLY funny." When Shylok hears this, he says its simply the pot calling the kettle black. Gulotor reaches Cl:11. Mael spams everyone with limited potions purging when he logs in. Helm levels to Cl:7\Wa:11. Ogr [Wa:6] Look at me! (yes, that's his title. And the level he gained.) Helm, Kincaid, and Roar join the Coven.

11/25/02 - Noctus completes 3 LQs, reaching 2082 points total. Riverwind levels to Ma:4\Ra:11. Kodak gains Sh:19\Wa:15. When Tyn fixes a certain bug, Xavier jumps straight from Cult status to Greater Power! Ibicus reaches Th:5\Wa:9\Ma:9. Wylin completes MM #88 - the headmaster of Nydia. Roar completed his quest for Lady Bliss today. Grathuk levels to Th:9\Ra:10\Ma:15. Azeworai tries to shock people by expressing (in rather bad spelling) that he is "a pritty ballerina with my pink tutu and my fairy wand *SMOOCH*" Cordir runs a 20 question trivia contest. In a tie breaking final point, Greaver barely wins out over Silonch, with Cynder close behind. Vex cr'd Roar's corpse from the terrible dangers of the Peaceful Glade. Clytemnestra slays a prosperous customer and manor guard for MM# 33 and 34. Kaldred has a question for Tokugawa. Pitt posts a note about "Birdie's World Tour"! Korsk levels to 30 warrior. Gdelf joins Kerriariadne. Specious reaches 19 ordained. Alucard completes mobmasters 30 & 31. Famine reaches Wa:10 Cl:10. Zapz levels to 11 mage. Ibicus reaches Th: 5 Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Sharn reaches Wa:17 Cl:19. Azeworai reaches Wa:17 Ma:20. Lunacub levels to 5 shaman. Natilena completes mobmasters 77 & 78. Out of the blue, Slue gossips, 'Senator Thurmond - welcome.'. Aravan gossips (in common), 'hurm.. slue on crack again'. Adrien levels both classes, reaching Ra:13 Sh:16. Greaver levels to 10 cleric. Renacer reaches Wa: 4 Ma: 9. Malignant duals to warrior. Cynder reaches Wa:18 Cl:30, and later gets turned into an immortal fling toy. Agralebean reaches 4 ordained. Wild turkeys are set loose on the mud for Thanksgiving.

11/24/02 - Zarous re-retires. After a six year trek through levels, Boyardee reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Ma:30). He then does his first location quest. Rin levels to 5 mage. Lestat reaches Wa:14 Cl:14. Hunn reaches Wa: 5 Ma: 9. Apparently Bliss and appliances don't mix. Acaidias levels to 10 shaman. Dandin levels to 6 cleric. Xantam reaches Wa:15 Sh: 9. A who list from this day. Dazed and Confused levels to 5 shaman. Patton reaches Ra:11 Cl:13. Helm completes his first mobmaster. Bevier joins Clue. Arcaine levels to 5 warrior. Ibicus reaches Ma: 9 Wa: 9 and triples to thief. The wizlist and rank listings from today. Helm duals and levels (Cl:2\Wa:11). Festus reaches Cl:11\Wa:10. Gromit levels to Cl:8. Roar gains Cl:6. Legolas cants, 'and i have survived another log-in session without being killed by tamar! farewell!'. Cordir runs a 20 question trivia contest, and after a tie breaker, Cynder is the winner. As a result, ### [Somewhere, Cynder does a happy dance]. Azeworai reaches Wa:16\Ma:20. Dilandou reaches 11 total LQ points. Uriel gains Th:21\Sh:26\Wa:30. Slick Willy slays MM target #20 (a goblin miner) for Ra:18\Cl:30 and his second level of today. Sounding rather like a used car dealer, The Magistrate says, 'Well, if you want Toke hauled in, it will cost you 99,999 gold.' Katrana reaches 220 hours as an Ambassador. Quarnel completes MM #59 - Tagi, the superstitious tribal elder and #60 - the assassin. Pardoquilian completes MM #45 - a centaur. Twelf looses link, and returns to find he has died a mysterious death upon the open seas. Mistyfier gets MM#41 - Voodoo Warrior. Alex mobdied to five bounty hunters and lost his corpse to a johnny-on-the-spot looter. Dazed announces, 'Dazed is here and ready to enhance any following in need of a "so to be" super shaman'. Kaleb of Darkness levels to Cl:12\Wa:11. Cordir runs another round of Trivia, and this time, Solaron wins, with Aries and Raile a close tie for second place. Quarnel works on his LQs, reaching 8573 points total. Seamus levels to Ra:19\Th:16\Ma:18. Aster becomes a fanatic ... by attacking the single least aggressive member of the Conclave. Renacer reports, 'I'd like to say thank you to those good souls who just helped me to dual.' Aces inquires if anyone wants to make a 'group/ party?' to which a spirit of darkness gossips, 'A to(ku)ga(wa) party!!'.

11/23/02 - Lessien levels to Ma:5. Kaldred completes his Final Ascension to Th:30\Ra:30\Ma:30 by slaying the Divine Warrior of Emdeeville. Congratulations Kaldred!!! Indiga got mobms 83 and 84. Ygren the sword crafter and Chromican the Paladin. ExarKun scores 2 points on an LQ, reaching 14 points total. Bevier levels to Cl:5. Helm begins the entry quest of the Chosen of Fate. Raile kills a Fire Demon for MM#41. Coulter CR's Izual's corpse from the Dismali Lighthouse. Shon kills the Master Thief for MM #82. Azeworai levels to Wa:14\Ma:20. Uriel completes mobmaster 75 (supreme thief). Festus reaches Wa:10 Cl:10. Ravin reaches Wa: 9 Cl:11. Gup "gets" Tokugawa with his infamous fetish, making him the mud's first Greater Goddess. (*glare* I like Toku a GUY instead, thank you very much.) Gdelf is created and levels to 5 mage. Kleitor reaches Wa:13 Sh:17. Dilandou gossips (in common), 'You make one comment about tinfoil nipples and space pirates and everything gets out of whack.'. Hawkeye levels to 10 cleric. Coulter completes mobmaster 47 (tipsy reveller). Alucard reaches Th: 7 Wa:30 Ma:30. It's determined that you can be kickass, as long as you say it the right way. Kelladorn reaches Ra:17 Cl:18. Kaleb reaches Wa:11 Cl:11 and completes mobmaster 10. Chaar reaches Wa:19 Ma:20 Th:15.

11/22/02 - Azeworai reaches Wa:13\Ma:20. Reaper levels to 4th, and gains max hps, max mana, extra prac and a train! He then levels two more times to reach Ma:6. Drazuk slays a Dwarven Warrior for MM#28 and a Flying Polyp of N'Kai for MM#29. Kerson, Avenger of Unity made approximately 12 successful LQ's to reach 3318 points, and also reached Ordained level 27, passing 2 million xp scored. Mnaramenth of Fate kills a winged tinker for MM#40. Gyro levels to Ma:14\Ra:9. Vex CR's Lestat's corpse from Tharlodin's Vein, and Lestat later reaches Wa:13\Cl:14. Melkor gets MM#28 - a brown hare and then later levels to Wa:24\Sh:25. Skares kills something unreported for MM#6. Chaar levels to Wa:17\Ma:20\Th:15. Strider kills a field mouse for MM#2. Traume gains Ma:23\Wa:25. Twelf reports a Heroic Corpse Retrieval: "Today, Thu 22 Nov 2002, I went sailing in the Malmorian Seas and got caught by Tempest. I had wizmarks on some of my equipment and portalled to my corpse 3 times. All three times Tempest was waiting in the room (riding the waves) to slay me again. Out of wizmarks I decided to create a ball of light, buy a skiff and paddle there nikkid. Somehow a great white shark didn't want to eat me, and I reached the part of the ocean where my 4 corpses were.. i was very lucky to retrieve all of my equip." A game of Mob Hunt ends in Round 4. Noctus won with 10 points and Seamus came in second with 0 points. Kaldred levels twice, reaching Th:29\Ra:30\Ma:30. Lycron finally completes MM #32 - the Sphinx, after having been stuck at #31 for quite some time. Hunn levels to 9 mage. Seamus reaches Ra:18 Th:16 Ma:18. Fangorn levels to 6 cleric. Lyger completes mobmaster 26. Asmodeus reaches Wa: 5 Ma:11. Rolland reaches Ma: 6 Ra: 9. Albert reaches Wa: 6 Th: 9 Ma:10. Cynder passes 50 points on location quest. Azeworai gossips (in common), 'you know your mouth generats like 1volt or 1 amp somethin like that'. Kerriariadne gossips, 'I'm sure Daelin's mouth generates more.'. Maeron reaches Cl:26 Ra:25. Aldur reaches Ma:12 Wa: 9. Wunk reaches Sh:30 Wa:20 Th:20. Azeworai completes mobmaster 32. Dilandou reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Gulotor levels to 10 warrior. Mandrake completes mobmaster 80.

11/21/02 - Tiax announces the winners of the writing contest. Kerson hits 3263 points on location quest and reaches Or:27 Wa:30 Sh:30. Hex levels to 6 mage. Malathreal reaches Wa: 6 Cl:11. Drazuk completes mobmaster 28 & 29. Reaper levels to 3 mage and gets max hitpoints, max mana, an extra practice, and a train. Melkor reaches Wa:24 Sh:25. Traume reaches Ma:23 Wa:25. Adrien reaches Ra:10 Sh:12, making 5 levels for the day. Kelanea completes mobmaster 37. Kaldred levels many more times, reaching Th:27 Ra:30 Ma:30. (Talk about whipping thru those levels...) Uriel CR'd Fobro's corpse from Jester's. Ptarchyzk actually changes his autogratz message. Lexie gains MM#101 and #102!

11/20/02 - A RANKS list from today. Orcsbane gains Ra:7. Silacoid declares that he's sexier than Lins. (Okay, so it was a slow news day. Later, though he accomplishes something by leveling to Ra:7.) Acaidias gains Sh:8. Hellspawn levels to Wa:11. Adrien duals to ranger. Lestat reaches Wa:11 Cl:14. Mistyfier completes mobmaster 40 (a winged tinker). Wizimust reaches Sh: 4 Wa:12. Grathuk reaches Th: 8 Ra:10 Ma:15, and gets gratzed by Ptarchyzk. (Ptarchyzk gossips (in halfling), 'Grathuk, please report to Slue so we can remove that illegal level 8. We can't have you getting that big.'), which prompts Keat to try unsuccessfully(?) to get Ptarchyzk rifted for "discouraging newbies from levelling". Neodis does some id vending. Aldur reaches Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Specious reaches 16 ordained. Kaldred levels several times, reaching Th:19 Ra:30 Ma:30. Keat runs for head of the Black Ogre Clan. Alyria joins Xavier. Galadadrid reaches Ma:25 Ra:17. Orpik gossips (in common), 'step away from the lizard vex'. Uriel somehow gets charmed by "some big meanie".

11/19/02> - Whitehawk stops by for a visit and answers the question, "you coming out of retirement?" with "only if someone pays me 3 simple rings ;)".. A FINFO list from today. Khore's late entry to the Chosen writing contest is added to that page. Dilandou Brokenheart (The self professed Dark Knight and Pudding cowboy) reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. ### INFO: Somewhere, Solaron pops the swelling ego.] Solaron gossips (in common), 'Looking for a level 70ish death-spell scroll usable on gods. Tells please. '. Someone gossips, 'Looking for suggestions on ways to kill mouthy elves who thing they're ogres.'. (This results in Solaron becoming a god+ plaything for a while, during which it is learned that folks CAN in fact, flee in fear... while asleep. (The FASTQ lag is so intense today that the majority of players cannot connect to the mud for quite some time.) In an email, it is reported: Today I had a bad portal to the Chamber of Storms. The Ancient blue Dragon had me for breakfast. Nazinthas, without being asked, retrieved and returned my corpse - intact. His kindness is much appreciated by Silonch, Devoted Pest and Former Blue Dragon Burrito. Lestat reaches Wa:10 Cl:14. Seamus reaches Th:15 Ra:16 Ma:16. Specious reaches 14 ordained. Iago is created. Ambrose reaches Ma:17 Ra:15. Bhaal reaches Wa:20 Cl:22. Azeworai completes mobmaster 30. Chaar reaches Wa:16 Ma:20 Th:15. There are 1300 total characters on TFC. Radagast completes mobmasters 37 thru 39 and reaches Th: 5 Wa:23 Ma:20. Silacoid levels to 5 ranger. Achilleus reaches Cl:22 Ra:21. Mordith reaches Th:29 Wa:30 Cl:30 for the second time. Rallek levels to 7 cleric. A who list and the rank listings from this day. Mion is created.

11/18/02 - Nazinthas joins Bliss. Malathreal reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Rallek levels to 5 cleric. Izual completes mobmaster 36. Talinos is created. Dart deletes himself and restarts (getting train after train this time). Tiax posts an update about his writing contest. Stalkr completes mobmaster 21. Acaidias levels to 5 shaman. Greaver does his first mobmaster. Specious reaches 12 ordained. Greaver gossips (in common), 'The clansman lands softly on her feet.'. 'gender crisis'. Azeworai completes mobmasters 28 & 29. Maeron reaches Ra:24 Cl:25. Pol reaches 22 ordained. Wizimust reaches Sh: 2 Wa:12. Dasehra completes mobmaster 37. Dazzle reaches Ra: 5 Cl:15. Neodis posts "The word of Chocolate". Gulotor joins Solanthas and levels to 7 cleric. Ptarchyzk logs in for more than 5 minutes today. (BUT, does he leave the guild?) Mordith completes mobmaster 102! (Borlan, with no protection or link). Kerson hits the 3000 point mark on location quest. Arianos kills a maid for MM #38, and a female tinker for #39. He later dies to Terrance and performs his own CR, AND levels to Th:13\Ra:15\Sh:17. Nazinthas completes MM#58. Renacer is created, levels to Ma:7, and joins the FoLK. Kaldred ascends to Th:9\Ra:30\Ma:30, and reaches 13th on XP Rank. Trell gains Ma:23\Th:20\Ra:23. Dib is created. Fobro gains Cl:20\Wa:18. Azweepei and Clorox become sociopaths. The ghost of Mavourneen is in perfect health... and wandering around the Guild Hall! Fobro completes MM #37 - a killer bee. Tweedle becomes a miscreant. Mordith declares his vendetta against the FoLK via gossip, stating his reason as being that one of them was 'rude'. (Apparently said 'rudeness' was for not giving appropriate thanks for returning a partially looted corpse.) Mordith auctions (in common), 'looking to buy full, unlooted corpses' then specified that extra payment will be made for Coven or FoLK. Agralebean gets a number of mob mastery targets (22 through 24), but doesn't respond to inquiries of the targets. Eventually, though, Blacky begins reporting the targets for #25 - a miner, #26 - a guard #27 - the giant, purple sand worm, #28 - the large golem, #29 - an orc warrior, #30 - a large sheep. Ouchohm is killed by a Giant Pudding at the Safehaven Docks - Natilena performs the CR. Samos performs the CR for Recwon when the little fellow is killed by the goblin king. Twelf completes MM# "20 and 30... a witch and hmm forgot" (later noted to be the embalmer).

11/17/02 - Natilena reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30). She's then officially bored :P  Agralebean is ordained "Avian Reaper" by Bliss! Azeworai levels a few times, reaching Ma:18 Wa:11. He also completes mobmasters 25 thru 27 (the medium golem, a Dwarven Warrior & the male ent). Kerriariadne posts "The Word of Darkness". Kaleb reaches Wa: 7 Cl:11. Borok levels to 28 warrior. Boredom the Boy levels to 7 warrior. (At least he's accomplishing something while bored.) Pol completes mobmaster 19. Clorox haunts someone with their own ghost. Vash announces that he'll be gone for quite some time. The Black Ogre Clan is restarted after a long period of inactivity, and Martyr is the new mortal head of it (replacing Stouthbound). Agralebean completes mobmasters 18 thru 21. Asmodeus reaches Wa: 3 Ma:11. Acaidias is created. Xantam reaches Wa:10 Sh: 9. Nazinthas completes mobmaster 56. Belial reaches Ma:28 Ra:30 Th:21. ### The Sceptre of Might purged from Albert. Albert gossips (in elven), 'that's fine! didn't want that thing anyway!'. Twelf gains MM #29 - a witch. Demonic levels to Wa:10. Dilandou reaches Wa:7\Cl:11. Jarid becomes a sociopath. Finache is silenced for cussing on gossip until she writes a note of apology, at which point it is lifted. Moments later, Snappy is silenced for cussing, but refuses to apologize. Bragadoran got mm #3 a gnat today. Nasr reports, 'me meet Hawk man he said he good in stew me put him in stew next time me see him'. Grathuk completes MM #25 - a local militia man, then levels to Th:7\Ra:10\Ma:15. Mistyfier reaches Wa:20\Cl:20. Specious advances to Ordained level 10. Soloman levels to Sh:22. Rocky becomes a sociopath. Wisteria gains Ma:15\Ra:10. Kerson completes at least six location quests, reaching 3121 points. Kodak levels to Sh:16\Wa:15. Dilandou gains Wa:8\Cl:11. Coulter kills something for MM#44, and Quarnel gets MM #57 - an old knight, and #58 - Unwro. Wizimust duals to shaman. Traume reports a 12th day in a row with no death! Fobro slays a cloaker MM#35. Rolland reaches Ma:5\Ra:9. Molo shouts, 'All Hail Lictilon, Arcane Minister of The Black Conclave. Newest member of the Conclave High Council!' Quarnel passed 700 years old. There is an odd conversation on gossip lead by Adrien as to whether Arianas and Arianos are brothers, evil twins, or.... something. Agralebean becomes a miscreant. Lyger reaches Sh:19\Wa:15. Raiko gains Ra:12\Th:9\Cl:15. Quarnel completes 12 rounds of mobhunting last night, which may well be a record. Twelf had a bad recall into Kerriariadne's tree, landing on his tush in the Booga's house. Ambrose Dayne of Fate ascends to Ma:17\Ra:15.

11/16/02 - Skie completes mobmaster 25. Cyric levels to 6 mage. Mentledo is re-created. There was an Ogre in heat rampaging through Thistlerock this morning. Zaaris reaches Wa:17 Cl:30. DarkClaw reaches 2 ordained. Whitehawk stops by for a visit :)  Xavier has his 770th birthday. Kaldred gossips (in common), 'Well i'm out. Think of smurfs, carebears, and strange covered toliet seats... *eyes cross* So Kaldred has had a little too much pepsi tonight'. (I think that may have had to do with this very strange converation...) Belial completes mobmasters 51 thru 54 and reaches Ma:28 Ra:30 Th:21. Ravin reaches Wa: 6 Cl:11. Aldur reaches Wa: 3 Ma: 9. Ibicus reaches Ma: 5 Wa: 9. Neodis posts a note about his websites. Galadadrid passes the 500k mark in total xp, and scares Marisa by pointing out that she probably have twice that much. (She does.) Pol gets his very first mob mastery - and keeps working on them throughout the day. Finache leveled to level 14 thief on mm #20 - the guardian beast, early in the AM. Finache levels to Th:14\Wa:15\Ma:19 then later got MM #21 - a Mycon Chanter. Alex becomes a miscreant. Flick reaches Th:9. While fighting the ghost of an enchanter from the Tinker's Worshop, Terny is feared, and spends quite some time running around the guild in a panic! Radagast gets MM #35 and 36: a Pike, and Treorn, and reaches Th:4\Wa:23\Ma:20. Rolland levels to Ma:2\Ra:9. Jinn gains Ma:16\Wa:11. Lictilon becomes a vigilante. Uriel gets MM #72 - a centaur smith. Aphrodite of Fate ascends to Wa:16\Th:13\Sh:15. Kelladorn becomes a reprisalist. Ravin joins Fate under some unusual circumstances. Cynder gets three location quests, reaching 46 points total. Twelf survived an inadvertant trip to the Longship and Brass Dragon. Cordir runs a 20 item scavenger hunt. Participants include Ink (who turns in the first item), Grimace, and Drakar. Each participant gets 25 exp per item turned in. Allanon be come a vigilante. Khore rifts Cordir nine times and vamp touches her when he hears she's turned in five entries to the writing contest. Twelf gets MM #27 - a duergar hunter, #28 - a clay golem and later levels to Th:12\Ma:16\Wa:11. Borok moved up to Soldier from Page within the rankings in the Defenders of the Sun. Festus levels to Wa:7\Cl:10 and moments later is killed by the brass dragon. Ragnorak reaches Wa:3\Cl:11. Ripper kills Queen Sylette for MM#61 and later becomes a Fanatic. Fobro gains Cl:19\Wa:18. Marth levels to Wa:12\Ma:17\Th:10. Specious reaches Ordained level 9. Grathuk gets MM #24 - a shamanic guard. Kerson scores several LQs, reaching 3031 points total. Kodak levels to Wa:13\Sh:15. Indiga kills Chromican the paladin for MM#82 and Ordained level 16. Clorox and Azeweepei become miscreants. Herb levels to Cl:23\Wa:19. Cordir tells Sharn the tale of the shield she bears: a Gentleman's Sacrifice.

11/15/02 - Ambrose ascends to Ma:16\Ra:15. Bhaal becomes a vigilante. Toke levels to 27 cleric and got mobm 40 but neglects to report the target. Twelf kills a local militia man for MM#26 AND Th:11\Ma:16\Wa:11. Tweedle gains level Cl:27\Wa:21. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 9. Quarnel won with 181 points and Azeworai came in second with 16 points. Provate starts suiciding on Slue, so Khore helps him find more creative ways to mobdie, including a trip to the longship and the Demon Realm. Demonic levels to Wa:6. Kaleb gains Wa:2\Cl:11. Radagast levels twice, reaching Th:3\Wa:23\Ma:20. Quarnel kills a centaur for MM#55 and Emperor Salias for MM#56. Zeaxz becomes a sociopath. Gyro levels to Ma:6\Ra:9. Fobro gains Wa:18\Cl:18. Ragnorak reaches Wa:2\Cl:11. Kaldred ascends to Th:7\Ra:30\Ma:30. Belial gets MM#49, #50 - the instructor, but fails #51 - another instructor. Kodak levels to Wa:12\Sh:15. Ibicus gains Ma:3\Wa:9. Avarice is recreated. Karma Dragonblood Tyamaenara gains a train when they level to Cl:11. A WHO/WIZ/RANKS list from today. Cordir declares it Immortal Girls Night Out, which sparks some giggles on gossip and a fun who list. Later, the pirates of the longship attempt to lure people into visiting. Quarnel ascends to Wa:28\Cl:30, and reaches an impressive 8513 total LQ points. DarkClaw discusses vampirism with Avatarr. Kerson completes mobmaster 88. Dilandou reaches Wa: 6 Cl:11. Myronides declares Mayhem an enemy. Azeworai completes mobmaster 7 thru 10 and later reaches Wa:15 Ma:11 for the second time (already!). Kelladorn reaches Cl:16 Ra:15. Lestat reaches Cl:12 Wa: 9. Tamar passes out rifts to people that make her think, killing Azeworai in the process. Ibicus reaches Ma: 4 Wa: 9. Katja reaches Wa: 5 Ma: 9. Aldur joins Clue.

11/14/02 - Specious is ordained "Crypt Keeper" by Molo! Toke reaches Cl:27 Wa:18 as he completes mobmaster 40. Kodak reaches Wa:11 Sh:15. Rigormortis levels to 8 warrior. Gargamelle is created. Grathuk reaches Th: 6 Ra:10 Ma:15. Wisteria gets 200xp for the first time. Hellspawn joins Xavier. Radagast levels to Ma:20\Wa:23. Azeworai leveled to 11th and dualed to thief (Wa:1\Ma:11). Seamus gained three theif levels today: Th:8\Ma:15\Ra:15. Quarnel completes MM #43 through #53... a gnome guard, a fire demon, a centaur, a female centaur, Terrance, the humming military commander, and the instructor.. then more: the adventurer, Heim's Wife, a male centaur, the instructor, a centaur. Cordir sends in her first entry for Tiax's writing contest. Falisan reaches Cl:3 and Frasgar gains Wa:6. Kabal Ne'Blueck reaches Cl:5. Torq the Dwarf is created and levels to Cl:3.Lestat levels to Wa:7\Cl:10 and becomes a reprisalist shortly thereafter. Jinn reaches Wa:11\Ma:15. Rolland and Ragnorak join the FoLK tonight. Aslan Reports: Sakyra has successfully killed a sea star for mobmastery 18. Darkfang makes an appearance in the realm. Azeworai levels to Wa: 6 Ma:11. Specious has advanced to level 5. (I think it's Or:5). Gyro has advanced to Ma: 3 Ra: 9. Clorox has successfully killed an ent mother for mobmastery 25. (original answer to an inquiry of the target was 'Cordir! ;) )

11/13/02 - Grahn is created. Kaleb levels to 10 cleric. Raage reaches Cl:17 Wa:16. Rydell levels to 17 shaman. Pox levels to 10 shaman. Gyro deletes himself and starts again, leveling several times to 5 ranger. Kodak reaches Sh:13 Wa:10. Borok levels to 27 warrior. Slue gossips, 'A Goth Princess can be my fearless leader.'. Greaver levels to 8 cleric. Rhoen levels to 7 ranger. Mavourneen completes mobmaster 19. Raage becomes a miscreant. Tak reaches Ra:2\Ma:9. Zim levels to Wa:2\Cl:9. Quinnthallis becomes a reprisalist. Lestat is killed by a gambling guard at In the Entry Hall Beneath the Mountain and CR's himself! Solaron performs a CR for Mistyfier. Rubicant gossips (in common), 'Wylin FAILED a MM'. Kerriariadne gains two "new branches" - Kabal and Arastodel and a "sprout" - Kaleb. Fobro levels to Wa:17\Cl:18. Radagast kills a pike for MM#34. Drazuk gets MM#27 - a duergar hunter. Trell reaches Ma:22\Th:20\Ra:23. Mistyfier kills a carrion crawler for mobmastery 38. Twelf details how Wunk came to the rescue!

11/12/02 - Keat completed MM #84 - Ygren the sword crafter. HellSpawn the Ogre levels to Wa:8. Froth levels at least four times, his last level noted at Cl:8 and then becomes a miscreant. Ravin gains Wa:4\Cl:11. Clue ascends to Intermediate Power. Wylin advances to Ordained level 28, and reports, 'oh timeline news.. vex hasn't attacked me today.' Quarnel ascends to Wa:27\Cl:30. Radagast levels to Wa:22\Ma:19. Vex performs a CR for Nazzuk. Paython levels to 14 today (this is reported by Linkin, who doesn't mention Paython's class or other levels). Kaldred is released with thanks for his service from the bonds of Ordainment, and triples, promptly ascending to Th:2\Ra:30\Ma:30. Trell dies twice to drunks. Aslan reports: RigorMortis has advanced to level 4. Aravan reaches Ra:15 Th:16 Cl:17. Azeworai deletes himself and starts over. (Azeworai gossips (in elven), 'OOoo i got a pummel stick all Fear me now!'.) Skie completes mobmaster 24. Wizimust levels to 12 warrior. Arastodel levels to 5 mage. Captain Niall gossips (in elven), 'All you "common" speakers...make me ill.'. Quarnel gossips (in common), 'is that an order, Niall?'. Quarnel gossips (in common), 'you want us to deliberately make you ill?'. Jinn reaches Wa:10 Ma:15. Clorox reaches Sh:18 Th:15. Shiva is created. Uriel reaches Wa:30 Sh:26 Th:20. Chaar reaches Th:14 Wa:15 Ma:15. Paddy reaches Ma:13 Wa:14. Sybill reaches Wa:19 Cl:20.

11/11/02 - Barrow reaches Wa: 2 Sh:13. Elkin levels to 5 ranger. Chaar does their first mobmaster. The rank listings from this day. Quarnel reaches Wa:27 Cl:30, and manages to bad recall to the room after Ebencaleneezer. Lefiti levels to 5 cleric. Flick levels to 5 thief. Hexum duals to cleric. Belial completes mobmaster 47. Bayne is created. Alucard reaches Th: 5 Wa:30 Ma:30. Mazrim reaches Th: 3 Wa:11 Ma:11. Festus levels to 10 cleric. There are 49 players online at once. Rydell the Dwarf levels to Sh:15. Vex CR'd Goodspeed's corpse from Cannibal Island, and a couple minutes later, Chaar's corpse from Cannibal Island. Mistyfier reports, "heh i got temp. hexxed by coven today :)" Wizimust reaches Wa:11. Lykis levels to Sh: 7. Finache gains Th:13\Wa:15\Ma:19, and also bad recalled to the stern on the long ship... and portaled in after he died to perform his own CR. Portal worked one more time, and he escaped safely back to Guild Hall. Katrana reaches 180 hours as an ambassador. Paddy becomes a miscreant. Aslan reports: Barrow has successfully killed a sunfish for mobmastery 8 and a deer for mobmastery 9 and a lazy bumblebee for MM#10. Rhoen killed an old mage who conned as Death with only 9hp left! When asked for other news, he started chattering about bunnies and steaks, making little sense. Quarnel reaches 8302 LQ points. Quarnel reaches #5 on the MobHunt Ranks list.

11/10/02 - Shiano levels to Wa:10. Nalor and Salomar become vigilantes. Mordith kills something (bets are it was the Clerk) for MM#101. Jasper levels to Wa:6\Cl:14. Sharn ascends to level 16 warrior, and fellow Fater Pardoquilian reaches Th:10. Trell reaches Ma:21\Th:20\Ra:23. Lexie gets MM #100 - Borlan and MM #101 - Magistrate. Seamus reached level 15 ranger and 14 mage. Quarnel works on Location Quests for 11 hours straight and passes the 8200 mark. Mordith posts a note requesting that anyone has the "Aura of a Fire Demon" contact him. Xavier gets 10 player recruits in one day as Tak, Zim, Ungabunga, Wizimust, Hummer, Naali, Rigormortiss, Martyr, Paddy and Rydell all join. Dazzle reaches Ra: 4 Cl:15. Monroth reaches Sh: 3 Wa:12. Maeron completes mobmaster 40. BubbaLuga duals to shaman. DarkClaw is ordained "Goth Princess" by Cordir! Fitho levels to 5 ranger. Phantasm completes mobmasters 31 & 32 and reaches Ma:14 Th:15. UngaBunga levels to 10 warrior. Finache reaches Th:11 Wa:15 Ma:19. Keat becomes chair-bird of the unofficial OM convention. Phantasm reaches Ma:14 Th:15. Virez retires. Ripper reaches Ma:22 Ra:23 Th:20.

11/9/02 - For several hours, only people from FastQ can connect to the mud. Despite this, a whole lot happens today :P  Lexie completes mobmasters 98 & 99 (the Clerk & Captain Niall). Jasper reaches Wa: 5 Cl:14 and completes mobmaster 1. Illidan levels to 8 cleric. Malathreal levels to 11 cleric. Tamar has a hankering for pie. Traume gossips (in common), 'What's the Best description you can have for "you are somewhat protected"?...or whatever'. UngaBunga gossips (in common), 'Wielding a garbage can lid?'. Toke completes mobmaster 36 (a male ogre) & 37 (a fireworm). Xavier drops to cult following :(. Galildur is created. Melkor reaches Wa:21 Sh:25. Zim accidentally ANNIHILATES himself with a relic. Chaar reaches Wa:13 Ma:15 Th:11. Monroth duals to shaman. Morphius becomes a sociopath. (Now I have visions of bloody white rabbits in my head for some reason...) Wizimust (one simply HAS to wonder about that name!) is created and levels to Wa:7. Wisteria reaches Ma:13\Ra:10. She then gets a stretch of bad luck when, while hunting A seahorse for A mobmastery, ran into the dragon turtle. She fled the initial ANNI gas blast, but fled into no-recall room. The inevitable occoured... Moments later, Lexie gossips (in common), 'found the dragon turtle that anni'd me a bunch :( But I just had some dragon turtle soup....and it was yummy'. and Wisteria happily reports, 'Luckily, brave and helpful folk like DarkClaw and Lexie are around :)' DarkClaw (Star) K'Treva levels to Wa:21\Cl:30 and gets 2hps AND a train! Festus the unbeliever reaches Cl:8. Finache gets MM#10 - by murdering a poor defenceless gopher. Khorlan becomes a reprisalist. Mistyfier levels to Wa:18\Cl:20 and also gets a Train! Seamus reaches Ma:13\Ra:12. Someone (assumed to be Molo) shouts, 'All Hail Cynder, Diabolical Belle of my Black Conclave. Newest Member of the Conclave High Council.'. Traume gains Wa:23\Ma:22. DarkClaw is Ordained as Goth Princess of the Chosen of Fate. Sarik levels to Sh:14. Jinn levels to Wa:6\Ma:15. Belial gets MM #44 - a skulk from the Dark Shrine, #45 - Gorlok the master slaver, and #46 - Terrance. Borok levels to Wa:26. Maeron reaches Ra:22\Cl:23. Lyger advances to Sh:18\Wa:15. Kelanea gets Ma:22\Ra:26.

11/8/02 - Selune reaches Wa: 8 Cl:15. Mordith posts a disclaimer. Carrie announces a possible ny gt. Gooniegoogoo is created (scary name :P). Grathuk completes mobmaster 23 (a dwarven warrior). Dethius reaches Sh:19 Wa:17. Natilena posts a note about her NEW and IMPROVED website!. Seamus reaches Ma:12 Ra:12. UngaBunga gossips (in common), 'what is wwp?'. Shon gossips (in common), 'warm wet puke'. Mnemosyne levels to 8 shaman. Dee reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. Barrow duals to warrior. Fobro reaches Wa:14 Cl:18. Teren gains Ma:6. Fobro got MM #34, a minnow. Qut of the War Dancers levels cleric twice, reaching Cl:23\Wa:15. Mazrim also levels twice, gaining Ma:10\Wa:11. Chaar picks up a 'pesky no drop' from Tier (the Badge of the Elders), and has to hire Amirth to rid him of it. Cynder gets three MMS: #38 - young male centaur, #39 - animated sword, and #40 - young centaur. Monroth gains his first MM and later levels to Wa:6, gaining max hps, and a train. Aravan levels to Ra:14\Th:16\Cl:17. Wistom gains MM #85 - the Lineaoth Camp leader. Fobro reaches Wa:14\Cl:18. Septimus gains Ma:11. Cordir runs a Teleport quest. Final score: Zeaxz 11, Mordith 5, Qut 3, Shon/Wistom - 2, Traume/Wylin/Pitt - 1. The prize is a spiffy potion made by Khore. Cthulu, "everyone's friend!" levels to Th:8\Ma:12. DarkwingDuck 'steals' a hug from Lexie, intended for DarkClaw, assisted by the abbreviation code. Orpik gossips (in common), 'looking for a volunteer to blind me'. A God+ obliges. A fisherman declares his love for Tweedle: The fisherman is quickly and efficiently slicing some smaller fish into bait to be used to catch larger fish. I love tweedle I worship him! A fisherman is in perfect health. A game of Mob Hunt concludes at round 3. Lexie won with 10 points and Garland came in second with 0 points. Linkin gets MM#10 - A bull in hovelton and #11 - a piranha. Later in the day he levels to Wa:8\Ma:11. Zaaris gets level 1 and 2 mobmasters: a Sea Gull, and a farmer of Kuroth. Fobro continues his consistant and determined leveling, reaching Wa:14\Cl:18. Twelf's 'survival streak ends horribly, when he 'bad portalled to gassy rooms near Ancient Green Dragon.. of ourse bumped into him.' Pitt attempts a CR (portaled there by Twelf) and dies.. but Vex and Mael recovered what they could for both. Dee levels to Wa:5\Cl:15. Toke is promoted to the Wisdom Council of Enlightenment.

11/7/02 - Kaleyah posts a poem dedicated 'to that special someone'. Noctus got two LQ's at Demon Realm, the other at Baron Marel's for a total of 2049 points. Salomar completes MM #75 - the master cleric in Nydia. Martyr levels to Wa:28. Phantasm gets MM#28 - a clay golem. Aravan reports, '2 nights ago wistom lied to the draoi and broke our non-aggression with the tigers'. Belebrilad joined Darkness. Grathuk levels to Ma:12\Ra:10 and later kills a shamanic guard for MM#22. Third Day in a row - no Traume death! Pardoquilian completes MM #44 - a servant of War'Loov. Belial reaches Ma:27\Ra:30\Th:21 and Uriel who, according to his title, thinks the black jellybeans are disgusting, levels to Wa:29\Sh:26\Th:20. Belsambar reports, 'I tried to burn down cannible village, does that count?' Kelanea wins two of three rounds of "Find the Booga". Raile wins the other. Kerriariadne picked Marius' inventory clean and ate most of it for "puerile behavior." Toke completes mobmaster 35. Mistyfier reaches Cl:20 Wa:17. Kerson reaches Or:26 Wa:30 Sh:30. Lyger reaches Sh:17 Wa:15. Malakost completes mobmasters 68 & 69. Solaron announces the winners of the tfc banner contest. (From Marisa: here're my entries if you're curious.) Ragnorak does his first mobmaster. Kleitor reaches Wa:11 Sh:17. Nigel levels to 10 cleric. Seamus levels several times in each class, reaching Ma:10 Ra:12. Wish reaches Th: 8 Ma:30 Wa:30. Ender is created. Raiko reaches Cl:14 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Belial gets "robbed" of a mobmaster. Paython gossips (in common), 'Katrana Kicked me!!'.

11/6/02 - Darkfang reaches Ma:18 Ra:15. Korsk levels to 29 warrior. Jet "gets his butt kicked" a few times today. Cordir posts a note about the winners of the thief quest and here are the entries! Grathuk completes mobmaster 19. Maeron reaches Ra:20 Cl:23. Gaz duals to mage. Indiga completes mobmaster 81. Legolas offers a "brand new shiny heal potion with... *cough* optional teleport..." and in response, Berilblade gossips (in common), 'A warm feeling fills your body. Would you like to teleport (Y/N)?'. Specious reaches Ra: 8 Ma: 9. Tolken levels to 3 cleric. Phantasm reaches Ma:12 Th:15. Uriel completes mobmaster 71. Leif dies in one of many lag bursts while in the Trading Post, and manages to perform his own CR and recovers his inventory flagged eq as well before others intent upon grabbing the loot are able to do so. Berilblade levels to Ma:13\Wa:10. Legolas "got to move up 4 spots in the goldrank without even getting more gold" due to the heavy spending habits of others on the list. Traume reports, 'Cordir...NEWSFLASH...I haven't died today....write that down....:)' Wylin CR'd Shon's corpse from TC, and Vex CR'd both Mistyfier in Landru and Gaz in Demon Realm, literally within minutes of each other. DarkFang Elvenwolf-Tsarran levels to Ma:18\Ra:15. Drizzt levels three times (Ra:3\Ma:9) and completes 2 mob mastery quests (4/5): "stray dog, and cockroach. Not exactly feats of amazing skill." Traume continues his two day No-Death streak! Gasp! Mordith gets MM#101 - the Clerk. Aslan reports: Kaleyah has successfully killed Marshall Diana for mobmastery 50, and the guru for mobmastery 51. ### Alucard has become a sociopath. Alrandolin hit level 40 today, one of three native darklings. Wylin has successfully killed the headmaster, the divine theologian, and the lineoth camp leader for mobmasteries 85, 86, and 87 order unknown. Oswald tells Cordir (in common), 'yea some incense can have WEIRD effects :P'. (We aren't too sure what he's talking about... no reference was provided.) Aslan provides a WHO list. Kerriariadne gossips, 'I hereby formally decree, announce, make known, publicize, and otherwise run my mouth...' Kerriariadne gossips, 'That Vex and Lexie have my permission to marry! MUHA!' (Vex & Lexie get permission to marry from the Booga, which somehow leads to the entire mud being turned into a newt.)

11/5/02 - Kassara levels to Th:13\Ma:15. Ananasi Aleitros ascends to Ra:28\Th:28\Ma:28. Twelf reports, 'after a weally weally stupid death to golem in laundry's keep Whoz beat all the others in the race to my corpse.' (He also completed MM#23 - the draconian.) Indiga got mobm #80 - the Supreme Warrior. Mazrim levels four times today reaching Ma:5\Wa:11. Drazuk kills a gambling guard of Kharad-Delving for MM#25. The winner of a writing contest within the Chosen is announced, and here are the entries. Zakarious passes the 100 point mark on location quest and completes mobmasters 51 & 52. Specious reaches Ra: 7 Ma: 9. Weezer reaches Th:15 Wa:30 Sh:30. Velthorn levels to 5 warrior. Mistyfier completes mobmasters 35 (a sand shark) & 36 (a Giant Pudding, which happens to be the first one he kills). Drizzt reaches Ra: 3 Ma: 9 for like the 3rd or 4th time. Jet completes mobmasters 78 thru 81. Noctus gets chased around a bit by Ramona (a mage mob). Chaar reaches Th:10 Wa:11 Ma:11. Wisteria completes mobmaster 11.

11/4/02 - Zip leveled to 15 ordained in the very early AM. Mazrim reports, 'I turned 6 hours old, levelled 9 and 10, 1.8k to 11, and joined Solanthas. :)' Groggy levels to Wa:13. Toke gets MM#34 and Cl:26\Wa:18. Pitt reports, 'I declared war on kerri's following.. or as close as I can without pking'. Sirus declares he has "realized why it's called The Final Challenge... even at level 8"... but doesn't elaborate on what caused this epiphiny. Darkblade levels to Ma:11. Lexie performs a CR for Stalkr when he dies to Frisnor. Zeks levels to 23 warrior. Scelus is Ordained by Artanis. Mazrim gains Wa:11. Grathuk reaches Ma:9\Ra:10. A WHO list provided by Aslan. Aslan Reports: Quan has successfully killed a mosquito from MG for mobmastery 1. Chaar has advanced Th: 8 Wa:11 Ma:11 gaining another train to a total of 6. Quan has advanced to Cl:8. Maeron has successfully killed a fierce warrior for mobmastery 32 and a concubine for mobmastery 33. Marth has successfully killed a deer for mobmastery 4, an elven child for mobmastery 5 and a minotaur child for mobmastery 6. Chaar has advanced to Th:7 Wa:11 Ma:11 as well as getting a train. Lexie has become a miscreant. Tiax announces a writing quest. Qut reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Kemian reaches Ma: 6 Ra:11. Elderith levels to 5 cleric. Twelf completes mobmaster 20. Xantam joins Xavier. Mistyfier reaches Cl:19 Wa:17 as he completes mobmaster 32. Jarid reaches Cl:23 Ra:20. Trucidatio the Ogre is created. (Hey, i didn't know ogres could have such a complicated name :P) Death levels to 5 warrior. Lyger reaches Sh:15 Wa:15. Jet reaches Th:25 Wa:30 Cl:30. Quinnthallis duals to warrior.

11/3/02 - Gup begins terrorizing people with a change sex fetish :P  Ripper completes mobmaster 60. Dilandou levels to 11 cleric. Neodis posts "of the heart". Trencher of Trencher Magic Technologies levels to 10 warrior. Asmodeus is created. Tamar posts a note about viewing the Halloween contest entries. Eldric levels to 5 mage and gets a train. Fei completes mobmaster 81. Quarnel breaks the 7500 mark on location quest. Boromir gossips (in common), 'Jet tells Jet (in common), 'TOKUGAWA IS MY HERO!!! AND HE LOOKING MIGHT FINE TODAY!!']'. Groggy levels to 10 warrior. Yoda reaches Sh:19 Wa:15. Traume has a Very Bad Day, dying multiple times. (But he keeps on ticking...) Jet completes mobmasters 76 & 77 (the Master Cleric & a Triton warrior). Chaar reaches Th: 5 Wa:11 Ma:11. Xantam levels to 5 shaman. Belial completes mobmaster 30. Warinderin reaches Wa: 5 Ma:11. Merkderk reaches Cl:21 Th:20 Wa:20. Katja accidentally sacs her avg 8 weapon. Paython completes MM #65 - Mishiro, (doesn't report #66), MM #67 - a Drow Soldier, and MM #68 - Fitzwalter and levels to Th:12\Wa:30\Cl:30. Ravin reached level 11 cleric and dual-classed to warrior. Twelf gains Th:8\Ma:16\Wa:11. Clorox gains Th:11\Sh:15. Draga levels to Wa:17. Lyger gets Wa:15\Sh:14. Sedona of the WarDancers completes Cl:24\Wa:15. Fobro kills a bluebird for MM#32 and also gains Wa:10\Cl:18 earlier in the day. Marth reaches Wa:11\Ma:17\Th:10. Sylarn, the Jester of Mayhem, advances to Ordained level 13. Kelladorn becomes a reprisalist. Traume reports, 'I died 5 times lately...once a few mobm, Belial, Sylarn and ..well.....and I got 41MM Tired Monk'. Zaaris levels to Cl:30\Wa:15. Jet spams the mud with tells to himself, reason unknown (suspicions are raised that he's trying to provide fodder for the thieves quest that ends the next day) some of which include praising his own 'mack daddy'-ness, and others involving flirting with Greater Gods. Armicron becomes a miscreant.

11/2/02 - Phantasm reaches Ma:11 Th:15. LIGHTBRINGER levels to 5 mage. Twelf reaches Th: 6 Ma:16 Wa:11. The Elven Mafia invades TFC. Belebrilad and Berilblade of the matching titles both level. (Belebrilad reaches Wa:10 Cl:10 and Berilblade reaches Ma:11 Wa:10.) Weezer reaches Th:14 Wa:30 Sh:30. Bhaal reaches Cl:19 Wa:18. JohnPaul logs on and actually goes visible :) Raiko reaches Cl:12 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Finache reaches Ma:18\Wa:15\Th:10. Fobro levels to Wa:9\Cl:18. Whoz gossips (in common), 'I found that I'd spent 15 mins afk sleeping 1 room from the safe room I thought I was in'. Alucard gains Th:3\Wa:30\Ma:30. Spittle reaches Sh:5\Ra:17. Garland becomes a vigilante. Created only yesterday, Dilandou announces that he "level(ed) to 9 in just over seven hours." Belial gets MM #28 - the giant lizard in dwarven kingdom, and #29 - a sea lion. Sacarre is recreated. Twelf badrecalled to Velalisier...Keat retrieved the corpse. Twelf also completes MM #16 - a pair of disembodied hands and #17 the angry man. Drizzt of Fate gets two LQs for 31 points total). Marth levels to Ma:17\Wa:10\Th:10. Grathuk reaches Ma:7\Ra:10. Trencher reports, 'Tragic mob death 1: a boneheaded trencher died to a purple sand worm yesterday :). Embarassing Stupid Death: Fell immediately after dying into a no-exit spot without any recalls. Had to kill self.'. Someone gossips, 'All Hail Wish, Foul Sepiod of my Black Conclave and Gabriel Unholy Angel of my Black Conclave.'. Someone gossips, 'The High Council of the Black Conclave has reopened after nearly a year.'.

11/1/02 - Trencher levels twice, reaching Wa:8. Seamus gains Mage level 5 through 7. Sylt gets MM#70 - Tomas, and levels to Wa:22\Ma:29\Th:21. Twelf gets MM#14 - a giant eagle. Traume reports that, "Tempest just killed me...after I have mob died to a nurse and accidentally fireballed Scelus and Sylarn twice while they were invis...and then I got PKed by Sylarn while running from a ghost" Dilandou levels to Cl:3. Draga gains Wa:16. Vex and Mandrake search the high seas for Traume's corpse (who died to the Tempest). After it is regained, Toku reboots the mud to remove the Halloween mobs. Some folks learn why you don't send a vampire to the dentist.... Twelf reaches Th:5\Ma:16\Wa:11. Gruug the Ogre levels to Wa:8. Fearghus dies in Wolftooth Gorge, and Aslan performs the CR. Fobro gains Wa:8\Cl:18. Izzy completes 2 LQ's and 883 points total. Maeron reaches Cl:22\Ra:17. Ambrose gets his first LQ. Stalkr gains Cl:16\Th:15\Ra:15. Mavourneen becomes a miscreant and later levels to Ma:22\Ra:15. Grrk levels to Wa:10. Dilandou is created. Berilblade gains Ma:9\Wa:10, and the similarly named Belebrilad reaches Wa:8\Cl:10. Sylarn completes MM #78 - Myrrhine. Cordir runs another contest involving teleports, trivia, and scavenger hunting. Despite much grumbling about the trivia, Mael wins, Quarnel gets second place, and Lexie takes third. Khore provides spiffy prizes. Quite late at night, it is realized that the Evils Have Us Outnumbered. ### INFO: A very late Holloweener killed by Khore at at The Void ### INFO: A mortal begging for mercy killed by Khore at The Void ### INFO: Lexie's chances of winning this quest killed by Khore at The Void. A who list and the rank listings from this day. Tebreeze levels to 16 mage. Qut reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Scelus completes mobmasters 44 & 45 (a tortured slave & a Triton child). Heartsbane posts "Something from Simon and Garfunkel".

10/31/02 - Halloween / Samhain. Boo! Tamar announces the halloween contest winner. Various folks show off their Halloween Costumes, for fun or for Tamar's contest. Mordith reaches Th:27 Wa:30 Cl:30 again. Fobro reaches Wa: 7 Cl:18. Whoz gets fashion conscious. Jet completes mobmaster 74. Squishem the Ogre is created. Herb reaches Wa:19 Cl:21. DarkClaw offers free Drow kisses in the Kitchen for all. Lyger reaches Wa:12 Sh:14. Azweepei reaches Cl:20 Wa:13. Mnemosyne levels to 5 shaman. Kassara completes mobmaster 15. Grrk levels to 7 warrior. Dee reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15. Twelf reaches Th:3\Ma:16\Wa:11. Heury gains Wa:21\Sh:21 and completes a number of MMs including #5 - a messenger and #6 - a ghost, as well as a couple of lq's. Lady Katrana turned 1000 years old today! Sabella shares her Fun on Halloween. Twelf finds the right room in the graveyard for a LQ and 54 points total. Jarid and Lycron both become miscreants. Linkin kills a young half-elf for MM #6 and a vagabond for #7. Gaz levels twice, reaching Th:10. Hexum gains Wa:9, Pox levels to Sh:8. Otago becomes a sociopath. Maeron levels to Cl:20\Ra:17, and kills a soldier ant for MM#19. He goes on to complete mobmasters 20 thru 27. Qut reaches Wa:13\Cl:15. Prile becomes a vigilante. Some Halloween Who Lists... Kelladorn levels to Ra:15\Cl:15. Ambrose dies in the Demon Realm, and Vex and Mael go in and find it, turning an unhappy trick into a treat. For the third time this week, Vex bad recalls to the room just outside the Coven temple. Cordir runs a Teleport Contest, modified so that to gain a point, people had to run to her zone and yell "Trick or Treat!" Kelladorn wins. She then plans to run a trivia contest, but has to leave before doing so. Bliss runs the contest instead, and reports that Natilena came in first with 7 points, Mong with 3, Coulter with 2, and Kinky, Ripper, Sakyra all had 1 point each. Wunk reports, "I was trying to help Noctus out with Sedres the High Mage and he ended up hunting me. So i tried to kill him but couldn't. So i very bravely logged off".

10/30/02 - Kleitor levels to Sh:16\Wa:9. Winne completes MM#20 - a miner. Tiberius kills a Carrion Crawler for MM#42. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 7. Lorax won with 56 points and Wish came in second with 0 points. Linkin reaches reaches Wa: 5 Ma:11 and kills a gnat for MM#2, a field mouse for MM#3, a stray dog for MM#4, and a bluegill for MM#5. A discussion about shout and roleplay segues into a discussion about the subtleties of blood. Qut levels twice, gaining Wa:12\Cl:15. Rocky becomes a miscreant. Wish reaches Th:7\Ma:30\Wa:30. Wunk gains Wa:20\Sh:29\Th:20. Snappy becomes a fanatic. Nazinthas completed MM #50 - a magman. Coulter completes mobmasters 42 & 43. Zoind levels to 5 thief. Kaori completes mobmaster 19. Like 6 Conclave are all on at the same time, giving people flashbacks. Trencher is re-created, after a very long absence. Pox levels to 7 shaman. Lomu completes mobmaster 25. Scorpio does his first location quest.

10/29/02 - Izzy hits the 850 mark on location quest and completes mobmaster 41. Richthofen levels to 12 ranger. Kemian reaches Ma: 5 Ra:11. Phipher levels to 5 cleric. Fei gossips (in common), 'you shouldn't play with yourself with the lights out'. Gabriel reaches Th:21 Wa:30 Ma:30. Heury reaches Wa:20 Sh:21. Shon completes mobmaster 81. ### Fastq has quit. Great name! Mnemosyne joins Artanis. Frelinyth levels to 6 cleric. Linkin Park gains Ma:11. Rolken gets a train when he reaches Th:8\Ma:20\Ra:17. Sirus levels to Cl:8. Aster gets MM #73 - Centaur Hunter. Athorne reveals that yes, he has the funniest container for +damage gear... Athorne gets a padded cloth sash from a can of whoop ass. You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee! You say, 'that is hysterical!'. Runt levels to Wa:4\Sh:9. Ambrose Dayhin, one of the newly named members to the Taoiseach of Fate, ascends to Ra:15\Ma:15. Aslan reports: Zaaris levels to Cl:30\Wa:15. Drizzt levels to Ma:8. Belial killed a minotaur guard for MM#17. Coulter levels to Ra:20\Ma:20. Aslan ascends to Ordained level 10.Aslan reports: Heartsbane levels to Ma:15. Ravin levels to Cl:10. Ambrose dies to a fire demon, Shon and Aslan run to perform the CR. Cynder kills the redtailed hunting hawk for MM #36 and Sakyra slays the angry bee for MM #7. Weezer levels to Th:13\Wa:30\Sh:30. What is believed to be the highest combined score on a mobhunt occured today... The game ended after round 8. Lexie took first place with 177 points and Noctus came in second with 174'. Belial has successfully killed a minotaur guard for mobmastery level 17. Zaaris levels to Cl:30 Wa:15 Drizzt levels to Ma:8. Coulter levels to Ra:20 Ma:20. Aslan levels to Or:10 Cl:29
Myronides gossips, 'a 'Good Job' to anyone who can tell me where Izzy's classtitle and title are from :)'.
Elf [ Mongo ] Izzy the Elf. Just a pawn in the game of life
Cordir gossips, 'Blazing Saddles'.
Heury gossips (in common), 'the Bears'.
Myronides gossips, 'Good Job!'.
Myronides gossips, 'that's to Cordir :)'.
Cordir gossips, 'To quote the booga, WHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'.
Myronides says, 'Candygram!'.
Elf [ Smith & Wesson ] Izzy the Elf.
Clue immediately guesses Dirty Harry, the Enforcer, which is correct.
Elf [ Smith & Wesson ] Izzy the Elf. Michael Myers is a pussycat.

10/28/02 - Midgaard is overrun by birds of all sorts (like a bad Hitchcock movie) when Keat announces on gossip that he owns MG. Morgant reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Shrike reaches Cl:13 Wa:10. Denlore levels to 5 warrior. After some "very kind words and help", Garland announces that he's unretiring. Belial completes mobmaster 15. Cordir posts a thief quest. Niralith reaches Wa:16 Ma:20. Tiamat levels to 9 cleric. Barnes is created - where's Noble? Sybill reaches Wa:16 Cl:20. Lanfear reaches 23 ordained. Katrana posts a thank you note. Heury reaches Wa:19 Sh:21. Sylt completes mobmasters 68 & 69. Aces levels to 5 warrior. Lyger reaches Wa:10 Sh:14. Indiga completes mobmaster 79. Tylorn goes on a strange sort of killing spree. Pitt gained warrior level 23 and his 500th hit point today by slaying the Aran warrior guildmaster. Qut levels to Cl:12\Wa:10. Malakost reports he "entertained the realm for an hour... And i got Lanfear to tell me to shutup :D'" Indiga becomes a miscreant and Wunk becomes a reprisalist. Rolken levels to Th:7\Ma:20\Ra:17. Winne gains Cl:22. Zip advances to Ordained level 14 quite early in the morning. A giant codfish and the thief die horrible deaths to Liora, who slays them for MM #9 and #10. Bhaal levels to 16 warrior and Niralith levels to 15 warrior. Wylin completes MM #83 - Chromican the Paladin of Mystic Wood, and #84 - Ygren the sword crafter of Mystic Wood. Liora reports that "Xandria classed to cleric yesterday and levelled to 17cl 15wa" Weezer levels to Th:11\Wa:30\Sh:30. Liora herself gained MM #12 - a small blob of acid - and #13 the orc. Elektra requests that it be reported that "Rolken was an awesome dude by putting up with one egg full and a saddlebag full of ids." Therin the Dwarf levels to Cl:8. Barrow Blacktusk gains Sh:13. Not only does he level to Wa:10\Sh:14, but he makes Cordir giggle at his title: Lyger All your neat things belong to us!! Mavourneen gets MM #16 - a minotaur guard. Sylt levels to Wa:21\Ma:29\Th:21. Vex CR'd Rolken's corpse from Demon Realm, as well as Chaar's corpse from Ents and The Isle. DarkClaw boldly ventures into the unknown and slays Grigrt for MM #44. Clytemnestra levels to Sh:25 - and attained rank of Captain by doing so. Niralith completes Wa:16\Ma:20. Fobro of the Folk gets up to Wa:5\Cl:18. Much to Bliss's horror, the Guild is invaded by ... (Charmed) (Light Red Aura) The rotting, animated corpse of Ladislaw, the Chocolate Maker drools on you. Sharn Reports: Coulter completes MM #36 - a female tinker, MM #37 a manor adept, #38, #39, #40 (targets unknown) and #41 - a tortured slave. Sybill levels to warrior 16. Otago kills a bazaar guard for MM#22 and an ocelot for MM#23. Charles levels to Th:20\Wa:30\Sh:30.

10/27/02 - Winne completes mobmaster 15. Cordir posts a note about Durin. Finache levels MANY times in various classes, eventually reaching Th:10 Wa:15 Ma:15. Toke reaches Cl:25 Wa:18. Furnock reaches Wa:23 Th:20 Ma:20. Mistyfier completes mobmaster 30, among others. Andre does his first location quest. Lyger completes mobmaster 20. Bhaal reaches Wa:15 Cl:18. Malachi reaches Cl:20 Ra:16. Layd levels to 10 ranger. Mavourneen completes mobmaster 15. Gwyrdain reaches Th:12 Ma:16 Ra:15, and in an unrelated incident, is taunted horribly on cant. Xandria reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Gruug is created. Izzy reaches ordained 12. Vash gossips (in common), 'you guys all looooove the pumpkin king....'. 'but do you care about the mushroom king?...NO, NO YOU DONT!'. Lomu reports that while grouped with Rolken, they levelled one mob apart from each other, and both got a train. (Lomu reaches Wa:18\Cl:21. Rolken gains Th:6\Ma:20\ Ra:17) Aslan kills a snow leopard for MM #48, and a drunk centaur for MM #49. Grathuk (who had recently used the DELETEME command and started over) reaches Ma:5\Ra:10 and joined Artanis. Vash escaped the longship with 1hp to spare after stuttering and mis-teleporting. Galahad gained Ma:8\Ra:9. Lexie performs a CR for Persephone today, when the Fater goes afk, thinking she was in her temple (but one room out), and went AFK with a haunting ghost on her. Lexie ran up and grabbed the corpse before others could, returning it. Drizzt the reborn ascends to Ma:7. Mario becomes a sociopath. Fobro reaches Wa:3\Cl:18. Two Ordaineds, Indiga and Lanfear, are out exp'ing together, and manage to both level on the same mob. Finache reaches Th:10\Wa:15\Ma:15. Mistyfier gains Cl:17\Wa:17. A discussion of the proper useage for "hang over" versus "hungover" ensued on gossip. Aslan reports a TON of Mob Mastery quests: Niralith killed a shamanic guard for MM#23, and Druidic guard for MM #25. Belial gets MM #2, target unknown. Melkor gets MM #10 - a halfling child, #11- an elven woman, and #12 - the warrior. Finache kills a goblin warrior for MM#6, "as well as leveling 11 times to become Ma:15\Wa:15\Th:10." (It is unknown if he gained all 11 levels today...?) Char levels to Wa:8\Ma:11. Someone gossips, 'I have some news'. Someone gossips, 'uh oh'. Cordir gossips (in common), 'Oh?'. Someone gossips, 'THE ANGELS WON!'. (the World Series) Someone gossips, 'MUHA! :)'. Druzil gossips (in common), 'WOOHOOO!!!'. Cordir gossips (in common), '*grin*'. Morgant gossips (in common), 'die'. Someone gossips, 'I've got better news.'. Someone gossips, 'Barry Bonds lost.'. Druzil gossips (in common), 'heheh, WOOHOOO!'.

10/26/02 - Kelladorn gains Ra:14\Cl:15. Rolken leveled twice reaching Th:5\Ma:20\Ra:17. Zaaris Tal'shyre, the "margarine of evil" levels to Cl:29\Wa:15. Weezer reaches Th:10\Wa:30\Sh:30. Traume levels to Wa:20\Ma:22. Score levels to 6 shaman. Raziel does his first mobmaster. Alex reaches Ma:28 Wa:30 Th:20. Raiko reaches Th: 8 Cl: 9 Ra: 9. Grathuk levels to 10 ranger. Mistyfier completes mobmaster 26 and reaches Wa:17 Cl:16. Fearghus levels to 11 cleric. Mavourneen reaches Ma:21 Ra:15.

10/25/02 - Valas is ordained by Artanis! Lyger completes mobmaster 12. Qut reaches Wa: 9 Cl:11. Keat finds a +1 dam item, which somehow leads to people making demands on gossip, and ends with dead dust bunnies. (Now if only someone'd come to my house and do something about MY wild dust bunnies.) Nazzuk reaches Cl:23 Wa:15. Lomu reaches Cl:21 Wa:17 and completes mobmaster 22. Weezer reaches Th: 9 Wa:30 Sh:30. Mystical reaches Th: 9 Ra:30 Cl:30. Yoda completes mobmaster 26. Melkor reaches Sh:24 Wa:20. Aster hits 175 points on location quest. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5. Morgant won with 46 points and Wish came in second with 11 points. Morgant also levels to Cl:15 Wa:15 and completes MM# 38, a young centaur. Faille reaches Wa:15\Cl:18\Th:12. Selune gets to speak to her father (Vorax) after a long seperation. Sylt gains MM #66 - Denrew and #67 - Bachlor. Lycron reaches Sh:18\Wa:16. Rolken triples to thief. Solaron auctions off a level 31 Health Amulet, "free to first person to give me a reason I like.". Sabella wins, with an auctioning of "Because I'm a wicked, filthy, naughty girl, who will teach your wife horrendously evil things to do to you?" Clue reaches Lesser Power, which grants her an Ordained slot. Duvel reports he reached Wa:28 "but feel less lucky for it :(."

10/24/02 - Bliss announces the dating game. Pol reaches 20 ordained. Yoda reaches Sh:17 Wa:15. Soloman completes mobmasters 20-22 and levels to 20 shaman. Clorox reaches Th: 8 Sh:15. Thorak levels to 6 warrior. Pol gossips (in common), 'cats are the equivalent of furry houseplants...'. Wisteria does her first mobmaster. Mavourneen reaches Ma:20 Ra:15. Mario reaches Th: 6 Sh:11. Richthofen levels to 10 ranger. Fobro of the Folk gains Cl:18 and completes mobmaster 23 & 24. The debate about Immortal Snoop continues to rage, and several notes are removed (voluntarily and involuntarily.) Cordir runs a mini scavenger hunt. Participants include: Wisteria, Lorax, Lomu, and Vex. At the end of the 2 hour time limit, Vex and Lorax were tied. Vex wins the tie breaker, fetching a pustulus heart. Fobro of the Folk gains Cl:18. Qut reaches Wa:7\Cl:11. Stolz reaches Wa:5\Cl:15. Legolas becomes a vigilante. Noctus kills the Divine Theologian for MM#87. Xandria reaches Wa:15\Cl:16. Rubicant is silenced for inappropriate emotes which sparks a hugely long discussion on cant. Gytar broke 2000 hours of play. Lexie gains MM#97 but neglects to report the target. Kelladorn levels to Ra:13\Cl:15. Bhaal reaches Cl:18\Wa:12. Achilleus gets MM #41. Kelanea becomes a miscreant. Dasehra gets to 57 LQ points. Sylarn and Lorax perform a CR for Vash in Demon Realm. Drizzt deletes self to Re-Birth. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 4. Quarnel won with 22 points. Dasehra came in second with 10 points. Jet levels to Th:23\Wa:30\Cl:30. Blacky completes MM #76 - the Master Ranger.

10/23/02 - Niralith reaches Wa:12 Ma:20. Torulf levels to 8 warrior. Berilblade duals to mage. Ragnorak is recreated. Mistyfier reaches Wa:16 Cl:16. Grathuk levels to 7 ranger and gets a train. Plato's temple is moved to the newly-expanded upper level. Cordir posts a note about helpful FoLK. Mina reaches Ma:11. Mordith kills the Clerk for MM#99, and Borlan for MM#100. Finache levels to Ma:14\Wa:15. Lomu gains Cl:20\Wa:17. Indiga advances to Ordained level 12. Faelar reaches Ma:13. Xandria completes MM#14 - a giant warrior, MM#15 - a guardsman, #16 - a white wolf. Wylin completes MM #82 - Chromican the paladin, and the mob is nice enough to heal him mid-combat. Raiko levels to Ra:8\Cl:9 and triples to thief. Andre the Giant levels to Sh:8. Cordir posts a note about Jet leaving the Chosen to clear up any confusion. A WHO list is provided by Aslan, who also reports the following: Weezer levels to Th:7\Wa:30\Sh:30. Aslan completes three LQs for 60 points total. Raiko levels to Th:2\Cl:9\Ra:9 while advertising for their favorite energy drink. Aslan helps Traume and Borok in killing a hunting mob, and a short time later, Borok advances to level 22.

10/22/02 - Mob Mastery Day!: Kaori kills a sabered mosquito for MM #18. Fobro gets MM #21 - a servant. Mordith regains thief level 26. Lomu gains MMs #18 - the delving guard, #19 - the warrior (of moria), and #20 - a green troll. Sylarn kills Mayor Daniel for MM#76, and a huge iron golem for #77. Yoda gains MM# 24 - bazaar guard and #25 - a rakasta citizen. Fobro slays a duergar cook for MM#17 and Cl:17. Lyger levels to Wa:3\Sh:14. Talyn Napei of the Tigers gains Wa:15\Cl:30. Rolken reaches Ra:17\Ma:17. Quarnel gains a couple LQs, reaching 7396 points total. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 4: Lorax won with 16 points and Dekar came in second with 0 points. Rolken levels twice, gaining Ma:19\Ra:17. Grathuk reaches Ra:6\Ma:12 but dies three times in the process. Yoshi gains Ra:4\Cl:14. Dregsa hit the 110 hour mark of play. Fuel levels to Ra:17\Ma:15. Fisrad reaches Ra:14\Ma:22. Katrana completes 131 hours of Ambassador service. Mistyfier kills the merchant for MM #25, which bumps him up to Wa:15\Cl:16. Mithras the Elf levels to Wa:16\Cl:21, and is later slain by Bliss (reason unknown). Lyger gains Wa:4\Sh:14. Liora levels to Wa:6\Ma:15. Jet leaves the Chosen of Fate, and joins their ally, Kerriariadne's Darkness. Avatarr ascends to Sh:20\Wa:18, and has a hero-portrait made. Liora reaches Wa:6, and also reports that Lyger got MM8, a furry chipmunk. Arianos levels and gains a train, then later kills a fireworm for MM#37. Pol advances to Ordained level 19. Niralith reaches Ma:20\Wa:11. Stalkr exp's his way to Th:14\Cl:15\Ra:15. Morgant completes mobmaster 37. Wylin reaches 243 points on location quest. Hummer levels to 22 warrior. Cordir posts a note acknowledging an honor debt. Stolz completes mobmaster 14. Andre the giant levels to 6 shaman. Liora reaches Wa: 6 Ma:15. Avatarr reaches Sh:20 Wa:18. Cordir runs a Halloween-related scavenger contest.

10/21/02 - Vash gossips (in elven), 'Nothing better than finding your pants after a tense moment.'. Fobro completes mobmaster 20. Rolken reaches Ra:15 Ma:17. A big debate breaks out on notes regarding snoop after an idea is posted on it. Stolz completes mobmasters 8 & 9. Dee levels to 15 cleric. Cynder completes MM# 29 & 30. Sybill reaches Cl:19\Wa:15. Qut levels to Cl:10. Trakker visits the realm for the first time in nearly a year. Pol dies twice in the Adventurer's Inn. Mong attempts to CR, but grabs the empty corpse. Trakker runs up to the Inn, and gets the corpse with several others close behind. Lorax gains Th:29\Wa:30\Cl:30 - one more to go! Mazrim reaches Wa:8. Alucard levels to Th:2\Wa:30\Ma:30. Quinnthallis Moondown gets to Cl:10. Finache levels to Ma:13\Wa:15. Quarnel completes more than 18 LQs, reaching 7372 points total, AND Wa:26\Cl:30. During his string of LQ's, he bad recalls to ... Greta! Grathuk dies to Yargits in vile ruin, and Vex performs the CR. Aslan reaches 650 years of age. Lomu reaches Cl:19\Wa:17. Qut levels to Wa:2\Cl:11. Abe CRs Grathuk on the ocean after the little fellow is slain by the Tempest. Wish of the Black Conclave reaches Th:4\Ma:30\Wa:30. Zeks becomes a reprisalist. Cynder reaches Cl:29\Wa:15. Avatarr ascends to Sh:19\Wa:18. There's a discussion of push up bras and halter tops on gossip, after this info: ### Somewhere, Dee says (in common), 'think of a push up bra and then youre in the good direction'. Spyder levels to Th:13\Ma:18\Wa:17. Thyme reaches Wa:3\Ma:9. Quarnel gains MM #41 - a guardian spirit and #42 - a tinker gnome. Mistyfier reaches Wa:14\Cl:16. Kaori becomes a vigilante. Pol advances to Ordained level 18. Arianos levels to Th:11\Ra:15\Sh:17.

10/20/02 - Persephone of Fate ascends to Cl:13\Wa:15. Phantasm reaches Ma:4\Th:15 and completes mobmaster 10. Tyanna is recreated. Firewraith levels to Ma:10. Lomu kills a wolf for MM #15, a janitor of Nydia for #16, a myconid for MM#17, a goblin miner for MM#18 ('had to kill all of the workforce'.) Stolz hit his first DISEM today, leveled to Cl:15, & dualed to warrior. Herb reaches Wa:16\Cl:21. Elendil gains Ra:11\Ma:17. Whoz becomes a vigilante. Bhaal gains Cl:16\Wa:12. Melkor reaches Wa:20\Sh:23. Minian joins Xavier. Fobro does his first location quest. Cordir holds a difficult quest on mud knowledge, and Whoz is the winner (with 36 out of 50 correct). Gytar came in 2nd with 28, and Natilena 3rd with 16. Lyger completes mobmaster 5. Draga joins Vorax. Mandrake "heriocally rescued Duvels lonely corpse from the third floor of masters". Quarnel hits the 7000 point mark on location quest. Rolken levels several times, reaching Ra:13 Ma:17. Mistyfier reaches Cl:16 Wa:12. Toke reaches Cl:24 Wa:18. Lins gossips (in common), '### Satan has quit.' Cordir gossips, 'He was assisted with a boot in the butt on the way out. :-)'. Cynder gets a location quest while in the middle of a pk attempt. (Was she the intended pker, or the pkeee, I wonder?)

10/19/02- Bhaal levels twice and reaches Cl:15\Wa:12. Pol advances to level Ordained level 17. Mordith seeks out and obtains a God+ level loss reform from the Black Conclave, shocking everyone as the infos hit: ### Mordith has fallen to level 29. ### Mordith has fallen to level 28. ### Mordith has fallen to level 26. ### Mordith has fallen to level 25. Whois Mordith: Dwa [ Th:25 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Mordith. Elysa levels to Cl:10. Debonair becomes a miscreant. Manchild gains Wa:5\Ma:11. Herb reaches Cl:21\Wa:15. Raiko gains Cl:8 and duals to ranger. Otago of Veldrin reaches Sh:12\Wa:17. Stolz levels to Cl:14. Katrana reaches 121 hours as an Ambassador. Mistyfier levels to Cl:15\Wa:12. Fobro reaches Cl:15. Clarice levels to Wa:3\Ma:11. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 6. Wish won with 45 points and Manchild came in second with 4 points. Faille levels to Wa:15\Cl:18\Th:12. Twelf kills a red caterpillar for MM#2. Stolz levels to Cl:14. Cordir runs a 20 question trivia contest, won by Pol. Lorax completes mobmasters 85 thru 87. Tamar announces a Halloween contest. Whitehawk stops by for a visit :)  Malakost completes mobmaster 66. Lyger duals to warrior and levels to 15 shaman. Heffor levels to 5 warrior. Zoltar is created. Slim completes mobmaster 15, among others. Rolken reaches Ra: 9 Ma:17. Yoda reaches Wa:14 Sh:16. Turalurayay completes mobmaster 35 and reaches Wa:20 Sh:30. Toke completes mobmaster 23 (a female ent).

10/18/02 - Mystical levels to Th:8\Ra:30\Cl:30. Ripper reaches Th:20\Ra:23\Ma:21. Phantasm murders a small bunny for MM #3. Palila reaches Sh:3. Weezer levels to Th:3\Wa:30\Sh:30. Stolz levels to Cl:13. Tokugawa posts a note announcing an upcoming temple area addition. A whole ton of people join Artanis. Kaleyah completes mobmasters 46 & 47. Wylin completes mobmasters 75 thru 80 (Kyb Keyotay, the mayor, the guildmaster, the gnarled warrior, the Master Cleric, & Trelestine). Gwyrdain reaches Ra:12 Ma:16 Th:11. Kleitor reaches Sh:15 Wa: 9. Toke completes mobmaster 20. Tulkas is created and levels to 6 cleric. Sylarn the "rainbow skittle" reaches 12 ordained. Traume reaches Wa:19 Ma:22.

10/17/02 - Talyn gossips (in common), 'My butt jiggles'. TMI?  Kinky completes mobmaster 35. Mystronomius duals to ranger. Glumflor completes mobmaster 15. Auron levels to 12 cleric. Morgant reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Jonah's re-created! (at least, I think it's the same Jonah :)  Phooey reaches Wa:17 Th:14 Ma:18. Wish reaches Th: 3 Ma:30 Wa:30. Turalurayay joins Clue. Lanfear completes 1050 spell memorizations. Mavourneen reaches Ma:17\Ra:15. Sylarn works on Mob Mastery, completing #66 - #75: King Zentarion, a drow soldier, a priestess, Timon, a centaur falconer, an ancient centaur, a centaur elder, Traezt the dragon hunter, Kyb Keyotay, and the guildmaster. Lomu levels to Wa:17\Cl:17. Wunk gets MM#43 - Thorin, prince of the underground. Cordir runs a trivia contest, and Sylarn and Lanfear tie for the win. Bjorn wins a Imm Teleport contest. Aslan levels to Ordained 9. Vex CR'd Traume's corpse from Demon Realm. Phantasm duals to mage. Stolz completes MM #2 and #3: a yellow butterfly and a goblin worker. Sharn levels to 19 Cleric.

10/16/02 - Layd reaches Ra:7. Garland reaches 1300 hours of play and Tiax reaches 1500. Morhaven gains MM#22 - the Queen's Bard. Cordir runs a game of Imm Teleport: After 20 teleports, Sharn wins with 6 points. (Lomu - 4 points, Sylarn - 3 points, Talyn - 2 points, Vash/Lexie/Traume - 1 point) Mystical levels twice to reach Th:5\Ra:30\Cl:30. Katzhai levels to Ra:16\Cl:16. Lomu gains Wa:16\Cl:17. Vampris ascends to Ma:13. Huery levels to Wa:17\Sh:21. Aquielle reaches Cl:7. Tassadar completes MM# 69 - Kimon. Traume levels to Wa:18\Ma:22. Kleitor gains Sh:14\Wa:9. Azeworai CRs Score in the Wicked Overgrown Gardens of the Elven Homestead. Vash levels to Th:7\Ma:15, and is heard to say: Vash gossips (in common), 'I am a leveling superfreak!'. Vash gossips (in common), 'marvel at my level! Made in taiwan!'. Rolken of the FoLK levels to Ra:6\Ma:17. Farranon reaches Ma:10\Th:11. Vampris is killed by a Delving guard but CR's herself. Lanfear kills a camp leader for MM#88. Stolz levels to Cl:12. Heartsbane does some impromptu rhyming on gossip. Lomu hits 50 points on location quest. Prile joins Solanthas. Drizzt triples to thief. William does his first mobmaster. Essendil levels to 5 mage. Belial reaches Th:20 Ra:30 Ma:25. Blacky completes mobmasters 73 thru 75 (War'loov, the Supreme Warrior, & the Master Mage). Mystical reaches Th: 5 Ra:30 Cl:30. Morhaven reaches Cl:15 Ra:11. Sylarn completes mobmaster 65 and reaches 9 ordained. Heury reaches Wa:17 Sh:21. Tylorn's baaaack. Wunk completes mobmaster 42 (a zombie).

10/15/02 - Mistyfier levels to Cl:12\Wa:12. Ink gains Wa:27\Cl:30. Darkblade Sharkkiller reaches Ma:7. Mavourneen levels to Ma:16\Ra:15, Darkblade reaches Ma:8. Tylorn is reactivated as Ordained of the Black Conclave. Stolz completed MM#1 -a stray dog. Lorax becomes a Vigilante. Lexie actually spots the elusive Jungle Master, who then beats his drum three times and disappears in a cloud of smoke. Blacky completes MM#71 - Frisnor and MM#72 - Kimon. Chaar duals to warrior. Mithras reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Kelladorn reaches Cl:14 Ra:12. Uriel completes mobmaster 66 and reaches Wa:29 Sh:26 Th:20. Jinn reaches Wa: 5 Ma:15. Natilena reaches Th:28 Ra:30 Ma:30. Albert completes mobmaster 15 and reaches Wa: 5 Th: 9 Ma:10.

10/14/02 - Wistom fears a god+! (Is he that scary? :P) Blacky completes mobmasters 68 thru 70 (a guildmaster, a guildmaster, and the centaur smith). Armalag reaches Th:5 Wa:30 Cl:30 and even gets 2hp ;)  Kodak joins Xavier. Kerson passes the 2800 mark on location quest. Toke completes mobmasters 10-16. Aerith levels to 5 cleric. Talyn completes mobmaster 60 and reaches Wa:12 Cl:30. Dekar completes mobmaster 30. Auroc reaches Ra:10 Ma:15. Glumflor levels to 10 cleric. Telamon is re-created. Shon completes mobmaster 80 (the Master Warrior). Hummer levels to 20 warrior. Lictilon reaches Wa:28 Th:20 Ma:25. Phantasm levels to 15 thief. Carrie completes mobmaster 17 (a young duergar). Stolz levels repeatedly, reaching Cl:8 and joins Mayhem. Lanie levels to Sh:12. Morgant completes MM#32 - an alligator hunter. Barrow completes MM#4 - a sparrow and #5 - the swan. Mead reaches Ra:3. Wistom levels to Th:17\Sh:30\Wa:24 because he was 'whining' about how bad cloak is, so Gytar felt bad and took him exping. Mithras gains Cl:19\Wa:15. Jasper levels to Wa:4\Cl:14. Palin ascends to Th:21\Ma:24\Wa:25. Kerson performs a CR for Lomu when the Passionate warric dies in the No Recall section of Velalisier. Wish becomes a sociopath. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Wish won with 34 points, and Wylin came in second with 12 points. Soltz levels yet again to Cl:9. Wylin slays Kyb Keyotay for MM#74. Katrana reaches 110 ambassador hours. Carrie completes MM#17 - a young duergar. :10. Mistyfier levels three times to gain Cl:11\Wa:12. Mystical kills Miri of Aran for MM#58. William (who doesn't like you) levels three times to Sh:13. Tweedle levels to CL:24\Wa:21. Shon kills a Huge Iron Golem for MM#79 and the Master Warrior for MM#80. Orthedhel reaches Cl: 7. Kodak levels twice - Sh:5\Wa:10. Mystical reaches effective level 40, then triple classes and reaches Th:3\Ra:30\Cl:30. Avatarr ascends to Wa:16\Sh:18. Lexie reports, "I got Mistyfier's corpse from Plague's Chamber (Demon Realm) in 10 minutes. Then Fastq decided to be a brat, and Lexie and Lins both died to Ramona since Ramona didn't suffer the lag we did So it took me literally 3 rl hours to CR Lins corpse in Skull top but i got it and returned intact! "

10/13/02 - Kinky joins Clue and does her first location quest. Wish reaches Th: 2 Ma:30 Wa:30. Mistyfier levels twice, reaching Cl: 8 Wa:12 and gets a train. Chaar levels to 10 mage. Kelladorn reaches Ra:12 Cl:12. Mordith completes mobmasters 95 thru 99 (Jair the Librarian, Grandma Schon, the Magistrate, Borlan, & Captain Niall). Weezer triples to thief (at effective 40, ouch). Elysa levels to 5 cleric. Rolken reaches Ra: 5 Ma:17. Borok levels to 21 warrior. Veronica reaches Ma:11 Ra:11. Lycron reaches Sh:17 Wa:16 and completes mobmaster 30. Dekar reaches Wa:21 Cl:30. Mavourneen reaches Ma:15 Ra:15. Pardoquilian reaches Th: 8 Wa:22 Sh:22. Sylarn posts a warning about Neodis and Rubicant. Neodis 'teleported a fish today'. Carrie completes MM#12 - a small blob of acid, #13 a confused man, and #14 "i dont remember". Yoda levels to Wa:12\Sh:16. Yoda also puts in some time working on Mob Mastery targets, including #18 - a templar officer, #19 - a sabered mosquito, and #20 - a half-elf mage. Nazinthas went into the Strands of Matter on a CR, after Toke failed in his attempt to CR Herb. Locke levels to Wa:5\Ma:11. Mystical gains Ra:29\Cl:30 and completes mobmaster 57. Zip advances to Ordained level 12. Orbit levels to Sh:10. Selune reaches Wa:3\Cl:15. Maeron reaches Cl:19\Ra:17. Niralith gets to Ma:16\Wa:11. Vampris joins the Chosen of Fate. Nazinthas performs a CR of Lanie's corpse. Stolz is created and reaches Cl:5. Myre ascends to Wa:9\Ma:12.

10/12/02 - Otago levels twice, reaching Sh:6\Wa:17. Niralith advances to Ma:15\Wa:11. Merkderk kills a clay golem for MM#30, and levels to Th:17\Cl:20\Wa:20. Indiga advances to Ordained level 10. Patton completes mobmaster 17 & 18 and reaches Ra: 9 Cl:13. Kodak duals to shaman. Sylarn completes mobmaster 63 and reaches 7 ordained. Talyn has a little experience. Drizzt completes mobmaster 24. Neodis reaches Ma:18 Ra:16. Zer levels to 5 cleric. Yoda completes mobmaster 15. Zip reaches 12 ordained. Neodis gossips (in common), 'Okay TFC, I'm holding a quest right now! First person who give me a health ammy wins.'. (No one won, can you imagine that?)

10/11/02 - Toni levels to Ma:12\Ra:11. Yoda completes MM#5 - a lizard child and #6 - a large spider. Wowser the Boy is created, and levels to Ma:5. Niralith levels to Ma:11\Wa:11. Katrana completes 103 Ambassador Hours. Yoda also kills an aphid for MM#7. Ravin levels to Cl:7. Mystical becomes a fanatic. Barrow completes MM#2 - a horde of maggots and #3 - a goblin baby, and levels to Sh:12. A game of Mob Hunt concludes in round 5: Lorax won with 27 points and Kelanea came in second with 12 points. Clue falls to "Cult" status. Traume got MM#40 - a winged tinker, and Wylin tracked down a centaur hunter for MM#73. Tweedle levels to Cl:23\Wa:21. Kelladorn reaches Ra:9\Cl:12. A second game of Mob Hunt concludes in round 4: Wylin won with 18 points, and Natilena came in second with 10 points. Wylin then scored 7 points on a location quest (230 points total). Lycron gains Sh:14\Wa:16. Niralith reaches Ma:13\Wa:11. Thingone announces that he has gained "2 mil exp total :)" and swiftly thereafter, advances to Ordained level 27. Hummer reaches Wa:19. Grale left Wisdom. Aslan Reports: Patton gets MM#17 - a large minotaur prisoner, #18 - a Mycon Chanter, and #19 - a young Duergar. DarkClaw: My Temporary Absense / Fri Oct 11 15:57:19 2002 / To: all / I will be away for some time. I'm going on a short vacation for four days and, during that time, I'm moving. I haven't called the cable company yet to set up my cable modem there at the new place, so I'll be off the net for a time. I'll be back as soon as I can. Take care, everyone, and I'll see you all when I return! :-) - DarkClaw/Laura. Tolken is created. Joey Bladebane completes mobmasters 54 through 57 (Ogra, a mercenary guard, an old centaur, & Lt. Oukri) and reaches Ma:28 Wa:30 Th:20. Vampris levels to 11 mage. Lomu reaches Wa:15 Cl:17. A couple of notes are posted about and by Rolken. Pol reaches 14 ordained. Jax levels to 10 warrior.Sylarn completes mobmasters 61 & 62. Quaysh levels to 5 cleric. The rank lists from this day.

10/10/02 - Lorax gets MM #82 - Ygren the sword crafter. Merkderk levels to Wa:18\Th:12\Cl:20 and completes mobmasters 26, 27 & 28. Apache reaches Ra:7\Sh:12. Garath reports that when he bad recalled, Duvel performed a "heroic CR" for him.. and Duvel shares the tale in his own words. Talyn reports he was "Sitting here minding my own business at my college - Oswald prances in and accidentally hits the power button... died in Magmen, reconnected, did own cr." Ambrose of Fate ascends to Ra:13\Ma:15, and kills a lizard man for MM#10. Lorax killed Ygren the sword crafter for MM #83, which leveled him to Th:28\Wa:30\Cl:30. Skares reaches Sh:13\Wa:10. Rolken levels to Ra:4\Ma:17. Mandrake gets up to Wa:29\Cl:25. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 6: Indiga won with 50 points, and Noctus came in second with 40 points. Belerik reaches Wa:13. Skie kills a museum guard for MM#20 and later levels to Cl:23\Wa:15. Wylin slays a Centaur Elder for MM#71 and Ordained level 26. Talyn Napei reaches Wa:9\Cl:30. Herb reaches Cl:20\Wa:15. Otago duals (Sh:1\Wa:17). Manchild levels to Wa:4\Ma:11. Sleighty reaches 500 hours of play. A game of Mob Hunt ends in Round 7: Lorax has won with 92 points, and Tassadar came in second with 65 points. Bhaal gets to Cl:9\Wa:12. Vampris ascends to Ma:10 and undertakes the Chosen of Fate entry quest. Shrike gains Cl:11\Wa:10. Karma levels to Cl:10. Niralith becomes a miscreant, then levels again for Ma:10\Wa:11. Sylt kills a boar for MM#64, and demolishes Fennoch for MM#65. Malathreal reaches Cl:8. Mystical reaches Ra:28 Cl:30 and completes mobmasters 52 thru 55. Pymlithe is created. Martyr levels to 23 warrior. Mistyfier reaches Cl: 4 Wa:12. Seraph levels to 6 warrior. Solaron gossips (in common), 'Take it from me, I'm a sponge. '. Darkblade levels to 5 mage. Kelladorn reaches Ra: 7 Cl:12. Toni reaches Ma:11 Ra:11.

10/9/02 - Kerson hits 2740 points on location quest. Mavourneen reaches Ma:14 Ra:15. Skares reaches Sh:12 Wa:10. Cynder completes mobmasters 25 (Beata) & 26 (a guardian ant). Grathuk levels to 10 mage and gets a train. Noctus did a CR for Trell at Velalisier. Kaleyah completed three Mob Mastery targets: #43 - a guardian spirit, #44 - a monk, and #45 - the Minotaur Ring-Keeper. Mavourneen levels to Ma:14\Ra:15. Grathuk levels to Ma:10 and gains a Train. Niralith is created and levels several times. A WHO list. Ysild of Fate reaches level 8 warrior, and gains a Train. Kenlo kills a Dwarven Warrior for MM#29, and Smithers for MM#30. Tynian: PK contests CANCELLED / Wed Oct 9 07:52:43 2002 / To: all / PK contests cancelled for lack of player interest. ---Tynian.

10/8/02 - Toni reaches Ra:10\Ma:11. Genious levels 5 times today, one of which is Ma:7\Wa:11. Achilleus becomes a sociopath. Dunestripe gets to Ma:15\Ra:12. Mordith killed Ramona solo "for fun." Salomar gets to 55 total LQ points. Nazzuk reaches Cl:22\Wa:15. Uriel completes MM#63 - a groundskeeper. Wistom gets to Th:16\Sh:30\Wa:24. Joey completes MM#48 - a female Triton and MM#49 - a magman. Elektra reaches Cl:21. Talyn levels to Wa:7\Cl:30. Stalkr gets to Th:13\Cl:15\Ra:15. Bliss kills Blacky twice today, "cause She's evil." Mystical reports, "Sol killed me twice today cuz hes evil. All i did was Auctioned for a new immortal, whats wrong with that?" Mistyfier joins the FoLK. Neodis frees Elektra of a curse. Here's the log from Cordir's point of view. Clarice levels to 11 mage duals to warrior. Natilena completes mobmaster 66. Riverwind reaches Ma: 3 Ra:11. Albert reaches Wa: 3 Th: 9 Ma:10. Derth completes mobmaster 54. Mystical reaches Ra:27 Cl:30.

10/7/02 - Palin reaches level 20 thief. Rolken levels to Ma:17. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 4, with Noctus as the winner with 15 points and Kaleyah with 8 points took second place. Faldor finds an amusing score - "Papa don't portal". Yoda levels to Sh:14\Wa:11. Traume dies in Demon Realm, and a group consisting of Valas, Natilena and Maimer head in to find it. Abe also heads into DR and finds the body at Korsev. After killing the demon, then its ghost, then the repop, he gets the corpse back to Traume. Sabella levels to Wa:3\Ma:17. Melkor levels to Wa:17\Sh:23. Rolken levels to Ma:17 then duals to Ranger. Mithras becomes a vigilante. Mistyfier the Boy levels to Wa:11. Mystical gains MM 47 - a Triton Child, #48 - Gormegil, the King under the Mountain. Palin of Fate finally reaches level 20 thief, and is able to Cant! (he also gains a Train). Clarice leveled to Ma:11 and dualed to Warrior. Rolken reaches Ra:2\Ma:17 with and extra prac (5) and a train. Mistyfier and Fobro join Clue. Skares reaches Sh:11 Wa:10. Slim reaches Wa:16 Ma:18. Tori levels to 5 mage. Pol reaches 13 ordained. Melkor reaches Wa:17 Sh:23. Thingone gossips (in common), 'i'm just a big teddy bear'. Manchild joins Solanthas.

10/6/02 - Natilena hits the TEN THOUSAND point mark on location quest, and posts a note about retiring from it. Flynn levels to 5 mage. Auron levels to 11 cleric. Katzhai reaches Cl:16 Ra:15. Armalag reaches Th:4 Wa:30 Cl:30. ### Lexie tells Clumsyfool, 'Spank me baby'] Rolken joins Clue. Grathuk levels to 7 mage. Talyn reaches Wa: 4 Cl:30. Thingone reaches 26 ordained. Azweepei levels to Cl:18\Wa:13. Pol advances to Ordained level 12. Yoda reaches Sh:13\Wa:11. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Gytar won with 42 points and Sicarian came in second with 5 points. Sicarian then spent quite some time doing LQs... reaching 2284 points total.. and Th:25\Ra:30\Cl:30. Manchild levels to Wa:2\Ma:11. Kleitor reaches Sh:12\Wa:9. Mystical dies in Molotov, but his exp parter Dekar quickly grabs the corpse and makes a speedy exit of the Volcano. Kerson gets up to 2569 LQ points, which helps him advance to Ordained level 25. Barrow Blacktusk of the Defenders of the Sun levels to Sh:11. Izzy advances to level 11 ELF. Shon gets MM #78 - the Master Thief. Mystical levels to Ra:26\Cl:30. Jamie reaches Th:10. Malakost kills a rabbit for MM#65. Vex slays Borlan for MM97, the Magistrate for MM98, the Clerk for MM99, and Captain Niall for MM100. Zip advances to 10 ordained. Indiga got mobms #76 - triton warrior and #77 - the Master Ranger.

10/5/02 - Tynian holds the first-ever tfc pk contest! And here are the logs from a few other people's points of views. Critical reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Riella reaches Ma:22 Ra:20. Daelix joins Xavier. Skares reaches Wa:10 Sh:10. Merkderk reaches Cl:20 Th:12 Wa:15. Tynian joins Mordith's group. Tynian posts a note about an upcoming cleric pk contest and an upcoming sub-30 pk contest. Glumflor joins Artanis. Rolken levels to Ma:16. Mavourneen levels to Ma:13\Ra:15. Sicarian completes over 20 Location Quests, reaching 1598 points total. He also levels to Th:24\Ra:30\Cl:30. Blacky becomes a sociopath. Maeron gets Cl:18\Ra:17. Quarnel finishes over 13 LQs, and 6723 points total. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Sicarian won with 23 points, and Wish came in second with.. 0 points. Blacky kills a giant squid for MM#65. Yoda levels to Wa:11\Sh:11. Sartub gets to Cl:17\Wa:16. Who/Wiz/Ranks lists.

10/4/02 - Draven joins Artanis. Raage reaches Wa:16 Cl:16. Gytar posts a note about his bard quest. Auron levels to 5 cleric. Spyder reaches Th:12 Ma:18 Wa:17. Mystical completes mobmaster 44 and gets to Ra:25\Cl:30. Spidius levels to 5 thief. Lycron reaches Wa:16 Sh:13. Traume reaches Ma:22 Wa:16. Malathreal levels to Cl:7. Belsambar actually changes his desc. (can't say I like it.) Sharn of Fate ascends to Cl:16\Wa:15. Spittle levels to Sh:4\Ra:17. Kaleyah won a mobhunt with 8 points (Aravan second with 0). Barrow and Trystan joined the Defenders of the Sun. Kenlo risks Cordir's wrath by killing a large spider for MM#27. Belerik reaches Wa:10, and Oswald levels to Cl:23\Wa:23 (and is noted for creepiest title). Tel gained another follower today: Gaia, a gnomish cleric. Kenlo ascended to level 24 cleric. Shon gets three MMs: #75 - the Master Cleric, #76 - the Ranger, and #77 - a Triton Warrior. He also did a CR for carrie at Catacombs. Kaltar levels to Th:2\Sh:20\Wa:20. Mnaramenth has a busy day, and dies to the Tempest. Later, he ascends to Wa:15\Cl:15, gets several LQ's, and wins a game of Mob Hunt in Round 4 with 24 points. Wylin came in second with 15 points. Kaltar becomes a miscreant. Belial levels to Ra:30\Th:15\Ma:25. Natila does oodles of LQs (somewhere above 9700 points). Voimli is created, and wins two "Imm Teleport" contests. Damian begins the entry quest for Fate. Rolken levels twice to reach Ma:15. Lycron levels to Wa:16\Sh:13.

10/3/02 - Maimer posts an idea on character separation which sparks a lot of discussion. Maeron reaches Ra:15 Cl:17. Gwyrdain reaches Th: 8 Ra:11 Ma:10. Tara completes mobmaster 13 (the great bat). Quarnel hits the 6500 point mark on location quest. Asmodeus is created. Mithras reaches Wa:15 Cl:16 and completes mobmaster 1. Cordir runs a very brief game of Cat and Mouse: in the first round, Neodis is summoned by Maimer (voiding that round) and in the second, Mouse Belsamber mobdies to the Dragon Turtle Mother. Mnaramenth dies to Scairz, Vex performs the CR. Later, Mnar ascends to Wa:14\Cl:15. Sharn ascends twice, reaching Wa:15\Cl:23. Kenlo works on his mob mastery quests, finding: a weeping ghost for MM23, a female ent for MM24, a spirit for MM25, and a guard (landru's) for MM26. Yoda levels to Wa:9\Sh:11. Mael CRs Malakost and Melkor's corpses from Scairz. Wylin gets MM#66 - a drow patrolguard, #67 - a drow patrolguard, #68 -a centaur elder. Joey leveled to Wa:28/Ma:27/Th:20, andgained MM#45 - a lammasu, and MM46 - the cloaked thief.

10/2/02 - Meduietunow becomes a miscreant. Debonair levels to Ra:12\Sh:20. Sicarian scores 7 points on a location quest (1122 points total). Malakost kills a Centaur Scout for MM#63. Charles levels to Th:19\Wa:30\Sh:30. Kenlo Bigberry of Fate ascends to Cl:23\Wa:15. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Sicarian won with 23 points, and Wish came in second with 10 points. Damian levels to Cl:15. Joey completes MM#44 a mad gnome. Natilena passes the 9500 mark on location quest and reaches Th:26 Ra:30 Ma:30. Mordith completes mobmaster 94. Null reaches Ra:11 Ma:11. Rolken levels to 9 mage. Terlyn levels to 5 cleric. Grale completes mobmaster 69. Lycron reaches Wa:14 Sh:13. Wylin reaches 25 ordained. Hummer levels to 15 warrior. The rank listings and wizlist from this day.

10/1/02 - Rubicant kills Slue to reach effective 50th! (Ma:30 Wa:30 Th:30). Icarus deletes himself. Malathreal joins Myronides. Warinderin duals to warrior. Sylt completes mobmasters 62 & 63. Ripper reaches Ma:21 Ra:23 Th:18. Zyclon reaches Ra: 7 Ma:11. Azeworai completes mobmaster 44. Finache reaches Wa:13 Ma: 9. Drizzt the Wanderer ascends to Ra:14\Ma:15 and kills a duergar fisher for MM#22. Kenlo killed a Myconid for MM 22 and levelled to 22 cleric gaining "13 Hp (bleah), 16 mana(yay), extra prac (yay), train (yay)." Svade of the Coven levels to Sh:16. Merkderk ascends to Cl:18\Th:12\Wa:15. Mario becomes a sociopath. Koopa levels to Ma:7. Traume completes MM#38 - a dwarven traveller. Furnock Sweetleaf ascends to Wa:22\Th:20\Ma:20. Herb levels to Wa:15\Cl:15. Rolken was created.

9/30/02 - Alucard levels to Ma:29\Wa:30. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Lexie won with 36 points, and Alucard came in second with 0 points. Yoshi levels to Cl:12. Mavourneen reaches Ma:11\Ra:15. Kerson gets to 2294 LQ points. Joey completes mm33 - a killer bee, mm34 - a knight, mm35 - a redtailed hunting hawk, mm36 - a cloaker, mm37 - an animated spear, mm38 - a young centaur, mm39 - a winged tinker, mm40 - a knight, MM#41 - The Elven Gentleman, #42 - The Master Smelter and MM#43 - Tarla. Bhaal reaches Cl: 7 Wa:12. Gulsen levels to 8 warrior. Azeworai reaches Th:2 Ma:30 Wa:19. Riverwind duals to mage. Koopa levels to 5 mage. FastQ goes down for several hours, making the mud unreachable. Then for a brief time period only people going  from FastQ to FastQ can get on the mud, making it a rather quiet place :P

9/29/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.107, which among other things changes the neutral alignment somewhat. He also announces an upcoming team pk contest. Finache reaches Wa: 8 Ma: 9 and joins Kerriariadne. Sicarian hits the 1000 point mark on location quest! Wersion levels to 5 mage. Cordir posts a note about cat and mouse games. Scelus completes mobmaster 37. Legolas gossips (in common), 'i'd like my burp socials to be heard by the entire zone'. Corri (wow) reaches Ma:24 Ra:24. Tamar accidentally transfers everyone on the mud to Mish, which has people a little, uh, surprised. Indiga completes mobmaster 76 (Guido). Malakost reaches Ma:25 Wa:30. Bashful slays a centaur scout for Wa:28\Cl:30. Katrana reaches 71 ambassador hours. Mavourneen, the Black Widow of the Coven, levels to Ra:15\Ma:10. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 9: Sicarian won with 86 points and Shon came in second with 3 points. Tethys leveled to Cl:8. Kenlo slays a mimic for MM#18, a centaur chief for MM#19, a myconid for #20, and a soldier ant for MM#21. He also levelled to Cl:21 Wa:15, gaining 14 hps, but 2 mana.. but the Train helped make up for the disappointing mana. Icarus dies in Wintermeet, and Corri performs the CR since DarkClaw wasn't able to pick up the corpse. Raage becomes a vigilante. Joey Bladebane, the Minotaur, levels to Ma:25\Wa:27\Th:20. Fearghus Ascends to Cl:10. Khellendros becomes a sociopath. Boromir ascends to Ma:23\Ra:24\Th:21 and Katrana faints from shock, then does so again when Palin D'henoke ascends to Th:19\Ma:24\Wa:25. Sicarian reaches 999 total LQ points. Alex becomes a sociopath. Threb reaches Cl:13\Wa:12. Aerios kills a large gorilla for MM#25. Ananasi Aleitros ascends to Th:28\Ra:27\Ma:28 and gains a precious train so she can restore her Charisma to its highest possible level. Katrana reaches 75 ambassador hours. Albert killed a thornslinger for MM7. Yoshi levels to Cl:11. Gwyrdain reaches Th:4\Ra:11\Ma:10. Wistom killed the The Lineaoth Camp Leader for MM#83 and 2357 exp. Wunk levels to Sh:29\Wa:17\Th:20. Lycron of Darkness levels to Wa:13\Sh:13. DragonBane reaches Th:12\Ma:15\Ra:12.

9/28/02 - Tynian notes some additions to the TFC Contingency Fund. Wisteria Lynx, Apprentice Squiresse of the Sun, levels to Ra:7\Ma:10. Oook, the Troubledor of Fate, provides another list of Scores. There's a big discussion on gossip about what people think about alignments, including the idea of removing them altogether. Twelf reaches Ma:15 Wa:10. Ripper completes mobmasters 56 & 57. Persephone reaches Cl:12 Wa:15. That reaches Cl:25 Ra:23, completes mobmaster 36, and does his first location quest. Marcus levels to 5 warrior. Zyclon duals to ranger. Drakar reaches Ra:25 Cl:25 Th:20. Natilena reaches Ma:30 Th:25 Ra:30 (five more to go!). Traume completes mobmaster 35. Cynder reaches Cl:28 Wa:15. Deylann levels to 5 ranger. Arianas posts a note about an upcoming Kansas City GT.

9/27/02 - Mordith completes mobmaster 93. Credillika and Ariacus join Xavier. Sarik levels to 10 shaman. Debonair reaches Sh:20 Ra:11. Ripper completes mobmaster 55. Mystical reaches Cl:29 Ra:25. Sicarian reaches Th:23 Ra:30 Cl:30. Lycron completes mobmaster 25 (the grand templar for 706 exp). Icarus reaches Ma:18 Th:15 Ra: 9. Thyme levels to 5 mage. Bashur of the Coven rises to Wa:26. Sharn gains a Train when he ascends to Wa:13\Cl:15. Traume completes MM#33 - a fat goat and MM#34 - a savage woman. Drakar levels to Ra:24\Cl:25\Th:20, and kills Nemdor of War'Loov's Fortress for MM#66. Snarf works on Mob Mastery, too, and reports "mm 62 ancalagon the warrior ... or is it ancalagon the black." Joey performs a CR for Ping when he dies in Altibia. Natilena has scored 11 points on a location quest (9105 points total). Kenlo completes MM#15 - the Mage, #16 - the Myconid, and #17 - a water snake. Mnaramenth slays a succulent vine for MM#38 and 1152 exp. That got mobm#34 -a Minotaur Warrior. Aslan Reports: ### Sicarian has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 80 - a triton warrior. ### Kenlo has advanced to level 20 (19 HPs, and 11 mana).

9/26/02 - Wunk failed another mobmastery, but was relatively cheerful about it. Herb becomes a miscreant. Gytar killed the Magistrate for MM#104. Twelf levels to Ma:14\Wa:10 and showed Kleitor the way to jill so he could change class back into shaman. Kenlo of Fate completes a number of Mob Masteries: #7 - a ghost, #8 - a goblin sergeant, #9 - a baby bat, #10 - a weave spider, #11 - (unrecorded), #12 - a young duergar, #13 - a ghome guard. Shortly thereafter, Kenlo ascends to Cl:19\Wa:15. Kleitor reaches Sh:10\Wa:9. Malis and Deacon are silenced briefly for cussing on gossip. Tiax reaches intermediate power. Lomu reaches Cl:13\Wa:14. Dunestripe gets to 40 LQ points, and Sicarian reaches 785 LQ points. Skares levels to Wa:4\Sh:10. Spittle reaches Ra:17. Sicarian completes an LQ (864 total points) and MM79 - the Master Mage. Alucard becomes a sociopath. Mnaramenth Vidrion of Fate ascends twice, to reach Wa:12\Cl:15. Drakar of the Tigers dies in Demon Realm. While performing the CR, Abe is told by Wistom who joins him in the effort, that Ink of the WarDancers has died to the Demon Lord, Korsev. After grabbing Drakar's corpse, the pair jaunt over and fetch Ink's as well, despite a rather rudely timed repop of Korsev. Aslan kills a female centaur for MM#47 and 996 exp... later, she ascends an Ordained level. Dunestripe kills the Lamia for MM#13. Joey levels to Warrior 27 and duals back to mage (Ma:24 Wa:27 Th:20) . Aslan provides a Who/ Who Mobmaster and some Ranks info. Bashur completes MM#58 by killing a Triton patrolguard. Natilena hits 9062 points total on location quest. Tynian posts a thank you note. Trithasyle levels to 5 shaman. Toni reaches Ma:10 Ra: 9. Wylin completes mobmaster 64. Calh reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Wistom starts a sick discussion about crickets on gossip, which I can't bring myself to put here :P Shrike reaches Cl: 7 Wa:10. Terenas reaches Ra:22 Ma:24. Odd items like "a pair of chain mail skirt" start showing up.

9/25/02 - Xavier's temple is installed. ### [Salomar tells Kerson (in elven), 'I neglect my woman, I don't have a social life, and I don't know what nature is'] Havoc (a Mayhem follower) levels to 5 cleric. Phooey reaches Wa:13 Th:14 Ma:18. Neodis posts "Depression". Auroc levels to 15 mage. Quinnthallis levels to 5 elf. Gwyrdain reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11. Tentre levels to 10 warrior. Belsambar gossips (in common), 'not that I personally use a harness, but some do...'. (I don't think I want to ask what prompted this :P) a Who/Wiz/Ranks list for today. Alucard levels to Ma:28\Wa:30. Malakost reaches Ma:24\Wa:30. Skie becomes a vigilante. Uriel gains Sh:26\Wa:26\Th:20 and completes mobmaster 62. Nigel levels to Cl:7. Kerson completes at least ten location quests, and getting to an impressive 2233 points total. Kenlo ascends to Cl:18\Wa:15. Lexie gets a 6 point LQ for 956 points total. Toni reaches Ra:9\Ma:9. While grouped for EXP in wintermeet with Riella, Icarus and Traume are slain by angry, drunk centaurs. Traume CR's himself, and Palin of Fate snags Icarus's corpse for him, barely beating out Wish of the Black Conclave who was attempting to steal the corpse. Katrana reaches 50 Ambassador hours. Bashur becomes a miscreant. Sicarian slays the Master Cleric to earn MM 76 and Myron of the Timerian Museum for for Mob Mastery level 77 and levels to Th:22\Ra:30\Cl:30 in the process. Later he gains 13 points on a location quest (728 points total). Aravan left Veldrin and joined Xavier's Draoi. Nazzuk levels to Cl:21\Wa:15. Vash finished 20+ LQs. Skie gets to Cl:22\Wa:15. Shrike reaches Cl:6\Wa:10. Carrie kills a raven for MM#10. Twelf announces his first death: "killed by N'Tor at In the Fungus Gardens." Krule levels to Wa:4\Sh:10. Treehugger officially unretires. Cordir runs a brief game, "Where Did I Teleport".. after ten teleports and various hints... Dunestripe wins with the most correct guesses. Natilena is dubbed an "honorary cricket" (albeit 'a very sexy one'). Plato regains Greater Power status. Wunk kills the sand shark for MM#33, a vrock for #34, and the student for #35. Lanfear completes MM#86 - the divine theologian.

9/24/02 - Zarous is re-retired for a little while, and then is removed as Fate's and becomes attendant of Bliss shortly afterwards. Both Tynian and Zarous post some notes about it. Kerson hits 2000 points on location quest! Aster completes mobmasters 68 & 69. Maeron reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Debonair reaches Sh:19 Ra:11. Malakost completes mobmaster 59. Wish does his first location quest. Herb reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Taibh ascends to Cl:29\Ra:25 and breaks 500 hp and gains a train, but is disappointed when he doesn't break 400 mana. Katrana reaches "45 hours of ambassadorness!" Zorn levels to Cl:2\Wa:15. Oschean levels to Ra:11. Mavourneen A Ghra of the Coven reaches Ra:10\Ma:10. A game of MobHunt ends in round 4, with Sicarian in the lead with 11 points. Lune levels to Ma:6. Sedona reaches Cl:21\Wa:15. Sarik levels to Sh:9. Skares Harmnock levels to Wa:3\Sh:10. Noixas Brightheart, a gnome cleric of Thistlerock, joined Tel's Passionate. Gytar slays Borlan for MM#103! Sicarian keeps busy and gains MM#73 - Odan. Avior works on regaining those lost levels, reaching Cl:6. Noctus tries the Black Dracolich for a Mob Mastery target, but dies. His friends Gytar and Kerson perform a swift CR. Achilleus completes MM#40 - a carrion crawler. Another game of Mob Hunt, and Sicarian wins again with 30 points, Wish comes in second with 11 points. Abe mangles a centaur archer for MM#57, and a large werewolf of the third floor of Master's Tower for #58. Dasehra levels to Ma:22. Kenlo goes varmint hunting for MM#6 - a gopher. Belial levels to Th:11\Ra:25\Ma:25. Avatarr Farseer ascends to Wa:15\Sh:15.

9/23/02 - Gwyrdain levels to Ma:6\Ra:11. Herb the Happy Human reaches Wa:9\Cl:15. Merkderk levels to Cl:15\Th:12\Wa:15. Having languished at Sh:26 Wa: 26 since RL year 2000, Duvel miraculously levels, twice within five minutes, to reach Wa:27\Sh:27. He promises to do so again before the decade is out." (provided and worded by Duvel) Bashful, Ivory Keeper of the Ashen Moon obtained lev 57 mobm today by killing a master monk. Tynian goes thru and fixes a TON of bugs (yay Tynian!), and posts a gigantic note about it in version 3.106d. Xstatic levels to 5 warrior. Lexie completes mobmasters 93 thru 96 (divine thief, Slue, Amirth & Scriem). A wizlist from this day. Natilena hits 8500 points on location quest. Terenas reaches Ma:24 Ra:20 and then switches to ranger and reaches Ra:21 Ma:24. Ishamael levels to 5 mage. People start playing around with meteor swarm, now that it no longer gives multi-kill debt. Orpik leaves Molo and joins Xavier.

9/22/02 - Adso is re-retired. Okk posts some "Poa tree". Cynder completes mobmaster 20. Bashur levels twice, to 25 warrior. Cordir puts together two quests with a title to match, and the winners are Mordith (high line) and Sharn (low line). Sakyra reaches Wa:24 Th:22 Ma:22. Azerael levels to 5 thief. Dekar reaches Cl:30 Wa:15. Garath gossips (in common), 'What are these wampires?'. Lycron gossips (in common), 'Guild pimps?'. Duvel gossips (in common), 'a sign that khore's still active, I guess :)' Lycron gossips (in common), 'Or they could just be guild pimps :-P'. Alex reaches Ma:27 Wa:30 Th:20. Wiggly...I mean, Iggwilv reaches Ma:20 Ra:20. Zim joins Clue. Gwyrdain reaches Ma: 4 Ra:11. Pathos and Torq are created. Mordith killed Slue through sanc for MM 91 and Scairz for MM#92. Majere reaches 143 Ambassador Hours. Neodis dies in Demon Realm and Mael performs the CR, and has to kill 2 or 3 demon lords and cleard out at least half of the Void for the corpse. Petunia levels to Sh:15\Wa:10. See the Quotables page for the story of how Ptarchyzk gets killed... Jet of Fate ascends slays yet another Fire Elemental for Th:21\Wa:30\Cl:30. Azreal levels to Wa:9\Ma:12. Lycron reaches Wa:11\Sh:13 and grumbles a bunch that he wasn't gratzed more. Out of sheer boredom, Jet decides to try and take Slue but has to flee. Abe assists Jet to finish off the Executioner. But Jet is determined to go it alone, and tries to kill Slue again getting the executioner to flee several times... but Slue kills Jet in the end. Abe grabs the corpse and once more, finishes off the mob. Traume levels to Ma:19\Wa:16. Furnock dies to the centaur bow maker and Kaldred performs a remarkably speedy CR. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5, with Dasehra the winner with 25 points, and Jet coming in second with 3 points. Persephone ascends to Cl:11\Wa:15 and Furnock Sweetleaf ascends to Wa:21\Th:20\Ma:20.

9/21/02 - Xavier is promoted to Demi-God. His first follower is Mourne. He starts the Order of the Draoi, a lawful neutral sword following. His initial following description is, "The Draoi, or Druids, are an order of nature lovers, or nature users. Worshippers of the Order can choose a pathway of either ritual (Bards) or combat (Ovates) Embracing the laws of the Order and those of Tynian, the Draoi attach to no other codes of Ethics, each follows the spirit within. Through shifting alliances, and uncertain allegiances the Draoi maintain a precarious precipace, one of neutrality via equillibrium. The Draoi choose to attack Evil and Good with little discrimination based on alignment, for their take on neutrality is color blindness. Functioning as a cult, there is little room for individuality. The Order functions by selfless devotion to the path of the following, nothing else comes close, nothing else compares." Traume dies in Vela, and Abe performs the CR. Palin of Fate ascends to Th:18\Ma:24\Wa:25. Kerson advances to Level 24 Ordained. Kenlo kills a chthonian hatchling for MM#3 and a baby albino newt for MM#4. Later, he ascends to Wa:15\Cl:17. Merkderk levels to Cl:13\Th:12\Wa:15. Alone is created. Sarik levels to Sh:6. Flux dies on Cannibal island and Thingone performs the CR. DarkClaw embraces Icarus into the unlife of vampires. Kerriariadne reactivates Thingone as an Ordained. Traume gains 1000 xp for a duergar Princeling and MM#31. Nazinthas gets MM#41 - a Head Smith. Traume kills the Head Hunter for MM#32. Natilena gets to 8451 total LQ points. Sicarian reaches 666 points on LQ. Toke becomes a miscreant. Sedona becomes a fanatic. Zorn levels to Wa:14. Herb becomes a reprisalist. Lycron reaches Wa:10\Sh:13. Oliver dies in the Watery Grave of Mystic Woods and Abe performs the CR. Lycron works on some mob mastery quests: #21 - "can't remember", #22 - "some mantid thingy in that garden", #23 - a female ent, #24 - the vampire. Persephone of Fate ascends to Cl:10\Wa:15. Palin D'henoke reaches 1600 hours of play. Fiend becomes a vigilante. Lucretia levels to Th:17\Cl:30\Wa:15. Dezmond becomes a reprisalist. Maeron levels to Cl:14\Ra:13. Sicarian kills a guildmaster for MM#72. Maddog levels to 6. Morphius duals to thief. Dasehra completes mobmaster 35. Neodis reaches Ra:16 Ma:15. Kirith reaches Bard: 9 7 2. Brundlewart reaches Wa:17 Cl:20. Lomu reaches Cl:10 Wa:14. Melkor reaches Sh:22 Wa:15. Lexie cants, 'where I am, celibacy is uninvited'. Tynian posts a note warning about equipment duplication.

9/20/02 - Zim levels to Cl:5. Septimus reaches Ma:9. Kerson does oodles of location quests (at least 7) reaching over 1720 points total. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Sicarian wins with 23 points and That came in second with 9 points. Bashful kills a centaur speaker for MM#56, and later, reaches level 30 cleric, killing a centaur scout to do so. (He notes it took him just over 6 years to reach 30 : Cl:30\Wa:27) Auroc has a rough day and mobdie s twice. The second such instance, he dies at the Dismali Lighthouse and Abe performs the CR. Lomu levels to Cl:9\Wa:14. Moojee reaches Sh:16. Grale kills a Centaur Hunter for MM#68 and reaches Th: 2 Ma:30 Ra:30. Pardoquilian ascends to Th:7\Wa:22\Sh:22, gaining her 7th train in the last 9 levels. Siciarian gets to 584 LQ points. Miach levels to Th:7. Kardres duals to shaman. Lycron reaches Wa: 9 Sh:13 and completes mobmaster 20. Kay reaches 7 ordained. Traume completes mobmaster 30. Lyger joins Kerriariadne. Oschean levels to 5 ranger. Clytemnestra completes mobmaster 29. Quick reaches Ma:10 Th:11. Skares levels to 10 shaman. Pol reaches 7 ordained. Bliss starts to put together an impromptu Pet GT, but is thwarted at the last minute when she discovers it was a bad idea to switch into her pet panther and take him for a walk to have a 'party' with Tel's phoenix.

9/19/02 - Bliss' office is installed. Vex kills Bliss's panther pet mob, who is.. *cough* significantly large. Maeron reaches Cl:13 Ra: 9. A wizlist and the rank listings from this day. Drakar completes mobmaster 64. Kentesk reaches Sh:19 Wa:15. Saltine levels to 12 thief. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 3: Lexie won with 13 points and Kaleyah came in second with 10 points. Blacky Noir levels to Wa:26\Cl:26, and reports that "I beat Shon and Lanfear in individual spars ! :)" (However, Ambassador Katrana notes, "What he didn't tell you is Sol beat him after he had those spars:)" Kalgar Redhammer reaches Wa:13\Sh:15. Kerson completes several location quests, reaching 1551 total points. Garath of Unity gains Sh:18\Wa:15. Traume slays a baby rainbow dragon for MM#28 and a musician for MM#29. Charles levels to Th:18\Wa:30\Sh:30. Sedona reaches Cl:20\Wa:15. Auroc levels to Ma:11. Wylin kills the Captain Commander of Aran for MM#60 and Nanrei for #61. He neglects to report his target for #62. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round eight, with Shon winning (83 points) and Otak taking second place with a dismal 0 points. Borok kills a goblin worker for MM#4. Lyger completed his entry quest for Kerriariadne's following. Natilena does at least four location quests, reaching 8174 points total. Shango levels to Ra:6\Ma:12. Arianos mauls a male tinker for 890 exp and MM#35, and #36 - an orog guard . He attempts to EXP in Druid's Sanctuary, and is promptly slain. Wistom performs the CR. Wylin advances to level 24 Ordained. Drakar dies in Wintermeet and Arianos quickly grabs the corpse for his fellow Tiger.

9/18/02 - Mordith completes mobmaster 90. Genious duals to mage. Joey reaches Wa:25 Ma:24 Th:20. Kerson passes the 1500 point mark on location quest. Drakar reaches Cl:25 Ra:23 Th:20. Selune levels to 13 cleric. Traume completes mobmaster 28. Drizzt reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. Svade levels to 15 shaman. Wunk completes mobmaster 31 (a witch). Kaern auctions (in common), '(Artifact Magic) a Major Amulet of True Seeing with light blue polka dots and bunny ears'. Riverwind does their first location quest. Garath complets mobmasters 7 (a goblin warrior) and 8 (a mugger). Later, he is teleported by a spirit in Isiira and winds up in a bad place... Gytar, Lanfear and Snarf perform the CR when Garath dies in the Strands. Dunestripe murders a poor innocent dwarven child for MM#8. Who was hanging out on TFC? 30 some players, five of which were level 50! Belsambar levels to Ra:24\Ma:20; this is pronounced a miracle by several present. The level also makes Lexie REALLY happy since she can now "stalk" him. Bhaal 'kills little elfs' to get to Wa:8. Snappy becomes a miscreant. Belial reaches Th:6\Ra:25\Ma:25. Kalgar levels twice to Wa:12\Sh:15. Kalgar also gets several mob mastery quests: #10 - the Miller, #11 - a guard in Gla-Shorn, #12 - a lookout guard, #13 - a lookout guard, #14 - a giant warrior, #15 - a small golem in DH, #16 - a student in Cillidellia, and #17 - a swirling mist in Sanguinna. Jarid reaches Cl:19\Ra:15. Avelyn joined War Dancers. Debonair levels to Sh:17\Ra:11, and Maeron the Elf reaches Cl:11\Ra:9. Pol advances to Ordained level 5. Krule levels to Sh:8. Dunestripe levelled to Ra:12 and dualled back to Mage. Herb the Happy Human reaches Wa:3\Cl:15. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 4. Shon wins with 22 points, Wylin comes in second with 7 points. Malis announces via gossip: 'For what it matters I'm retiring. My eq is being given away. I'm no longer going to be the mean guy you knew... just... Chris. I'll say that. It's been fun'. Majere and Katrana use a tagteam effort to help Dues (a true newbie) learn to play. Natilena scores 13 points on a location quest (reaching 8119 points total). Maeron reaches Cl:12\Ra:9. Clytemnestra kills 'a guard' of Landru's Keep, for MM#26 and a male ent for #27. Borok murders a poor, defenceless bear cub for MM#3, and Stalkr kills a Clan Guardian for MM#16. Joey hit level 25 warrior.

9/17/02 - Thingone becomes a vigilante. Sicarian levels to Th:21\Ra:30\Cl:30. Wylin got MM#58 - a triton patrolguard. Lycron levels to Wa:7\Sh:13 and gains MM#19 - a member of the Royal Guard. Natilena puts in a few more LQs, reaching 8106 points total. Lania becomes a reprisalist. Herb the Happy Human of Mayhem levels to Cl:15 then duals to Warrior and levels. Shon got MM#68 & #69 today - the centaur falconer and the centaur elder. Lomu joins the Passionate. Drizzt slays a drunken thief for MM#21. Allanon becomes a vigilante. Oook enters the realm and is promptly buried in over 40 scores and 20 scrolls by friends and following. Gytar completes MM#102 - the Magistrate. Kalgar Redhammer reaches Wa:10\Sh:15. Indiga advances to Ordained level 5. Joey hit level 20 thief. Bashful, Ivory Keeper of the Ashen Moon, achieved lev 53, 54, 55 mobm masters today (17/09/02). 53 from a Dark Brother, 54 from the librarian, and 55 from the tax collector. DragonBane reaches Th:11 Ma:15 Ra:12. Katzhai completes mobmaster 10. Gytar announces a bard quest and completes mobmaster 102 (the Magistrate). Azeworai (a Bliss follower) meteor swarms the temple area, and Blacky (another Bliss follower) suicides on it over and over again in it to give debt, thinking it's someone else's swarm. (As in, 17 times...ouch.) I hope he makes it up to Azeworai somehow :P  Clytemnestra completes mobmaster 23. Keller posts a note on metal eq. Genious is created. Maeron reaches Ra: 9 Cl: 9. Sicarian completes mobmaster 71.

9/16/02 - Gytar completes mobmaster 101 (the Magistrate). Orbit joins Plato. Maimer posts a note on metal armor in response to Rath's idea. Clarice levels to 8 mage. Belial reaches Th: 3 Ra:25 Ma:25. Maeron reaches Ra: 5 Cl: 9. Jarid joins Artanis. Keirdan reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Toni levels to Ma:9. Tethys reaches Cl:6. Kentesk rifts his way to Sh:17\Wa:15. Lexie gets to 950 LQ points. Anduin gets his very first *** DEMO ***. Malis is reformed from the Phalynx and joins Mayhem, then "then I told them all to die or something of the like." Nazinthas kills a student for MM#40, and Siciarian gets a centaur elder for MM#69. Charles becomes a vigilante and also levels to Th:17\Wa:30\Sh:30. Sharn of Fate dies in the Temple of Isiira and Mael performs a speedy CR. Tassadar reaches 181 LQ points. Illidan levels to Cl:8. Pol, the Borean Court Mage, gains Ordained level 4. Carrie levels to Ma:15\Th:10\Ra:11. Stalkr of the Defenders of the Sun dies in Demon Realm and Abe performs the CR in under one minute. Siciarian finds "Atop the Next" for 10 points and 551 LQ points. Lycron levels to Wa:6\Sh:13. Allanon becomes a reprisalist. Drago slays an ofcol cityguard for MM#29. Stalkr dies for the second time tonight in Wintermeet, and it takes Abe a ridiculously long minute and fifty seconds to perform that CR. A cloaker dies to Ramza for MM#34. Joey hit level 19 thief. Gabriel: Fate \ Mon Sep 16 14:31:22 2002 \ To: all \ I hereby give my word that I won't harm another Fate. - Gabriel, Wizard of the Black Conclave.

9/15/02 - Katrana is promoted to Ambassador! Here's the log from another point of view. Shon reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Sh:30). Gavin retires. Natilena breaks the 8000 point mark on location quest. Tamar auctions a restring for the most entertaining bid, which is won by Ananasi. Legolas turns 1000 years old. Dasehra posts a note thanking Unity for help with a corpse retrieval. Calh joins Bliss. Paython reaches Th:10 Wa:30 Cl:30. Nigel is recreated. Illidan levels to 5 cleric. Radagast levels to Wa:19\Ma:15. Zorn reaches Wa:10. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5, with Indiga winning with 26 points, and Sicarian taking second place with 14 points. Gwyrdain is created once more. (Welcome back, Gwyr!) It's Low Level People EXP Day! Zmerk - Sh:9, Phantasm - Th:10, Tentre - Wa:7, Cthulu - Ma:10, Skares Terrastorm - Sh:8, Rydell - Sh:11, and Auroc - Ma:8. Thrash becomes a miscreant. Kardes reaches Ra:7. Faromir, Riverside, and Cletus are created. Otago of Veldrin levels to Wa:16. Wario reaches Ra:9\Cl:9, and later becomes a miscreant. Kerson, the Avenger of Unity, advances to level Ordained 23, and also works on several Location Quests, reaching 1449 points total. Merkderk levels to Wa:15\Th:12\Cl:12. Tassadar reaches 168 total LQ points. Spittle levels to Ra:16. Lania Athsien-Goldleaf levels to Cl:20\Wa:15. Jasper becomes a reprisalist. Persephone ascends to Wa:15\Cl: 9. Joey levels to Th:18. Radagast the Brown reaches Ma:16\Wa:19. Korran reaches 216 LP points. The following of the Defenders of the Sun decide to explore the Neutral Shrine, and shortly thereafter, Achilleus, Clytemnestra and Drago are all slain by grey warriors. Abe, the Sentry of Fate, performs all three CRs in five minutes despite others trying to steal and loot the corpses. Kenlo of Fate levels to Wa:14\Cl:17 and kills a gnat for MM#2. Vecna logs in for the first time in months, and is heard to say, "Its amazing what a mage will find when they go through their containers." Faelar- Tai'shar levels to Ma:7. Icarus of the Folk reaches Ra:9\Th:15\Ma:17. Mordith is killed by the huge mithril golem at Before a Large Staircase, and seconds later, Gabriel is killed by a zombie guard at The Third Floor. (Master's Tower) Abe performs the first CR of Mordith solo, then goes back for Gabriel's corpse with Vex. Vex goes linkdead in Master's Tower just as the corpse is retrieved, and two goddesses sit a vigil waiting for him to return as Abe runs the corpse back to Gabriel. (A power outage kept Vex off mud for quite some time) Gytar slays the Clerk on Mountain of Knowledge for MM#100. Toke levels to Cl:21\Wa:18. Borax reaches Wa:13. Sicarian keeps plugging away reaching 541, and gains MM#66 - a dark stalker. Niar is created, and is the very first true Newbie Katrana gets to help. Threb levels to Cl:10\Wa:12. Lexie breaks the sailing ship by killing the Captain, who fails to repop properly. without its captain, the ship will not sail. ### Lexie killed by Tynian at The Crest of Took Hill Lexie cants, 'Lesson for the day'. Lexie cants, 'first, do not break the sailing ship'. Wunk cants, 'don't piss of Cordir?'. Lexie cants, 'two, do not say Tynian's first rift was not so bad'. Wunk cants, 'off rather'. Tokugawa cants, 'haha'. Lexie cants, 'because the second will surely kill'.

9/14/02 - Neodis is hunted by a hairy spider that that took a dislike to his anti-spider attitude. Grale triples to thief at level 40 (ouch). Petunia reaches Sh:13 Wa:10. Taimalg reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Lexie completes mobmaster 92 (Jair the Librarian). Katja reaches Wa: 4 Ma: 9 and gets a train. Auroc levels to 7 mage. Keller reaches Cl:26 Wa:25. Maimer gossips (in common), 'i never eat at keyboard, crumbs might get in the way of my superior pk skills'. Wunk completes mobmaster 27. Zorn levels to 5 warrior. Natilena does oodles more location quests (7852), inspiring Siciarian to reach 464 points, and Kerson 1339 points. Lycron reaches Sh:13. Sicarian uses those Location Quest points to obtain Th:20\Ra:30\Cl:30. Abe cants, 'I request that 'word of recall' be named to 'Instantly transports Abe to 5th floor Masters''. Dunestripe levels to Ra:11\Ma:12. Icarus reaches Ra:8\Th:15\Ma:17. Kenlo of Fate ascends to Cl:17\Wa:12. Melkor of Darkness gains Sh:21\Wa:15. Persephone of Fate ascends to Wa:14\Cl: 9 and "feels more lucky, got another train, and 17 hp!" Shon gets MM#67 - A Priestess of Lloth - Velalisier. Strider levels to Ma:2\Ra:11. Kay reaches ORD level 6. Jet of Fate ascends to Th:20\Wa:30\Cl:30.

9/13/02 - Tel reaches 3000 hours of play. Aviendha ascends three times to Bard:10\8\3. Mavourneen A Ghra levels to Ra:9\Ma:9. Radagast the Brown levels three times and reaches Wa:18\Ma:15. Drizzt ascends to Ma:14\Ra:12. Tavnai becomes a reprisalist. Ramza exp's for the first time 'in ages'. Skie Harmnock reaches Cl:19\Wa:15. Gytar kills Borlan for MM#99. Toke levels to Cl:20\Wa:18. Katzhai levels to Ra:15\Cl:15. Wish becomes a miscreant. Achilleus levels to Cl:19\Ra:17. Drago reaches 43 LQ points total. Lycron becomes a miscreant. Saroth levels to Ma:28\Ra:28. Lumpy mobdies on Longship and Vex steals the corpse. Tassadar completes mobmaster 65. Merkderk reaches Wa:13 Th:12 Cl:12. Casius levels to 5 shaman. Something is created. Sedona reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Morhaven reaches Cl:14 Ra:11. Cleo joins Clue.

9/12/02 - Valas reaches effective 40th! (Ra:30 Cl:30). Wunk completes mobmaster 23. Shrike levels to 9 warrior. Thargor continues his quest to convince Honey to marry him, offering to have Lisa, Tawny and Anathea be bridesmaids. Ayesha is created. Soloman completes mobmaster 18. Mavourneen reaches Ra: 6 Ma: 9. Herb is mistaken for an angry seagull. Admire announces that he needs 78613 exp for level 14. Aviendha reaches Bard: 9 7 2. Xenos levels to 5 warrior. Ramza joins the Chosen of Fate. Sharn, Stargazer of the Chosen, levels twice, ascending to Cl:15\Wa:9. Cynder gets MM#16 - a small vampire bat, and #17 - the white wolf. Vidav reaches Ma: 4. Radagast levels twice to Wa:14\Ma:15. Twelf reaches Wa:7\Ma:9. Garath of Unity reaches Sh:17\Wa:15. Selune levels to Cl:11. Kenlo ascends to Cl:16\Wa:12. Poit (a 2x Sh:16\Wa:15) stops by for a visit. Garath is killed by a rock dragon at Black Beach Bay, and Sharn performs the CR. Roen levels to Cl:25\Ra:15. Kirith Whitefire ascends twice: Bard:9\6\1. Dregsa and Azreal become miscreants. Selune reaches Cl:12. Kentesk levels to Wa:13\Sh:15. Samos gets to Cl:29\Wa:15. Cleo levels to Cl:11. Natilena scores 10 points on a location quest (7767 points total), and later levels to Ra:30\Th:25\Ma:28. Cynder got MM#19 - a minotaur guard - "despite great adversity. Vex and Sylt summoned me one second after I got that mob mastery and hurt me." Sakyra levels to Wa:23\Th:22\Ma:22. Gytar celebrates getting MM#97 and MM#98 yesterday - Borlan and the Magistrate. Lanfear of Fate ascends to Ordained level 21. Here's the log of Khore's contest.

9/11/02 - Some notes are posted out of respect for the anniversary of September 11th. Pol is ordained "Borean Court Mage" by Tel! Wunk completes mobmaster 20. Rydell is created. Kay and Sylarn each reach 3 ordained. Keirdan reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Avelyn levels to 15 cleric. Melisa joins Myronides. Mystical completes mobmaster 40. Kleitor reaches Wa: 6 Sh: 9. Twelf reaches Wa: 5 Ma: 9. Rydell levels to 5 shaman. Khore challenges the elven people to choose a champion for a battle of wits against Katrana, and offers a prize of 100,000 coins to the winner. Abe acts as champion, even tho he's not an elf. Here's how it turned out. Cordir gathers no TFC news for today, out of respect for this day of mourning.

9/10/02 - Maurice (a former implementor) stops in to check on old times as MauriceJr. Cordir, Tokugawa and Abe take him on a tour of TFC, including stops in: The Volcano, The Masters Tower, The Dream Realm, Wintermeet, Tier Sh'Halen, N'Kai, Cannibal Island, and Molotov. His guided tour also includes a visit to his former office, the Garden of Black Roses. He joins Fate, so as to facilitate the travel, and is warmly welcomed by all of the oldsters in Fate including Saruman, who started playing before Maurice retired. Maurice stated he was pleased by the many zones, and was happy to see the high standards they had set for zones being maintained, and was surprised by the fact that so many people remembered him. He's also surprised to find that his Ghost Town zone is still here. Pol of Tel's Passionate immediately started trying to gear the 'newbie' while chatting about the old days. Maurice was delighted to hear that he is known for "snickering and blocking your transport" while in no-recall zones. :-) Aster completes mobmaster 63. Marius reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Garath reaches Sh:16 Wa:15. Threb reaches Cl: 9 Wa:12. Jasper duals to warrior. Sylarn is ordained "Jester" by Artanis! Hummer levels to 14 warrior. Phooey reaches Th:12 Wa:11 Ma:18. Martyr levels to 18 warrior. Scelus completes mobmasters 31 & 32. Keat declares that he's going to kill Ladislaw over and over again til he logs off (sob), but then discovers that "someone made ladislaw big" - a DEATH mob. (*cheer* someone!) Kantor has some trouble doing a corpse retrieval, which turns into a strange discussion. Radagast levels to Wa:12\Ma:15. Ramza reforms from the Black Conclave. WarMachine joins Mayhem. Melkor dies on Mahn-Tor and Marius tries to CR him but dies in the attempt. Abe performs the CR for Melkor, but a filthy Mayhem loots Marius's corpse. Lanfear works on her mob mastery, gaining #80 - The Master Ranger (2219 exp), #81 - Chromican the paladin (2570 exp) (She wisely didn't try captain Vahzlune for 82, but waited out the ticks for ..) #82 - the Lineaoth Camp Leader (2570 exp). She tried for "the guildmaster" for 83, but time ran out after she tried warrior and cleric in Lloth-Lorien. Wunk levels to Sh:27\Wa:17\Th:20. Mavourneen dies in Aara, and Abe performs the CR. Gytar gets Grandma Schon for MM#95, and an Elite triton guard for #96. Icarus CR'd Wunks corpse in Wintermeet. Cordir posts a note about two new proposed sections for her website. Heury reaches Sh:20\Wa:15. Sedona levels to Cl:18\Wa:15. Merkderk levels to Wa:12\Th:12\Cl:12. Fenrir scores 10 points on a location quest, reaching 1164 points total. Mavourneen A Ghra levels to Ra:3\Ma:9. Sicarian slaps out MM#61 through #64 (a battle gnome, a Locathah ambassador, the huge mithril golem, and a groundskeeper), the last one pushing him to level to Th:19\Ra:30\Cl:30. Wylin reaches 162 LQ points total, and Natilena, the reigning LQ Queen gets to 7573 points total. Sakyra, Elven Shadowess of the Coven levels to Wa:22\Th:22\Ma:22. Lanfear gets MM#84 - Divine Theologian. Furnock dies in the Jester's Keep, and Abe performs the CR. Sharn joins the Chosen of Fate.

9/9/02 - Taimalg levels to Cl:11. Koon reaches Ma:7. Mordith got on the mobhunt list "after like more than 2 hours of playing that darn game :P" Wylin completes MM#51-55, including the sailor of MG, a male centaur in Wintermeet, an instructor in TP, and Chester in Harpers. Galatea is asked by a Mayhem to assist them... and is tricked into the Summoning Chamber where she dies. (Helpful Hint, folks... the Junior Arcanes... I mean... Mayhem... has no rules against lying.) Lucretia levels to Th:16\Cl:30\Wa:15. Shon levels to Th:29\Ra:30\Sh:30. Mavourneen is created and levels to Ma:7. Silvanus retires and posts a board note saying good bye. A 41 Player WHO list from late that evening. Clytemnestra levels to Sh:23. Molo and Gavin's followings both go to Cult status. Achilleus completes mobmaster 25 (a guard). Kay reaches 2 ordained. Tamar asks for a volunteer to "probably die" and is innundated wtih volunteers. (Kinda makes you wonder...) Debonair reaches Sh:10 Ra:11. Kentesk reaches Wa: 9 Sh:15. Lyger is created. Selune levels to 9 cleric.

9/8/02 - Kay is ordained "Samurai ELF" by Myronides! Garath reaches Wa:14 Sh:15. Lucca levels to 5 thief. Tweedle reaches Cl:22 Wa:21. Albert does his first location quest. A who list from this day. Krule, Archaon and Palila join Artanis. Zip advances to Ordained level 9. Thaonner reaches Ma:15. Sakyra levels to Th:21\Wa:21\Ma:21. Tiax regains Lesser Power. Thargor dies in the Vortex and Katrana of Fate performs the CR. Thargor then changes his title in thanks and praise, and this shows in todays WHO/Ranks/Wizlist. Kentesk levels to Sh:14\Wa:9. Gytar reports 13 missed elite triton guards Mob Mastery quests. Pendrell completed mm 33-38: respectively, the mummy, the Minotaur Warrior, the Minotaur Gatekeeper, a wart hog, a tinker gnome, and an alchemy student and reaches Wa:29 Sh:30. Sylarn is ordained by Artanis to Jester of Mayhem. Pardoquilian ascends to Th:6\Wa:22\Sh:22, and gains her 6th train in 7 levels. (Makes you sick, doesn't it?) Natilena scores 11 points on a location quest (7524 points total). Kerriariadne regains Greater Power.

9/7/02 - Pendrell completes mobmasters 33 thru 38. Thaonner levels to 15 mage and duals to warrior. Zip reaches 9 ordained. Sakyra reaches Th:21 Wa:21 Ma:21. Thargor gossips (in common), 'I Eviscerated a hen and got 0 xp. Shouldn't I get something for plucking chicken?'. Thargor levels to 11 ranger. Taimalg levels to 9 cleric. Aravan reaches Th:14 Ra:11 Cl:17. Blacky reaches Wa:23 Cl:26. Eamon levels to 19 shaman. Taimalg joins Solanthas. Drago gets MM#24 - a miner. He then heads back to guild, then gets a miner again for MM#25, and has to walk all the way back to the zone. Slim the Silent levels to Wa:15\Ma:12. Sylt gets MM#61 - patriarch's wife. Yoda levels to Wa:2\Sh:11. Nazinthas levels to Ma:30\Th:20\Wa:30, gaining the formal title of Great Wizard of the Grey Vortex. Natilena does oodles of LQs, reaching 7478 points total. Armageddon reaches Cl:4. Herb the Happy Human levels to Cl:8. Sabella joins the Coven. Pardoquilian bad recalls to the Strands. A CR is performed by Mordith and Abe, with Lexie, Vex, and Rubicant luring the demons out of the way. Garithil, Fantasy, Drake, Fizban and Cthulu are created. Palin ascends to Th:17\Ma:24\Wa:25, gains a train and requests a description. Khore runs a brief scavenger hunt. Hummer levels to Wa:12, Malice levels to Cl:8, Germ reaches Wa:11, Nathaniel levels to Wa:10. Frothel levels to Sh:11. Debonaire levels to Sh:9\Ra:11. Clue does her first rejection - Nathaniel worships without permission, then looses link. Drizzt gets to 57 LQ points and Drazuk reaches 28 points total. Natilena gets an astounding 7502 LQ points. Weobwoiht levels to Cl:6\Wa:14. Rynna levels to Cl:9\Ra:9. Achilleus becomes a miscreant. Gabriel becomes a vigilante. Critical becomes a miscreant. Clue completes 40 hours as a Demigoddess in only 5 days.

9/6/02- Mireya of Fate levels to Cl:18\Wa:15. Lexie gets MM#91 - Avangeline. Germ levels to Wa:10. Keller levels to Wa:24\Cl:25. Icarus, Veronica and Garithil join the FoLK. Keller reaches Wa:24 Cl:25. Myre reaches Wa: 8 Ma:12. Veronica and Garithil join Clue. Aerios completes mobmaster 21. Palin reaches Th:17 Ma:24 Wa:25. Hummer levels to 12 warrior. Selune levels to 8 cleric. Abe and Mordith do a corpse retrieval for Pardoquilian in demon realm while Lexie, Rubicant & Vex keep the demon population busy. Lexie cants, 'where is a hairy spider!'. Someone cants, 'your armpit'. Ew :P

9/5/02 - Jehitu reaches Ra:\5. Gyro reaches Ma:15\Ra:15. Brandon levels to Ma:9. Azweepei gets to Cl:16\Wa:13. Kentesk levels shaman class twice, reaching Sh:12\Wa:9. Anuwen levels to Ma:14. Riverwind levelled to Ra:11. Gup is declared "Wagnificent" and "Wagalicious" but decides he's a bunyip. Jinn reaches 26 points total on Location Quest. Faille posts a note about the Ohio GT. Natilena finishes several LQs, reaching 7137 points total. DogDaze levels to Wa:25\Sh:30. Various mobs from Velalasir keep attacking the temple area: (Translucent) (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) The High Priestess of Lloth snarls at your intrusion! ... and they turned into ghosts almost every time they were slain... Abe, Gytar, Lexie, Vex, Rubicant, Mordith, and others had fun fending off the invasion. Gytar gossips (in common), 'The High Priestess of Lloth is DEAD!!'. Wylin kills the ogre captain of Gronk for MM#48. It's explained to DogDaze that no, Lanfear is NOT male. Rubicant becomes a miscreant. Thargor levels to Ra:10. Lexie has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 90 - the divine clairvoyant.. which sparks a chat on gossip about language. Oook explains about origami and bonsai beasties and sings a song. Drago reaches Ma:13 Wa:15 Th:10. Traume completes mobmaster 22. Kaleyah completes mobmaster 42 (the Minister of Heat). Koon joins Clue. Yoda levels to 9 shaman. Liora completes mobmaster 6.

9/4/02 - Clue's temple is installed (although followers can't enter yet). Mirror joins Artanis. Debonair levels many times and then duals, reaching Sh: 5 Ra:11. Raolin levels to 5 cleric. A wizlist and the ranks listings from this day. Arianas triples to warrior. Zarous notes that he's going on vacation until next Tuesday. Cordir posts a note about a small contest. A game of mob Hunt ends in round three: Wylin wins with 9 points and Aviendha came in second with 7 points. Aviendha also levels twice to Bard:7/7/2, gaining a train on both levels, and kills a goblin worker for MM#3. Mordith gets MM#89 - Avangeline. Wylin reports that 'Grale has been online.. we think that it notable'. Mirror levls to Cl:6. Weobwoiht reaches Cl:5\Wa:14. Keilios levels to Cl:8. Pardoquilian ascends to Th:5\Wa:22\Sh:22, gaining her 4th train in 5 levels. She goes on to prac her new abilities and her first successful backstab goes for an EVIS. Kain levels to Or:23\Ra:30\Cl:30. DogDaze reaches Wa:25\Sh:30. Gytar gets MM94- Grandma Schon. Brandon joins the FoLK then levels to Ma:8. Malice joins the FoLK, too. Kentesk the Dwarf reaches Sh:10\Wa:9 . TFC gets a new level 50!!! Congratulations to Abe for level FIFTY! Woot!!! A WHO list from early in the day. Lexie kills "the guildmaster ... ranger one in LL" for MM#89. Belsamber posts a note about "Nalor the Tiger", letting folks know that no, Nalor isn't a Tiger.

9/3/02 - Natilena hits the 7000 point mark on location quest, sheesh :) Some notes are posted about the recent GTs. Ograma levels to 5 warrior. Katja reaches Wa: 2 Ma: 9. Soloman completes mobmaster 14. Thaonner levels to 14 mage. Yoda joins Solanthas. An amusing chat about descriptions ensues. Kentesk levels twice to reach Wa:8\Sh:9, and changes his name to "the Dwarf Prince". Drazuk ascends to Ma:23\Ra:17\Th:11, and gains max mana and a train. Woot! Critical levels twice and reaches Cl:15\Wa:15. Drizzt gets an LQ for 37 points total. Joey kills a hawk for MM#19 and an ogre orphan for #20. Tethys the Half-Elf Maiden is created, and levels to Cl:3. Katzhai gets MM 4- 8: a small dog, a cat, a vulture, a speckled trout. Arianas reaches Th:9\Sh:12. Kerson completes several location quests, gaining 1311 points total. Carrie is killed by a ghost when it causes her to flee out of a safe room. Gilthaniel reaches Wa:14\Cl:15. Hakula levels to Ra:4\Sh:9. Wylin becomes a sociopath. Traume levels to Ma:14\Wa:16. Vash levels to Th:3\Ma:15. Jacen and Janna are created. Solanthas is spammed off the mud when he tries to read the idea list. Kalgar Redhammer reaches Wa:8\Sh:15. Katrana "declares it be nice to newbie day." Neon reaches Ra:16\Th:21\Ma:21. Traume levels to Ma:14\Wa:16. Hakula reaches Ra:4\Sh:9. Hummer levels to Wa:11. Vex somehow manages to attacked Rath in kitchen and Maimer in the hallway. He is asked to CMDLOG himself and bug report the situation. Herb the Happy Human reaches Cl:5. Vash levels to Th:3\Ma:15. Nyghtfall levels to Cl:8 Jinn reaches Ma:14. Clue works on her bamfins, with advice and suggestions from Athorne and Cordir. Amastacia reaches Cl:14\Wa:11. Katja works on her LQs, gaining 35 points total, and Everard gets 18 points total. Two WHO lists : one early in the day, one late. Myronides gives Clue his advice for immortality: Myronides says, 'don't fall for the eat the sheep dung or sex change pills'.

9/2/03 - Clue is promoted to Demigoddess! She starts the Fellowship of Lore & Knowledge, a neutral good aligned sword following. Her initial finfo is: "The Seekers of the Fellowship of Lore & Knowledge (FoLK) pursue personal and group growth through adventuring; through exploring and mapping; through helping newbies, allies, and each other, and even through rebirth." Brianna becomes her first worshipper followed quickly by Clarice. A big GT is held at the Ohio RenFest! This was held in Cincinnati with Mael, Mylo, Sylt, Vex, Agralebean, DuKaron, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faile, and Theoden attending. See more photos from the GT. Icarus levels his new class twice, gaining Ra:3\Th:15\Ma:17. Sicarian levels to Th:18\Ra:30\Cl:30. Macabee, Solanthas' "Crusader" reaches Ordained level 4. Moojee reaches Sh:14. Yoda and Faelar are created. Dazzle ascends to Cl:15. Gytar completes MM#92 - Grandma Schon, and #93 - Scairz. Aravan learns the importance of typing SAVE after you level, when the mud crashes and he looses his gains. (19hp 15 mana lvl for a 13hp 9 mana lvl for Cl:17\Ra:11\Th:11). Brace the Bard levels four times, reaching Bard:13\8\4. Pardoquilian, the Lady Hawk of Fate, ascends to Th:4\Wa:22\Sh:22 and gains her 3rd train in 4 levels. Kay levels to Wa:7. Kentesk reaches Wa:4\Sh:9. Persephone ascends to Wa:12\Cl:9 and gains a Train. DogDaze levels to Wa:24\Sh:30. Brenick visits the realm. Lorax becomes a reprisalist. DuKaron becomes a miscreant. Mylk raches Bard: 21 14 4. Hummer levels to 10 warrior. Critical reaches Cl:14 Wa:15. Roen reaches Cl:19 Ra:15. Lucretia reaches Th:15 Cl:30 Wa:15. Menion completes mobmaster 1.

9/1/02 - A GT is held at the ESPNzone in Chicago, Illinois with Myronides, Natilena, Boyardee, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faille, Plato, Shon, Snappy, Ambrose, Tazz, Wylin, Lorax, Maimer, and Lania attending. See some more photos from it. Tynian posts a note about version 3.106b. Laeoric levels to 7 cleric. Izual completes mobmaster 29. Icarus triples to ranger. Furious reaches Wa:14 Cl:13. Pardoquilian reaches Th: 3 Wa:22 Sh:22. Aerios levels to 19 shaman. Vex starts a hugging contest with Gytar. (Why, I have no idea :P  Maybe it was to celebrate Vex turning 2000 hours old this day. At any rate he vows to hug Gytar one million times.) Sybill reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Roja reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Macabee reaches effective 40th (Ma:30 Ra:30) and then is ordained "Crusader" by Solanthas! NeWbIeMaN the Boy is created. Packard completes mobmaster 25. Orrk gets trapped in a no-exit "empty foundation". Abe Stormreaver ascends to Th:29\Ra:30\Cl:30. An early morning WHO list, and another who list from this day. Kaltar reaches Wa:20\Sh:20 and does MM quests for the first time, gaining #1 - a hoarde of maggots, #2 - a filthy rat and #3 - a small rodent. Lanfear gets a painful-loooking piercing (Yeah, typo in the restring). Petunia levels three times to reach Sh:10\Wa:10. Persephone ascends to Wa:10\Cl:9, and hours later, Wa:11\Cl:9. Lanfear and Kaern visit Demon Realm, wander into Ebby, and Kaern dies. Lanfear grabs the corpse and makes it out okay. Serpieri reaches Ma: 5. Valas claws his way up to Ra:29\Cl:30 and completes mobmaster 72 (Traezt the dragon hunter). Orrk levels to Wa:14. Menion reaches Cl:7. Jinn is created, joins the WarDancers, and levels to Ma:12. Brega the Dwarven Girl levels to Cl:6. Skie levels warrior twice today, reaching Wa:14\Cl:15. Dunestripe kills a gopher for MM#6 and gains Ra:10\Ma:12. Zeaxz levels to Sh:\Wa:10. Kethran of Fate works on his MM quests: #23 - a medium golem, #24 - a servant, #25 - an animated skeleton, and #26 - a Dwarven Warrior. Victor has become a miscreant. Traume, Tiax's Squire, levels to Ma:13\Wa:16. Mario becomes a miscreant. Critical reaches Cl:13\Wa:15. Aravan levels to Cl:16\Ra:11\Th:11. Jarid reaches Ra:13\Cl:15.

8/31/02 - Tassadar reaches 14 ordained. Sicarian reaches Th:16 Ra:30 Cl:30. Solaron notes that entries for the banner contest should be sent to Oswald reaches Cl:22 Wa:23 and completes mobmaster 30. Abe cants, 'How can I be fun? I'm purple! Everybody calls me barney *whine*'. Threb reaches Cl: 4 Wa:12. Kethran completes mobmaster 20. Azweepei reaches Cl:15 Wa:13. Menion is recreated. Pax joins Artanis. Vex reaches 28 ordained. Weobwoiht reaches Cl: 4 Wa:14. Neon completes mobmaster 46. Petunia duals to shaman. A wizlist from this day. Artanis' temple is installed, and Bliss' and Tel's are moved to the upper level. Abe Stormreaver ascends to Cl:30\Th:28\Ra:30, and moments later, reaches 500 years of age.old (977 hours). Mystical reaches Ra:25\Cl:25, and completes 2 MM quests - #38 (which he forgot) and #29 - "Raake the elven guy in Adv Inn". Keat kills the leader of Lineoth Valley for MM#83. Aster Darkslayer reaches Ordained level 19. Despite her declaration of intent to do so the night before, Carrie decides not to use deleteme, and instead, "stay on and learn from my mistakes." As if to underscore this decision, she levels to Ma:14\Th:10\Ra:11. Ambrose Dayne ascends to Ra:10\Ma:15. Devourer the self-styled "Ogre Poet" reaches Wa:9. Drago kills an Elven Mage for MM#20. Traume was named Squire and Defender of the *Sun* for Tiax. Shrike creeps up to Wa:7. Kerson does oodles of Location Quests, the last one noted bringing him to 1136 points total. Sybill levels to Wa:14\Cl:15. DragonBane gets in on the LQ fun, and scores 5 points, 57 points total. Azweepei levels to Cl:15\Wa:13. Icarus reaches Ma:17\Th:15.. and has a remarkable level: "Lucky you! You get max hit points! Lucky you! You get max mana! Lucky you! You get an extra practice! Lucky you! You get another Train!" Tweedle of the Tel'Quessir reaches Cl:21\Wa:21. Warinderin reaches Ma:8. Katzhai levels to Cl:14\Ra:13. Vex reaches Ordained level 28. Weobwoiht levels to Cl:4\Wa:14. Avatarr Farseer ascends to Wa:13\Sh:15 and gains 6 pracs and a train! Dunestripe Valorian levels to Ra:10\Ma:12. Gytar becomes a vigilante. Nitidus slays a centaur archer for MM#56 and miri for #57. Vash levels to Th:2\Ma:15.

8/30/02 - Tel is promoted to Lesser God! (for the second time)  Zarous is unretired and promoted to Attendant of Cordir! (Does this mean the vikings are back?) A flounder gossips, 'Cause underwater the fish don't stink!'. Gilthaniel reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Karma levels to 5 cleric. Moojee levels to 12 shaman. (I love that name :P) Merkderk reaches Wa: 9 Th:12 Cl:12. The mud's innundated with flowery ogresses, as Tulip and then Petunia the Ogress are created. Mael makes an entrance. DragonBane reaches Th: 9 Ma:15 Ra:12. Kentesk reaches Wa: 2 Sh: 9. Mithras reaches Cl:16 Wa:10. Lexie reaches 914 total LQ points. Wylin gets MM#41 - a carrion crawler. Maimer has become a vigilante. Silvanus levels to Ma:21\Ra:22. Wylin gets MM#43 and advances to ORD level 22, gaining an extra prac. Sirus levels to Cl:7. Traume gains Wa:16\Ma:12 and MM#20 - a Guardsman. Katrana and Solaron are wed... and lots of fun happens at the reception party afterwards. Vex gives Alex a piece of his mind after hearing about Natilena's death the night before, and is silenced until an apology note is written. Morphius drunkenly announces that his immortal petition has been turned down. Snappy (of Wisdom) attacks a Coven/Fate group while naked (becoming a fanatic in the process), and goes Splat. Omega reaches Cl:19. Lanfear levels to 20!

8/29/02 - Nazinthas reaches Ma:29 Th:20 Wa:30. Lanfear reaches 20 ordained. Dimwit levels to 15 cleric. Dres reaches 99 points on location quest. Drago completes mobmaster 16. Skie reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Victor reaches Th: 2 Wa:11 Ma: 9. Hakula duals to ranger and Zeaxz duals to shaman. Hutt completes mobmaster 28. Achilleus reaches Cl:16 Ra:15. Natilena is killed by Scelus (the only person she has ever died to) and she posts a poem called "Winter". Wunk reaches Sh:26 Wa:17 Th:20. Lucretia reaches Cl:30 Th:14 Wa:15. Keat gossips (in common), 'merrick at beach.. dont use mish!!'. Noctus gossips (in common), 'Unless you don't feel like seeing Merrick in his swimsuit'. Drazuk gets MM#22 - nightmare, and #23 - a miner, in the dwarven mines, then gets an LQ for 18 points total. Dekar levels to Cl:29\Wa:15. Damian reaches Cl:13. Mystical completes MM#36 - a Vrock. Karma is created. Icarus reaches Ma:16\Th:15. Vex works on Mob Mastery quests, completing #94 -an elite tritan guard (without even using a heal), #95 - the Tritan war captain, and #96 - Amirth. Katrana finishes the last three MMs she needs... #48 - Gorlok the Master Slaver, #49 - the instructor )got it with one tick left), and #50 - Lodriss the Myrmidon. Winne levels to Cl:17, Pug reaches Ra:19\Ma:20, and Azweepei levels to Cl:14\Wa:13. Morphius becomes a miscreant. Lanfear of Fate does oodles of Mob Mastery quests, including #72 0 a guildmaster, #73 - a huge ice elemental, #74 - a Triton warrior, #75 - the Supreme Wizard, #76 - the Supreme Warrior, #77 - a huge iron golem, and #78 - Cromick, the centaur patriarch. Weobwoiht levels to Cl:3\Wa:14. Drago reaches Ma:11\Wa:15\Th:10, and commissions a description. Katrana completes her Triat Mastery quest by mobdying to Scar and posts her Immortality Petition.

8/28/02 - GaNn gossips, 'How bad is my debt?' and shortly afterwards is killed by a Bounty Hunter. (Guess it was bad...) Taelanus levels to 5 warrior. Kerson reaches Or:22 Wa:30 Sh:30. Drago reaches Wa:15 Ma:10 Th:10. Myronides posts a reminder about the Chicago GT on Sunday. Avelyn levels to 13 cleric. Scelus becomes a sociopath. Traume completes mobmaster 16. Weobwoiht completes his first mobmaster. There is a strange discussion about Ephiny's feet. Kay joins Myronides. Lanfear ascends to Ordained level 19, and slays a centaur bow maker for MM#71 and 2186 exp. Jarid levels to Ra:10\Cl:15. Everard levels to Ma:13. Vex gets MM#92 - Jair the Librarian and #93 - the Triton King. Sicarian uses mob mastery to help him get some exp: MM#55 - a male centaur, #56- a male centaur, #57 - Lt. Oukri, #58 - a cave fisher, and finally levels to Ra:30\Cl:30\Th:15. (Shaman info says) Icarus has advanced to level 15. Wylin becomes a miscreant. Katrana completes several more mob mastery quests, including mm#45 - centaur archer, #46 - Triton child, #47 - Triton child, but failed MM#48 - Inindo. Traume levels to Wa:13\Ma:12. The lovely folks in Mayhem decide it would be amusing to keep Mish invis. DragonBane, however, does his best to keep her visible, despite verbal abuse by Alex, who is warned for cussing. Scelus (eff level 35) then bravely looted the mob-death corpse of Moojee, who is level 11, and gave it to Mario, another member of Mayhem. Moments later, Sylarn becomes a reprisalist. Traume is killed by a black jungle spider, and Solaron performs the CR. Zane looses link in the trading post, with a ghost draining him. Vex rescues his fellow Covener, catching him at 'barely concious.' Rath gossips (in common), 'so anyone want to bet with me on the longevity of Artanis' following?'. Carrie accepts the bet for 75k that Mayhem doesn't last 6 months, however acknowledges she doesn't have the money. Anzoth levels to Ra:14. Abe Stormreaver reaches Cl:29\Th:28\Ra:30... A Who list from mid-evening. Zane levels to Sh:24. Carrie becomes a miscreant. Pardoquilian reports her "first ***DEMO*** rift.'" ### Abaddon killed by Tokugawa at Lair of the Ash Moon Coven (Abaddon apparently ASKED to be rifted) Pardo uses that spiffy rift to ascend to Th:2\Wa:22\Sh:22. Icarus is killed by Merrit the Rogue at the Adventurer's Inn - Abe performs the CR. Victor the Half-Elf reaches Ma:9\Wa:11. Zane becomes a sociopath. DogDaze dies in Aran to a guildmaster and Vex performs the CR . Saroth leveled to level 28 ranger.

8/27/02 - Aslan has advanced to Ordained level 7. Jarid reaches Cl:15\Ra:9. Skie levels to Wa:10\Cl:15. Icarus reaches Th:14\Ma:15. Natilena does oodles of LQs, reaching 6962 total. Elektra leveled to Cl: 20 with max hps. Kerson hits the 1000 point mark on location quest. Scelus completes mobmaster 13 (a half elf guard). Mario levels to 10 shaman. Dethius reaches Wa:17 Sh:17. Hureck levels to 5 warrior. Cleo completes their first mobmaster. Katzhai reaches Ra:13 Cl:13. Merkderk reaches Wa: 7 Th:12 Cl:12. Weobwoiht duals to cleric. Traume completes mobmaster 14 (a ranger guard) and also reaches Wa:11\Ma:12.

8/26/02 - Azreal, Neric, Morphius, and Albert join Mayhem. Azreal levels to Wa:2\Ma:12. Everard levels to Ma:12. Dazzle dies to a demon but CR's himself. Neysha reaches to Wa:21. Gytar completes MM#91 - "with thanks to Ihsahn who portaled him in" to the Divine Thief. Kalgar Redhammer levels to Wa:6\Sh:15. Baal levels to Sh:12\Wa:12. Charles levels to Th:16\Wa:30\Sh:30. Furious levels to Wa:12\Cl:13. Nulaya reaches Cl:9. Wunk dies in Master's Tower and Abe performs the CR. Pug becomes a reprisalist. Icarus gains level Th:12\Ma:15. Neon becomes a miscreant. Katrana learns of the new mob mastery requirements for immortal petitioners, and quickly knocks out MM#41 - a tinker gnome, #42 - a carrion crawler, #43 - Baroness of the Dark, and #44 - a ghostly woronin. Wylin levels to Ordained 21. Dethius gains MM#28 - a thirsty ent, #29 - the flind leader, #30 - a prosperous customer, #31 - a dwarven hunter, #32- a duerger smith, and #33 - a sea lion from Tritans. Kaern has become a reprisalist. Keilios reaches Cl:7. Achilleus levels to Ra:15\Cl:14. Paython gets MM#62 - Nemdor - and levels to Th:9\Wa:30\Cl:30. Kaern requests a donation. Kaleyah reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Saltine levels to 10 thief. Albert reaches Ma: 5 Th: 9. Paython completes mobmaster 62 (Nemdor) and reaches Th:9\Cl:30\Wa:30. Nero and Kay are created. Neodis posts a huge followup note to his previous one on alignments. Kaern gossips (in common), 'A small rock retrieves a stone club!'. Alex leaves Plato and joins Artanis.

8/25/02 - Artanis is promoted to Demigod! He starts the chaotic neutral sword following of Mayhem, and his first follower is Sylarn, quickly followed by Marth, Septimus, Sian, Scelus, and Valas. His initial finfo is, "Mayhem is a highly agressive following, intent on slaying all three of the alignments. The disciples of Mayhem thrive on the pain of others, but also enjoy a good practical joke, such as causing chaos, mischief and destruction. For further information on the disciples of Mayhem, please visit:" Blacky reaches Wa:19 Cl:26. Neodis posts a huge note on alignment. Clorox reaches Th: 6 Sh:15. Azreal levels to 12 mage. Tynian posts a note about version 3.106. Achilleus levels twice, reaching Ra:14 Cl:14. Seth levels to 5 cleric. A wizlist and the ranks listings from this day. Omega levels to Cl:18. Sicarian levels to Ra:28\Cl:30\Th:15. Noggle is created, levels a couple of times, and gains a Train!. Abe kills the essence of Oak for MM#55 and a male centaur for MM#56. Clorax levels to Th:6\Sh:15. Everard levels to Ma:11. Zane reaches Sh:22. Sakyra levels to Wa:19\Th:18\Ma:19. Saltine levels to Th:9. Lefty levels to Th:10. DragonBane levels to Th:7\Ma:15\Ra:12. DogDaze gains a train when she reaches Wa:23 Sh:30 Keller gets to 34 total LQ points. Slim the Silent levels to Wa:14\Ma:12. Uriel kills Ancalagon for MM level 60. ### Natilena has scored 12 points on a location quest (6743 points total). Majere reaches 100 Ambassador Hours. Ghazkull of Fate reaches 14 Mage today, learns portal, and casts it for the first time (bad portal, of course, winding up soggy in Loch Raven). Morphius becomes a vigilante. Gyro levels to Ma:8\Ra:15, then dies in the Mage's Tower. Abe performs the CR. Skie reaches Wa:9\Cl:15. Sakyra levels to Th:19\Wa:19\Ma:19. Shon completes MM#66 - a drow soldier. The brass dragon RRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSS!!! - and kills Icarus. Ouch!

8/24/02 - Aiken reaches Ma:29 Th:25 Ra:30. Oswald completes mobmaster 19 (Ofcol cityguard). DragonBane reaches Th: 6 Ma:15 Ra:12. Anuwen levels to 13 mage. "Annoying" is created (hopefully they're not :P) and levels to 5 thief. Crash completes mobmaster 15 (a Delving guard). Dekar reaches Cl:28 Wa:15. Plane completes mobmaster 56. Valas reaches Ra:25 Cl:30. Dethius completes mobmaster 27, reaching Sh:17 Wa:16 at the same time. Kerson posts a note explaining a mud client trigger. Shylock reaches Ma:15 Wa:15 Th:12. Kaern posts a note about the Guild Hall. Keat completes MM#82 - Chromican the paladin. Kerson completes several LQ's, reaching at least 975 points total. Cynder levels to Cl:25\Wa:15 (Amazingly enough, NOT at a god-awful hour of the morning) Lania Athsien-Goldleaf reaches Cl:18\Wa:15. Aravan reaches Cl:14\Ra:11\Th:11. Shylok gets his first DEMO on a Backstab. Furious levels to Wa:11\Cl:13. Petey reaches Ra:11\Cl:12. Idilith is created and reaches Ma:4, choosing to Walk the Path of the Wyrm. With much fanfare (and slobbering over imp invis), Shylok Jaelre ascends to Ma:15\Wa:15\Th:12. Solaron of Fate posts a note about a Web-Banner Contest! Omega chooses the Path of the Wyrm, begins his entry quest, and levels to Cl:17. Clue passes the 2300 year mark ... 2302 years old (4580 hours)!! Pardoquilian reaches level 22 shaman, then triples to thief [Th:1\Wa:22\Sh:22] Keller become a vigilante... by slaying an ickky newbiekiller type person. Said newbiekiller type person then mobdies twice in as many seconds, looses link, and finds himself unable to log in. He makes a series of newbies, hoping to find out what happened. (It's a mystery). Svade the Gnome levels to Sh:10. Slim has an "awsome escape" from Landru's, with the aid of Achilleus, who then levels to Ra:12\Cl:14. Abe Stormreaver ascends to Ra:30\Th:28\Cl:28.. and gains a Train! Rubicant actually gains exp for the first time in MONTHS! (3k). Drago levels to Wa:14\Ma:10\Th:10 and he gets a Train, too!

8/23/02 - Aerios levels to 17 shaman. Macabee reaches Ma:29 Ra:25. Melkor reaches Wa:14 Sh:14. Traume completes mobmaster 10 and reaches Wa: 6 Ma:12. DragonBane gossips (in common), 'What level mob is Nevyn?'. Wylin gossips (in common), 'level: acidblast :)'. Lefty levels to 5 thief. Lilian levels 3 times, to 4 ranger. Lanfear of Fate levels to Ordained 18th. Lattimor the Halfling levels to Wa: 8. Blacky Noir levels twice today and reaches Wa:18\Cl:26. Drago levels to Wa:12\Ma:10\Th:10. Sakyra levels to Th:18\Ma:18\Wa:18. Kerson reaches 945 LQ points. Indiga, Dark Phasma of Kerriariadne, reaches Ordained level 4. Vex gets MM91 - A divine warrior, then announces "Vex has initiated 2687 attacks, 1325 justified, and 1362 not justified," and toys with the idea of not PK'ing any more. Morphius has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 50 - Marshal Diana. DogDaze levels to Wa:22\Sh:30. DuKaron levels mage, then switches to thief and levels that class as well, reaching Th:12\Wa:11\Ma:18. Furious levels to Cl:13\Wa:10. Blacky becomes a miscreant. Teluin dies to the mayor. A race ensues to see who can get the corpse first. Arianos Talesedrin of the Tigers finds it first (less than a second before Vex) and returns it intact. Roen levels ranger twice to reach Ra:15\Cl:15. Skie levels twice to reach Wa:7\Cl:15. Sylarn becomes a reprisalist. Tweedle levels to Wa:21\Cl:20. Weobwoiht levels to Wa:11. ### Natilena has scored 11 points on a location quest (6692 points total), which helps her to level to Ra:28\Th:25\Ma:28. Brutus has become a reprisalist. Clue reaches 58 hours as an attendant. Mylk the Cow-Bard levels to Bard:21\13\4. Persephone, Fate's newest member, levels twice and reaches Wa:9\Cl:9. Khazka becomes a miscreant, but keeps exp'ing amidst all that miscreatish behaviour, and levels to Sh:23\Wa:15\Th:15. DragonRider levels to Wa:13\Ma:10\Th:10. MerkDerk levels to Wa:6\Th:12\Cl:12. Kaern: here's an idea / Fri Aug 23 16:42:46 2002 / To: all / How about responses to ideas which aren't ideas go on this board? If I were tynian, and I saw an inane idea that said "I agree with idea #902", I'd prolly delete 902 out of spite.

8/22/02 - Vex got MM 90 today divine warrior and Gytar got MM 90 the guildmaster. Avatarr of Fate ascends to Sh:15\Wa:12. Dragonbane gets his first MUTILATE. Icarus sits squarely in the geek spot most of the day, having been on line for 9 hours and 52 mins. Blacky Noir levels to Cl:26\Wa:15. Mystical kills a Killer Bee for MM#35. Drytan ep Aran ascends to Wa:2\Sh:28 and gains an extra prac, and a train.Neysha levels to Wa:20. Blacky kills the Master Torturer for MM#48 and a mad gnome for MM#49. Natilena gets several location quests, exceeding 6346 points total. Wylin gets MM#46-48, targets including a male orge:gronk, a carrion crawler: dismali, and Vlad, the Grand Vampyre: Sanguinna. Dazzle uses the Deleteme command then recreates himself, joining Fate once more and leveling several times. Morphius posts a smack-note, and folks reply, including Tynian. Pardoquilian kills a monk for 1357 exp and MM#43. Natilena does oodles of LQs, reaching 6421 points. Dazzle ascends to Cl: 6, gaining 17hp, 9mana, 8 moves, 6 pracs, and becomes more influential. Heury levels to Sh:19\Wa:15. DragonBane levels to Th:4\Ma:15\Ra:12. Plane reaches 1500 hours of play. A Who/Wiz/Ranks list for today. Shango 'dies tragically' to a PKer and asks that it be noted. Brace levels to Bard:12\5\4. Persephone joins the Chosen of Fate. Tweedle, Drow Berserker of The Tel'Quessir, levels to Wa:20\Cl:20 . Amastacia reaches Cl:13 Wa:11. Svade levels to 7 shaman. Strider duals to mage. Dazzle levels to 4 cleric.

8/21/02 - Tweedle levels twice, reaching Wa:19 Cl:20. Mystical completes mobmaster 34 (a killer bee). Asmodeus is created. Gyro reaches Ma: 5 Ra:15. Moiraine reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Lycron gossips (in common), 'Lycron's soul rift *** MAKESYOUWANTTOLAUGHITSOWIMPY *** you!' Sicarian completes mobmaster 43. Lycron levels to 10 shaman and does his first location quest. Jarid reaches Cl:13 Ra: 9. Agralebean completes mobmaster 10 (a giant shaman). Kaye joins Myronides. Abe had his "first 6-attack round. I was so happy!" Lanfear ascends to Ordained level 17. Crash finds his very first named amulet in 3 years of play. Derth slays a bulette for MM#53. Katrana recieves God+ consent to wed Solaron, thus completing all but one requirement of her Triat Mastery quest (and in record time...) Khorlan posts a note warning about Bashur's prediliction for false titles, stating that he is NOT a Tiger. Melkor gets level 9, and Velthorn levels to 11. Crash advances to level 19 and announces that 'I've master'd the art of waving to the mob just before my final round with it :-P'. Glyph reaches 87 points of LQ's. Poorlan, Armageddon and Okenfold are created. Achilleus, Apprentice of the Sun, levels to Cl:12\Ra:11. Star K'Treva levels to Wa:20\Cl:30.

8/20/02 - In the early AM, the Quest Results are posted! Abe Stormreaver ascends to Ra:29\Th:28\Cl:28. Lexie and Vex are briefly locked into a Jail Cell. Ihsahn of Fate dies in the Black Manor to the Dark Horrifying Essence, and Sylt and Vex perform a CR. Later, Sylt kills a Treant for MM#59. Legolas reaches Ra:29\Ma:25\Th:20. Galadadrid bad portalled Mylk and himself to the Longship, and were very lucky that no mobs were in the room they ended up in! To escape, he attempted to portal them again, arriving above MG, where he cast fly a split second before hitting the ground. (Reminder: Don't fly Air Galadadrid!) Achilleus is created, and levels to 8th, and joins the Defenders of the Sun. Paython Grimward levels to Th:8\Cl:30\Wa:30. Solanthas rifts Artanis for fun, lamenting that it was only a 96 point rift. Persephone levels to Wa:7\Cl: 9. Mordith killed Tomas and Grigg today, just for fun. Antinua levels to Cl: 6. Furious levels to Cl:12\Wa:10. Folgrim becomes a vigilante. Malis announces, 'Behold Drendahar! My new apprentice!' (Forwarned is forarmed) Aster kills a treant for MM#61. Wunk levels to Sh:25\Wa:17\Th:20. Bashur levels to Wa:21 and decides to play solo-day-of-deception. Scelus levels to Sh:30\Th:15. Natilena reaches 6234 total LQ points. Sicarian of the WarDancers levels to Ra:27\Cl:30\Th:15. Slim Jim levels to Wa:11\Ma: 9. Ananasi Aleitros levels to Ma:28\Ra:27\Th:27. Sedona becomes a reprisalist, then seconds later, a miscreant. Zarous eats his inventory, just for fun. Oook ascends to Bard:24\14\4. Cygan reaches Wa:16 Cl:16. Zane levels to 20 shaman. A giant penguin groups with DragonBane, following him around the guild for a bit before returning to the icy lands. Later on DragonBane does penguin calls ('Here Penguin Penguin Penguin!') on gossip to try to lure him back. Achilleus reaches Ra:10 Cl:10. Tripletriztz reaches Wa:16 Cl:15. Malice levels to 5 cleric. DragonBane triples to thief, reaches Th:2\Ma:15\Ra:12 and names himself Penguin Lord. Martyr levels to 10 warrior. DarkClaw reaches Wa:20 Cl:30.

8/19/02 - Groul is created. DragonBane reaches Ra:12 Ma:15. Legolas reaches Ra:29 Ma:25 Th:20. Silvermoon joins Solanthas. A newbie named Amulet discovers that people have a hard time looking at him because of his name. Nicolas completes mobmaster 36 (By-Tor). Dekar reaches Cl:27 Wa:15. Bashur levels to 20 warrior. Paython completes mobmaster 61. Uuug levels to 14 warrior. Mylk reaches Bard: 20 12 4. AnZoth levels to 10 ranger. Raile completes mobmaster 39. Cordir's quest ends at midnight this night, and the winners are the Three Ladies (Marisa, Lexie & Dogdaze) *bounce*. Cordir eats some fine green powder (a quest item submitted four times) and bad recalls twice! Once to the temples, and once to On a Jungle Trail. Vex tried to CR Wisteria in Ents, but couldn't carry the corpse, so he summoned her to it instead. Neysha levels to Wa:15. Null the sickly levels to Ra:10\Ma:11. Ihsahn ascends to Ma:19\Wa:17\Th:15, then gains 5 points on an LQ, for 81 points total. Valkur kills the tipsy reveller for MM#41. Pug dedicates his level (Ra:18\Ma:20) to Nalor. (Why, we don't know). Vex slays the LL Ranger Guildmaster (with help from Nazinthas) for MM#89 and gains 2700 exp. Natilena slays the captain commander of Aran for MM#61 then does an LQ, rising to 6156 total points. Tomato kills a gnome child for MM 5. Lania of the WARD levels to Cl:17\Wa:15. Zip levels to ordained 8 and gained a train. Twelf duals to: Wa:1\Ma:\9. Gilthaniel levels to Wa: 8\Cl:11. DuKaron advances to Ma:16\Wa:11\Th:11. ### Snugglebunny new character. Otak Lin Tigerino levels to Cl:21\Wa:18. Saltine the Girl reaches Th:7. Melkor the Ogre reaches Wa:5\Sh:14. Hutt becomes a miscreant. Slim Jim reaches Wa:10\Ma: 9. Wylin advances to Ordained level 19. Oook ascends to Bard:23\14\4. Phooey levels to Th:7\Wa:11\Ma: 18. Clue reaches 40 hours as an Attendant. Drizzt ascends to Ma:12\Ra:\9.

8/18/02 - Neysha and Melkor join Kerriariadne. Korran reaches the 100 point mark on location quest, and Natilena hits the 6000 point mark! Donuil levels to 5 cleric. Khore eats a pill of "rift rift death" that was cleverly disguised as a chocolate bunny. (Gee, wonder which chocoholic immortal that was really intended for :P) Petey reaches Cl:11 Ra:10. Sybill reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Macabee reaches Ma:27 Ra:25. Kerson reaches 21 ordained. Keat completes mobmaster 81 (the master warrior). Patton and Marth become reprisalists. Bashful gets level 51 MM - the adventurer. Brace the Bard reaches 10\4\3 then gets a couple LQs and wins a game of MobHunt. Cordir begins a Quest! Abe levels to Th:28\Ra:28\Cl:28. Zane levels to Sh:17. Melkor becomes a miscreant. Bashur gains Wa:18. Oook kills Rasner the Coooook for MM#35. Fate's first Bard then ascends to Bard:22\14\4. Heury levels to Sh:18\Wa:15. Persephone advances to Wa: 6\Cl: 9, and Quarnel of Fate ascends to Wa:25\Cl:30. Tyb Morgaeleus, an old spirit reborn, levels to Cl: 7, gaining 17hp, 11m, 5mv, 6prac, and a train. Zane levels again, reaching Sh:18 as does Bashur, who changes his title to Wa:19 Bashur telbloodpasswisdunitclavefatetigwardcovshadsu. Roen, the Grinning Samurai of Tel'Quessir, levels to Cl:15 and duals to ranger. Scelus the Gnome reaches Sh:29\Th:15. Patton levels to Ra: 6\Cl:13. Oook kills a minotaur guard for MM#36. Azeweepei levels to Wa:11\Cl:13. Drizzt gets MM#15 - an entling. Oook gets an LQ, bringing him to 150 points total. Melkor levels to Wa: 3\Sh:14. SlimJim levels to Wa: 5\Ma: 9. Palin of Fate ascends to Th:15\Ma:24\Wa:25. Weobwoiht joins Veldrin lastnight and levels to Wa: 7. Derth "beat up Okali" for MM#52. Ghazkull posts a note about his website. Solaron posts one about upcoming GTs - And More INFO from Myronides. Gyro collects a wonderful 15 scrolls as part of his entry quest into Darkness for the Booga's favorite bard, Oook.

8/17/02 - Neodis posts "Revealing Hypocrisy" and Drizzt posts a note about dark elves & drow. Guderian is created. Shon reaches Th:28 Ra:30 Sh:30. Persephone reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Izual completes mobmaster 27. Neysha levels to 12 warrior. Dingbat levels to 25 shaman. Quarnel gossips (in ogre), 'it's Giglamesh, the dyslexic battle god!'. Giglamesh gossips (in ogre), 'I AM NOT DYSLEX... YEAH IM NOT!!'. DarkWolf levels to 5 shaman. Raganok completes mobmaster 1. Zane levels to 15 shaman. Saroth reaches Ra:26 Ma:27. Sakyra reaches all 16's (Th:16 Ma:16 Wa:16). Durin gets 22,000 xp in one day, and reaches Cl:26 Wa:24. Aerios gets teleported away from where he's xping to a locked portion of the dungeon under the arena, so recalls, and winds up bad recalling right back to the xp zone. The wizlist and rank listings from this day. Oook the Wandering Troubledour ascends to Bard: 21\14\4. Kelladorn levels to Cl:10. Sicarian completes MM#35 - a manor guard and also levels to Ra:26\Cl:30\Th:15. Twelf is created. Uriel levels to Sh:24\Wa:26\Th:20. Tweedle leveled to 20 cleric, then dualed back to warrior, and leveled to 16 warrior. Oook kills a a shipwrecked castaway for MM#34 with the aid of Tycho, who helped him kill the Slaver for the keys. Indiga is Ordained by Kerri and named Dark Phasma. Cygan levels to Wa:15\Cl:16. Riverwind gets his very first parry. Natilena and Quarnel go back and forth with location quests, the final ones noted being: ### Natilena has scored 12 points on a location quest (5880 points total). ### Quarnel has scored 11 points on a location quest (6158 points total). Petey levels to Cl:10\Ra:10. Tycho of the Coven reaches Sh:20\Ra:17. Kerson reaches 811 points on Location Quests. DragonBane levels to Ra:11\Ma:15. Aerios reaches Sh:15. A GT is held in the Netherlands. Bashur reaches Wa:14, then 15, then 16. ### Vex has advanced to Ordained level 26. Zmandforkso becomes a miscreant. Nazinthas levels to 30 warrior, then duals back: Ma:27\Th:20\Wa:30, becoming Lord of the Gray Vortex. Sybill levels to Wa:10\Cl:15. Galadadrid levels to Ma:20\Ra:17. Katrana seeks the permission of a god+ to wed.

8/16/02 - Gyliana levels to Cl: 8. Strider, Tassadar's apprentice, reaches Ra:10. Ghazkull kills an enormous 3 armed mantid for MM#20. Zane the Gnome levels to Sh:12. Morgant levels to Wa:12\Cl:15. Sylt gets MM targets 54 through 57, including Pheather the Aarakocran, and an old centaur, and also reaches Th:20 Ma:29 Wa:20. Aerios reaches Sh:14. Tyb completes about 30 points of LQ quests in the early morning. Melkor the Ogre levels to Sh:11. Pardoquilian, Lady Hawk of Fate, ascends to Wa:22\Sh:21 and gains a train! Derth kills Oprah for MM#51. Sylt cants, 'i am new to cant, and i would just like to say it's great to be on here'. Vash was accepted into Darkness and leveled to Ma:13. Ghazkull posts a note about Roleplaying. Taghk is granted the title of Page. Keller posts a note about help, is replied to multiple times. Myronides holds a quest for his followers, and DragonBane and Natilena are the winners. Brace levels several times, reaching Bard: 8 1 1. Nazzuk reaches Cl:15 Wa:15. Oook completes mobmaster 32. Scelus auctions (in common), 'spell score'. Joyjoy auctions (in common), 'S.C.O.R.E'. (Ok, so i'm easily amused :P) Lotus levels to 9 shaman. Aravan reaches Ra:10 Cl:12 Th:11. Uriel completes mobmasters 58 & 59. Xendryos levels to 5 cleric. Legolas reaches Ra:28 Ma:25 Th:20. Furious reaches Wa:10 Cl:10. Daelin gossips (in common), 'Yesteday I roleplayed being an annoying jerk and pissed a lot of people off'. 'and then I logged onto the mud'.

8/15/02 - At one point during the day, Vex ISN'T online. Mulva completes mobmaster 1. Marth reaches Ma:16 Wa:10 Th:10. Gilthaniel reaches Wa: 4 Cl:11. Mellora levels to 5 cleric. Kerson completes mobmaster 87. Zane levels to 5 shaman. Paython reaches Th: 6 Cl:30 Wa:30 and gossips 'Jesus, not another train'.. Poor thing! :P DuKaron completes mobmasters 22 & 23. Oook ascends to Bard:20\13\4. Wunk gets his first ***ANNIHILATES*** rift. Shrike (who shrank) levels to Wa: 5. Fenrir reaches 890 total LQ points. Carrie becomes a reprisalist. Heury levels to Sh:16\Wa:15. Brutus triples to thief and levels: Th:2\Ma:15\Ra:15. Pikonah commissions a description. Bashur reaches Wa:12 then shortly thereafter becomes a reprisalist. Paython gets MM#59 - Lt. Oukri - and levels to Th: 7\Cl:30\Wa:30 with the kill. Nazinthas kills an ofcol city guard for MM#29, and Brutus slays a gardner for his MM#32. Shortly thereafter, Brutus levels to Th: 3\Ma:15\Ra:15. Finding Abe linkdead outside West Midgaard Gate, Mordith slays him to get him to safe as quickly as possible, immediately returning the corpse when Abe gains entry to the realm once more. Quarnel gets MM#39 - the student, and #40. Cynder levels to Cl:24\Wa:15 (again insisting that Cordir stay up late to record the level). Galadadrid levels to Ma:19\Ra:17. Vex CR'd Aravan's corpse from Demon Realm. Iggwilv joins Passion, becoming Tel's 12th follower.

8/14/02 - Noctus hits the 2000 point mark on location quest! Kaeru completes mobmaster 11. Mylk the Cow-Bard reaches Bard: 17 11 4. Jacob levels to 5 ranger. Morgant reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Joyjoy is back, after an extremely long absence. Lapis is created. Wylin completes mobmasters 31 through 34. Sybill reaches Wa: 8 Cl:15. Tyb levels to 5 cleric. (Hi Tyb!) Phrygian reaches Bard: 11 6 3. Pendrell completes mobmaster 31. Katja duals to warrior. Uriel gossips (in common), 'whats the temperature in the guild like guys?'. Nalor gossips (in common), 'high in the blues today uriel'. Abe Stormreaver levels to Th:27\Ra:28\Cl:28. Tomato levels twice to reach Th:14\Ma:15\Ra:15. Oook performs an ancient Ogre ceremonial song. During the song, Bashur levels to Wa:10. Nausea of Wisdom levels to Cl: 7. Drizzt got better at butcher... "for the first time in many, many years." Fenrir completes a couple of LQ's, for 870 points total. Dyptricx becomes a vigilante. Drizzt ascends to Ma:11\Ra: 9. Lita levels to Wa: 4\Ma: 9\Th: 9 Prygian the Bard levels three times, and reaches Bard:11\6\2. Oook the Troubledor ascends to Bard:19\13\4. Patton, the General of Darkness, reaches Ra:4\Cl:13. Rath wins a 50 question trivia contest (24 questions correct), gives prize to Solaron. Nasr (of Stew fame) levels to Wa:13. Heury levels to Sh:15\Wa:15. A game of Mob Hunt ends in the fifth round. Oook wins with 19 points, Phrygian comes in second with 15 points. Tostig becomes a reprisalist. Gyliana levels to Cl:6. Malis becomes a sociopath. Abe kills Pheather the Aarakocran for MM#54. Clue casts her very first rift ever (on Azeworai) and it does "about 150 hp".

8/13/02 - Today is "leveling day," it seems: Avatarr ascends twice to reach Sh:14\Wa:11, Nalor Ironwolf reaches Cl:26\Wa:23. ### Fenrir has scored 12 points on a location quest (805 points total). Marth reaches Ma:13\Wa:10\Th:10. Dragonbane levels to Ma:15\Ra: 9. Strom levels to Wa:13. Calivax levels to Cl: 8\Wa:13. Fenrir becomes a vigilante. Cleo (the Bane of Small Puddings) levels to Cl: 5. Neon kills the Ghost of Orina for MM#42. Icarus levels to Ma:14. ### Fenrir has scored 11 points on a location quest (816 points total). MerkDerk levels to Th:10\Cl:12. Sybill reaches Wa: 7\Cl:15. Vash levels to Ma:10. Derrick of Ofcol starts whupping on Nasr and Wunk leaps to the rescue. Kerson completes an LQ, reaching 690 points total. Morgant obtains MM#18-#25: a soldier ant, a lowly ore gatherer, an ogre elder, a watchman, a rakasta citizen, the Shamanic Guard, a rakasta gatherer, and Ranas the wander. Cordir and Solanthas reach an accord. Traume levels to Ma: 9. Gytar fails yet another Mob Mastery. Alex reaches Wa:27\Ma:23\Th:20. Pug dies in Jesters and Mystical performs the CR. Paython reaches Th:5. Nazinthas kills a mycon Shaman for MM#27. Ghazkull of Fate ascends to Ma:13\Ra:11.Bergal completes MM#14 - a swirling mist and #15 - a lowly ore gatherer. Tweedle levels to Cl:18\Wa:15. Morgant reaches Cl:13\Wa:11. ### Noctus has scored 12 points on a location quest (1852 points total). Heury gains 40k exp today, completing two warrior and 1 shaman level. [Sh:14 Wa:15] Abe Stormreaver completes 6 mob mastery quests: #48 - the Nurse of Nydia, #49 - a Triton child, #50 - the instructor, #51 - the Instructor, #52 - Oprah, and #53 - a centaur archer. Majere hits 74 ambassador hours, and is frankly shocked. Pol reaches Th:20\Ma:19. Natilena slays Ancalagon the Warrior for MM#60. Nalor becomes a sociopath. Tyb is created, reaches level 2 cleric, and sits in the Fate temple for several hours, exchanging poetry. Cygan kills the Mycon Shaman (with the help of Abe and Belsambar) for MM#27, the strong aarakocran guildmaster for #28, and a minotaur warrior for #29. A Who\Wiz\Ranks list for today. Scelus performs a CR for Wunk, who dies in Wintermeet. Drakone levels to Th:7\Ra: 9. Icarus reports that he learned how to memorize scrolls today. Cygan levels to Wa:14\Cl:16. Sakyra reaches Ma:16\Wa:15\Th:15. Belsambar starts teleporting about and winds up in the "Hall O' Pleasure." Scelus reaches Sh:27\Th:15. Lyrian levels to Cl:11. Tycho becomes a sociopath. Nazinthas kills a shuffling horror of Tier for MM#28. Trellan levels to Wa: 7. Traume "learned not to use teleport potions to get out of Malenest to see if (he) could find Mobs for MOBM...." Cynder demands that Cordir stay on mud until she levels.... and finally does, reaching Cl:23\Wa:15. Cynder shouts (in common), 'PRAISE LORD NASH!'. Cordir gossips, 'er, I stayed up until 2 am for a hail nash?!?'. Rhyeth joins Myronides. Tripletriztz reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Vezti levels to 5 shaman. Zorin is created. Tweedle reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Aerios levels to 10 shaman. Nazzuk reaches Cl:13 Wa:15. Lanie levels to 10 shaman. Macabee reaches Ra:25 Ma:25. Kelladorn joins Tripper. Toke reaches Cl:19 Wa:16. Lysanthir auctions (in common), 'Woho I should get a medal. First mage to do id's for a God :)'. Charles reaches Th:15 Wa:30 Sh:30. Qua levels to 15 mage. Gilthaniel duals to warrior. Khazka completes his first mobmaster.

8/12/02 - Clue is promoted to Attendant of Bliss! (Here's the log from Clue's point of view) Zakarious completes mobmaster 46. Aerios levels to 9 shaman. Heury reaches Wa:13 Sh:13. Phooey reaches Th: 5 Wa:11 Ma:18. Zeks completes mobmaster 15 and reaches Wa:22 Cl:30. Merlin levels to 5 mage. Marth reaches Ma:11 Wa:10 Th:10. Abaddon completes mobmaster 49. Tynian responds to Alex's note about his corpse. Aerios joins Athorne. Glathorn completes mobmaster 5. Carrie reaches Ma:12 Th:10 Ra:11. Furious reaches Wa: 7 Cl:10. Lucretia reaches Cl:28 Th:14 Wa:15. Quarnel has scored 11 points on a location quest (5819 points total). Bliss gossips, 'Who ever finds Vex in whozone gets to pick what spell I use on him (Some restrictions do apply)'., but it doesn't quite go as planned since an immortal immediately finds Vex. People are happy to offer icky spells to cast on Vex anyway though. Uriel reaches Sh:23 Wa:26 Th:20. DragonBane levels 3 times, reaching Ma:14 Ra: 9. Antinua joins Myronides. Abe Stormreaver levels to Cl:28\Th:26\Ra:28. Drazuk works on mob mastery - #19: a nightmare, #20 - a vampire for 20, and #21 - a green troll. Palin and Drazuk are named Blades of Fate. Cygan becomes a miscreant. Ugg levels "Like 3 Times!" and reaches Wa: 8. Lexie wins a mobhunt in round 3, with 9 points. Aravan reaches Th: 9\Cl:12\Ra: 9. ISiTiTiTiS becomes a reprisalist. Dublo levels to Wa: 3\Sh: 9. ### Anduin killed by Tynian at The Kitchen - for rude comments about an Immortal. Warinderin is created and reaches Ma: 5. Azuroth becomes a sociopath. ### Natilena has scored 10 points on a location quest (5769 points total). Heury reaches Wa:13\Sh:13. Icarus levels to Ma:12. Icarus reaches Ma:13. Persephone levels to Wa: 4\Cl: 9. Wylin reveals his odd obsession with shuffleboard: Wylin gossips (in common), 'Zarous I challenge you to your throne of shuffleboard'. (This debate goes on for far too long.) Derth levels to Cl:27\Wa:25. Morgant levels twice to reach Cl:12\Wa:11.

8/11/02 - in the early early am... Abe Stormreaver levels to Cl:27\Th:26\Ra:28. Ptarchyzk the one/only Atheistic Muggle Sneak of TFC levels to Th:28 Wa:26 and turns 1000 years of age. A Wizlist / Who List / Ranks List for today. DarkClaw mobdies and Blacky and Zip of the coven perform the CR. Lattimor is created. Neo levels to Th:20\Ra:15\Ma:21. Persephone levels to Wa: 3\Cl: 9. Kelladorn levels to Cl: 8. Ink reaches Wa:22\Cl:30. Oook reports some more spell scores: 'I could not detect hidden for more', 'You bring on the sunlight', 'I once loved a haunt', 'She blinded me with vampiric touch.' Haxley is killed by a goblin sergeant at The General's Office. Abe performs the CR. Marth levels repeatedly and reaches Ma:10\Wa:10\Th:10. DragonBane reaches Ma:10\Ra: 9. Oook ascends to Bard:19\12\4. Carrie reaches Ma:11\Th:10\Ra:11. DarkClaw levels to Wa:19\Cl:30. Here's a bunch of WHO lists from throughout the day. Shon levels to Th:27\Ra:30\Sh:30. Qua reaches Ma:14. Katrana reports that: 'Elfis logged on and stayed on for more than 10 mins, I think that is a timeline event *laugh*'. Wylin advances to level 18 Ordained. Keller holds a long talk on gossip about thievery and honor, during which Pol reaches Th:19\Ma:19 and Keller becomes a reprisalist. Quarnel reaches Wa:24\Cl:30, and later reaches 6000 LQ Points! Sev reaches Sh: 6. Gyro reaches Ra: 8. Tynian auctions Mud Code. Solaron gossips (in common), 'OOC: Anyone who cares: Go to for a picture I made of Solaron. :)'. Nasr tells a story about stew. Furious reaches Wa: 6\Cl:10. Azweepei levels to Wa:10\Cl:13. Galadadrid reports: 'Wednesday... Ra:13/14, Thursday Ra:15, Friday Ra:16, Saturday Ra:17'. Riverwind reaches Ra: 9. Lumpy levels to 21 warrior. Sybill reaches Wa: 6 Cl:15. Achilleus levels to 6 cleric. Alex posts a note about his corpse. Natilena reaches Ra:26 Th:25 Ma:28. Brockman levels to 5 shaman. Neric is created and levels to 5 cleric. Solanthas names Cordir's following an enemy.

8/10/02 - Myronides posts a note about an upcoming Chicago GT. Valas completes mobmaster 66. Gyro levels to 7 ranger. Zip is ordained "Witchling" by Bliss! Strad reaches Wa: 6 Sh:10. Weobwoiht levels to 5 warrior. Tynian posts a note about version 3.105b, which among other things, responds to Valas' idea. Sicarian completes mobmaster 30. Legolas kills Kalena solo. Qua joins Myronides. The ranks listings from this day. Abe completes MM#46 - a bathing centaur and #47 - a centaur. Marth triple classes and gains several levels: Th: 6\Wa:10\Ma: 9. Sakyra of the Coven levels to Th:14\Ma:14\Wa:14. Darwin levels to Ma:18\Wa:12\Th: 9. Scelus reaches Sh:26\Th:15. Mercury the Minotaur levels to Ma: 2\Wa:15. Nasr continues his quest for stew. Clue reaches 171 Ambassador Hours. Furious levels to Wa: 5\Cl:10. Quarnel completes at least 10 location quests, reaching 5145 points total. Morgant goes nuts working on mob mastery quests, completing: #4 - a snowshoe rabbit, #5 - a cardinal, #6 - a gnome man, #7 - an apprentice leatherworker, #8 - a gopher, #9 - a raptor, #10 - a lookout guard, #11 - a halfling child, #12 - a minotaur prisoner #13 - a drunken sailor, #14 - a minotaur guard #15 - the nomad warrrior, #16 - a ranger guard, and #17 - an elf maiden . Vex tells Aslan (in common), 'Today... well , Me Allanon Sylt and Agralebean decided to go through Jester's keep'. Sylt tells Aslan (in elven), 'vex got his arse handed to him in jesters :P'. Zip slays a horde of maggots for MM #4. Neodis gossips (in common), 'Yeah, I am now on full time Zip flattery.'. Lumpy the Ogre levels to Wa:21.

8/9/02 - Solaron posts a note about an upcoming Renfest GT in Cincinnati. Morgant completes mobmasters 13 & 14. Jeff levels to 4 ranger. Calivax reaches Cl: 7 Wa:13. Abe levels to Ra:28\Cl:26\Th:26. Goblez levels to Wa:30. Amastacia reaches Cl:12\Wa:11. Marth reaches Ma: 5\Wa:10. Avatarr of Fate reaches Sh:11\Wa:11. Glathrorn levels to Th:11. Carrie of Righteousness levels to Ma:10\Th:10\Ra:11. Galadadrid (the turnip thrower) levels to Ra:16\Ma:18. Joey reaches Ma:23\Wa:20\Th:15. Thyron of the Order of the White Raven levels to Th: 6. Ihsahn of Fate gains a Train when he ascends to Ma:17\Wa:17\Th:15. Kerson, Robert's Avenger, reaches level 20 Ordained. Sylt completes MM#41 - a monk. Tripletriztz and Carrie both die in the Wintermeet Valley. Carrie recovers her own corpse, and Solaron of Fate obtains that of Tripletriztz. Zip got three MM's. #1 - a stray dog, #2 - a hellhoud and #3 - a perch. Aslan Reports: ### Pardoquilian has advanced to level 21. ### Taghk has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 13.

8/8/02 - Natilena completes mobmaster 58 (Tagi, the superstitious tribal elder) with just 3 ticks left. Glathrorn restarts, and levels to 8 thief. Azweepei reaches Wa: 8 Cl:13. Thyron is created. Oswald becomes a vigilante. A who list from this day, with cracker factory comments. Tranquility leveled to 23 thief... and gains a Train! Vex reaches level 24 Ordained. Joey levels twice to reach Ma:22\Wa:20\Th:15. Jet, the newest Blade of Fate, levels to Th:19. Decon levels to Sh:7. Hutt levels to Ordained level 20. ### Natilena has scored 11 points on a location quest (5604 points total). Abe kills a servant for MM#43, Berethil for MM#44. Vladamir levels to Sh:17\Wa:15. Ink reaches Wa:21\Cl:30. Glathrorn the Gnome levels to Th:9 and gains a Train. Oswald reports that his MM #28 was a Giant Pudding. Macabee (the self-proclaimed "Elven Love Machine") levels to Ra:21\Ma:25. Riverwind levelled to Ranger 8. Zip gains her first three Mob Mastery quests: #1 - a stray dog, #2 - a hellhound and #3 a perch. Tripletriztz ascends to Wa:14\Cl:15. Sylt of the Coven levels to Th:16\Ma:29\Wa:20. Gilthaniel, The Acolyte, levels to Cl: 8. Morgant levels to Cl: 9\Wa:11.

8/7/02 - Ihsahn completes mobmaster 36. Vash is created and levels to 5 mage. Sethvir completes mobmaster 44. Thaonner levels to 7 mage. Drakone duals to thief and reaches Th: 2 Ra: 9. Mylk reaches Bard: 16 10 4. ### [Mael tells Hork (in common), 'I have the world to trade, but nothing to trade for'] (probably that's because he's already got the whole world...) Ripper levels to Th:17\Ra:23\Ma:20 and gains MM#48 - a winged tinker. Kalgar levels to Wa:3\Sh:15. Keat gets acid blasted today when he accidentally types "k dragon' instead of "l dragon", and lost 10 points of ac when Dhraxx objected to the offense. Diablo requests a CR of Ephiny, however it is quickly discovered to be a ruse when Sylarn suddenly appears in the Group list, walks in, and attempts to Portal them somewhere... Fortunately the Tigress eludes the trap and follows self before the Portal goes off. Galadadrid reaches Ra:13 Ma:18 and completes mobmaster 5. Sicarian works on a bunch of Mob Mastery quests, ranging from #22 through #27, and including targets such as the gold dragonette and a Flying Polyp of N'Kai. Wylin reaches Ordained level 17. Aoife dies to Lord Zul and Noctus of Fate performs the CR. Katzhai levels to Ra:12 Cl:13. Goblez reaches Wa:28. Aravan levels to Th: 4\Cl:12\Ra: 9. Heury works on LQs, reaching 21 points. Oook reaches 126 LQ points. Strand the Betrayed levels twice to reach Wa: 4\Sh:10. ### Natilena has scored 11 points on a location quest (5509 points total). Kaldred gains MM#88 - Lineoth Camp Leader, and #89 - the Divine Thief. Aslan reports: Vex gets his 88th MM - Lineaoth Camp Leader. Omega kills a female ent to reach Cl:12. Oook slays a harpy for MM#30. Strad levels to Wa: 4\Sh:10. Heury completes five Location quests, reaching 21 points total. Kiva is created and levels to Ma:3. Kelladorn levels to Cl: 3. Heury levels to Wa:10\Sh:13. Vex and Sylt Spar... if only briefly.

8/6/02 - Shrike is back! (just smaller). Molo and Gavin go down to Demipower. Marckarius completes his first mobmaster. Stalin levels to 3 cleric. Pol announces that football season starts in 25 days. (I wouldn't know, I only kick for Penn. -- if this makes no sense to you, ask Pol ;P)  Vladamir reaches Sh:15 Wa:15. Azilix levels to 6 mage. Taghk duals to ranger and reaches Ra: 3 Ma:16. Abe Stormreaver ascends to Ra:27\Th:26\Cl:26 by slaying a Roc. Tel and Cordir become allies. Mercury levels to Wa:10. Amastacia reaches Cl:11\Wa:11. Cordir advises Bliss: " I thought of the perfect restring for Vex! 'Worn with Pride: A Junior Ubergeek In Training Pin' " A WHO list. Maldobar returns the equipment gained from Mael's corpse when Mael died to a quest mob back in October of 2001... Ananasi reaches 26 points total on LQs. Plane kills the Tax Collector for MM#55. Azilix levels to Ma: 5. Oook sings a Song of Power. Drizzt ascends to Ra: 9\Ma: 9. Aslan, one of the Ordained of Fate, reaches level 6 in that class. Clue reaches 150 Ambassador Hours. During a stretch of mud time covering 26 hours (straight), Vex leveled to 23 ordain and got MM#88 - the Lineaoth Camp Leader. He also did a number of very naughty things we don't discuss here on the time line involving blood and gore. :-( Aslan Reports: Azilix reaches level 7 by killing a spectator. Ink levels to Wa:20\Cl:30. Brutus completes 4 location quests, for 41 points total. Drizzt reaches level 9 by slaying a half-elven guard. Plane becomes a vigilante. Hakula kills a dust cloud to reach level 7. Drizzt slays a hunter for MM#11.

8/5/02 - Abe Stormreaver levels to Ra:26\Th:26\Cl:26. Lots of familiar faces around the mud, including Strad who leveled to Sh: 8, and Strider, who levels to Ra: 6. Shon Lin reaches Th:26\Ra:30\Sh:30, and Wunk levels to Sh:22\Wa:17\Th:20. Taghk dies in the Vortex and Abe handles the CR. Gilthaniel the Elf reaches Cl: 4, Marcelinas the Giant levels to Wa:10 . ### Hutt the Grub Worm has advanced to level 19 Ordained! Shortly thereafter, Solanthas's Lightbringer, Aster, reaches 15 Ordained. Notes posted today. Hutt works on some LQ's and gets to 14 points. Morgant gets two mob mastery quests: #2-the small bat and #3- the slave. Fisrad levels to Ra:12\Ma:22 Marth is created. Nazzuk reaches Cl:12 Wa:15. Petey reaches Ra: 3 Cl: 9. Drendahar levels to 9 warrior. Liora reaches Wa: 2 Ma:15. Vex reaches 23 ordained and completes mobmaster 88. Legolas reaches Ra:27 Ma:25 Th:20. Neon reaches Th:18 Ra:15 Ma:21. Krisok levels to 5 shaman. Drizzt reaches Ra: 8 Ma: 9. Zakarious reaches 8 ordained as he completes mobmaster 41. Oook reaches Bard: 17 12 4. Nazinthas reaches Ma:27 Th:20 Wa:27. Avelyn levels to 10 cleric. Aster completes mobmaster 60. Gilthaniel joins Myronides.

8/4/02 - Abe Stormreaver levels to Th:25\Ra:26\Cl:26. Furious: Rocket From The Crypt, levels to Cl:10. Vladamir levels to Sh:13\Wa:15. Breanne is created. Azeweepei reaches Wa: 7\Cl:13. Kiryn levels to Th: 7. Liora bad recalls to MahnTor, and Derth and Drandahar (who is level 4!) rescued her from a Minotaur Guard and a Minotaur Warrior. A pair of notes are posted about Positive Notes in the Realm. Clue reaches 139 ambassador hours. Wunk died of the plague twice today. Cygan EVISCERATES for the first time with spiritual Hammer, and also gets MM#26 - a bronze dragonette. Sakyra levels to Wa:13\Th:12\Ma:13. Merkderk levels to Th: 6\Cl:12. Palmer, Rogue of the Black Conclave, stops by for a visit. Sergei levels to Ma: 5\Ra: 9. Abe challenges Azeworai to an Honor Duel. Tynian posts a note responding to questions about Kain's death. Clytemnestra completes mobmaster 15 (swirling mist). The leveling twins Glyph and Mon reach Th:19 Ra:16 Sh:30 and BOTH get a train. Strad ("The Betrayed Executioner Rises from the Past") and Persephone are created. Otak reaches Wa:18 Cl:18. Crest levels to 5 ranger. Kerson completes mobmasters 84 (the Divine THeologian) with an assist from Ananasi and DarkClaw and also completes mobmaster 85 (Ygren).

8/3/02 - Xixxo reaches Wa: 5 Ma: 9. Cygan reaches Wa:12 Cl:16, completes mobmaster 24, and also reaches 100 hours of game play. Azreal levels to 10 mage. Rhialdor is created. Lysanthir reaches Ma:25 Wa:24 Th: 9. Nasr levels to 9 warrior. Izzy reaches 8 ordained, and the 750 point mark on location quest. Drax reaches Wa:11 Cl:11. Darin levels to 5 shaman. ### [Somewhere, Sylarn god I rock] Otak reaches Wa:16 Cl:18. Nazinthas completes mobmaster 26. Kailyal levels shaman 9 times and then duals, reaching Wa: 2 Sh: 9. Nigel reaches Cl:16 Th:10 Wa:10. Liora levels to 15 mage. Goblez of the Coven levels to Wa:27. Hutt gains MM#2 - a duckling, and Ordained level 18. Nasr angers Marty the meat seller, and Ptarchyzk and Uriel come to his rescue. Malis becomes a miscreant and Gawain becomes a vigilante. ### Kerson has scored 12 points on a location quest (414 points total). Oook kills a Rakasta Hunter for MM#26 and later gets an LQ bringing him to 66 points total. Mylk reaches Bard:15\10\4. Nasr becomes a miscreant. Liora "unleashed her first fireball". Locke of the Wardancers levels to Ma: 8. Fisrad dies to a bounty hunter in Warloov's, and Wylin quickly grabs the CR. Merkderk levels to Th: 5\Cl:12. Pol of Passion levels twice to reach Th:18\Ma:17. Weezer reaches 1000 hours of play. Sakyra levels two different classes to reach Ma:13\Th:12\Wa:12 Morodan gets his first two mob mastery targets : #1- a flying fish and #2 - a hen. The COVEN holds the top position in all Four PK RANKS list. From Aslan, Chief Reporter: ### Katja has advanced to level 9. ### Natilena has scored 3 points on a location quest (5328 points total). Gytar gets MM#88- Lineaoth Camp Leader. Trunks gets MM#2 and 3 - a albino newt and a rat. An interesting conversation (much edited and trunkated) on gossip: Aravan gossips (in common), 'hehe Malis had a cleric steal and egg from him.. .. he wanted me to test the "bug"'. Malis gossips (in common), 'Well, I haven't had any immortalask me to stop. When that happens, I will.'. Tynian gossips, 'Oh. Okay. Cut it out.'. Translation: Malis was attempting to get lower level players out of his range to steal from him, even if they weren't thief class, to "test a bug". This was a ruse, to grant him a Justification, allowing him to attack them. He tried this on several folks, until he was told by Tyn to stop it.)

8/2/02 - TFC goes down for a few hours in preparation for its move, and then it comes up at its new host at port 4000. (Sponsored by Fastq - - Webhosting, Dialup, Broadband, Colocations). Tynian posts a note about appreciation. The Tucson Crew holds a GT in, of all places, Tucson. Scythe levels to 5 cleric. Oswald reaches Cl:21 Wa:23. Scelus reaches Sh:22 Th:15. Bubba levels to 9 shaman. Cygan reaches Wa:12 Cl:16. Sakyra reaches Th: 9 Ma:12 Wa:12. Thaonner is created. Locke joins Solanthas. An interesting chat about morality is held on Gossip. Oook provides a peek at those wacky Spell Scores.

8/1/02 - Robert announces an upcoming Dutch GT and Mordith posts a GT survey. Locke levels to 5 mage. Zazzy levels to 5 shaman. Clytemnestra levels to 22 shaman. Pug completes mobmaster 33. Taim dies in DR, and before his corpse can be recovered the mud crashes. Mithras reaches Cl:14 Wa:10. Bubba levels to 8 shaman. ### Jimbob new player. (Maybe he should group with Bubba?) Sicarian completes mobmasters 18 through 22. Xixxo reaches Wa: 4 Ma: 9. DragonBane reaches Ma: 4 Ra: 9. Sorgeneid gets swarmed with bounty hunters as his bounty drops to 680gp. Zahar joins Solanthas. Oook gossips (in common), 'I'm always happy to take a score :)'. Judgement gossips (in common), 'heh, aren't we all'. Abe Stormreaver levels to Th:24\Ra:26\Cl:26. Kaltar levels to Sh:20 Wa:18. Cygan gets his first Evis while casting Dispel Evil. Kaltar becomes a vigilante. Noctus gets a couple of LQs, and totals 1676 points. Heury reaches Wa: 9\Sh:13. Vladamir gains Wa:15\Sh:11. Deadpan levels to Ra:9. Buzzbuzz of Wisdom levels to Ra: 3\Ma:15 and gets another Train. Uriel levels to Sh:21\Wa:26\Th:20 amidst much fanfare. Otak Lin reaches Wa:15\Cl:18. Wynne joins Darkness. Aoife levels to Ra:28\Sh:30. Aslan provides a WHO list and some more leveling info.

7/31/02 - Tynian announces that a new host has been found for TFC, and the mud will move on Friday August 2nd. Sicarian completes mobmaster 10. Drago reaches Wa: 7 Ma:10 Th:10 and completes mobmaster 5. Wylin reaches 16 ordained. Katja levels to 8 mage. Nasr joins Tel. Ouchohm levels to 15 mage. Nicademus stops by for a visit. Wunk completes mobmaster 1, after failing 5 times. Hutt reaches 17 ordained. Keller and Oook debate the human vs. ogre concepts of morality on gossip, and Oook adds, 'If it weren't for the +int gear I was wearing, I wouldn't even stoop to having this conversation, I fear.'. Cygan completes mobmaster 22. Bubba levels to 5 shaman and joins Bliss. Kerson reaches 19 ordained. Gregar reaches Wa:17 Sh:30. Abe levels to Th:23\Ra:26\Cl:26.. Kerriariadne holds a "Find The Booga Contest". Kaleyah won the first round (N'Kai), Marius won the 2nd round (the Nest), Kaleyah won the 3rd (Light Wood Forest). Marius dies in the fourth round (Vela), and Vex accidentally sacs the corpse when he tries the CR, so the game is put on hold. Myre of Fate levels to Wa: 7\Ma:12. Oook the Wandering Troubledour of Fate levels to Bard:14\11\4. Cygan of the WarDancers levels to Cl:16\Wa:11. A game of MobHunt ends on round 5, with Cygan winning with 17 points and Kaeru getting 12 points. Nazzuk levels to Cl:10\Wa:15. Erond stops by for a visit. Trunks levels to Th: 8. Cygan levels and duals back to Warrior: Wa:11\Cl:16. Greaver is created. Aslan Reports: Otago the Ogre levels to Warrior 9, and Chief Reporter Aslan has quite an adventure finding out what mob it is (the ogre guard). Indira kills a spectator for level 3. Vladamir dies "around Whiteforest" and is slain by a dwarven hunter, and a CR is performed by Scelus, who then hands it off to Shon, who brings it to Midgaard. Marius kills a museum guard for level 15. Mylk reaches Bard:14\10\4 ("Oh, I leveled my prime class and then my spell class twice... To level the spell class I need scores and scrolls to memorize. Then I have to cast a certain number of spells, and I level.") Azreal almost dies to the minotaur guard he kills for level 6. Mael becomes a sociopath. Heury levels to Wa: 8\Sh:13. Taghk reaches Ma:16. Demonslayer wanted to kill the survival beast for level 5, but settled for an avid fan. (Ra:5). Bronwen gets 20 points total for LQ. Otak gets his very first Bounty Hunter sent after him! Zalti kills a goblin worker for Ma:8. Katzhai kills a minotaur guard for Cl:10 Ra: 9. ### Sicarian has scored 10 points on a location quest (234 points total). Emaciator tells you (in common), 'a boar in coli'. ### Emaciator has advanced to level 5. Aslan briefly sees her husand, who leveled to Wa: 2 Cl: 30, got tied up in some 'gratzs' and missed his departure.

7/30/02 - Natilena hits the 5000 point mark on location quest! Drizzt reaches Ra: 5 Ma: 9. Goblez levels to 25 warrior. Liora levels to 14 mage. "Sabella the damned" posts a note on her status. Sergei reaches Ma: 4 Ra: 9. Kojak is created. Marius reaches Wa:14 Cl:16. Arthur reaches Wa: 4 Cl:12. Grungar gossips (in common), 'forming a group of mid teens, anyone want to join?'. Carrie gossips (in common), 'dont understand'. Wunk gossips (in common), 'they're gonna hang out at the mall'. Roen levels to 12 cleric. Tycho reaches Sh:19 Ra:17. DragonBane deletes himself and restarts again. Wunk reaches Th:19 Wa:17 Sh:21. Scelus reaches Sh:20 Th:15. Katzhai reaches Cl: 9 Ra: 9. Bubba is created. Otak reaches Wa:14 Cl:18. Abe levels to Th:22\Ra:26\Cl:26. Macabee levels to Ma:24\Ra:15. Avatarr levels to Sh: 5\Wa:11. Marius of Darkness dies in Demon Realm. Solaron, Lexie, and Abe head into Demon Realm to get the corpse. After about twenty minutes of them killing demons, Lins walks in and picks up the corpse for the CR. Ihsahn levels to Wa:16\Ma:17\Th:15. Sybill levels to Wa: 5\Cl:15. Vladamir "was killed by the Mycons today, but took his revenge and leveled". Sh:10\Wa:11. Marckarius becomes a sociopath. Kerson reaches 318 points total in Location Quest points. Markoon dies in the demon realm, and Mandrake attempts a CR but is slain himself. Mandrake tells Cordir (in common), 'mental note-- don't attempt CRs in Demon Realm without a weapon'. Abe, Solaron, Noctus, Markoon and Kerson dive into the Demon Realm. They snag corpses of Dakkon and Markoon, but Mandrake's is lost when a Darkling snags it. Galithandril is accidentally killed when, while fighting a mob, he is confused, and Solaron walks into the darkened room. One round later, Galithandril is dead. Solaron gains and returns the corpse. Talyn levels to Wa: 2 Cl:30 . Clue reaches 121 ambassador hours. Izzy reaches 719 LQ points. Perrin is created. Galadadrid levels to Ra:12\Ma:18 Bergal: Thank you \ Tue Jul 30 07:11:34 2002 \ To: Tripper Cordir Noctus \ Greetings immortals, Noctus, Today I got teleported by a mage mob and was placed in a norecall notele zone, which poisonous spiders. I was out of mana and pretty helpless. Although our alliances just broke up Noctus came nonetheless to save me from the foul spiders,. For that I am grateful, he could easily have denied this favor. Just wanted to let you know, Bergal S'Krie, Tiger Shaman. At one point in the early morning (approx. 4:15 am system time), the only folks on are:

WHO: 4 players.
Hel [    Wa:19 Ma:22    ] Garvax slowly fading away.............*FATE*
Min [    Sh: 5 Wa:11    ] Avatarr Protector of the Fated Path
Hum [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Cordir: Lady of Fate.  *Stormreaver* 
Elf [    Ra: 4 Ma: 9    ] Drizzt is Fated to walk the Path of Nature

7/29/02 - The "unkillable" sable dragon is killed! Tamar: The sable dragon is DEAD! \ Mon Jul 29 19:23:58 2002 To: All \ Teluin, Kaltar, Mon, Agralebean, Aster, Spell, Allanon, and Vex all bravely fought the sable dragon, and actually managed to kill it. Congrats! Wintermeet Valley (Bliss' new area) is installed, and Oook is the first to find it. making him the newest member of the TFC Explorer's Society. Kerriariadne posts the first typo in it! (### Clytemnestra killed by the centaur elder at Meeting Room of the Elders - the first death in the new zone!) Lysanthir completes his first mobmaster (a flying fish). Tadrith levels to 6 ranger. Iota is created. Roen levels to 10 cleric. Falcor is rejected by Vorax. An area list and the ranks listings from this day. Abe levels to Th:21\ Ra:26\Cl:26. Cygan gets his very first DISEMBOWL with spiritual hammer. Kerson completes MM#82 - Trelestine. Vladamir the Ogre Shaman levels to Sh: 9\Wa:11, Kerson reaches 306 location quest points. Gregar kills a Winged Tinker for MM#40. Shon slays a Fire Elemental to reach Th:25\Ra:30\Sh:30. Vorax names Tiax an Enemy. Star K'Treva (DarkClaw ) levels to Wa:18\Cl:30. Tweedle levels to Wa:14\Cl:15. Silence is Slept and Rifted by the Booga, out of "love". Vladamir dies in the Spire and Gregar obtains (and bags) the corpse with some location help by Ananasi. Drizzt joins the Chosen of Fate. Bergal of the Tigers completed MM#13 with thanks to Nigel, but shortly thereafter, after accidentally hailstorming a mage mob, he was teleported into a 'no recall, no tele zone full of big spiders' until Noctus summoned him out. Oook levels to Bard:13\10\4. Kaleyah reaches 700 hours.

7/28/02 - Tiax's temple is installed, and he holds an open house. Dragons invade the realm! (log includes some ill-fated sable dragon fights). Anduin, Vex, & Furnock collect the most dragon eggs during the invasion and get a reward, and Vex and Taim kill the last dragon standing. Tamar posts a note about the sable dragon. Quarnel hits 5005 points on location quest, sheesh :)  (He then of course goes on and scores a bunch more.) Lania reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Sicarian completes mobmaster 8 & 9. Delaonnor levels to 5 cleric. Sergei reaches Ma: 2 Ra: 9, and gossips 'You feel more learned!' 'You feel less influential.' In response, Pol gossips (in common), 'consider yourself lucky....on my last level I got 'You feel insignificant and worthless...why are you even here?"'. Oook completes mobmasters 22 & 23. Kirith and Aviendha (both bards) join Cordir. Nazinthas completes mobmaster 25. Roen levels to 9 cleric. Awax (who's back after a very long absence) levels to 10 cleric. Nazzuk reaches Cl: 8 Wa:15. Myre of Fate levels to Wa: 6\Ma:12. Aoife, little shamaness of Unity. *Whitehawk* levels to Ra:28\Sh:30. Avatarr dies in EC and within 15 seconds, Sicarian performs the CR. Tynian gossips, 'Or MAYBE IT WAS THAT NEWBIE YOU JUST LOGGED IN FOR A NEW STICK'. ### Frek killed by Tynian at In the Gallery Overlooking the Coliseum. (not wise to lie to an Implementor when he asks you questions about your gear.) Vladamir levels to Sh: 7\Wa:11. Avatarr reaches Sh: 2 Wa:11 and dedicates the level to Siciarian for the CR. Adso recovers from a fatal hard drive crash and returns to the world. Ink levels to Wa:19\Cl:30. Friendly warning to newbies: Khellendros likes to loot corpses. Clytemnestra levels to Sh:21. Legolas reaches 900 years of age. Alderson returns as a variety of newbie characters and proceeds to spam gossip with some more foulness. Nalor becomes a miscreant. Uriel becomes a sociopath. Azeworai becomes a miscreant. Izzy reaches 604 LQ points. Abe gossips (in common), 'Timeline: Uriel doesn't wear underwear. Abe is offended.'. Fisrad levels to Ra:11\Ma:22. Quarnel breaks the 1.3 million exp mark. Neon levels to Th:14\Ra:15\Ma:21.

7/27/02 - A wizlist from this day. Tine posts a retirement note. Valas reaches Ra:21 Cl:30. Leif reaches Cl:19 Ra:18 Th:18. Izzy reaches 5 ordained, along with hitting the 500 point mark on location quest. Neon completes mobmaster 34. Tynian holds a auction of +1 stat point to any piece of equipment that has less than +5 in enchantments on them, which Rath buys for 1.3 million gold, charisma to 18 or +3 to charisma, whichever less... sold for 60k to Zip, a 20 mana shield to silvanus for 20k, +5 hps to Whoz for 120k, and lowering Vex's str by 1 to Tien for 15k. Glyph posts a note about gratitude. Threb levels to 10 warrior. Marius reaches Wa:11 Cl:16. Omega levesl to 10 cleric. Frek finds himself in hell, after gossiping, 'seeking damnation for making such a bad remark.'. Macabee reaches Ma:23 Ra:15. Goblez levels to 20 warrior. Sicarian reaches Cl:27 Ra:25 Th:15. Cygan reaches Cl:15 Wa:11. Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* hearing all these bits of peopels conversations amuses me in ways i cant explain'. A who list from this day. Loth and Everard join Myronides. Abe levels to Th:20\Ra:26\Cl:26, and as his very first cant... Abe cants, 'I hear people talking. I need an exorcist.'.. To which Ananasi cants, 'Yes...yes, soon the voices will be telling you to paint yourself purple and streak Elemental'. Vladamir dies in the Demon Realm in the early AM, and Keller D'Augustine performs the CR. Sakyra levels to Th: 3\Ma:12\Wa:12. Skie levels to Cl:15. Uriel dies in Master's tower, then decides to run around naked for a while, which is discussed on Cant. Sybill duals: Wa: 1\Cl:15. Delaonnor Zeitgeist is created. Vladamir levels to Sh: 6\Wa:11. Awax levels to Cl: 9. Goblez levels to Wa:20. Furious is recreated. Sakyra levels again twice, reaching Th: 5\Ma:12\Wa:12. Sybill manages to annoy a rather nasty dragon but Charles of the Tigers leaps to her rescue. Later, she duals: Wa: 1 Cl:15. Cygan tells Cordir (in common), 'I failed my entry exam to Keller's College of RPing'. Cordir holds a Crap Stats contest, to find the player with the worst average stats. Abe is the winner out of a field that also included (in descending order of placement) Grimace, Syla, Quarnel, Cygan, Clytemnestra, and Otak. Abe says (in common), 'Str: WET NOODLE. Int: MORON. Wis: MAX. Dex: LETHARGIC. Con: KLEENEX. Chr: HIDEOUS. Luc: NO TRAINS. NOT EVER.'. Sicarian kills a raptor chick for MM#6. Mon and Glyph simultaneously reach level 30 (Mon: Sh:30\Ra:16\Th:16, and Glyph: Sh:30\Ra:16\Th:16) Leif joins Myronides. Brightbranch levels to Ma:23\Th:17\Ra:20. Quarnel reaches 4668 LQ points and in doing so, levels to Wa:23\Cl:30. Tolven has become a sociopath. Sergei dies in Baba Yaga and Abe retrieves the corpse. He goes back in for Omega, but the little one manages to flee his way out before Abe deals with Baba Yaga. Kaldred helps with the Daemon cleanup. Omega dies in Sanguinna and Vex performs the CR. Talyn duals: Wa: 1\Cl:30 . Lumpy levels to Wa:17. As of this date, Lania & Solanthas have been wed for five (actual) years!

7/26/02 - Artanis is promoted to Attendant of Solanthas! Xavier is promoted to Attendant of Plato! Drago reaches Th:10 Ma:10 and then triples to warrior. Goblez levels to 19 warrior. Hutt reaches 12 ordained. Cordir posts "What Fate is or is not". Mylk completes mobmaster 1 and reaches 27 LQ points. Tynian posts a note about song titles and one about FLIs and Attendants. Izual completes mobmaster 22. Skie levels to 15 cleric. Deadpan levels to 5 ranger. Roja reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Abe levels to Th:19\Ra:26\Cl:26. Tweedle levels to Wa:11\Cl:15. Drazuk levels to Ma:22\Ra:17\Th:11. Clue reaches 100 hours as an Ambassador. Some time this week, Plato hits 3000 hours of age. Quarnel reaches 4383 LQ points. Garvax leveled to warrior 19 and gained a train! He also made mm45 moments later, the white tiger. Tripper breaks off his alliance with Fate. Vex retrieves Tolven's corpse when he accidentally kills self in the Trading Post. Cygan levels to Cl:14\Wa:11. Sakyra levels to Th: 2\Ma:12\Wa:12. Caebrym becomes a vigilante. Vex wins a game of Mobhunt. Sicarian levels to Cl:26\Ra:25\Th:15. Alderson is accused of various dirty deeds by Uriel, and decides to go out in a blaze of profanity, cussing out Cordir on gossip until he's silenced and booted.

7/25/02 - Abe levels to Th:18\Ra:26\Cl:26. Marius muds for 14 hours straight, and reliquishes the geek spot with reluctance and 'fingers that can't move any more'. Drazuk gains two mob mastery targets: #19 - polar bear and #18 - a guardian beast. Ink rescues Grungar from drowning in the River Snowwater. Ephiny does several good deeds for the day: she rescues Fearghus from the 1hp room south of MG on the river...did a CR for Everard near Lineaoth Valley..."trying to trail his path from his vague descriptions..", and did a CR for Taghk in Gypsy area near bazaar. (She also attempts to rescue Carrie who is lost without recalls in Tier Sh'Halen, but Abe beats her to it, and tries to help Grungar, but Ink gets there first). Wistom levels to Wa:23\Sh:30\Th:15. Preston levels to Ra:3\Ma:10. Awax returns to the Realm after an absence of many years ("haven't played since Toku was a mortal in Foolkiller's following"), and once more, worships Lord Tel, swearing fealty as a Gentry to Keller D'Augustine. Amick levels to 5 shaman. Roen levels to 6 cleric and joins Myronides. Lysandred levels to 9 mage. Drax reaches Cl: 7 Wa: 9. Oook completes mobmasters 16-19. Pol reaches Th:11 Ma:15. Tweedle reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Paladine reaches Cl:15 Wa:12. Nazzuk reaches Cl: 5 Wa:15. Katzhai reaches Cl: 5 Ra: 9. Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* hey im jealous, what man can compete with a mage that knows the enlarge spell'. Daily Hot Info from Aslan: ### Wisteria has advanced to level 4. ### Dres has advanced to level 20. ## Arthur has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 4 - goblin guard. Wunk levels to Th:17\Wa:17\Sh:21. Kerson slays Chromicon the Paladin for MM#81, and levels to Ordained 18th. Later, he gossips, 'Oh... and I got within one round of death against Baron Marel, whilst chasing an LQ'. eep! Lania of the WarDancers levels to Wa:15\Cl:15.

7/24/02 - Abe levels to Th:17\Ra:26\Cl:26. Aster reaches Ordained level 12. Nalor joins the Coven. Gryffen is rejected from Fate and joins Myronides. Vex reaches Ordained level 21. Abe cr's Taghk in the Dwarven Catacombs. Elektra levels to Cl:19 in "the wee hours of the morning" and Slaktare levels to 6 in his spell class and three in his skill class. Hutt reaches Ordained level 8. Riella leaves the Tigers to join her husband, Tiax. Oook levels repeatedly, reaching effective level 21. Vladamir levels to 8 warrior. Tweedle reaches Wa: 8 Cl:15.

7/23/02 - Hutt is ordained "Grub Worm" by Plato. Izzy is ordained "ELF" by Myronides. Ptarchyzk completes mobmaster 44. Sergei is created. Gryffen reaches Cl:14 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Tweedle reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Goblez levels to 10 warrior. Plato announces an Chicago GT. Grimace completes mobmaster 40. Sabin levels to 5 cleric. Loto reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Tycho reaches Sh:17 Ra:11. Silence posts a note about a thieves guild. Silvanus joins Tiax. Tien completes mobmaster 38. Valas completes mobmaster 60 and levels twice, reaching Ra:18 Cl:30. Sicarian reaches Ra:25 Cl:25 Th:15. Paco reaches Ra:21 Ma:22. Abe levels to Th:16\Ra:26\Cl:26. Quarnel scores 4209 points total on location quest. Tiax makes his first restring. Natilena scores 4694 points total on location quest. Oook levels to Bard:8\6\4.Leif levels to Th:17\Ra:18\Cl:18. Macabee levels to Ma:19\Ra:15 . Aster reaches Ordained level 11. Slaktare levels several times to Bard:6\5\2. Hutt reaches Ordained level 5 & 6. Mylk reaches 6 points on LQ. DragonBane levels to Ma:14\Wa:15\Th:11. Bliztix is given an Immortal Order to stay out of Cordir & Plato's temple. Wunk levels to Th:16\Wa:17\Sh:21. Bards are invited to perform at the Fateful Hour, along with many other goings on.. After some silliness on gossip, Khore makes a point playing Eenie Meenie Miny Moe!

7/22/02 - Duvel posts a note about a new title contest. Valas reaches Ra:16 Cl:30. Omega levels to 5 cleric. Tynian posts a note about version 3.105. DragonBane reaches Ma:13 Wa:15 Th:11. Gizamaluke joins Gavin. Natilena scores 4550 points total on location quest. Lumpy levels to 10 warrior. Azuroth reaches Cl:14 Wa:15. RayRay levels to 5 warrior. A wizlist from this day. Abe levels to Th:15\Ra:26\Cl:26. Macabee levels twice to Ma:18\Ra:15, DuKaron levels to Wa: 8\Ma:11. Taghk and Wysteria completed Tiax's entry quest. Wysteria became his first follower, followed seconds later by Taghk. Ihsahn of Fate levels to Ma:17\Wa:14\Th:15. Aster levels twice to reach Ordained level 10. Drazuk completes MM#16 - a revelling thief. Clytemnestra joins the Defenders of the Sun. Mael gossips (in common), 'I flexed and the world shivered'. Oook levels twice to Bard:8\6\2. (Oook gossips (in common), 'And that's Oook, with three 'O's. Ook is a trademarked monkey noise.'.) Mael reaches 1051 years of age. Wunk dies in the Adventurer's Inn, and Quarnel assists with the CR. Kaldred takes his punishment like a man for his comments in the Blisspoll, while Bliss cackles evilly all the while. Quarnel notes something odd about his Score: 1211 hours, 1211111 experience! Aviendha levels to Bard:6\5\1.

7/21/02 - Tiax is promoted to Demigod! He starts the neutral-aligned Defenders of the Sun using the sword pk model. His first follower is Wisteria, and his initial following description is: "The Defenders are a close knit group of adventurers who dare to take a risk and do cunning quests. To get in one should prove themselves to Tiax, or the General of Challenges. The Defenders are expected to help each other and seek out adventures. Tiax will help them in any way he can." Valas reaches Cl:30 Ra:15. Mighwa levels to 5 mage. Phedre joins Solanthas. Katzhai levels to 8 ranger. Tynian posts a note about version 3.104. Drago reaches Th: 8 Ma:10. Vertigo levels to thief. (Is this the same Vertigo from eons ago?) Froty reaches Th:12 Sh:12 Wa:11. Sicarian reaches Ra:23 Cl:25 Th:15. People start picking their nose instead of picking locks. Luckily that's quickly fixed :P  Kaldred of Fate reaches Level 28 Ordained. Furnock joins the Chosen of Fate. Oook levels to Bard: 8 4 1. An Anathema falls to the blades of a Tiger, and several items belonging to various folks are recovered. Furnock dies on the third floor of Master's Tower, and is CR'd by Vex and Agralabean with Abe (quoting him) "waiting at the first floor, providing comic relief". Tynian holds a Bardic Contest, with the winner getting to start a Playtest Bard character. DarkClaw gets into the Bardic Spirit!

7/20/02 - Zakarious is reinstated. Kaldred reaches 28 ordained. Mon and Glyph the leveling twins both reach Sh:29 Ra:16 Th:16. Tynian posts a note about bard auditions. Meduietunow reaches Wa: 7 Cl:13. Ibicus levels to 5 cleric. Katzhai joins Bliss. Aravan reaches Ra: 7 Cl:12. Abe reaches Th:14 Ra:26 Cl:26. Garath of Unity levels to Wa:12\Sh:15. Dres levels to Ma:19\Th:16\Wa:17. Gryffen of Fate ascends to Th: 9\Cl:10\Ra: 9. The new Ordained of the Wardancers, Aster, reaches level 8. Paco becomes a vigilante. With Kaldred's assistance, Aslan levels to Ordained 5th. DarkClaw levels to Wa:17\Cl:30. Avatarr joins the Chosen of Fate. Zip reaches level 30, "even with Khorlan trying to kill her."

7/19/02 - Abe levels to Th:14\Ra:26\Cl:26. Toke dies to the copper Dragon and Glyph, Mon, and Spasm perform the CR. Lins reaches 2000 hours of age. Sybill levels to Cl:14. From Cordir's trusty reporter, Aslan: ### DanDate has advanced to level 3, ### Vex has advanced to level 20, ### Spell has advanced to level 3, ### Drax has advanced to level 5, ### Maggii has advanced to level 5. ### Drazuk has scored 3 points on a location quest (9 points total). ### Gryffen has advanced to level 6. ### Vivica has advanced to level 8. Tycho posts "Top ten signs that you've been mudding too much...." (and others later add to the list). Marius levels to 15 cleric. Kell levels to 8 cleric. Drax levels to 6 warrior. Salomar completes mobmaster 73. Tiax comes out. Valas completes mobmaster 52. Snappy reaches Cl:28 Wa:23. Lysandred joins Myronides.

7/18/02 - Gryffen triples to thief. Tycho reaches Ra: 6 Sh: 9. Sakyra reaches Wa:12 Ma:12. Nazzuk levels to 15 warrior and then duals to cleric. Spell reaches Th: 2 Ra:25 Ma:20. Ichabod levels to 5 shaman. Nalor reaches Wa:22 Cl:24. Mon reaches Ra:16 Sh:28 Th:16. Circe joins Solanthas. Taghk levels to 15 mage. Abe levels to Th:13\Ra:26\Cl:26. Gryffen of Fate levels as ranger, triples, and levels three times as thief: Th: 4\Cl:10\Ra: 9, AND kills a goblin guard for MM#6, a cockroach for #7, #8 - another goblin guard, #9 - a student, #10 - a messenger, #11 - a reveller thief, then #12 - a giant shaman which also allows him to level to Th:5\Cl:10\Ra: 9, then MM#13 - an Ogre guard, #14 - a sheriff, and #15 - a sly leucrotta. Lania levels to Wa:13\Cl:15. Riverwind gains level Ra: 7 Skie levels 5 times to reach Cl: 11. Legolas levels to Ra:26\Ma:25\Th:20. Avatarr levels to Wa:10. Liora levels to Ma:13. Heury levels to Wa: 3\Sh:13. Raage levels to Wa: 8\Cl:16. Clue reaches 71 Ambassador Hours. A group consisting of Uriel, Azeworai, Solaron, Lins, Spell, and Vex take on the Master's Tower as part of Solaron's Triat Mastery quest. Pardoquilian Ascends to level Wa:20\Sh:21 by slaying Queen Berethil of Kharad Delving Aster slays Othan for MM#49.. Aster levels to Ordained 7th. DarkCLaw of Fate levels to Wa:16\Cl:30. Shon levels to Th:24\Ra:30\Sh:30. Kaldred levels to Ordained 27th. ### Noctus has scored 8 points on a location quest (1400 points total). Lanfear works on her Mob Mastery skills, including #69 - Frisnor, #70 - Thomas, and Levels to Ordained 16th!

7/17/02 - Zakarious is denied. Quarnel hits the 4000 mark on location quest! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! (This is done without any warning to Cordir, who is so surprised she cusses on Ftell, which Quarnel demands be reported.) Aster completes mobmaster 48. Raynor levels to 11 warrior. Katja levels to 7 mage. Riverwind is created. Tamar holds a teleport race, and the winner is Snappy. Relsky levels to 7 cleric. Drago reaches Th: 5 Ma:10. Heury reaches Wa: 2 Sh:13. Valas completes mobmaster 48. Sakyra reaches Wa:11 Ma:12. Tigerlily levels to 5 cleric. Drizzt is re-re-re-re?-created. DarkClaw gossips (in common), '*looks to make sure no one's listening* (w) I spoke Elven earlier...and it's all Natilena's fault!'. Snappy reaches Cl:27 Wa:23. Azeina reaches Ma:11 Th:11 Ra:11. Macabee reaches Ra: 7 Ma:15. Anduin becomes a thug. Kerson becomes a vigilante. Lania levels to Wa:12\Cl:15. Kalgar of the WarDancers levels twice to reach Sh: 8. Lania levels to Wa:12\Cl:15. Skie, Circe and Laeoric join the WarDancers. Kalgar levels to Sh: 9. Gryffen slays a cardinal for MM#5 and a citizen for MM#4 and reaches Ra: 8 Cl:10. Dres levels to Ma:18\Th:16\Wa:17. Ghazull completes 8 location quests and 3 mobmasteries.

There is a record number of warDancers present:

8 players.
Hel [ Ra:30 Th:17 Ma:30 ] Berrin the BladeMaster. Sword of Solanthas Elf [ Wa:12 Cl:15 ] Lania Athsien-Goldleaf, Mistress of The WarDancers Elf [ Ra: 7 Ma:15 ] Macabee the Elven Love Machine *WarD* Hum [ Ra:24 Sh:25 ] Jahar Narishma, WarDancer Elf [ Cl: 6 ] Skie, Priest of The WarDancers. Elf [ Ra:21 Cl:25 Th:15 ] Sicarian is probably afk. (WarD) Hum [ Lightbringer ] Aster, Shining in the Darkness. (WarD) Elf [ Demigod ] Solanthas Goldleaf, Lord of The WarDancers

7/16/02 - Aster is ordained "Lightbringer" by Solanthas, and later reaches 4 ordained. Lins posts a note about changes. Dragonrider levels to 5 cleric. Paladine reaches Wa:12 Cl:12. Carrie reaches Ma: 2 Th:10 Ra:11. Bliss posts the results of Bliss Poll 2002 II. Relsky levels to 5 cleric. Lucretia reaches Cl:25 Th:14 Wa:15. Scelus reaches Th: 4 Sh:15. DragonBane and Toddle join Myronides. Jet completes mobmaster 60. Laeoric levels to 5 cleric. Sonis levels to 5 ranger. Klyqr levels to 5 ranger. Ramiko, Sonis & Karalyn all join Bliss, who goes on a killing spree. Abe levels twice and reaches Th:10\Ra:26\Cl:26. Lanfear levels to Ordained 15th, and Vex levels to Ordained 19th as the two kill Slue together. ### Snappy has become a fanatic. Abe is made an official member of the Hands of Fate. Gryffen joins the Chosen of Fate. Sicarian levels to Ra:21\Cl:25\Th:15. Katrana accepts a quest of Triat mastery. ### Noctus has scored 12 points on a location quest (1226 points total). Kalgar joins the WarDancers. Tycho is created. Lanfear kills a Drow Soldier for MM#68.

The Shore
[Exits: north west]
You are standing on the shore of what appears to be an island. Looking towards the center of the island, you see what appears to be a village or small city, surrounded by meadowlands. Maybe they have some food and water for a restless sailor.
The sky is cloudless and a cold northern gust blows.
This is the room you set out to find!
You receive 1000 experience points.
You raise a level!! Your gain is: 1/xxx hp, 0/xxx m, 5/xxx mv, 4/xx prac, 0/xx trn.
### Quarnel has advanced to level 22.
### Quarnel has scored 12 points on a location quest (3708 points total).

7/15/02 - Aviendha, the first female bard, leveled to 4/1/1 today. Kaern wishes for bigger puddings. Kerson completes mobmaster 80. Jet joins Cordir. Heury levels to 11 shaman. Carrie reaches Ra:11 Th:10. Logan levels to 5 cleric. Kaern completes mombaster 83 (the Lineaoth Camp Leader). Garmonbosia reaches Sh:13 Th:10 Wa:10. Marcelinas levels to 8 warrior. Quarnel scores 3479 points total on location quest and levels to Wa:21\Cl:30. Izual completes mobmaster 20. Xavier runs a newbie campaign. Paladine levels to Wa:11\Cl:12. A Who/Wiz/Ranks list from today.

7/14/02 - Cordir names Myronides' following an enemy. Lysanthir reaches Th: 9 Wa:24 Ma:24. Kethran reaches Wa:30 Ma:25. Mon reaches Sh:28 Ra:15 Th:16. Tynian posts notes about version 3.102 and version 3.103 (which have some important changes). Valas completes mobmaster 45. Otak reaches Wa:12 Cl:18. Paladine reaches Wa:10 Cl:12. Natilena scores 3500 points total on location quest. DarkClaw posts "To Let You Go". Glyph reaches Sh:28 Ra:16 Th:16. Mystical completes mobmaster 32. Nazinthas reaches Wa:27 Th:20 Ma:25. Raage reaches Wa: 5 Cl:16. Tokugawa redecorates his office in the "minimalist" tradition. Abe levels three times to Th: 8\Ra:26\Cl:26. The guildmaster is DEAD!! You receive 200 experience points. You raise a level!! ### Kaldred has advanced to level 26.Sakyra levels to Wa:10\Ma:12. Sharn levels to Cl:12\Wa: 9. Sharn dies horribly to a cockatrice after eating a teleport mushroom. Indiga of Darkness performs the CR. Fisrad levels to Ra: 8\Ma:22. Gryffen levels to Cl: 7. Previously, Sylt had quaffed a teleport and wound up... in a locked cell on the River of Dispair! Today, Vex went there and attempted to rescue him, but bad-summoned and wound up trapped as well. Abe and Solaron come to the rescue, each summoning out one of the pair. ### Samuli is mortally wounded at The Great Eastern Desert... but doesn't die, because Vex kindly goes to the zone, summons him, casts cure serious, hands him a recall potion, and shows him where he can recall out. ### Wistom has become a vigilante. Bliss logs on in the late evening, and terrorizes various individuals into taking her poll. Dekar levels to Cl:26\Wa:15. Turalurayay does his very first location quest. DarkClaw levels to Cl:30\Wa:15. And the first BARD logs into the mud! Gia [ Bard: 2 1 1 ] Kaeru the Giant. Quarnl and Clumsyfool aid Keller with a CR, detailed in a note by the Duke himself.

7/13/02 - Clumsyfool gossips (in common), 'I leveled and the mud didnt crash!' (Wa:23\Sh:23 - and he gains a Train.) Liora levelled to Ma:12, got her first mm (a goblin worker) and first lq today. Kyrie is created and levels to Ma: 7. Sharn levels to Cl:11\Wa: 9. Katrana of the Chosen of Fate Ascends to effective Level 40! Draegan duals to Ranger. Kaldred reaches 800 hours of play and 26 ordained. Dragen joins the WarDancers. A wizlist and some of the ranks listings from this day. Daot joins Myronides. Mon reaches Sh:27 Ra:15 Th:16. Glyph reaches Sh:27 Ra:16 Th:16. Ink reaches Cl:30 Wa:15. Amastacia reaches Cl: 9 Wa:11. Pol reaches Th: 6 Ma:15. Zakarious completes mobmaster 37. Klepto reaches Cl: 6 Th:16 Wa:11. Slusk gossips (in common), 'help, i'm dying emotionally!'. Sharn gossips (in common), 'read a book?'. Kell is recreated after a long absence and levels to 5 cleric. Xixxo levels to 8 mage. Dekar reaches Cl:25 Wa:15. Natilena reaches Th:25 Ma:25 Ra:25. Sicarian reaches Ra:19 Cl:25 Th:15. Trunks is recreated. Maimer does not make typos. Noctus scores 1008 points total on location quest.

7/12/02 - Zakarious completes mobmaster 32 and reaches 6 ordained. Paladine reaches Wa: 8 Cl:12. The new Marius (he'd deleted himself) levels to 5 cleric. Pol reaches Th: 4 Ma:15. Tripletriztz completes mobmaster 26. Selff levels to 5 mage. DuKaron reaches Wa: 4 Ma:11. Carrie reaches Th:10 Ra:10. Sativa is recreated, and gets a train. ### Quarnel has scored 10 points on a location quest (2668 points total). Nitidus kills a warrior monk for mm #54. Sicarian levels to Ra:18\Cl:25\Th:15 and gains MM#3 - a sparrow and #4 - a Clan Youth, #5 - a lizard child. Dragan is created, levels to 6th, and joins the WarDancers then levels to 7th. Wylin reaches 600 years old (1176 hours). Mystical levels to Ra:19\Cl:25. Drystan levels to Sh:28. Cordir runs a 25 question trivia contest. Participants include Solaron, Nazinthas, Aslan, Wylin, Elaina, Katrana, Pol, Abe, Natilena and Quarnel. Solaron wins with Katrana in second place. First prize is a custom potion, second prize is 500 exp. ### Boyardee has become a thug. Sylt teleports and winds up in a locked cell in the River of Dispair! :-( Noctus reaches 1000 points in Location Quest.

7/11/02 - Azweepei duals to warrior. Valas completes mobmaster 40. Dekar reaches Cl:24 Wa:15. Katja levels to 6 mage. Soloman completes mobmaster 10. Paladine reaches Wa: 7 Cl:12. Kyrie is created. Some elves on gossip. Abe levels to Ra:26\Cl:26, then triples, and reaches Th: 4\Ra:26\Cl:26. Raistlinn levelled to Sh: 6 today and joined Wisdom. ###Noctus has scored 10 points on a location quest (952 points total). To quote Pol, "Keller pulled off a particularly stunning corpse retrieval, with my help, of course :)"... Taghk managed to find himself transported to Dhraxx, promptly died, and cried out for help. Duke D'Augustine and his trusty sidekick Pol leapt into action! Lysanthir levels "For the first time in three years" (twice, even) to Th: 7\Wa:24\Ma:24. Dekar levels to Cl:24\Wa:15, and also gains two mob mastery targets: #6 - a lizard man and #7 - Farmer Sara. . ### Natilena has scored 10 points on a location quest (3467 points total). Macabee joins the Wardancers.

7/10/02 - Jun levels to 25 warrior. Heury levels to 5 shaman and joins the Righteous. Altec levels to 5 ranger. Klepto triples to cleric. Mireya reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Vicomte (a level 3) posts a note listing some very nice eq for trade, which causes some speculation. ### Natilena has scored 10 points on a location quest (3236 points total). Heian left Veldrin and joined Coven today, as well as leveled twice (Wa: 4\Ma:12). Noctus does a CR for a newbie on the Longship. Otak levels to Wa:11\Cl:18.

7/9/02 - Sicarian levels to Ra:17\Cl:25\Th:15 and gains a Train!. Taghk levels to Ma:13. Aslan reaches Ordained level 4. Prile kills a guardsman for MM#17. Aslan kills a ghostly woronin for MM#44, the Duergar King for #45, and Ruftus the Librarian for MM#46. ### Natilena has scored 11 points on a location quest (3053 points total). Take gossips (in common), 'Well dress me in a pink tutu and call me Taketta! 3053 location quest points???'. Wylin gossips (in common), 'If Nat stopped lq'ing I don't think anyone would ever beat her until we are wearing computers in our heads'. Sicarian gossips (in common), 'Heh, Quarnel would'. ### Quarnel has scored 13 points on a location quest (2383 points total). Wind reaches Sh: 2 Wa:14. Altec is created. Phooey gets hunted by Justice. Scelus levels to 9 shaman. Lania reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Xixxo is recreated & joins Myronides.

7/8/02 - Much to her surprise, Bliss is promoted to Lesser Goddess! (She even SAYS she was speechless, can you believe that?) Tassadar reaches 11 ordained. Nigel reaches Th: 8 Cl:15 Wa:10. Bronwen levels to 10 ranger. Wylin reaches 14 ordained. Tynian comments on Guaeru's hilarious idea. Buzzbuzz reaches Ra: 2 Ma:15. Martyn levels to 5 ranger. Buttercup levels to 7 mage. Zakarious completes mobmaster 21. Keller posts a note, and there are some responses to it. Marius reaches Cl:21 Wa:20. Wunk reaches Th:14 Wa:17 Sh:21. Pol levels to 13 mage. Hutt of Wisdom levels to Wa: 7\Cl:10. Ananasi of Fate levels to Ra:27\Ma:27\Th:27. Tweedle levels to Cl:12 . WHO/WIZ/RANKS list from today. Darkfang levels to Ma:17\Ra:15. Carrie levels to Th: 6\Ra:10. Quarnel of Fate hits the one million exp mark! ### Natilena has scored 12 points on a location quest (3001 points total). Can she be stopped? ### Quarnel has scored 10 points on a location quest (2008 points total). He's in hot pursuit!

7/7/02 - Ghazkull levels to Ma:12\Ra:11 and slays a peacekeeper for MM#15 and a Royal Guard of Kharad Delving for #16. Katrana slays a Student for MM#40. Sylt slays the past for MM#29. Cygan notices an odd coincidence: His exp next and gold totals match perfectly! .. '(4081) 4081gp > ' and later he turns his very first ghost: the ghost of a Delving Guard, gets his first MUTILATE, and levels to Cl:13\Wa:11. Tweedle levels to Cl:11. Ripper levels to Ra:23\Ma:19\Th:16. Paython completes mobmaster 57. Heian levels to 8 mage. Taim reaches Ma:13 Wa:15. Selene reaches Ma:16 Wa:15 Th:15. Neodis posts "Standing Back". Pheonix completes mobmaster 46. Wunk reaches Th:13 Wa:17 Sh:21. Regul reaches Th:22 Ra:22 Ma:22. Zakarious reaches 3 ordained. Dee levels to 14 cleric. Grindel, Heian & Andramalius join Vorax. Dragonbait levels to 5 shaman. Carrie reaches Th: 5 Ra:10. Daelin & Keller talk about arms. (I think.)

7/6/02 - Zakarious is ordained "Elnoar Elggur" by Vorax! Hutt reaches Wa: 4 Cl:10. Azweepei levels to 13 cleric. Slim levels to 8 mage. Sylt completes mobmasters 26 thru 28. Boromir reaches Ma:22 Ra:24 Th:21. Xixxo joins Myronides. Lexie cants, 'i'm just not going to cant on cant anymore and all those itty bitty thieves out there wont get to hear the glorious canting of a canter'. Sybill levels to Cl:11. Minion levels to Cl:17 . Bragga joins the WarDancers, and Solanthas becomes a Greater Power. Tassadar levels to 10th Ordained. Sylarn levels to Wa:29\Ma:30. Carrie levels to Th: 4\Ra:10. Christoster levels to Th:15\Wa:15\Cl:15. Fisrad levels to [ Ra: 7 Ma:22. Mithras reaches Wa:10\Cl:13. Katrana ascends to level Wa:28\Sh:30. Taim joins the Passionate.

7/5/02 - Tweedle and Buttercup join Myronides. The Weaver's Shadow takes on an Apprentice. Lanfear reaches Ordained level 14. Paladine levels to Wa: 4\Cl:12. Quarnel of Fate levels to Cl:30\Wa:20. Avatarr is created. Heian levels to 5 mage. Tassadar reaches 9 ordained. Buttercup and Tweedle join Myronides. Katja levels to 5 mage. Ghazkull does some rhyming. Tynian takes the TFC server down for about an hour.

7/4/02 - Myronides' temple is installed. Legolas joins Myronides, as does Hiro. Anduin reaches Th:27 Wa:30 Cl:30. Garland reaches 21 ordained. Kaleyah completes mobmaster 40. Plaques for the Golem Quests and the Kobold Movers Quest are added to the book in the room of records. Drystan is added to the Explorer's Society. Pestilence reaches Wa: 9 Sh:10. Natalya is created. Valas completes mobmaster 30, as does Mystical. Quarnel breaks the 1000 mark on location quest, and Noctus is close behind with just over 750. Sakyra reaches Wa: 5 Ma:12. Lania reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. NuTTeR levels to 15 shaman. Cordir holds an impromptu Splash Contest at the MG Swimming Hole. Sharn has the consistantly smallest splash (Sharn lands with a small splash.) and Noctus wins (Noctus lands, making a SPLASH like a TIDAL WAVE!!! Noctus wonders if he really wants to be at Time-line for making the biggest SPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAASHH!!!) Though Honorable Mention goes to Legolas, who attempts to lure the Tempest into jumping (instead, The Tempest *** DEMOLISHES ***, Massacres, and *** DEMOLISHES ***Legolas. Legolas leaves east. Legolas has fled!) Tweedle levels to Cl:10 . ### Natilena has scored 12 points on a location quest (2681 points total). Tara levels to Ra:17\Ma:20 . Kaldred of Fate levels to 25th Ordained. Posner joins the WarDancers.

7/3/02 - WHO list. Galadadrid levels to Ma:18\Ra:10. After dualling back to Ranger, he then bad recalls... to Midgaard! Kenlo of Fate levels to 15th Cleric. While exp'ing with Toke, Spasm mob dies in Fireworms, and his exp partner accidentally sac's the corpse! Solaron, Wylin, and Shon CRed Liora's corpse from the Tempest. Cygan works on his mob masteries, including: a lookout guard, a templar officer, a miner and an elven woman, and levels to Wa:11\Cl:11. Quarnel breaks the 1000 point mark on Location Quest. Grale levels to effective 40th! (Ma:30\Ra:30 ). Izual gains release from Unity, and later that day, joins Bliss. Cordir gets a little silly with Lanfear's Classtitle. Elf [ Wyld Smutress ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic. *Fate* *Blade*. ### Natilena has scored 11 points on a location quest (2574 points total). Bliss posts a request for entries to Bliss Poll 2002b. Merkderk levels to 10 cleric. Katrana completes mobmaster 39. Cordir posts a note about Triat Mastery. Valas completes mobmaster 22. Tassadar reaches 8 ordained. Posner reaches Th:25 Wa:25 Ma:25. Tynian posts a note about version 3.101. Sylarn completes mobmaster 56. Morphius posts a retirement note. Amastacia reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Tegolin is created.

7/2/02 - Lookout Tower (Plato's area) is installed, and Drystan is the first to find it. Here's a note about it. Natilena reaches 2553 points in Location Quests. Solaron accepts a Trial of Triat Mastery. Lanfear reaches level 13 Ordained. The Chosen's Fateful hour is quiet, so Solaron and Katrana create a story to describe the events planned. Sybill levels to 10 cleric. Jaerith levels to 5 shaman and gets notitled. DarkKnight is created. Version 3.101 is installed. Paladine duals to warrior. Khore talks about elves. Belial reaches Ma:17 Ra:15. Taghk levels to 11 cleric. Sedona completes mobmaster 1. Elmer, the janitor gossips (in dwarven), 'I'm wappin', I'm wappin', no wabbit's gonna catch me nappin'...'. Nazinthas completes mobmasters 21 & 22. Dead levels to 8 warrior. Apache reaches Ra: 5 Sh:12. A wizlist, who list and the ranks listings from this day.

7/1/02 - After an amazing 4340 hours as a mortal, Clue is promoted to Ambassador!! Congrats Clue! WOOT! Tolven completes mobmaster 35 and reaches Cl:26 Ra:25. Natilena breaks the 2500 mark on location quest. Augustine reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Loto reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Vex sells some 5da pants for 400k. Slim is created, and gossips "so FK retired?". Sharn reaches Wa: 3 Cl: 9. Valas completes mobmaster 21. FireBlade levels to 8 ranger. Darkangel reaches Sh: 6 Wa:11. Lita reaches Wa: 2 Ma: 9 Th: 9. Grale completes mobmaster 67. DRAGUN levels to 5 ranger. Manatarms levels to 5 warrior. Jaerith is re-created. Quarnel reaches 500 points total on location quest. Vex Ironwolf, The Inquisitor of the Coven, levels to Or:16 Wa:30 Cl:30. Kethran of Fate not only got 5k XP, 3 MM's, and 4 LQ's....but while randoming, he found *three* named amulets today! Fisrad levels to Ra: 6\Ma:22. Sahelr levels to Sh: 6\Th:13.

6/30/02 - This June is the 30th highest average TFC usage for a month! Belial reaches Ra:11 Ma:15. FireBlade levels to 7 ranger. Glamdring reaches Th: 9 Cl:13 Ra:12. Izzy, Brightbranch, Katja & Delan join Myronides. Valas completes mobmasters 6 thru 13. Bootlegger levels to 13 thief. Toke reaches Cl:16 Wa:16. Shadowbear is created. Neodis posts a note about his new website. Merkderk levels to 8 cleric. Taghk levels to 9 mage. Azweepei levels to 12 cleric. Augustine reaches Cl:15 Wa:12. Symon levels to 5 mage. Minion levels to 15 cleric. Pol levels to 10 mage. DRAGUN is created. Cygan reaches Wa: 7 Cl:11 and completes mobmaster 5. Derth gossips (in dwarven), 'althoguh dwarven is the superior language'. Derth gossips (in dwarven), 'its the only language that is completely understandable while drunk'. Ghazkull completes MM#14 - a ranger guard. Pheonix becomes a thug. Ripper levels to Ra:22\Ma:19\Th:16, Kabal reaches Ra: 8\Cl: 9, Tebreeze the Elf levels to Ma:14. Tassadar, the High Templar of *Wisdom* levels to 6th Ordained. Tolven gossips (in elven), 'just turned 100 if anyone who happens to have a timeline cares'. Solaron: Wyld's Avatar, Acolyte, and Katrana's sweetie, levels to Wa:30\Cl:30 and effective level 40!! Grats, Sol! Fisrad levels to Ra:5\Ma:22, Pug levels to Ma:20\Ra:16, and Frederick levels to Cl:18\Wa:15. Tolven gets MM#34 - an inspector. Katrana kills an orog guard for MM#36, and a stone golem for #37. Orin levels to Wa:23\Cl:19. ### Natilena has scored 10 points on a location quest (2533 total.). Sedona Vian'shi of the WarDancers levels to Cl:16\Wa:15. Katrana: Bladed Wyldess of Azat Sol/Fate/AP, levels to Wa:27 Sh:30. Silvermoon has become a reprisalist. Cue completes MM#82 - Chromicon the Paladin. Tassadar levels to 6th Ordained. Tassadar also completes MM#58 & #59 on "an old knight" (same target twice). Sedona levels again to reach Cl:17\Wa:15. Pestilence levels to Wa: 6\Sh:10. Gothmog levels to Ma:12. Elf [ Th:24 Wa:25 Ma:25 ] Posner: still follows Tokugawa in his heart. - Posner is restored. Sedona joins the WarDancers.

6/29/02 - Myronides is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Neutral (sword) following of Tel'Quessir. Natilena is his first follower, and his initial following description is: "A following of the elves, by the elves for the elves. Tel'Quessir allows for a freedom bound only by a common elven heritage. 'The People' with their Minotaur and Gnome servants live as elves should, free and unbound their whims, hearts and a love of elvenkind to guide them." Tfar levels to 5 mage. Demoth reaches Ma:22 Ra:21 Th:20. Guaeru levels to 7 mage. Katja is re-created. Quimera levels to 5 mage. Belial reaches Ma:12 Ra:10. Malachi and Symon join Vorax. Posner returns to the mud after a long absence. Fisrad levels to Ra: 4\Ma:22. Mnaramenth of Fate levels to Wa: 9\Cl:15. Otak and Drakar save Zinrike from the Banshee. Myre finally changes his title after months and months to Myre, NEW Fated Cow Supreme. *Cordir*. Solaron of Fate slays Unwro for MM#60. Ripper gets MM#43 - the High Shaman of Gronk, #44, & #45 a Winged Tinker. Clue dies to Scairz, and Solaron and Kantor quickly perform the CR. Mystical gets MM#29 - Madge. Lexie has scored 12 points on a location quest (685 points total). Natilena has scored 11 points on a location quest (2279 points total). Paython kills a Dark Brother MM#55, and a Dragonthief for #56.. Khorlan becomes a Fanatic. Solaron once more joins forces with Kantor (as well as Kethran) to slay the ghost of Scairz who shows up rather unexpectedly hours after the CR of Clue. Tinman levels to Sh: 8\Wa:18. Clue posts her Immortality Petition. Sahelr breaks 100 hours of play.

6/28/02 - Quarnel kills a cloaker for #37 and an obsidian slave miner for #38. Zahar becomes a vigilante. Lanfear of Fate levels to 12th Ordained. Lexie "forget what #86 was, but MM#87 was Divine Theologian". At one point in the day, Lexie's title is changed to "Lexie doesn't love you anymore. GET OVER IT!" by mysterious and unnamed forces.Natilena levels to Th:24\Ma:25\Ra:25. Aster levels to Ra:29\Sh:30. Otak levels to Wa:10\Cl:18, and also spams everyone with deaths. ###Natilena has scored 10 points on a location quest (2212 points total). ### Aster has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 30 - a manor servant, then a couple others, then #33 - the Queen Ant, #34 - Shar-Ti,#35 - a satyr, #36 - Phimir, the aara merchant, #37 - a yellow dragon, #38 - a safehaven elder. Lania levels to Wa:8\Cl:15. Kabal earned level 6 on the cityguard, and Hutt got a Clay golem forMM#29.. RANKS/WHO/WIZLIST for today. Lania becomes a "Fanatic." Mystical levels to Cl:23\Ra:19. Quarnel completes 100 points worth of location quests. The Chosen complete the last part of a ritual to bind a restless, Tainted spirit. Tassadar reaches 5 ordained. Toodle levels to 7 cleric. Sicarian reaches Cl:25 Ra:15 Th:15. Glamdring reaches Th: 7 Cl:13 Ra:12. Valas completes mobmaster 5. Belial reaches Ma: 8 Ra:10. Katrana reaches Wa:26 Sh:30. Zinrike reaches Th:16 Ra:17 Ma:17. Amastacia reaches Cl: 6 Wa:11.

6/27/02 - Zaun levels to 5 cleric. Tara reaches Ma:18 Ra:15. Nivea levels to 5 cleric. Zinrike reaches Ma:17 Ra:17 Th:15. Arianas reaches Th: 7 Sh:12. Keller is made a duke, in a ceremony that reportedly suffers from disappearing emotes. Keller later posts a note. Kabal reaches Ra: 5 Cl: 9. Belial reaches Ma: 2 Ra:10. Lanfear levels twice to reach Ordained 11th. Tebreeze the Elf slays a puddle to achieve Ma:12. Marckarius levels to Ra:10\Ma:13 by slaying a mountain lion. Cygan of the Wardancers gains level Wa: 5\Cl:11. Aslan levels to Ordained 3. ### Natilena has scored 6 points on a location quest (2202 points total). Taim levels to Wa:14\Ma:12.

6/26/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.100b. Versions c, e & f are also checked in, since massive bugs make life on the mud extremely chaotic. Several issues with temples are fixed. Synell levels to 12 ranger. Belial levels to 5 ranger. Gawain reaches Cl: 3 Wa:16. Garath reaches Sh:14 Wa:11. Natilena completes mobmaster 56. Marius reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Zaun is created. Sicarian reaches Cl:24 Ra:15 Th:15. Rojallan levels to 5 ranger. Ophineus levels to 3 cleric. Morgant gossips (in common), 'somebody gimme a hand here... loc quest - Morgant: Find by: 2002-06-26 19:01:08. Value: 1. Phrase: Recall Room'. Valas reaches Cl:22 Ra:15. Emacs reaches Ma: 6 Wa:15. Paython reaches Th: 3 Cl:30 Wa:30. Fisrad duals to ranger and reaches Ra: 2\Ma:22.

6/25/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.100, which adds some new pk-related ranks and message collection. Ripper reaches Th:16 Ma:19 Ra:20 as he completes mobmaster 40. Uriel completes mobmaster 55. Mystical reaches Cl:22 Ra:19. Yoshimitsu reaches Th: 6 Wa: 9. Sylarn completes mobmaster 52. Tinman reaches Sh: 5 Wa:18. Shon reaches Th:21 Ra:30 Sh:30. Mael turns 2000 hours old. Tassadar completes mobmaster 58. Pikonah gossips (in common), 'NO MORE PONG FOR ME!'. Elektra completes mobmaster 24. Cygnus reaches Ra: 6 Ma:18. Valas reaches Cl:20 Ra:15. A who list, wizlist, and the regular rank listings for this day. Quarnel kills a manor adept for MM#36.

6/24/02 - Tiax is promoted to Attendant of Plato! Shortly afterward, Plato is promoted to Lesser God! Natilena scores 2000 points on location quest! Ephiny completes mobmaster 76 (Merrick). Glitch levels to 18 shaman. Kassara reaches Th: 9 Ma:11. Apache reaches Ra: 4 Sh:12. Tynian posts a note about PK range in response to a note he received. Sicarian reaches Cl:23 Ra:15 Th:15. Pug reaches Ma:19 Ra:16. Kerson completes mobmasters 72 thru 75 and reaches ordained 15. Valas reaches Cl:18 Ra:15. Zinrike reaches Ma:16 Ra:17 Th:15. Vaalgamon reaches Cl:17 Wa:16. Kemian reaches Ma: 3 Ra:11. Falcor tries unsuccessfully to get his race changed to dragon by offering to 'sing the I love tynian song' and do 'a happy dance'. Aster reaches Ra:28 Sh:30. Natilena completes mobmaster 55. Synell joins Vorax. Ann levels to Ma: 4. Tiberius levels to Cl:25\Ra:21\Th:21. Khorlan finally swings Massacre again! Garath levels to Sh:12\Wa:11. Ink levels twice to reach Cl:27\Wa:15. Legolas cants, 'i had a snowball fight with tamar and won'. Sahelr died to a succubus in "Floating in a Dark Void." Mnaramenth tried to CR, but had to flee, so Clue went and got it (her first solo CR in Demon Realm). Cordir logs in to collect time line news and is told by Tynian that he already gave some to Aslan, and the cost is a Simple Ring. Cordir removes her own simple (a gift from Abender - the Band of the Stormreaver), and gives it to him as payment to settle the debt. He nicely gives it back. Loto levels to Wa:10\Cl:15. Glamdring advances to level 6. Roan 'hit my first maim today'. Morodan completes his first Location Quest. Aslan gets a "Your flamestrike *** DEMOLISHES ***Odir"... and surprises herself!

6/23/01 - ### Natilena has scored 6 points on a location quest (1855 points total). Minion earned 20 lq points in 10 minutes. Mael starts offering tours of Tinker Gnomes for a mere 50,000 gold. Adaeryn levels to Cl: 8. DarkClaw (Star) of Fate ascends to Cl:29\Wa:15. Chromicon the Paladin dies to Clue, giving her MM#81. Liora levelled to Ma:8. Roan kills a thorn slinger for MM#4, and swung his first Devestate. Shon levels twice to reach Th:20\Ra:30\Sh:30. Mandrake reaches Wa:28 Cl:25. Malis levels to 15 warrior. Shylock is recreated, and later begins auctioning some really nice stuff. Glamdring reaches Th: 4 Cl:13 Ra:12. Patton levels to 10 cleric. Cygan reaches Wa: 2 Cl:11. Legolas cants, '### Tamar has advanced to beyond legolas's silliness'. Minion levels to 14 cleric. Mnaramenth reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Vaalgamon reaches Wa:16 Cl:16. Garland and Fenrir do a corpse retrieval from demon realm for Cygnus while Marisa whacks on his demons for him.

6/22/02 - Tinkers Workshops (Majere's new area) is installed, and Zakarious is the first to find it. (He is also added to the Explorer's Society for the 2nd time.) Cordir's temple is moved to the upper floor and her office installed. Cygnus levels to Ra:4\Ma:18. Aslan works on a few more Location Quests but forgets to note the # she reached. Synell levels to Ra:10. Sybill levels to Cl: 6. Meduietunow duals to warrior. Shon reaches Th:18 Ra:30 Sh:30. Astalon levels to 4 cleric. Lyrian completes their first mobmaster. Lexie reaches 500 points on location quest. Tfar is re-created. Dekar reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Azweepei levels to 10 cleric. Valas reaches Ra:12 Cl:15. Pardoquilian completes mobmaster 40 and reaches Wa:19 Sh:21. Zinrike reaches Th:15 Ma:15 Ra:15. Rynna reaches Cl: 8 Ra: 9. Falkin levels to 5 shaman. Okk posts a poem. Kemian duals to mage. Sicarian reaches Cl:21 Ra:15 Th:15 and completes his first mobmaster. Tadrith levels to 5 ranger. Raile reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Tynian: Downtime \ Sat Jun 22 10:39:35 2002 \ To: all \ I don't know what happened last night, aside from me taking the night off to spend time with my family, and sleeping in late this morning. I'm very sorry for the downtime. - Tynian.

6/21/02 - The Fateful Hour of the Chosen and the Quest of the Tainted is interrupted by a rather nasty MudCrash that keeps the mud down until the next morning. Mael reaches 1000 years of age, as does Tiax. ### Plitchard killed by the stalwart guard at On the south cliff face. Aslan of Fate performs a swift CR. Tassadar kills Shye for MM#57. Belsambar "shoved a rabid badger down my pants when I got really bored..." Garland accidentally kills Tiberius in a spar in the temples, and gives the corpse back. Lanfear of Fate levels, but forgets to note which level. :-P  Calivax reaches Cl: 5 Wa:13. Valas reaches Cl:15 Ra: 9. Pol levels to 7 mage. Lorax completes mobmaster 78. Ripper reaches Th:13 Ma:19 Ra:20. Tara reaches Ma:15 Ra:15. Augustine reaches Cl:13 Wa:12. Paladine levels to 8 cleric. Apache gossips (in common), 'how do I stumble and almost fall when I'm already on the ground? =P'. Tynian gossips, 'Extra clumsy?'. Tynian gossips, 'I don't see ballerina in your future'. Apache gossips (in common), 'Jack wouldn't let me dual to that class'.

6/20/02 - Roan swung his first devastate. The Chosen of Fate ftell gets so silly and racy, it scares Myronides off the mud. ### Natilena has scored 12 points on a location quest (1694 points total). Paladine of the Brethren levels to Cl: 7. Patton kills a minotaur peasant to level to Cl:7. Crash kills a gnome guard for MM#13 and a young duergar for #14. Aslan provides this WHO list. Dalaran, Erin, and Marckarius join Vorax. Dres reaches Wa:17 Th:16 Ma:15. Valas reaches Cl:11 Ra: 9. Augustine reaches Wa:12 Cl:12. Aslan completes mobmaster 42 as well as completing her first Location Quest.. Larrie reaches Sh: 2 Th:11 Wa:12. Zinrike reaches Th:11 Ma:15 Ra:15. Sicarian reaches Cl:19 Ra:15 Th:15. Molo goes back up to lesser power. Phooey reaches Ma:13 Wa:11. Swag levels to 5 shaman. Mong Malla Ul'Fizhbrrn Saruk d'lil Veldrin reaches effective 40th again! (Sh:30 Wa:30). Fisrad levels to 22 mage. Ripper reaches Ra:20 Ma:19 Th:12. Dekar reaches Cl:15 Wa:10. Lania reaches Wa: 6 Cl:15. Ink reaches Cl:25 Wa:15.

6/19/02 - Fenrir is ordained "Fulminata" by Athorne. (Is it just me or does that sound like "fumigator" in some other language? If anyone finds out what it really means, let me know :)  Tara reaches Ma:13 Ra:15. Silvan levels to 6 ranger. Wisteria levels to 9 mage & gets max hp and a train. Pol levels to 5 mage. Shon reaches Th:15 Ra:30 Sh:30. Natilena completes mobmaster 54. Bootlegger levels to 10 thief. Valas reaches Ra: 3 Cl: 9. Crash levels to 17 warrior. Armalag posts a note answering Lexie's questions from 6/17. Thrawn levels to 7 shaman. Mystronomius levels to 5 mage. Naor is created, and levels to 5 cleric. Glitch completes mobmaster 22. Sybill levels to 5 cleric. Dekar reaches Cl:13 Wa:10. Tynian posts a note about newbie advice. Plitchard levels to Sh: 4.

6/18/02 - Tynian holds an email auction for 1 perm debt point removed. Keller reaches Cl:21 Wa:20. Raile reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Valas is created. Dekar reaches Cl:10 Wa:10. Shilo levels to 6 mage. Lania reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. Solaron reaches Wa:28 Cl:30. Wylin reaches ordained 13. Loto reaches Wa: 8 Cl:15. Grifter levels to 12 cleric. Snarf levels twice, reaching effective 40th (Wa:30 Cl:30). Shon reaches Th:10 Ra:30 Sh:30. Zakarious, Spyder, Morphius, and Lorax join forces in fighting against Tokugawa, but all that happens is "The foolish mortal makes a pitiful attempt at an attack. Heh.". Tokugawa ends the fight by meteor swarming the Temple area, and people flee fast. Yossarian is created and levels to Cl: 7. Garath levels to Sh:11\Wa:11. Roar levels from 3rd to 7th. Izzy levels to Cl:30\Wa:30. Morphius leaves Darkness "for my benift to being UA, of no dispel evil". Tel and Gavin both reach "lesser power". Aslan kills Pertex the Mage for MM#41. Gytar gossips (in common), 'Your blast *** ANNIHILATES *** Dalaran.'. Gytar gossips (in common), 'Dalaran is DEAD!!'. Gytar gossips (in common), 'thank you audience'.

6/17/02 - Tamar posts the moving quest results, and the winner is the WarDancer's team of Izzy, Ink & Sicarian. In a related note, Lexie posts some questions for Tamar. Pug completes mobmaster 29. Mystical reaches Cl:21 Ra:18. Phriznikskii levels to 9 shaman. Palmer stops by for a visit. Paython completes mobmaster 53. Pol is recreated. Grifter levels to 10 cleric. Midas levels to 12 thief. Memnoch duals to warrior. Abaddon runs into Grale's meteor swarm several times & dies, of course. Fraser reaches Ra:18 Ma:15. Farranon reaches Ma: 6 Th:11. Dekar reaches Cl:8 Wa:10. Tiax has his 500th birthday. Versions 3.99c, d & e are installed. Khorlan uses Meteor Swarm to 'flush out a rat' in the Volcano, to see if the spell really will set it off. It does... but gives off its characteristic ' three rumbles' first. Aslan levels to Ordained 2nd. Malis levels to Wa:13 . Sicarian levels twice to reach Cl:17\Ra:15\Th:15. Kaleyah completes a location quest, bringing her to 55 points total. Amastacia levels to Cl: 5\Wa:11 . Shon levels to Th: 8\Ra:30\Sh:30. Otak levels to Wa: 8\Cl:18. Lorax completes MM#77 - a high mage in Nydia. Grale got the Seer of Aran for MM#66. Grale also reports that, "Shon, Paython, Wylin, Lorax and I just made the Tempest look silly! And killed it!" Wunk is "pretty sure" he leveled today to Sh:18\Wa:17\Th:12. Liora completes her very first Location Quest. After an investigation of the dishonorable acts which led to Belsambar's death last week, the entirety of his set was returned in perfect condition via our very noble and hard working God+'s, with notable mention by Tamar. Silonch is given a special gift: <used as light> (Glowing) a light of hope. (long: A fading light of hope glows here.) Liora levels to Ma: 7, gaining max hitpoints and an extra practice! In sad news, PEZ posts his RETIREMENT note... :-( Lexie gains MM#81-85, targets including Divine Theologian for 2 of them, Ygren, & Chromican. Tynian gossips, 'Anyone want to hazard a guess as to who's the "most wanted" for attacking and killing non-aggressive PCs?' -- see the rest of the conversation HERE. Keller: squires \ Mon Jun 17 12:24:27 2002 \ To: all \ Those of you who have expressed interest in squiring, Keirdan has been knighted, to my great happiness. Speak to me if you wish to know the requirements.

6/16/02 - Gavin's temple is installed. Take joins Vorax. Tynian posts a note about version 3.99, which has a lot of changes. The moving quest ends, and people wait impatiently to find out who won. Xandria reaches Wa:13 Cl:16. Broviena levels to 6 shaman. Tynian shuts down the mud. Bootlegger levels to 5 thief. Ink reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Lenny levels to 5 mage. Whoz holds an unsuccessful auction. Sylarn slays a Couatl for MM#50. Vex gets MM#87 - Lineoth Camp Leader. Roan levels to Wa: 9. Sicarian levels twice to reach Th:15\Ra:15\Cl:15. Nicolas slays Caithen the Blacksmith for MM#34. Sativa the Newbiekiller is DELETED. Mystical slays an angry druid for MM#26 and reaches Cl:19 Ra:18. Cygnus joins the ranks of the Righteous. Aslan wanders into the path of the Copper Dragon, and Aster and Boromir work together to slay the beast, with Aster taking on the Dragon solo in the last bout. Midas is saved from some hungry ghosts by Keller & Blanca, after pleading with others to help him. (The other folks were Blue-aura'd folks who refused to help Midas because he had inquired about joining Veldrin but not yet joined...) As a result of Keller & Blanca's help, Midas changes his mind about what following to join and decides to stay unaligned. Fraser levels to Ra:18\Ma:15. Katrana of Fate levels to Wa:25\Sh:30.

6/15/02 - Clue completes MM#79 by slaying the Supreme Warrior. Dekar levels to Wa:10. Natilena kills a warrior monk for MM#52.Bianca levels to Cl:19\Wa:15. Vex levels to 15th level Ordained. Mael becomes a sociopath. Amastacia is slain in Ofcol by a cityguard and Kaldred performs the CR. Clue reaches 2137 years old (4250 hours). Tynian posts a note about lag problems. Stryker levels to 5 shaman. Sahelr reaches Sh: 4 Th:13. Lexie completes mobmaster 79. Regul completes mobmaster 30. Sylarn reaches Wa:24 Ma:30. Kenlo reaches Cl:14 Wa:12. Malachi reaches Cl:17 Ra:16. Uriel gossips (in common), 'A stick has been planted in the ground and Kain's decapitated head is atop it.'. Uriel gossips (in common), 'i use it when i hide behind a tree and i stick it out to see if its safe'. Vex completes mobmaster 86 (the headmaster). Crash levels to 15 warrior. DuKaron levels to 9 mage. Dracon levels to 5 shaman. Eamon levels to 15 shaman. Khazka reaches Sh:17 Wa:15 Th:15. Boyardee completes mobmaster 61 (the knight). Tolven reaches Ra:25 Cl:25. Mairu reaches Cl:16 Ra:15 Th:15. Roja levels to 10 cleric. Glitch completes mobmaster 21 (a servant). Uriel reaches Wa:26 Sh:20 Th:20. Meduietunow levels to 5 cleric. Mong reaches Sh:29 Wa:30 again. Sativa does "deleteme".

6/14/02 - Avelyn is created. Aster completes mobmaster 20. Crash levels to 14 warrior. Ripper reaches Th:11 Ma:18 Ra:19. Larrie reaches Wa: 5 Th:11. DeViant posts a note about lag complaints. Regul reaches Th:21 Ra:21 Ma:21 and completes mobmaster 29. Soloman levels to 15 shaman. Keller reaches Wa:20 Cl:20. Clue is unofficially voted the "nicest person on the mud" in an impromptu poll. Salomar reaches Ma:24 Th:20 Wa:22 and completes mobmaster 67. Garath reaches Sh:10 Wa:11. Lucretia reaches Cl:24 Th:14 Wa:15. Garland reaches ordained 19. Sicarian reaches Th:12 Ra:15 Cl:15. Raile completes mobmaster 35. Dekar and Crash join Plato. Bliss does some spring cleaning. Clue completes MM#78 - the Supreme Thief in War'loov. Kaleyah levels to Wa:27\Cl:30. Brutus levels to Ra:14\Ma:15. Both Mael & Kaldred CR'd Brutus' corpse in Demon Realm. (Guess he died twice there.)

6/13/02 - Uriel slays Odegra for MM#53. Raile completes MM#32 - manor servant. Tassadar reaches level 2 Ordained. Lorax slays the Master Warrior for MM#76. Shon levels to Th: 7\Ra:30\Sh:30. Ghazkull of fate slays a Kobold Lookout for MM#12. Raile posts a note about Solaron thanking him for assisting with a CR. Wylin saves Sicarian from Scyrah today. Had rescue not been involved, a Corpse-Rescue might have been needed next... ### Valo new player... and moments later... Elf [ Th:24 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Valo, Silent Shadow of the Black Conclave. Ranks/Who/Wizlist for today. Silonch posts a note asking for remembrances about Molo. Vlade levels to 7 mage. Deylann levels to 5 thief. Wunk reaches Sh:16 Wa:17 Th:12. Someone mentions that they were pkd, and Daelin gossips (in common), 'I mean.. corpse looting? That's so 1998'. Silvan levels to 5 ranger. Zinrike reaches Ra:10 Ma:15. Keller stumps the mud with riddles. Kassara reaches Th: 5 Ma:11. Marius reaches Wa:18 Cl:20. Vallejo is created. Chtekinovska reaches Ra: 7 Th:10. Legionaire reaches Th:12 Wa:30 Ma:30. Mael posts some thanks to god+ types. Abbadon completes mobmaster 48. Tostig levels to 25 warrior. Marckarius levels to 10 mage. Today is 25th on the list of highest average usage for a day (with an average of 29.8).

6/12/02 - Fraser levels to Ra:17\Ma:15. Raynor becomes a thug. Pug kills a male ent for MM#27. SnowFalcon levelled to 16 shaman. Note by Mael: Thanks to the God+ types / Wed Jun 12 17:53:40 2002 / To: all / I've noticed a steady increase in attendance. Yesterday 40+ were online for quite a while. Your quests are having an impact. :-) Legionaire reaches Th:11 Wa:30 Ma:30, and later joins Vorax. Mystical reaches Ra:18 Cl:18. Tara reaches Ra:15 Ma:11. Neodis posts a note about thinking. Jaerith deletes himself. Marckarius levels to 8 mage. Titan is restored, and joins Gavin. Sethvir reaches Sh:26 Ra:25 Th:25. Adonis levels to 9 mage. Tesslyn levels to 5 cleric. Ephiny completes mobmaster 70. Kassara is created. Gangleri levels several times, to 8 cleric. Spiderman levels to 5 cleric. Solaron reaches Cl:30 Wa:27. Marius reaches Wa:17 Cl:20. Toke reaches Wa:15 Cl:15.

6/11/02 - Ghazkull of Fate levels to Ma:11\Ra:11 an completes mobmaster 11. Sahelr levels to Th:13 then promptly dies in the Icy Wasteland and Solaron performs the CR. Tassadar is Ordained "Professor" by Plato! Frederick levels to Cl:16\Wa:15. Sylt levels to 11th. ### Wylin has become a thug. Tara levels to Ra:14\Ma:11. Gawain duals to Cl: 1\Wa:16. Ripper levels to Th:10 Ma:18 Ra:19. Sahelr then duals to Sh: 1\Th:13 - and says he "couldn't have gotten dual w/o the help of Wunk and Clue." Aslan slays a carrion crawler for MM#40. Legionaire levels four times to reach Th:9\Wa:30\Ma:30. ### Drazuk has advanced to level 17.... and gains a Train! The mud experiences some insanely unpleasant lag. Elektra gets MM#23 - a rakasta gatherer, and shortly thereafter levels to Cl:18. Amastacia and Tourettes join Plato. Sicarian levels twice, reaching Th:10 Ra:15 Cl:15. Silvestri levels to 17 shaman. Loto reaches Wa: 6 Cl:15. Natilena cants, 'I haven't done one lq today.. that's news'. Gangleri is recreated. Falcor reaches Wa: 7 Cl:11. Keller reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Armicron levels to 21 warrior. DuKaron joins Bliss. Bolarian levels to 15 warrior. Pug reaches Ma:16 Ra:16. Nazinthas reaches Wa:26 Th:20 Ma:23 and gets a train.

6/10/02 - Today makes 15th on the list of "Highest peak 3.x usage". From the Online Statistics Page: The highest player count so far this run was 52 at Mon Jun 10 17:52:52 2002. Legionaire is released as an ordained by Kerriariadne, and then triples to thief, reaching Th: 5 Ma:30 Wa:30. Grale completes mobmaster 65. Amarant (a good and ally) lures Belsambar into a pk trap so that Morphius (an evil) can kill Belsambar. Marisa has this to say about it: this is why i've stayed unaligned all these years ;)  This is what Cordir had to say about the incident: While I normally do NOT report PK's on the Time Line, I feel this one is important to note, as a warning to anyone might deal with this twit. Today, Belsambar Lin of the Tigers was slain in the Black Manor's Summoning Chamber, after going to the Manor with Amarant of Unity, to assist him with popping a specific weapon. There, Bels was slain by someone who apparently needed the help of alliance-breaking level 21 character. [I will not name the PK'er. Suffice it to say if you have to use a traitor to get your PKs, you've got NO game.] (Invis) (Dark Cyan Aura) (*Ally*) Amarant is here. From where I sit, both the Lawful Good flag and the Ally flag are a sad lie. Some will cheer what Amarant did. Personally, I hope Robert nails him to the wall... but something tells me this cowardly traitor won't be seen again. Let us hope not. Bluco levels to 5 mage. Charles reaches Th:13 Wa:30 Sh:30. Jacko duals to thief. A who list from this day. Lania reaches Wa: 4 Cl:15. Freyr reaches Ma:11 Ra: 9. Tourettes is created. Ripper reaches Th: 9 Ma:18 Ra:19. Ephiny completes mobmaster 65. Cinder triples to thief. Lorax completes mobmaster 75. Keat is hired to kill kobolds. Belsamber slays Tomas and receives 2160 experience points and MM target #69. Sicarian levels to Ra:14\Th: 9\Cl:15. Drazuk completes MM#14 today - a lizard warrior. Gawain levels to Wa:16 . Nazinthas reported that he "was asked to Join Athornes following, but Kindly declined, but would serve his following in any other way that I can." Wylin dies to Scairz, Grale performs the CR and Anduin slays the demon. You have been KILLED!!....

6/9/02 - The moving quest starts with the posting of this note, followed by a crash (bad kobolds), and then a bug fix. Then it's really off to kill kobold movers! Armicron levels to 20 warrior. Minion levels to 10 cleric. Salomar reaches Ma:23 Th:20 Wa:22. Okk stops by for a visit, somehow causing Xavier to start showing people his pet dead frog. Sicarian reaches Ra:13 Th: 9 Cl:15. Tokugawa revises his area status fyi. Anduin trys (and fails) yet again to get his warrior class changed to ranger. Mystical completes mobmaster 20 and reaches Cl:18 Ra:15. Tostig levels to 23 warrior. Jer levels to 5 thief. Phooey reaches Wa: 7 Ma:12. Tassadar reaches effective 40th! (Ra:30 Cl:30). Tranio joins Plato. Vex gossips (in common), 'everyone that i was fighting logged off :('. Tynian gossips, 'I'll fight ya!'. Sahelr gets his first dodge. Who/Wizlist/Ranks lists from today. Crash the ogre levels to Wa:12. Thornline levels to Cl:8. ### Natilena has scored 13 points on a location quest (1377 points total). Belsamber dies twice to the dark horrifying essence, but the third time is the charm when Whoz assists with the CR.

6/8/02 - Frederick levels to Cl:15\Wa:15. Boromir gossips (in common), 'I left the guild and xp'ped :) '. (There were witnesses, too!) Ripper levels twice to reach Th: 8\Ma:18\Ra:19. Tara levels to Ra:10\Ma:11. Sharl levels to Cl:7. Lexie kills Trelestine for MM#78. Kantor becomes a thug. ### Natilena has scored 2 points on a location quest (1209 points total). Sahelr levels to Th:10. Nicolas becomes a vigilante. Ghazkull joins the Chosen of Fate. Aster becomes a reprisalist. Ripper reaches Th: 8 Ma:18 Ra:19. Sahelr levels to 10 thief, again. (After crashing the mud after leveling the first time.) Raynor levels to 10 warrior. Tynian reposts a bunch of policy notes, because they've been revised. Natilena completes mobmaster 50. Freyr levels twice, reaching Ma:10 Ra: 9. Vampris levels to 6 shaman. Preatric levels to 5 cleric. Cygan joins Solanthas. Crash completes his first mobmaster and levels to 10 warrior. Erin reaches Th:11 Ra:10. Zinrike levels to 14 mage. Morne joins Gavin.

6/7/02 - Darkmoon UnRetires! Ghazkull reaches level 10 mage and #10 mm - a half-elf guard. Katrana of Fate reaches Shaman level 30 for the THIRD time, then levels to Wa:24 Sh:30. Stonebag dies in Og and is CR'd by Legolas. Nicolas levels to Ra:19 Ma:15 - effective 24 - and gains a Train! A special Fateful Hour is held, involving more lore on the Quest of the Tainted, and during which, Aslan is Ordained "Mother & Child" by Cordir... and has her baby (Taegan) as a result of the shock! Quarnel levels to Cl:29\Wa:20. A variety of notes are posted on Salomar's disagreement with Fate. Tamar posts a note about the moving quest. Famine reaches Wa:18 Cl:20. Nazinthas reaches Wa:25 Th:20 Ma:23. Biased levels to 8 mage. Wunk reaches Wa:17 Sh:13 Th:12. Adora levels to 5 shaman. Natilena completes mobmaster 49. Elean levels to 15 cleric. Orin reaches Wa:21 Cl:19. Toke reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. A wizlist from this day. Sakyra is created and levels to 5 mage. Kick is re-created. Grimlock levels to 24 warrior. Neon completes mobmaster 31.

6/6/02 - Vorax posts a note about a song parody for the Conclave. Tal is created. Tomato reaches Ma:14 Ra:13 Th:13. Maltor levels to 6 cleric. Molo posts a graphical wizlist. Mystical completes mobmaster 17. A who list and wizlist from this day. Kenlo of Fate levels to Cl:13\Wa:12.Sicarian levels to Cl:15\Th: 9\Ra: 9. Belsambar swung his first ever Mutilate today (with a borrowed weapon, but nonetheless...) Vizjerei levels to Cl:11. Solaron of Fate slays a magman for Cl:29\Wa:27. Nazinthas is removed from the Coven Hex list where he was placed after "false accusations".

6/5/02 - Gavin is promoted to DemiGod! He starts the Phalanx of Blood, a chaotic evil following of the sword. His first follower is Fei, and his initial following description is: "The Phalanx of Blood exists as a close-knit group of elite assassins. Assassins of the Phalanx are encouraged, and expected to exhibit mastery in the art of player killing. Demonstration of such skill in the deadly arts often results in rewards, both tangible and otherwise. Join the Phalanx, or fear it. The choice is yours." Film at 11! Bliss vs. Ladislaw! Lomu levels to 5 warrior. Blanca reaches Cl:11 Wa:10. Tassadar reaches Ra:28 Cl:30. Grimlock joins Gavin and levels twice, to 22 warrior. Cynder completes mobmasters 1 thru 5. Wylin reaches 12 ordained. Kelgar levels to 5 shaman. Nazinthas reaches Ma:23 Th:20 Wa:23. Several low level Conclave chars auction some nice eq. Erin levels twice, reaching Th: 9 Ra:10. Armicron levels to 15 warrior. Erond, who Marisa once "pkd", actually logs on to TFC. Charles kills Mayor Daniel for MM#75. Gytar slays the Lineoth Camp Leader for MM#87. Kerson slays a priestess of Velalasier for MM#70. Saruman of Fate kills a student and levels to Cl:26 gaining max mana. Sabella, Emaleth and Lanfear have a lovely long visit in the Baths. At the end of which, some strange things happen with mushrooms...

6/4/02 - Mon levels to Sh:23\Ra:15\Th:16. Lanfear slays Fitzwalter for MM#67 and 1637 exp. Shortly thereafter, she kills the Midgaard armorer for Ordained level 8, and survives an encounter with the Tempest while trying to do a CR. Lania duals and levels twice, reaching Wa: 2\Cl:15. Silonch posts a note for TFC Black Conclave High Council members. Jet reaches Th:16 Wa:30 Cl:30. Kemian levels to 7 ranger. Wylin reaches 11 ordained. Mystical reaches Ra:12 Cl:15. Falcor reaches Wa: 6 Cl:11. Erin completes mobmaster 2. Troy levels to 7 cleric. Zinrike levels to 6 mage. Aiyana and Crash are created. Tostig levels to 22 warrior. Tara reaches Ra: 2 Ma:11. Yay, has propogated and points to the real mud now (bye bye primenet/etc/etc/)

6/3/02 - Molo posts a note about the Black Conclave as a cult following. Several others post notes in reaction to Molo's announcement. Bliss is ordained! (otherwise known as Bliss and the new "Lesser God" Vorax have some fun on the old version of the mud.) Azweepei levels to 4 cleric. Vex reaches 14 ordained. Aestivalis are created. Zakarious gossips (in common), 'a tell from the person who wanted me to set up valence please'. (Doesn't sound like Zakaroius is going to set him up :P) Solanthas reaches Lesser Power. Lanfear kills a Drow Officer for MM#66. Solaron reaches Cl:28\Wa:27. Ihsahn dies in Nydia, but is swiftly corpse-rescued by Solaron. Darkangel is created and levels to 7th. Bronwen is created yet again. Tiax reaches 100 hours of Ambassador work. Lins becomes a thug. Lorax levels to Th:25\Wa:30\Cl:30. Apache levels twice to reach Cl:9. Allanon becomes a vigilante. Wunk is slain by the Ancient Black Dragon. The server comes back up, and the first new character logs in:

2 players.
Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:20    ] Keller: Humor me and tell me lies...
Hum [       Ma: 1       ] Galbraith the Boy

It is 4am on Searynx the 11th, the month of the Deities' Wrath, in the year 2535. 

TFC started up at Sun Jun  2 17:58:19 2002
The system time is Sun Jun  2 18:03:23 2002

6/2/02 - Tynian posts a timeline of the status of the mud changeover. still points to the old mud address. Until it propagates to the correct one, use the ip address (port 4000). Some silly rank listings from this date, and a log of the first few minutes at the new site (after the complete move of player files). Tynian also posts notes about version 3.97 and version 3.98. Tassadar levels to effective 40th!

6/1/02 - Cirth of Fate levels to Ma:16\Th:15. Alderson is briefly silenced. Famine gossips (in common), 'yes. I've told Ink that if he can kill me before he reaches my level, ALONE, I will renounce my faith and go Good.'. Kenlo Bigberry levels to Wa:12\Cl:12. Bashful works on his mob mastery quests, and gains: MM#46 - a monk, #47 - Ryoner, #48 - a mercenary guard, but failed #49 - a skeleton sorcerer, which he was unable to find. Ranks/Wiz/Who list from today. *** We'll be going down in a few minutes. *** : TFC goes through The Big Move. ... and as usual, Gregar gets the Last Word. The new address is port 4000. Tynian posts a note on the new mud location about its status. Here's a HUGE zipped log from Jonnyboy of "newbie city" (the first few hours at the new mud address, prior to the complete move of the player files). This same day, Khore passes out some goodies, since it's all temporary anyway.

5/31/02 - Tynian posts an important note about TFC's move, which will take place by Saturday (tomorrow) mudtime. Once the move is complete, TFC will be found at (port 4000). Read the note for complete details. Chence levels to 4 ranger. Azeroth levels to 3 warrior and gets a train. Grimlock levels to 12 warrior. Marius reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Kenlo Bigberry of Fate levels to Cl:12\Wa:11. Lanfear reaches level 7 Ordained. Legolas the Dreamer levels to Ma:23\Ra:25\Th:20. Quarnel of Fate posts this board note about his former FLI: Quarnel: Tamar on fjust! - Fri May 31 22:14:40 2002 - To followers of: Cordir - She rifted me, let's get her!

5/30/02 - Natilena passes the 1000 point mark on location quest, waaaaay ahead of everyone else. Twitchn levels to 5 shaman. Bolarian levels to 11 warrior. Falcor reaches Wa: 3 Cl:11. Arianos reaches Th:10 Ra:15 Sh:17. Faile levels to 5 cleric. Glamdring reaches Ra: 4 Cl:13. Gandidan duals to cleric. The wizlist and the ranks listings from this day. Phooey duals to warrior and joins Vorax. Tamar accidentally kills Azeworai in Bliss' temple, and gossips (in elven), 'Guess my rift is stronger than I thought now'. People then begin nominating other people for her to test it on. Quarnel turns 500 years old. A dialect of common breaks out on gossip. Thingone is restored. Null gets MM#9 - the citizen, #10 - the ghost of a lion, and #11 - a large spider. A series of Notes get posted by and about Dalaran spanning a couple of days. Lanfear slays the Supreme Warrior for Level 6 Ordained. Solaron slays a Fire Elemental to advance to level 27.. he also gains a Train. Bridget levels to level 40!

5/29/02 - Ink reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Bluco levels to 6 mage. Yoshimitsu levels to 9 warrior. Solaron completes mobmaster 59. Mystical reaches Ra:10 Cl:15. Garath reaches Sh: 8 Wa:11. Tostig levels to 15 warrior. Raile completes mobmaster 30. Kaldred gossips (in common), 'Natilena saved me from the ferocious Zombie!'. Falcor levels to 10 cleric. Acadia reaches Wa: 5 Ma: 9. Marisa has fun with Natilena's title - Elf [ Ma:25 Ra:23 Th:23 ] Natilena Athsien: Never Lost, Always Found - becomes Elf [ Wa:24 Th:22 Ma:22 ] Marisa: Always Lost, Never Found - for her. Phriznikskii gossips (in common), 'I have not died yet today trying to gain experience'. Esariston slays a manor servant for MM#29. Katrana gets on the Chosen Fjust by Haunting herself. Apache is created. Note By Keller: squires - Wed May 29 08:24:36 2002 - To: all - For those of you who were enquiring about squiring, I have a spot open. Please let me know and I'll tell you the requirements. - Keller Amberlin D'Augustine. KoGF

5/28/02 - Alex completes mobmasters 23, 24 & 25. Perwen levels to 5 shaman. Grimlock and Tosbetrnone are created. Aldrea levels to 5 mage. Arianas reaches Th: 6 Sh:12. Tostig levels to 11 warrior. Memnoch levels to 9 mage. Kenlo Bigberry levels to CL:11. Lanfear applies to become a Blade of Fate.

5/27/02 - Myronides becomes Attendant of Fate, (yay Myro!) and discovers that Kaldred makes a really good target for explosive ammo. Here's Myronides's official version of the log:  "you're promoted to attendant, congrats!".  It's Borlan-slaying day, as Whoz completes mobmasters 103 & 104, to tie for 1st place in the mmranks. Craige posts a formal retirement note, retiring all his chars. Snappy reaches Wa:23 Cl:24. Molo posts a note about immortal portraits. Combee and Natas are retired. Nigel reaches Th: 4 Cl:15 Wa:10. Vex reaches 12 ordained. Vaalgamon reaches Wa:14 Cl:14. Ralthor levels to 5 mage. Ink reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. Aiken completes mobmasters 71 (Arvard) & 72 (the priestess). Tamar posts a note about an upcoming quest. Cordir gossips, 'ptarchyzk! I'm gonna GET you for that! '. Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cordir on becoming TFC's newest Demi-*GOD*'. (Hum [ Lesser God ] Cordir bounces and grins. Fate. Stormreaver.) Cordir gossips, 'Grrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm gonna make your portrait look like a one-eyed ogre!'. Kassara levels to 5 mage. Morhaven reaches Ra:11 Cl:11. Aragorn levels to 10 ranger. A wizlist from this day. Kaleyah gets MM#37 - a female sahuagin & MM- #38 a male ogre. Cordir runs a Scavenger Hunt, and the winner is Whoz with 18 items. Dyptricx gets 2nd with 11 items, and Kaleyah gets 3rd with 8. Mystical achieves Ra: 3\Cl:15. Pyschythe levels to Wa:10. Ripper of the Tigers levels to Th:4\Ma:18\Ra:19 and kills A Maid for MM#36. Neon reaches Ma:18\Ra:15\Th:12. Clue dies in Triton, but CR's herself with Myron & Cordir's help. Duvel: Reward \ Mon May 27 06:46:24 2002 \ To: all \ Having returned from a week-long RL trip, I wish to renew the reward of 50K gold to anyone who manages to recover either end of a trade (a lvl 28 TS or a lvl 30 health) from Eamon, Sh:9. He's experienced, and deliberate, and hides behind newbie protection. Whatever you do, obey the rules the immortals have set for the realms, but treat the likes of Eamon with the respect they deserve. - Duvel, Winged Warlock of Unity

5/26/02 - Majere comes back from afw, to find that he's been promoted to Ambassador! A wizlist and the ranks listings from this day. Later this day, Natilena breaks the 750 point mark on location quest. Morhaven completes mobmaster 10. Aragorn levels to 9 rangers. Mystical levels to 15 cleric, and then duals to ranger. Gundin levels to 12 shaman. Cordir posts a note about character portraits. There's quite a bit of discussion on gossip about the importance of the eq swapping rule. Tassadar reaches Ra:26 Cl:30. Kel reaches Th: 8 Sh:30. Spasm reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. Garath reaches Sh: 4 Wa:11. Kaleyah hit MM level 36 today, a knight. A series of notes are posted about WAR. Aragorn dies in the Spider's Nest and Noctus performs the CR. Palin D'Henoke, the Weaver's Apprentice, levels to Th:14\Ma:245\Wa:25 and gains a Train. Pyscythe levels to 8th from 3rd in one fell swoop. Salvo levels to Ma:18. Tranquility Rose completes MM#15 - a Dwarven Guard and #16 - a Great Bat. Whoz slays the Clerk for MM#102. Wylin levels to Ord 10th. Toke levels toWa:3\Cl:15. Glyph levels to Sh:22\Ra:\16\Th:16. Mon levels to Sh:22\Ra:15\Th:16. Tramp becomes one of the Brethren. Clue has an interesting encounter with Vampris. Erin kills a dog to level to Th: 1\Ra:10.

5/25/02 - Tynian announces that TFC will be changing sites very soon, and posts a note about the contingency fund (which could come in handy now). And Tokugawa posts a note restarting the TFC mailing list. (Please join it or update your address on it if you have not already.) Updates on TFC's future home will be available here just in case. Nistryce levels to 9 warrior. Tynian posts a bard update note. Tamar's temple is moved to the god realms, and Athorne's Temple is installed. Morhaven completes mobmasters 6 thru 8, and reaches Ra: 9 Cl:11. Vaalgamon reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Nazinthas reaches Ma:22 Th:20 Wa:23. Moritz joins Vorax. Sylarn completes mobmaster 46 (a Triton child) & 47. Gandidan levels to 10 warrior. Syne reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Natilena reaches Ma:25 Ra:23 Th:23. Wylin reaches 9 ordained. Glyph reaches Sh:21 Ra:16 Th:16. Sneeky is created. Drakar of the Tigers levels to Ra:22\Cl:23\Th:20. Tassadar becomes a thug. Orin of Wisdom levels to Wa:20\Cl:19. Tranio dies horribly to a Vrok and Tassadar performs the CR. Alderson is released from the cooler, and within 30 seconds has a Bounty Hunter on him. Cirth of Fate levels to Th:15\Ma:15. Whoz slays the Magistrate for MM#100 and the Clerk for #101. Pitt levels to Wa:22\Sh:30\Th:20. Gytar slays Ygren the sword grafter for MM#84, and the divine theologian for MM#85. Ink levels five times to reach Cl:13. Drakar levels to Ra:22\Cl:23\Th:20. Toke duals and levels to Wa:2\Cl:15. Ink levels to Cl:14. Spasm levels to Ra:11\Ma:15. Erin levels to Ra:7. Weezer levels to Wa:23\Sh:30. FisRad levels to Ma:20. Mon levels to Sh:21\Ra:15\Th:16. Vex levels to 9th Ordained. A GT is held in New York with with Aslan, Belsambar, Craige, Dart, Garland, Nicolas, Talyn, Virez and Zoah attending. Virez creates a log of the event: Elean: Hexes - Sat May 25 10:37:38 2002 - To: all - Wait a moment. She *won* the last golem wars, and decided this time, because she did not win, that it is appropriate to "hex" everyone that stood half a chance of winning? Remind me to add Bliss' inablility to lose to my next list of top 10 reasons Khore should not run a quest. - Elean.

5/24/02 - Kenlo reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Neon completes mobmaster 29. Bong is created, and some people are unhappy about his name. He's just an ogre tho and, as Elean gossiped, she prefers "to think he was named after the noise his head makes when hitting metal". Garath completes his first mobmaster, and reaches Sh: 3 Wa:11. Lorax completes mobmaster 73. Erin levels to 5 ranger. Charlie is created. Tynian posts an update note about bard testing. SnowFalcon reaches Th:15 Sh:15. Belsambar gets better at teleport (a side effect of being a bored suicide mage). Glyph levels to Sh:20 Ra:16 Th:16. Zmandforkso levels to SH:11. Selene of Darkness levels to Th:13\Wa:15\Ma:15. Vaalgamon of the Righteous levels to Cl:12\Wa:11 by slaying a museum guard. Brutus reports via note that Kaldred performed a CR for him in the Demon Realm and that Cordir "picked a good ordained." Grale levels to Ra:28\Ma:29 and then Ra:29\Ma:29. Natilena reaches 596 points in LQ. RANKS and LISTS for today. Kaldred achieves MM#85 and #86..those being 'the guildmaster' and 'the devine theologian'. Wyn levels to Ma:16\Ra:15\Th:15. The Chosen hold a special Fateful Hour. Whoz slays the Clerk for MM#99. Ink levels to Cl:7. Belsambar dies to the Tempest. His corpse is partially looted and partially returned. Lanfear kills a racoon for MM#63 and a huge mithril golem for #64. Mikey gets MM#11 on a tortoise beetle. Dee kills a small pudding to level to Cl: 4. Mael: hexes - Fri May 24 14:51:34 2002 - To: all - If you care, the hexes are real. You have been hexed if you are not an ally of Coven and one of the following is true: * The golem representing your following advanced beyond the first round of the golem quest * The golem representing your team specifically advanced beyond the first round of the golem quest . Being hexed means that any member of Bliss' following is permitted by her to attack and kill you. I myself plan to follow through on some of the hexes. You have been warned, if you care. Maybe you should.

5/23/02 - The remaining rounds of the 3rd annual golem wars are held, and the winner is The Fiesty Fiend! (Built by Lexie, Wyn & Selene; it is Kerriariadne's official golem). Aragorn levels to 8 ranger. Smaggle reaches Th:12 Sh:30 Wa:16. Tika is created. Selene reaches Th:13 Wa:15 Ma:15. Vaalgamon reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Phooey is re-created, after a long absence. Kerson kills a Drow Slave Master for MM#67. Bridget of wisdom levels to Wa:29\Cl:30. Mon levels to Sh:20\Ra:15\Th:16. Farranon does "about 10" location quests. Gytar slays "the Healing Paladin in Mystic" (later amended to Chromicon) for MM#82. Mnaramenth of Fate slays a stone Golem for MM#34, and the Ghost of Ozerrao for MM#35. Wylin ascends to 8th level Ordained and gains a train! Natilena reaches 520 points of Location Quest. Tirpitz "did MM 51 today but forgot what mob." The WarDancers reach 15 members. Glimmer levels to Wa:17. Kaldred of Fate slays the Supreme Thief for MM#80 and the Master Thief for MM#81, Ygren for #82 and the Lineoth Camp Leader for #83, the guildmaster for #84.. Morhaven reaches Ra: 8 Cl:11 and completes MM#4 - a butterfly. Syne is Knighted. Fifteen more photos are added to the GT page. Kaldred gets a reminder why Not To Go AFK out of Safe. Whoz completes MM#97 - the Magistrate and #98 - Captain Niall. Ink is created, and joins Solanthas and levels to 6th. Keller posts a response to WarMachine's idea.

5/22/02 - Garath duals to shaman. Ariakas exp's for the first time since 3x went in. Bashful clears the Elemental Canyon, only to find ONE moderate magic item in the whole place. Zmandforkso is created and levels to 7th. Keirdan duals (Wa:1 Cl:15). Khore spent a whole lot of time AFK making Golems. Eriq of Darkness levels to Cl:20. Neon completes MM#17 - the mithril apprentice, #18 - a giant spider, #19 - a fire lizard, #20 - a brown dragonet, #21 - a rakasta gatherer and #22 - an assitant to the journeyman. Ripper triples to thief. Wylin, ordained of Wisdom, levels to 7th and gains a Train! ### Tassadar has advanced to level 25. Quarnel joins the Chosen of Fate. Zmandforkso levels to Sh:10 on a resident. Whoz slays an Elite Triton Guard for MM#96. Farranon levels to Ma:5\Th:11 by slaying a drunken half-elf. Sylarn gets MM#45 - a mercenary guard. Kaldred of Fate levels to Ordained:23. With Legionnaire and Clue's help, Kaleyah defeats the Supreme Warrior of Emdeeville in time for the Golem Wars! Before the main event of the evening, there's a special announcement: Cordir is promoted to Lesser Goddess. Round one of the 3rd annual golem wars are held! Clue slays the Supreme Shaman for MM#77. Sleighty: East Coast GT? \ Wed May 22 19:24:50 2002 \ To: all \ I haven't been playing here long, only around 9 months but with the few GTs I've seen, they've all been located in the mid-west or western U.S.A. I was wondering who plays here from the east coast, to see if a GT would be possible. Anybody in the D.C. area, or close enough that they won't kill themselves driving here, send me an e-mail at Thanks in advance. -Sleighty Mnaramenth reaches Wa: 6 Cl:15. Uriel reaches Wa:25 Sh:20 Th:20. Dell levels to 13 warrior. Mosi levels to 11 shaman. Tostig levels several times at once, up to 8 warrior. Acadia levels to 7 mage. Spasm reaches Ra: 9 Ma:15. A wizlist from this day.

5/21/02 - Mnaramenth of Fate slays an amazon scout for MM#33. Aiken kils a groundskeeper for MM#67. Galahad is coolered for Conduct Unbecoming. Toke dies horribly to the Tempest, and a group consisting of Tassadar, Lorax and Solaron perform the CR. Edge: Ho hum diddly \ Tue May 21 21:53:08 2002 \ To: all \ just saying hi to all you wonderful people out here, still chugging along, i guess... but i guess i should leave now ... have fun everybody.... work and school sucks up all my time these days... so i probably won't be back again for the long times.... hehe.... ah, well...reminiscing...never good... well, take care... Edge... Ephiny completes MM#61- Assassin, #62 - the Knight, and #63 - cave fisher. Legionnaire levels to Or: 8 Wa:30 Ma:30 and reaches 1000 hours. Kaleyah slays a cloaker for MM#35. Whoz slays the Kraken for MM#95. Morhaven joins the Brethren. Acadia levels to 6 mage. Lexie gets several goofy locations quests in a row, such as lower hall and midgaard. Keller, a Tel follower, gossips (in common), 'well, that certainly was exciting. I was teleported to the grey shrine, then bad recalled to outside of Tel's temple :)'. Morhaven reaches Ra: 7 Cl:11. Gawain levels to 15 warrior. Bubba is recreated.

5/20/02 - Midas levels to 9 thief. Mnaramenth reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. Charles reaches Th:10 Wa:30 Sh:30. Ephiny completes mobmaster 63. Ihsahn reaches Th:15 Wa:14 Ma:15. Toke levels to 13 cleric. Morhaven joins Athorne. Kaldred completes mobmaster 79. Nazinthas reaches Ma:21 Th:20 Wa:23. Sleighty reaches Sh:22 Th:17. An odd conversation is held about using Ordained mortals for an even more odd purpose... Elektra levels to Cl:17. Lorax kills Arvard for MM#71. Ilisam levels to Cl:13\Th:11. Whoz slays a Triton War Captain for MM#93 and Evangeline for MM#94. Vaalgamon joins Athorne's Brethren of the Righteous. Majere posts his Immortality Petition.

5/19/02 - Tiax is promoted to Ambassador! Later on, Athorne is promoted to Demigod! He starts The Brethren of the Righteous, a Lawful Good aligned following that uses the Sword pk model, and his first follower is Fenrir. His initial following description is: "The Brethren of the Righteous is a self sustained following, containing some of the most lawful and trustworthy people throughout the realm. The following is centered around its uncanny ability to spread goodness to even the most remote places in the world. This is accomplished though Athorne's strict rules and beliefs, as well as the family atmosphere found within his temple. The Righteous not only spread kindness throughout the land, but act as protectors for those in need. You can be sure, anywhere evil raises its ugly head, the Brethren will be standing tall in defiance. Mnaramenth reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15, and completes mobmasters 11 thru 22. Vide is created. Death reaches Sh:12 Wa:10. Dell levels to 12 warrior. Grale completes mobmaster 60. Blacky reaches Cl:21 Wa:15. Palin reaches Th:13 Ma:24 Wa:25. Kaori reaches Cl:22 Th:20. Ihsahn reaches Th:14 Wa:14 Ma:15, and completes mobmaster 35. Wardrof questions (in common), 'What is with Tlato and Torax?'. -- for some strange reason "Tlato" and "Torax" show up on finfo, along with Plato and Vorax. Snappy reaches Wa:22 Cl:24. Luke reaches Ra: 2 Ma:18. Nigel reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Shon reaches 17 ordained. Palin reaches Th:13 Ma:24 Wa:25. Silvestri levels to 13 shaman. Tranquility: The GT \ Sun May 19 10:30:22 2002 \ To: all - Thank you to all who attended the GT, be it briefly or at length. We had a blast. - Tranquility, Cordir & Ptarchyzk

5/18/02 - A GT is held in Phoenix, Arizona at Tranquility's house in Arizona, with Tranquility, Ptarchyzk, Tianna(sp?), Cordir, Nyx, Jahiliya, Kennet, Tripper, Belsambar (via phone), Foolkiller, Gaul, Tirant, Kain, Majere, Syla, Tokugawa, & Marisa attending. See a few photos from the GT. Wardrof levels (but forgets to send me the # level) and gains an extra prac and "actually completed a fireworm mobm out of the 381749237497 fireworms that exist." Mobm #32, btw. Laura Longberry, the player behind DarkClaw, posts a bit of Prose and a Note about her father. Tassadar reaches Ra:22 Cl:30. Natilena reaches Ma:24 Ra:23 Th:23 and completes mobmaster 44. Frethy levels to 6 ranger. Looks is created. Cygan levels to 8 cleric. Tobold levels to 10 thief. Darwin reaches Ma:17 Wa:12 Th: 9. Odin levels to 7 ranger.

5/17/02 - DarkClaw posts "Hold On". Lita levels to 5 mage. Mireya reaches Cl:15 Wa:15. Brolly levels to 7 warrior. Khore posts a note about the golem quest deadline. Brundlewart reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Odin levels to 5 ranger and joins Plato. Ferelant is created. Bliss is lured into a chocolate trap. Clue of Fate slays the Supreme Thief for MM#76 and 2233 exp.

5/16/02 - Today is the two year anniversary of the Tigers! The ranks listings from this day. Kraven levels to 4 mage. Lanfear reaches 5 ordain. Nigel reaches Cl:15 Wa: 9. Khore posts some notes about the golems. Cordir posts a note about restrings and descriptions, and Keller posts a note about ritual phrases. Whoz completes MM#92 - Jair the Librarian. Tokugawa reboots the mud to bring in Tel's temple door and a fix on the Location Quest code. Rinnir slays the pantry keeper for MM#39 and also completes mobmaster 40. Mnaramenth of Fate goes on a Mobmastery spree: #8 - a tiny fairy, #9 - the Student, #10 - an elven slave, then levels to Cleric 15th and duals to Warrior, MM#11 - a student, #12 - a small golem, #13 - a dustdigger, #14 - a young duergar, #15 - a student, Levels to 2nd level Warrior, MM#16 - a drow commoner, #17 - an illusionist, #18 - a watchman, #19 - a guard of Malenest, #20 - a grizzly bear, #21 - a female ent, #22 - the vampire, MM#23 and Warrior level 3 - a druidic guard (and gains an extra prac), MM#24- a Mycon shaman, #25 - the Shaman's Apprentice, #25 - a large spider, #27 - a guard, #28 - a Flying Polyp of N'Kai, # 29 - a museum guard, Warrior level 4, MM#30 - the frost giant, and MM#31 - a duergar shaman. Additionally, he completed ten location quests.

5/15/02 - Khore announces that golem construction has begun. Elean levels to 14 cleric. Aragorn levels to 5 ranger. Neon reaches Th:12 Ra:15 Ma:15 and completes mobmaster 11. Entreri levels to 5 thief. Ilisam reaches Cl:12 Th:11. Tynian checks in version 3.96c. Lanfear completes MM#60 - Fennoch, #61 - a giant squid, and #62 - the guildmaster, and levels to Ordained 4th. Fraser levels to Ra:12\Ma:15. Apollyon gets MM#73 - Traezt the dragon hunter. Jergens is created and reaches level 9 thief. Bridget becomes a vigilante. Wylin completes MM # 29 Giant Crocodile - in "On a River in a Forest"'. Bashful gains MM#43 - a white tiger. Clue of Fate slays the Supreme Warrior for MM#75. ### Loki has advanced to level 14 (on an alchemist).

5/14/02 - Bliss is adored. Gothmog levels to 6 mage. Toke levels to 6 cleric. Radagast reaches Wa: 6 Ma:15. Gawain levels to 14 warrior. Nazinthas completes mobmaster 5. Soloman joins Bliss. Alyss levels to 5 cleric. Wunk reaches Wa: 9 Sh:13 Th:12. Mosi levels to 9 shaman. Otak reaches Wa: 4 Cl:18. Oswald reaches Wa:14 Cl:13. Duvel of Unity posts a warning about a Trade Gone Bad with Eamon. Wylin levels to Ordained 3rd. Wistom slays Chromicon the Paladin for MM#81 and 2313 exp. Elderon becomes a sociopath. Kaern declares that as punishment for gossipping, Kaldred is Hexed. (No word on how the coven feels about that). Clue of Fate slays Kyb Keyotay for MM#74. A WHO list from today.

5/13/02 - "Someone" gives Bliss Ladislaw's decapitated head. Later, Khore offers to sew it back on, and gets hexed for his trouble. (I wonder why :P) Radagast reaches Wa: 4 Ma:15. Kenlo levels twice, reaching Wa: 3 Cl:11. Syne reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. When imms relax: Vorax and Bliss play monopoly. Tank levels to 7 thief. Gundin levels to 9 shaman. Nejo levels to 10 cleric. Jared is created, and levels to 5 warrior. Spasm reaches Ra: 5 Ma:15. Mikey reaches Cl:19 Wa:16. Froty reaches Wa:11 Th:11 Sh:11. Lorax reaches Th:21 Wa:30 Cl:30. A wizlist from this day. Abaddon joins Bliss. Luke dies in The Nest and his corpse is rescued by Whoz. Loki is pummelled by the nightmares of the vortex. Ephiny of the Tigers hears of his difficulty and swiftly finds him and gives him a sanct. He still dies, and she recovers and returns the corpse. Armalag reports his reform upon login. A group consisting of Lorax (as leader), Wylin, Snappy, Ephiny and Clue defeated Myrrhine, Matron of House Velalisier. Natilena kills a griffon for MM#43.

5/12/02 - Tamar is promoted to Goddess! Silvestri levels to 6 shaman. Tank levels to 3 thief. (Anyone besides me think Tank's a funny name for a thief?) Vaalgamon reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Eamon is created, and levels to 8 shaman. Loki reaches Th:13 Ma:10. Oswald reaches Wa:10 Cl:13. Sleighty completes mobmaster 39. Radagast gossips (in common), 'Har har, very funny, You are to kill an animated golem box. You have 74 ticks to complete this task'. Tynian checks in version 3.96b. Indiga of Darkness gains MM72 - Tomas. Cirth of the Chosen levels to Th:14\Ma:15. Clue completes MM#72 - Kyb Keyotay for 2005 exp and Emperor Warloov for #73 and 2233 exp. Nicolas levels to Ra:18\Ma:15. Wylin achieves Ordained level 2. Syne joins the Golden Flame. Grale: Eamon \ Sun May 12 23:33:20 2002 \ To: all \ Eamon is a new Zakarious, as far as trading goes, gang. He walked off with several valuable items of mine, and did not did not give what he had agreed on to trade. Warning is given to all. He is a shaman level 8, and is too small to be punished directly. Do not trade with him. - Grale, Astral Guide of Wisdom

5/11/02 - Wylin is ordained "Saint" by Plato. Tynian announces that he's begun work on the bard class, and posts a note asking for volunteers for bard class testing. (Send in those resumes ;)  He also checks in version 3.96a. Cygnus levels to 17 mage. Gothmog levels to 5 mage. Oswald completes mobmasters 12 thru 14. Eriq reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Gawain joins Plato. Nicolas reaches Ra:18 Ma:15. Baal reaches Sh: 8 Wa:12. Loto levels to 15 cleric. Saruman levels to 23 cleric and gets a train. Fenrir levels to Mage 29th and 30th, to reach effective level 40.

5/10/02 - Mordith posts a notice that he's a mercenary for hire. Kelly levels to 6 cleric. Arianas reaches Th: 5 Sh:12. Tranio levels to 6 cleric. Glamdring joins Bliss. Tynian posts a note about version 3.96, which introduces location quest. Armalag reaches 8 ordained. Lorax reaches Th:19 Wa:30 Cl:30. Oswald levels twice, reaching Wa: 8 Cl:13. Tokugawa actually does some ids in the guild. Was that a flashback to his mage days? Silverwind levels to 9 shaman. Midas levels to 5 thief. Nudd reaches Wa: 6 Cl:14. Whoz's son in RL is born - a handsome little boy named Rohan.

5/9/02 - Tamar posts another vision. Grale reaches Ra:27 Ma:28. Relsky levels to 6 mage. Keirdan levels to 10 cleric. Glamdring levels to 12 cleric. Vaalgamon reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Bliss goes hex-crazy, hexing people that kill animated golem boxes. She can't seem to stop herself :P  Khore auctions 20 words of power, which are sold to Grale for "UngodlyAmountsOfCash". Black Market auctioning of words of power becomes widespread. The golem boxes start pondering things in their death throes. Rynna reaches Cl: 7 Ra: 9. Mithras reaches Wa: 7 Cl:13. Sylarn reaches Wa:16 Ma:30. Snappy joins Plato. Zip levels to 26th mage. Saruman kills a Killer Bee for MM#35. Cirth reached level 13thief/15mage today. Chad the Novice duals - Ra: 1 Ma:12.

5/8/02 - Nejo levels to 5 cleric. Spasm reaches Ra: 4 Ma:15. Mikey reaches Cl:14 Wa:13. Kaleyah posts a note expressing her gratitude for a corpse retrieval. Solaron gossips (in common), 'Ha! Scairz? Who's Scairz? Big sissy.'. Solaron gossips (in common), 'I was only blinded, annihilated, poisoned...'. Syne reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Oswald completes mobmaster 11. Froty reaches Sh:11 Wa:10 Th:10. Intrepid levels to 12 shaman. Wardrof completes MM#30 - a nymph in the woods south of Harpers, and #31 - an off-duty manor servant in the Dark Manor. Lanfear of Fate works hard on Ascensions and Mob Mastery quests, reaching level three Ordained, as well as MM#57 - Lt. Oukri (1074 exp) #MM58 - The Guildmaster (1028 exp), MM59 - Unwro (1028 exp), but MM#60 she failed.... Fisrad dies In Heavy Seasto a Giant Squid, and Isitititis performs the CR. Sylarn levels to Ma:30\Wa:15 . Clue slays Frisnor for MM#71. Radagast: Kaldreds help \ Wed May 8 13:00:22 2002 \ To: Cordir \ *Bows deeply* Hello lady Cordir, I just wanted to thank you and Kaldred for the help he gave me I auctioned "Looking for Dragon Scale shirt and +1int wwp". He told me to come to Mish and GAVE both of them to me. I was amazed, I just wanted to let you know that his kindness will be remembered, and to tell you how much of a help he was/is to me.

5/7/02 - Khore posts some notes about the words of power. Keirdan levels to 7 cleric. Ripper completes mobmaster 27. A pigeon gossips, '*squawk* HELP! someone is ugly and chasing me around!', and the golem boxes start up with "An animated golem box gossips, 'HELP! someone is trying to kill me!'."... Khore's Golem Quest III hits the next stage. Bashful completes MM#40 - a tired monk. Apollyon slays the warrior guildmaster of Glashorn for MM#70. Alyria regains effective level 40. (Ra:30\Ma:30) Nazinthas levels to Wa:20\Th:20\Ma:20. The Chosen of Fate hold their last Bardic Circle on the first Tuesday of the Month - in June, it moves to the first Friday of the month. A WHO list... Morphius kills a Minister of Heat for MM#44.

5/6/02 - Morphius is ordained "Dark Spirit" by Kerriariadne. Wulfgar levels to 6 warrior. Mikey reaches Wa: 8 Cl:13. Keirdan levels to 6 cleric. Fraser joins Tripper. Kaldred completes mobmaster 73. Velthorn levels to 7 shaman. Taim reaches Wa:12 Ma:12. Spasm duals to ranger, reaches Ra: 3 Ma:15 and gets a train. Zip levels to 25 mage. Natilena reaches Ma:22 Ra:23 Th:23. Kaldred gossips (in common), 'Oh this is absolutely beautiful.. You know you're hated when: You are to kill Night's Jester. You have 20 ticks to complete this task.'. (Didn't he do that one already? :P) Selene reaches Th:12 Wa:15 Ma:15. Mordon logs on, after a long absence. Lanfear levels to Ordained 2nd and kills Shye for MM#55. Tassadar was apparently bored, and challenged Grale to bring him ten different adult dragon steaks. Grale took them all on solo, and steaked them one by one: white, mithril, yellow, green, cloud, aqua, earth, rock, amethyst, and mercury one after the other!

5/5/02 - Adso's area (MG Graveyard) is installed, and Zakarious is the first person to find it. Kurast is created. Trunks reaches Ra: 7 Th: 9. A wizlist and the ranking lists from this day. Arianas reaches Th: 2 Sh:12. Daxx levels to 7 shaman. Tynian posts a note about version 3.95. Mikey reaches Wa: 5 Cl:13. Saladin levels to 6 thief. Taim reaches Wa:11 Ma:12. Oswald reaches Wa: 2 Cl:13 and gets a train. Tel is promoted to Demigod, taking the title, "Harbinger of the Golden Flame". His first follower is Keller, and his initial following description is: Returned to the Realm following a long absence, Tel brings a new vision to the land and his followers. The Passionate, as ever, are dedicated to seeing beauty flourish in the world, of form as well as of Spirit. They seek to find the beauty in all the gods creations, each in their own way. His worshippers are divided into two distinct groups, Knights and Gentry. The Knights of the Order of the Golden Flame are to serve as Protectors of the Realm. The Gentry aid the Knights in their duties, but are largely non-combative. Currently, Tel is only accepting Knights. To join the Order, you must find a Knight to squire yourself to. Note: Knights must be able to wear metal armor. Note: No thieves will be allowed into the Passionate at all. Roleplaying is heavily encouraged, especially if you wish to advance in Rank within the following. Inquire with Tel or his followers for further details. Clue of Fate slays Traezt the dragon Hunter for MM#70 and 2,138 exp.

5/4/02 - Garland levels to Ordained 17th and slays Ygren the sword crafter for mm#83. Mnaramenth of Fate gets MM#5 - a mycon farmer, #6 - a gnat, and #7 - a chicken. Cirth of Fate slays a watchman for MM#18, and Tassadar kills a child of sanguinna for MM#46. Zip levels to Ma:24. Wardrof gets MM#29 - a birch tender, and Dogdaze gets a master monk for #56. Clue completes mobmaster 70. Ephiny reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30)  Rynna reaches Cl: 6 Ra: 9. Ihsahn completes mobmaster 34. Tyanna is created. Spasm levels to 14 mage. Mikey reaches Wa: 3 Cl:13. Brutus completes mobmaster 29. Kaldred and Aiken do a CR for Brutus after he bad recalls to the second floor of masters. Galahad reaches Ma: 8 Ra: 9. Hiro reaches Cl: 4 Wa:11. Nudd levels to 14 cleric.

5/3/02 - Kaldred of Fate levels to Ord 19th. Lexie kills Traezt for MM#72. Drucilla levels to Cl:20\Wa:15. Zip levels to 23 mage gaining an extra prac and a train. Cirus reaches level 14 in "only 22 hours". Lanfear is Ordained by Cordir. Tynian posts a note about version 3.94. Lorax reaches Th:16 Wa:30 Cl:30 and completes mobmaster 67. Mikey levels to 12 cleric. Glyph reaches Th:14 Ra:16 Sh:16. Wyn reaches Th:15 Ra:15 Ma:15. Molo reminisces a little on gossip. Tobold levels to 8 thief. Keller reaches Cl:13 Wa:15. Selene reaches Th:11 Wa:15 Ma:15.

5/2/02 - Azeworai is ordained "Dreamkeeper" by Tamar. Mikey levels to 11 cleric. Pride reaches Wa:15 Cl:11. Tassadar completes mobmaster 44. Lorax reaches Th:15 Wa:30 Cl:30. Ichabod reaches Sh:16 Wa:15. Tiberius reaches Th:19 Ra:21 Cl:21 and completes mobmaster 37. Selene and Galahad become engaged. Pitt got mobm 78, the malenest Master Mage, " thanks to a portal from Lanfear." Lania joins the Wardancers.

5/1/02 - Whitehawk is retired, and his followers are automatically reformed as they login. Sheldon levels to 13 cleric. Nazinthas reaches Wa:19 Ma:20 Th:17. Bytorr reaches Wa:15 Cl:16. Oswald reaches 13 cleric, then duals to warrior. Bliss' temple is temporarily turned into the Tiki Room as a parrot invades it. Keller reaches Cl:12 Wa:15. Memnoch deletes self and is recreated. Memnon levels to 10 cleric. Taim reaches Wa:10 Ma:12. Arianas levels to 8 shaman. Version 3.93b is installed.

4/30/02 - Indiga ascends to Wa:30\Cl:30. Apollyon levels to Cl:30\Wa:25. Lexie achieves MM#71 - Arvard. Kaleyah reached 600 hours of play. Moiraine, Nudd, and Freyr join Wisdom. Galahad's Blade is recovered. Lorax levels to Th:13\Wa:30\Cl:30. Selene duals back to thief. Dres reaches Ma:15 Wa:15 Th:13. Emacs reaches Ma: 3 Wa:15. Marius levels six times, reaching Cl: 6 Wa: 9. Tholbar reaches Th:14 Wa:30 Cl:30. Tassadar completes mobmaster 43. Garland reaches ordained 14. Kelanea reaches Ra:25 Ma:19. Spasm levels to 10 mage. A who list from this day.

4/29/02 - Fisrad levels to Ma:15. Wistom reaches 1400 hours of play. Zip levels to Ma:22 and gains a Train. Kaldred & Triston get a little wild, showing off who is more sexy. (This results in Kaldred being smacked around by Cordir later this week.) Pardoquilian completes mobmasters 37 & 38. Kenlo levels to 7 cleric. Buzzbuzz levels to 14 mage. Esariston reaches Ma:12 Th: 9 Ra: 9 and completes mobmaster 28 (a rakasta citizen). Memnoch reaches Wa: 2 Ma:18. Mikey levels to 4 cleric. Dres reaches Ma:14 Wa:15 Th:13. Loki reaches Th:10 Ma:10. Dart reaches Ra:20 Ma:20. Kaldred completes mobmasters 68, 69 & 70 and levels to Ordained 17th. Aiken completes mobmaster 58 (a giant squid).

4/28/02 - Tassadar levels to Cl:30\Ra:15. Solaron levels to Wa:26\Cl:27. Nudd dies on the Longship and Noctus performs the CR. Kaldred levels twice to reach 16th Ordained. Jun joins the Chosen. Tamar posts a note called "Last Night's Vision". Kenlo is created and joins the Chosen of Fate. Aiken reaches Ra:28 Th:25 Ma:25. Brundlewart reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Tassadar reaches Cl:30 Ra:15. Celeborn completes mobmaster 30. "Qithlorien" is created, and Spyder gossips (in common), 'BRING BACK THE DEAD'. Jun joins Cordir. Clue completes mobmaster 69. Sylarn reaches Ma:29 Wa:15. Trunks reaches Ra: 5 Th: 9. Arianas is re-created. Palin reaches Th:12 Ma:24 Wa:25. A wizlist from this day. Sarabos levels to 26 cleric. Alrandolin reaches Ma:29 Wa:30. Keller reaches Cl:11 Wa:15. Drakar completes mobmaster 60. Noctus retrieves a corpse from Longship's captain's quarters. Tynian posts a note about version 3.93, which among other things, implements pk classification. About pk classification, Zakarious questions (in common), 'i have 25 recent kills and im only a vigilante?'. Tynian answers, 'Yes. The code has given you the benefit of the doubt, as it were'. Zakarious answers (in common), 'k was just wondering who would possibly qualify for thug if i didnt :p'. Khore posts a note announcing Golem Wars 3. Solanthas' temple is installed.

4/27/02 - Judas duals to warrior. Tassadar reaches Cl:29 Ra:15. Bahlzuri levels to 30 mage! Brundlewart does a corpse retrieval for Keller. Freyr is created. Nightshade levels to 7 mage. Sylarn reaches Ma:28 Wa:15. Pardoquilian completes mobmaster 36. Wardrof reaches Cl:21 Wa:18. Dyptricx reaches Th: 5 Sh:22. Grale reaches Ma:28 Ra:25. Garland completes mobmasters 74 thru 77. FisRad levels to 14 mage. Azzedar levels to 6 shaman. Otak reaches Wa: 2 Cl:18. Lorax reaches Th:10 Wa:30 Cl:30. Tassadar completes MM#41 - a servant of Warloovs. Nitidus levels to Ma:22\Th:21\Ra:25 and gains a Train. Hector "starts exping again." Nitidus tries to 'scare' Aiken by attacking him, but dies horribly in the process. Raile reaches Wa:11 Cl:15 and works on several mob mastery quests, including 16 - the constable, 17 - the wolf, 18 - a rakasta kit, 19 - an orc hunter, 20 - a savage minotaur, 21 - a female ent, and 22 - a shamanic guard. Keller dies to a duergar beastie and Brundelwart performs the CR. Raile gets yet ANOTHER Mob Mastery - #23 - an Orc Guard. Celeborn achieves MM#29 - an Ogre Concubine. Ephiny gossips (in common), 'In a valiant group effort, Paython, Dogdaze, Solaron, Wylin and I killed Bethany'. Brutus completes MM#24 - a patient. Lexie achieved MM#70, but "forgot what it was". Solanthas and Cordir name one another Allies. Kaldred levels to 14th Ordained.

4/26/02 - Garland reaches Ordained level 12. Wardrof levels to Cl:20\Wa:18, and gains max hit points! Cirth levels to Th:11\Ma:15. Kaldred levels to 13th Ordained. Otak levels to 18 cleric, and duals to warrior. Lorax reaches Th: 7 Cl:30 Wa:30. Rene is created. Pride reaches Wa:14 Cl:11. Kaori completes mobmaster 15.

4/25/02 - Wylin levels to effective 40th! Boromir reaches level 24 ranger (Ra:24\Ma:21\Thi:21). Nicolas reaches Ra:16 Ma:15. Wardrof reaches Cl:20 Wa:18. Nudd levels to 7 cleric. DarkClaw completes mobmaster 43. Raile joins Kerriariadne. Lorax reaches Th: 5 Cl:30 Wa:30. Glyph reaches Th: 2 Ra:16 Sh:16. Drakar completes mobmaster 58.

4/24/02 - Glyph triples to thief. Kaldred reaches 14 ordained. Lorax reaches Th: 4 Cl:30 Wa:30. Nightshade is created and levels to 6 mage. Blystur completes mobmaster 56. Dogdaze gossips (in dwarven), 'where can i get a RL personal zombie?'. Someone gossips, 'An Ozzy concert?'. Mystical levels to 12 cleric. Saruman levels by killing the blue dragon. He also gains max HP and an extra prac. Additionally, he completes MM#33 - an ofcol city guard and #34 - a stalwart guard. Pitt levels to Wa:20/Sh:30/Th:20. Whoz achieves MM#90 - Amirth and #91 - the Divine Thief. Kerriariadne reports: " I was sitting alone in my temple this afternoon, pondering Great Things as I often do, when all of a sudden I see this: 'Ephiny is forcibly thrown to the ground! ' *snickers* I typed "time" - my first unexpected Midnight Visitor. It is 12am on Dreade the 23rd, the month of Apathy, in the year 2528. TFC started up at Sat Apr 20 22:58:58 2002 The system time is Wed Apr 24 12:38:05 2002.

4/23/02 - Tranquility posts a note about the upcoming arizona gt. Famine completes mobmasters 33 & 34. Mon reaches Th: 8 Ra:15 Sh:15. Lorax triples to thief and reaches Th: 2 Cl:30 Wa:30. Galahad announces that he is the mayor of Midgaard. Nigel reaches Cl:12 Wa: 9. Bahlzuri levels to 28 mage and completes mobmasters 14 thru 20. Dart reaches Ra:19 Ma:20. Froty reaches Wa: 9 Sh:10 Th:10. Memnon levels to 8 cleric. Aiken completes mobmaster 57. Dharma is created, and gets a train as she levels to 3 cleric. Whitehawk gossips, 'Well well I still have the highest Attack/kill percentage... muahah!'. Bashful reaches Wa:26\Cl:26. Drazuk of Fate levels to Ra:15\Th:10\Ma:21. Lanfear of Fate kills the amethyst dragon for 1439 and MM#54, then later levels to Ma:30\Ra:30 at the beginning of the last Tuesday night Fateful Hour. During the Hour, Clue chooses a new life, and becomes Blood-Daughter to Lord Khore. Katrana of Fate regains level 29!! /Khore announces Information about two upcoming Quests! Whoz slays the Triton War Captain for MM#89 after "about 30 failed attempts for that MM level". Lanfear kills the Amethyst Dragon for MM#54 and 1492 exp.

4/22/02 - Solanthas accepts Anduin, Ariakas, Tirpitz, Simalrion, Mystical and Judas into the WarDancers. Nicolas kills a sand shark for MM#33. Trunks levels to Th:8. Wisdom reaches 1400 hours of play. Ichabod reaches Sh:15 Wa:13. Wylin reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Orin reaches Wa:15 Cl:19. Darien and Tsumemasa are created. Dogdaze reaches Wa:18 Sh:30 and gets a train. Bolarian levels three times, reaching Th: 5 Wa:11. Nazinthas reaches all 17's: Th:17 Wa:17 Ma:17. Selene reaches Ma:14 Wa:15 Th:10. Mux reaches Wa: 4 Ma:15.

4/21/02 - Solanthas is promoted to Demigod! His first follower is Berrin (for the second time. Berrin was also first worshipper of the original WarDancers), and his initial following description is: The Wardancers is a small group of adventurers dedicated to fighting evil. The followers of Solanthas are expected to be strong and fierce in fighting, and gentle and kind to their allies and those they consider friends. A Wardancer is loyal and trustworthy and puts goodness above all. The way of the Wardancers is a difficult path to walk, and their actions will not always agree with the rest of the other good followings. Nevertheless they strive for a world without evil, and have good intentions. Shortly afterwards, Tel is unretired and promoted to Attendant of Tripper! And last but not least, Gavin is promoted to Attendant of Kerriariadne! Cordir posts a note about visiting Arizona. Then, late this night, Molo wipes Apex chocolate from existence! (Guess that's why I've never heard of it. Still, *sob*, any chocolate disappearing is bad!) In non-immortal news: Khorlan completes mobmaster 85. Jun levels to 20 warrior. Hiro reaches Cl: 2 Wa:11. Trunks levels to 7 thief. Morphius completes mobmaster 43. Mystical levels to 11 cleric. Amastacia levels to 7 warrior. Zappa reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15. Kellicia levels to 5 cleric. Drakar reaches Ra:21 Cl:23 Th:20 and completes mobmaster 57. Buzzbuzz levels to 13 mage. Galahad duals to mage and somehow loses his restrung sword. Neodis posts "Dancing under the Ashen Moon". Nitidus levels to Ra:25\Th:21\Ma:21. Kaldred ascends to Ordained level 12.

4/20/02 - Tokugawa is promoted to Greater God! yay yay yay!  Tynian posts a note announcing "Official TFC web site remodeled, new webmaster". Cheeba is created. Pheonix levels to 25 cleric. Pyr reaches Wa: 5 Ma:15. Famine completes mobmasters 29 & 30 (a male ent & a crocodile). Garland reaches 8 ordained. Valin levels to 8 warrior. Syne reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Kerson reaches 8 ordained. Wyn completes mobmasters 40 & 41. Alrandolin reaches Wa:30 Ma:28. Mux reaches Wa: 3 Ma:15. Mon reaches Ra:15 Sh:15. SnowFalcon completes mobmaster 33 (Lord Valharik). Dyptricx duals to thief. A wizlist from this day. Drakar completes MM#55 - Unwro & # 56 - guardian daemon. Kaldred (now called "Eraic Dhan") levels to Ordained 9th (gaining a train), 10th, and 11th. Indiga reaches Wa:29/Cl:30. Kerson completes MM#56 - the Tax Collector and #57 - Hyrcia. Wyn levels to Th:11\Ra:15\Ma:15. Galahad has his weapon restrung to "Galahad's Sword".

4/19/02 - Neodis posts a note on double standards. Ichabod completes mobmaster 25. Vash levels to 6 mage. Dunestripe reaches Ra: 7 Ma:12. Garland completes mobmaster 71 and levels ordained twice. (He completes 7 mobmasters total on this day - 3 Drow Soldiers, a Drow Warrior, a drow Guard, a priestess & Timon.) Wyn levels twice (once in thief and once in ranger) reaching Th:10 Ra:15 Ma:15. Famine reaches Cl:19 Wa:17. Yensid completes mobmaster 11. Snowfalcon levels to Th:13\Sh:15.

4/18/02 - Cordir announces the winners of Khore's challenge. Mon reaches Ra:13 Sh:15. Kelanea reaches Ra:24 Ma:19. Pyr reaches Wa: 4 Ma:15. Alyria reaches Ra:29 Ma:30. Grale completes mobmaster 59. Spyder reaches Th:10 Ma:18 Wa:17. Syne reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Wylin levels to Wa:28\Cl:30. Rinnir completes MM#34, the Peace Officer and #35 - the queen's bodyguard (Trivia: her name was Sinome before the zone was modified.). Garland kills King Zentarian for MM#65 and levels to 5 Ordained. Nicolas levels to Ra:15\Ma:15. Snook is created and levels to 8th. Death levels to Sh: 6\Wa:10. Kaldred gains Ordained level 6 & 7.

4/17/03 - Eriq of the Coven levels to Wa:13 Cl:15. Kerson completes MM#51 - a magman, levels to Ordained 6th, MM#52 - a magman, and #54 - a monk. Kaldred levels twice - Ordained 3rd & 4th. Soloman levels to 14 shaman. Bolarian levels to 8 warrior. Tassadar completes mobmaster 37. Drazuk completes mobmaster 10. Isitititis joins Plato.

4/16/02 - Nitidus gets MM#49 -a cook. Bashful reaches 1000 hours of 3x game play. Garland is ordained "Soul Hunter" by Tripper and levels to 2nd!. Silence tells you (in common), '*in sign* today i made a probably ill fated attempt at craeting a thieves guild'. Kjgen reports Sh:11\Th:10. DarkFang practices Improved Identify. Dyptricx renounces the evil of exp'ing and leveling. Sativa declares that 'I went insane today'. Xstatix levels to Ma: 6. Dragonbane Ascends to Ma:12\Wa:15\Th:11. Kaldred is named a Triat Master and Ordained by Cordir. Clue completes MM #66, a groundskeeper, and MM #67, Denrew the Warrior Guildmaster. Kerson levels to Ordained 5th. Kaldred levels to Ordained 2nd level and gains a Train. He also completes mobmaster 60. Zakarious posts a note that sparks a lot of notes about honor & alignment. Vash joins Bliss. Froty reaches Wa: 5 Sh:10 Th:10. Mon reaches Sh:14 Ra:11. Pestilence reaches Wa: 4 Sh:10. Emacs levels to 12 warrior. Eriq reaches Wa:12 Cl:15.

4/15/02 - Eriq posts "The Black Rose" (parts 1 & 2). Grale posts "Wilting in the Light" as a response. Mystical completes mobmaster 5 (a messenger). Khent levels to 5 shaman. Pyr reaches Wa: 2 Ma:15. Wunk reaches Th: 9 Sh:13. Daot is created. Wylin reaches Wa:27 Cl:30 and gets a train. He also turns 400 years old. Vaalgamon levels to 5 cleric. Regul reaches Ma:19 Ra:20 Th:17. Neodis posts "Power and Dark Chocolate". Mon reaches Sh:13 Ra:11. Tripletriztz completes mobmaster 23. Fenrir levels to 28th mage. Eriq levels twice to Wa:11\Cl:15. Ichabod levels to Sh:12\Wa:13. Case levels to Ma:17. Mux duals to Wa: 1\Ma:15. Dragonbane levels to Wa:15\Ma:11\Th:11. Cordir offers a free card to the first one to bring her a Light of a Lost Soul. Pardoquilian of Fate brings her one, but gives it to Mystical, and Micah gets one for providing a chocolate covered croissant. Uriel commissions a card. Thingone completes MM#87 - the Divine Theologian. Kerson does a lot of work on his mob masteries: #44 - a guardian spirit, #45 - the Ruffian, #46 - a Sea Elf ambassador, #47 - a mercenary guard, #48 - Hylledorax, the dwarven spelunker, #49 - the librarian. He then leveled to Ordained level 4, then slew the instructor for MM#50 - the very LAST instructor alive in the trading post.

4/14/02 - Plato's (unfinished) area is accidentally installed, and a few people are able to find a way into it. WarMachine reaches Cl:13 Ra:10. Syne reaches Wa: 4 Cl:15. Fairchild levels to 5 mage. Wylin completes mobmaster 28. DragonBane reaches Wa:15 Ma:11 Th:11. Mystical levels to 9 cleric. Mon gossips (in common), 'Chocolate maker is dead, HEADLINE NEWS, chocolate maker is DEAD!!!'. *sob*  The very same Anathema newbiekiller (as mentioned below) is slain by Katrana, Blade of Fate. As of this point, every Blade has slain this newbiekiller, and it will continue until he levels above 15th and stops harassing newbies. Charles of the Tigers completes MM#70 - Arvard. Pardoquilian slays Chaplain Jerrold for MM#33, with the assistance of Nyx, then moments later, she levels to Sh:20\Wa:16, and later still, completes MM#34 - a duergar princeling. Brianna of the Tigers levels to Ma:14. Wunk dies in the Ents, and Pardoquilian performs the CR.

4/13/02 - Tripletrizits of the Chosen levels to Cl:14\Wa:11. Indiga of the Dark levels to Wa:27\Cl:30. Thingone finds a +5 dam random and sells it for 1.5 million! Tripletriztz completes MM#22 - a duerger warrior - for 686 exp. After completing several mob mastery quests, Dogdaze reaches Wa:17\Sh:30. With a group consisting of Clue, Skeeve, Gup, Kantor, Lins, and Tyr, Kaldred completes the last requirement of his Triat Mastery quest - the bagging of the Jester of Night Keep. Clue later kills King Zentarion for MM#65. Ephiny levels to Wa:28\Cl:30. Orin levels to Wa:14\Cl:19. Mandrake regains his Mob Mastery rank, killing a Master Warrior. Syne reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15. Glyph reaches Ra: 9 Sh:12. Slick reaches Cl:23 Ra:17. Pestilence levels twice, to 8 shaman. Mystical levels to 8 cleric. Lexie completes mobmaster 68 (a spider statue). Amastacia levels to 5 warrior. Pyromanci levels to 5 mage. Soloman levels to 13 shaman.

4/12/02 - Lexie reaches effective 50th (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)! Taibh completes mobmaster 68. Hogan is created. Dogdaze reaches Wa:17 Sh:30 and completes mobmasters 53 & 54. Eriq reaches Cl:13 Wa:10. Kaldred completes his Triat Mastery quest by killing the Night's Jester. Mnaramenth of the Chosen levels to Cl:13. (12 hp, 12 mana, 6 pracs, and a train!) Mandrake fails a Mob Mastery - the Dark Horrifying Essence in the Dark Manor, and loses a Mob Mastery Rank level, falling to 73. Myronides posts a note stating that since he's in the process of moving, he'll be off mud for a few weeks.

4/11/02 - Temptress levels to 6 thief. Hellsabub levels to 3 thief. Dres reaches Th: 5 Ma: 9 Wa: 9. Wylin completes MM#25 - overseer, #26 Inspector's Guard - Bazaar, #27 rakasta warrior - molotov, Poof levels to Ma:17\Ra:10. Lins claims to have created the largest zombie 'in history', at level 38 with 665 hps, made from the Magistrate. Nicolas completes MM#32 - the witch. Bashful levels to 26th cleric.

4/10/02 - Memnoch levels to Ma:15. Lexie retrieved Fraser's corpse from Kharad Delving, and she & Triston gave just about everything back. (Fraser is a member of Wisdom). Wyn levels to Ra:10\Th:9\Ma:15. Poof dies in Tharlodien's Vein, but "thanks to Charles (of the Tigers) it wasn't as bad as it could have been," as the Tiger comes to his rescue when Poof tries to CR himself amidst a bunch of angry miners. Ephiny reaches Wa:28 Cl:30 and completes MM#57 - a zombie guard. Keller D'Augustine levels to Cl:2\Wa:15, Dracon of Wisdom levels to Wa:15. Clue reaches 4,000 hours. Wylin levels to Cl:30\Wa:25, and Lorax reaches Wa:28\Cl:30. Buzzbuzz of Wisdom levels to Ma:10. Mystical levels to 7 cleric. Glyph levels twice, reaching Ra: 3 Sh:12. DarkClaw completes mobmasters 41 & 42. Wunk reaches Th: 6 Sh:13. Malakost completes mobmaster 55.

4/9/02 - WHOZ LEVELS TO 50TH!! Nicolas completes MM#31 - the head fisher. After killing one of Wisdom, a foul newbie killer is promptly slain by Solarn Al'Veeran, a Blade of Fate. Weezer: Zakarious you've done it again. :) - Tue Apr 9 18:01:53 2002 - To: All - well i guess its my fault for letting my guard down and knowing not to trust anyone in this mud such as zakarious well i just take everything as a learning experience. :) just a warning to everyone else not to Purchase or Trade with Zakarious No matter what offer h he puts on the table.. *wiggle* Taibh completes MM#64 - the Guildmaster. Kelanea of Darkness levels to Ra:22\Ma:19 . Alyria regains Ra:28\Ma:30. Aslan of Fate reaches Cl:29 - and gains a train! Kaldred posts a note to various individuals about the upcoming Jester's trip. Garland auctions (in old-common), 'Mini quest, 40k in gold to anyone who brings me a high level bag, or steak of the Dragon Turtle ;)'. and later ..... Garland gossips (in old-common), '<<Edited: An Anathema>> wins the mini quest, even though he just beat the pudding out of a Tiger >:P'. Garland gossips (in old-common), 'Next mini quest, get me a steak of bag of a mob that pops both, "A Clear potion" and "(Token Magic) A tablet'. Garland gossips (in old-common), 'This one is worth 5k (Running out of gold >:P)'. Glyph duals to ranger after leveling to 12 shaman. Arianas reaches Th:16 Wa:25 Sh:25. Eriq reaches Wa: 9 Cl:10. Tassadar completes mobmasters 33 & 34. Dragonis levels to 9 warrior. Mon levels to 10 shaman, and later duals to ranger. Weezer completes mobmaster 25. Valence reaches Ra:21 Cl:25. Wylin reaches Cl:30 Wa:25. Lexie completes mobmaster 65.

4/8/02 - Nigel reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Quananvere levels to 6 cleric. Trollslayer levels to 5 ranger. Gangleri reaches Wa: 7 Cl:20. Pyr levels to 14 mage. Neodis returns to TFC after an extended absence. Wyn levels to Ra:7\Th: 9\Ma:15. Spyder of Darkness levels to Th: 9 Ma:18 Wa:17, and Eriq of the Dark levels to Wa: 7\Cl:10. Aslan of fate reaches 1000 years of age. Wylin of Wisdom levels to Cl:29\Wa:25 and gets a VERY nice level - ("You raise a level!! Lucky you! You get max hit points! Lucky you! You get an extra practice! Lucky you! You get another training session!") He also completes mobmaster 20. BuzzBuzz levels to Ma: 8. Gavin reaches 140 hours of Ambassador service. Grale slays Unwro in Aran for MM#57 and also reaches Ma:26\Ra:25.

4/7/02 - Syne levels to 11 cleric, getting his best level (19/164 hp, 14/190 m, 6/156 mv, 5/9 prac, 1/5 trn). Wyn completes mobmaster 34 and reaches Ra: 5 Th: 9 Ma:15. Jaden levels to 5 warrior. Arianas reaches Sh:25 Wa:25 Th:15. FisRad levels to 8 mage. Wylin completes mobmaster 15. Soloman levels to 11 shaman. Spyder kills a Rock Monster for MM#35. Mnaramenth slays a school of fish for MM#2, and albino worm for MM#3. Cerberus is attacked by a newbie killer, who is then promptly slain by Abe Stormreaver, a Blade of Fate. Khorlan lost concentration on wizard mark three times in a row. BuzzBuzz joins Wisdom. Cordir: Contest Won! / Sun Apr 7 19:17:30 2002 / To: All Tokugawa / Tonight I ran a scavenger quest, listing 20 items. Participants had 1 hour to obtain them all. Drakar was the winner, with 12 items collected. The prize is a custom made potion and a calling card.

4/6/02 - Wyn completes mobmaster 33. Layd levels to 6 thief. Sylarn reaches Ma:24 Wa:15. Dracon levels to 13 warrior. Silence levels to 27 thief. Charles got MM#66 - The Seer of Aran ("Thank God for 'dispel magic' fetishes :P"), #67 - Denrew and 68 - Tharlodin... and... ### Charles has advanced to level 30 - reaching effective 40th after 1070 hours of play. Taibh throws an "all you can eat mushroom fest" in Charles' honor. Charles gossips (in common), 'hehe, all you can eat-till-your-mana-runs-out'. Ihsahn joins the Chosen of Fate. Natilena levels to Ra:23\Th:21\Ma:21. Lexie levels to Th:29\Wa:30\Ma:30. Slick of the Coven levels to Cl:22\Ra:17. Clue completes MM#63 - Nemdor. Layd is slain by the Banshee and Dalaran performs a CR. Thingone found a Moderate Magic flagged item! Gerrohm is created. Indiga completes MM#64 and #65, a triton patrolguard and Denrew . Mnaramenth levels to Cl:12. Khorlan bad portals to the Longship and what does he see? (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) The captain of this vessel stares darkly at you. You parry Captain Vahzlune's attack.

4/5/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.92. Kekdu levels twice, reaching Ra:12 Ma:13. Cygnus levels to 8 mage. Dracon levels to 12 warrior. Chtekinovska levels thief twice, then duals to ranger and reaches Ra: 4 Th:10. Lexie cants, 'fear me!' so a god does. Nigel reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Mithras reaches Wa: 5 Cl:13. Zakarious reaches Wa:29 Ma:30. Leroy reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Lanfear gossips (in common), 'I know why the Innkeeper in LL is such a moody guy'. 'Nevyn drops by EVERY - SINGLE - DAY.. telling him he is a viking'. A wizlist and some ranking lists from this day. Keat goes to kill the Avatar at Sahaguin.. then had to get out of the combat.. quaffed a Teleport, and went straight to the Dragon Tower's Ancient Green Dragon and promptly died. Taibh and Noctus tried to perform the CR, and Taibh gets slept by a mage mob in Shadow Grove. Whoz completes the CR, and Noctus goes in to get one of Keat's heavier magic items . Micah completes MM#47 and #48 - Gorlok the master slaver and Oprah. Blystur levels to Ma:26\Ra:26. Selene levels to Wa:11\Ma:10\Th:10. Micah bad recalls to .... the Recall Room! Garland completes MM#61 - Triton chef. Brundlewart Badaxe levels to Cl:18\Wa:15. Lorax levels to Wa:25\Cl:30. Valence levels to Ra:20\Cl:25. Drystan of Fate levels to Sh:27. Kaern gives Grimace a tour of the dragonettes (Valley of Dhraxx). Tassadar of Wisdom levels to Cl:24\Ra:15. DarkClaw completes MM#40 - the Royal Minotaur Guard. Lins reaches #1 on XPRANK. Layd reaches Th:5. Pardoquilian of Fate levels to 19th level shaman, and gains 16hps, 16mana, and 6 pracs!

4/4/02 - Nazinthas reaches Wa:13 Ma:17 Th:11. Daxx levels to 5 shaman. Terminate levels to 6 shaman. Chtekinovska levels to Th:7 and joins Wisdom. Whoz reaches Th:29\Wa:30\Ma:30. Nicolas of Wisdom levels to Ra:13\Ma:15. Layd dies in the Spider's Nest, and Nicolas performs the CR. Kelanea of Darkness reaches level Ra:20\Ma:19. Quananvere is created. Ephiny dies to Carthales the Minister of Defense. Wylin of Wisdom levels to Cl:28\Wa:25 and gained max HP! Ephiny and Nicolas commission cards. Aphrodite levels to Sh:15\Wa:15 \Th:13.

4/3/03 - Today, Nazca gossiped the whereabouts of a secret chest of gold located in the Vile Rune - one of his prized secrets that only a few people knew of. Nazca also holds a "MASSIVE CLEARANCE SALE!" of all his things, selling a level 30 TS for 850k, an elven chain shirt ac11 3hr for 100k, a finely crafted rapier for 150k, a level 30 health for 850k, a 3dam 1dex -1svs bracelet for 1 million, and a nodrop bless fountain for 175k+. Tholbar of the Shadows levels to Th:13\Wa:30\Cl:30. Lorax of Wisdom levels to Wa:24\Cl:30. Triston asked Lexie to marry him, offering her a chocolate dipped cookie and she said yes! ( <worn on body> (Artifact magic) (Heathen) (Chocolate-dipped) a large cookie). Concidentally, Zahar logs on for "the first time in eons" and flips out when he hears the news: Zahar: me again - Wed Apr 3 17:54:30 2002 - To: lexie all - Unfortunately my note was sticken before many people got to read it : ( It is not my fault that women are unfaithful... But I will say no more on this matter as not to anger the gods. So I hope everyone had a happy passover and easter! - Z Porte the boy levels from 3rd to 6th level shaman. Tranquility posts Bad Bad Danger Twins, her entry from the previous night's bardic. kerson levels to Sh:30\Wa:30. Silence commissions a card. Blystur kills a cook for MM#47. Garland gets Fire Elemental as the target for his mob mastery for the 16th time in a row. Grale gets MM#53 - the guru. Zappa reaches Ra: 4 Ma:15. Eriq levels to 9 cleric. Keller levels to 13 warrior. Tassadar reaches Cl:23 Ra:15. Mithras reaches Wa: 4 Cl:13. Thingone reaches 23 ordained. Buzzbuzz is created and levels to 5 mage.

4/2/02 - DarkClaw completes mobmaster 39. Dracon completes his first mobmaster. Zaknafein levels to 6 ranger. Gangleri reaches Wa: 5 Cl:20. Nigel reaches Wa: 3 Cl: 9. A mobhunt score and a who list from this day. Pyr of Wisdom levels to Ma:12. Lorax levels to Cl:30\Wa:23. Irwin of the Nightblades levels to Ma:11\Ra: 9. Valence of the Shadows levels to Cl:24\Ra:20. During the Bardic Circle, Clue reaches 2000 years of age!! (and in 23 hours, she'll reach 4000 hours of play.) Wyn triples to Ranger. ( Ra: 1\Th: 9\Ma:15) Nicolas achieved MM#28 - minister of defense, #29 - deurgar smith, and #30 (museum guard) and levelled to Ra:12\Ma:15. Mux made level 14 then promptly died via testing his new "Portal" spell. A WHO list from today. Cordir: Khore's Challenge... / Tue Apr 2 21:50:43 2002 / To: all / Khore Challenged the mud to provide him with thirty "Top Ten" lists having to do with him running a quest, or the individual winning first prize in his quest. This afternoon, we were at 29 entries. We are now at 35. Khore's Challenge has been met, and all entries provided to him for judging. In service to His Dread Sanguine Lordship, Cordir.

4/1/02 - Malakost completes MM#36 - a maid, #37 - the student, and #38 - the Ghost of Aranno, and levels to Wa:26\Ma:21. Turalurayay joins Tamar. Tassadar completes mobmaster 32. Aararoc levels to 4 shaman. Tyreth levels to 8 mage. Wyn completes mobmasters 27-31. Nightwind is created. Many, many people die in Master's Tower in some sort of corpse-leaving frenzy (including Belsambar, Gregar and Clue, among others.) Wunk levels to 11 shaman. Derth reaches Wa:24 Cl:25.

3/31/02 - Nazinthas gossips (in common), 'The corpse of Oprah in The Spire Commons.' Dogdaze gossips (in common), 'her rating took a dip and she was cancelled'. Kekdu duals to ranger. Morhaven levels to 11 cleric. Dres reaches Wa: 7 Ma: 9. Dogdaze reaches Wa:16 Sh:30. Lorax completes mobmaster 35. Kaern announces that he is going to make a momentous life change: he's going to start quitting in recall. Sylarn reaches Ma:23 Wa:15. Nazinthas reaches Th:10 Wa:11 Ma:11. Paco completes mobmaster 21. Kaleyah reaches Cl:27 Wa:25. Score levels to 5 cleric. Keat decides he'll go out and kill all the bunnies in honor of Easter, but then thinks better of it and demands 'bring me the bunnies so i can slay em in safe!!!'. Ptarchyzk reaches Th:27 Wa:26 and kills a satyr for MM#40 and a student for #41. Aslan of Fate dies just outside Jester's Keep to some Billow Weeds. Noctus performs the CR with protective spells from Tranquility. Keat gossips (in common), 'i wanna report that i'm a cockoo bird..'. Bliss and her folks provide Easter Chocolate in the kitchen. Kelanea of Darkness levels to Ra:17\Ma:19 - and completes MM#25 - a hideous insect thing. Saruman kills a matron mother for MM#32 and level 21. Legionaire levels to Ord level 7.

The Kitchen
[Exits: west]
(34) A chocolate heart lies here.
(26) A chocolate bunny looks almost too good to eat.
( 2) A finely woven basket of a thorny tendril's stalks catches your eye.
A small white fountain gushes forth here.

3/30/02 - Triston regains level 50!!!! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30) In a underhanded attempt to further Lanfear's punishment, Lins and Kaern portal her out of the guild. Kaern later profusely apologizes, while Lins reports Lanfear for leaving the Guild to Cordir, without providing the slight detail that he was the cause and means. Triston kills 'some wench in adventurers Inn' for MM#49. Nazinthas levels to Th: 9\Wa:11\Ma:11. Lexie levels to Th:28\Wa:30\Ma:30. Dracon levels to 9th. Derth commissions a calling card. Tassadar reaches Cl:21 Ra:15. Sirion levels to 5 shaman. Nitidus reaches Ra:23 Th:21 Ma:21. Lorax reaches Cl:29 Wa:23. Anduin reaches Th:25 Wa:30 Cl:30. Nazinthas reaches Th: 9 Wa:11 Ma:11. DarkClaw completes mobmasters 36 & 37. Boromir reaches Ra:23 Ma:21 Th:21 and gets a train - his first since level 1! Nobody levels to 5 warrior. Lexie completes mobmaster 58.

3/29/02 - Indiga got her MM# 62 today, a triton patrolguard, Weezer levels to Wa:19\Sh:30. Legionaire gains Ordained level 6. Gunner of the Coven levels to Th:20\Wa:30\Cl:30 - a debate is held as to whether or not he should be allowed to use Cant or not. :-). Lorax kills an Ugly Witch for MM#33. Tassadar levels to Cl:20\Ra:15. Triston kills Caest the Obsidiansmith for MM#47 and level 29. (Th:29\Wa:30\Ma:30). Dracon joins wisdom. Tokugawa holds some teleport races (where everyone drinks from a teleport fountain and races to be the first to return to Toku.) Poor Thingone has terrible luck, teleporting to a locked room, the ocean, a cave, the plains of shifting grass, & underwater :P Clue is teleported to the Lower Hall. Winners of the games were Triston (twice) and Belsambar. Mathias is created. Leviticus levels to 5 shaman. Sylarn reaches Ma:21 Wa:15. Cordir posts a note to all saying that Lanfear is being punished. Triston completes mobmaster 47, reaching Th:29 Wa:30 Ma:30 in the process. Case levels to 12 mage. Rhaen reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15. A small scavenger quest is held, and Esariston wins. (The prize is a custom potion.) Natilena loses her tongue temporarily.

3/28/02 - Adso is restored from Retired to Active Ambassador. Maldobar gives away all his gear, as does Craige. DarkFang levels to Ra:15 Ma:14. Belsambar (Ra:22 Ma:20) gets on the Mob Mastery list! Morphius works on his mob mastery quests, and completes: #33-Giwir, #34 - a shipwrecked castaway, and #35 - an Alligator hunter. Cirth levels to Th:10\Ma:15. Natilena turns 1000 years old, and reaches Ra:21 Th:21 Ma:21, getting a train. Maybe that was her birthday present :)  Grale reaches Ra:23 Ma:25. Pyr levels to 9 mage. Malakost completes mobmaster 33. Intrepid levels to 11 shaman. Neon reaches Ma:12 Ra: 9 Th: 9. Ilia levels to 5 ranger. Keller levels to 12 warrior. Tokugawa posts an FYI about his area status page.

3/27/02 - Kekdu levels to 11 mage. Rinnir reaches Ma:17 Ra:13 Th:13 and completes mobmaster 28. Thingone completes mobmaster 86 (a divine theologian). Gogul levels to 3 warrior. Sarabos of fate levels to Wa:25 and MM#18 - the dwarven worker. DarkFang memorized her first scroll (attunement and pass door) today. Dasehra dies in Velelasier, and Wylin, Noctus and Lorax perform the CR. Wylin levels to Cl:27\Wa:25. Daserha later completes MM#27 - a duergar hunter. Lania Athsien-Goldleaf levels to Cl:15. Nazinthas levels to Th:8\Wa:11\Ma:11. A mob hunt ends at round 5 with Belsambar winning with 99 points and Nazca coming in second with 40. Dasehra later levels to Ma:18. Cordir: Reaching Level 50 - Wed Mar 27 11:41:01 2002 - To: All who have reached level 50 - subject The Hall of Fame - I'm trying to create a list of every character on TFC who has reached level 50, the date they did so, and their age in hours when they did so. / I have Madman's old Hall of Fame page, which ends with Dalaran on 05/11/97. If you know of a player who leveled to 50 after that date, or can get a log, please send it to me at / Addendum: If they reached level 50 multiple times, that will also be noted, for each time they regained it. / I have data on Wolfgang (but not his hours), Trakker, Tokugawa, Keat, Kandrell, Vorax, and Brenick (But not his classes or hours) / If you know a level 50, the date they reached it, their classes, and the hours it took them, please send it in! - C.

3/26/02 - Very early this morning, Qithlorien does "deleteme" on at least 4 of his characters (including Redrum, Ravaged and Toxic). Lorax completes mobmaster 29. Orin reaches Wa:12 Cl:19. Wang levels to 10 cleric. Spyder reaches Th: 2 Ma:18 Wa:17. Tynian posts a note about version 3.91. Bytorr reaches Cl:13 Wa:11. Grale completes mobmaster 47. Legionaire reaches ordained level 5. Zakarious is ordered to stay out of Plato's temple.

3/25/02 - Lanfear kills Bregin for MM#52 and MM#53 - the instructor. Legionaire reaches Ordained level 3 & 4. Nigel levels to 8 cleric. Syne levels to 7 cleric. Goth levels to 4 mage. Weezer reaches Wa:18 Sh:30. Ptarchyzk completes mobmaster 39. Blartch levels to 5 warrior. Lorax reaches Cl:27 Wa:23. Spyder triples to thief. Thingone completes mobmaster 85. A goldrank and xprank from this day.

3/24/02 - Pardoquilian kills a shade of a thief for for MM#31 and 1000xp, and hours later, levels to Sh:18\Wa:16. Shon slays a storm dragon for MM#65. Aslan kills a thorny tendril for MM#35, an alligator hunter for MM#36, and a maid of Warloov's for MM#37, but was unable to kill a slave for MM#38. Later in the day, Shadowcaster gets stuck in a no-exit room, with no recalls. Aslan runs over and summons him out. Dasehra is slain by the ancient green dragon. Shon, Paython and Grale battle the ancient Black Dragon and others to regain the corpse! Well done, brave sirs. Paddy kills a tiny fairy for MM#7. Nitidus completes MM#48- the librarian. Ilisam levels to Th: 9\Cl:11. Elektra reaches 16161 tnl - an odd number she wanted noted after she kills a rakasta gatherer for MM#22. Sarabos completes MM#14 - journeyman leather worker, #15 - young duergar, #16 - a Guardsman, and #17 - a Guard of Malenest. Mobhunt is added to the TFC (read help mobhunt for details), and Gangleri wins the first game of it. Legionaire is ordained "Dark Wraith" by Kerriariadne. A wizlist from this day. Paco completes mobmaster 18. Lania levels to 14 cleric. Aries reaches Th:29 Wa:30 Cl:30, which is 10 months in the making. Gangleri reaches Wa: 4 Cl:20. Folgrim levels to 20 shaman. DragonBane reaches Wa:13 Ma:11 Th:11. Keat completes mobmaster 71 (Thengar) and gets 2097xp for it. Illika reaches Ra:10 Sh: 9. DarkClaw reaches Wa:15 Cl:28 and completes mobmasters 31 thru 35. Brundlewart reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Tynian posts a note about version 3.90. Legolas reaches Ra:24 Th:17 Ma:23. Morhaven levels to 10 cleric. Pyr joins Plato. Lanfear reaches Ma:29 Ra:30. Ilisam reaches Th: 9 Cl:11.

3/23/02 - Sinder is created. Ichabod reaches Sh:11 Wa:13. Nicolas reaches Ra:10 Ma:15. Tokugawa announces the winner of the game writing contest. Jun levels to 12 warrior. Cirth reaches Ma:15 Th: 9. DragonBane reaches Wa:12 Ma:11 Th:11. Nitidus holds a trivia contest, which Gup wins. Shango levels to 11 mage and joins Kerriariadne. Brundlewart reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. DragonBane gets 20 failed mobmasters in a row. Okk posts "Not another poem". Spyder levels to Wa:17\Ma:18. Lorax kills a dwarven guard for MM#21, a duergar footsoldier for MM#22. Khore hands out loaves of bloodroot bread. Lexie kills a warrior monk for MM#56, and Chester for MM357. Nazinthas commissions a calling card. Xandria kills a small dog for MM#8. Arbin completes MM#34 - a killer bee. Tynian holds another feedback session. Morphius gets MM#32 - a castaway, and also joins the Darkness. Lania dies to some museum guards, and some slimebucket steals her corpse. Sarabos completes MM#13 - a minotaur guard. Indiga of Darkness levels to Cleric 28th. Wylin also works on mob mastery, completing MM# 5 sparrow from Lothlorien, #6 - large rat in Duergar, and #7 - a messenger - from Kuroth. Wylin and Xandria each complete mobmaster 8. DragonBane wished it known that "Dragons Are Mean!!". Kerriariadne Ordains Legionaire. (Legionaire later reaches Ordained level 2) Wisdom started to gather coins for their 3rd quest today - their goal was 150k, but they reached nearly 500k. Wylin completes MM#8 -a polar bear. Myre of Fate levels to Wa: 3\Ma:12 and gains a Train. Tynian does a bunch of testing for several hours on something that involves the mob mastery code... Morphius Kelir of Darkness levels to Sh:27. Lanfear kills Terrance for MM#50 and Okali for MM#51.

3/22/02 - Kim is retired (for the second time). Marisa actually levels for the first time since the year 2000, reaching Wa:24 Th:22 Ma:22, and gets a train :)  Gunner completes mobmaster 45. Bytorr reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Paddy Murphy reaches Ma: 9 Wa:14. Lexie completes mobmaster 55. Cordir posts Khore's Challenge. Dracon levels to 8 warrior. Clorox reaches Th: 5 Sh:15. Lexie kills Triston and Khore! (Er, I mean, Lexie dies and dies and dies and dies.) Zaknafein levels to Ra:3.Thingone completes MM#81 - master warrior, #82 - master thief, #83 - Chromicon. Lorax slays 'disembodied hands' for MM#16, a warg for #17, a malenest Guard for #18. Lexie reaches Ma:30\Th:27\Wa:30. With help from Noctus, Clue slays a large werewolf for MM#61 and the warrior guildmaster of Aran for #62.Gytar slays Guido for MM#78. Gytar breaks 2 million EXP earned. Whoz gossips (in common), 'In 5 ticks I will abandon MM89 for the... *counts* 17th time... for a cumulative loss of about 9000xp.' Nightwolf and Javelin both reach level 6. Alyria officially returns to the Realm and is restored to Ra:27\Ma:30 by Tynian. Dunestripe levelled to Ra:6\Ma:12. Memnoch levels to Ma:11. Uriel advances to Wa:23\Sh:20\Th:20. Dogdaze levels to Wa:14 Sh:30 by killing a Roc for MM#50. Nightwolf and Elektra both die, and Elektra does the CRs. Malakost of Darkness levels three times to reach Wa:23\Ma:21. Jun levels six times to Wa: 9. Khore offers a prize to the first non-elf who can bring him a sharp wooden object. Kain shows up with a bamboo fishing pole, declaring it to be sharp and poky. Khore pokes Kain with a pole. Khore utters the words, 'rift'. Khore's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Kain! Kain is DEAD!! Khore gossips, 'Nope, not sharp... but the rift was.' Moments later, Salim brings him a wooden stake, and wins the prize. Not satisfied until an elf is tortured, Khore has more fun with Kain, but announces him the winner in the "Stick Vs Kain" bout. Khore gossips, 'Sharp pointy ears no match for sharp pointy sticks.'. The games continue with Lexie pitted against Triston with a godweapon ... and more tomfoolery ... here's the log!

3/21/02 - Fraser duals to ranger. Froty reaches Th: 6 Sh:10. Thingone is blinded. Tassadar reaches Cl:18 Ra:15. Nazinthas reaches Th: 4 Wa:11 Ma:11. Jergens is created. DragonBane reaches Wa:10 Ma:11 Th:11. Tyreth posts Dragon Turtle Soup. Xandria completed MM#7 -a seagull, and MM#8 - a large rat. Vorax bit Yensid and "turned him into a werewolf, giving him that curse... ((Red Aura) (Pulsing) Soul of the Werewolf). Alrandolin levels to Wa:27\Ma:26. Derth levels to Wa:23\Cl:25. Tynian holds a meeting in the Guild to discuss ideas for TFC's betterment and development, and announces a follow-up meeting... Wylin levels to Cl:26\Wa:25 and gets max hit points. Lania joins the Dreamwalkers, but only until Solanthas is an FLI. Lanfear slays Clanni the Spawn Hunter for MM#48, and Spriti for MM#49. Dracon levels to Wa: 7. Grale levels to Ra:21\Ma:25 and completes mobmaster 45. Natilena reaches 990 years of age. Morphius kills an Inspector's Guard for MM#27, a Vrock for MM#28, a priest's spirit for #29, a duergar princeling for #30, a purple sand worm for #31. Mnaramenth kills a small snake for his first mob mastery. Nigel reaches level 7 cleric. Grale kills Khan the Ogre Mage of Sanguinna for MM#45. The Head Fisher of Duergar dies to Spyder for MM#32. Khore annihilates Cordir with a rift... Why? He had just told the immortals about the 'Cup o Noodles' he made for dinner.. which are prepackaged, overly salty, and taste like cardboard...then she had the audacity to describe what she had cooked for dinner: boneless chicken in a creamy dijon/white wine sauce with mashed potatoes, salad, and bacon/cheddar/garlic biscuits... and that she just had to throw away part of a home made apple pie, because Abe couldn't eat it faster than it went bad... the apple pie comment earned the rift!

3/20/02 - Caligula posts a retirement note. Kekdu levels to 8 mage. Glathrorn reaches Th:15 Sh:15 Wa:13. Pheonix completes mobmaster 33. Mnaramenth gossips (in common), 'and people wonder why I basically ignore ogres....The innkeeper says (in elven), 'For 1402 gold Gauntlets of Ogre Power.[m|AC 4 chr(-5) int(-5) dmg(1) str'. Jiji levels to 5 shaman. Dart reaches Ma:19 Ra:16. Nazinthas triples to thief. Lorax reaches Wa:21 Cl:26. Sylarn reaches Ma:17 Wa:15 and completes mobmaster 10. Tassadar reaches Cl:17 Ra:15. Taibh of Fate levels, gains a train, and is now max in every stat. Blystur "bravely ran away, away from the white dragon... Just like Sir Robin" (of Monty Python fame.) Paython tickled Nyx. (difficut to do, since the Shadow's usually not seen...) Mux is slain at the Ant Hill, and Shon performs a CR. Lestat dies in the Old Marsh to a Huge Hairy Beast, and Drazuk and Drystan perform the CR. A WHO list from today at 1:45 System time. Drystan, the bard and Mystic of Fate, levels to Sh:26 and gains 6 pracs! Rath informally announces his retirement. Wind dies in the Vortex, and while trying to snag the corpse, Bluco dies to four nightmares. Pheonix does a CR for Bluco, later Bluco levels to Wa: 8\Ma:14. Morphius reached MM# 26 by killing the panther. Thingone completes MM#80 - supreme warrior.

3/19/02 - Tynian announces god+ reassignemnts for Tokugawa (to area coordinator) and Nayr (to programmer/bug-fixer). Nazinthas reaches Wa: 9 Ma:11. Triston posts "My blue eyes", along with a warning ;)  Tynian posts a note about version 3.89. Jiji is created. A mmrank from this day. Lexie's title is changed by a god+ to "Lexie's heart is beaten to a pulp by a mad god." (removing references that it was being haunted by Triston's ghost.) Mael relocates most of LothLorien to the temple zone, as well as some folks from the Elven Valley and other elfie zones. Thingone, Dark Sythe, levels to 21st Ordained. Lanfear slays a sahuagin queen for MM#46 and Caest the Obsidiansmith for MM#47. Lexie saves Kaleyah from Landru's Office area - a no recall, no teleport area. Morphius levels to Sh:26 . Dijul dies to a guard in Emdeeville, and Kantor does a quick CR. Ping of Wisdom levels to Ma:17\Wa:15. Teluin leaves Wisdom. Gytar slays the Master Warrior for MM#77. Morphius levels to Sh:26. Froty is very rude and twitlike on gossip, and is coolered and muted by Bliss. He's released after writing a note of apology to the immortal he was rude to. Derth kills Kappa for MM#46. Thingone works on his MM list, including the Supreme Warrior for #77, huge iron golem for #78, and 'a ranger' for #79. Mux levels to Ma:12. Wylin does a CR for Dasehra in Sanguinna, getting the corpse mere seconds before Rubicant who arrives in the room, and smiles.... Indiga of Darkness levels to Cl:27\Wa:25. Snarf levels both classes to Wa:29\Cl:29. Nyx is released from Ordainment in the Chosen of Fate during the Fateful Hour, and Cordir posts an explanation of why he decided on that route. Cordir: A Poll - Tue Mar 19 11:49:53 2002 - To: all - On a serious note, I'd like to get the input of players as to their opinions. - Topic Question: "If you could create ONE change or improvement to TFC, what would it be?" - Email your answer to: - Flames will be ignored, actual answers appreciated and shared with god+ staff. - Cordir. Here are Poll Answers.

3/18/02 - Lins completes mobmaster 104 (the Magistrate), tieing for first place on the mmrank list! A wizlist from this day. Cirus levels to 10 warrior. Brundlewart reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Cirth reaches Ma:14 Th: 9. There's some goofy singing rangers on gossip. Paco joins Tamar. Thyris is created. Otak levels to 15 cleric. Dart, Dartt, and Darttt are all online at once. Bridget of Wisdom, beloved of Plato, levels to Cl:26\Wa:25. Kerson of Unity levels to Wa:30\Sh:27 and gains max hit points! Nazinthas levels to Wa: 2\Ma:11. Uriel tries to take on Sendres, but isn't 'as buff' as he thought he was, and "Sendres made me his sleeping beauty." He mob dies, but is able to regain his corpse again. Gunner is also nearly slain in the battle with the mage. Memnoch unwisely takes on Slue, then convinces a group of adventurers to try and rescue him. The executioner is not amused, and kills Memnoch before the group can slay Slue. Morrigan and Blitz are created. Tassadar levels to Cl:16\Ra:15. Lania dies horribly to a Vrok and Paython quickly performs the CR.. As she is handed back her eq, Lania is heard to comment: Lania says (in common), 'I forgot how much dying sucked'. Kinky regains level Cl:23\Wa:24. Aslan gets her very first info: ### Something has been posted to board messages. Nazinthas levels six times to reach Wa: 7\Ma:11. Belsambar Silverdyne Lin slays Glorin the adventurer for MM#68 and 2,068 exp. Duvel gets below 29k tnl for the first time since January 2001! A record number of nightblades is present (4). Aslan levels and gains a train.

3/17/02 - Athorne is promoted to Attendant of Plato! Solanthas is unretired and promoted to Attendant of Tamar! Bytorr reaches Wa: 8 Cl:11. Nazinthas levels to 10 mage. Blartch is created. Aslan levels to 28 cleric. Orin joins Plato. Rhaen reaches Ra: 5 Ma:15. Paddy Murphy reaches Ma: 7 Wa:14. Tal levels to 7 cleric. Legolas is killed by Tynian. Grale reaches Ma:25 Ra:20. DragonBane reaches Wa: 9 Ma:11 Th:11. Folgrim joins Tamar. Majere slays the warrior guildmaster of Gla'Shorn for MM#72. Malakost levels to Wa:19\Ma:21. Lins and Triston rescue Alrandolin from a locked room in Longship. Hours later, Majere is busy with several CRs - Blartch at Mountain of Knowledge (killer rabbit), one for Mux in the ocean, and "one for someone i forgot already". There's a whole lot of bickering notes back and forth between Lins, Dalaran and others, which frankly get really annoying. Bliss goes on a pinching spree, getting everyone who hasn't worn green for Saint Patrick's Day (and even some that are) and confesses, "I do have the fastest pinch in the west!" Boromir is locked, cursed, and rifted in the temple of Fate until he hands over the chocolate cake to her Divine Chocolaty-ness. Tassadar completes 11 mob mastery quests, including 2 miners, a seargeant of the guard, a tangle of asps, the goblin captain, and others. Bliss attempts to triple class at Jack, who informs her, "Jack tells you 'You can't afford to hire me!" Trap regains level Cl:28\Wa:30. Wylin of Wisdom levels to Wa:25\Cl:25. Mux Mazekeeper levels to Ma:11 and joins Wisdom. Lexie kills a Magman for MM#50 and Triston kills a servant for #40. Dogdaze kills a Gryphon for MM#48 and reaches Wa:13 Sh:30.

3/16/02 - An Arizona GT is held at the RenFest, with Tripper, Zarous, Boromir, JohnPaul, Foolkiller, Tokugawa, and myself attending, among others. (See a few photos.) Aslan completes mobmaster 34. Intrepid levels to 10 shaman. Alterack levels to 10 warrior. It's Majere's birthday. Karena levels to 5 cleric. Dalaran gossips (in common), 'some of my best nights were spent mudding drunk and naked'. Mnaramenth levels to Cl:10 - You raise a level!! Lucky you! You get max hit points! Your gain is: 19/155 hp, 11/181 m, 7/163 mv, 6/7 prac, 0/0 trn. Korran slays the old knight of Kuroth for MM#59 and Tuff for MM#60. He also reaches Ra:24 Ma:25 Th:23. Lanfear charms all the Elven Defenders of Loth Llorien, and brings them to the Chosen Temple. Mnaramenth joins the Chosen of Fate. Lexie levels to Ma:29\Th:27\Wa:30. Tranquility of Fate levels to Sh:25\Th:22. At the request of an immortal, the following information is being provided on Anathema: "Today, Maximus was executed by Kain for Maximus' acts of treason within his following" <<To clarify, this course of action was suggested to Vorax, and he allowed it to happen. Prior reports incorrectly stated it was at Vorax's order.>> Kaleyah reports that "Triston and Lexie extricated me from the longship, where I badrecalled into a locked noteleport norecall room." Triston killed "a spirit of the traitor" for MM#39, and levelled at the same time to mage:30. Plato rejects Anduin for assisting individuals on the Wisdom blacklist. (oddly, the same reason Cordir booted him, too.) Anduin then joins the Coven. Tassadar levels to Ra:14\Cl:15. Pardoquilian slays a shade of a thief for MM#29 andan off-duty manor servant for MM#30 and 792 xp and later levels to Sh:17\Wa:16. Indiga slays the assassin for MM#61 and later levels to Cl:26\Wa:25 . Triston is slain by Khore, simply for fun. Mireya of Fate levels to Wa:15\Cl:13. Tynian updates the TFC Contributors's page with the $40.00 raised through the sale of calling cards.

3/15/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.88b. Triston gets teleported 5 times in one battle. Apollyon reaches Cl:26 Wa:25. Lania "hits the jackpot" and gets 7777 til next level. TIME: Fri Mar 15 11:34:31 2002 - Out of 16 players on, Anduin is the ONLY good aligned character. Valence levels to Cl:20\Ra:20 while "quite inebriated". Tholbar learns that Maximus is in Veldrin, and immediately starts looking for a new following. (Tholbar gossips (in common), 'i rather be butt naked and stuff before treating him as a brother'.) Kaori Caprice Salemonte, Shifty-eyed Darkling Twin, levels to Cl:21\Th:20. An impromptu vote on Gossip is held for the most famous mortal... votes include Stouthbound, Clue, Gaul, Noctus, Syrinx, Ozymandius Kaern, Alecto & Zara, Daelin, Ozious, Keller, Huey, and Pez. Taralynn the Wanderer levels to Wa: 6 and gets max HP and a Train. Drazuk of Fate levels to Ra:14 Th:10 Ma:15. Silvanus dies to Kerebos. Tynian brings in version 3.88. After the reboot, Valo dies on the third floor of Master's Tower, attempting to grab Silvanus's corpse.(He was in the Tower before the reboot) He gossips some rather foul commentary and suggestions and then self-deletes. Pardoquilian slays a Rakasta Warrior for MM#26 for 742 exp and for the Dwarven Warrior MM#27.. and later levels to Wa:16\Sh:16, gaining a train!. Natilena, for reasons known only to herself, regales the Realm by singing on Cant for a good twenty minutes, and then obligingly does it again on gossip. While helping a complete newbie, Cordir accidentally purges the pit. *blush*. Zeks to Wa:19\Cl:30 - his first in several months. Mux levels to Ma:10 and begins working on the Wisdom entry quest. Malakost of Darkness levels to Wa:18\Ma:21 . Lorax and DragonBane assist Cordir with the aforementioned newbie (Nigel)... much to her relief. Lorax also levels to Wa:18\Cl:26.

3/14/02 - Lins completes mobmaster 103 (Borlan) & gets 2600 xp for it, putting him one mobmaster away from tieing for first place on the mobmaster list. Uhaile levels to Sh: 8. Ping levels to Wa:15\Ma:16, and completes MM#31 - a deckhand. Conveniently enough, the ship is actually at the dock. Valence joins Veldrin. Indiga kills Tagi for MM#60. Abe Stormreaver leaves the Tigers and joins Fate. Gillfen reports that much to his grumpiness, he is no longer at the top of goldrank. Brianna of the tigers reports that Charles very unselfishly spent an hour helping her exp, and wishes to thank him. Ysild levels to Wa: 6\Sh:13\Th:11. Wylin levels to Wa:24\Cl:25. Ichabod of Veldrin levels to Wa:13\Sh: 9 then slays a solider ant for MM#19. Mnaramenth levels to Cl: 9. Lanfear of Fate levels to Ma:28\Ra:30 and kills Ruftus the Librarian for MM#45. Brundlewart reaches Cl:15 Wa:11 and then Wa:12 Cl:15. A re-created Tyreth levels to 6 mage. Tassadar completes mobmaster 15. Ysild reaches Wa: 6 Sh:13 Th:11. Gundin levels to 7 shaman. Zappa reaches Ra: 3 Ma:15.

3/13/02 - Belsambar Lin levels to Ra:22\Ma:20. Lexie slays the sailor for MM# and Ma:28\Th:27\Wa:30 . Tassadar levels to Cl:14\Ra:12. Eriq and Ligea each level to 7 cleric. Daevod is created. Dart reaches Ra:15 Ma:18. Lillishandra levels to 3 thief. Ichabod completes mobmaster 17. Yensid finds a pair of +2dex -2dex gloves. CountChocula logs on and gossips, 'please ban me and my site', prompting people to urge him to use the deleteme command. When CountChocula discovers that it doesn't work because he's too low level, but keeps trying anyway, a someone gossips 'need help?', so I suppose they help ;)  A wizlist and the ranking lists from this day.

3/12/02 - Triston reaches Ma:29 Th:28 Wa:30 and completes MM#38 - Krultan the Recluse - for 1188 xp. Bytorr reaches Wa: 6 Cl:11. Paddy Murphy reaches Ma: 3 Wa:14. Thingone is slain by the Ghost of Warloov, but CR's himself. Sarabos of Fate levels to Wa:24, nd completes MM#9 - the orc and MM#10 - a goblin soldier. Taralynn levels to Wa: 4. Cirth of Fate levels to Ma:13. Xandria got MM#55, 'a spider' today in the last 5 ticks of her quest. Kaldred slays Tain the Potion Brewer for MM#59. Anduin, the Lunar Knight of Wisdom, levels to Th:22\Wa:30\Cl:30. Indiga slays the Captain Commander for MM#58 and Tagi, the superstitious tribal elder, mobm #59. Zaknarious ordered to stay the hell out of Cordir's temple. Valence levels to Ra:18\Cl:20. Triston of Darkness levels to Ma:29\Th:28\Wa:30. Clue of Fate slays Unwro for MM#59 and a Knight Templar for #60. Tranquility posts a note about her adventures with a mage mob (Sendres): Tranquility: My thanks / Tue Mar 12 10:09:49 2002/ To: all - I had the fortune of meeting a mage mob today. Bubba, Garland, Korsk, Lins and Paython...without your help I would not have survived. Thank you, so very much for answering the call for assistance. It is my hope that your gods cherish you as much as I do. - Alive and kicking, Tranquility

3/11/02 - Froty joins the Coven. Dunestripe dies to large vampire bats, "Becoming Whitehawk's 100th death" (???) and Garland CR'd the corpse. Orin levels to Cl:18\Wa:11. Xandria levels to Wa: 5\Cl:16. Malakost levels to Wa:16\Ma:21. The Elven Gentleman is DEAD!! ### Derth has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 45. Lins slays the Clerk for MM#102. Lanfear of Fate slays a monk for MM#44 and later tries to buy An Empty Foundation. Wyn reaches Ma:13 Th: 9. Vegg levels to 9 ranger. Froty levels to 10 shaman. Lins rescues Vegg from "the dripping cavern". Caligula reaches Ma:17 Wa:16. Orin reaches Cl:18 Wa:11. Gargantuan and Ilia are created. ### A couatl feather purged from Edge. Glathrorn gossips (in gnomish), 'that took the edge off your equipment'

3/10/02 - Torchbearer is officially retired, and his followers are automatically reformed when they login. Tranquility Rose and Noctus of Fate are wed in the lost temple of Thaygar and the Ebon Hand. (Warning: Log is extremely large.) Brutus levels to Ma:11 Ra:10 and kills a green dragonette for MM#19. Slick of the Coven levels to Cl:16\Ra:15. Nazca gossips (in common), 'A citizen of Safehaven was tragically slain today in order to sate my hunger'. Ichabod joins Veldrin. Lania levels to Cl:12. Wylin levels to Wa:23\Cl:25. Teeka levels to Th:17\Wa:15\Ma:21. Otak levels to 13 cleric. Weezer completes mobmaster 20. Intrepid levels to 9 shaman. Zakarious reaches Wa:27 Ma:30. Ridley completes mobmaster 51. Bronwen levels to 3 ranger. Dundrave reaches Cl:27 Wa:25. Bluco reaches Wa: 8 Ma:14. Wylin reaches Wa:23 Cl:25. Tynian posts a note about version 3.88.

3/9/02 - Daserha dies tragically to a vampire in Utopia. Grale performed the CR. Wyn of Darkness levels to Ma:12\Th: 9. Pardoquilian joins the Chosen of Fate. Brutus gets a reform from the Arcanes by Tokugawa. A wedding set of clothing is created and restrung, donated by the Chosen of Fate, for use in any wedding. Saruman of Fate slays an old woman for MM#31 and 1000 exp. A ritual is done to safeguard the life of Aslan's unborn child. Tokugawa posts a note called "Rumors about the self deletions on 03-05". Selene reaches Th: 4 Ma:10 Wa:10. Pwyll is created. DragonBane reaches Wa: 8 Ma:11 Th:11. Gundin levels to 6 shaman. Mars completes mobmasters 16 & 17. Vegg levels to 6 ranger. Legolas reaches Ra:23 Th:17 Ma:23. Keller levels to 7 warrior. Jasmine stops in.

3/8/02 - Keller Amberlin D'Augustine is recreated, after a very long absence from the mud. Quite probably as a direct result, Molo goes visible to the world. That completes mobmaster 31 (the queen ant) and gets 1000exp. Vegg levels to 5 ranger. Mars reaches Wa:11 Cl:15 and completes mobmaster 15. Triston completes mobmaster 33. Duel levels 3 times, reaching 11 shaman. Triston has an interesting experience as he is charmed in the Kitchen. Early in the am, Cordir asks the men present to go collect pretty clothes for her daughter, Mireya, to wear to the wedding on sunday. Belsambar Lin goes to fetch Bethany for a group to kill, all present forgeting that while before, she was simply really nasty... now she's also a Mage mob... the group is unable to take her down. Nearly 10 hours later, another group takes on the hunting gypsy.. Gunner, Iso, Kelanea, Lexie and Kaleyah finally managed to kill Bethany... and as Fate would have it, she ghosted! All the while, a certain Anathema (*cough*Kain*cough*) was harassing the group. The Chosen of Fate purchase Noctus's wedding ring from Astaldo, amidst much rejoincing. Cirth of Fate levels to Ma:12\Th: 9. Kaleyah, Keat, Indiga, Solaron, Famine and Lexie, having enjoyed their epic battle against Bethany, continue the rampage by killing Justice. Jet Starvo of the Coven levels to Th:15\Wa:30\Cl:30. Kaleyah reaches 500 years of age. Duel levels three times today, reaching Sh:11. Tomato of Wisdom levels to Th:10\Ra:13\Ma:13. Derth slays a tribal shaman for MM#44. Galatea levels to Ma:20\Ra:20\Th:20. A Goldrank from Today.

3/7/02 - TFC has 8623 mobs with 12226 objects in 12272 rooms. Etrea and Mnaramenth both level to 8 cleric. Selene reaches Th: 3 Ma:10 Wa:10. Taralynn is created. Kelanea completes mobmaster 19. A goldrank from this day. Mandrake of the Tigers completes MM#74- Traezt the Dragon Hunter. Dres dies to the Huge Hairy beast. He then levels to Wa: 5\Ma: 9, and is later slain by the Ancient Blue Dragon. A group lof Keat and Triston attempts the CR, but Triston dies to the Dragon as well. Keat CRs Triston. Lania levels to Cl:10. Tholbar levels to Th:11\Wa:30\Cl:30. Dasehra levels to Ma:14 and kills a duergar fisher for MM#20. Wistom turns 700 years old. Despite a rough day, Dres levels to Wa: 6\Ma: 9. Duel levels ot Sh: 7. Lorax levels to Cl:26\Wa:17. Morhaven Kasagore levels to Cl: 8. Morgaine is rejected from the Chosen of Fate. Darkmoon visits the Realm! Mireya of Fate levels to Wa:14\Cl:13. Drystan ep Aran of Fate levels to Sh:25 . Morphius completes two MM quests - #24 - a rakasta citizen and #25 - Stevie. Morphius levels to Sh:25. Drazuk of Fate slays a horde of maggots for MM#3, a goat for #4 and a lizard child for #5. Aslan of Fate hits the Geek Spot for the first time in 'a really long time'. Lanfear of Fate slays Darla the Saucy Tart for MM#42 and a Ghostly Woronin for MM#43.

3/6/02 - Torchbearer emails Tynian, saying "This is Torchbearer's official request for retirement. I would also like Torchbearer deleted. This is the email address associated with the character file". That completes mobmaster 30. Slick reaches Ra:14 Cl:15. Galdor reaches Ma: 4 Wa:15. Pheonix levels to 22 cleric. Wyn completes mobmaster 17 (a pirahna) and reaches Ma:11 Th: 9. Bliss posts Bliss Poll 2002 in two parts. Azeina reaches Ra: 5 Th:11. Pauli levels to 7 cleric. Blystur reaches Ra:26 Ma:24. War logs on for an hour straight. Leeza levels to 4 mage. Tripletriztz of Fate levels to Cl:13\Wa:11 - and he gains an extra prac and a train! Later, he slays an elf for MM#21. Ihsahn dies in Gronk and Mordith "sort of" does a CR... but some items in the corpse don't quite make it back. *cough*. Mandrake completes MM#3 - Tomas. Intrepid levels to Sh: 7. Dres levels to Wa: 4\Ma: 9. Rhaen levels to Ma:15. Drazuk of Fate levels to Ra:13\Th:10\Ma:15. Wylin reaches Wa:22\Cl:25. Keat's wedding gift to Tranquility and Noctus is presented early - nearly one million gold. Sarabos slays a gnome woman for MM#8.

3/5/02 - Late this night, Gabriel of the Arcanes leads a lemming-like Deleteme run, and he's joined by several other Arcanes and Conclave in destroying their characters: Claw, Grondahl, Khadgar, Khazka, Marco, Mofona, Odin, Sedona, Strider, Tirant, Valentine and Vatican all apparently delete themselves. In the process some of them also kill themselves (or are killed by TB) and dispose of their eq. At 1866 years old (3709 hours), Torchbearer announces the end, and he also asks to be deleted. Lexie reaches Wa:30 Th:27 Ma:27 and gets 20hp & a train. Tide levels to 5 shaman and also gets a train. Clorox reaches Th: 2 Sh:15. (Uh, Tide & Clorox?) Fraser levels to 9 mage. Tripletriztz completes mobmaster 20. Silence, a thief, cants, 'i prefer to see myself as an inventory relocating expert'. Morhaven travelled to War'Loov's Fortress for the first time today. Triston levels to Ma:28\Th:28\Wa:30 and his exp partner, DarkFang dies in Gronk and Drystan tries to do the CR but is beaten back by the orc guards. Fortunately Mandrake is on hand and completes the CR. Malakost slays a Rakasta Warrior for MM#28. Blystur levels to Ra:26\Ma:24. The Bardic Circle is held with several attendees. Lania levels to Cl: 9. Malek kills a goblin worker for his first Mob Mastery quest. Vhirrek notes that his web site is back up, and posts the address:

3/4/02 - Foolkiller posts a note about the Arizona RenFest GT update. Lataal levels to 15 cleric and duals to warrior. Wistom kills Tirant (who was naked), and then the ghost of Tirant (which gives 96 exp). Kerriariadne posts a note titled, "A Fantastic Achievement". Alrandolin of Darkness levels to Wa:25 Ma:24 Kelanea of Darkness levels to Ra:15\Ma:15 and completes three mob mastery quests including a bull, the citizen and a sheriff. Orin levels to Cl:17\Wa:11. That kills a duergar hunter for MM#28. Cordir runs two 50 question trivia contests. Natilena wins the first and Drystan wins the second - the prize? A custom made potion! Malakost of Darkness levels to Ma:17\Wa:15. DarkFang completed mobm's #8-10, a student, a minotaur child, and a gnome woman.

3/3/02 - Dasehra levels to 12 mage. DragonBane reaches Wa: 4 Ma:11 Th:11. Legolas is killed by the ghost of Legolas. (Does that mean he scared himself to death?) Delvar levels to 9 warrior. Kain completes mobmaster 86. Selene reaches Wa:10 Ma:10. Mija reaches Ma:16 Wa:15 Th:15. Fuzzle the Gnome is created. Tomato reaches Th: 8 Ra:13 Ma:13. Sylarn reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Solanthas asks to be unretired. Wyn completes MM#10 - a gnome man, #11 - the peacock, and #12 - duergar urchin. Wish of the Black Conclave reaches effective 40th - Ma:30\Wa:30. Mithras the Elf levels to Cl:10. Tyreth uses the DELETEME command. Esariston of Fate levels to Ma:11\Th: 9\Ra: 9 and completes MM#27 - a Rakasta Citizen. Wyn of Darkness levels to Th: 8\Ma: 9. Kallyia does a bit of experimenting with various folks jumping into the Swimming Hole of Midgaard, analyzing their wave patterns: Artanis enters the water with nary a splash. Cordir's GIGANTIC SPLASH nearly drowns you!!!! Torchbearer lands, making a SPLASH like a TIDAL WAVE!!! Kallyia enters the water with nary a splash.

3/2/02 - Alyria is re-created. Gregar reaches Wa:15 Sh:30. Augustine reaches Wa: 8 Cl:12. Mithras levels to 9 cleric. Shon completes mobmaster 64 (a fire elemental). Otak levels to 12 cleric. Assistance is created. (I wonder what for...) Maximus completes mobmaster 59. Slick reaches Cl:14 Ra:12. Demoth reaches Th:19 Ma:20 Ra:21. Thengel reaches Th:12 Ra:12 Ma:12. Baleyg reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Malakost of Darkness completes 4 MM quests and levelstwice, reaching Ma:14\Wa:15. Esariston of Fate levels to Ma:10\Th: 9\Ra: 9. Jaerith dies to Scairz and an Anathema grabs the corpse. Dogdaze levels to Wa:12\Sh:30. Busta died to a rough highwayman and Nicolas did a CR for him. Indiga completes MM#52 - a magman, #53 - an instructor and 54- Pheather the Aarakocran. Who-Wiz-Ranks list from today. Silvanus posts a note about his garage sale.

3/1/02 - Packard leaves Bliss and joins Torchbearer. Intrepid levels to 5 shaman and joins Tamar. Malakost reaches Ma:13 Wa:15. Fraser levels to 7 mage. Dres levels to Ma: 9 and duals to warrior. Elektra reports that, "Whitehawk was actually online, and vis, and for more than 1sec" and as a result, a record number of Nightblades - 3 - were present. Morimox comes on line and completes the retirement process. Garland is named a Tiger Councellor. Esariston of Fate levels to Ra: 9\Th: 9\Ma: 9 by slaying a mamoth scarabaeus for MM#24. Tripleritztz of Fate levels to Cl:12 Wa:11 and is extra lucky, gaining max HP and an extra prac and a Train! Tholbar also has a good level as he rises to Th: 9\Wa:30\Cl:30 - 'You raise a level!! Lucky you! You get an extra practice! Lucky you! You get another training session!'. Elektra and Sabella commission cards.

2/28/02 - Bytorr levels to 11 cleric. Dasehra levels to 11 mage and completes mobmaster 6 (a sunfish). Travin is created. Venthaladir completes mobmaster 45, and starts proclaiming his love for Tamar on gossip. Lexie reaches Wa:29 Th:27 Ma:27. DragonBane reaches Th:11 Ma:11. Dres levels to 8 mage. Vatican reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Kelanea reaches Ra:14 Ma:15. Rynna reaches Cl: 2 Ra: 9. Triston completes mobmaster 31. Mandrake completes MM#70- a guildmaster and #71 - Frisnor. Keat commissions cards for Tylorn and Maldobar and Bubba, and Dart orders one as well. Duel the gnome levels to Sh:3, and gains a very nice level - Duel gossips (in common), 'Your gain is: 15/48 hp, 13/124 m, 6/76 mv, 5/9 prac, 1/3 trn.' and later also gains level 4 and 5 in one jump, gaining two more trains. He also thanks everyone that helped him with equipment. Morphius levels to Sh:24. DarkFang died in Tharlodeins Vein, and Whoz performed a speedy CR. Belsambar reports that he "did my daily 'swear at the mobm code for giving me big Vela mobs' ritual...'." Dasehra slays a sunfish for MM#6 and later levels to Ma:11. Esariston slays an off-duty guard for MM#21, MM#22 - a dwarven worker in the Dwarven Kingdom...with Natilena's advice on location, MM#23 - a Large Spider, and levels twice, reaching Ra: 8\Th: 9\Ma: 9. Valo is punished for EQ swapping.

2/27/02 - There is a reboot! Yay! (No more fire-hazard Christmas trees either.) Doc thinks he's apostatizing from the Black Conclave, which would be a trick ;)  Lorax reaches Cl:22 Wa:17. Esariston reaches Ra: 6 Th: 9 Ma: 9. Bytorr levels to 10 cleric. Malakost completes mobmaster 25. Allanon saves Lorax from a mysterious "terrible fate". Kelanea reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. Zakarious reaches Wa:24 Ma:30. That reaches Cl:23 Ra:23 and completes mobmaster 25. Brundlewart reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Anduin reaches Th:21 Wa:30 Cl:30. Chani is created. Wistom gossips (in common), 'i have helped 2 tigers exp'. 'because i am to lazy to exp my self', and retrieves Calavax's corpse from Gronk. DarkClaw completes mobmaster 30. A wizlist and mmrank list from this day. Tripletriztz of Fate levels to Cl:11 Wa:11. Saruman of Fate levels to Cl:20. Thingone finally gets under 10k to next level ... after a mere 2 months to knock off 18kexp... Drystan of Fate levels to Sh:24. New cards are created for Allanon, Belsambar, Trakker, and Mael. Bubba logs in, and shares his Justification List - the most obscene list I've ever seen. Drazuk joins the Chosen of Fate. Mandrake slays Arvard for MM#69. Calivax dies on the River of Dispair, and Garland tries to do a CR, not knowing a scumbag has already stolen the corpse. There, Garland dies to Scairz. Mandrake performs the CR of Garland solo, beating Taibh and Noctus on the run to rescue the corpse. Arianos reached level 9 thief - his first level in 6 months. Triston dies horribly in Velalisier but CR's himself. Taibh of Fate learns that the Ice Worms of the Northern Wastelands now breathe ACID instead of Frost and posts a warning.

2/26/02 - Aleka levels to 30 shaman! Dravin levels to 6 mage. Sirena reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Tirant completes mobmaster 67. Drazuk's improved id improves. Mars reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Malakost levels twice, reaching Wa: 8 Ma:11. Ransom posts an idea about spring cleaning. Aslan of Fate levels to Cl:27 (You raise a level!! Lucky you! You get max hit points! Lucky you! You get an extra practice!) Tripletriztz levels to Cl:10\Wa:11. Dogdaze levels to Wa:11 Sh:30 . Ephiny kills "the boar" for # 58 MM. DarkFang died to the mithril smelter and Elektra returned her corpse intact. Dunestripe levels to Ra: 3\Ma:12 and kills a goblin baby for MM#2. Arianos completes MM#34 - a manor guard, "just before the place started to earthquake me to death." Saruman slays a shaman of Gertek's Tomb for MM#30. Galatea is twice slain by the Essence of Evil and Rubicant performs the CR. Salomar (an unaligned) "declares war" on the Chosen of Fate. Pez gossips (in common), 'as dwarven prince, I hereby proclaim tranquility to be the official mayor of lineoth'.

2/25/02 - Keat completes MM#69 - a Drow Warrior, and nearly dies later - cursed/deaf/blinded... no glowing potions, and fighting a mage mob and several other little mobs. With only 230 HP left, he managed to make the mage mob flee, and thus survived. Lins kills Borlan for MM#100 and #101. Kaleyah of Darkness levels to Wa:24\Cl:25. Dasehra completes MM#2- a mountain kid and levels to 9 mage. Trakker returns to TFC and rejoins the Chosen. Dunestripe duals and levels twice to Ra: 2 Ma:12. Arianos completes mobmaster 34. Fraser is created. Shon reaches 16 ordained. Azeworai reaches Wa:17 Ma:30. Lexie completes mobmaster 44, and is later sure that Shon is haunting her. She is then besieged by ghosts (all at once), and her title is changed to "I ain't afraid of no ghost". Eventually the staypuft marshmallow man comes to hunt her as well. Lexie gossips (in common), 'The staypuft marshmallow man says, come fight me', and her title becomes "hides in a Dark corner, afraid of the ghosts". Kelanea reaches Ra:12 Ma:12. Dunestripe reaches Ra: 2 Ma:12. Lataal levels to 13 cleric. Kaldred completes mobmaster 58. In ceremonial: A very dry, brown Chrismas tree is here. Dalaran gossips (in elven), 'um.. you know Dead christmas trees are serious fire hazards'.

2/24/02 - Boromir of Fate levels to Ra:22\Ma:21\Th:21. (How'd he do that iding in the guild?) Sleighty kills a Manor Patrolman for MM#36. Dasehra completes her first MM quest - a mountain goat and levels to 8 mage. Legolas donates 300,000 gold to the Chosen Fund and buys Calling Cards for himself and seven others. Kelanea levels twice, reaching Ra:11 Ma:12. Intrepid is created. Tomato reaches Th: 5 Ra:13 Ma:13. Lins completes mobmaster 99 (Captain Niall, otherwise known as "some wussy elf"). Mars reaches Wa: 4 Cl:15 and completes mobmaster 10. Malakost levels to 11 mage and duals to warrior. :P  Tyanna levels to 5 shaman.

2/23/02 - Artanis is promoted to Ambassador! Majere, Intercessor of the Coven, reaches effective 40th! (Cl:30 Wa:30). Lexie reaches Wa:28 Th:27 Ma:27. Nitidus reaches Ra:21 Th:21 Ma:21 as he completes mobmaster 47. Torchbearer's following is put back to the sentry pkmodel. Gunner reaches Th:14 Wa:30 Cl:30. Kaori reaches Th:20 Cl:20. Rynna levels to 9 ranger and duals to cleric. Selene reaches Wa: 5 Ma:10. Brundlewart reaches Wa:11 Cl:11. Derth completes mobmaster 43. Grale reaches Ma:22 Ra:20. DragonBane reaches Th: 9 Ma:11. Ceres is created and levels to 5 mage. Tokugawa posts a contest writing quest. Indiga of Darkness levels to Wa:23\Cl:25. Sleighty kills a large spider for MM#33. That kills a sabered mosquito for MM#22. The Arcanes are returned to a Sentry PK model due to bugs still granting them FJUST. Bridget looses link while fighting a Triton Guard, and dies. Anduin attempts to perform a CR, but her corpse is sacced by Ridley. Dasehra joins Wisdom. Lins completes MM#97 - the Clerk and MM#98 - Captain Niall. Sleighty completes two mob mastery quests ( #34- a huge rockworm and #35 - Manor Patrolman) and levels to Sh:21\Th:17. Triston and Lexie leave the Slaves of the Heart, and join Kerriariadne.

2/22/02 - Dalaran and Celeborn join the Arcanes. Lania levels to Cl: 8. Aiken levels to Ra:26\Th:25\Ma:23 and completes MM quests #45 - #47 (Triton female, triton child, and Hylledorax). Lorax levels to Cl:19\Wa:17. Equate levels to 5 mage. A wizlist and mmrank list from this day.

2/21/02 - Myronides is promoted to Ambassador! Yay Myro! Torchbearer turns evil again. (Torchbearer has his alignment changed from lawful good to chaotic evil, and his pkmodel is changed from sentry to sword.) Mordith, Malevolent Cardinal of the Black Conclave, reaches effective 50! (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30). Ridley completes mobmaster 45. Tokugawa posts a note about rolling pins. Dunestripe gossips (in common), 'where are a horde of maggots?'. Kerriariadne gossips, 'Okk's dinner plate. *nods*'. Lania levels to 8 cleric. Otak levels to 10 cleric. Bytorr is created and levels to 5 cleric. Kail completes mobmasters 42, 43 & 44. A Very Unusual Who the early AM. Garland levels to Wa:30\Cl:30. Morphius completes MM#15- a guard of malenest. Saruman levels to Cl:17. Wardrof levels to Cl:19\Wa:18 and gains a train. Grale the Ragged, Teacher of Wisdom, levels to Ma:2\Ra:20. Clue kills Lt. Oukri for mm#57 and #58 - Oowor. Malek levels three times to Th: 9.

2/20/02 - Doza completes mobmaster 49. Einsimi and Case both level to 5 mage. Memnoch levels to 6 mage. Tiberius completes mobmaster 36. Brundlewart reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Phestus levels to 10 mage. Apollyon completes MM#55 - Miri in Aran. and then Lt. Oukri, also of Aran. Celeborn levels to Th:16\Ma:26\Ra:27 and Lexie ascends to Th:27\Wa:27\Ma:27. Kaleyah of Darkness levels to Wa:23\Cl:25. Wistom confesses that, "I am dumber then the dumbest claver because i listened to a claver that said the stasis ring wouldn't work=P. So i don't regain any stats for going on a bunch of RL hours now." There are 11 tigers on at 1:54 system time, and Nitidus levels to Ra:20\Th:21\Ma:21. Lania levels to Cl: 7. Tholbar finishes MM#57 - Chester and #58 - Aran Thief guildmaster and later raises to level Th: 8\Wa:30\Cl:30. Lyra joins Wisdom. Saruman of Fate levels to Cl:16 after completing MM#10-16: a halfling beauty, a giant warrior, a stag (with the help of Aslan), a goblin captain, a small bat ( with the help of Aslan), a member of the Royal Guard, and a PatrolGuard.

2/19/02 - Morimox is officially retired. Spyder reaches Wa:16 Ma:18. Valence levels to 13 cleric. Talyn levels to 30 cleric! Belsambar completes mobmaster 67. Malek levels to 5 thief. Elessar reaches all 11's, Th:11 Ra:11 Ma:11. Ziruk completes mobmaster 20. It's time for cow puns on gossip. Lanfear, the Chosen Mistress of Magic, levels to Ra:30 Ma:27 . Blystur levels to Ra:23 Ma:24. Talyn completes MM#56 - a Master Monk. Doza levels to Wa:16\Ma:25. Tripletriztz of Fate levels twice to Cl: 6\Wa:11. Tal Rasha levels twice to Cl: 5. Lania levels to Cl: 6. Mandrake (who is only effective level 32) gets onto the Mob Mastery Rank list. WHO, WIZ, and RANKS list from today. Abe actually logs into the mud! (gasp!) Boromir leaves the guild twice! Drakar completes mobm 53 Othan in Skulltop. Anduin of Wisdom levels to Th:20\Wa:30\Cl:30. Talyn Napei of the Tigers levels to Cl:30.

2/18/02 - Otak went to the Bazaar for the first time. Drakar kills Ober for MM#52. Aslan levels to Cl:26, and assists her husband, Talyn, with MM#51 - Ul. Lexie levels to Th:26\Wa:27\Ma:27. Talyn completes MM#56 - a guardian demon. Grale slays a High Minotaur Guard of Mahn-Tor for MM#39 and reaches Ma:20 Ra:20. Paython does two CRs - one for Bluco in Vortex and one for Lyra in Thistlerock. Morphius reaches Sh:22. Lorax levels to Wa:12\Cl:18. Lataal levels to Cl: 7 and joins Tripper. The "Von Trap Mud Singers" perform do-re-mi on gossip. Darwin reaches Th: 8 Wa:12 Ma:16. Mairu levels twice, reaching Th:14 Ra:15 Cl:15. Ridge levels to 5 cleric. Anduin completes mobmaster 85. An 11.5 piercer from Kuroth pops, *drool*. Wardrof reaches Wa:18 Cl:18. Janole is created and levels to 5 cleric. Slick reaches Cl:10 Ra: 9. Legionaire fails an attack on Scairz. Ping reaches Wa:13 Ma:16, gets a train, and completes mobmaster 29. Ebonie reaches Ma:15 Ra: 9. Solanthas logs on and polls gossip, asking who thinks he should unretire. (Everyone does, of course ;) Solanthas then gossips, 'I think i am hearing the drums of war in the distance'. Drazuk reaches Th: 8 Ra: 9 Ma:15.

2/17/02 - Morphius completes mobmaster 13 (unknown) & MM#14 (a minotaur guard). Grale levels to Ma:18\Ra:20. Selene duals to warrior. Ebonie of Fate levels to Ma:15\Ra: 9. Mordith clarifies in a conversation with Tranquility that NO, he will not attack Fate, which he had not clearly stated in his note. Selene joins Plato. Mulinest levels to 7 thief. Maxcivio reaches Ra: 7 Ma:15. Mairu reaches Th:12 Ra:15 Cl:15. Morphius completes mobmasters 13 & 14. Rocky, by himself, fought a group of 5 others (Anduin, Legionaire, Paython, Drakar & Garland) and died. Late in the fight, Rocky firestormed and was taken down to "stunned" by the group. Since firestorm is an area spell, it hit Tokugawa (who was in the room), and Tokugawa accidentally ANNIHILATED and killed Rocky. After all was said and done, since there was no way to tell whether or not Rocky would have died had Tokugawa not squashed him, Rocky got his corpse back, and the group involved got something for their trouble. Who wants a rematch? ;)  A who list from this day. Leroy reaches Wa: 9 Cl:11. Lorax reaches Wa:10 Cl:18. DragonBane completes his first mobmaster.

2/16/02 - Mordith posts a note regarding Cordir's following. Slick reaches Ra: 4 Cl: 9. Kara is created. Dee levels to 5 cleric. Draven levels to 18 cleric. Keat completes mobmaster 65 in Midgaard. Valence levels twice, to 10 cleric. Blacky reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Farranon reaches Ma: 4 Th:11. Grale completes mobmaster 38. Lexie levels to Th:25\Wa:27\Ma:27. Grale led a corpse retrieval mission for That (a tiger) to the Third Floor of Masters which also included Artanis, Paython, Tien, and Tiax. Rocky and Wish summoned the rescuers one by one, and each had to escape individually - Tien was feared and slain, and his corpse grabbed by the bad guys. Paython got That's corpse, and successfully returned it. After the CR, Grale levels to Ra:20\Ma:17. Whoz completes MM#88 - divine theologian - with "Anduin's invaluable assistance". triston regains Wa:29\Th:28\Ma:27. Noctus recovers Dee's corpse from the Shrine of Neutrality. Cordir posts the invitation for Tranquility and Noctus's wedding.

2/15/02 - Khazka levels to Wa:13\Sh:15\Th:11. Talyn levels to Cl:29. Craige requests a description, and much to her own personal surprise (since he's Anathema) Cordir agrees. Elessar reaches Th: 8 Ra:11 Ma:11. Maxcivio reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15. Taer levels to 7 thief.

2/14/02 - Happy Valentine's Day! Bliss announces the valentine contest winners, and you can view the winners and the entries here. Thingone slays the mayor - MM#74 and supreme warrior - MM#75. Fantasia levels to Wa:28. Dart joins the Tigers. Kelanea levels to Ra: 2\Ma: 9. Lorax of Wisdom levels to Wa: 6\Cl:18. Floran levels to Wa:9. Torchy (the sex-changed female version) agrees to be Derth's Valentine. Triston gossips (in common), 'I bounced Natilena on my knee last night. Does that count?'. Wistom completes MM#75 - the Supreme Thief. Khazka levels to Wa:12\Sh:15\Th:11. Mikejs somehow gets into a no-exit room in the Ant Colony and Legolas and Mordith spend about half an hour doing INFO on her, trying to figure out where she is, then rushed off to the rescue. Lexie levels to Th:24\Wa:27\Ma:27. Lataal is recreated. Ravin levels to 7 mage. Blacky reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Anduin reaches Th:16 Wa:30 Cl:30. Morhaven and DragonBane join Tamar. Garland reaches Wa:28 Cl:30. Tripletriztz reaches Cl: 4 Wa:11 and completes mobmaster 10. Faite levels to 5 thief. DragonBane reaches Th: 6 Ma:11 and gets a train. Morhaven levels to 5 cleric. Torchbearer somehow becomes Derth's valentine. (I won't ask :P)

2/13/02 - A bunch of notes are posted about getting rid of alignment & there's quite a bit of discussion about good & evil. Belsambar completes mobmaster 64. Legionaire reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Ma:30). Blacky reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Elessar reaches Ma:11 Ra:11 and triples to thief. Chantille levels to 6 mage. Tripletriztz of Fate levels to Cl: 2 Wa:11. Tholbar of Veldrin levels to Th: 6\Wa:30\Cl:30. Floran Silverspirit levels to Wa:7. Gunner of the Coven levels to Th:11\Wa:30\Cl:30. Blystur slays the Spirit of Elder Mordath for MM#38. Nobbs of Fate slays the Master Miner for MM#43. Indiga got MM# 47 - triton child, #48 - high shaman of gronk, #49 - Roc, and #50 -magman. She also leveled to Wa:22\Cl:25. Anduin of wisdom levels to Th:15\Wa:30\Cl:30. Wistom slays Lydian for MM#73 and completes mobmaster 74 as well. Solaron earns five rifts in a row for being a smart alec on gossip (fortunately he spams "heal" spells in between). Aslan gains MM#33- a shady thief. Morphius levels to Sh:21. Wistom of the Tigers slays Lydian for MM#73 and #74 . Kelanea duals to Ranger.

2/12/02 - Aslan levels to Cl:25. Cordir reaches 2500 years (4977 hours). Tyanna joins the Chosen of Fate. Esariston is given a quest to become The Shadow's apprentice. Clue ascends to effective level 40!! Tripletriztz duals to thief. A member of the Arcanes loots the corpse of Nyx when the Chosen's Ordained is slain by a Mage mob. This sparks a slew of notes. Elessar reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11. Drazuk reaches Th: 6 Ra: 9 Ma:15. Lorax reaches Wa: 3 Cl:18. Azrael completes mobmaster 30. Pez announces that Pez Quests are officially ended, after he is recreated for about the zillionth time. Gathaway levels to 5 mage. Grale reaches Ra:19 Ma:17 and completes mobmaster 34. Homer reaches Wa: 2 Cl:11. Azalin levels to 5 mage. Armalag reaches 7 ordained. Arby gossips (in common), 'Marty says (in common), 'For 8 gold steak made from Marty.''. Derth gossips (in common), 'does he kill himself on the spot?'.

2/11/02 - Baleyg reaches Wa: 2 Cl: 9. Natilena completes mobmasters 37 & 38. Moritz is created. Rowen levels to 4 warrior. Dart completes mobmaster 10. Leroy reaches Wa: 8 Cl:11. Vatican levels to 15 cleric. Mireya reaches Wa:12 Cl:13. Elessar reaches Ma: 5 Ra:11. An Anathema (*cough*Kain*cough) actually sells Bridget 'hunt-free exp time' for a kiss, this 'get out of pk free' pass to last until midnight mud time tonight. Derth completes MM#42 - a sick patient, and moments later, levels to Cl:25\Wa:20. Orin levels to Cl:16\Wa:11. Alrondin is busy, and gains Ma:23 & Wa:24. Garland levels to Wa:27\Cl:30. Wistom was on line for six hours and accomplished nothing. Mandrake kills Neuse, the lighthouse keeper's assistant for MM#64. Ptarchyzk is teleported to Plague in the Demon Realm, and dies after 15 rounds of combat, disarmed, poisoned, looking at his weapon, unable to pick it up... Gregar gathered a small group, including Korran and Wylin, initially... then Doza portaled in to help get everything... and the corpse was recovered intact, despite Valo's entry into the zone to make things complicated. (Ptarchyzk would like to convey his gratitude for the assistance.) Thingone found a 3dam after only 40 hours of randoming... Azalin is created.

2/10/02 - Lorax levels to 18 cleric. Clorox levels to 14 shaman. Slick is created. Mairu reaches Cl:14 Ra:11 Th:11. Elessar duals to mage. Drazuk reaches Th: 5 Ra: 9 Ma:15. Bridget reaches Wa:23 Cl:25. Rowen joins Tamar. Aslan slays the firebird for MM#31. Wistom the Choo Choo Tiger completes MM# 72 by slaying Thengar, and gains 1914 exp, later leveling to Wa:20\Sh:30\Th:15. Ping of Unity levels to Wa: 9\Ma:16 and gains MM#26 by slaying the lumberjack. He then reaches Wa:10 Ma:16 and completes mobmasters 27 & 28. Anduin completes MM#79 and 80 - the guildmaster annd the Master Thief - then later levels to Th:10\Wa:30\Cl:30. Lexie gains MM#42 - a tribal shaman. Galaphile CR's Artanis in the Dragons Lair, "with the in-guild assistance of Tranquilty and Bridget". Brutus leveled to 10 mage then dualed to ranger and got to 4 ranger, and also completed mms 5-8. Dracos, leader of the Hands of Fate, levels to Th:23\Wa:30\Cl:30. Blacky kills a Mycon Chanter for MM#27, a Guardian for #28, a harpy for MM#29, and a duergar smith for #30 which also levels him to Cl:15\Wa:11.. then slays a sea lion for MM#31 and some unknown mobs for MM#32 & 33. Aslan of Fate slays a Giant Pudding for MM#32. Leroy reaches level Wa:7.

2/9/02- Anduin slays the Master Warrior for MM#77. Nitidus levels to Th:19\Ra:19\Ma:21. Ebonie dies in Master's Tower. Aslan, Belsambar, Korran and Valo raced for the corpse, and Belsambar got it. Thank you, Tiger! Blacky reaches Cl:13 Wa:11 and completes mobmaster 21. Brutus levels to 10 mage and then duals to ranger. Maxcivio reaches Ra: 3 Ma:15. Gathaway is created. DragonBane reaches Th: 4 Ma:11. Anduin escapes from a pk attempt by being teleported away immediately after he is slept. Thunderoad posts "The Passage of Time, and where is has brought me". Salim reaches Th: 6 Ma:11 Wa:13. Wistom reaches Wa:20 Sh:30 Th:15. Oliver levels to 7 mage. Lexie reaches Ma:26 Th:24 Wa:27, and begins meteor swarming in the temple area. The ghost of Valo begins haunting her. Keat gossips (in common), 'ghost of valo keeps fleeing.. :('. 'its all lexie's fault..'. Anduin gossips (in elven), 'Keat should haunt him with it :)'. Keat gossips (in common), 'ghost of valo worth 200xp.. thanks :)'. Whoz completes mobmasters 84 & 85 (Master Warrior & divine theologian). Mija reaches Wa:15 Ma:15 Th:15.

2/8/02 - Artanis got MM# 51 - The Guru. Bridget of Wisdom levels to Wa:22\Cl:25. Hutt levels and regains Wa:21\Cl:22 - a level lost during a reform. Talyn slays the Gryphon with 1 tick left on his Mob Mastery AND the Tempest hunting him, for MM#45. Floran is created. Gunner completes mobmaster 41 (a billow weed). Nhye levels to 9 ranger. DragonBane duals to thief. Ichabod completes mobmaster 13. Clorox completes mobmaster 8.

2/7/02 - Homer levels to 9 cleric. Bjarni levels to 7 warrior. Drakar completes mobmaster 47. Mairu reaches Cl:13 Ra:11 Th:11. Elessar levels to 6 ranger. Wyn levels to 7 mage. Leroy completes his first mobmaster. Salomar slays a Roc for MM#50. Twinklefire works on mob mastery quests - #18 - gnome guard, #17 - elven man, #18 - royal guard, #19 - duergar footsoldier, #20 - a Rakasta gatherer. Belsambar loses a mobm level trying to kill Mishiro. Tholbar of Veldrin levels to Th: 5\Wa:30\Cl:30. Clue completes MM #55 - Julius and MM#56 - a mercenary guard. Nobbs of Fate dies in Altibia and Triston does the CR... later, Nobbs slays a Fierce Warrior for MM#31, and levels to Sh:19\Wa:18\Th:18. Khazka levels to Sh:13\Wa:11\Th:11. Lexie levels to Ma:25\Th:24\Wa:27. Lania, Natilena's adopted daughter, is recreated.

2/6/02 - Mairu reaches Cl:12 Ra:11 Th:11. Griff is created. Khazka reaches Sh:12 Wa:11 Th:11. Tiberius completes mobmaster 35. Soloman levels to 8 shaman. Blacky reaches Wa:11 Cl:11 and completes mobmasters 17-20. DragonBane gossips (in common), 'i think there should be funnies in the newspaper'. Blacky gossips (in elven), 'there are, they're called the obituaries'. Ihsahn completes MM# 20 - a soldier ant. Alrandolin levels to Wa:22\Ma:21. Celeborn is able to complete MM#24 - a Zombie - with the help of Garland, who directs him to the Pyramid. Lanfear of Fate levels to Ra:29\Ma:27. Talyn completes MM#44 - the Master Torturer of the Dark Manor and later levels to Cl:27. Saruman of Fate levels to Cl:15. Khazka levels to Sh:12\Wa:11\Th:11. Dracos creates his own webpage.

2/5/02 - Berrin reaches Th:17 Ra:30 Ma:30, and completes 21 mobmasters in a row without failing in the hours leading up to midnight mudtime. Mija reaches Wa:14 Ma:15 Th:15. Relinquish levels to 5 mage. Sylarn reaches Wa:11 Ma:11. Mofona reaches Cl: 8 Ra: 9. Thingone completes mobmaster 68. Maxcivio levels to 15 mage. SnowFalcon reaches Sh:15 Th:12. Harbinger reaches Cl: 4 Wa:15. Torchbearer sets a couple of challenges for Maximus. Aslan of Fate completes MM# 30 - a duergar cleric. Thingone levels to19 Ordained Mortal, and kills "some guy in Mystic" twice in a row for two Mob Mastery quests, and slays an Anathema. Tripper reaches 5000 hours of play. Khazka levels four times to reach Th: 11\Wa:11\Sh:11. Tripletriztz joins Fate and levels to Wa:10. Nyx joins the Hands of Fate, a special sub-group within the Chosen of Fate.. Lins kills the Master Thief for MM#95. Wardon of Dream levels to Th: 6 Ma:15 Ra:11. Garland of the Tigers levels to Wa:26\Cl:30. Belsambar swings his first 'maim' using 'olddam' today. Blystur levels to Ra:22\Ma:24.

2/4/02 - Tripper reaches 5000 hours old, and drops several trees on people. Blacky reaches Wa: 8 Cl:11. Tirant reaches Ma:30 Wa:22. Maxcivio levels to 14 mage. Thunderoad posts "Some Misadventures". Ihsahn reaches Ma:10 Th: 9 Wa: 9. Tidus levels to 7 mage. Mofona reaches Cl: 7 Ra: 9. Vatican levels to 8 cleric. The fountain in the kitchen begins rifting people. Whoz kills the Master Warrior for MM#83. Wistom slays Arvard for MM#70. Nicolas of Wistom levels to Ra: 5\Ma:15. Dracos, the Hand of Fate, levels to Th:22\Wa:30\Cl:30. Diver of Fate levels to Ma:20\Wa:16and gets an extra prac, max hit points and a train! Zarous visits the Realm. Garland completes MM#59: Old Knight and # 60:Triton Patrolguard. Khazka of the Coven levels to Th:7\Wa:11\Sh:11. Mireya of Fate levels to Wa:11\Cl:13. DarkClaw of Fate levels to Wa:14\Cl:28 and gets a Train! Tranquility and Noctus of the Chosen become engaged after Ty completes a very special quest. Derth completes MM#40 - DaMona the Haughty Courtesan. Doc returns to the mud after getting out of jail. = ( . Tholbar levels twice to reach Th: 4 Wa:30 Cl:30.

2/3/02 - Ptarchyzk levels, reaching level 26 Warrior, level 26 Thief and gains a train! ( He also posts the following note: [ 14] Ptarchyzk: lets all give it up for ME!!! / Sun Feb 3 11:50:01 2002 / To: all / Yes.. that's right.. for the first time in months, I leveled again! Woooo!!!! ) Mairu of the Coven levels seven times to reach Th: 9\Ra:11\Cl:11. Aiken levels to Ra:25\Th:25\Ma:23, and also slays Terrance for MM level 43. Nobbs of Fate slays a duergar princeling for MM#29 and a level, bringing him to Wa:16\Sh:18\Th:18. Garland levels to Wa:25\Cl:30. Aslan casts Sanctuary for the first time. Wylin levels to Cl:24\Wa:21. Drakar reaches Cl:22 Ra:20 Th:20. Nicolas reaches Ra: 4 Ma:15. Bliss announces a valentine's creative writing contest. Maximus reaches Cl:29 Ra:25. Cordir rejects Galatea. Prile reaches Th:17 Wa:15 Cl:19. Homer joins Tamar and levels to 6 cleric. Mija reaches Wa:14 Ma:15 Th:15. Galilee levels to 4 ranger. Doza reaches Wa:14 Ma:25. Maxcivio levels to 13 mage. Blacky earns 2500xp standing in a single room.

2/2/02 - Foolkiller announces the dates for the annual RenFest GT. Kerson reaches Sh:26 Wa:27. Nusian reaches Cl:18 Wa:18. Khazka reaches Wa:11 Sh:11 and then triples to thief. Mairu reaches Ra:11 Cl:11. Mofona reaches Cl: 5 Ra: 9. Ziruk levels twice, reaching Th: 9 Cl:11 and completes mobmaster 13. He laters gets 2 red-billed toucans in a row with a reverse summon in between for mobmasters. Homer is created. Aiken levels to Th:24\Ra:25\Ma:23. Khaza dies twice to the Rock Dragon. Sylt and Drakar attempt to regain his belongings with mixed success. Drakar completes MM#46 - a silver lion. Indiga levels twice to reach Wa:21\Cl:25. Mireya of Fate levels to Wa:10\Cl:13. Indiga of Darkness levels to Cl:25, making her the highest level cleric in the following. Tholbar levels to Th: 2 Wa:30 Cl:30.

2/1/02 - Drakar completes MM#45 - Queen Berethil. Lexie levels twice to reach Wa:27\Th:24\Ma:24. Tholbar triples to thief. Vatican is created. Vex (a deactivated ordained) reaches Or: 7 Wa:30 Cl:30. Tressa is created. Eriq levels to 5 cleric.

1/31/02 - Blacky levels and duals: Wa: 1 Cl:11, Tien completes MM #35, an Ebon Young of N'Kai. Mairu dies in Duergar. Blacky attempts the CR, but finds himself in need of help, so Legolas the Dreamguide leaps to the rescue. The two are able to complete the CR. Clue completes MM#54 - the librarian - for 1697 xp! Thunderoad posts "At the Wyvern's Tower, and beyond". Drav joins Whitehawk. Alrandolin reaches Wa:21 Ma:21. Sylarn reaches Wa: 9 Ma:11. Ziruk duals to thief and completes mobmaster 5 (a female dwarf). Tramp reaches Wa:15 Cl:15 Th:12. Soloman is re-created and re-joins Whitehawk.

1/30/02 - Blacky levels twice to reach Cl:10. Paython did a CR for Mofona of Dawn in Velalasier with some back up by Belsambar. Karrion levels to 5 cleric and joins Tamar. Baldor reaches Wa:12 Cl:14. Eganrac reaches Ra:14 Ma:15 Th:11. Korran completes mobmaster 55. Kaori reaches Th:18 Cl:20. Lorax levels to 17 cleric. Doza reaches Wa:13 Ma:25. Belsambar completes mobmasters 63 & 64. Sohcahtoa logs in for the first time in a loooonnng time. Thunderoad posts "The Further Adventures".

1/29/02 - Nobbs levels twice, reaching Sh:17\Th:15\Wa:15. SnowFalcon completes mobmaster 30. Lorax levels to 15 cleric. Nicolas levels to 15 mage. Esariston reaches Ra: 4 Th: 9 Ma: 9. Maximus completes mobmasters 50, 51 & 52. Karrion levels to 4 cleric. Blacky levels to 10 cleric. Thengel reaches Ra:11 Th:10 Ma:12. Korran reaches Th:22 Ra:23 Ma:23. Natilena reaches Th:20 Ra:20 Ma:21. Dart reaches Ma:12 Ra:11. Ping completes mobmaster 22.

1/28/02 - Nobbs dies in the first House of Drow City, and Gytar, the Ordained of Unity, manages the corpse rescue just before Mordith and Boyardee can get to it. Artanis posts a note offering free mushrooms for all who "support [their] Vending Machine!" as he aims for Ambassador. Derth reaches Cl:24 Wa:20. Garland reaches Wa:24 Cl:30. Tholbar reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Tassadar levels twice, reaching Ra: 9 Cl: 9 and completes mobmaster 10. Legionaire reaches Wa:28 Ma:30. Korran reaches Ma:23 Ra:23 Th:21. Wardrof reaches Wa:17 Cl:18. DarkClaw completes mobmaster 24.

1/27/01 - Tassador levels twice and reaches Ra: 7\Cl: 9. Glathrorn levels to Sh:15\Th:12\Wa:13. Thunderoad levels to Wa: 8. Nobbs works on Mob Mastery: female ent - #24, vampiress - #25, elemental magician - #26 and drow priestess - #27 and reaches Th:14 Sh:15 Wa:15. WHO list from today. Mairu and Blacky join the Coven. Dalaran reaches effective 50 (Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:30) again! Thunderoad posts "Over the Northern Continent" and "Thunder and Maxcivio". He also levels to 8 warrior. Mairu reaches Ra: 5 Cl:11. Blacky levels to 8 cleric. Myro posts a note encouranging people to "vote early, vote often" for him for Ambassador. Gregar reaches Wa:12 Sh:30. Legolas reaches Ra:22 Th:17 Ma:23. Zappa levels to 7 mage. Drazuk reaches Ma:13 Ra: 9. Korran completes mobmaster 54. Mija reaches Wa:12 Ma:15 Th:15.

1/26/02 - Aslan of Fate kills a frost giant for MM##26 and an off duty guard for mm#27. Cid reaches Th:11 Ra: 9 and triples to mage. Morhaven is created. Glathrorn completes mobmasters 28, 29 (the cook) & 30.Terenas reaches Ra:18 Ma:20. Mofona levels to 5 ranger. Natilena completes mobmaster 35. Tokugawa takes down the Christmas decorations. Tramp reaches Wa:14 Cl:15 Th:12. Nobbs reaches Th:12 Sh:15 Wa:15. Tassadar reaches Ra: 5 Cl: 9. Bragadoran reaches Ma: 9 Ra:12. Grale reaches Ra:15 Ma:17 and completes mobmaster 28. Drazuk reaches Ma:12 Ra: 9. Bayne levels to 5 cleric. Clorox completes mobmaster 5. (Glathrorn gossips (in gnomish), 'Clorox is really cleaning up!'.) Tokomata levels to 5 cleric. Wylin reaches Cl:23 Wa:21. Khonsu reaches Ma:18 Ra:14. Blacky is created. Maxcivio levels to 7 mage.

1/25/02 - Artanis posts a petition for immortality. Mandrake reaches Wa:23 Cl:24. Drazuk reaches Ma:11 Ra: 9. Jbmflutist levels to 5 warrior. Orin reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Grale reaches Ra:14 Ma:17 and completes mobmaster 27. Nhye is created. Anduin reaches effective 40 (Wa:30 Cl:30)! Whoz gets Nevyn as a mobmaster and decides not to go after him :P  Thunderoad posts Traveling with Elves. Agro levels to Ra:9\Sh: 9. For the second day in a row, Gregar actually spends time on the mud. Esariston of Fate level to Ra: 3\Th: 9\Ma: 9. Noctus performs a "heroic corpse retrieval for Belsambar who dropped dead at my feet at Temple Courtyard ;) " (Belsambar was killed by the Spirit of the Glade). Paython levels to Wa:30\Cl:30. Wylin kills a small lizard for MM#2 and a sparrow for #3. Agro levels to Sh: 9\Ra: 9. Tassadar levels cleric twice, then duals to ranger, to reach Ra: 1\Cl: 9. Pez 'gave away some money today' - no further details available. Kaori of the Dark levels to Cl:20\Th:17.

1/24/02 - Agro levels to Ra: 8\Sh: 9, and becomes the 91st person to get a description written by Cordir. Alrandolin (Ma:21\Wa:21) joined the Dark. Talyn levels to Cl:25 clearing the Lighthouse. Whoz completes MM#75 - Master Cleric, #76 - Master Shaman,# 77 - guildmaster, and #78 - Supreme Shaman and leveled to Th:27\Wa:30\Ma:30. Zappa levels to 5 mage. Agro reaches Ra: 8 Sh: 9. Halo and Kane are created. Bliss posts a note about her big uh oh, and an entire army of huge chocolate bunnies is unleashed. (This chocolate bunny is not something you want to eat. As it looms over you, you notice chocolate drool dripping on your head. Ewww! A chocolate bunny is in perfect health.) A who list from this day. Thunderoad posts "Searching the Temple. Hiro levels to 8 warrior. Mairu joins Bliss.

1/23/02 - Nayr announces that a change is pending to the distiller in Dwarvenhold. Anduin reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Talyn levels to 25 cleric. Spyder completes mobmaster 27. There is an incident involving Kaldred and two Torchbearer followers, one of whom (Kallyia) was level 6, which ends with Kaldred being locked in a zone by the high level TB follower. This sounds much worse than it was tho, since the level 6 really had no clue what was going on. Nobbs of Fate levels to Sh:15\Wa:11\Th:11, Bridget of Wisdom levels to Cl:25\Wa:20, Legionaire levels to 30th level mage, Kaleyah levels to 24th Cleric, Eganrac levels three times to reach Th: 2\Ma:15\Ra:11. Elektra levels to Cl:14, as well as MM#19-21 today, 20 was the guardian beast, 21 was a Mycon Shaman. Wistom kills Glorin, the Adventurous Seafarer, for MM#69. Lorax reaches level 8. Wish of the Black Conclave levels to Ma:28\Wa:30 and gains a train! Mandrake kills Borin the Cleric Guildmaster for MM#63.

1/22/02 - Wylin duals back to Cleric and levels to Cl:22\Wa:21. Lexie, the First Slave Mistress of Kim, levels to Wa:24\Th:24\Ma:24. Wistom of the Tigers reaches Wa:19\Sh:30\Th:15. Killed a Bazar patron for level 10. Galatea of Fate dies as a result of a area file change that is not reported to the mud - the Teleport fountain in Dwarvenhold is now Word of Recall. Cid levels to 9 ranger and duals to thief. Aslan completes mobmaster 22. Isitititis reaches Ra:11 Ma:16 and gets a train. Uhaile levels to 5 shaman. Thengel reaches Th: 9 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Nevyn continues spreading campfires & leaving bedrolls all over the realm. Tirayel is re-created. Foolkiller posts a note about AZ Ren Fest GT time asking for votes.

1/21/02 - Lorax is created. Mandrake completes MM#62 - a drow guard. Packard completes MM17 - a delving guard, and MM18 - a dwarven warrior. Teluin posts "'Mish', a poem by the champ of romance". Wish completes mobmaster 50. Dogdaze reaches Wa: 8 Sh:30. Kirth reaches Ra:14 Ma:20. Grale completes mobmaster 25, making 11 in a row.

1/20/02 - Demoth reaches Ma:12 Ra:11 Th:11. Frakir levels to 7 cleric. DarkClaw completes mobmasters 17 through 22. Grale reaches Ra:12 Ma:17. Ren levels thief several times, reaching Th: 5 Wa:15 Cl:15, and also completes mobmasters 32-34. Nobbs reaches Wa:11 Sh:11 Th:11 and joins the Chosen of Fate. Anduin reaches Wa:28 Cl:30. Glathrorn reaches Wa:13 Sh:14 Th:11. Drazuk reaches Ma: 7 Ra: 9. DragonBane is created and levels to 5 mage. Paython reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Lexie reaches Wa:23 Th:24 Ma:24, and completes mobmaster 40 (a student). Aslan and Talyn leveled at the exact same moment. He reached to Cl:24, her to Cl:22. They killed Merrick for the level.

1/19/02 - Talyn completes mobmaster 31, leveling to 23 cleric in the process. Nobbs reaches Wa: 7 Sh:11 Th:11, and completes mobmasters 15 & 16. Kaern gossips (in common), 'The Day Nobbs Killed All The Mobs'. Draven levels to 17 cleric. Thengel reaches Th: 5 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Sober levels to 9 thief. Sirena joins the Tigers. Lexie completes MM#38 & 39 ( stone golem and trusted guard ). Agro completes MM#2 - a goblin worker and MM#3 - a carpenter ant. On the lighter (okay, stranger) side, Celeborn slaughtered a goat in a .. unique... elven ritual. Artanis posts an Immortality Petition.

1/18/02 - Aslan completes MM#12 - a druidess. Lins kills the Triton War Captain for MM#94. Garland levels to Wa:23\Cl:30. Anduin kills a Fire Elemental for MM#64. Legionaire bad recalls three times and is killed in a single round by a large demon in Velalasier. Thingone, chueco, Rubicant and Legionaire complete the CR. Belsambar kills the Captain Commander for MM#62. Clue slays a warrior monk for MM#53. Nayr goes vis and offers rifts for everyone, but they're all in a saferoom. Lief points this out, and is rifted (and killed) anyway in safe. Leif gossips (in elven), 'You report: 101/352 hp 35/251 mana 397/397 mv 138611 xp.'. 'after a heal'. 'Nayr's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** you!'. 'You have been KILLED!!'. Dogdaze completes mobmaster 44. Garland posts "The Weathered Rose" publicly - his pledge of love to DarkClaw. Mairu reaches Ra: 2 Cl:11. Marisa decides she needs a better than average 4 weapon, so goes to get an ant sting. Of course, she can't find the area where it pops, but during one of her attempts to start over to look for it again, I bad recall to the right place ;) She eventually even finds the ant sting, with a lot of help from Mael *grin*. Sober levels to 3 thief. Bridget reaches Cl:24 Wa:20. Draven completes mobmaster 18. Pez posts a funny idea about kick skill modifications.

1/17/02 - Artanis announces that he is petitioning for immortality. Garland completes mobmaster 52. Nitidus reaches Ra:17 Ma:19 Th:18. Ember levels to 7 warrior. Kaio and Sober are created. SnowFalcon completes mobmasters 27 & 28. Celeborn completes mobmasters 11 & 12. Salomar completes mobmaster 49. Grale joins Wisdom. Legionaire dies to two beholders on the third floor of Master's Tower, then dies again to four zombies and a huge golem, also on the third floor of Masters. Lins performs the CR. Additionally, he completed MM#60 - an assassin. Garland completes a part of his engagement quest by privately posting "The Weathered Rose". Fenrir levels to Ra:26\Ma:25.

1/16/02 - Abe levels to Cl:26\Ra:25. Lanfear of Fate levels to Ra:28\Ma:27 and gains max hit points! Clue of Fate levels to Wa:29\Cl:30. Orin levels to Cl:12\Wa:11. Ping completes mobmaster 21. Mairu levels to 10 warrior. Pardoquilian reaches Wa:11 Sh:16. Frakir is created. Khazka reaches Wa: 2 Sh:11. Nobbs reaches Th: 9 Sh:11. Sariel levels to 6 warrior and gets a train.

1/15/02 - Azeworai posts a note regarding iding, to clear his name, and announces that he is "closed". In response, Xavier posts an apology to Azeworai (and all). Pheonix completes mobmaster 20. Demoth reaches Ma: 5 Ra:11 Th:11. Isitititis reaches Ma:16 Ra: 9. Charles completes mobmaster 62. Myronides asks for "art, poems, stuff on elves" to be sent to him for the elven power website he's building. Sirena levels to 11 cleric. Esariston reaches Ma: 8 Th: 9. Natilena reaches Th:18 Ra:20 Ma:21 and completes mobmaster 31. Torchbearer gossips, 'But don't think all the care bears and care bear cousins in the world could stop me :P'. Wolfgang declares that his presence on line is news. Aslan finishes MM#7 a goblin warrior, #8 - a young apprentice, #9 - a reveller thief, and #10 - a little imp. Aiken completes MM#33 - a concubine. WIZLIST & Ranks List from today. Elektra completes mm#7 - a messenger, #8 - a kobold guard, #9 - the warrior, and levels to Cl: 13. Glathrorn kills a gambling guard of Kharad Delving for MM#25. Taibh slays Queen Sylette for MM#62 (still trying to sneak by the Fire Elemental span in the MM quests). Tripletriztz completes his first Mob Mastery quest - a goblin baby. Bridget levels to Cl:23\Wa:20. Glathrorn dies in the trading Post and Clue of Fate performs the CR. Nicolas dies to the Tempest, and Garvax finds it, while Teluin, Wistom, Lexie, Clue, and Garland are all also out looking for it. Teluin slays the Guildmaster for MM#79 and completes mobmaster 80 as well. Nitidus levels to Ra:16\Ma:19\Th:18. Nobbs the Gnome duals to Thief and gains several levels (Th: 4 Sh:11). The Bardic Circle is held.

1/14/02 - Agro levels to 9 shaman. Elektra levels to 13 cleric. Drazuk is back *cheer*, and levels to 4 ranger. Mars duals to warrior. Regul completes mobmasters 12 & 13. Aslan gets MM#6 - a kobold. She attempts #7, but someone casts on her, breaking the Mobmastery. Later, she bad vortexes to Demon Realm, but actually makes it out alive on her own. Azeworai and Gunner kill off all the demons hunting her. Thengel levels to Ra: 6\Ma: 9. Tripletriztz is created, and levels to 6. Garland and Star (DarkClaw) are given their wedding quest. Bridget levels to Cl:22\Wa:20. Aslan Tsarran-Napei levels to Cl:21. Boyardee kills the MG Knight for MM#60, and Talyn slays a frost Giant for MM#28. Celeborn slays a horde of maggots for MM#4. Nicolas levels to Ma:11, gets max HP and a train, then goes out and kills a Lamia for MM#11. Rhaen levels to Ma:14. Lanfear completes MM#37 - a carrion crawler and #38 - a trusted guard.

1/13/02 - Tiax reaches effective 40th (Wa:30 Cl:30) and spams gossip ;)  DarkClaw reaches Wa:13 Cl:28 and gets a train. Laila levels to 9 thief. Mars completes mobmaster 7. Nobbs is created. Silvermoon reaches Th:18 Ra:20 Cl:20. Talyn completes mobmasters 26 & 27, leveling to 22 cleric in the process. Weezer completes mobmaster 10. Gunner levels to Th: 5\Cl:30\Wa:30.Wish kills the Duergar King for MM#49. Anduin and Tholbar both reach Wa:26\Cl:30. Elektra completes MM#3 - a goblin soldier, #4 - a goblin worker, #5 - a baby polyp, #6 - an apprentice shoemaker, but gave up on #7 - a sunfish. Noctus, Gytar and Lanfear do a CR on the 4th floor of Master's Tower for Trell. Anduin kills an old knight for MM#58, 'a knight' for MM#59, the Captain Commander for #60, a master monk for MM#61. . Reepicheep completes her first mob mastery - a goblin baby.

1/12/02 - Keat's target for mob mastery quest #65 was a fire elemental... which he was unable to complete and got bags burned instead. :-( Boyardee completes MM#59, and shortly thereafter levels to Ma:28\Wa:30. Talyn reports that "after about a kazillion casts" his dispel evil is finally superb. Myronides posts version 2 of his Immortality Petition. (He spells the title right this time). Gizamaluke joins Torchbearer. Tirayel levels to 9 ranger. Apollyon completes mobmaster 35. Toto levels to 19 cleric. Thengel reaches Ra: 3 Ma: 9. Khazka is created and levels to 6 shaman. Tayln gets dispel evil to superb. Xochitl levels to 5 shaman. Thingone reaches 15 ordained. Derth reaches Wa:20 Cl:22. Cirth completes 8 mobmasters in a row without failing any (a tiny elemental, an eddie, bear cub, goblin guard, a field mouse, a small rock, a female elf, & a lizard man). Solaron posts a note about Lins' idea to remove sentry followings from the game. Alrandolin reaches Wa:17 Ma:18. Krongler levels to 5 warrior.

1/11/02 - Elly is created. Aoife reaches Sh:29 Ra:27. Isitititis reaches Ra: 8 Ma:15. Dogdaze completes mobmaster 42. Cordir names Torchbearer as an enemy, as does Tripper (a good naming another good as enemy...). Eganrac reaches Ma: 2 Ra: 9. Tirayel levels to 8 ranger. Mars levels to 14 cleric. Weezer reaches Wa:13 Sh:30. Hiro is re-created and re-joins Tamar. Myronides reposts his immortality petition, but accidentally posts it as an "immorality" petition instead :P  Cirth the Pale of Fate levels three times (2 thief levels, 1 mage level) to Ma:10 Th: 9. Thingone kills the Nydia cleric guildmaster for MM#60. Wish completes MM#46 - a triton child and #47 - high shaman of gronk. Nitidus made MM# 41 - the dancing master. Robert is visible for the SECOND DAY IN A ROW!!!! Robert reaches 3600 years of age. UuKrul is recreated. Talyn completes seven mob mastery quests to help push him up to Cl:20. Paython levels to Wa:28\Cl:30 and works on mob mastery - #43 - the Grand Shaman of Gronk, and #44 - a mob from the Dark Manor. Baal levels to Sh: 6\Wa:12.

1/10/02 - Orin reaches Cl:11 Wa:11. Demoth reaches Th: 8 Ra:11. Wish shares a poem on gossip :P  Dustina levels to 4 cleric. A who list from this day. Cordir reaches Greater Power as does Kerriariadne, Bliss falls to Intermediate power and Vex is deactivated (Bliss entirely places the blame on Kerriariadne). Lexie completes three MM quests - #33,# 34, and #35 - the mummy, a giant vulture and the master summoner. Elektra starts her mob mastery quests, and completes #1 - a hoard of maggots and #2 - a goblin worker. Chueco levels to Wa:20\Th:17\Sh:20. Derth gains MM#28 - a clansman. Aslan slays an elven father for MM#5, and later performs a corpse rescue for Chad near the Icy Plains, where he was slain by a bear. LIns kills Slue for MM#93. Xavier "became the sagacious bugzapper." Thingone levels to Ordained 14. Nicolas got MM#9 - the mill worker & #10 - a patron of the bazaar. Teluin completes MM#77 - Flare, the Red Dragon and MM#78 - The Master Mage.Tiax levels to Wa:29\Cl:30. Wish completes three Mob Mastery quests: #43 - a couatl , #44 - The Master Torturer, and #45 - high shaman of gronk. Robert is actually visible to the mud today!!

1/9/02 - Paython completesMM#42 - a Royal Minotuar Guard. Mael kills the Clerk for MM#99. Derth completes 3 mob mastery quests ( 24 - a white dog, #25 - a servant, and #26 - cook). Cirth of the Chosen reaches Th: 7\Ma: 9. Demoth levels to 10 ranger. Tirayel re-levels to 5 ranger. Ichabod reaches Wa: 7 Sh: 9. Regul reaches Ma:18 Ra:20 Th:17. Lirian is created. Elektra & Joey each complete their first mobmaster. Loki levels to 10 mage. Ysild reaches Wa: 4 Sh:13 Th:11. Dart reaches Ra: 8 Ma:10. Maximus is coolered for "not getting a clue" after being killed by Tokugawa, and after grouping with a stated enemy of Torchbearer's. There's a lot of discussion about help good, and Torchbearer later removes all the followings he had had listed as enemies.

1/8/02 - Regul levels to Ra:20\Th:17\Ma:17. Tirayel is reborn, and joins the Chosen. The Chosen hold a special Fateful Hour, closed to visitors. Drakar levels to Ra:19\Cl:20\Th:20. Gytar slays Traezt, the dragon hunter for MM#76. Lins kills the Triton War Captain for MM#91. Joey reaches Ma:20 Wa:20 Th:15. Dogdaze reaches Wa: 2 Sh:30. Derth completes mobmaster 24. There's a suggestion that EEL should be resurrected, and Tholbar later gossips (in common), 'thats it, someone get daelin online and give him a spoon!'.

1/7/02 - Morimox's temple is installed. Artanis completes mobmasters 48 & 49. Elrond levels to 15 mage. Nicolas levels to 10 mage. Weezer reaches Wa:10 Sh:30. Indiga completes mobmaster 41. Sweetness levels to 8 shaman. Kat levels to 5 mage. Wylin completes his first mobmaster. Derth badrecalls from the guild into Scairz. Thengel duals to ranger. Keat gets 'a fire elemental' two MM quests in a row - #63 - #64. Nalor kills a Dwarven Warrior for MM#27, then a Dwarven Hunter for #28 , but failed #30 - Smithers. Fenrir levels twice to Ma:25\Ra:21. At only effective level 29, Taibh slays the Knight Templar of the MG Cleric's Guild for MM#60 - a mobmastery rank that he's died twice to mobs attempting to reach! Garland levels to Wa:21\Cl:30. Saruman of Fate completes 3 mob mastery quests - #2 - a mountain kid, #3 - a gnat, and #4 - a mountain ewe. Leif completes MM#38 - a sword swallower and #39 - a fire eater, MM#40 - a servant, then #41 - the Grinch which pushes him to Th:16\Ra:18\Cl:18 and he gains a Train! (10,000 exp in half an hour). Sylarn levels to Ma:10. Wish kills a Manor Guard for MM#35, an alligator hunter for #36, Shudde-M'ell for #37, a sahaugin guard for #38, and an ogre warrior of Gronk for #39, an elite manor guard for #40, Captain Derrick for #41 . Aslan of Fate levels to Cl:20. Lanfear of Fate gains MM#35 - a warthog and #36 - a maid of War'loovs. #37 - a skeleton king was a no-go, however. Khonsu levels to Ma:17|Ra:14. SnowFalcon completes MM #23 - the armor-skinned grub, and #24 - a polar bear. Nyx re-enters the realm for the first time in several months, and finds himself still an Ordained of the Chosen of Fate. He is reactivated.

1/6/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.87. Kirth reaches Ra:10 Ma:11. Silvanus reaches Ra:18 Ma:18. Dart reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Majere completes mobmaster 71. Cirsols levels to 5 mage. Cirth reaches Th: 6 Ma: 9. Speed levels to 5 thief. Aiken reaches Ra:24 Th:20 Ma:23. Christoster reaches Cl:13 Wa:11 Th: 9. Azazel is created. Valo logs on as a level 1, and is restored.

1/5/02 - Talyn & Aslan are wed! Here's a log of the event from Aslan's point of view, and one from an onlooker's point of view. A reception follows in ceremonial. Alrandolin levels both mage & warrior, reaching Wa:16 Ma:18. Cirsols levels to 4 mage. Xochitl is created. Klipp levels to 5 cleric. Artulla is created & levels to 5 mage. Tholbar completes mobmasters 53 & 54. Tholbar also kills Borlan Solo and Keat kills the resulting ghost. Thingone reaches 11 ordained. Joey reaches Ma:19 Wa:20 Th:15. Tyrell continues his streak of 4 consecutive self-corpse retrievals. Teluin kills Merrick for MM#75. Keat creates KeatJr. to assist a newbie.

1/4/02 - Chueco levels shaman and warrior to reach Wa:18\Th:17\Sh:20. Baal joins the Nightblades and levels to Sh: 4\Wa:12. DarkClaw of the Chosen levels to Wa:12 Cl:28. Lexie, the first Slave Mistress of Kim, levels to Wa:21\Th:24\Ma:24. Clue completes MM#52 - Cheney, the essence of oak. Valo is deleted. Tynian posts a note announcing that TFC is NOT shutting down. Azeworai completes mobmaster 41 (a tired monk). Pheonix levels to 18 cleric. Sedona reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Nitidus reaches Ma:19 Th:15 Ra:15. Alma is created. Lins offers "I'm giving 250k for the one that brings me a dispel magic sphere. This sphere must have at least 3 charges, and you have to tell me how to use it :). 250k.. that's a lot :P." Hyran levels to 5 cleric. Kain reaches 14 ordained. Ammonia reaches Th:17 Cl:18. Tolven completes mobmaster 14. Ichabod duals to warrior. Regul gets his corpse back from Dream Realm.

1/3/02 - Darkclaw posts "Love Told, Love True". Kallyia is created, worships Torchbearer, and levels to 5 cleric. Glathrorn switches back to shaman, and reaches Sh:12 Wa:11 Th:11. Thingone reaches 10 ordained. Dalaran completes mobmaster 63. Azeworai helps Dart dual to ranger, by finding Jack after a lot of searching. Jugal is created. Mija reaches Wa:11 Ma:15 Th:15. Dwa [ Wa:21 Cl:26 ] Titan, Lord Knight of Coven uses the DELETEME command since he will be away in rl for a long time. Lins slays the Divine Warrior for MM#90, and also finds 4 moderates in one corpse. Paco kills his first 'big' demon. Saruman reaches Cl:14after a long punishment of being allowed only a light source and a weapon to exp with. Nitidus and Bridget went to Gerteks today and found out he was "a big mean mob". Nitidus, Silvanus, Lins, Teluin, Snarf and Tholbardo the CR. Whoz completes MM#72 - nine-headed rock hydra. Paython dies to the Balrog on the third floor of Master's Tower - Garland and Noctus perform the CR.

1/2/02 - Whoz obtains MM#71 - Kimon. SnowFalcon gains level 11 thief, and completes MM #21 - a Mycon Chanter, and MM #22 - the reindeer. Mira reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Isitititis reaches Ra: 4 Ma:15. Thingone reaches 9 ordained. Aiken completes mobmasters 23 & 24 and reaches Th:18 Ra:23 Ma:23. Pardoquilian reaches Sh:14 Wa:10. Kerson reaches Wa:27 Sh:25. Mars levels to 8 cleric. Alielle is created. Weezer gossips (in common), '1exp tnl.. :)', and then reaches Wa: 9 Sh:30. Belsambar completes mobmaster 61. Kirth levels to 7 mage. Nicolas levels to 8 mage. Christoster reaches Cl:12 Wa:11 Th: 9. Hsan completes mobmaster 15 (a young duergar). Valo appears to have been deleted after gossiping icky things. Teluin completes mobmaster 74 (the Jailor), and later announces that he is the new mayor of midgaard, and promises that it can be as prosperous as the town he was once mayor in.

1/1/02 - Happy new year! Sirak and Elladan both stop by for a visit :)  The MUD is down for a couple of hours. Joey levels to Ma:17\Wa:20\Th:15. Garland levelled to 30 cleric 20 thiefand his leveling partner and sweetheart, DarkClaw, levels to Wa:11\Cl:28. Lins reaches 29 ordained, and has 54.5k to next. Vex reaches 6 ordained. Paython reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. Dartt completes mobmaster 15. Belsambar completes mobmaster 60 (the knight templar). Maven levels to 5 warrior. Telamon levels to 8 cleric. Solonar levels to 14 mage. Thingone reaches 8 ordained. Boyardee completes mobmasters 51-54. Doc kills Tomas for mobmaster 71. Rumor has it that Maldobar died while linkdead.

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