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TFC Historical Timeline 2001

12/31/01 - Newyears is created. Tokugawa gives out party favors for New Year's Eve, and a little party is held in Recall, during which people are teleported and Tirant goes to visit the shark. That completes mobmaster 15. Mija reaches Wa:10 Ma:15 Th:15 and completes mobmaster 6 (a snowshoe rabbit). Calivax levels to 3 warrior. Cordir posts a note about newbie service. Bulgarian joins Tamar and levels to 3 cleric. Solonar levels to 13 mage. Paython completes mobmaster 39 (the High Minotaur Guard). Zerek levels to 9 mage. A who list, mobmaster, xprank, and goldrank from this day. Kethran rejoins the Chosen of Fate. Thingone levels to Ordained 7th. Teluin gossips (in common), 'put dumbest mistake of the day: Teluin failing the mobm War'Loov :(' Harbinger levels to Wa: 7 . Mystik is created and levels to 6 ranger. Teluin gossips (in common), '[### Teluin asks to be put on the last Time Line and so he was!]'. Cordir writes descriptions for Blystur & Elektra. Wish of the Black Conclave works on his mob mastery quests, completing #30 - a guardian spirit and #31 - an ent guard. Tyrell kills Shye in EmDeeVille, guided there by members of the Chosen, for a MM quest as well. Larynda levels to Ma:10\Ra: 9. Garland levels to Cl:30 Wa:20 at 231 years old (438 hours), created Tue Mar 20 01, 15:27:02, and gains a train.

12/30/01 - Teluin kills the Jailor for MM#73 and levels to Ord 18. Aiken kills a museum guard for MM#21. Grogramin kills Harvey for MM#8. Shon gets a group together to fight Sendres, a mage mob. Mija completes mobmasters 4 & 5 (a frog & a lizard woman). Toto wonders, 'if you kill yourself in front of a guard will the guard yell PROTECT THE INNOCENT BANZAI!!! and attack you?'. Bortman and Bort stop by. Salim reaches Ma:10 Wa:11. Nedley levels to 10 mage. Thingone reaches 7 ordained. Maximus completes mobmaster 42. Kinky completes mobmaster 28. Apollyon reaches Wa:20 Cl:20. Celeborn reaches Th: 8 Ma:26 Ra:27. Packard kills a hawk for mobmaster 15 & gets 500 xp. Solaron announces that it's time for mud trivia, and Triston immediately asks, 'what does water and dirt mixed become?'. Solaron then goes ahead with his various trivia questions, and the winner is Teluin.

12/29/01 - Indiga of the Dark levels to Wa:20\Cl:20. Chef Boyardee works on his MM quests - #46 - a couatl, #47 - a pirate, #48 - the druid. Joey levels for the first time in four RL years, reaching Wa:18\Ma:17\Th:15 and regaining one of his levels lost to 3x conversion. Teluin levels to Ordained level 17 and completes MM#68 - Arvard, #69 - a spider statue, #70 - The Scribe. Later, Teluin gossips (in common), 'I feel I should be put on the Time Line for the hell I just went through'. Thingone reaches Ordained level 5. DarkClaw posts "New Light". Natilena completes mobmaster 25. Mireya reaches Wa: 8 Cl:13. Silvanus reaches Ra:17 Ma:18. Gorld levels to 16 warrior. Cordir posts a note about fundraising, and sells 11 descriptions. Nalor completes 10 mobmasters in a row (14 through 24). Harbinger is created. Clorox levels to 10 shaman. Nedley joins Tamar and levels to 8 mage. Spyder completes mobmaster 15.

12/28/01 - Tragan levels to 4 thief. Spyder reaches Ma:14 Wa:15. Ysild reaches Wa: 2 Sh:13 Th:11. Orin turns 50 years old. Aiken completes mobmaster 20. Azrael completes mobmasters 27 & 28. Thingone reaches 4 ordained and completes mobmaster 55. Lout levels to 8 thief and gets a train. Irwin reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Tinman reaches Sh: 2 Wa:18. Modred reaches Wa:18 Cl:18. Khonsu reaches Ma:16 Ra:14. Tirant reaches Ma:29 Wa:22. Mid is created. Wish completes mobmasters 25-27. Rath deems himself "Flag Giver" and thinks up various flags for people, starting with himself. Garland slays Berengor for #39, a ghostly woronin for MM#40, a young monk for MM#41, and an Ogre Guard of Gronk for #42. Legionaire completes several MM quests, including Captain Trag, Bennet the Captain of the Guard, a Monk, and Lodriss the Myrmidon twice, to reach level 49. Khorlan gets to 'well armored'. Belsambar kills Miri for MM#51 and 1558 experience points. Mira of Darkness levels to Wa:18\Cl:20. Keat and Teluin go to vulcano and both type mobmaster...both get a fire elemental and get it as well - Keat for MM#64 and Teluin for #63. Teluin later levels to 16 Ordained, and several more MM Quests until he reaches the MM rank list for MM#64 - Borin the Cleric Guildmaster, #65 - the Dark Stalker of 3rd Floor Master's Tower, #66 - Nemdor, & #67 - a drow soldier. Snowfalcon completes #19 - a merchant & #20 - a polar bear. Thingone kills the Yochlol for MM#55. Gorld tells you (in common), 'Wisdom, which had sopposedly stopped attacking Kims following, attacked me twice today, if that interests you at all'. Cordir posts a note to Salomar ordering him to keep out of her temple after a rather unpleasant series of incidents. Legionaire levels to Wa:26\Ma:26. Paython levels to Wa:26\Cl:30. Ananasi of the Chosen of Fate returns to the Realm, restored by Tynian. Natilena regains the last of her 3x conversion levels, obtaining Th:17\Ra:20\Ma:21. Grogramin kills an ant for MM#4.

12/27/01 - Indiga reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Isitititis reaches Ra: 2 Ma:15. Chueco reaches Sh:18 Th:17 Wa:17. Kinky completes mobmaster 25. Thingone is ordained by Kerriariadne, and is given the title Dark Scythe. Mars levels to 5 cleric. Esariston reaches Ma: 4 Th: 9. Aerios levels to 5 cleric. Doc gossips 'I'll braid you into my beard and carry you around like a charm necklace'. Clorox joins Morimox. Tirant completes mobmaster 59. Bashful completes MM #36- the captain. Elektra tells Cordir (in common), 'Would you timeline that at 631tnl, I think I just might be able to get close to lvling without mob-dying -thisclose- to 0tnl?'.Teluin slays Queen Sylette of DH for MM#62. Snowfalcon completes mm #15 - a sheriff, #16 - a minotaur guard, #17 - a goblin, #18 - a corporal of the Delving Guard. Fenrir levels to Ra:20\Ma:21. Ysild of the Chosen reaches Wa: 1\Sh:13\Th:11. Keat is released from the Dawnbringers. Snowfalcon levels to Th:10\Sh:12. Solonar reaches Ma: 8, Legionaire "got about 7 mobms today but i forget what they were". Later that day, he levels to Wa:25\Ma:26, and reports MM#45 a servant. Boyardee gets MM#42 - a savage warrior, #43 - a triton child. Midori the Elf Maiden levels to Cl:5. Belsambar gains MM#58 - an assassin for MM#58.

12/26/01 - Teluin kills the Guildmaster to reach MM# 61 and Ordained level 15 at the same time. Cirth the Pale reaches Th: 5 Ma: 9 . Aiken completes MM 18 - a mysterious wraith. SnowFalcon finishes mm #13 - a Rough Highwayman and #14- a half-elf guard. Artanis reports that one of the followers of Plato GAVE AWAY +5 damage gloves for free. Blystur completes mobmaster 30. Sicarian reaches Cl:14 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Grogramin reaches Ma: 3 Wa:19. Cypraal is created. Larynda reaches Ra: 6 Ma: 9. Illika levels to 8 shaman. Kain completes mobmasters 60 & 61. Legolas offers a crazy potion to the world at large. Legionaire completes mobmasters 41 & 42.

12/25/01 - Merry Christmas! Morimox and Tamar become allies. Whoz completes mobmaster 65 (a fire elemental). Ariath is created and levels to 3 ranger. Bridget reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Nexigen reaches Cl: 5 Ra:10. Legionaire completes mobmaster 34. Kinky logs on after a long absence and is surprised by getting hp & mana. She then completes mobmaster 15 (a duergar urchin).

12/24/01 - Cordir reaches Intermediate Power. Aiken reaches Th:11\Ra:23\Ma:23. Teluin slays a fire elemental for MM#61. Cirth the Pale levels to Th:3\Ma:9. Boyardee kills a sick patient for MM#40. Legionaire, the Weaponsmaster of Darkness, levels to Wa:24\Ma:26 and completes mm #29 - an Ent Guard and mm#30 - a Fireworm. Paython Grimward levels to Wa:25\Cl:30. Khore posts a note about Strider & Revenant, and the debate about Torchbearer's following continues on in many many notes. Quintyn is created. Elrond completes mobmaster 5. Whitehawk falls to cult following. Edge posts a retirement note. Eluchil points out that Morimox's entire following holds the geek spots. A couple of people post holiday wishes. Santa is spotted in ceremonial, holding a HUGE bag. Who knew the guild had a chimney?

12/23/01 - Hsan completes mobmasters 5-8. Aiken reaches Th:10 Ra:23 Ma:23. With 1800xp tnl, Whoz kills 9 mobs to reach Th:26 Wa:30 Ma:30, scoring 200xp per mob. Salomar reaches Wa:19 Th:18 Ma:20. Azurik joins Tamar and levels to 6 shaman. SnowFalcon completes mobmaster 12 (a piranha). Nicolas levels to 7 mage. Harley levels to 4 ranger. Kian announces that he is leaving the mud. Strider is killed by Khore for mobkilling out of range. Rejkt reaches Ra:15 Cl:17. Hennet levels to 5 mage. Teeka reaches Ma:19 Wa:15 Th:14. Spell reaches Ra:25\Ma:20. Fenrir levels to Ra:18\Ma:21. Ysild levels to Th:9\Sh:13. Artanis slays a figure of a person' for MM#40. Belsambar kills Unwro for MM#57, and Packard kills a gnome guard for MM#13. Thingone does three mob mastery quests: #28 - a beech tender, #29 - a male ent, and #30 - a wooden golem. Boromir of Fate actually levels AND Duals to Ra:21\Ma:21\Th:21. Esariston joins the Chosen of Fate. Nitidus reaches level 17 mage. Cirth the Pale duals to theif and then levels to Th:2\Ma:9, and obtains an extra train and a prac.

12/22/01 - Ysild levels twice to reach Th:8\Sh:14. Packard gets lost, dies to the Brass Dragon, and CR's himself. Packard also completes mobmaster 13 (a gnome guard) for 389xp. Spell levels three times to reach Ra:24\Ma:23. Aiken levels to Th:9\Ra:23\Ma:23. Teluin reaches Level 13 Ordained and completes two MM quests - #57 - Hystrica, and #58 - Unwro. Larynda duals to Ra:1\Ma:9. Belsambar survives a whole week without dying once. SnowFalcon reaches level 8 thief. Nitidus completes MM#37 - Sedgewick, and MM#38 - an ogre warrior. DarkClaw reaches Wa:10 Cl:28. Tala levels to 3 mage. Neon reaches Ma: 2 Ra: 9 and completes mobmaster 2. Clorox levels to 9 shaman. Art is created and joins Plato, as does Moridin. Cordir extends the deadline for "The Quest of the Shaman" to noon system time on 12/24, due to people's inability to enter.

12/21/01 - Joyful Solstice, to all who celebrate it! Ysild levels twice to reach Th:6\Sh:14. Packard levels to Wa:22. SnowFalcon completes mm#7 - a thief, mm #8 - a raven, mm #9 - a reveller thief, mm #10 - a snowman, mm #11 - a sheriff. Alyria is re-created. Quite a few notes are posted relating to love poetry and note posting. Nicolas levels to 5 mage. Moridin levels to 5 cleric, getting max mana & max hit. Isitititis levels to 12 mage. Aslan posts an addition to the invitation.

12/20/01 - Aiken levels to Th: 6 Ma:23 Ra:23. Hazanko levels three times to reach Sh:6. Nitidus does a couple MM quests: #34 - a huge hairy beast, and #35 - which he couldn't recall - then levels to Ma:14\Th:15\Ra:15 . Garvax and Saruman are both punished by Cordir for a bad joke gone very wrong. Kennet rejoins the Chosen. Aragorne and Nicolas and Numa are created, and all three join Plato. Teluin levels to 12th Ordained and kills Pheather, the Aarakocran, for MM#54. Whoz made MM59 - Unwro. Mira levels to Cl:20\Wa:17. Snowfalcon completes mm #4 - a red squirrel, mm #5 - a gnat, mm #6 - a pig, mm #7 - a patron of the bazaar. Galatea levels to Ma:18\Ra:20\Th:20. Maximus completes mobmaster 41. Neon levels to 9 ranger. Spell reaches Ra:21 Ma:20. Pardoquilian levels to 7 shaman. Bridget reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Toto bad recalls to Temple Courtyard. Cordir posts the Quest of the Shaman. Ysild reaches Th: 6 Sh:13. Noctus posts T & N, a poem, and Rath posts a note in response to love poetry.

12/19/01 - Neon levels to 8 ranger. Eluchil reaches Ra:10 Ma:11. Petriomelony and Paython join Plato. Sian completes mobmasters 6, 7 & 8 (a female dwarf, a halfling citizen, and a young human fighter). Mairu levels to 9 cleric. Grogramin reaches Ma: 2 Wa:19. Alleon levels to 4 mage. Pardoquilian is re-created, levels to 5 shaman, and joins Morimox's Dragon Spirit. Armalag reaches ordained 6. Tranquility, Hand-Maiden to the Lady Cordir, reaches Sh:24 Th:22. Shon slays a Triton Patrolguard for MM#63. Saruman levels to Cl:13. Shylok rejoins the Chosen of Fate. Whoz kills a zombie guard for MM#58. Draven gets MM#15 - a member of the Royal Guard. Tholbar works on his mob mastery quests, too, and completes #50 - an instructor, and #51 - a dark brother. Blystur completes MM#25 - a rakasta hunter. Nalor levels to Cl:24\Wa:21. An Anathema casts confusion on a Bounty Hunter, so it goes after Derth. Noctus and Tranquility assist Derth with slaying the Hunter and bag it for him. Shon is PK'd for the first time in 3 1/2 rl years by two Anathema in the TP. SnowFalcon levels to Th: 6\Sh:12. Teluin slays a Dark Brother for MM#53. SnowFalcon completes mm#7 - a thief, mm #8 - a raven, mm #9 - a reveller thief, mm #10 - a snowman, mm #11 - a sheriff.

12/18/01 - Korsk, the Ordained of Unity, posts "This is Unity". Sarabos levels to 23 warrior. Isitititis, whose title is "It is? It is! or is it???", levels to 7 mage. Drakona is created. Athorne finds that he is able to post to all following boards as an Ambassador. Bet that's a bug :P  Chueco posts a note warning others against buying items from members of Torchbearer's following. There's a whole bunch of talk on gossip about good and evil, mainly relating to TB's following. Pez Quest 10 ends, and the winners are Mordith and Boyardee. Azrael levels to 21 cleric. Kendall is created and quickly levels to 5 mage. Stouthbound purges. After failing it "between 10 and 15 times," Mandrake achieves MM#58 - Jennori, the Master Illusionist. Legionaire levels to Wa:23\Ma:26, and completes two mob mastery quests - #19 - a green dragonette and #20 - an apple picker. Later in the morning, Legionaire dies to the Ancient Blue Dragon after being teleported there by the Keeper. With some assistance by Tranquility, he manages to complete his own CR, and with aid from Tholbar, Sethvir, and Korsk, the beast is slain. (The Ancient Blue Dragon's blast of lightning *** ANNIHILATES *** Legionaire.) Witchdoctor got mm#41 today - a monk Femina joins Wisdom. Simalrion killed a lizard man for MM#8. Aiken reaches Th: 4\Ma:23\Ra:23. Fenrir hit 100 hours, 400k xp and 21/15 today. Saruman joins the Chosen of Fate at the Fateful Hour. Draven completes MM#12 Sprite, #13 Ogre Warrior and #14 Ogre Warrior. Ysild levels to Th: 5\Sh:13. Derth levels to Wa:17\Cl:22. Blystur reaches Ra:21\Ma:20.

12/17/01 - Legionaire levels to Wa:22\Ma:26. Neon joins Wisdom, then levels twice to reach lvel 5. Garland kills a knight for MM#37. Snowfalcon levels to Th: 5\Sh:12 . Garvax levels to Wa:18\Ma:22. Similrion levels to Wa:19 and gets 20 HP! Legionaire kills a guard of malenest for MM#18. Thingone, Prince of Darkness, levels to effective 40th. [ Ra:30 Cl:30 ]. Tranquility posts a variation of a note about "true fate" and titles. Illika levels to 7 shaman. Llaem reaches Ma:14 Ra:10. Wardon reaches Ra: 8 Ma:15. Nicademus logs on and goes vis :)  Version 3.86a is installed.

12/16/01 - Myronides completes mobmaster 30 (a dwarven warrior) and posts an immortality petition :)  Wardon reaches Ra: 7 Ma:15. Aleka completes mobmaster 23. Ryltar is re-created as a level 2 cleric, and rejoins Tamar. Teodoscio levels to 7 cleric. Aelyr levels to 9 ranger. Rejkt reaches Cl:16 Ra:11. Vex completes MM#85 - the Divine Theologian. Legolas completed MM# 41 - a servant and failed MM#42 - an incubus. legolas and an Anathema slay the Rock Dragon to retrieve a newbies corpse. Boyardee kills a Manor Servant for MM#35 and a carrion crawler for MM#36. Shon kills a Triton chef for MM#62. PEZQUEST 10. Ebonie dies to a Vrock on the River, and Vex handles the CR. Wardon dies in the Gas Filled Tunnels killed by an Ancient Green Dragon, and Thingone, Vex and Whoz complete the CR. Mireya reaches Wa: 7\Cl:13 . SnowFalcon completes MM#3 - an ogre child. Plato posts a brief and to the point note about the Dawnbringers: Wisdom and DB (Sun Dec 16 13:14:48 2001) To: all - Starting now I have opened a limited attack rule on DB. - Plato, setting off more discussion about & by Torchbearer. Bliss posts a public note of condemnation of the Arcanes.. er... Dawnbringers.

12/15/01 - Myronides kills Felgrin to reach effective 50th once again! (Th:30 Cl:30 Ra:30) The system time is Sat Dec 15 20:06:32 200. Terenas reaches Ra:17 Ma:20. A who list from this day.Vex completes several MM quests in a row: #80 - Trelestine the ancient vortex explorer, #81 - Chromicon the Paladin and #82 - the Master Warrior of Llineoth, #82 - the Master Thief, #84 - the Headmaster. #85 is a no-go, though, when it comes up the Black Dracolich. DarkClaw joins the Chosen of Fate. Hum [ Ra: 3 Ma:15 ] Wardon Dreams Dreams... reaches level 3 ranger, his first level in 3 months.Teluin killsRyoner for MM#46, Niebla for MM#47, a female Triton for MM#48, Heim's wife for #49, and a Magman for #50. He then leveled to 10 Ordained. Artanis kills an elven rake for MM#41. Tranquility posts a poem: "N + T".

12/14/01 - Aslan posts her Wedding Invitation. Mira of Darkness levels to Cl:19\Wa:17 . SnowFalcon completes two mob mastery quests - #1 (a bluegill) and #2 (a small bat) and reaches Th: 4 Sh:12. Bliss posts details of Dating Game #2. Groul (for some unknown reason ) auctions off every single item on his person. Thingone reaches Ra:29 Cl:30 and gets a "spare" train: Thingone gossips (in common), 'Str: MAX Int: MAX Wis: MAX Dex: MAX Con: MAX Chr: MAX'. He also completes mobmaster 50. Xandel levels to 7 mage. Toto levels to 16 cleric. Chueco reaches Sh:16 Th:17 Wa:17. Natilena completes mobmasters 21 & 22.

12/13/01 - DarkClaw dies in the Demon Realm and her sweetie Garland, Mandrake and Noctus go in and retrieve the corpse. Rubicant kills the Lineoth Camp Leader for MM#86. Vex solos the cleric guildmaster so Argon could have his eq. ("he was kind of mean"). Wardrof reaches Wa:16\Cl:18 . Paython kills a Bazaar Guard for MM#25. Aslan rejoins Fate. Drystan levels to Sh:22. Lyim regains Ma:11\Wa:11. Mira levels to Wa:17\Cl:18. SnowFalcon reaches Thief 3, then he and Telamon join the Coven. Pez posts an update about Pez Quest 10. Garland reaches Cl:27 Wa:20, and then uses 40 practices, getting ALL the languages to superb :P  Argon is created. Carnage reaches Sh:17 Wa:12. Zodak levels to 15 shaman. Teutonic reaches Cl:11 Wa:12. Tholbar completes mobmaster 44. Bliss holds the first dating game, and Ebonie chooses Bergal.

12/12/01 - Two individuals are named Anathema. Bliss holds her first Dating Game with Ebonie as the contestant... Agero reaches Ra: 7. Durin rejoins Fate. Blystur works on his MM rank... with #21 - a patient and #22 - a solider ant. Tranquility completes a pair of MMs - a raven and a trainee, for #8 & 9. Taibh kills Pheather the Aarakocran, with assistance by Thingone, for #56 and also reaches Cl:22 Ra:20. Etrea levels to 6 cleric. Nayr notes that his email address (for area proposals) has changed to, and that the racial history pages have moved to Strider reaches Ma:25 Ra:15. Solaron completes mobmasters 54 & 55, reaching Cl:27 Wa:25 in the process. SnowFalcon reaches Th: 2 Sh:12.

12/11/01 - Kaleyah of Darkness completes mobm #14 - a patrolguard and also reaches Cl:23 Wa:21. Thingone, Prince of Darkness levels to Ra:28\Cl:30 and got mm 48 - Ogra of Skull Top. Grogramin dies and his corpse is stolen. He then throws a temper tantrum and suicides on various mobs repeatedly. Bliss and Cordir become allies. Mael is named Destined. The Chosen's temple is resanctified. Galatea joins the Chosen of Fate. Snowfalcon reaches Th:1\Sh:12. Ambrose will be heading to Afghanistan in RL. Mimir is created. Valo completes mobmaster 65. Derth reaches Wa:16 Cl:22 and completes mobmasters 10-15. Whitehawk posts a note about "Dem Ogres", saying that A band of Nightblade elves went out and trashed the town of Og why? well lets just say I got sick of them "looking at me funny" ...or was it the Minotaurs..... oh dear... Morphius levels to 20 shaman. Sicarian reaches Cl:11 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Elrond levels to 12 mage. Illika is created. Myronides completes mobmasters 15-20. Mordith reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30.

12/10/01 - The Chosen of Fate temple is installed along with those of Kim and Morimox. Clue is the first Chosen to be accepted in the new temple. Vex kills the Supreme Thief for MM#79 and "some guy in mystic for MM 78 earlier." Taibh levels to Cl:21\Ra:20 . Drystan reaches Sh:21, and Tranquility reaches Th:22\Sh:23. Indiga is PK'd while linkdead. Cirth posts the third of a series of poems. Tynian posts a version note for 3.86. Boyardee kills the ice worm for MM#34. ### Rath killed by Tynian at The Lower Hall... for his inability to shut up even when warned. Paython is released from the Coven. Lanfear levels to Ma:26\Ra:27. Rodan is created. Orgel levels to 7 warrior. Glimmer levels to 9 warrior. Aster completes mobmaster 15. A group of Tigers (Tiax, Charles, Garland, and Kantor) kill the lighthouse keeper and Queen Mariel, winning the 100,000 gold Tynian had placed on them and a spell crystal, and Tiax posts a note about the victorious tigers. Charles got charm personed and teleported. They then went after Queen Mariel, and after being slapped around quite a bit they defeated the elven queen as well. Cha reaches Wa: 4 Th:13. Neviahu levels to 8 shaman. Orin reaches Cl: 5 Wa:11. Spyder kills a cat for mobmaster 5 & a mountain goat for mobmaster 6. Mireya rejoins Cordir and reaches Wa:6 Cl:13. Draven joins Kim, and Phantom joins Torchbearer. Artanis kills a carrion crawler for mobmaster 40. Celeborn gossips (in common), 'I awoke from a long trance which kept me spellbound for well over a year.'. Tirant completes mobmaster 56. Flux levels to 16 shaman. Jen levels to 5 ranger. DarkClaw is tickled to death in the kitchen. Bliss' following reaches 1000 deaths on deathtoll.

12/9/01 - Solaron responds to the various notes about the Nightbringers, which inspires yet more notes on the topic. Rejkt reaches Cl:14 Ra:11. Fenrir reaches Ma:18 Ra:15. Jen is created. Kyrie levels to 7 thief and gets a train. Taz completes mobmaster 13 and reaches Wa:17 Ma:15. Armalag reaches ordained 5. RevenanT joins Torchbearer. Etrea levels to 3 cleric. Izzy reaches Wa:30 Cl:29 and duals back to cleric. Ysild reaches Th: 3 Sh:13. People are still trying (& failing) to kill the lighthouse keeper and Queen Mariel. Dantrag gets slept & teleported by Queen Mariel, who then hunts him down and wakes him up. Then Dantrag gossips (in common), 'heh at least i'm awake:)'. Thingone gossips (in common), 'i wish a queen woke me up every morning'. Tynian gossips, '*smirk*'. Thingone gossips (in common), 'j/k tynian'. Tynian gossips, 'No, no, I think we can make that wish come true. ;-)'. Tynian gossips, 'Just call us Disneyland'. Version 3.86 is checked in, which adds the skill "help charge".

12/8/01 - Packard completes mm#4 - the sheep and #5 a halfling youth. Legolas dies to the Great White Shark, then dies again attempting his own CR. A second attempt gains the corpse, however. Paython Grimward, Sniper of the Ash Moon levels to Cl:30\Wa:24. Cirth rejoins the Chosen. Adso posts a retirement note. Pheonix levels to 15 cleric. Sicarian reaches Th: 7 Cl: 9 Ra: 9. Gorld levels to 13 warrior. Torchbearer posts a note called "The Beginning of the End". Wooten is created. Folgrim levels to 12 shaman. Toto completes mobmaster 4. Ihsahn reaches Wa: 3 Ma: 9. Kerriariadne is sex-changed, becoming [ Demigoddess ] Kerriariadne Bala'Bandienne, Lord of the Dark. Tynian issues a challenge, noting that "150,000 gold coins has been placed on Queen Mariel, and 100,000 coins are on the big mage Lighthouse Keeper." Many many people are slept/teleported/etc'd as they try to kill the mobs. Pez announces that Pez Quest 10 will now be held at 12:00 p.m. mudtime Sunday, December 16th. A wizlist from this day. Version 3.85c & d are checked in.

12/7/01 - Several notes are posted by various people regarding Torchbearer, JohnPaul & Virtue. DarkClaw reaches Wa: 8 Cl:28. Gorld levels to 12 warrior. Maximus completes mobmaster 39. Khonsu reaches Ma:14 Ra:14. Kyrie levels to 3 thief. Palin & Bancor rejoin Fate. (Invis) (Charmed) (Dark Cyan Aura) Anathema is here. - that's what you get for playing with queen Mariel! Kaleyah completes mobm#7 - an elven man. Derth levels to Cl:22\Wa:15 and got better at common twice in 10 minutes - a indication of how much he talks! Katana completes MM levels 4-8 . Indiga reaches Cl:20\Wa:15. Dartt is extra busy today: mobm #11 (journeyman leatherworker), #12 (sailor), #13 (sheriff), #14 (gnome guard), and levels to Sh:19.

12/6/01 - Max levels to 5 cleric. Chueco joins Kerriariadne and reaches Sh:14 Th:17 Wa:17. Etzny levels to 3 thief. Barrow levels to 4 shaman. Bantagar completes mobmaster 18. Drorin joins Morimox. Cha levels to 12 thief. Boyardee kills a clay golem for mobmaster 31 & completes mobmaster 32. Zerek levels to 4 mage. Legolas gets imp id to superb. Cleon rejoins Fate. Taibh kills a Griffon for MM#50. Ysild of Fate levels to Sh:13. Abe kills a tired monk for MM#41. Jaerith failed his 18th consecutive Mobmastery today, and Prile completes MM#13 - an entling. Eclipse reaches Cl:11. Darkclaw levels to Wa: 8\Cl:28. Drystan slays the Ghost of Inaris for MM#38 and level Sh:20. Thingone levels to Ra:27\Cl:30. Lanfear reaches ranger level 26.

12/5/01 - Blystur levels to Ra:17 Ma:20 and completes mobmasters 19 & 20. Ihsahn duals to Wa: 1\Ma: 9. Artanis bad recalled to green dragon, after quaffing a vial that was invis rather then teleport. The corpse was stolen by an Anathema. Larynda levels several times, to 7 mage. Tranquility joins the Hands of Fate, a special group within the Chosen. Sarabos reaches Wa:22. Talmud & Dracos& Helati rejoin the Chosen of Fate. Blystur levels to Ra:18\Ma:20. Snarf levels to Wa:28\Cl:27. Garland levels to Cl:25\Wa:20. Xandria joins the Dragon Spirit. Stryne levels to 12 ranger. Folgrim levels to 10 shaman. Anduin announces his retirement.

12/4/01 - Blystur completes mobmaster 17. Kaori reaches Th:17 Cl:17. Trunks levels to 5 mage. Phantom completes mobmaster 20. Simalrion joins Kim. Leif levels twice to Th:15\Ra:18\Cl:18. Noctus, Lanfear, Garvax, Katrana, Taibh, Morgaine and Rigel rejoin the Chosen of Fate in the morning. Kaldred kills a warrior monk for MM level 54 and Odal for #55.. At the fateful hour, Boromir, Sarabos, and Gillfen rejoin Fate, and new members Drystan and Diver and Ysild join as well. Pendrell becomes Morimox's first worshipper within the Dragon Spirit. Abe levels to Ra:25\Cl:25. Salomar kills a giant vulture for MM#33. Tranquility completes MM quests #4-8: Large spider, filthy rat, black crow, goblin warrior, & centaur. Ysild slays an ent for MM#1. The Bardic Circle is held.

12/3/01 - Cordir is promoted to DemiGoddess. She re-starts the Chosen of Fate, a lawful neutral sentry following. To check the accept code (to make sure it's fixed) she accepts Tranquility. Morimox is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Dragon Spirit, a neutral good sword following, and his first follower is Pendrell. His initial following description is: "The Dragon Spirit is a good-aligned family dedicated to personal growth, acts of merit, completion of quests, and the enjoyment of the game. Our members are infused with the spirit of a Dragon unknown to many denizens of this realm. Unlike most dragons, these creatures are benevolent and signify greatness, goodness, and strength. With their spirits, we become symbols of excellence, valor, heroism, and perseverance. We work with our obstacles until success has been achieved." Cordir reports a bug with mob corpses. RANKS as of this day. Garland completes mm#33- a thorned vine. Markoon removes all and sacs all (with all his characters) as a protest about the EXP bug on the 21st. Tynian posts a note about version 3.85. Cordir Boogas for the first time, scaring Tranquility half to death (but apparently she was just doing an impression of how Cordir usually reacts when Kerri yells Booga, and wasn't really scared.). Kerriariadne names Kim an ally. Tynian reboots twice to fix a problem with mob corpses. Ysild levels to Sh:11. Paython kills an Angry man from Sanguinna for MM#17 and reaches Cl:29 Wa:24. Cha is created, levels to 6th, and joins the Slaves of the Heart. Rejkt reaches Ra: 8 Cl:11. Elrond joins Tamar. Orin reaches Cl: 3 Wa:11. Kaori reaches Th:16 Cl:17. A wizlist from earlier this day. Plato posts a note about an upcoming newbie seminar. Blystur reaches Ra:16 Ma:20. Trunks levels to 4 mage. Tynian wants to see someone fight one of the new mage mobs, so Blystur, Doc & Rubicant do. Version 3.85a & b are checked in.

12/2/01 - Abe is named Tiger Counselor. Baal reaches Wa: 9. Taim levels to Ma:12. Strangely, Triston is reformed when he logs in, as well as several other new Slaves of the Heart. Jaerith dies in Sanguinna and CR's himself. Drystan levels to Sh:19. Tholbar reaches Wa:23\Cl:30. Morphius levels to Sh:16. Elessar joins the Dark. Baal levels to 10th. Strider, Maximus, and Azkral join the Dawnbringer. Tholbar reaches Wa:23 Cl:30. Travin levels to 4 mage. Tiberius reaches Ra:19 Th:15 Cl:21. Velius levels to 7 mage. Alaric posts a note of appreciation. Toto completes his first mobmaster. Pheonix levels to 14 cleric. Drystan sings "the great chocolate battle". Kaleyah reaches Wa:20 Cl:21. Neviahu levels to 5 shaman. Tynian posts a note about version 3.85, which was checked in today.

12/1/01 - Kim is promoted to DemiGoddess! She starts a neutral evil sword following called the Slaves of the Heart. Her initial following description is: "Let the others quibble about logic and thought: The Slaves of the Heart have not lost sight of what is truly important - the wants and desires and emotions of the heart. If it feels good, do it! When things aren't fun any more, why do them?" Lexie is her first worshipper, Triston her second. Okk requests and is granted honorable Retirement. Rejkt levels twice, to 10 cleric. Mairu levels to 7 cleric. Jessica reaches Wa: 3 Th:11 Ma: 9. Abe levels to Rn:24\Cl:25 and kills a trusted guard for MM#39. Sarabos levels to Wa:21. Tranquility reaches Shaman level 23. Korsk reaches Ordained level 30. Teluin reaches Ordained level 7, and completes a number of mob mastery quests, including #41 - a woronin. Baal the Minotaur rises from 3 to 6 in a single jump, then levels twice more.. Artanis slays a killer bee for MM#34. Salomar reaches Ma:16\Wa:15\Th:15 - 15hps, 14mana and a train. Elessar reaches Ma:10. Mordith gossips (in common), 'for the record tirpitz has no affiliation with the conclave, he is just another naked shaman'. Gno [ Sh:30 ] Tirpitz, Arch-Mage of the Black Conclave. Velius the Half-Elf is created today. Drystan kills a skeletal horse for MM#36. ### Artanis has advanced to level 30. Tranquility of Fate reaches Sh:23\Th:21. Simal gains a release from Whitehawk to join Kim. Teluin kills a manor patrolman for MM#36, and seconds later, Belsambar gets MM#55 - Emperor Salias. Kaori levels to Cl:17\Th:14. Leif levels three times to reach Th:13\Ra:18\Cl:18. Simalrion was released from the Nightblades. Belsambar bad recalled into DR and survived 2 rooms with 96hp, and escaped Demon Realm without running into any demons. Wardrof levels to Wa:15\Cl:18. Leif kills an altibian clergyman for MM#35 and a paladin's seneschal for MM#36. Toto joins the Tigers.

11/30/01 - Rejkt joins Wisdom, and levels twice to reach 5th. Teluin slays the guard for MM#34. Korsk takes on charity case Artanis and donates valuable xp to him. Cirth levels to Ma:8. Wardrof got a level (Wa:14 Cl:18), a mobm (#23 - a miner), and got better at second attack 5 times. Rejkt and Shadowfox joined Wisdom. Rejkt then leveled from 3 to 8. Trison logs in, and is attacked in his first attempted PK in 4 years. Cirth reaches Ma: 8. Diver posts a note warning folks about a zone change: "It appears that the "Tiny Room" in Landru's Keep is nolonger safe in that zone. I was just summoned out of it by Mordith, so that Dashiva could attack me.Beware." Wardrof reaches Wa:14 Cl:18. Paython completes mobmaster 11. Folgrim levels to 5 shaman. Alrandolin duals back to mage and reaches Ma:16 Wa:15. Morphius completes mobmaster 7.

11/29/01 - Nitidus reaches Ra:14 Ma:12 Th:12. Simalrion levels to 11 warrior. More notes are posted in response to yesterday's note from Tynian. Zarha is created. Paython reaches Cl:28 Wa:24. Abe reaches Rn:23\Cl:25. Yar Stoutfoot reaches Cl:20\Wa:20. Thingone kills a manor priest forMM# 44 and a monk for MM# 45. Keat bad recalls to Master's Tower, and manages to escape in one piece (minus a few feathers). Kaori solos the cat burglar and Terrance for the first time today... though the cat burglar nearly killed her. Manx and Artanis leapt to her rescue, saving her at 1 HP and 4 mana. Minerva posts a note about temples and several folks respond. over the next few days.. Darkfang dies in the Demon Realm, and Kantor & Abe complete the CR. Ggrogramin reaches Wa:19. Marduk levels to Ra:15 Sh:15. Kaori reaches Cl:16\Th:14. Allanon slays a triton child for MM47. Reepicheep Student of Wisdom reaches Wa:10\Cl:11. Drystan levels to Sh:18.

11/28/01 - Tynian posts a note called "Thank you/changes/TFC's death", which hopefully isn't as alarming as it looks at first glance. Mira reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Morphius levels to 14 shaman. Elektra levels to 6 cleric. Parn reaches Ma:16 Wa:15. Angomar is created. Bantagar reaches Wa:11 Ma:11. A WHO list from 14:37:38 system time. Teluin kills a draconian bodyguard for MM#31. Korsk reaches ORD:29, Nitidus levels to Ra:13\Ma:12\Th:12. Noctus, Charles, and Kantor die in the Dream Realm. Due to some sort of strange bug, their corpses don't decay for well over 7 hours. Kirth, the Instructor of Wisdom reaches Ma:20 Th:20 Wa:18. Sarabos Ebon Warrior of the Chosen of Fate reaches Wa:20. Bridget of Wisdom reaches Cl:16:Wa:15. Manx, Noctus and Teluin "whoop" the copper dragons in Dragon's Lair. Sicarian duals to ranger and levels (Ra:2 Cl:9). Prile reaches Cl:17\Wa:15\Th:13 by slaying a crawler. Teluin slays a fireworm for MM#32. Leif reaches Th:10\Ra:18\Cl:18. Drystan completes MM#30 - a large spider #31 - a Giant Pudding, #32 - the Head Fisher, and #33 - a Giant Pudding. (Drystan gossips (in common), 'HOLY PUDDING!'. 'I found the right one! *cackle*'.) Paython completes MM#10 - a mist. Folks post responses to Tynian's notes.

11/27/01 - Remmy levels to 7 warrior. Khalil levels to 4 thief. Doza completes mobmaster 47. Leif reaches Ra:18 Cl:18 Th: 9. Tiberius & Noctus rescue a newbie, Arwen, from dragon tower just as Tirant is also about to rescue her. Arwen notes, 'DONT QUAFF GREEN POTION RED SWIRLD CLOUDY BLUE SPOTS'. Elrond levels to 10 mage. Legolas reaches Th:16 Ra:20 Ma:23. Kirth completes mobmaster 19. Kossall is created. Teluin levels to 4 ordain. Tiberius reaches Ra:17 Th:15 Cl:21. Shango levels to 6 mage. Thingone kills Triver the Psioniscist in the Adventurer's Inn for MM#42, but is slain by Skoale the Swashbuckler a moment later, just as Cordir enters the Realm. Three quick heals, an invis, and two more heals, and the corpse is regained. He later completes mobmasters 43 & 44 as well. Salomar reaches Ma:12\Wa:15\Th:15. Nitidus composes a song for Lanfear, Cordir and a third for Tranquility on the spot. Thingone kills Darl'shinai for MM#43. Mira of Darkness reaches Wa:15\Cl:16, and her sisters-in-faith, Indiga, Kaleyah and Kaori level as well, making, as Kaori insists on calling it, a four-play of levels. Morphius joins the Coven and levels to Sh:12 by killing his 2nd MM- a penguin, then later levels again to Sh:13. Grogramin leaves the Nightblades. Katrana is named Handmaiden of the Wyld at the Fateful Hour. Charles reaches Wa:29\Sh:27. Nitidus levels to ranger level 12, effective 20th, gaining a train. He then completes MMs #17-21, slaying a patrolguard, evil wight, large minotaur prisoner, large gorilla, and female ent.

11/26/01 - Salomar levels to Ma:11\Wa:15\Th:15. Manx creates a level 28 zombie with 420 hp. Snarf kills Pheather the Aarakocran for MM#57. Grogramin reaches Wa:18. Ebonie dies in the Dream Realm, and Rocky and Mael (seperately) go fetch her some more 'pretty clothes' at Cordir's request from various dangerous places. Mael decides to do one better, and CR's the corpse. Abe levels to Ra:22\Cl:25. Drystan completes MM#28 - the dwarven guard and #29 - a desert bandit. Minerva levels to 7 cleric. Teeka reaches Ma:18 Wa:15 Th:14.

11/25/01 - Molo, aka The Arch Lich of the Black Conclave, reaches 8,000 years old today, marking 7,500 years as an immortal. Teluin is ordained Druid by Plato, levels to 2 ordain, and completes mobmaster 28. Sicarian is recreated, and levels to 5 cleric. Rocky and Mandrake duel to discover which is mightier, the Quill or the Feather Duster. ( the quill comes out on top.) This is so amusing that Cordir organizes a Silly Weapons Tournament. Kirth was added to Plato's Circle of Enlightenment (High council). It's a busy day for Kirith, because he also completes mobmasters 9-12 and levels mage, warrior, and thief once, reaching Th:18 Ma:20 Wa:18. Artanis kills a beech tender for MM#31. Blystur completes mobmaster 5. Mish says, 'I'm sorry, Caebrym, but I can't find 'my-underwear'.

11/24/01 - Ammonia completes mobmaster 25. Tranquility posts a note thanking mana item donors. Kamin joins Whitehawk. Simalrion levels to 9 warrior. Mairu levels to 5 cleric. Devlin is created. Aiken reaches Ra:18 Ma:22. Christoster reaches Th: 7 Wa:11. Maximus completes mobmaster 37. Alaric of the Tigers dies to the copper dragon, and Sylt (of the Coven) performs the CR (even losing some of his own gear in the process). Belsambar dies on 5th floor of Master's Tower. Rather prophetically, Abe gossips (in common), 'Stinky and Vex commit suicide at Master's. Film at 11.' Mael, Vex and Abe attempt to recover Belsambar's corpse, and both Mael and Vex die. Mael CRs both corpses, then they head for the hills, leaving Abe behind in the Tower! (He walks out on his own). Legionaire kills a half elf guard for MM#17. Indiga completes MM#31 - a female troll. Legionaire reaches Wa:21\Ma:26 and gains a train. Molo makes available a huge amount of info from his various early logs, including who lists, scores, etc. (Very big log.) Packard reaches Wa:21 . Zaaris Tal'shyre reaches Cl:26\Wa:15. Eclipse reaches Cl:10. Fweep gets two MM quests - #6 - a half-elf maid, #7 - a gnome woman. Sabella levels to Wa:3\Ma:17, her first level since nearly 2x.

11/23/01 - Armalag reaches Ordained level 4. Tranquility dies in Sanguinna, but Noctus is there to perform the CR. Rubicant not only offered to help with the corpse....He retrieved the eggs Noctus had to drop to pick up her corpse, and returned them. Legionaire reaches Ma:26\Wa:20. Tolven reaches Ra:20\Cl:20. Paython slays a raptor in Skull Top for MM#8. Coulter levels to Ra:13\Ma:20. Kantor, Abe, and Charles decide to test the new mage code...on Sendres the High mage, to be exact. After two rounds, Charles was Slept and Teleported. Kantor began a world-wide search for his friend, and it turns out he was on Cannibal Island - a shaman was needed, and Tranquility came to their assistance. Noctus dies in the Dream realm attempting to help Kaldred with a Triat Mastery quest. Several folks attempt to interfere with corpse rescue efforts, however, Mael, Kantor, Charles, Noctus, Abe, and Tranquility are determined to get the corpse back. Unfortunately, due to code restrictions on key popping, the corpse is not obtainable and decays. Wardrof slays a Dwarven Warrior for MM#22. Vex kills Myron for level 77 mobmaster (no, not Myronides - that's what I thought, too!) Molo gossips, 'I'll be 8,000 years old Monday.' 'If Tynian gives me permission, I will probably take a month break from TFC and allow you mortals time to adjust.'. Minerva is created. Regul reaches Ra:15 Th:11 Ma:15. Vex completes mobmaster 77, and "bad recalls" to the center of the guild. Kerriariadne scares Cordir and she faints. Legolas reaches Th:14 Ra:20 Ma:23, gets a train, and completes mobmasters 35 & 36. Goganga levels to 13 shaman. There's quite a bit of discussion about recent changes on gossip, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere.

11/22/01 - It's Thanksgiving, gobble gobble! Alrandolin reaches Wa:15 Ma:15. Aravan reaches Ra: 2 Cl:12. Drahir levels to 12 mage. Keat posts a note about bug abuse and him. Salomar completes mobmasters 23, 24 & 25 (a cityguard, a killer whale, & giant panther). Glorien levels to 3 cleric. Paul is created. Leif reaches Ra:17 Cl:18 Th: 9. Phantom completes mobmaster 15. Abe reaches Cl:25\Ra:20. Dethius reaches Sh:16\Wa: 9. (Dethius gossips (in common), 'Your gain is: 17/286 hp, 14/183 m, 9/265 mv, 5/15 prac,'.) Micah got mobm #43 on Tevenmore, the baron's poet, but failed the ruffian for #44. Tolven reaches Ra:19\Cl:20. Draven levels twice to reach Cl: 8. Pez posts the winners of Pezquest 9 - Here are the Entries. Paython of the Ash Moon Coven reaches Cl:27\Wa:24. Indiga levels to Cl:16\Wa:15. Abe assists Twinklefire to level to Th: 6\Ma:21\Ra:13.

11/21/01 - Legionaire reaches Ma:25\Wa:20. PezQuest 9 ends, and it is announced that Pez's wife will be judging the entries, the decision to be made by Friday. Fweep works on MM quests - #2 - a gopher, #3 - a farmer, #4 - a butterfly, #5 - the goat. The mud is shutdown for several hours due to experience-related bugs, and Tynian posts two notes about the bugs. Salomar reaches Th: 9 Wa:11 Ma:11. TorenGhul levels to 4 warrior and falls off a cliff several times. Buddy is created. Tiberius reaches Ra:16 Th:15 Cl:21. Nazca completes mobmaster 13. Paco gets hit by a rift _after_ a teleport. Phantom reaches Cl:19 Ra:16. Simalrion joins Whitehawk.

11/20/01 - Keat reaches level 50!!! (Th:30 Wa:30 Sh:30). He's the first 2x-er in a looong time to hit 50, and the first aara! He then switches back to warrior. Marduk declares himself language king on gossip. Armalag reaches 3 ordain and gets a train & an extra hp. Draven levels to 4 cleric. Charles reaches Wa:28 Sh:27. Boyardee completes mobmaster 25. A who list and a wizlist from this day. Alaric levels to Cl:23\Wa:22 and gains a train. Jessica gets better at backstabs three times in fifteen minutes. Sylt retrieves Belsambar's corpsefrom the 4th floor of Masters Tower, - A Blazing Inferno. Jonas, a newbie, gets booted off the boat with no ticket, no recalls, no fly potions, and no boat. Belsambar and others attempt to assist him, but it is Kaleyah of the Dark who Summons him to safety. Salomar completes mobmastery quests 11-20. Belsambar completes a number of mob mastery quests including mobm 51: Warrior Monk, #52: Orina, #53: Traveller, and #54: Odal. Paython slays a Janitor for MM#7. !!!!!!!!!Silonch of the Black Conclave levels to Ma:26\Wa:15!!!!!!!!!

11/19/01 - Abe levels to Cl:24\Rn:20. Snarf completes MM#56: Odal. Noctus reaches 1000 hours of play. Tranquility reaches Shaman 22/Thief 21. Artanis slays the sergeant of the guard for MM#27 and Cl:29. Clue gains 94 hp/mana in the 2.x fix. Tynian posts a note about Version 3.84. Drystan reaches level 17 Shaman and completes MM #27: A duergar hunter. Treehugger announces that he will soon be returning permanently to the realm soon. Taz reaches Wa:13 Ma:15. Legolas reaches Th:13 Ra:20 Ma:23 and gets a train. Vex completes mobmaster 74, "one of the easiest mobmasters" he's had in awhile. Nalor reaches Cl:23 Wa:21. Gwen reaches Wa: 5 Cl:12. "Pikonah tried to kill himself but missed! Quick, restrain him!" Whitehawk becomes Marisa's slave for the day, but isn't able to bring her any chocolate.

11/18/01 - Version 3.83a is checked in, which fixes an eq duplication bug. Dopey the Dwarf is created. Where's Sleepy? :P  Titan reaches Cl:26 Wa:21. Kantor reaches Ma:30 Th:25 Wa:30. Sedona reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. DarkClaw posts "Prologue". Korsk levels to 27 ordained. Drystan, apprenticed to no one, levels to 16 shaman and completes mobmaster 24. Razor is created. Falcor levels to 6 cleric. Trap joins Plato. Armalag reaches 2 ordained. Cirth re-levels to 5 mage. Tiberius reaches Th:14 Cl:19 Ra:15. Legolas completes mobmaster 34 and gets 1000 xp for it. Kerriariadne declares Okk and his Circle of Faces to be an Enemy to the Dark on Kerri's FINFO. Coulter levels three times and gains three trains, reaching Ra:12\Ma:20, and does MM# 28 - a dwarven prince and #29- a shuffling horror. Tholbar levels twice and gets to Wa:22\Cl:30 . Skeeve nearly dies twice trying to complete MM#76 - Glabrezu, then gets #77 - the Mayor, #78 - the supreme warrior, #79 - the master shaman, #80 - the Master Thief. Skeeve reaches Ma:27\Wa:24\Th:24. Seconds later, Kantor reaches Ma:30\Th:25\Wa:30 - "*cheer* thanks to Skeeve, Charles, Noctus, Artanis and Thingone." Paython works on his mob masteries, and soon #5 -a kuroth messenger and #6 - an ofcol citizen. Marduk dies in the Icy Wastes and Noctus does the CR. Boyardee and Daelin continue their several year running game of 'pass the rock'. Boyardee completes mm#22 - an armor skinned grub. Cordir does another description marathon.

11/17/01 - Combee unretires, and is re-promoted to Ambassador! Keat joins Torchbearer's Dawnbringers. Darkangel levels twice and reaches Wa: 7\Ma:20\Th:18 and kills an old woman for MM#26. Boromir actually leaves his office. Manx reaches Sh:28. Ordeith slays a raven for MM#17 and a peacekeeper for #18. Jaerith levels to Sh:24\Ra:16. Boromir levels to Th:20\Ma:21\Ra:21 (and there is much rejoicing from an astonished bunch of friends). Kandrell slays a Dark Brother for MM#56. Morphius is created. Tien of the Dawnbringers levels each of his classes to reach Cl:25\Wa:25. Abe completes MM#29 - an ofcol cityguard and reaches Cl:23\Ra:20. Paython dies in the Shrine of Neutrality, and Noctus, Paco and Legolas perform the CR. Aiken, the illusionist of Unity, reaches Ma:22\Ra:17 .Keat cants, 'cordir.. u wanna time line this? i dreamt about mudding n stuff while sleeping :('. Cordir does a marathon session of writing descriptions for anyone who wants one. Fweep decides to join the mobmaster world, and kills the wolf for his 1st mobmaster. Parn reaches Ma:14 Wa:13. Fergoln levels twice, reaching Ra: 4 Cl:11. Alrandolin reaches Wa:13 Ma:15. Coulter joins Bliss and completes mobmaster 27. Samos reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. RayRay levels to 10 warrior. Tynian updates the TFC Contingency Fund Contributors page (to donate, go to this page that explains about it.) Sir levels to 4 mage. Miclick is created. Tiberius levels several times, reaching Th:10 Cl:19 Ra:15, and completes mobmaster 31. (In the last 2 days, he has leveled ranger 3 times and thief 10 times.) Garland reaches Wa:17 Cl:22. Gabriel reaches Th:20 Wa:30 Ma:30. Pitt completes mobmaster 77.

11/16/01 - After living a long period as an unaligned, Keat joins Torchbearer. Sin reaches Sh:17 Wa:19. Mutilator and Denethor are created. Teufel levels to 9 mage. Tiberius receives the Medallion of the Qest-do from Tynian for winning a quest of Tamar's. Orin levels to 7 warrior. Ehrenreich levels to 3 ranger. Tynian removes all the notes relating to dam cap. Drorin levels to 14 cleric. Pez gossips (in common), 'Thanks to your donations, over 1 million in gold was raised for this pez quest in a record 3 days'. PezQuest9 officially begins. Belsambar completes mobmasters 47 & 48. Abe levels twice to reach Cl:22\Ra:20 with Zaaris Tal'shyre : Warric-Tank 2000 aka "Meatshield" who also reaches Cl:23\Wa:15. Zion reaches Ra: 9. Mira completes her first mob mastery by slaying a sea trout. Kaleyah bad recalls to the River of Dispair where she i took a bad fall (120hp) and got killed by a vrock. Kaldred flew over for the retrieval in spite of threats in his range, and got the corpse back, returning it without saying a word. Korsk made 29k xp in a single session and reaches level 26 ordained. Nalor reaches Cl:21\Wa:21. Legionaire completes MM#5 - a messenger of Kuroth. Two notes are posted about Kaldred's Triat Mastery quest. Korsk kills a Blackbird for MM#4, a songbird for MM#5, and a raven for MM#6.

11/15/01 - Abe levels to Ra:20\Cl:20. Kaleyah levelled to CL:21\Wa:16,and Fergoln reaches level 10. Longvault reaches Cl:19\Wa:18. Jonas levels to 6 thief. Saroth kills a brown dragonet for mobmaster 24. Legolas triples to thief and reaches Th: 7 Ra:20 Ma:23. Reid levels to 4 warrior. Kaori reaches Th:12 Cl:15. Gwen levels to 12 cleric. Tons of notes (mostly people arguing with each other) are posted about the dam cap and shamans. Tiberius triples to thief. Zodak levels to 13 shaman. Belsambar reaches Ra:21 Ma:20. Zaaris reaches Cl:22 Wa:15, and Ptarchyzk appears to have a new trigger, gossiping, 'Ok.. Zaaris, fork over 1k gold per level, or you can't keep that level 22.. Thieves Guild Rules have to be obeyed by all.'. Coulter reaches Ra: 9 Ma:20. Hades reaches Cl: 2 Ra:10.

11/14/01 - Korsk reaches Ordained level 25. Abe levels to Ra:19\Cl:20. Katrana regains level 28, reaching Sh:28 Wa:23. Legolas reaches 8 ordained, and as planned is de-ordained shortly afterwards. Armalag Blackflame, The Rock, Guardian of Dreams reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30) Armalag gossips (in common), 'I want to thank Tholbar, the GREATEST TANK in the world for my last few levels'. Later, Armalag is ordained Dreamguard by Tamar in a very goofy ceremony (which includes Legolas getting his own personal raincloud as a token of Tamar's appreciation). Khore grants formal permission for Noctus to seek Tranquility's hand in marraige. Blystur dies to the Stingray and does his own CR. Vex killed Lydain for #73 mobmaster. Dash is created. Legionaire reaches Ma:24\Wa:20. Tien completes MM#32 - a Gnome Chief, and reaches Wa:24\Cl:24. Abe and a couple of Anathema chat about the recent PK changes: View a LONG on-mud log regarding these issues. Soloman levels to 7 shaman and joins Whitehawk. Strider completes mobmaster 18. Indiga reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Apollyon reaches Cl:15 Wa: 9. Skeeve completes mobmaster 74. Drahir joins Tamar. Thingone completes mobmaster 35.

11/13/01 - Tynian posts a note explaining version 3.83, which gives pre-3x characters additional mana and hit points. (Yay!) After the version goes in, Oak logs on after a long absence and is surprised with an extra 125hp & mana. This is also the version that implements the damage cap. It prompts a a slew of notes. Still more notes are posted responding to Tynian's note on hit & damage changes. Veronica re-joins Whitehawk, and he promises to stay around this time. Akeeva levels to 5 cleric. Dunestripe joins Whitehawk, and then levels twice to reach Ma: 5. Ysild levels to 4 shaman. Zaaris reaches Cl:21 Wa:15. Pez announces the upcoming Pez Quest 9. Titan reaches Wa:19 Cl:25. Keat wants a wife. Drystan slays 'the mage' for MM#20. Chueco reaches Th:17\Sh:13\Wa:17.

11/12/01 - It's note day! (Yes, 80 bazillion notes were posted today, give or take a few :P). There were some bugs with a previous version that went in, sparking a note about bug abuse from Tynian. He also checks in version 3.83, and posts a note on hit roll & damage, and many notes are posted in response. Nayr posts a warning note about an area change. Cirth posts some poems called "The Triumph of the Wyld" and "The Wyrms Challenge". Zog posts an apology. And, in other news: Tesa levels to 4 mage and Drorin levels to 13 cleric. Chueco reaches Th:16\Sh:13\Wa:17.

11/11/01 - Indiga of the Dark reaches Wa:13\Cl:15. Abe reaches Ra:18\Cl:20 Eclipse gains Cl: 8. A discussion is held in the Ampthipheater about PK, EQ and TFC. Maldobar joins Stouthbound and Wolfgang as the top mobmaster-er in this day's mmrank list, with 104 mobmasters! Version 3.82a is checked in. Abender is re-created. Tynian posts the following information about TFC & pking: "I recently answered a series of questions that Craige had regarding TFC and PKing. He has re-posted the message to his following's discussion board. With Molo's permission, I am providing the URL, so that everyone has the same information:".

11/10/01 - Vex Ironwolf, The Inquisitor of the Coven reaches Wa:30 Cl:30 - effective 40th! Artanis completed MM#23 - 'dwarven warrior' and reached Cl:28. Packard Lin, grand Phalanx of the Ashen Moon reaches Wa:20 and is finally able to complete MM#2 & 3. "Chef" Boyardee gains MM#21 - a goblin Miner. Artanis, Anduin, Kirth and Manx killed Slue. Jaerith reaches Sh:23\Ra:16. Terenas reaches Ma:18\Ra:16 . Zaaris levels twice to reach Cl:19\Wa:15. Drystan gets mm#10- a minotaur peasant. Vrykolakas is created.

11/9/01 - Anarchist is created. Korsk reaches Or:23. Kaori reaches Th:8 Cl:15. Anduin completes MM#51-53 (a magman, an instructor, and another magman) Doza reaches Wa: 9\Ma:25. Zodak joins Wisdom. Mandrake slays an old knight for MM#57. Drystan completes MM#* (a half elf maid ) and #9 (a gnome man ). Ludakris and Jamin visit the wicked garden for the first time with trusty elven guide Xandria. Drystan reaches Sh:14 . Zaaris levels three times, twice in warrior and once in cleric to reach Cl:16\Wa:15. Lokum reaches Wa:24 Sh:20 and completes mobmasters 15 & 16. Silence levels to 24 thief. Aiken levels to 20. Ravaged completes mobmaster 32.

11/8/01 - Kaori reaches Th: 7 Cl:15. Laedis levels to 13 cleric. RayRay levels to 5 warrior. Gaidal is created. Jahar joins Tamar. Aster reaches Sh:30 Ra:25. Legolas reaches 7 ordained. Zaaris reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. SnowFalcon levels to 11 shaman, getting max hitpoints and a train, their 4th time for max hp and their 3rd train. Marisa finally gets her no-remove eyepatch off :P  Sauron completes mobmaster 21. Not sure how this relates, but Marduk gossips (in common), 'I am a tin foil elf of death. My sex change spell MUTILATES slue. I am dead!'. Vex gets his #67 mm - a drow soldier. Abe reaches Ra:15\Cl:20 and completes mobmaster 22. Indiga does 'a million' mob mastery quests (including mobmasters 28 & 29), but dies to the stingray while attempting one of them...Kantor quickly does a CR for her... this, only a few hours after he is PK'd while linkdead. ( His first CR of the day was helping a little level 10 mage who died in the Nest - this while his corpse was being looted.) Kantor's bad day continues, when later that evening, he dies to Pheather the aarockran by his own sword (which the birdie had disarmed and grabbed), and wishes it noted that Solaron bravely got the weapon back from Pheather. Leif completes mobmasters 33 through 39, including #38 - Smithers, and #39, an off-duty guard. Korran reaches Ma:22\Ra:23\Th:21. Tamar board notes the final results of a a level/mobm achievement quest among the Dreamwalkers to inspire her people to learn and level. Those who 'placed' in the quest were granted prizes from her inventory. Tiberius came in first place and was granted three prizes. Unfortunately, only of them was useful for his current eq set, so he gave the other two prizes to needy following members.

11/7/01 - SnowFalcon levels to 10 shaman. Bliss posts a note announcing the dating game, and several other players post notes relating to it as well on later days (which are included here so they make sense). Leif completes 3 MM quests: #29- Lord Valharik, #30 - the panther, and #31 - Ofcol cityguard, and then levels Th: 7\Cl:18\Ra:15. Mira joins the Dark. Famine reaches Wa:17\Cl:17. Zaaris reaches Cl:15\Wa:11. The Chosen hold a Bardic Circle - part I and part II. Drystan levels to Sh:13 and completes mob mastery quests #1-7. Abe reaches Ra:15 Cl:20 and completes 14 mob mastery quests in a row including such targets as a half elf citizen, rakasta kit, and elven defender. Micah completed MM#42 - the master smelter. Leif reaches Th: 8\Cl:18\Ra:15. Kerriariadne reaches Greater Power.

11/6/01 - Cordir is promoted to attendant of Kerriariadne! Tiberius completes 2 mobmasteries and levels ranger 3 times, reaching Ra: 5 Cl:19. Tian reaches Ra: 7 Sh:10. Orusan joins Tamar. A who list from this day. Lanfear mobdies 5 times, then has two bad portals and a bad recall. Her corpse is recovered with the aid of Charles. Teeka levels to Ma:14\Wa:15\Th:14. Anduin slaysthe High Shaman of Gronk for MM#47. Luc joins Wisdom. Doc levels to 40th! Chrysalis dies to a Tiger Shark on the ocean, and Maldobar does the CR. Umsch is created and levels to 6th. Glycerine posts a retirement note. Drystan completes MM#1 a goblin baby. Snowfalcon reaches level 9.

11/5/01 - Micah completes mobmaster 41. Tesa is created. Brighsyn levels to 4 shaman. Ringo joins Plato. Glycerine posts a retirement note and holds an auction of all his gear, which is delayed for a bit because Glycerine "got very sleepy all of a sudden". He then states that he is no longer a Tiger. Among other items sold at the auction, Mael buys a -3svs birchwood rod for 500k, and Maldobar buys a ac 7 5hitroll silver bracer for 500k. Apollyon joins Vorax. Silvanus reaches Ra:14 Ma:14. Talyn completes mobmaster 4.

11/4/01 - Sethvir, Artanis and Legolas all leap to assist Cordir with a newbie.. who turns out not to be new and is quite grumpy at being called a Newbie. ( Thanks to these three gentlemen who were instantly willing to help.) Drystan gets his very first ghost. Silumko is created. Doza did a CR for Carnage when he died in Vortex. Doza also reaches Wa: 8 Ma:25. Abe reaches Cl:20\Rn:13. Packard reaches Wa:19. Drystan creates an Ode to A Pony. Legionaire ( the Marauding Bunny of Darkness ) levels to Ma:23\Wa:20 and kills a mushroom picker for mobmaster 3. Ordeith is released from the Coven. Tynian posts an announcement about upcoming changes and an hour long debate rages over gossip. Katana reaches Sh:15. Cordir completes 81 hours of Ambassador service in 9 days. Micah achieves MM#40 on the master glassblower. Ripper completes mobmaster 24. Legolas has the title "Wants A Dreamy Female Dragon!", and in response to his title, Dragoness is created. Legolas then gossips that 'Dreams come true :)'. Legolas kills a female troll to complete mobmaster 31, and receives 748 xp for it. Gangleri levels to 14 cleric. Ammonia reaches Cl:13 Th:11. Famine offers to do something notable. Bashful reaches Cl:24 Wa:25. Armalag reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Alito is created. War spent the morning eluding Thingone. Kara levels to 3 thief. Apollyon reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. DarkClaw posts more details announcing that the midwest gt will be held Nov. 17th.

11/3/01 - Apollyon reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Sleighty reaches Sh:20 Th:17. Indiga reaches Wa:10 Cl:15 and completes mobmaster 24. Ringo levels to 6 warrior. Gangleri joins Tamar. Spyder reaches Wa: 7 Ma:10. Lictilon reaches Ma:25 Th:20 Wa:25. Elektra levels to 7 cleric. Kaori levels twice and reaches Th: 5\Cl:15. Artanis completes MM#21 - a flesh golem and MM# 22 - guardian beast. Belsambar gossips (in common), 'I smashed Rav's big toe with a my mace before I fled from him yesterday...'. Ordeith levels to Th:10\Sh:15\Wa:11. Lins swings Annihilate for the very first time. Terenas reaches Ma:16\Ra:16. Famine reaches Cl:17\Wa:14. Madman attempts to visit TFC but finds that his name is 'illegal'. He visits as "InsaneOne" (Aarakocra, of course) for a while. Drystan reaches Sh:11. Belsambar completes MM#43 - Lylendil. Korran dies on the Stern and CR's himself. Terenas joins Bliss. Sheldon Leveled to 11 cleric.

11/2/01 - Snarf reaches Wa:26\Cl:27. Garland swings his very first DEMO while fighting a fire demon. Artanis reaches Cl:27. Snowfalcon reaches Sh: 7. Abe reaches Cl:19\Ra:13. Kane is created and reaches level 3. Khonsu reaches Ma: 6 Ra:14. Phantom reaches Ra:13 Cl:16. Tynian posts a note about version 3.82, which incorporates a *lot* of changes and posted ideas. Tynian asks Cordir what else needs to be done after posting the version note, and Cordir wishes for a pony. Tynian and a god+ grant her wish, creating two stout ponies for her. Dekzar levels to 3 cleric. Kaori reaches Th: 3 Cl:15. Stryne levels to 7 ranger. Carnage reaches Sh: 9 Wa:12. Silence creates food and water at the same time.

11/01/01 - Fenrir is created. Snarf completes MM#51 - a mercenary guard. Kaoriduals to theif. Artanis completes MM #20 on a musician. SnowFalcon is created and levels to 6th. Korsk levels twice to reach Ordained:19. Vex killed Denrew for MM#66. Silence (a 20th level thief) fulfilled the final part of his Dark quest - he recited a scroll (camping scroll) of create food & create spring, thus officially circumventing the loophole in Kerri's entrance requirements. Tynian posts a version note for 3.81D. Tranquility posts a note about the next Fateful Hour: For the next Fateful Hour (Tuesday night, 7pm system time) the Chosen wish to create a bardic circle. Following the tradition, many will be joining hands and sharing tales we are trying to keep to a shorter length than usual to allow all to speak. All mortals and immortals are invited, especially those that wish to share a tale. Please contact the Lady (Cordir) or myself when you see us online if you wish to participate. We look forward to seeing you there. - Tranquility, Handmaiden to the Lady Cordir. Azeworai reaches Wa:16 Ma:30. Legolas reaches ordain 6. Terenas duals back to mage and reaches Ma:15 Ra:16. Very early on this morning after a reboot, Azeworai was out wandering and saw a non-magical amulet lying on the ground. He picked it up anyway, not knowing that his detect magic had gone down. Later he cast detect magic, and realized it was magical. It turned out to be a health amulet. Kara is created. Famine reaches Cl:16 Wa:14. Orusan levels to 7 cleric.

10/31/01 - Armalag gossips (in common), 'Keat of Aarockra was arrested today at 7am by authorities in Midgaard for the murder of one 'Merrick'. Ongoing investigations are determing whether it was a planned killing or random act of violence'. Tamar announces the winner of the Halloween contest, and Bliss is awarded her prize in ceremonial, where the Coven has gathered 50+ chocolate items in the guild next to the pumpkin king, in honor of Halloween. Armalag got 2nd place and received a restring. You can view the winning entries here. Bliss posts a note to all: Bliss: Happy Halloween! / Wed Oct 31 00:46:11 2001 / On behalf of the Coven, I would like to wish you all a very festive Halloween :) Please feel free to visit Ceremonial, where there will be treats for all (unless I become either bored or hungry). Ezral reaches Ra:11\Cl:15. Kaori reaches Cl:15. Indiga levels to Cl:15\Wa:7. Abe reaches Cl:17\Ra:13 . Drystan reaches Sh: 9. Yensid is created. Spyder reaches Wa: 3 Ma:10. Ethoril levels to 10 ranger. Lokum reaches Wa:23 Sh:20. Syvan levels to 12 thief. Mish gets a little whacked (losing items, duplicating items, and paying a ton for them) and has to be removed for a bit. Sethvir hits all 25's, reaching Th:25 Ra:25 Sh:25. Proven levels to 8 ranger. Rinnir joins Tripper. Goganga levels to 12 shaman.

10/30/01 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.81, which among other things fixes several bugs, and implements eq storage on an experimental basis. Later he posts version 3.81a. Scipio levels to 9 warrior. Sativa levels to 10 cleric. Abe reaches Cl:16 Ra:13. Kaldred requests and is granted a Triat Mastery quest , and Noctus posts a note about it on Kaldred's behalf. Zaaris reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Kail reaches Sh:28 Wa:19 Th:15. Kain is ordained by Vorax, receiving the title Veldrin Kyorl (Shadow Guard). Whitehawk's temple door is installed.

10/29/01 - Natas is promoted to Ambassador! Khellendros is created. Kaleyah reaches Cl:18 Wa:16. Tien completes mobmaster 31. After a month's absence, Famine has "returned to unleash his terror". A who list from this day. Tynian posts a note titled "A detriment". Tamar turns 1000 years old and receives a a triple layer strawberry angel food cake with a scoop of black cherry icecream. Indiga completes 5 mob mastery quests in a row, the last one being #16, an orc hunter. Kaern is attacked by a Thorny Tendril for no apparent reason. Boyardee reaches Ma:24\Wa:30. Phantom levels to Ra:12\Cl:16.

10/28/01 - Morimox is made attendant to Unity! Dagoth is created. Legionaire reaches Ma:22\Wa:20. Boromir almost goes out of the guild to EXP, but thinks better of it. Vex gets his 65th mobmaster today - Travim, the holy cleric. Cordir organizes a couple Newbie Random Hunting parties. Party members include LeiLani, Legionaire, Titan, Aiken, DogDaze (who was PK'd while randoming), Garland, Doza and Indiga. Despite the Conclave's non-aggression being withdrawn moments later, the parties still go out and collect items for several newbies at great personal risk, some paying a great price. Kaldred of the Chosen levels to Ma:30\Ra:30! He also completes three mob mastery quests - MM#50 - a Roc, #50, #51 - a Dark Brother, and #52 - an instructor. Tholbar reaches Wa:18 Cl:30. Korsk completes ORD:14 and 15, Indiga levels to Wa: 6\Cl:15. Tigy is created and reaches Sh: 5. Mael completes a CR in Dragon's Tower for Weezer, just to make Cordir happy and give her time line news. Sleighty completes MM#31 - drow master. Drystan reaches level 8 shaman. Empedocles gossips (in common), 'timeline news.. I've been on a total 15 mins today plus about a half hour a couple days ago and didn't die :)'. Sativa levels to 8 cleric. Drakul levels to 5 warrior. Rinnir reaches Ma: 7 Ra: 9 Th: 9. Kirth reaches Ma:18 Wa:15. Aiken reaches Ra:13 Ma:18. Cordir runs a trivia contest, and LeiLani wins with 8 points, Anduin takes second with 6, and Tokugawa gets third with 4 points. Mystical is created. Ihsahn levels to 6 mage. LeiLani reaches Cl: 3 Wa:11. Arby reaches Cl: 8 Ra:20, and a someone gossips, 'ooh, Arby levelled, now I'm hungry'. Thalantyr reaches Wa:26 Cl:26. Carnage reaches Sh: 7 Wa:12. Bantagar completes mobmaster 5. Drystan levels to 8 shaman. Rhaen joins Tripper. Tigy is created and levels to 5 shaman. Pez levels to 9 shaman. Bahlzuri levels to 21 mage.

10/27/01 - Armalag reaches Wa:28 Cl:30, and less than a minute later Keat reaches Th:28 Wa:30 Sh:30. It's a close race between them to 30 in their class. Sheldon levels to 10 cleric. Wardrof reaches Cl:17 Wa:12. Drystan is created and levels to 7 shaman. Cordir holds a 3-part trivia contest, and the winners are Boyardee, Drystan, and Gup. Weezer- *Mission Accomplished* levels to 30 shaman. Proven is recreated after a very long absence. Aslan needs help with War'loov, so Azeworai kills him for her. Shortly afterwards, Aslan joins the Tigers. Bahlzuri levels to 19 mage. Shoya and Kaern log in on the same day. Phantom reaches Ra:10 Cl:16. Saroth (Ma:26 Ra:25) exps for the first time since who knows when. Thingone is presented with a medallion by Tynian. Vex slays Travim the Holy Cleric for MM#64, and a short time later, reaches Wa:28\Cl:30. Mystaya is reborn in the Realm and quickly levels to 8th. Boyardee reaches Ma:23\Wa:30. Carnage reaches Sh: 5\Wa:12. Paython Grimward reaches Cl:26\Wa:24. Doza reaches Wa: 6\Ma:26. Fenrir levels to Ra:12\Ma:13. Vestax reaches Sh:9. Abe levels twice to Ra:13\Cl:14.

10/26/01 - Whitehawk is re-promoted to Demigod, and starts a Chaotic Evil Sentry following called the Nightblades. His initial following description is, "The Nightblades are an unpredictable following. Each member has thier own unique dark secrets buried within them. Completely loyal to each other, very cautious of anyone else." Cordir is restored to the position of Ambassador and posts an apology note. Tynian posts a note about her reinstatement. Silvanus reaches Ra:12 Ma:14. Justi levels to Cl:24 Wa:15. An xprank and wizlist from this day. Heed reaches Wa:15 Cl:19. Justi reaches Cl:24 Wa:15. Version 3.80a is installed. Mael does a CR for Kalyeah at the Blue Dragon in Dragon Tower, in the Chamber of Storms, when no one else "Not even Maldobar" (according to her sister Kaori) would make the attempt. In exchange for his help, she gives him a nice amulet. Wistom dies on the third floor of Master's Tower after a bad "Skeeve trip." The corpse is recovered, however. Indiga reaches Cl:15\Wa:5. Wardrof of the Tigers reaches Cl:17\Wa:12. Abe levels three times to Ra:11\Cl:14. Sleighty reaches Sh:19\Th:17. Plato started the 2nd wisdom quest, which will run to nov 3rd. Tamar posts a note clarifying the Halloween Contest.

10/25/01 - Tynian posts a series of notes outlining the events of 10/23. Syncrow is created. Legolas reaches ordain 5. Taim levels to 9 mage. Tynian drops several named amulets at the pit. Alrandolin levels to 12 mage. Korsk reaches ordain 11. After several hours, Ringo levels to 2 warrior. Wylin reaches Wa:17 Cl:21. The fountain in the kitchen begins to talk. LeiLani duals to cleric. Mija reaches Wa: 9 Ma:15 Th:15.

10/24/01 - Lexie posts a poem about Lloth's Avatar, which according to her you should read at your own risk :P  Mikael rejoins Tamar. Trevor joins Plato. Kirth reaches Ma:17 Wa:15. The TFC message board is now located at Silvanus reaches Ra:10 Ma:14. Bantagar levels to 8 mage. Many notes are posted regarding reactions to Cordir's retirement and regarding reactions to Molo's survey.

11 players.
Gno [       Cl:19       ] Sauron shouts, 'LONG LIVE MAEL AND CORDIR!'
Elf [       Cl: 8       ] Apollyon the wanderer. Needs Luck!
Hum [ Th:20 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Dracos shouts, 'LONG LIVE MAEL AND CORDIR!'
Hel [ Ra:13 Th: 9 Ma:16 ] Joeb shouts, 'LONG LIVE MAEL AND CORDIR!
Elf [    Wa:20 Cl:30    ] Anduin shouts, 'LONG LIVE MAEL AND CORDIR!'
Hum [    Cl:18 Wa:15    ] Gengis Orthae Saruk d'lil Veldrin
Min [    Ma:20 Wa:20    ] Legionaire shouts, 'LONG LIVE MAEL AND CORDIR!'
Hum [    Wa:25 Cl:27    ] Snarf da Gottagio   Unity
Hum [    Wa:27 Cl:30    ] Vex Ironwolf shouts, 'LONG LIVE MAEL AND CORDIR!'
Elf [    Lesser  God    ] Robert, Lord of Unity
Elf [    Ra:24 Ma:25    ] Lanfear shouts, 'LONG LIVE MAEL AND CORDIR!'

10/23/01 - Tiberius duals to ranger. Lexie is set upon by a series of drows, which ends with Mael bravely being killed by Lloth's Avatar. A whole bunch of stuff happens that results in Mael dying, Maldobar gets the corpse, and Cordir breaks the rules by giving an item to Mael. Cordir is subsequently retired & removed from play by Tynian. Eclipse is created and levels to 5 cleric. Trike levels to 8 shaman. Tsumemasa levels to 14 shaman. A wizlist from this day. Anduin joins Plato. Karalyn levels to 10 cleric. Khorlan levels his ordain class and gets a train, bringing the total to 4 trains he can't use.

10/22/01 - Garland duals back to Cleric. Kaleyah reaches Cl:16 Wa:16, and is able to dual with the help of Kaldred's portal. Abe levels 5 times to reach Ra: 6\Cl:14. Blystur reaches Ra:13 Ma:12. Bahlzuri levels to 14 mage. Carnage reaches Sh: 3 Wa:12. Molo posts a poll on his webpage asking for feedback. Anduin reaches Wa:19 Cl:30. Bancor reaches Ra: 7 Ma:15. Kain completes mobmaster 47. Katana levels to 11 shaman. A wizlist from this day.

10/21/01 - Kaldred of Fate reaches Ma:28\Ra:30 and completes mobmaster 45. Packard of the Coven reaches Wa:18. Legionaire of the Dark reaches Wa:18\Ma:20, and narrowly avoids accidental suicide when he area spells in front of Kaldred, and before either one of them can flee, Kaldred does 200+ points of damage to him in a single round. Totem joins Torchbearer, becoming a Dawn Bringer. Gengis of the Shadows reaches Cl:18\Wa:15. Sleighty the Restless Tiger reaches Sh:18\Th:18 and also completes MM#29 - a rakasta warrior. Saorih levels to 3 shaman. Iapetus reaches Ra: 2 Sh:11. Indiga levels to 15 cleric. Ethos levels to 5 cleric. Khoth reaches Sh:20 Wa:15. Kudican completes mobmaster 19. At Bridget's request, Artanis brings Bridget to two of the three places the Lady Cordir was married. (Why she wanted to go there is not known). Kerson of unity reaches Wa:20\Sh:25. Kaleyah reaches Wa:15\Cl:16. Korsk of Unity completes Ordained levels 6, 7, and 8 today! Taim levels from 3rd to 6th in one burst. Ephiny does a CR in Issira for Kirth. Magus posts a note called "The Heros Emerge", starting a group, which is later removed.

Immortal ECHO: Bright lights flash from the heavens, and strike two newbie-killers DEAD.
[ Warmachine and Magus] Someone gossips, 'They are my new playthings'.
Legionaire gossips (in common), 'Someone's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** WarMachine! WarMachine is DEAD!! You hear WarMachine's death cry.'.
Legionaire gossips (in common), 'Someone's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Magus! Magus is DEAD!! You hear Magus's death cry.'.
And this is only the beginning... Tynian posts three Notes on Newbiekilling.

10/20/01 - Whitehawk unretires and is promoted to attendant of Tripper! Tynian checks in version 3.80. Fenrir reaches Ma:13 Ra: 9. Bort posts a retirement note. Kaldred of Fate reaches Ma:27\Ma:30. Kirth of Wisdom reaches Wa:13\Ma:15. Mael gossips (in common), 'I rescued a drowning newbie from a noexit underwater room just before their death. Is that cool or what?'. [The 'newbie' was later identified as Marduk] Anduin reaches Wa:17\Cl:30. Legionaire reaches Wa:17\Ma:20 and gains a train! Packard of the Coven reaches Wa:17 and also gains a train! Garland of the Tigers reaches Wa:13\Cl:18. Zaaris levels from 3 to 6 when his age requirement is met, and 1 minute later reaches 7th!. Doza of the Tigers died to Scairz, then attempted his own "beautifully planned CR" with some guidance, but the corpse wasn't there.

10/19/01 - Shailyn levels cleric, then duals back to Ra:20\Cl:24. Aiken reaches Ra: 8\Ma:18. Vex slays a Triton Guard for MM#62 while drowning the entire time *GLUB!*). Korsk, the new ordained of Unity, reaches Om:5. Kerson of Unity levels three times - Shaman to 25 and two levels in warrior - 18 & 19. Katrana is formally named a Blade of Fate. Anduin reaches Wa:16\Cl:30. Due to conflicting loyalties, Anduin is released from the Chosen of Fate and becomes unaligned. Abe levels to 12th level Cleric and joins the Tigers. Nyx completes MM#55 - a mercenary guard. Legionaire works on the Darkness following quest, and with help from Noctus and Nyx, slays the Magistrate for his robes. Fenrir joins the Tigers. Taibh does a "Two-Fer" " Your whip injures Stompt the Paladin. Stompt the Paladin is DEAD!! Congratulations! You have killed your target. You receive 1425 experience points. You raise a level!! Your gain is: 1/xxx hp, 0/xxx m, 5/xxx mv, 6/7 prac, 0/0 trn. ### Taibh has advanced to level 17. ### Taibh has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 47. You hear Stompt the Paladin's death cry. " Azeworai reaches Ma:30 Wa:15 (effective 35) and duals back to warrior. Shon completes mobmaster 61. Salim levels to 7 warrior. Dexter is created. Tamar posts a Halloween Contest to all. Justi completes mobmaster 34. Angelus apologizes once again to all for his recent behavior. Ebonie posts a note about a potential west coast GT. Leopold is created. Baelrog levels to 9 warrior. Silvanus reaches Ma:12 Ra: 9. Phantom reaches Ra: 3 Cl:16 and completes mobmaster 5. Bahlzuri levels to 13 mage. Dundrave completes mobmaster 20. Tamar actually sorts quite a bit of eq, and then Azeworai watches in horror as she eats her remaining bags full of eq. She later admits to him that she was teasing & only emoting eating them ;)  Wylin reaches Cl:20 Wa:16. Orestes levels to 8 shaman. Doza duals to warrior, reaches Wa: 2 Ma:25, and completes mobmaster 35. LeiLani levels to 6 warrior. Mael completes mobmaster 98. Natilena joins Torchbearer.

10/18/01 - Doza levels to mage 25 and completes mobmasters 32 & 33. Bahlzuri levels to 12 mage. Titan reaches Wa:18 Cl:23. Palin reaches Th:11 Ma:24 Wa:25. Baelrog is created. Legion reaches Ma: 5 Wa:11. Ogur the Ogre levels to 5 warrior. Charles completes MM#49 - Ryoner. Legionaire reaches Wa:16\Ma:20. Aslan of Fate reaches Cl:19. Blystur levels ranger twice to reach Ra: 6\Ma:12. Sauron, the Red Dragon of Unity, reaches Cl:19. Kaldred of Fate reaches Ma:26\Ra:30. Lanfear of Fate reaches Ra:24\Ma:25. Sauron kills a medium elemental for MM#14. Noctus of Fate reaches level 21 ordained. Mordith of the Black Conclave reaches Th:22\Wa:30\Cl:30. Bort posts a retirement note. Marduk reaches Ra:10\Sh:13. Carnage dies in the Demon Realm and Noctus completes the CR. Several of the Coven trek to Bethany and get their fortune told. Mael, however, gets a special reading. Tholbar reaches Wa:16\Cl:30. Clue reaches Ordained level 2. Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'I actually went out for XP today.. that count?'. Cordir gossips, 'Heck yes.. that's not just news, its practically miraculous!'. Tripper gossips, 'THAT is a red banner day Ptar'. Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'PTPTPHTPHPPPP!!!'.

The Gnomes of TFC get downright silly ( with a little help from above.)

Gno [     SuperGnome    ] Noctus Chosen Blade of Fate
Gno [  SuperduperGnome  ] Lins is looking for Khore.
Gno [     UBER-Gnome    ] Noctus Chosen Blade of Fate
Gno [  ULTRA UBER-Gnome ] Lins is looking for Khore.
Gno [   GnomiusMaximus  ] Noctus Chosen Blade of Fate
Gno [  GnomiusSexiestus ] Lins is looking for Khore.

10/17/01 - Korsk is ordained by Robert, and given the title of Protector. He later levels to 4 ordain. It is discovered by Cordir, much to their mutual shock, than Lanfear, Gillfen and Tranquility have debt! This is taken care of immediately. Mordith bad recalls four times in a row, landing "once in cannibals, once at the mithril dragon, once in a locked room in newbie hell, and forget where the 4th was." Lokum of the Black Conclave reaches Wa:18\Sh:20 by slaying a student in the Trading Post. Charles completes MM#48 - Kappa. Kaleyah nearly falls to hear death in Aara when gravity sets in and Fly spells wear off. Rhaen levels four times to Ma: 6. Artanis kills a nightmare for MM#19. Doza slays MM#30 - a giant pudding, and #31 - a Flying Polyp of N'Kai. Legionaire, Indiga, Kaori and Kaleyah continue to work on their first following quest - part of which was slaying Anubis and claiming his weapon. Taibh completes MM#42 - a tired monk and #43 the Elven Gentleman (with thanks to kaldred for keeping ruffians at bay, as well as #44 - a Triton Child, while Noctus distracted their mother. He then made a valiant attempt at the Chieftain of Gronk.. just 2 ticks late, after slaying the Chieftan's private army. Prile levels twice, reaching Wa:14\Th:11\Cl:14. With Lins help, Keat slays the Mayor for level Th:27\Wa:30\Sh:30. Ptarchyzk looks innocent (TM). Hornblower shows up for the first time in months. Rhaen reaches Ma: 7. Prile completes MM# 5 - a goblin warrior. Bane joins the Coven. Kain completes mobmaster 42. Galatea publicly apologizes to Weezer. Armalag reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. Abe levels to 4 cleric. Mandrake completes mobmaster 56.

10/16/01 - Solaron completes mobmasters 51 & 52 -- they sound like a talk show -- Oprah and Odir. Tiax reaches Wa:26 Cl:30. Kel reaches Th: 4 Sh:30, and his title is now something nice, "Kel loves you and hopes you live [Coven]". Rigel slays a gnat for his very first mob mastery. Shylok is admitted into the Chosen of Fate during the Fateful Hour. Cordir rips out the sinews of Belsambar's arms and uses him as a marionette out of sheer annoyance. Clue is Ordained by Cordir as the Weaver's Healer. After much cajoling and prodding from a variety of individuals, Abe is created. Taibh bad portals to the Searing Chambers, runs into a dragon and lots of steam jets, and finally manages to escape from the frying pan into the fire, to the Dragon Tower...and finally makes it to Recall with a mere 59 hp left. Charles completes an odd mobmastery - #47 - Jabbqerzitevans the Quasit. Jaerith reaches Ra:16\Sh:22. Kerriariadne gives his followers their first quest.

10/15/01 - Charles completes MM#46 - a Triton Child. Taibh reaches Cl:19 Ra:15 and then works on his mob mastery levels, completing #39 - the Master Glassblower, #40 - a Knight, #41 - a tired monk. Lins reaches Or:27\Wa:30\Cl:30. Kaleyah mobdied to Heim's Wife, but recovered the corpse herself. All the Tigers on line (Charles, Witchdoctor, Tiax, Shailyn and Kantor) group to kill the Magistrate, but it wasn't quite enough to push Tiax to the next level exp-wise... so they killed its huge ghost. When the unliving creature fell, Tiax reached Wa:26\Cl:30. Donskoi reaches Th:17\Wa:19\Cl:19. A WHO list showing an unusual number of players. Donskoi gossips (in common), 'Mael ftells, 'damn i was gonna hunt xavier - i forgot he immorted'. Dreamstar is the first Dawn Bringer and Kerien is the first Priest of Dawn (worshippers of Torchbearer). Palin of Fate reaches Th:10\Ma:24\Wa:25. Kaleyah completes a quest and then later reaches Wa:12\Cl:16. Kantor, Grimace, Shailyn, Doza and Belsambar killed Kalena, and each gained 70 exp. Donskoi tells Cordir (in common), 'oh i got one i got slept while caught peeing in bliss's temple. she wasnt happy. well, kim had asked me to make a fountain. it was an impulse'. Anduin of Fate reaches Wa:14\Cl:30. Wistom reaches 1200 hours of play! Belsambar reaches Ra:18\Ma:20. Ebonie of Fate reaches Ra: 9\Ma: 9. Mael gossips (in common), 'gunner logged in today - that should make it ( the time line) no problem'. Kudican reaches Wa:17 Cl:20. Rinnir reaches Th: 2 Ra: 9. Keat is caught on record actually attempting to level.

10/14/01 - Torchbearer is re-promoted to DemiGod! He starts a Lawful Good Sentry following called the Dawn Bringers. His first follower is Dreamstar, and his initial following description is: "The Dawn Bringers of Virtue follow teachings based upon the principles of JohnPaul, Pope of Holy Virtue, and the lessons learned from the angelic holy war between Torchbearer and the Plane of Heavenly Virtue. Followers of the Dawn embrace the virtues of faith, charity, hope, prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude to enhance their lives and the lives of others. Torchbearer has ordained the Priests of Dawn to watch over His worshippers and their allies. The priesthood is a central focus of Fate's divine plan for Seraph Torchbearer, and its tenants will prove challenging to even the greatest of the realm's clerics." Kettri reaches Sh:16 Wa:15. Lexie reaches Wa:14 Th:24 Ma:24. Jamin levels to 8 warrior. Darkclaw posts a note about a potential midwest GT. Angelus reaches Wa: 9 Ma:15. Kerson reaches Sh:24 Wa:17. Weezer announces that Galatea left the Circle because of the Kahn. Doza completes MM#28 - a Flying Polyp of N'Kai, and #29 - a willow tender. Ugbut tells Cordir (in dwarven), 'i made a level 2 from name prompt in 56 seconds today. trying to beat that record as a roll :)'. Shailyn of the Tigers reaches Cl:22\Ra:20. Tiax completes MM#63 - a huge mithril golem. Wylin reaches Cl:18\Wa:16 and gets max hp! Phantom reaches Cl:15. Sleighty reaches Th:16\Sh:17.

10/13/01- Xavier is made an Ambassador! Sleighty leveled today (Th:15\Sh:17), and completed MM# 28 - elemental magician. Anduin of Fate levels twice today, reaching Cl:30 Wa:12. Treehugger slays a killer bee for MM 35 and 1079 exp. He also announces that he will be silent for 24 hours. Quixletobia completes MM#7 - a chtonian hatchling. Wind levels to 14 warrior. Noodles levels to 4 warrior and Promise levels to 4 mage. Tynian posts a note and link about online statistics, and checks in version 3.79a. Quarnel reaches Cl:28 Wa:20. Doza completes mobmasters 26 & 27. Kaleyah reaches Wa:11 Cl:16. Sedona reaches Wa: 3 Cl:15. Indiga completes mobmasters 7 & 8. Several ideas and responses are posted about the darkness spell and it's potential removal. A wizlist from this day.

10/12/01 - Kim unretires, and is promoted to Attendant of Bliss! Kirth reaches Ma: 8 Wa:11. Blystur levels to 12 mage. Silence levels to 8 thief. Tynian updates the contributor's webpage. Arby reaches Cl: 6 Ra:20. Daredevil levels to 4 thief. Khore posts a note about what the golem weapons were. Kaori joins the Glorious Dark. Rath gossips (in common), 'unfortunately Maimer made a good point..damn that needs to go on the timeline'. Maimer gossips (in common), 'Name the timeline, Nashism gives into Maimers preaching =P'. Rath gossips (in common), 'no,I said you had a good point about evil.Being evil doesn't confirm or deny the existence of Lord Nash'. Skeeve just hit 3000 hours of play! Sleighty completes MM#26 (duergar hunter) and#27 (duergar hunter)' Khore creates Sleeg, the younger brother of slue, and charged a large group of players to ensure that Sleeg stayed alive. Then, a number of assassins attempted to kill the youngling, including Borlan. Then Slue jumped to his little brother's rescue, but became confused and nearly slew him, himself... Baron Morel came the closest of all of the assassins. Qithlorien posts an IDEA about the PK code... and Tynian's response indicates an important shift in the PK-model of the game.

10/11/01 - Kantor posts a note about Tirant, who is stuck. Magus found and traded an ac13 +4da bracer to Noctus. Witchdoctor leveled to 29 shaman today. Mael reaches 1600 hours old. Several items purge from Vecna, and are gathered by stunned individuals. Taibh reaches Cl:17\Ra:15. Khore runs his 2nd annual golem quest! According to the TFC webpage, at one point during the evening 58 players were online at once. Floop levels to 7 ranger. Armalag reaches Wa:26 Cl:30. Nitidus reaches Th: 8 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Blystur levels to 11 mage. Weezer levels to 25 shaman. A combined who immortal and who list of visible characters during the quest this night. Phantom levels to 12 cleric. Fenrir is created. Kaleyah reaches Wa:10 Cl:16. Sedona reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15.

10/10/01 - Azeworai reaches Ma:29 Wa:15. Legolas reaches 4 ordained. Bumm joins Tamar. Quarnel briefly battles the golem "Cereal Killer" in this log on the Dreamwalker's web page. Nazca reaches Ma:19 Ra:18. Indiga levels to 11 cleric and joins Kerriariadne. Anduin reaches Cl:28 Wa:12. Sakaba reaches Th:10 Sh:16. Silence is created. Mael gets MM#97 - Borlan. Taibh reaches Cl:16\Ra:15. Kerson of Unity made Sh:22 yesterday and Sh:23 today, taking him to Sh:23 Wa:17'. Indigo joins the Glorious Dark.

10/9/01 - Anduin completes MM#39 - an Ogre Warrior. Joeb dies in the strands of matter, and Kantor and Noctus retrieve the corpse. Two minutes after the two return to the guild, the corpse decays. Kaldred reaches Ra:29\Ma:25. raising one level above those he previously lost through apostatize. Lins reaches Ordained level 26. The Chosen hold a Fateful Hour visited by ancient spirits. Azeworai reaches Ma:29\Wa:15. Tynian removes apostatize, and makes some significant changes relating to it in versions 3.78 and 3.79. After this change, Ephiny wonders if Tylorn has "solved that pesky not being able to attack thing?". Nazca levels ranger twice, reaching Ra:17 Ma:18, and completes mobmaster 1. Vestax levels to 6 shaman. Miollnir levels to 5 mage. Ouchohm levels to 8 mage. Donskoi reaches Th:13 Wa:19 Cl:19. Zephyr completes mobmaster 8. Mael gossips (in common), 'my very existence is a testament to the genetic and cultural superiority of elves'. Drizzt levels to 6 mage. War reaches Cl:22 Wa:20. Pez is re-created. Mira reaches Cl:11 Wa:12. Nitidus reaches Th: 7 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. A mobmaster rank list from this day.

10/8/01 - Khore posts a note about his temporary absence, postponing the golem quest due to a RL accident *comfort*. Later he announces that the golem quest collection time ends Wednesday, 11:59PM, and that combat is to commence Thursday night, 9:00PM Mud Time. Silvanus reaches Ra: 5 Ma: 9. Brol levels to 6 & 7 warrior. Foolkiller posts a note announcing an upcoming Arizona Halloween GT. Zanzibar and Tristin are created. Dracon levels to 4, 5 & 6 cleric. Korsk levels to 17 warrior. Dezmond publicly pledges himself to Silonch. Lins reaches ordained 26. A wizlist from this day. WarMachine posts a warning note. Pez was reincarnated for the third time and is a wee little Dwarf shaman. More posts made about Orgrim's Glory to the Dead. Frederick reaches Wa:11\Cl:15. Anduin reaches Cl:27\Wa:12. Gaul logs in and finds himself a first level mage.

10/7/01 - Athorne is promoted to Ambassador! WIZLIST. Okk shouts, 'AKLA TERRA TAL-ABROSE!!!!!'. Okk shouts, 'WELCOME TO THE DREAMS AND JOY OF TAL-AISIER'. Okk says, 'As I have promised, you, Terra Tal-Ambrose shall be protected from any harmful attacks my following might be able to give'. He then posts a rather surprising note. More posts are made about Orgrim's "Glory to the Dead." Ambrose reaches Ra: 7\Ma:15 and gains a train. Silvanus reaches Ra: 4 Ma: 9. Democritus announces that his "sub20 career" has "gone caput", and that he had never been pked. Tynian checks in version 3.77c, which means that "Justified characters over 20th level are not damage-restricted." Laedis levels to 8 cleric. Derth reaches Wa:15 Cl:16. Iceman joins Okk. Spiderman levels to 5 mage, but for some reason has a Mighty Mouse title ("Here to save the day.") *ponder*. Galatea becomes unaligned. Kari and Grendor are created. Kerien levels to 8 cleric. Mharlot levels to 6 thief. Bluco reaches Wa: 6 Ma:14.

10/6/01 - Orgrim announces his retirement in a note called "Glory to the Dead" which sparks all sorts of responses. Sauron completes mobmasters 1 & 2 (a gnat). WarMachine levels to 7 cleric. Vladmir and Zakura are created. Rigel reaches Cl:15 Wa:12. Kaldred reaches Ra:27 Ma:25. Ordeith completes mobmasters 4 through 8. Grindel quickly completes mobmasters 13 through 16. Armalag reaches Cl:30 Wa:25 and duals back to warrior. Kirth levels to 10 warrior. Xavier posts an Immortality Petition. Tholbar slays a Dark Brother to reach Cl:30\Wa:15. Garmanbosia reaches 7th level thief, and sees: You raise a level!! Lucky you! You get an extra practice! Lucky you! You get another training session! Your gain is: 1/174 hp, 0/171 m, 5/190 mv, 5/5 prac, 1/9 trn. Katrana posts a note about Zog: To: all - Please be warned of him, he does not follow through his trades, he took off with an amulet of mine. Also as a note, have a neutral 3rd party, do the trading so no one is cheated. - Katrana, Favored of Fate, Shaman Adept

10/5/01 - Lexie gossips (in orc), 'I learned Orc today'. Gup says (in common), 'I'fe-a got yooor nose-a! I'll joost replece-a it wit a better oone-a. Bork Bork Bork!'. Edge and an Anathema post mocking notes about Mael's proclaimation. Whoz made MM48 (the Ancient) and reaches Th:24 Wa:30 Ma:30 ("long overdue") simultaneously. Blystur is reborn. Ghazkull is named Heartbringer of the Dreamwalkers. Sleighty reaches Th:12 Sh:17. Tokugawa bounties Bliss, and Bliss yells, 'Helllllp me!!'. She mustve been in trouble! ;)  Monkehmonk levels to 5 cleric. Justi reaches Cl:23 Wa:15. Kollen posts an avacado idea :P  Eddy duals back to mage and reaches Ma:16 Ra:15.

10/4/01 - Box wars-- ### An animated golem box killed by an animated golem box at Khore's Office. Ilisam reaches Th: 2 Cl:11. Thorvin levels to 5 cleric. Azeworai reaches Ma:28 Wa:15 and completes mobmasters 37 (an elder), 38 (queen serpent) & 39. Quarnel does a corpse retrieval for Galatea from the Grey Shrine. Garmonbosia joins Bliss. Berrin posts an idea about the animated golem boxes saying "Can we get them to shout instead of gossip that way I and many others can turn off the annoyance. thank you." As a result, Khore directs the golems to give Berrin a tell saying, 'So, I'm annoying am I?' every time someone enters a room with one of them. Katrana reaches Sh:27 Wa:23. Mael posts a proclamation announcing the reunification of the Coven. Prime reaches Ma: 7 Ra:11. Kirth levels to 4 warrior. Kudican completes mobmaster 15. Aslan posts a pair of notes about death and geasa.

10/3/01 - Pitt completed MM#75 - Guido. Cries similar to "An animated golem box gossips, 'HELP! Mael is trying to kill me!'." and 'Wow, I never realized how ugly Maldobar was...' resound throughout the realm. Kaleyah levels to Wa: 8\Cl:16 . Leif completes MM#28 - a Harpy. Lins bad recalls and dies in Jester's keep. Noctus, Pitt and Kaldred attempt a rescue, but the key is not obtainable. Sirus reaches Cl: 5 Wa:13. Kerson duals back to warrior and reaches Wa:15 Sh:21. War reaches Wa:20 Cl:20. Cyprali reaches Cl:11 Ra: 9.

10/2/01 - Kim visits the realm. Telemachus levels into the effective 20 range by reaching Ma:15\Wa:15. Myre joins the Chosen of Fate. Solaron completes MM#47 - a Ruffian and #48 - a Ruffian. Kaleyah reaches Wa: 7\Cl:16. Katrana completes MM#30 - an oak tender, #31 - a jungle leech, #32 - shade of a thief, #33 - a hairy beast, #34 - a Kailee Monster, #35 - an Orog Guard. Cordir reads the Pattern Thread of Lord Gryphon of the Silver Fellowship at Ravyn's request. Rigel reaches Cl:14\Wa:12. Garmonbosia reaches Th: 2\Sh: 9\Wa:10 - You raise a level!! Lucky you! You get another training session! Your gain is: 1/166 hp, 0/171 m, 5/165 mv, 4/22 prac, 1/8 trn. Two trains in two days! Sakaba reaches Sh:16\Th: 9 . Kaleyah reaches 100 hours of play. Palin D'henoke reaches Th: 9\Ma:24\Wa:25. The Chosen hold an eventful Fateful Hour. The mud runs amuck after Khore posts his Golem Notes. Batman levels to 6 mage. Ouchohm levels to 7 mage. Sheldon levels to 8 mage. Garmonbosia reaches Th: 2 Sh: 9 Wa:10.

10/1/01 - This October is the 4 year anniversary of 3x. Khore posts the gladiator quest rules. Weezer levels to 21 shaman. Derth reaches Wa:14 Cl:16. Quarnel reaches Cl:26 Wa:20. Several notes are posted about Okk's "Saya" group. Grindel ordered out of Cordir's office and temple. Mael gossips (in elven), 'I have not attacked, menaced, died, saved, or otherwise accomplished anything'. Kantor "heroically" rescued .. erm.. some level 10's (Goganga) corpse from the feet of the Banshee of the shadowed valle. . Galadadrid reaches Ma:10\Ra:10. Garmonbosia gains a nice level: You raise a level!! Lucky you! You get another training session!Your gain is: 2/150 hp, 0/171 m, 5/154 mv, 4/14 prac, 1/7 trn. Ravyn is created, and begins a search to uncover her past and learn of entities long gone from the Realm.

9/30/01 - Grindel silenced for rudeness on public channels. Derth reaches Wa:13\Cl:16. Doza completes MM#19 - a monkey. Kaori sold a pair of sleeves for 5k "the most i have ever made." Gytar and Noctus did a CR for Aoife in the Strands of matter, and Wistom aided them in killing the demons. Artanis completes a string of mob mastery quests, including: MM#9 - dark thief, #10 - Ranger guard, #11 - Reveller Thief, #12 - Ferret, #13 - Large spider. Ordeith triples to thief. Zaenaida reaches Th:12\Ra:19\Ma:19. Belsambar runs into Scriem and dies. Rath is named Anathema. Armalag reaches Cl:29 Wa:25. Llaem levels to 10 ranger and joins Bliss. Thorvin and Ouchohm are created. Lictilon reaches Wa:23 Th:20 Ma:23 and completes mobmasters 19 & 20. Nazca reaches Ma:14 Ra:12, duals back to ranger, and reaches Ra:13 Ma:14. Ravaged completes mobmaster 21. Arianas posts a retirement note. Valo posts a kind of icky poem about lord nash, and Belsambar posts a response. Cyprali reaches Ra: 4 Cl: 9.

9/29/01 - Myre levels to 11 mage. Ordeith reaches Wa:11 Sh:15. Iolith levels to 3 cleric. Khore posts a few more quest details for those wanting to participate in the golem quest. Spell reaches Ra:16 Ma:20. Tynian checks in version 3.77b, which fixes a few problems and adds the "twitch" social. Thingone completes mobmaster 25. Gizamaluke reaches Ma:19 Wa:16. Darwin reaches Wa: 4 Ma:12. Artanis completes MM#8 - a miner and #9-a minotaur peasant. Manx Lins reaches Sh:23 and gains 17hp, 5 mana, and 5 pracs. Bridget leveled to 9 Cleric. Wistom levels to Wa:17\Sh:30\Th:15 by slaying an instructor. Belsambar gets his first 'certain death to attempt' mob mastery - an Incubus. He declines to make the attempt. Aslan posts an Oath in the form of a note.

9/28/01 - Cordir posts a note about PK model vs Alignment in regards to the Circle of Faces. Sherank dies on the top floor of Master's Tower, and Mael goes in and gets the corpse single handedly. Only an hour or so later, Aslan bad-vortexes to the Demon Realm. Dracos attempts the CR, but is overpowered and has to flee. Teluin makes an attempt as well, but dies. Mael heads in, and singlehandedly retrieves BOTH Teluin and Aslan's corpses. Khore finds the return of Teluin's corpse rather Un-Evil and sets a quest of Penance upon Mael... otherwise, his Goddess, Bliss, will be punished. So Mael does an evil deed to save Bliss from certain punishment (altho saving his goddess doesn't sound terribly evil to me :P). Someone puts a statue, (Perfect in every regard, a chocolate statue of Bliss dominates the chamber), in Bliss' temple. Maldobar is given a stuffed snow leopard when he mentions he is lonely. Azeworai reaches Ma:27 Wa:15 and gets a train. Khore kills Plane twice, and gives his brain to Tamar. He then kills Azeworai, when Azeworai refuses to eat a chocolate heart from Tamar's ocelot. Azeworai has fun with vent. Whoz changes classes many times as part of a test, promoting people to wonder what's going on on gossip. Lins announces that he will not help followers of Okk, and Keat does likewise. Zifnab levels to Ra: 8\Ma:15 and gains a train. Skinhunter is heard proclaiming that he 'created the Dreamwalkers' on gossip, and is then quite personally rude to Khore when the Vampire suggests that Skinhunter not impersonate an Immortal. The little fellow is dealt with swiftly and thoroughly by means we are not allowed to convey here. Dracos dies to Captain Meryl and loses a level. Cell is created. Kaleyah visits the Magistrate for the first time to check bounties. Lanfear reaches Ra:22\Ma:25. Kaleyah reaches Wa: 5\Cl:16 and does MM#7- a formless spawn and MM#8 - a ferret. Spell reaches Ra:16 Ma:20. Gizamaluke reaches Ma:19 Wa:16. Darwin reaches Wa: 4 Ma:12. Thingone completes mobmaster 25.

9/27/01 - Dragonmaster is created. Maldobar posts sleeping dragons. Belmar levels to 9 warrior. Ravaged completes mombasters 9, 10 & 11. Taibh reaches Ra:11 Cl:15. Joeb completes mobmaster 25. Bruce joins the Dark. Noctus reaches Ordained level 20. Keat reaches Th:25\Wa:30\Sh:30. Kantor gets to the Ledge of Treasures in the Mystic Woods. Previously, no one had entered the room without Immortal assistance. Noctus survives 51 consecutive teleports in a contest created by Kantor. Azeworai completes MM#37 - Duergar General and #59 - an old knight dies to Phil. Valniora is created. Later in the evening, Azeworai reaches Ma:27\Wa:15. Tiax slays MM#60 - Nanrei and #61 - a giant squid, and levels to Wa:25\Cl:30. Ordeith levels to Wa:10\Sh:15. Rhitaro and Rhitana are created.

9/26/01 - Cordir crafts a description for Wistom. Lanfear reaches Ra:21\Ma:25. SYLA SAYS THE WORD 'DUCK' *FOUR* TIMES!!!! Maximus and Ravaged join Okk, and Ravaged is ordained, after having leveled to 40 as an unaligned. His ordain title is Axis Kyrar. Regul reaches Ra:13 Th:11 Ma:15. Strider reaches Ra:11 Ma:16. Mael dies, sparking a bunch of notes. Gizamaluke reaches Ma:18 Wa:16. Law levels to 3 cleric. Mario levels to 6 shaman. Bliss says that "the people have spoken", but Strider disagrees. Athorne is unordained by Tripper so that he can post an immortality petition. Azeworai reaches Ma:26 Wa:15.

9/25/01 - Aslan writes an rp note expressing her gratitude for the retreival of her corpse, and swears an oath to those involved. Apache levels to 8 shaman. Leroy reaches Wa: 4 Cl:11. Taibh reaches Ra: 9 Cl:15 and completes mobmaster 26. Regul reaches Ma:15 Th:11 Ra:11. Joeb reaches Ra:13 Th: 9 Ma:16. Krrk levels to 5 thief. Kaleyah reaches Wa: 2 Cl:16. Belsambar reaches Ra:16 Ma:20. Tomato reaches Ra:12 Ma:10. Kudican completes mobmaster 14. Snarf reaches Cl:25\Wa:24. Khore runs a trivia contest and Mael is the winner, receiving two potions of his choice. Keat, Belsambar, Khorlan and Aleka all win minor prizes of a bless or heal potion.. Charles dies to Scairz and Wolfgang performs a corpse rescue. Katrana is named Shamaness Adept in a special ceremony. Khore attends the Fateful Hour, rewards Solaron for his week of service, and answers the questions of those present. Lena is recreated. Mael posts a note about LL private rooms: Tue Sep 25 22:16:38 2001 - To: all - The short span of bridge, at least, is no longer private. People have died to provide you this information.

9/24/01 - Athorne posts an Immortality Petition. The Dreamwalker's Refuge is moved to the upper level, and Tamar's office is installed. Galadadrid levels to 10 ranger and duals to mage. Chaos reaches Wa:15 Cl:16. The mud is down for a few hours, and Tynian posts the following note about it and bans a site. Sheldon levels to 7 shaman. Trent is created. Wygraf levels to 5 cleric. Ripper reaches Ma:17 Ra:16. Weezer levels to 19 shaman. Legionaire reaches Ma: 9 Wa:15. Tara reaches Ma:18 Ra:15.

9/23/01 - Maximus is ordered out of Cordir's temple and instructed never to return. Wistom gains MM#65 - Cave Fisher. Zifnab reaches Ra: 7\Ma:15. Aiken reaches Ma:16. Keat kills the "captain commander" for MM#62. Myronides joins Tamar. Frederick reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Quarnel completes mobmaster 31. Dracos dies to Scriem, after being portaled there by someone he grouped with. Gizamaluke duals back to mage. Tynian posts Version 3.77 (as well as versions 3.76a and 3.77a). Aerious levels three times, reaching Ra: 4 Cl: 9. Rune levels to 4 shaman. Rhianna reaches Ma: 5 Ra: 9. Yugi, Jaquays and Preel are created. Serge reaches Sh:18 Wa:15. Aiken levels to 16 mage. Menion reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Thingone completes mobmaster 23. Marisa wears a pirate's eye patch while hunting for treasure (chocolate) with Myro, and can't get it off. Titan retires temporarily. Azeworai reaches Ma:25 Wa:15.

9/22/01 - Torchbearer is made Attendant of the Chosen of Fate. Tripper notes his protests upon entry that TB wasn't made his attendant! Sauron joins Robert. Mael kills "the biggest honking triton guard" to complete mobmaster 96. Tynian posts a note about Version 3.76. Milton is created. Kerson reaches Sh:16 Wa:11. Sauron levels to 13 cleric. Tara reaches Ma:17 Ra:15. The mud sees ### Whiny Mortals killed by Khore at Khore's Office. Galadadrid levels to 9 ranger. Zifnab reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15 and completes MM#23 - baboon, MM#24 - rakasta hunter, and MM#25. Zakarious reaches Ma:21 Wa:18. Chuck levels to 11 warrior. Thingone reaches Ra:23 Cl:23 and duals back to cleric. Doza completes mobmasters 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13. Wistom reports: 'Skeeve on one of his trips [editor's note: To Triton Halls] got Gytar killed and the rest of us just about dead'. Zifnab levels three times to reach Ra: 6\Ma:15 and Sakaba levels to Th: 9\Sh:14. Azeworai tells you (in common), 'could you post a time line event?? askin if legolas see that entry to give a email to ?? coz we miss him alot'. Azeworai reaches Ma:24 Wa:15.

9/21/01 - Several people post potential chocolate socials. (Think Bliss put them up to it?) Wistom completes MM #63 - Racoon. Zifnab completes three quests: #20 - duergar warrior, #21 - mother warg, and #22 - myconid and also reaches Ra: 3\Ma:15. Wolfgang slays Captain Niall for MM#10 and is now tied for first place with Stouthbound. Kerson levels to Wa:11, and Sh:12-15. Kaori is created. Cyan levels to 9 shaman. Jobano levels to 7 cleric. Farghon joins Tamar. Quarnel reaches Cl:25 Wa:20. Belsambar completes mobmasters 30 & 31. Tynian posts two revised FYIs on creating new socials. Quite a few new socials are suggested. Drelara, Proetus and Drayk are created. Solaron reaches Wa:24 Cl:24. Virez levels to 13 shaman. Khore announces an upcoming quest. Chuck levels to 10 warrior. Spell reaches Ma:16 Ra:15. Tirayel levels to 5 mage again, having recreated the character and rejoined Cordir.

9/20/01 - Sauron is created and levels to 10 cleric. Kettri reaches Wa:13 Sh:15. Redbar is created. Ilisam completes mobmasters 1 & 2. Nightcaster levels to 6 mage. Zaenaida reaches Th: 9 Ra:19 Ma:19. Kaleyah completes mobmaster 3. Wistom reaches Th:15\Sh:30\Wa:16. Wolfgang completes MM#103 - Captain Niall - putting him one behind Stouthbound for first place in Mob Mastery quests. Nosputturn reaches the top of the ratio list, having earned an average of 50.1 exp per minute of play. Mael levels "to get rid of some perm debt" and reaches Wa:30\Th:25\Ma:30. Belsambar Bloodstar reaches Ma:18\Ra:15. Dundrave posts a very brief note about Edge: Dundrave: Let it be known... Edge is a want to be Conclaveer... just didnt have the talent. he will steal and attack you if you are fighting conclave. dont be deceived by his yellow face

9/19/01 - Katrana completes MM#26 - a polar bear, #27 - a guard, #28 - a rainbow warrior, and #29 - a fireworm. Wolfgang also works hard on his mob mastery quests, with #99 - Borlan, #100 - the clerk, #101 - the Clerk, and #102 - Borlan again. Belsambar reached effective 20th - Ma:15\Ra:15. Snarf obtains MM#44 - Landru. Taibh gossips (in common), 'once again I cursed xp loss from my level difference, at about 1pm today'. Kaleyah reaches Cl:13 and "alert the presses, learned flamestrike!" Later in the day, she kills her very first shopkeeper - Helena of the Half-Elf camp. Wistom gossips (in common), 'my 2 Weeks without a TS Amulet is OVER '. Tirayel rejoins the Chosen, her character having been purged. Zaenaida Macroura, Goetian of the Ash Moon Coven levels twice to reach Th: 8\Ra:19\Ma:19. Zifnab completes MM#18 - an elf and #19 - a worker ant. Mael "gets Noctus killed" Wind levels to 13 warrior. Mucik levels to 7 mage. Bliss gossips, 'OH NO!'. Vanilla gossips (in elven), '??'. I can't imagine what Bliss was upset about :P

9/18/01 - Kantor reaches Ma:29 Th:25 Wa:30. Kaldred completes mobmaster 30. QBall posts a note saying goodbye. Waelyn is created. Belsambar reaches Ra:15 Ma:15. Kain, who had apparently been accused of cheating in killing Lanfear, posts a note expressing his discontent about the accusations. Bubba posts a very short retirement note, and several others post notes in response. Mankey writes a warning to all about Ilisam.: "Ilisam is a Thief!!! (Tue Sep 18 19:45:48 2001) To: all: well i would just like to say that Ilisam stole 2 3dex items from me while he was lvl 5 he claimed to have a 4dex on head item then when i gave him the dex items he just took off.. this is just something to warn everyone not to do any trades with this Ilisam. - Mankey the Monkey of *WISDOM*" Kantor achieved level 29 Mage today, and Belsambar achieved effective 20th today. Taibh completes MM#12 - feeder ant. #13 - city protector, and #14 - feeder ant again. Shon reaches Ordained level 7.

9/17/01 - Katrana reaches Sh:26 Wa:23, gaining back an apostatize level. Tajiri levels to 10 shaman. Noctus and Kantor and risk their lives to retrieve Dundrave's corpse from the 4th floor of Master's Tower. Armalag reaches Cl:28 Wa:25. Belsambar reaches Ra:14 Ma:15. Wulff, Cyan, Clint and Jobano are created. Tynian posts a note about Version 3.75, which among other things allows Mish to handle bank transactions. Goganga levels to 9 shaman. Sleighty completes mobmasters 16 & 17. Zifnab levels to 12 mage and completes mobmasters 6 & 7. Ilisam levels to 7 cleric. Jihad posts a note regarding his name change to Chueco. Aerious levels to 7 cleric. Grale reaches Ma: 5 Ra:11 and completes his first mobmaster. Echo levels to 6 thief and is dubbed an honorary elf by Solaron. Tamar reaches full mana again, after having gone in the negative to ordain Legolas. Gitane abruptly retires after Lanfear dies under extremely fishy circumstances. Taibh reaches Cl:15, gaining max mana and an extra prac, and then duals to ranger. Dracos dies in Jester's Keep, but Noctus, Keat and Wolfgang complete a successful CR. Garmonbosia reaches Wa: 3\Sh: 9. Cyan is created.

9/16/01 - Zip levels to 9 mage. Solaron rescues Goganga from the House of Pancakes. Tynian posts a note about Version 3.74, which incorporates a lot of changes from the idea list. Groul and Mario are created. Daphan levels to 9 shaman. Teron levels to 7 shaman. Sleighty completes mobmasteries 8 thru 15. Grale reaches Ma: 4 Ra:11. Otterkin levels to 5 cleric. Ordeith reaches Sh:14 Wa:10. Zifnab levels to 9 mage. Tien, Shon and Noctus did a corpse retrieval on the 3rd floor of the Master's Tower for Treehugger. Not realizing that Heed's corpse was one room down the hall, the three had to go back in. Titan reaches Wa:17\Cl:23 and completes mobmastery 23. Derth duals back to warrior. Slavasa levels from 2 to 7th level cleric and gets a train. Quixletobia dies a self-described "silly death" when she closes the door to the Nydia infirmary to kill a patient there... the fight goes poorly, and she winds up needing to flee... but bounces off the closed door. Charles of the Tigers reaches Wa:22\Sh:26. Cordir casts general purpose ammunition and high explosive ammunition for the first time. It stunk, barely causing any damage at all to Tien, who carefully refrained from smirking. Paython reaches Wa:24\Cl:25 and MM#3 - the Town Crier. Mael gossips (in elven), 'today I slew bortizeth, the master armorer, bortizeth's ghost, and most of the main deck without a sanct or resting. is that timelineable?'. Cordir gossips, 'Yes. = ) '.

9/15/01 - Vellack reaches Sh:5. Kettri reaches Wa:12\Sh:15. Ilisam is created. Kettri joins the Chosen of Fate. Okk gossips, 'Today Duvel was eaten by Okk for the forty-seventh time'. Garmonbosia duals to warrior. Ilisam (a Kahn) and Gizamaluke (a Saya) joins the Circle of Faces. Dracos, Mael and Solaron retrieved Darwin's corpse from 4th floor of the Master's Tower. Ebonie joins the Chosen of Fate. Tien completes MM#25 - a rainbow warrior. Zifnab joins the Circle of Faces as an Ayla. Tynian gives feedback on TONS and TONS of ideas -- it mustve taken him hours. He also notes that quite a few of them will be implemented with the next check-in. Malakost levels to 5 & 6 mage. Manx levels to 20 shaman. Lana is created. Myrradan levels to 3 cleric. Tynian posts an FYI about new socials.. Nobody and Noone are created. A GT is held in Tempe, with Nayr, Malin, FK, Savik, Crysania, Tokugawa and myself attending. The player of Hiro/Goku/Nasr announces that he is leaving the mud because he is being called after enlisting.

9/14/01 - Abaddon completes mobmastery 47. Belsambar posts the following note on Tripper's behalf. Roguew and Gryffin are created. Feorge levels to 6 warrior. Belsambar reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. Artanis levels to 20 cleric. Titan reaches Wa:16\Cl:23. Menion reports that "Rigel heroically rescues a newbie corpse from the Goblin Mines. " Quarnel slays a mountain lion for MM#27 and a swamp troll for #28. Scorpio levels to 17 ranger. Joeb leveled to effective 23. Aslan posts a report the the Chosen about the Circle of Faces.

9/13/01 - Jaerith posts a note about entrance into the Shadows. Dezmond reaches Cl:20. Silvermoon reaches Ra:19 Th:15 Cl:20. Derth reaches Cl:16 Wa:10. Nayr posts a note on appropriate respect. Azeworai completes mobmasters 29, 30 & 31 within minutes of each other. Zaenaida reaches Ra:19 Ma:19. Ebonie reaches Ra: 5 Ma: 9. Thengel, Aniela and Sianobe are created. Kaleyah levels to 10 cleric. Jaerith reaches Sh:21 Ra:15. Zifnab completes his first mobmaster. Quarnel reaches Cl:24 Wa:20.

9/12/01 - Wolfgang reaches Effective level 50!! He is also tied with Stouthbound for #1 on the mobmaster rank list, with 104 mobmasters. Bridget joins Plato. Korgan reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Geist levels to 17 shaman. Lavender and Firewalker are created. Mandrake posts a note about mobmaster superstars. Kaleyah levels to 9 cleric. Phyrexia levels to 6 shaman. Graven levels to 6 shaman. Ripper completes mobmasters 15 & 16. Belsambar posts the results of his Rock 'n Roll poll. Edge is looking for a replacement heart. Minair posts a note about Fate. Berrin posts a note about Ephiny. The Booga posts a note about exceptions. Zifnab is created. Trinety swears to Solaron that she will not attack fate unless ordered to do so or attacked herself. Tranquility Rose posts her thoughts on Neutrality.

9/11/01 - From Cordir: TFC players around the world are stunned by a horrific terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center by terrorists. Many bury themselves in the game to help distract themselves from the horrible events. The Fateful Hour is postponed until another time. The following players are known to live in DC and NY and are SAFE: Morimox, Dundrave, Doc, Quixletobia, Ramza, Dezmond, Kaye, Sleighty, Belsambar, Sullen, Clearmax, Kaldred, Dazzle, Dunst, Watts, all the multitudes of Borts, Davian, Natas, Nicademus, Grismal, Pez, and Fweep. WHO LIST.

From Marisa: New York and Washington are attacked by terrorists who hijacked commercial jets and crashed them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. The real world is in shock. People deal with something traumatic and horrifying like this in their own way, whether that be talking about it, writing about it, giving blood, donating money to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, watching the same terrible news footage over and over, holding someone they love or even a stranger, crying about it as they drive down the street or go to bed at night, organizing or participating in vigils, reading about it, praying about it, bringing flowers, signing condolences, working for peace, trying to bring any sense of normality to the day, mudding or other forms of escapism, even joking about it is a valid way of dealing with grief and shock, although it can seem inappropriate to others. Do whatever you have to do to bring a little good somehow out of this terrible thing.

It seems incredibly trivial to put timeline information up -- everything has seemed trivial on this day, except the loss of life and how precious life is -- but trivia is part of the stuff of life, and I'm just glad for those that are still here to read it, and glad to have the chance to continue participating in the minutiae of life. So, here is my attempt at normality: Some TFC player's reactions and comments. Rigel levels twice, reaching Cl:10 Wa: 9. Mira reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Azeworai reaches Ma:23 Wa:15 and gets a train. Tyreth completes mobmaster 39. QBall reaches Wa:26 Th:20 Ma:20. Chuck is created. Sakaba reaches Th: 8 Sh:14. Maimer gives the Conclave 10 days to prove the existence of Nash.

9/10/01 - Okk posts Larry Went Down to Skulltop. Drizzt levels to 5 mage. Varan levels to 5 mage. Kaltar reaches Sh:19 Wa:18. Korgan joins Robert. Ephiny posts a note to all regarding her silence. Pele reaches Cl:21 Wa:15. Ripper completes mobmaster 12. Kaltar and Tylorn are added to the TFC Explorer's Society Plaque in the book in the Room of Records. Nazca levels up to 11 ranger, duals to mage and levels up to reach Ma: 6 Ra:11. Tynian tries to interest people in a profit sharing plan with Mish where "You give Mish 1 million gold, and she shares her profits". Version 3.73b is checked in by Tynian. Lins is the last cleric to cast a non-verbal Link. Grishmo leaves safe for the first time in decades. Gengis reaches Cl:12\Wa:12. Version 3.73 of TFC was compiled on 09/09/01 at 18:09 and implemented today. Wolfgang reaches Th:29\Wa:30\Ma:30. Faethros reaches Cl: 8\Ra: 9. Jaerith experiences his "most embarassing moment" when he locked himself in a room by accident when the zone reset seconds after he entered, then later completes MM#35, a Stone Golem. Belsambar completes MM#24, keeper of the lighthouse. Kaldred regains his last 'lost' level from Apostatizing, reaching Ra:23\Ma:20 once more. Caligula ordered out of Cordir's temple for the second time.

9/9/01 - Mael completes MM#92 - Queen Mariel and later #93 - a triton war captain. Kaldred regains his last 'lost level' Ra:22\Ma:20. Garvax kills a male ogre for MM#43. Xandria meets her first ghost - that of an elven defender - and manages to slay it. Taibh joins the Chosen of Fate. Solaron completes MM#39 & #40 - a student and a stone golem. Grimace reaches Ma:22\Ra:20. Nazca gains 8 levels within 2 hours of his creation. Drizzt is reborn as a level 1 mage on Searynx the 11th, The Fool's Errand, year 2491, at 2am, and he rejoins Tamar. Legionaire levels to 14 warrior. Lkin levels to 10 mage. Toto wonders (in a yell) if Tokugawa is still on. Legolas reaches 2 ordained and kills a polar bear and a musician for mobmasters 23 & 24. Belsambar reaches Ra:10 Ma:15. Reepicheep levels to 9 cleric. Somebody levels to 5 mage. Berrin joins Okk. Belsambar posts a note about nicknames for ordains and Maimer posts a response. Dunst reaches Wa:12 Cl:14. Gizamaluke reaches Wa:10 Ma:10. Squall reaches Cl: 9 Wa:11. Ephiny reaches Wa:22 Cl:30. Polo reaches Wa:12 Sh:15. Tynian posts a note about version 3.73 which, among other things, changes link so that it is no longer a non-verbal spell. Volkov completes mobmaster 36. Armalag completes a quest for Tamar. Gavin posts a note pledging himself to Tranquility.

9/8/01 - Legolas is the third selected as the Dreamwalkers' ordained, and becomes the first to receive the title. Armalag reaches Cl:27 Wa:25. Menion completes his first 2 mobmasters. Azeworai duals back to mage, reaches Ma:22 Wa:15, and kills a rakasta citizen for mobmaster 25, receiving 640 experience. Somebody and Ishlan are created. Doza levels to 15 mage. Faethros levels to 8 ranger. Ebonie reaches Ra: 4 Ma: 9. Mandrake posts a note to all where he apologises "profusely for any Immortal feelings [he] have may have hurt" in his recent notes. Daphan levels to 5 shaman. Squall reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11 and joins unity. Gizamaluke reaches Wa: 9 Ma:10. Derth reaches Cl:14 Wa:10. Ammonia reaches Th: 2 Cl: 9. Alderson posts an apology note, saying "I didn't exactly do what the character "Alderson" did, but if anything was really racey, I apologize". Noctus gets his light back. Dazzle logs in for the first time in months. Derth reaches Cl:13\Wa:1. Virez reaches Sh:1.

9/7/01 - Lins gets compared to Mick Jagger by Valo, so Lins starts calling himself Mick. Lanfear reaches Ra:16 Ma:21. Rigel reaches Cl: 7 Wa: 9. Armalag is selected as the Dreamwalkers second ordained. Orajana levels to 6 thief. Rasha completes mobmasters 22 & 23. Etoh reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Zog reaches Ma: 9 Wa: 9. Christoster reaches Th: 4 Wa:11. Graven and Syren are created. Shylok reaches Th: 3 Ma: 9 Wa: 9. Tynian posts a note on policy management. Version 3.72a is checked in by Tynian. Mael completes several mob mastery quests, including triton war captain (89), elite triton guard (90), and Mariel (91). Qithlorien posts an apology to Immortals. Okk posts Illusions. Quarnel completes a Mob Mastery quest - dwarven prince was #25 for him, for 640 xp, and a polar bear was #26, for 850 xp. Whoz slays an elven mage for level 27 ( Ra:27/Ma:25). Arbin of the Shadows reaches Ra:27\Ma:25. Whoz reaches Wa:30\Th:23\Ma:28. Ordith reaches Sh:13\Wa:10.

9/6/01 - Mandrake posts his Viewpoint on the good/evil debate. Lanfear reaches Ma:21\Ra:15. Seconds later, Azeworai reaches Wa:15\Ma:21. Thingone reaches Ra:19\Cl:23. Molo posts a response to Mandrake. Mael reports that today "the elves awarded me their elf of the millenium award." No corroborating evidence could be found to support this claim, however. Quarnel comples four mob masteries (20 through 23 ) - calm monk (585 xp) barfly (658 xp), armor-skinned grub (616 xp) and an enormous three-armed mantid (675 xp. - and gains a level, reaching Cl:23\Wa:20. Navigator reaches Cl:7. Jihad triple classes to Th: 1\Sh:13\Wa:11. Lexie levels to 10 /24/24. Arianas gossips (in common), 'I would like to add to the timeline that I stated Vanilla items should be added to the game!'.Titan reaches Cl:21\Wa:16 and also slays a Rakasta Kit for MM#19. Kain reaches Cl:28\Ra:25. Prile reaches Cl:13\Th:11\Wa:12 by slaying a cityguard. Wartigress is briefly silenced for gossiping "Ahh, the Conclave. Are they still kowtowing to their egotistical delusional lord?". The silence is later revoked. ### A flea killed by Khore at The Void... we're STILL wondering why... swiftly followed by NosyMortals killed by Khore at The Void. WIZLIST showing Khore as being both a God and Retired. Loto joins the Dreamwalkers. Whitehawk becomes lawful evil. Navigator levels to 6 cleric. Rigel reaches Cl: 6 Wa: 9. Victasan is created. Arvedui levels to 6 mage. Squall levels to 11 warrior.

9/5/01 - Bliss starts filling the typo list back up, which had been completely cleared by Nayr. Lanfear reaches Ma:20\Ra:15 . Palin gains cant - Th: 5\Ma:24\Wa:25. Derth levels, but his sister Harmony can't remember the level exactly. Aslan posts a recommendation note for Kettri. Hannibal advertises a Major Health (32) amulet for sale. Rigel reaches Cl: 5\Wa: 9 . Etoh reaches effective level 20 (Cl:15/Wa:15). Luthien levels to 7 mage and completes mobmaster 2. Minsc and Baldur are created. Robert posts a note on Unity's relationships with Evil. ToTo levels to 7 cleric. Blank levels to 18 mage. Nerull switches back to mage and reaches Ma:16 Ra:15. Gengis reaches Cl:10 Wa:12. Kaldred completes mobmaster 21. A wizlist from this day. Sleighty switches to shaman. Quarnel reaches Cl:23 Wa:20. Doc explains the meaning of LLU.

9/4/01 - The Typo list is completely empty. Wolfgang posts a note. Lanfear reaches Ma:19\Ra:15 gaining max mana and a train! Mandrake (who is only eff level 23) completes MM#50 - a traveller. Jaerith reaches Sh:19\Ra:15. Tien slays a shuffling horror of Tier Sh'Halen for MM#27. Ravaged ordered to stay out of the Chosen temple. Aerith joins the Chosen. Rigel joins the Chosen. Derth levels to Cl:10\Wa:10. ### A flea killed by Khore at The Chat Room- we're all still wondering about that. ### Maldobar killed by a Peacekeeper. Berrin is silenced. Wolfgang announces that Jerome the Artist has passed on. Sheldon levels to 6 cleric. Pipsqueak levels to 8 warrior. Belsambar and Lins kill the Grand Master of Time. Daelin survives a weekend in Tucson :P  Silvermoon reaches Cl:20 Th:15 Ra:15 and switches to ranger. Tamar eats a Magic Mushroom that EVISCERATES, *** DEMOLISHES ***, and teleports her. Tolven reaches Ra:15 Cl:15 and then Cl:16 Ra:15. Squall levels to 10 warrior. Polo reaches Sh:15 Wa:11. Belsambar reaches Ra: 8 Ma:15. Vanilla levels to 6 mage. Where was Bliss when that happened? :P  Foolkiller talks about old times at a gathering held in Cordir's temple. Ravaged, combined with Maldobar and a ghost, kills Noctus. Tranqulity posts a note about Noctus's belongings. The Conclave declare a day of deception and change their titles to imitate Fate. Cordir posts a note about deceivers. A mobmaster rank list from this day.

9/3/01 - Sirak and Jaxxon are retired. Neodis posts a note about balls (of light). Cordir declares a "Silly Day" and holds a costuming contest. Ambrose and . Aerith Tor'Shial is created. Titan reaches Cl:20\Wa:16. Tomato reaches Ra:10\Ma:10. Squall levels several times, the last being: You raise a level!! Your gain is: 20/138 hp, 0/100 m, 9/153 mv, 4/4 prac, 0/5 trn. for Ma:11. Mael gossips (in common), 'I'm exactly 700 years old!'. Jodah levels to 9 mage. Sakaba reaches Th: 6 Sh:14. Kaldred completes mobmaster 20 and reaches Ra:19 Ma:20. Pendragon is created. Tynian posts a note about version 3.72. Bridget levels to 7 warrior. Alegrin levels to 5 mage.

9/2/01 - Thousands of balls of light are created in a competition between the mages. Stien levels to 6 shaman. Vex completes mobmaster 52. Sleighty completes mobmaster 2. Quarnel kills a minotaur prisoner and goblin miner to complete mobmasters 18 and 19. Katana levels to 9 shaman. Jazek levels to 12 warrior. Bridget levels to 5 warrior. Gizamaluke reaches Wa: 5 Ma:10. Toto levels to 5 cleric. Jihad reaches Wa:11 Sh:13. Cecil duals back to warrior and completes mobmasters 36 & 37. Alex areaches Wa:21\Ma:23\Th:20. Hitoriga attempted travel through the Vortex, and blinded and assaulted by the Nightmares, quaffed recall, and bad recalled landing right into Vrok territory. Again he attempted the Vortex, only to land in a room where all he could see was Scairz as the demon attacked. Lins, Bubba, and Whoz all assisted in the corpse rescue, and Hitoriga got a bag of Scairz hide (and his corpse) out of it! (but lost 2k exp). Angelus is unsilenced. Skeeve posts a rather loquatious note. Paython reaches Wa:23\Cl:25. Pan posts a note about low level characters picking on higher level characters. Nick is unsilenced and released from the Cooler.

9/1/01 - Shon reaches level 6 Ordained. Tynian reposts an FYI dealing with High level characters picking on low level characters. Beowulf reaches Cl: 8. A group lead by Felice slays "justice and retribution and a waiter." A WIZLIST from this date. Kettri reaches Wa: 9\Sh:15. Felice reaches Cl:25\Wa:15. Armicron is unsilenced and released from the Cooler after 4 months. Hitoriga reaches Shaman 17. Fisrad "ventured too far, entered a vortex, and was savagely ravaged by a nightmare. The young adventurer now seeks his fortune across the sea on the Northern Continent.". Montresor is unsilenced. Yurien is created and reaches level 7 mage. Aslan posts a retirement note. Whitehawk offers to be Tamar's pet when he hears she made Lesser, but Tamar thought he already was. Armalag reaches Cl:26 Wa:25 and gets a train. Commodous levels to 4 & 5 cleric. Thingone reaches Ra:18 Cl:23. Yurian levels to 7 mage. Danton is created. Pele reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Tirant completes mobmaster 45. Packard joins Bliss. Tynian checks in version 3.71i, which fixes a couple of problems and now makes it possible for someone to be summoned out of a private room.

8/31/01 - Khore is re-promoted to God, after slightly more than 6 months of being retired. Tamar is promoted to Lesser Goddess, after 781 hours as Demigoddess. Kerriariadne's temple, "the Great Sequoia", is installed. Cordir is his first Immortal visitor. Sune joins Okk. Kerriariadne declares an alliance with Bliss and Vorax. Squall, Commodous and Laepox are created. Azeworai reaches Wa:12 Ma:21. Legolas reaches Ma:23 Ra:20. Gizamaluke levels to 10 mage. Talanesta levels to 9 shaman. Beef levels to 10 warrior. Zakarious reaches Ma:20 Wa:15. Alister levels to 9 ranger. Ambrose levels to 14 mage. Jodah levels to 7 mage. Lins passes the two million exp mark (You have scored 516527 exp (2000246 total)). Wisdom dies for the first time in a long time. ### TeWhareMate has advanced to level 15. Dracos joins the Chosen of Fate in a madcap, "urky lurky" ceremony. Anduin reaches Cl:26\Wa:12. Alaric slays a city protector for MM#10. Kaldred slays a Duergar Footsoldier for MM#19. Tara reaches Ra:12\Ma:15. Packard reaches Wa:14. Humble is silenced for cussing. Maldobar is silenced for repeating what Humble said, via Cant. Oskar retires. Belsambar reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15 and posts a warning about Polo. Derth levels twice to reach Cl: 5\Wa:10. Treehugger kills a Giant Crocodile for Wa:16\Cl:22 then slays an Elven Assassin for MM#33 - the first that gains him over 1000 exp. Joeb reaches level 6 thief and effective level 22.

8/30/01 - Vex killed a skeletal sorcerer in 3rd floor of masters for 49th mobmaster. Mandrake made Level 17 warror. Vex completed MM#50, killing Odir. Solaron shares a Vision with the Chosen. Pipsqueak gossips (in common), 'the mighty pipsqueak leveled like 4 time' (to 7 warrior). Rarely seen Dalamar pays TFC a visit. Aslan takes the title of "Aslan Tsarran, almost Talyn's Chronicaller of Fate," helping Cordir with the time line. Artanis reaches Cl:17. Ripper reaches 15 mage and dualed back to ranger. A Nature Reunion is held, and Rhina is unable to login as herself, so comes back as a level 1 named Aphra instead to attend the reunion. Attendees include: Aphra (Rhina), Myronides, Theoden, Tamar, Tonto, Dalaran, Solanthas, Khore, Lorali, Tokugawa, and Clumsyfool. Kerriariadne also stops by for a little while, and Elladan sends his regards. Theoden joins the Dreamwalkers during the reunion. Gytar posts the official LLU alphabet (living legends unite alphabet), and notes that "Ebby died twice today....bad demon day huh?!?" TiamaT levels to 10 warrior. Legolas kills a soldier ant for mobmaster 21. Zakarious levels twice, reaching Ma:18 Wa:15. Milcor is created. Stacy levels to 10 cleric. Sleighty reaches Th:10 Sh:11. Rasha completes mobmasters 20 & 21.

8/29/01 - Zarous stops by for a visit for the first time in....ages! and wants to know who Toku killed to get promoted to God. A who list from this night. Gronk is created. Tiamat levels to 7 warrior. Revenge reaches Wa: 6 Cl:14. Gup makes a silly cant trigger. Jerome the Artist (Ra: 6 Th:10 Ma:11) decides to officially retire from TFC. Alicia duals (Ra: 1\Ma: 9). Anduin regains a level (Cl:23\Wa:12) Lictilon regains Wa:21\Th:20\Ma:23. Odog reaches level 6, renewing his determination to return Knowledge to TFC, along with Shylok. Zakarious reaches Wa:15\Ma:15 . Nugatory gets trapped in the house of Pancakes and Aslan undertakes the rescue. ### Anduin has regained level 24. ( Cl:24\Wa:12) Jashon is PK'd and ghosts. ### [The ghost of Jashon says, 'My prey is gone!!'] Matado apostatizes from Bliss, without so much as a single word to her. He seeks out Kerriariadne, but does not meet the basic requirements for dwelling in the Dark. One of the Circle of Faces asks the Weaver to Read the Pattern on his behalf. Dezmond reaches level 18 Cleric. Myronides gossips (in elven), 'What's the difference between a pig and a dwarf?'. 'the pig tastes better'. 'How many halfling players does it take to screw in a lightbulb?'. 'There are halfling players?'.

8/28/01 - Solaron slays the Ghost of Lestiggen for MM#34 andA Knight for #35 and 980 exp... Tien reaches level 30 in cleric class. Wolfgang changes his description for the first time in years. ( to a ascii graphic of a woman's bikini clad breasts. ) To which Cordir responds: 'Thats... well.... rather questionable in taste, Wolfgang. And it gives you the appearance of a dirty little boy of around 13 years old, sniggering at naughty magazines.' Cordir names Kerriariadne as an Ally, with the full support and unanimous vote of her Taoiseach Council. Muldaan dies to the Brass Dragon. Mandrake kills a Roc for MM#49. The Chosen hold a special Fateful Hour, at which Anduin is accepted into the following. A record number of Chosen are present. DarkClaw tells the tale of her life at the Hour, followed by a vision of the past, detailing when Khore asked the Kindred to bear a Strength and Weakness. (To view the original tale, visit here.) Foolkiller stops by for a visit. Thingone reaches Cl:23\Ra:16. Kaldred regains level 18. (Ra:18\Ma:20) Grug completes his first restring quest. Joeb offers to be a Time Line Reporter for the Tigers. Cordir writes an Idea about Meteor Swarm. Myronides is released by Bliss. Revenge reaches Wa: 3 Cl:14. Barazuur levels to 6 cleric. Rhianna duals to mage with help from Legolas. Tiax reaches 30 cleric. Azeworai levels twice in warrior, reaching Wa:11 Ma:21 and reports that he completed mobm 23 "a guardsman" and he got about 600 exp from it. Menion duals to warrior with help from Azeworai. Derth levels three times, to 9 warrior. Shylock reaches Wa: 2 Ma: 9. Korgan reaches Wa: 3 Cl:11. Zakarious reaches Ma:14 Wa:12. Alicia levels to 9 mage. Fubar levels to 10 shaman. Kethran completes mobmasters 12 & 13.

8/27/01 - Myronides announces that the Nature Reunion will take place on 8/30 at 9pm Central, 7pm Mud Time. Katrana posts a note about her decision to leave the Conclave. Neodis completes his first mobmaster, an elven infant, and receives 37 exp for it. Dagoba levels to 6 shaman. Zakarious reaches Ma:10 Wa:12. Hitoriga joins the Coven. Flubber levels to Wa: 6 Ma:17 and gains a train. Famine levels twice to Cl:15\Wa:10. Shylok announces, 'timeline: In 30 days I will rule the world! or at least my own twisted version of it.'. Anduin apostatizes from Wisdom, citing a lack of fellowship and an absent Immortal. Tolven reaches Cl:15\Ra:10 . Shylok, seeker of the lost Knowledge of Agape, reaches level Ma: 9. Mireya An-Shalach reaches Wa: 4\Cl:13. Ambrose completes his first mob mastery quest. In preparation for completing his entry quest, Kaldred performs 75 Imp Ids in one sitting. Katrana and Kaldred join the Chosen in a joint ceremony.

8/26/01 - Quarnel gossips (in common), 'news for Cordir's timeline: Okk makes one of his random, inane comments, and NOBODY RESPONDS!!!'. Okk gossips, 'You just responded to it, Quarnel'. Arai and Vassago are created, and Vassago levels up to 8th cleric. Thingone becomes Kerriariadne's third follower. Kaldred apostatizes from the Black Conclave. During the course of the next hour, he is haunted eleven times. Belsambar slays a ranger guard to reach level 5 ranger. Degrea of UNITY levels to 30 shaman. Titan completes mobmasters 12 through 15. Anduin apostatizes from Wisdom. Wardon duals to ranger and completes his first mobmaster. Solaron reaches Cl:23 Wa:20. Ordeith reaches Sh:12 Wa:10. Atienza is created. Zakarious levels mage twice, reaching Ma: 6 Wa:12. Augustine reaches Wa: 4 Cl:12. Titan completes mobmastery 15. Shinobi levels to 4, 5, 6, & 7 thief, all at once, and then to 8 & 9 thief. Kettri reaches Wa: 6 Sh:15. Geist levels to 16 shaman. Kurlon is created. Rogancey reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Pele reaches Wa:14 Cl:14. Brahma completes mobmasters 11 through 16.

8/25/01 - Wistom leveled to level 14 thief on a ghost of a Minotaur wizard. Vex completes MM#47 & #48, Tiberius reaches level 19 & completes MM#21 at the same time. Earlier in the day, he also completed #17 (a small golem), #18, (a minotaur prisoner) and #19 (a Dwarven Warrior). Dogkicker reaches Ma:21\Th:20\Wa:20. Solaron completes MM#29 - the spirit of a priest, and #30 - a duergar cleric, and 31 - the Spirit of a Priest again.. Daelin slays Riella, and is kind enough to allow a trade to be arranged to have her wedding ring returned, with Solaron of Fate trading +3 dam gloves for the wedding band. The momento is returned to Riella. Harmony gives Tien back his soul. Kethran joins the Chosen of Fate. Okk issues a Shaman's Challenge to the Chosen. Lins Shadowstealer reaches Ordained level 24. Kudican reaches Cl:20\Wa:15. Katrana apostatizes from the Black Conclave, falling to Sh:25 Wa:23 in the process. Hitoriga levels to 8 shaman. Armalag reaches Wa:25 Cl:25 and duals back to cleric. Riella duals back to ranger. Athorne reaches 14 ordained. Ephiny reaches Wa:21 Cl:30. Alstor reaches Ra: 7 Cl:13. Fenix finds a +2 dam leather item inside a container. Zakarious duals to mage. Gaelin reaches Ma:19 Ra:15. Rogancey reaches Cl:14 Ra:13. Raziel reaches Cl: 2 Wa:11. Titan completes mobmasters 10 & 11. Gitane completes mobmaster 21. Apollyon, Snorkel and Saffle are created. Kerriariadne posts a note for the curious, and accepts his first two followers, Harmony and then Manx. (I wonder what Syla will think about his duck rule :P)  Kerriariadne also offers Cordir an alliance. Tolven reaches Cl:13 Ra:10. Wind levels to 10 cleric. Muldaan levels to 9 mage. Gizamaluke levels to 7 mage.

8/24/01 - Gavin is promoted to Ambassador! Kerriariadne is promoted to Demigod, starting the The Dark, a lawful evil following of the sword. His initial following description is "WANTED: Mischievous, fiery, adventurous spirits who can and will do what others cannot or wont -- "can do" attitude a must. Some experience necessary. Look to stretch and challenge yourself, and do so with intelligence and reason. Camping discouraged -- get yourself out there and live a little. Those who have adverse reactions to dark red auras or are otherwise unbalanced need not respond." About one minute after Kerriariadne is promoted, Tyshalle goes down in history as "almost Kerriariadne's first follower" and the "first to be rejected".. Adso is promoted to Ambassador! Adso is the first member of the Chosen of Fate to seek and gain Immortality, making Cordir very proud. Zakarious levels to 10, 11 & 12 warrior. Mardon levels to 3 mage. Tidus levels to 5 & 6 cleric. Ambrose levels to 13 mage. Myka, who is 2 hours old & level 3, offers to take bets on how many levels he will grow at once. It turns out to be 3, as he levels to 6 warrior. Silent, Gizamaluke & Matanui are created. Katana levels to 6 shaman. Sucre levels to 6 thief. Korgan reaches Wa: 2 Cl:11. Manx levels to 8 shaman. ### Galaphile has regained level 30. (Th:30 Wa:13 Ma:30). He lost the level earlier today, when "I was trying to teleport into Masters and when I finally did, no mana little hp and Ancient Red Dragon ;)" Gitane obtains MM#21 "after killing 3000 vampiresses". Lins reaches lvl 24, eff 48. Alex Lins reaches Mage level 23, then promptly duals back to warrior. (Wa:20\Ma:23\Th:20). Belsambar slays a spiked caterpillar for MM#24 and 496 exp.

8/23/01 - Snarf reaches level 24 cleric, and 21 warrior and completes MM 41, slaying Captain Derrick. Legolas slays an 16 and 17angry man (#16) and minotaur prisoner (#17) for two mob mastery quests. Zakarious and Xsiatl are created. Titan declares his mere presence to be newsworthy (and is made fun of a lot for it). Zeks brags that he "Went up to MoK and bountied half the clave and left zone before they found me... then Shazam called me a punk". Grug slays A Killer Rabbit (which cons as "death" to him.) Solaron levelled (Cl:22\Wa:20) and got level 33 MM, a Dwarven Warrior. DarkClaw saw the Spirit of Ybarra today...something she hadn't seen for hundreds of years... nearly since her days as a Kindred. Artanis, the "vending machine" of Wisdom, reaches Cl:16 . Gavin and Tranquility are summoned to an Audience with the Weaver. Famine levels 6 times to reach Wa: 9\Cl:13. Kerson, the Student of Captain Karin, levels to Wa: 6\Sh:11. Alicia reaches Ma:6. Mandrake reaches MM#48, slaying Lodriss the Myrmidon. Rigel duals to cleric. Sliver levels to 4, 5 & 6 shaman. Reorx and Blackwolf are created. Rogancey reaches Cl:13 Ra:10. Matado reaches Th: 3 Wa:15. Raphael levels to 3 cleric. Destro levels to 3 mage.

8/22/01 - Treehugger reaches Cl:22\Wa:15. Gytar reports that Tranqwil reaches Ma:2, Turing the Minotaur levels 5 times to reach Ma:6, and Whoz leveled twice today, Warrior to 28 and Mage to 28 (Ma:28 Th:23 Wa:27) . Cinder reaches Ma:16\Ra:12. Veldran joinsthe Coven. Today, Wisdom, for the first time in 1000 hours, got stuck without reds without teleports and without a boat. Tara and Ripper requested Tripper's permission to marry - which he will be granting. Galatea gets a bit whacky: Galatea shouts (in common), 'AKLA AISIER TAL-BLISS MAY THE UNBELIEVERS DROWN IN THE LIQUID CHOCOLATE PUDDLES YOU LEAVE BEHIND'. A new character named Chocolate was created, much to Bliss's delight. Valo completes mobmasters 57 & 58. Azeworai reaches Wa: 9 Ma:21. Menion levels to 9 cleric. Rhianna levels to 9 ranger. Pele reaches Cl:14 Wa:10. Rifter levels to 4 shaman. Ripper reaches Ma:13 Ra: 9. Katana levels to 3 shaman. Alicia levels to 7 mage. Axe levels to 3 shaman. Artanis levesl to 15 cleric. Ruce, Dagoba and Vanoon are created.

8/21/01 - Galaphile reaches Th:30 Wa:13 Ma:30 (regaining 30th thief after having lost it in a mob death in Master's Tower). Legolas reaches Ma:22 Ra:20. Wardon levels to 15 mage and duals to ranger. Tiberius levels to 15 cleric. Tolven reaches Ra: 8 Cl:11. Iramis levels to 9 mage. FisRad levels to 10 mage. Tholbar completes mobmaster 35. Gavin posts an Immortality Petition. Thingone got three mobmasters...ranger guard in Kuroth for 14th, a guard of Malenest for 15th, and a young gorilla for 16th. Felice reaches Cl:24\Wa:15. Cordir drags Noctus and Adso kicking and screaming out of Triton Halls. Wardrof reaches Cl:16\Wa:12, effective 20th. Sullen and Caligula ordered to get OUT of Cordir's temple and not ever return. Cordir then apologizes to Sullen, who didn't really deserve to be yelled at. Morgaine joins the Chosen of Fate, though the ceremony is much interrupted by visiting ghosts. Noctus posts a warning about Jazek.

8/20/01 - Jazek publicly apologizes for talking smack, and promises not to do it anymore in the future. Mael offers to buy newspapers for 1k of people dying in his zone. The Black Conclave conquers King Triton. Noctus reaches 17 ordained. Zugzug levels to 6 shaman. Rifter and Korgan are created. Ibram apostatizes from The Coven. Tien kills a Dwarven Warrior for MM#17. Silvermoon reaches level 18 Cleric (Cl:18 Th:15 Ra:15). Ambrose joins the Chosen of Fate. Morgaine reaches level 8. Snarf leveled to Cleric 23. Tholbar regained lvl 26 cleric from when he Apostatized from the Tigers. Jazek is silenced for comments made on gossip. Gytar reports the following news: Oldwolf reaches Ra: 5 , Magus reaches Ma:2, Loqwar Elphy reaches Ra:6, Alstor of Wisdom reaches Ra: 5\Cl:13, and Brian levelled 6 times to reach Wa:9. Aslan slays a perch for MM#4, and also reports that ZugZug reaches Sh:6, Ordeith is granted a restring after completing a quest, Chloe reaches Wa:11\Cl:12, Morgaine reaches Cl:8, and Crover & Alicia both get to level 2. Mandrake slays a ghostly woronin for MM#47.

8/19/01 - The mud is down for a few hours, and Tynian explains. [ 17] Tynian: Downtime ( Sun Aug 19 14:26:40 2001) : My apologies for the downtime. There's an area-related issue that causes the game not to come back up when rebooted. I re-started the game this morning, and then promptly had problems with my network connection, causing the game to reboot, and again, not re-start. I am investigating. This problem isn't anyone's "fault." In the case of a critical area problem, the game is not supposed to come up at all, and I don't see anything obviously wrong. - Tynian. Mael is rumored to have said that he knew he shouldn't have put those 17 crash level bugs in his area :P  In other news, the Black Conclave invaded Triton's Hall and slew King Triton himself. Tsumemasa joins the circle of Faces. Wardrof gets a snazzy new Caligula bag. Spittle (ew) levels to 7 ranger.

8/18/01 - A new area, The Triton Halls, is installed at about 8:30pm mudtime and Tylorn is the first to find it. Triton Halls was written by Mael. Armalag exp's for the first time in over a rl year. Talyn gets permission [approval (stamped)] from Nayr for his upcoming wedding to Aslan. Now they must complete their quest before a wedding date can be set. Wardon reaches 14 mage. Azeworai reaches Wa: 8 Ma:21. Ishbuuu levels to 5 mage. Wind levels to 8 warrior. Who reaches Ra: 3 Ma: 9. Legolas reaches Ra:20 Ma:21 and duals back to mage. Axe reaches Sh: 2\Wa:15. Tara reaches Ma: 12\Ra: 9. Okk reaches 1000 years of age. To celebrate, he shoved three egg casings into his mouth at the same time.

8/17/01 - Legolas reaches Ra:19 Ma:21. Khonsu, Macclanahan and Xandria join Plato. Tynian posts a response to pk change questions. Kuhl levels to 5 & 6 mage. Frederick reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Henrog levels to 4, 5 & 6 warrior. Eldori reaches 4 & 5 warrior. Jazek levels to 10 warrior. War reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Ishbuuu is created. Titan reaches Wa:16 Cl:19. Adso is named a Blade of Fate and notes that he has been battering on the doors of masters Tower all week, trying to get in to take on dragons. Lanfear is named to the Taoiseach of the Chosen of Fate. Treehugger completes three mob mastery quests: Head Cook (#28), Giant Vulture (#29) and a Harpy (30). Jaerith completes Mobmastery lvl 33, a Stone Golem. Samos joins Wisdom. Kerson of Unity levels twice to 10th. Gytar of Unity kills a drow priestess for MM 78.

8/16/01 - Solanthas stops by and hangs out for awhile :)  Qiziquiment posts some silly ideas about a "fire man class" -- Daelin later discusses this on gossip, commenting that he has never once needed the spells "fire hose" or "fire pole". In response, Wylin gossips "c 'dalmation' daelin". WolfLord is created. Strago levels to 10 mage. Who levels to 9 mage. Macclanahan levels to 13 cleric. Pele reaches Wa:10 Cl:10. An area list from this day. There are 160 areas as of now. Okk posts a "save the kitchen" note. Mekt actually log in for a visit! Galaphile bad portal's to Master's Tower and dies there shortly thereafter. Gannon has very unsuccesful birthday party for turning 10 hours old. Lins kills the LL Thief Guildmaster for MM#88. Khonsu reaches lvl 8 ranger, Blank gets to lvl 16, Ezral to lvl 9, and Rigel lvl 7. In a complex tale of woe... as reported by Aslan: " Terra Tal-Glimfeather died first to seek her Guardian Spirit, was weakened by a bat, and later slain when she was afw. Died again while trying to do her own cr. Called on the aid of one of her brothers, Terra Tal-Arden, Terra Crinos, Terra Azeworai, and Terra Wylin. Terra Azeworai was being hunted, and could not offer much help, and refered Terra Tal-Glimfeather to Terra Crinos. Terra Crinos lost his link. Terra Tal-Arden was weakened when called upon to aid his sister, and was slain during his attempt. Terra Wylin found her corpse, and took her to retrieve it. After she got her eq, she was slain by a Giant Vulture while assiting him in getting eq that the Vultures may have picked up. She eventually got her eq back." Jazek levels to 12th.

8/15/01 - With Galaphile's assistance, Cordir updates the Historical Temples page. After a long delay, Plato gets his computer fixed and returns to TFC. Tori, Saya of the Circle of Faces, levels to Shaman 27. Jaerith levels to Sh:17\Ra:15 and receives three "Lucky you!" messages, and also slays a Male Ent for MM#30. Muldean the Minotaur reaches level 8. Axe bad recalls into the prison cell in Kuroth and is forced to sit there and twiddle his thumbs for quite some time until he is rescued by Fei. Grug slays a stray dog for MM#2. Tsumemasa reaches level 4 shaman, Kerson reaches 9 shaman, and Felice regains level 23 . Who joins Wisdom. Jazek of Wisdom murders Chloe of the Tigers and then Apostatizes in a cowardly fashion. [It is of note that less than thirty minutes later, he was slain in turn by a member of his prior following.] Who joins Plato. Pele reaches Cl:10 Wa: 9 and duals back to warrior. FisRad levels to 8 mage. Lieras levels to 7 mage. Megel posts a note requesting a beer fountain, and urging others to vote for one as well. Tsumemasa levels to 4 shaman. Legolas reaches Ra:18 Ma:21. Axe duals to shaman at 15 warrior.

8/14/01 - Gytar D'Alchemist of Unity announces that Tuesday the 14th of August was a bad demon-day, probably because Adso, Dracos, Noctus and Gytar slay all of the demons in the Void twice, and all the Demons of the Strands once (guesstimated at 150, approximately.) Approximately 30 minutes later, they return to do a CR for Treehugger. (A peek at one the rooms .) Phil slays Mei-Ling for MM#58. He then found his MM59 target (Zombie Guard) and almost killed it, but Lins attacked it "cos he's stupid". Ordeith reaches Wa: 9\Sh:10. Axe reaches Wa:15. Hibnue levels to 10 cleric. Tharivol levels to 4, 5 & 6 shaman. Azeworai reaches Wa:7 Ma:21. Tsumemasa is created. Legolas tries to rescue Azeworai from Maldobar and Gabriel, and survives (altho Azeworai doesn't :P). A who list from this day.

8/13/01 - Lanfear and Lizzy post notes about Lizzy's luck. Jaerith posts "We". Legolas reaches Ra:17 Ma:12. Rhianna levels to 7 ranger. Menion levels to 7 cleric. Gabriel joins the Black Conclave. Aster reaches Sh:28 Ra:25. Muldaan levels to 5 mage. Tara reaches Ra: 7 Ma: 9. Cien levels to 13 mage. Myronides told Marisa that he posted a note to the gods saying, "Someone changed my title from God-Like Emperor of the Elves to God-Like Ego. The correct title change would have been Implementor-Like or Greater God-Like Ego. For I have not yet met anyone who's ego approaches mine in any way." Don't you love how modest he is? :P  A wizlist from this day. Legolas completes mobmaster 13. Artanis levels to 14 cleric. Lins slays borlan to reach Ordained level 23, Effective 47. Tholbar regains an apostatize level, returning to Cl:25 Wa:15 . (He apostatized from the Tigers.) Gabriel joins the Conclave. Who reaches level 2, Ordeith obtains Shaman level 10 (Sh 10/Wa 9). Jaerith reaches Ra 15\Sh 16. Aerath levels to Wa:4, and Tala completes levels 4 & 5 in her warrior class.

8/12/01 - Tokugawa posts a fun quest in which monkeys invade TFC, which ran from slightly after noon mudtime until about 4:15pm. The quest started with 225 monkeys being teleported thruout TFC, and ended with Gavin finding the final prizeholding monkey on the GWR. Prizes were: a simple ring, 5 named amulets, 5 restrings and 5 circlets of power. Lizzy, a Plato follower, dies many many many times during the quest, but amazingly wins 4 prizes (2 restrings, 500 xp, and an amulet of blocking), making her the winningest (and probably the dieing-est) participant. Aoife was the lucky winner of the simple ring. Elladan stops by the realm for a brief visit. Dewi levels to 8 mage. Raith levels to 4 shaman. Rhona levels to 5 thief. Adso posts a petition for Immortality. Okk reaches Lesser Power. Tolven levels to Ra: 4\Cl:11.

8/11/01 - Tynian posts an in-depth idea to all on his plan for pk changes. Wolftooth Gorge is installed at about 6:45pm mud time, and Kaltar is the first to find it. Okk's temple is installed, and he invites everyone to an open house. A trivia contest is held, and is won by LeiLani. Solaron and Aphrodite get married in RL (gratz). Legolas reaches Ra:16 Ma:21. Belsambar reaches Ra: 3 Ma:15. Grug reaches Sh:15 Wa:10. Kaldred reaches Ra:22 Ma:20. Rand reaches Wa:11 Sh:11. Paddy Murphy levels to 12 warrior. Dewi is created. Version 3.71f is checked in by Tynian. ### Grug has advanced to level 15.Noctus completes MM#87 by killing lineaoth camp leader. Belsambar gets MM#20, for the barfly, #21 for a guardsman, #22 - monkey, and levels to Ra: 3/Ma:15 . Grug kills a stray dog for his first MM. Due to a code change, Fei looses his Initiate flag and classtitle. Yvon, a former Kindred, apostatizes from the Dreamwalkers, shouting, 'I, Yvon, forsake you and your misguided tenets, Tamar!'. Yvon shouts (in common), 'Brothers and sisters of the Dreamwalkers, you are my brothers and sisters no longer!'. Yvon shouts (in common), 'I sacrifice these levels in contempt of you and your misguided children!'. ### Yvon has fallen to level 26.... ### Yvon has fallen to level 22. Yvon tells Cordir (in common), 'Because I no longer believe in her tenants. Tamar is about spreading the word and non-aggressiveness. Since I've been her follower I've been pked twice. I finally realized Syla was is a scratchy unconfortable aura to wear. I was never at home more than I was with Khore...I need to find that again.' ... and hopefully, in joining Bliss, she will. Cordir holds an impromptu trivia contest was held - with over 75 questions asked. When all was said and done, here's how folks did: LeiLani - the winner with 15 points.Gup & Raile = 9 1/2 points each, Thingone = 6 points ( more, if he had answered on the right channel), Jaerith = 5, Kudican = 4, Legolas, Belsambar, Whoz, = 3, Rath, Scorpio = 2, Ephiny, Aslan, Eddy = 1. Thanks to all who participated!

8/10/01 - Tiberius joins the Dreamwalkers. Rigel & Tyb are recreated (yay), returning to TFC after an absence of years. Gengis announces that on "Aug 10th 2001, system time is 04:22:59, I was the only Character on this mud game :)". Alderson is now "gone" from TFC. Jaerith reaches Ra:13 Sh:15. Cinder reaches Ma:14 Ra:12. Fisrad and Pharoah are created. Morodan levels to 6 cleric. Belsambar completes mobmaster 18. Rigel, Odog and Tyb return to TFC and level to 3rd. Tien slays an apple picker for MM#25, then promptly bad recalls 6 times. Later in the evening, he duals back to warrior. Arianos slays an Ogre concubine for MM#33 and 829 exp. Belsambar gets a Mob Mastery for "Jack" and finds out the hard way it's NOT the mob you visit to dual.

8/9/01 - Alderson Apostatizes from Bliss, being the second character to apostatize twice (the first time, he left the Conclave.) He then begins pummelling gossip with all manner of strangeness, concluding with a broadband insult to most of the active immortals and a spammed curse to the entire mud. After a few repetitions, he is dealt with by Someone. Blizzard apostatizes from Plato. Arianos mob dies in the Adventurer's Inn, but a fellow Tiger is able to regain the corpse. Vorax ordained Arbin...his title is L'Velkyn meaning "The Unseen". Arianos slays a 'prosperous customer' for MM#32 and 846 exp. Belsambar gets to second level ranger after dualling. Solaron posts "Guidance". He also posts a note to all thanking Legolas for his "selfless dedication to IDing". Maldobar trys to convince people that the mud should be rebooted, since there are "no qualifying mobs available" for him to mobmaster on. Guess that's what happens when you're working on mobmaster number 97 ;P  Version 3.71e is checked in by Tynian. Legolas levels to Ra:15 Ma:21. Tiberius levels to 10 cleric. Gorbadoc is created. Starmaster reaches Cl:10 Ra: 9. Starlite levels to 9 warrior. Aster reaches Sh:27 Ra:25. Frederick reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. Arianos completes mobmaster 32.

8/8/01 - Chee reaches Cl:15 Ra:20. Jaerith reaches Ra:11 Sh:15. Camell, Bradon, Alone and Tiberius are created. Ripper reaches Ra: 8 Ma: 9 and completes mobmasters 3 & 4. Sleighty reaches Th: 5 Sh:11. Adso is slain by a group of 5 conclave. Later, several of them gloat to Cordir about the death. Cordir informs Molo that his followers have violated his rules regarding speaking to her. One after another, they log in, and are Feared and Silenced by Molo, much to Cordir's amusement as she stands in the Guild Hall and watches. Morgaine is created, and pairs with Tien.

8/7/01 - Riella posts a note saying that she and Tiax would like to thank all those who made their weddding a success, and thanking those who gave gifts. Xandria levels to 6 cleric. Illica levels to 8 cleric. Harmony leaves Cordir. Mael slays the cleric guildmaster of Loth Lorien for MM #88.

8/6/01 - Lanfear shares her history with the Chosen at the Fateful Hour. Later that night, Meemo visits. Imaldara is created. Legolas reaches Ra:14 Ma:21. Darkfang reaches Ma:14 Ra: 9. Jaerith completes mobmaster 16.

8/5/01 - Tigers Tiax and Riella are wed. Tynian posts a clarifying note on apostatizing and checks in version 3.71d. Menion (a former Cerebus follower) and Rhianna join Tamar. Gandalf and Champ join Okk. Kaldred reaches Ma:20 Ra:20. Kilrogg levels to 5 shaman. Arianos reaches Th: 8 Ra:15 Sh:17. Wardon levels to 11 & 12 mage. Jaerith completes mobmaster 15. A who list from this day. Tien dies to the ghost of the armorer. In the process of trying to get his corpse back, he dies several more times to nightmares, and looses a level.

8/4/01 - Kerriariadne is promoted to Attendant of Bliss by Tynian! Upon being promoted, he announces that "The Power of Vanilla will prevail!". He also "promptly gets to work rifting people". Mylo joins the Coven. Pikonah holds a bachelor's party in Ceremonial for Tiax's upcoming wedding. Sturm joins Tamar. Wardon joins Tamar and levels to 10 mage. Sian reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Snyder reaches [ Ma:12 Wa:12 Th:12. Arianos reaches Th: 7 Ra:15 Sh:17. Champ reaches Th: 8 Ra:21 Ma:20. Rhianna levels to 6 ranger. Solaron completes mobmaster 20.

8/3/01 - Tynian posts an idea about PKs to all. Many ideas are posted by others in response and there is a lot of discussion on gossip. Valik levels to 7 mage. Scrotack levels to 10 warrior. Starmaster joins the Coven. Grug and Gengis join the Shadows.

8/2/01 - Sian levels 7 times, 2 in cleric and 5 in warrior, reaching Cl:13 Wa:11. Wardon is created. Morpheonaut joins the Shadows.

8/1/01 - SirPsycho logs in for a brief visit and I miss him, *sniff*. Cein is created. Frederick levels to 15 cleric.

7/31/01 - Sian levels twice, reaching Wa: 6 Cl:11. Dezmond levels to 15 cleric. Tara levels to 5 & 6 mage. Raile reaches Cl:12 Wa:10. "Someone" offers to give immortal aid if anyone wishes to try and kill Tylorn -- there are no takers. Fei wishes on gossip for a Tynian garage sale with nothing over 5k, so Tynian holds one, auctioning at least half a dozen "Fur hat, ac3" items which sell like wildfire. He then auctions a few items like 'Fur hat. ac 3. +3 dam +3 da', also for 5k, and a 'Fur hat, ac 3, -3 da -3 dam ND' item :P Okk speaks to the Chosen of Fate at their weekly gathering, the Fateful Hour.

7/30/01 - Loreena joins Plato. Chee reaches Cl:13 Ra:20. Ordeith reaches Wa: 5 Sh:10. Wardrof reaches Cl:13 Wa:12 and completes mobmaster 7. Gengis levels to 9 warrior. Mandrake completes mobmaster 44.

7/29/01 - Kalmyr levels to 9 thief. Tuor levels to 5 & 6 ranger. Faile reaches Cl: 7 Ra: 9. Tigrallef reaches Th: 7 Sh:15 Wa:10. Jaerith reaches Ra: 3 Sh:11. Virez joins the Shadows.

7/28/01 - Tien reaches Cl:21 Wa:20. Jet levels twice, reaching Th: 9 Wa:30 Cl:30. Leroy levels to 10 cleric. Treehugger completes mobmaster 25. Mephisto completes mobmasters 10, 11 & 12.

7/27/01 - Tamar convinces Gavin to "apostatize" from Bliss. Azeworai duals to warrior. Legolas reaches Ra: 13 Ma:21. Ordeith reaches Wa: 4 Sh:10. Tuor is created. Tiax invites many people to his upcoming wedding to Riella, revising the note a number of times to add unaligned people.

7/26/01 - Caligula levels to 5 & 6 mage. Dredd levels to 7 warrior. Macclanahan levels to 5 cleric. Starmaster levels to 7 ranger.

7/25/01 - Jaerith joins Vorax. Dezmond leaves Vorax and joins Bliss. Sethvir reaches Ra:25 Th:21 Sh:25. Raile reaches Wa: 9 Cl:11. Chloe reaches Wa: 2 Cl:12. Caligula is created.

7/24/01 - Myro posts a note to all about a potential Nature reunion. Wylin reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Cervantez levels to 5 warrior. Keechara levels to 9 shaman. Turalurayay and Spalding join Okk.

7/23/01 - (Approximate date) As reported by Vorax: " I accidentally re-ordained Mong while just goofing off due to a bug. I classtitled him "Bug" and posted a bug note. This caused Mong to be the first character to ever be ordained twice. He requested to keep the class but was denied because "it wouldn't be fair to others" and then he was deactivated and released by Tynian."

7/22/01 - Whitehawk posts a retirement note to all. Winter joins Okk. Pikonah reaches Ma:13 Wa:12. Ljosalfar levels to 5 ranger. Tynian checks in version 3.71c, which fixes a bug with OMs. Shadowfox joins the Shadows.

7/21/01 - Okk is re-promoted to Demigod, and starts a neutral pk following called the Circle of Faces. His first follower is Kaye. Eluchil levels to 11 mage and duals to ranger. Palladia levels to 4 cleric. Ridley reaches Ma:23 Th:20 Ra:20. Eluchil levels to 11 mage. Medrawt levels to 10 cleric. Shon is ordained by Plato.

7/20/01 - Meemo is re-created. Beowulf and Xandria are created. Tynian posts the following note about rl threats. Ordeith levels to 8 shaman. Tigrallef reaches Th: 5 Sh:15 Wa:10. Torquimata levels to 14 cleric.

7/19/01 - Plane joins the Dreamwalkers. Ordeith is created and levels to 4 shaman. Midian levels to 8 mage. Blizzard levels to 6 mage. Spell reaches Ra:12 Ma: 9. Tholbar and Dravin join the Shadows.

7/18/01 - Rurharc is created and joins the Dreamwalkers. Thorik levels to 8 warrior. Final levels to 10 thief. Titan reaches Cl:19 Wa:14. Melfice reaches Ra:25 Cl:25. Rogancey levels to 9 cleric. Krishnak joins the Shadows.

7/17/01 - Mentledo levels to 17 cleric. Wasuby joins Vorax. Tamar posts a note to all warning that Masodent is effectively no longer a follower of hers, but that he will have a blue aura until he apostatizes. Zingor levels to 14 thief. Leroy levels to 6 cleric. Ogma levels to 12 shaman. Silenius levels to 9 mage. Galadarain levels to 8 ranger. Torquimata levels to 13 cleric.

7/16/01 - Marco rejoins the Black Conclave. Chee reaches Cl:12 Ra:20. Valo reaches Ra:29 Th:11 Ma:26. Melfice reaches Cl:25 Ra:24. Langbardr reaches Wa: 4 Cl:15. Thingone reaches Ra: 7 Cl:11. Spell reaches Ra: 7 Ma: 9. Thorik levels to 4, 5, 6, and 7 warrior. War is created.

7/15/01 - Sally goes crazy and spreads cinnamon rolls thruout the realm, so Tokugawa offers a restring to the person who can bring him the most cinnamon rolls within 30 minutes. Tirant disqualifies himself, leaving Gavin the winner. Valius, Holylight & Drezai are created. Teluin announces that he and Mish have had a secret relationship and are now engaged, but Mish publicly denies this. Wiston reaches Th:11 Sh:30 Wa:16. Nepos reaches Ra:14 Cl:11. Anya levels to 10 cleric. Sleighty levels to 7 shaman. Ogma levels to 10 shaman. Legolas announces that he is going to make a journal of his teleports. Thrash joins the Shadows.

7/14/01 - At 11am mudtime Tynian's quest involving Slayers begins. 5 teams participate, and at 1pm the quest is won by Adso's team, which collected all 5 slayers and was aided by Skeeve's team. The results of this quest are later added to a plaque in the Room of Records. Ugluk Orthrakai persuades Okk to post "eggi". Sleighty levels to 5 & 6 shaman. Zingor levels to 12 thief. Pikonah reaches Ma:10 Wa:12. Tynian checks in version 3.71b, which reduces the combat penalty for sleep. rash and Nightmist join the Shadows.

7/13/01 - Strakeln levels to 5, 6, 7 & 8 mage and joins the Dreamwalkers. Snappy reaches Cl:24 Wa:19. Misfit levels to 11 mage. Blackdemon levels to 8 warrior. Ogma levels to 8 shaman. Alderson completes mobmaster 37. Joeb completes mobmaster 22. Tynian checks in version 3.71a which makes several fixes. Zidane joins the Shadows.

7/12/01 - Nayr posts an FYI. Misfit levels to 9 mage. Titan reaches Cl:18 Wa:14. Kurast levels to 4, 5 & 6 shaman. Strakeln levels to 4 mage. Ogma levels to 7 shaman. Bluco levels to 11 mage. Judgement completes mobmaster 19.

7/11/01 - Xcalibur apostatizes from Bliss, falling to Cl:10 Wa:15. He then joins Vorax. Anna joins Plato. Zedar discovers that the mud is back up :P  Gerrard levels to 10 shaman. Dijin levels to 5 shaman. Alderson reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Gerrard and Xcalibur join the Shadows.

7/10/01 - Version 3.71 is installed, and Tynian posts the following note to all about it. Tokugawa's temple is moved to the god realms, becoming a temporary office. Vorax's temple is installed, and other temple changes take effect. Bluco joins Vorax and dies repeatedly. Suleidan joins Vorax and levels to 8 shaman. Teluin levels to 29 shaman. Wistom completes mobmaster 61. Abaddon completes mobmaster 46. Aphrodite completes mobmaster 14. Bluco and Suleidan join the Shadows.

7/9/01 - Ridley completes mobmaster 42. Demandred reaches Wa:20 Cl:23. Melfice reaches Ra:23 Cl:24. Croac levels to 5 warrior. Axe levels to 10 warrior. Runeworth levels to 10 cleric. Langbardr levels to 13 cleric. Wylin reaches Wa: 3 Cl:11. Tubby and Wubby are created. Anvil and Smaggle join the Shadows.

7/8/01 - Ishamael joins Plato. Taringail is created, levels to 3 warrior, and joins Plato. Ravage leaves Vorax. Legolas reaches Ma:21 Ra:11, and gets better at improved id, after "4000+ ids". Tirant completes mobmasters 33, 34, 35 and 36. Solaron reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Paython reaches Wa:21 Cl:25. Valkyrie levels to 10 shaman. Nerull levels to 10 mage. Gitane is rifted by Tynian. Drucilla joins the Shadows.

7/7/01 - Ephiny holds a party in the Tiger Den, inviting Tokugawa and "any other online Immortals to the Tiger DEN for refreshments served by we groveling mortals". After several months, deaths, and 7 effective levels, Neodis completes a quest for Tokugawa in order to get a special item (a shimmering crescent moon of divine chocolate) as his offering for joining Bliss' following. Whaylin leaves the Coven. Dravin and Whaylin join Plato. Soveliss is created, levels to 3 mage, and joins Plato. Luthair is created and levels to mage 5, joining Plato. Anakin levels to mage 7. Nerull levels to mage 8. Panic levels to 7 cleric. Thingone levels to 10 & 11 cleric. Wylin levels to 7, 8, 9 and 10 cleric. Pius reaches Ra: 6 Cl:15. Cinder reaches Ra:10 Ma:12. Uriel completes mobmaster 39. Mong completes mobmaster 44. Teluin completes mobmasters 17 & 18. Arbin completes mobmasters 24, 25 & 26. Tynian posts the following note about eq swapping.

7/6/01 - Newbiekillers Crackle and Gee retire. Aphrodite joins Cordir. Teluin levels to 26 shaman. Raile levels to 3 cleric. Kaltar reaches Sh:16 Wa:14. Synan is created. Sandmen joins the Shadows.

7/5/01 - Tamar and Plato become allies. A Dreamwalkers quest ends, and the winner is the team of Snappy and Chee. Silvermoon reaches Cl:14 Ra:13 Th:13. Thamoir levels to 4, 5 & 6 ranger. Solaron reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Paython reaches Wa:18 Cl:25. Alex reaches Th:18 Ma:20 Wa:15 and completes mobmaster 11. Aphrodite joins the Chosen of Fate. Vaelic, Methodman, Valkyrie, Falcor and Cedar join the Shadows.

7/4/01 - Okk and Tiax post the following notes. Tokugawa auctions an Anti-Demon item, which is sold for 70K to Khorlan. Arianas reaches Wa:18 Sh:22. Draco levels to 4, 5 & 6 ranger. Ryknow is created. Avoozl completes mobmaster 16. Gavin completes mobmaster 70. Tirant completes mobmaster 31. To my knowledge, no one has killed Tylorn in the previous month.

7/3/01 - Twisted joins Plato. Tupac joins Bliss and levels to 8 warrior. Edge apostatizes from Molo, losing 5 levels in the process and falling to Ma:17 Wa:20 Th:20. Themiscrya apostatizes from the conclave as well, also losing 5 levels. Noctus is inducted into the TFC Explorer's Society by Tynian. Whoz'onE of Unity levels Mage to 26 and Warrior to 25 (Wa:25 Th:23 Ma:26). In the process, he mistypes shOrt (sword) and accidentally sacrifices his beloved ac6 2dmg -2svs shIrt (Doh!). Meck levels to 16 and 17 warrior. Hybrid levels to 6 and 7 cleric. Saroth reaches Ma:26 Ra:25. Khorlan levels to 20 ordained. Shadowfox levels to 6 cleric. Dyptricx completes mobmaster 33. Athorne completes mobmaster 71. Gitane tells Cordir (in common), 'Tynian's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** you!'. Tallonvor joins the Shadows.

7/2/01 - According to the TFC web page, the world has 8,575 mobs with 12,587 objects in 12,115 rooms. Bliss posts a note regarding the upcoming Alliance of Shadows. Bailor is created. Ravage levels to 10 warrior. Silvermoon reaches Th:11 Ra:13 Cl:13. Sirus reaches Cl: 4 Wa:13. Valygar, Dezmond, Packard, Makavalli, Tollec, Minerva, Jado and Gangreen join the Shadows.

7/1/01 - Morimox is promoted by Tynian to Ambassador! Cordir releases Alex, and he joins Vorax. Tynian posts a quest. Ibicus is created. Dillon reaches Wa:13 Cl:13. Alstor levels to 10 cleric. Artanis levels to 8 cleric. Anya levels to 5 cleric. Harley levels to 11 warrior. Solaron reaches Cl:14 Wa:12. Kicks levels to 9 ranger. Lucretia reaches Cl:21 Th:14 Wa:15. Version 3.70i is checked in by Tynian. Kandrell, Arbin, Shadar, Symon, Meck, Sporrogha, Ravage, Mong, Dragonaire, Kain, and Ozrenicqwpo all join the Shadows.

6/30/01 - Vorax is promoted to Demigod by Tynian! He starts the Shadows, and Tirant becomes his first follower. Holy symbol: a small jade spider. Saroth reaches 25mage/25ranger and kills a gnome guard for mobmaster 12. Abaddon levels to 16 warrior (Wa:16 Sh:25). Avoozl levels to 10 warrior (Wa:10 Cl:15). Zee levels to 5 mage. Alaron levels to 7 cleric. Dhrok levels to 3 & 4 shaman. Artanis levels to 3 cleric. Ozrenicqwpo reaches Wa: 8 Cl: 9. Khoth reaches Wa:14 Sh:14. Trefuilngid levels to 12 thief. Phil kills Skoale the Swashbuckler for mobmastery 57.

6/29/01 - Veronica joins Kodachi's Spirit, becoming Whitehawk's 6th follower. Majere reaches level 27 cleric (Cl:27 Wa:30). Ghazkull levels. Legolas levels to 20 mage (Ma:20 Ra:11) and gets a train! Sirus levels to 3 cleric (Cl: 3 Wa:13). Chaoz reaches level 3 cleric. Packard levels to 7 warrior. Aslan levels to 17 cleric. Corellon levels to 3 mage. Vetinari levels to 10 ranger. Kaltar levels to Sh:15 Wa:14. Treel is created. Bliss somehow turns herself into a male for awhile, and players see:

Hum [      Demigod      ] BlisS wields a sharp kitchen knife.

6/28/01 - Kharad-Delving is installed at about 2am mud time, and Noctus is the first to find it. Plato's temple is installed. Whitehawk accepts his first follower, Posner. Teluin levels to 17 shaman. Kenshin levels to 6 warrior. Hextor levels to 7 cleric. Dart joins the Dreamwalkers. Langbardr levels to 11 cleric. Ripper is created.

6/27/01 - Morimox posts a petition for immortality. Chee levels to 11 cleric. Sirus levels to 2 cleric (Cl:2 Wa:13). Teluin levels to 15 shaman. Trefuilngid reaches 6 thief. Grep levels to 5 warrior. Majere completes mobmaster 68. Langbardr levels to 10 cleric.

6/26/01 - Whitehawk is promoted to Demigod, creating a neutral following called Kodachi's Spirit. Tynian checks in version 3.70h, which adds Plato's temple entry. Noctus levels to Ordained 14. Drakar levels to 15 ranger (Ra:15 Cl:20 Th:20). Langbardr is created, joins the Dreamwalkers, and levels to 9 cleric. Sirus duals to cleric. Jennica reaches 7 cleric. Dezmond levels to 9 cleric. Axe levels to 6 warrior. Totekara levels to 4 cleric. Drayk is created.

6/25/01 - Teluin levels to 10 shaman. Snappy kills Toxic (justifiably), the first time a Dreamwalker has PKed. Lanfear Joins the Chosen of Fate.

6/24/01 - Okk is promoted to attendant of Tripper! Menion is re-created. Rhianna is created. Voldemort levels to 12 mage. Wylen levels to 5 cleric. Galatea levels to 19 thief (Th:19 Ma:15 Ra:19). Arianas levels to warrior 17 (Wa:17 Sh:22). Pitt joins the Dreamwalkers, after finally finding a new home for his anti-good eq. Sirus levels to 13 warrior. Chee levels to 10 cleric (Cl:10 Ra:20). Darkclaw posts a note to all called "Home". Tynian checks in versions 3.70f & 3.70g. Nayr posts the following note to all: "A quick warning: The old safe room in Kuroth, is no longer safe. Use the chapel down the hall to the south instead. (Kuroth residents should repop there upon death as well). This was done because it was impractical to make it so that mobs could not enter the old room. Mobs should not wander into the new one, so serial killers can sit around in there and not spam our info. (You know who you are :)."

6/23/01 - Vorax is promoted by Tynian to attendant of Tamar! Ephiny reaches level 17 Wa/30 Cl. Khouth levels to 5 Wa/14 Sh. Lodi levels to 6 warrior. Waelyn, Mork and Dezmond are created. Sorroi is created and levels to 3 warrior. Sethvir levels to 22 ranger (Ra:22 Th:21 Sh:25 ). Kain levels to 23 ranger (Ra:23 Cl:25). Jiki levels to 20 cleric. Tirant completes mobmaster 27. Tamar rises to Intermediate Power.

6/22/01 - Lodi and Axe are created. Ryxtius levels to 6 ranger. Treehugger levels to 18 cleric. Galaphile wins a kiss from Tamar in a limbo contest where the limbo pole was manned by demons. Daelin is quiet. Sirus holds a drinking party in the Guild Hall, and later levels to 12 warrior. Voldemort level to 3, 4 & 5 mage. Edaemus reaches level 10 ranger. Zoe reaches level 5 thief. Arianas levels to 16 warrior. Xcalibur levels to Cl:15 Wa:15 (effective 20). A who and wizlist from this day.

6/21/01 - Lins levels to Ordained 19. Dantrag levels thief to 18. QBall announces his impending departure for 2 RL years, which will begin after Sept. 19th, 2001. Tramp levels to 10 warrior (10:Wa 12:Cl 12:Th) and gets 6 practices and a train.

6/20/01 - Talyn Napei and Aslan Tsarran invite the mud to their upcoming marriage, date TBA. Noctus levels to Ordained 13. Bliss speaks with Tamar regarding snowballing Legolas as punishment for the bunny-hostage situation. Evelyne makes an appearance in the realm, wanting to say hello to Ghazkull. Legolas levels to 19 mage. Sirus levels to 11 warrior.

6/19/01 - TFC comes back up at its regular address! Alaron, Kreig, and Chris are created. Legolas gets his own rain cloud. Matado levels to 15 warrior. Carnage levels to 8. Snappy levels to 23 cleric. Legolas holds 5 chocolate bunnies hostage, threatening to harm them unless his demands are met. Some of the demands include owning the kitchen and a lifetime supply of strawberry ice cream. Tokugawa then appeared out of nowhere, stole the bunnies from Legolas, and announced that "Legolas's bunnies have been liberated!" Tokugawa then ate a bunny in front of Bliss.

6/17/01 - Tokugawa asks for donations to buy a new server for TFC.

6/13/01 - Okk posts a parody called "The Rime of the Ancient Marinator" to the TFC status list.

6/7/01 - TFC goes down due to Global Crossing issues.

6/6/01 - Azeworai kills a mycon chanter for mobmaster 21.

6/5/01 - Legolas is killed in a snowball fight with Tamar. Ghazkull completes mobmastery 5 by slaying a goblin guard. Micakthul levels to 9 ranger. Azeworai loses a level and gains it back.

6/4/01 - Kerriaridane is promoted to Ambassador by Nayr. Tylorn posts the following note to all regarding his death: "The mighty and powerful safe sitting Lins has made a claim that I will die in a month's time starting today. The clock is ticking boys, you best get busy." Guess we'll check back in a month... Azeworai levels to 21 mage. Micakthul levels to 8 ranger. The Dreamwalkers' scavenger/leveling quest ends. Tamar announces that the winners are: Snappy, first place with 606 points. Azeworai, 2nd place with 314 points. Chee, 3rd place with 208 points. Legolas & Mentledo each get honorable mentions with 152 and 151 points respectively. Twelve people participated, earning a total of 1842 points, and reaching a total of 22 levels during the 1 week period. Congratulations to all who participated! Plato's website for Wisdom is created and opened to the public.

6/3/01 - Plato is promoted to Demigod! He starts Wisdom, a good aligned following, and his first follower is Shon. His following description says: "Wisdom is an aggressive GOOD following emphasizing having fun, wisdom is more powerful than equipment, spreading the word of Wisdom, and helping the following and the World grow through respect and integrity in everything they do. They believe that peace is the way to enlightenment. They also believe that if you live by the sword you shall die by OUR sword." Snappy levels to 22 cleric. Tramp levels to 9 warrior and gets a train and 6 practices. Rutherford levels to 5 warrior. Micakthul returns to the realm after a very long absence and joins the Dreamwalkers.

6/2/01 - Saroth completes mobmasters 8, 9, 10 & 11, killing a small spark, Farmer Sara, a young horse, and a little imp to do so. Snappy levels to 20 and then 21 cleric. Mentledo levels to 16 cleric.

6/1/01 - Snappy levels to 19 cleric. Rutherford levels to 4 warrior. Zedar joins the Dreamwalkers.

5/31/01 - The mud sees "### Bliss killed by Tokugawa at Lair of the Ash Moon Coven". Bliss is barely conscious after the experience. Chee levels to 9 cleric. Azeworai levels to 20 mage. Egar rescues Tamar after she is trapped inside an egg casing. Khorlan slays the bartender for yet another level.

5/30/01 - Kerriariadne is interviewed by Nayr regarding Immortality. Chee levels to 8 cleric. Mentledo levels to 15 cleric. Jarngrimr levels to 12 shaman. Snappy levels to 19 warrior.

5/29/01 - Snappy levels to 18 warrior. Legolas levels to 18 mage. Abaddon levels to 15 warrior.

5/28/01 - Jarngrimr, Dinin & Rutherford join the Dreamwalkers. Azeworai levels to 19 mage. Jarngrimr levels to 11 shaman. Sian levels to 3 and then 4 warrior. Mija levels to 8 warrior.

5/27/01 - CrunchJr levels to 14 warrior and gets a train. Mija levels to 7 warrior.

5/26/01 - Legolas levels to 17 mage, effective 20.

5/25/01 - Sian joins the Dreamwalkers.

5/24/01 - Kerriariadne posts a petition for immortality. CrunchJr levels to 13 warrior and gets a train. Legolas levels to 16 mage. Charles of the tigers slays an Elder Serpent for effective level 30, Shaman level 24, and Mob Mastery #34.

5/23/01 - Kerriarriadne completes mob mastery #40, killing a trading post student for 1296 exp, with only 3 ticks left.

5/20/01 - Okk posts "What's inside a practice session".

5/19/01 - Arianos slays a giant crocodile for MM #31 and 735 exp.

5/16/01 - Tripper's Tigers have their 1st anniversary!

5/14/01 - Symon posts a retirement note. Tynian checks in version 3.70e, which fixes "a problem with deathtoll not resetting properly". A nasty log of jester's keep from Skeeve's point of view. Gandalf is created.

5/13/01 - Kendrobe apostatizes from the Dreamwalkers, saying that he "must now follow a different road".

5/10/01 - Lins fights Tokugawa and loses, of course. OkenfoldJR is created. Tirant is created and reaches level 6 mage. Ziruxvunalds reaches level 16 mage. Valkjosandi reaches level 7 warrior. Mael completes mobmaster 74.

5/6/01 - Rutherford is created.

5/2/01 - Jyslin leaves the Tigers.

4/30/01 - Ozwyck reaches levels 4, 5, 6 and 7.

4/27/01 - Okk posts the wisdom of glop. Tiax slays a minotaur guard for MM42.

4/26/01 - Kantor kicks a weasel to death for Mage level 26.

4/18/01 - Evelyne retires from TFC.

4/14/01 - Katja is re-created and re-joins Bliss.

4/13/01 - Sirus is created.

4/12/01 - Dijul joins the Dreamwalkers.

4/11/01 - Azeworai levels to 17 mage and gets max hit points.

4/10/01 - Legolas and Fiend join the Dreamwalkers.

4/7/01 - Brahma levels to Ma:17\ Wa:11. Boromir reaches Ma:20\Th:18\Ra:21. Skeeve slays Fennoch for MM#64, after several failed magman targets.

4/6/01 - Sabella posts some poetry. Hornblower graciously gifts Cordir with custody of his prized Fire-Lizard, Teina. Leif triples: Th: 1\Cl:18\Ra:15. Allanon gossips (in common), 'I once again awoke believing myself the king of all that surrounds me'. Maxine reaches Cl:20\Wa:21. Athorne completes 10 mob masteries in a row: A shapeshifter, The student, Chthonian Aegis, Paladin's Squire, The emporers wife, Vrock, The cloaker, "Can't remember the other one or two, and finally failed on the Skeleton something or other"

4/5/01 - Ren levels twice to Wa:15\Cl:14. Xavier reaches CL:30

4/4/01 - Valo levels to Ra:26 Th: 9 Ma:2. Melfice Vian'shi, levels to Cl:21\Ra:20. Skeeve levels to Ma:25\Wa:24\Th:24 - gaining a train and max HP, and casts Meteor Swarm for the first time.

4/3/01 - Lins completes another 2 mob masteries: #55 - Skoale the Swashbuckler - and #56 - a narwhale. Skeeve actually went out and got EXP. Phil gossips (in common), 'Wolfgang found himself in The Cell of Torment (NOTRANS,SAFE,NOSPELL, So Gytar, Arkanis and myself went to River of Despair and explored till we found his cell, and got the key.' Asmodeon walks to Jack all by himself and duals. Judgement gets his 3rd mob mastery by slaying a female elf.

4/2/01 - Lins completes 3 mob mastery quests: #52 (a magman), #53 (a traveller) and #54 (a narwhale). Clue kills a Roc for MM#51. Wolfgang slays Scairz for MM#89, the exp for which pushes him to Th:25\Wa:30\Ma:30 Tyrell completes 5 mob masteries in a row: A Bodyguard in Aran, a couatl, a Ruffian at the Adventurer's Inn, Captain Trag in DH, and the Tribal Witch Doctor. Judgement gets a duckling for his 2nd mob mastery. Mael finds a +5 damage sash while out random-hunting. Darklord levels to 6 cleric. 4/1/01 - Gytar levels to 30th Ordained, reaching effective level 50, by slaying Ober for a Mob Mastery. Congratulations, Gytar, on the highst level of mortal achievement!!!

3/31/01 - Legolas and Avoozl are created. Lins completes MM # 48 - a couatl, and for # 49 - Odir, which leveled him to Wa:26\Cl:30. Revenge joins Bliss. Dracos levels thief twice, reaching Th: 5 \Wa:30\ Cl:30. Kritek is created.

3/30/01 - Elise levels to Ma:21\Wa:23\Th:20. Bliss's following completes a quest: Mael takes first place, Lins gets 2nd, and Antryg obtains 3rd.

3/29/01 - Khoth is created.

3/28/01 - Okk posts "In dreams and joy and reverie...". Maimer and MikGub join the Tigers. Dazzle of Fate slays an Ofcol Cityguard to reach Cl:21\Wa:18. Gabriel completes Mob Masteries #61 (Captain Commander), 62 (knight templar), and 63 (midgaard assassin), receiving nearly 5,500 exp in 15 minutes. Kantor slays the Lineoth Camp Leader for 2716 experience pointsand MM#87. Dracos triples to thief. Raynor dies in the Strands of Matter (just in front of Ebencaleneezer's home), and after two brave attempts, Wolfgang recovers the corpse.

3/27/01 - Phil Anthropist, White Knight of Unity reaches effective 40th (Wa:30/Cl:30) Kantor slays Shadres to reach Wa:30\Th:25\Ma:25. Dogdaze reaches level 28, and Athorne slays the Green Troll of the Ogre Fens as his target for MM 25. Jaerith was created. Asmodeon is created. Tramp and Mentledo join the Dreamwalkers.

3/26/01 - Gabriel levels twice, reaching Th:14\Wa:30\Ma:3. Gytar reaches Ordained level 29. Belsamber Bloodstar levels twice to reach Ma:6.Kudican joins the Tigers. Spire levels to 5 thief.

3/25/01 - Boromir slays a Rakasta Warrior for MM#28.

3/24/01- Stimpy leveled to 14th cleric/11warrior and got 19hps/15ma/7pracs/1train

3/23/01 - Phil completes Mob Mastery#33, An Ogre Concubine. Shailyn of the Tigers dies in Demon Realm. Noctus of the Chosen goes in alone to try and regain the corpse. He is unable to do so, but does retrieve some of the belongings of another Tiger who had died there. A Savage Woman is slain by Tyrell for Mob Mastery #40. Lins reaches Cl:30 Wa:23. Judgement completes his first mob mastery quest - a hoarde of maggots.

3/22/01 - Ghazkull and Evelyne are wed, and you can see the log on the Dreamwalker's site. Tynian posts a note to all titled Endgame, alerting the mud to potential Global Crossing issues. Gup talks in "Australian" a lot. Bragadoran joins the tigers. Melfice Vian'shi reaches Cl:19\Ra:15.

3/21/01 - Spire levels to Th:3 Ma:15. Kantor slays the Lineoth Camp Leader for MM86. Wistom levels twice to reach Wa:10\Sh:30. Rath slays Jair the Librarian to reach MM#91.

3/20/01 - Glathrorn levels to 7 thief. Spire levels to Th:2 Ma:15

3/19/01 - Spire duals to thief. Wistom reaches Wa: 5\Sh:30. Quixletobia accidentally wears a ring of stasis. Grismal triples to thief.

3/18/01 - Quarnel levels to 21 cleric and gets max mana. Mija wins a scavenger quest. Kaju levels to 13 shaman.

3/17/01 - Alex, Lost Soul of Fate reaches Ma:17\Th:15\Wa:15. Gabriel completes mob mastery quests #58 - a Fire Elemental and #59, Unwro, and also levels twice, reaching Th:10\Wa:30\Ma:30. Tien of Fate completes 3 mob masteries: guard of malenest #20, #21 - shamanic guard, #22 a thief.

3/16/01 - TeWhareMate reaches Ma:11. Wistom duals to Warrior, and levels 3 times.

3/15/01- Tranquility Rose, Handmaiden of Cordir, reaches Th:20\ Sh:21. Chalice joins the Tigers. Alex, Lost Soul of Fate reaches Ma:16\Th:15\Wa:15. Qball completes MM#39 - a Carrion Crawler, and 40, a Knight, although he failed at #41, a bodyguard. CrunchJr levels to 11 warrior.

3/14/01 - Wolfgang completes mob masterys 85, 86, and 87. Galatea reaches Ma:10/Th:10.Qball reaches Wa:21\Th:20\Ma:20.

3/13/01 - Noctus receives his Triat Mastery Quest - warning, quite long! Phil completes Mob Mastery quests 24 (A duergar hunter), 25 (the Ghost of Bandobaras Took) and 26 (a guardian Ant). Kantor slays the Lighthouse Keeper for MM#83 and 2700 exp. Tien Shinhan of the Chosen levels to Wa:18\ Cl:20 and gets a train! Azeworai reaches Ma:16 . Alex of the Chosen reaches Ma:15\Th:15\Wa:15. Azuroth apostatizes from Bliss, and looses 5 levels. Zeks levels to Cl:17. Draven and Oganoan join the Dreamwalkers. Azeworai levels to 16 mage.

3/12/01 - Dracos slays Neuse for Level 60 MM. Bubba Lin reaches Th:17\Sh:30\Wa:30. Red Baron slays his very first "Death will thank you for your gift" considered mob. Dracos reaches effective 40th. DogDaze reaches Sh:25. Democritus apostatizes from Bliss. Cirth of the Chosen reaches Mage 27. Mael joins Bliss. Nalor joins the Tigers.

3/11/01 - Myronides posts the following note to all :(

3/10/01- Lins levels to Cl:26\Wa:23. Tyrell reaches Th: 7\ Ma:22\ Wa:17. Tokugawa hosts a game of Cat And Mouse.... the winners were Nepos and Craige, who found Alex, and Aries, who was not found at all. Cordir teases Okenfold on gossip about his claim of being "all powerful". This continues into a conversation about how he got a scratched retina and has to use CAPS all the time. IT was a rather odd conversation.

3/9/01 - Devilsbane - a prior worshipper of PAIN - joins the Black Conclave. Adso of Fate slays the Mystocrat of Kuroth and reaches effective 40th: Wa:30\Ma:30. Alex of Fate reaches Wa:12\Th:15\Ma:15. Kantor slays Emperor Salias to reach Wa:29\ Th:25\ Ma:25. Cleon of Fate reaches Cl:21\Wa:20. Azeworai levels to 15 mage and gets a train.

3/8/01 - Shabba, Masodent and Kaju join the Dreamwalkers. Spire levels to 15 mage. Azeworai levels to 14 mage.

3/7/01 - Goku and Sparky join the Dreamwalkers. Azeworai levels to 13 mage. Tyrell of the Tigers - a wee fellow of Th: 5\Ma:22\Wa:1 level - slays the Ruler of the Lightning Elementals... solo, then reaches Th: 6\Ma:22\Wa:17.

3/6/01 - Azeworai levels to 12 mage. Noctus of the Chosen of Fate reaches effective 40th level. Rashiel apostatizes from the Black Conclave. Pitt slays Tuff the Champion for MM#60 and the Midgaard Assassin for #61. Kerriariadne reaches Ra:29\Ma:29. Dorrian Nightblade reaches Ma:15 Wa:15. Myronides, Allanon, and Rashiel join Bliss. Tyrell hunts down a savage warrior for MM#38. Tien slays a half-elf mage for his 18th mob mastery.

3/5/01 - The selection of the Dreamwalker's first ordained, Azeworai, is announced in the following board note.

3/4/01 - Phil of Unity reaches Cl:30/Wa:27

3/3/01 - Tylorn is restored. Azeworai and Armalag join the Dreamwalkers. Pezquest 18 begins! Alex levels to Th:15\Wa:10\Ma:15 and takes up the entry quest to join the Chosen of Fate. Three hours later, he's done, and is accepted. Xavier slays an Ogre Warrior for MM#42. Cleon of the Chosen reaches Wa:19\Cl:20.

3/2/01 - About mid-morning mudtime, Tynian posts a note to all titled Examples, in which among other things he announces that Malin has been deleted. Rumor has it that later that night Qithlorien posts a retirement note, which he quickly deletes. Tylorn is deleted. Later that evening, Asia is retired. Here are more notes regarding this from various people. Azeworai is created. Grismal rejoins the Tigers. Noctus of the Chosen reaches Wa:29/Cl:30. Cleon of the Chosen reaches Wa:18\Cl:20. Xavier levels to Cl:29. Gaelin reaches Ra: 6\Ma:15.

3/1/01 - Sivan joins the Dreamwalkers. Elise reaches Wa:20\ Th:15 \Ma:19 and gains a train!

2/28/01 - Phyrexia joins the Dreamwalkers. Allanon announces his Un-Retirement.

2/27/01 - Phyrexia is created. Evelyne re-accepts Ghazkull's proposal via board note, saying that she "would love to marry the NICEST man on TFC." The wedding date is TBA.

2/26/01 - Ghazkull re-proposes to Evelyne via a board note. QBall levels, reaching Wa:19\Th:20\Ma:20 . Xercedial the Giant levels to Wa: 3\Sh:14. Cleon of Fate levels to Cl:20/Wa:14, receiving MaxMana, switches classes, and levels Warrior to 15.

2/25/01 - QBall levels again, reaching Wa:20\Th:20\Ma:20 . Micah slays a Killer Bee for MM#35. William apostatized today from Conclave and joined Bliss. Wistom attempts to slay the Yellow Dragon for a mob mastery, but as has been the case his last 5 mob mastery attempts, an Area spell disrupts the quest, and he fails. Bubba Lin reaches Th:11\Sh:30\Wa:30. Dazzle of the Chosen reaches Wa:18\Cl:18. Cleon of the Chosen reaches Wa:16/Cl:20, and a train.

2/23/01 - Crinos levels to Th:15 Ra:9 Ma:15.

2/22/01 - Tynian checks in 3.70d, which fixes "a crash-severity bug related to scroll use". Kicks is created, a reincarnation of Kick. Artemis is created. Cleon of Fate levels to Cl:19/Wa:14, receiving MaxMana.

2/21/01 - Crinos The Puffed Corn Cheeze Snack of DreamWalker levels to Th:14 Ra:9 Ma:15. Kith reaches Ma:4/Th:12. Bliss's temple is installed, and she has a lovely time creating holy symbols for all of her followers as they enter the Realm. Bubba Lin reaches Th:10/Sh:30/Wa:30. Jeoren kills nearly 20 mountain goats before finding the right one for his mob mastery #7. Shailyn of the Tigers reaches Cl: 4/Ra:11.

2/20/01 - Darkwing makes Tamar flee by singing dwarven drinking songs in the Refuge. Rashiel posts an OOC note... Cleon Venabili of the Chosen of Fate reaches Cl:18/Wa:14 . Tirayel of the Chosen hosts a story telling contest. First place goes to Brianna of the Tigers, second place to Cirth of the Chosen, and third place to Gregar of the Tigers. Chalice the Tiger reaches Cl: 8/Wa:12 . Shailyn joins the Tigers. Dargavyl the Elf reaches Cl:11/Ra: 9 . Bubba Lin, "Master of the Conclave of Trashite" reaches Th: 8/Sh:30/Wa:30 . Zaenaida Macroura leveled to Mage 9, and gained a perfect level, with extra hit points, mana, pracs and a train!

2/19/01 - The Conclave holds a "Day of Deception", using fake titles from other followings, and telling some people that Molo retired. As a result, Edge is merrily sent about the mud by Bliss, his "new" goddess, fetching chocolate for all the ladies. In return, Keat becomes Grand KFC of the Black Conclave. Pez announces that the current PezQuest 8 jackpot is 310K. Darkmoon's RL baby is made #1 in a cute baby contest. Arioch loses 5 levels in order to be reformed from Pain. Crinos levels to Th:13 Ra:9 Ma:15. Chee reaches level 18 ranger. Democritus posts a revelation. Cleon Venabili of the Chosen of Fate reaches Cl:17/Wa:14 . Jashon slays a miner for MM25. Ghazkull uses his very first enchant scroll. = ) Dargavyl the Elf reaches Ra: 6/Cl: 9, leveling 6 times in one day.

2/18/01 - Tynian checks in version 3.70c, which adds Bliss' temple entrance. Celia Joins the Chosen of Fate! Kerriariadne slays a cloaker for Mob Mastery #38 and 994 exp!

2/17/01 - Stafellayinn reaches Ra:21 Th:18 Ma:18. Tirayel runs a Storytelling Contest! (Warning, Quite Large) Paython reaches Cl:19/Wa:15 . Glycerine reaches Wa:13 and later that day, joins the Tigers . Gaelin reaches Ra: 3 Ma:1. Cinder reaches Ra: 5/Ma:12. QBall reaches 834 years, or 1644 hoursof play. Edge reaches Th:18/ Wa:20/ Ma:22.

2/15/01 - Chee, Helaman and Spire join the Dreamwalkers. Bubba reaches Th: 6/Sh:30/Wa:30. Lins joins the Coven. Kantor becomes the first Mortal to ever slay the Each-Uisge. Cl:19 Wa:15 Glycerine joins the Tiger. Valo reaches Ra:25/Ma:25, Ascending from "Woodsman" to "Warden" of the Black Conclave. Talyn joins the Tigers.

2/14/01 - Khore retires, rather undramatically. Sethvir joins the Tigers.

2/13/01 - Stafellayinn levels to Ra:20 Th:18 Ma:18 and turns 1725 years old. Glycerine levels twice to reach Wa:11 . Quixletobia kills her very first orc. Xavier wishes it noted that he's level 28 and "special." Zoah levels 5 times in one second, springing from 3rd to 8th.Drago joins the Coven.

2/12/01 - Clue reaches 1800 years of age. Glycerine reaches Wa: 9. Ghazkull declares that due to inactivity on her part, he has decided to cancel his wedding to Evelyne. Lins apostatizes and leaves Unity. Noctus completes mob mastery #71, slaying Thengar. He then levels to Wa:26/Cl:30. Gregar T'sarran speaks Geasa before the Weaver.

2/11/01 - Tynian checks in version 3.70b, which fixes a "serious problem with apostatize working on the non-current class". Darkmoon reaches 1200 years of age. Gaelin the Half-Elf reaches Ma:15. Chee reaches Ra:17. Maelmoran reaches 5th. 2/17/01 : Morimox completes a number of mob mastery quests: Cardinal Auroron-50, magman-51, Bigfoot-52, Roc-53, Julius-54, an air elemental-55, Ugg-56, Gertek-57, Miri-58 .

2/10/01 - Marisa's RL improves significantly ;)  Maelmoran is created. Mallard apostatizes, leaving the Conclave. Mallard apostatizes from the Black Conclave.

2/9/01 - Drizzt announces his retirement for the second time in the following note. Maldobar, Katrana, and Vhirrek kill Justice. Tynian checks in version 3.70 and 3.70a. Dracos reaches 1,000,000 exp earned after 355 hours of play. Kerriariadne obtains mobmaster #37 - Jill - for 1070 xp. Solaron reaches Cl:8. Bubba Lin of the Coven triples. Th: 1 Sh:30 Wa:30.

2/8/01 - Dracos reaches Cl:29/Wa:27. Sneeky declares his love for Jyslin Tsarran-Sturdivant, Trap's Silver Vixen.

2/7/01 - Noctus of the Chosen reaches 30th level Cleric. Palin D'heknoke recieves Jet's note, visiting the Realm for the first time in many months, and accepts the apology. Treehugger joins the Tigers. Critical and Alderson both Apostatize from the Conclave. Pan joins the Black Conclave. Dorrian reaches Wa: 6 Ma: 9. Ephiny reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Farakhan levels to 10 mage. Valo reaches Ra:24 Ma:23.

2/6/01 - Tynian posts the following email to the TFC mailing list. Heed joins the Tigers.

2/5/01 - Jet writes a note of apology to Palin D'henoke for his attack. Heed joins the Tigers. Spire is created.

2/4/01 - Kerriariadne completes her 35th mobmaster, a knight for 1026 xp. Khorlan completes MM#73 and #74 Noctus slays Fitzwalter for MM70. Sabella joins the Tigers. QBall reaches Wa:17/Th:20/Ma:20. Corri speaks to the Weaver. (Warning, Quite Large)

2/3/01 - Bliss reaches Intermediate Power. The Chosen hold their second "Fateful Hour" and 3 more Chosen renew and revise their Geasa. Valo reaches Ma:22/ Ra:23 . Solaron is created. Katrana, Grand Shamaness of the Black Conclave, reaches Wa:22 Sh:30, and completes MM#13. Cleon and Solaron join the Chosen of Fate. Quixletobia reaches Ra:15 Ma:15, and is pk'd shortly thereafter. Dante slays a skeletal horse of Tier Sh'Halen for MM#3. Ghazkull reaches Ma: 7 Ra:11 by slaying a peacekeeper.

2/2/01 - Clue joins the Chosen of Fate amidst much rejoicing and bouncing. Treehugger reaches Cl:9/Wa:13. Krom joins the Tigers.

2/1/01 - Morimox reaches Th:24 Wa:30 Ma:30 and completes mobmaster 42. Padishar levels to 4 & 5 mage. Ludicrous is created and levels to 3 warrior. Elise reaches Wa:19 Th:15 Ma:15. Alderson completes mobmaster 22. Dracos completes mobmaster 45. Khyl joins the Black Conclave.

1/31/01 - Morimox joins Asia. Bishop reaches 4, 5 & 6 mage. Xepo levels to 10 mage. Talyn levels to 16 cleric. Bengal levels to 8 warrior. Maldobar levels to effective 50 (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30). Demian & QBall join the Tigers.

1/30/01 - The first "Fateful Hour" is held. Several Chosen renew or revise their Geasa. Tranquility reaches Sh:21/Th:19. Ghazkull reaches Ma: 7 Ra:11. Awai levels to 7 shaman.

1/29/01 - Malin's retiremenet takes effect. The "last killed" portion of deathtoll can no longer be viewed by mortals. The apostatize command is added, and Tynian explains in version 3.69 that "This command will allow a mortal to reform with level loss, without the assistance from a Greater God+. There are several circumstances in which 'apostatize' will not work, including excessive use, not being high enough level (dual-class), having lost levels to regain, or being ordained. In most circumstances, however, it will be possible to self-reform with level loss. Typing 'apostatize' will give instructions, and whether you are eligible to use the command. I will also add the ability to be able to reform at no cost in the future, if your god is inactive, or under other limited circumstances." Morgant reaches Wa:9. Valo reaches Ra:21 Ma:20. Sabella is granted a god+ reform from the Black Conclave. Valo reaches Ra:22 Ma:20. Gregar of the Tigers accepts Tranquility of Fate as his shamanic apprentice. Bishop is created.

1/27/01 - Plato becomes Attendant to The Chosen of Fate and Cordir. Wish reaches Wa:29/Ma:25. Fight reaches Cl: 26/Wa: 25. Khorlan slays the scribe for MM70. Plato and Cordir play ping-pong with Boromir. The Twins Nighthawk and Silverthorne were born into the realm under the family title of Shadowdancer. Grim is killed by Grimdale the ancient king. Shorn is named to the Anathema. WHO LIST

1/26/01 - Whitehawk is promoted to Attendant of Robert! Pez names Stafellayinn his official sidekick and biographer, and he also reaches level 5 cleric again. Antryg, Gertrude, Ratchus, Pasmin & Gwenhwyfar join Bliss. Markoon joins Robert. Destin posts the following note to all. Grindel levels to 15 shaman, and then later to 11 thief. Oganoan levels to 4 & 5 warrior. Sir levels to 7 mage. Morimox levels to 23 thief (Th:23 Wa:30 Ma:30). Talyn reaches 9 cleric. Zeks levels to 11 cleric. Mauler levels to 15 warrior. Edge levels to 19 warrior (Wa:19 Th:18 Ma:22). Cordir accidentally silences Vorax instead of the player he was reporting problems with. *blush* Nayr fixes it within an hour of the silencing. Trinity reaches Ma:24/Wa:30. Antryg joins Bliss.

1/25/01 - Malin posts a retirement note to all. Jahar joins Asia. Cassandra & Elistan join Bliss. Kerriariadne reaches Ma:26 Ra:27. Sethvir levels to 21 shaman (Sh:21 Ra:15). Noctus reaches Cl:29 Wa:25, receiving max mana and max hit. Azeroth levels to mage 4 & 5. Lins levels to Wa:19 Cl:25. Bigtoe levels to 4, 5 & 6 warrior. RedBaron reaches Ma:13 Ra:15. Morgant is created and reaches level 6 warrior. Anvil levels to 11 warrior. Antryg reaches 4 mage. TFC crashes 5 times.

1/24/01 - A wizlist from this day. Themiscrya levels to 12 ranger. Mauler reaches Wa:14 Cl:14. Destin, Hybrid, Azuroth, Jet, Sorsha & Majere worship Bliss. Plato and Cordir post notes requesting that Plato be made Attendant to the Chosen. Bubba is unsilenced and restored to Wa:30/Cl:30, and promptly joins Bliss's Ash Moon.

1/23/01 - Tynian posts a version note explaining various bugfixes. Bubba, Fulcrath, Keldor, Ibram & Losban join Bliss. A gathering of the Dreamwalkers is held in the Refuge to promote the cause of good. Much spam and many ideas ensue. Quarnel joins the Dreamwalkers. Anvil levels to 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 warrior. Quixletobia reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. RedBaron reaches Ma:12 Ra:15. Fweep reaches Cl:24 Wa:17. Jyslin levels to cleric 12. Talyn levels to 7 & 8 cleric. Laikeisha levels to 8 & 9 mage and joins Bliss. Muknuggle reaches Sh:18 Wa:15 Th:15. Russia reaches Th: 8 Ma:21 Wa:30. Valo reaches Ma:17 Ra:20. Antryg is created. Bigtoe is created. Bliss posts BlissPoll 2001. Erkenbrand completes mobmastery 9.

1/22/01 - Bliss is promoted to Demigoddess, starting an evil-aligned chocolate-oriented following. Her first follower is Melisa. Her initial following description (available by typing finfo Bliss) is: "Bliss, leader of The Coven of the Ash Moon: The Coven is a close-knit group of spellcasters who strive for expertise in the dark arts. While its members enjoy their privacy, they will gladly share their knowledge of the realm with anyone who asks. However, while they do not actively seek to harm anyone, once one of the Coven has been harmed, the aggressors and those closest to them, will be cursed for all eternity." Vorax reaches 282 Ambassador hours. Kith levels to Ma: 3 Th:12 , and joins the Ash Moon Coven. Talyn is created. Janx joins the Tigers.

1/21/01 - Rykken named Anathema for third attack on a Chosen. Adso accepts a Triat Mastery quest from Cordir. The Conclave HC revises entry requirements.

1/20/01 - Felice reaches Wa:4/CL:11. Onyx is blacklisted by the Conclave. Seth reaches 15th level warrior, and is granted permission by Tripper to join the SOBs - Striped Ogre Brigade - the brainchild of the Tiger Ogres. Kerriariadne completes MM#34 - a Cloaker - for 874 exp. That, Tholbar, and Xandi join the Tigers. Version announcements are now available at

1/19/01 - Version 3.67j is checked in, which takes care of several fixes. Heero, Bigtoe, Shamar and Flood join the Dreamwalkers. Molo posts the following note to all about membership requirements for the Conclave. Gabriel levels to 12 ordained. Azmodin reaches Ma:21 Wa:18. Gaelin levels to 11 mage. Chrono levels to 4 & 5 ranger. Isoto reaches Wa: 10 Cl: 9. Zenin completes mobmaster 5. Dante completes mobmaster 30. Glathrorn completes mobmaster 9. Molo announces on gossip that he has "2,026kg of equipment in 696 items". Kaye obtains effective 40th level (Ra:30/Cl:30). Valo levels three times, reaching Ra:19/Ma:15. Kerriariadne completes MobMastery #33 - an Ogre Concubine - for 924 exp. Daisy & Ephiny join the Tigers.

1/18/01 - Sacarre, Doc and Oscar join Tripper. Blackblade, Snappy, Countchocula and Abaddon join the Dreamwalkers. Hookah returns briefly to the realm. Kantor completes mobmasters 74 & 75. Twinklefire completes mobmaster 12. Saroth reaches Ma:23 Ra:18. Quarnel reaches Wa:17 Cl:20. Ephiny reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Tholbar reaches Cl:28 Wa:15. Winter levels to mage 5 (Ma: 5 Wa:10 Th: 9). Eddy levels to 5 mage (Ma: 4 Ra:11). Chrono is created and levels to 3 ranger. Aragorn levels to 5 warrior. Zeks levels to 8 cleric. Galithandril posts a retirement note. Gabriel reaches level 12 Ordained.

1/17/01 - Larry is retired due to inactivity. Arioch leaves Wind and joins Solanthas. Later that day, Solanthas posts a retirement note, as do Nicademus and Natas. Blackblade reaches Th: 7 Sh:24. Thel levels to 11 warrior. William reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Losban levels to 8 mage. Stafellayinn levels to 8 mage. Helm levels to 14 warrior. Zeks is created. Plane joins the Tigers.

1/16/01 - Jezra and Raist join the Tigers.

1/15/01 - Stafellayinn is restored to his former levels as a triple-classer and re-joins the Dreamwalkers.

1/14/01 - Pez is re-created. Gabriel reaches level 11 Ordained.

1/13/01 - Gabriel reaches level 10 Ordained. Seth joins the Tigers.

1/12/01 - Shamar & Democritus are created.

1/10/01 - Cordir regains net access at home and returns to TFC. Kurupt joins the Tigers.

1/9/01 - Gregar T'sarran joins the Tigers.

1/8/02 - Goblez joins the Tigers.

1/7/01 - Fweep and Dragonspawn join the Tigers.

1/6/01 - Version 3.67g is checked in. Some of the fixes include: cant, soul sense, detect good and detect evil, and good-only and evil-only rooms. Changes made to bounty hunters so that they can no longer be used to experience on without a repop.

1/5/01 - Stafellayinn returns to TFC after a long absence and joins the Dreamwalkers. Omnipotence is named Anathema for the murder of a Chosen.

1/4/01- Drago is created.

1/3/01 - Jyslin the Silver Vixen beloved of Trap, returns to TFC.

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