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TFC Historical Timeline 2000

12/31/00 - Eddy is created.

12/30/00 - Gaelin is created.

12/24/00 - Drizzt posts "Echo from the Top Floor".

12/22/00 - Vorax promoted to Ambassador.

12/20/00 - Chee, Valo and Dargavyl are created.

12/17/00 - Sacaras reaches effective 20th.

12/13/00 - Gabriel is Ordained.

12/11/00 - Arioch is created.

12/7/00 - Judgement is created.

11/27/00 - Nyx slays a traveller for Mob Mastery #54, earning 1595 exp.

11/24/00 - Pitt completes three Mob Mastery quests - #50, a tribal witchdoctor. #51, Heim's wife. #52, an Instructor. Nyx reaches effective level 38. Grug is created.

11/22/00 - Pitt slays Orina to level for 25th shaman, effective level 36 (25/20/15)

11/20/00 - A who list from this day.

11/13/00 - Khore posts "Remembering October".

11/6/00 - Biased is re-created.

11/1/00 - Silonch's heart is obtained by the Tigers. Mass chaos ensues and threats are levied against the Tigers should it not be returned to Tylorn. Cordir talks to Silonch about the situation. Maimer reaches MM88, slaying the Lighthouse Keeper.

10/31/00 - A Costume Contest is held. Nayr and Cordir are judges. Khorlan reaches level 7 Ordained. Gregar is cast out of the Chosen. Bliss is promoted to Attendant. Adso slays the Divine Theologian for MM86. Wistom completes a quest for Ordainment, the ceremony to follow at a later date. Valentine reaches Wa:22/Th:1/Ma:20.

10/30/00 - Rath kills the Lighthouse Keeper again for MM88. Marisapoll is published to immortals as a joke. Selune reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Symon levels to 8 mage and completes his first mobmaster. Klavier reaches Wa: 3 Sh:30 Th:20. Plerius levels to 5 shaman. Etrea is created. Mim levels to 7 thief. Micah completes mobmaster 4. Poacher completes mobmasters 38, 39 & 40. Izual completes mobmaster 7.

10/29/00 - Symon is created. Craige slays the Ghost of a Coatl for MM40. Rath slays the Divine Theologian twice for MM85 & 86, and the Lighthouse Keeper for MM87. Exerpod dies in Sanguinna, and Gabriel retrieves the corpse. Grimace discovers the Old Took's hidden Treasure.

10/28/00 - Whitehawk is promoted to Ambassador! Tessal levels to 4 mage. Rykken levels to 25. Charles reaches Sh:14 Wa:10. Mim is created.

10/27/00 - Keat reaches Wa:22. Blackflame the newbie Thug is created.

10/26/00 - Hybrid is created.

10/24/00 - "Bubba the Reborn" reaches 3rd level. Tamar gives Whitehawk "a Goddessly kiss" which leaves him paralyzed, according to the stunned fellow.

10/23/00 - Snappy reaches Cl:17/Wa:15.

10/22/00 - BlissPoll2000A is released.

10/21/00 - Whitehawk and Aoife are wed by Cordir in a rather impromptu ceremony. Makavalli and Vincent are coolered for various offenses including inappropriate notes, insults to Immortals, foul language, breaking following rules, spamming, etc. Ephiny joins WIND. Anduin levels to Cl:24/Wa:9. Stu reaches Cl:11/Wa:15.

10/20/00 - Vhirrek reaches 1000 hours of play.

10/19/00 - Pitt slays Kappa for MM46. Vorax gets bored and kills Borlan solo.

10/17/00 - Gytar reaches Ordained level 16. Rath slays the Headmaster for Mob Mastery #84.

10/16/00 - Plato Petitions for Immortality. Wistom is ordained "White Tiger" by Tripper. Adso of Fate slays the Lighthouse Keeper for MM#85. Lyim posts Promises. Drizzt posts Hopelessly Lost. DarkClaw posts a Retirement Note.

10/15/00 - Okk posts "Reverence". Tynian posts the version note for V.3.67f

10/14/00 - Tripper completes 1000 hours as a Demi God.

10/13/00 - Silonch posts "How Deep is the Knowing.

10/11/00 - Duvel posts a note to all about Nashism. Whitehawk Petitions for Immortality. a WHO list from today - note, it was a Conclave "Day of Deception". Cronus has advanced to level 6.Valentine levels to 15th. Cordir holds a small trivia contest for one participant - Rath.

10/10/00 - Alex is created. Gytar reaches Ordained 15th. Eliza, Wade, and Tyrell join the Tigers. Wistom (Choo Choo Tiger) reaches 30th level Shaman.

10/9/00 - Conrad joins the Tigers. Jazek is created.

10/8/00 - Emaleth joins the Tigers.

10/7/00 - Blisspoll 2000 is posted and Tripper posts a poll of his own in response.

10/5/00 - Gregar of Fate fights, kills, and bags the Great Dhole as a present to lighten Lady Cordir's mood.

10/4/00 - Volkov reaches Wa:27/Sh:24.

10/1/00 - A WHO list.

9/28/00 - Rath completes 5 mob masteries, one right after the other, spamming the mud. Revenant posts "The Infidel".

9/27/00 - A who list from this day. Lunatic and Synge are named Anathema.

9/22/00 - Tirpitz fails Mob Mastery 41 "for the 20th time." Bliss reaches 264 hours as an Ambassador. Witchdoctor reaches Sh:24/Th:20/Wa:20.

9/21/00 - Moonman is created. Maldobar reaches Th:26/Wa:30/Ma:30 and gains a train. Volkov reaches Level 25. Egar reaches Wa:24. Santiago completes 3 more mob masteries - a patrol guard, giant eagle, and duergar urchin for 10, 11, & 12th MMs.

9/20/00 - Santiago slays a Sea Gull for MM8, and later that day reaches 14th level.

9/19/00 - Tia is created. Vorax proposes to Sune. She accepts! Santiago completes mob masteries 3 through 7. (elven infant, grey fox, ogre choid, bee, gnat)

9/18/00 - Santiago reaches 13th level

9/17/00 - Khorlan is Ordained "Sentinel of the Tigers". From Tripper's note to the Tigers (provided by Tripper): "This night,the 12th day of the month of Jawiliea year of the realm 2431, I, Master of the Tigers, annointed Khorlan Ordained and Sentinel of the Tigers. Khorlan has agreed to take on the duties and responsibilities entrusted upon him with this promotion.As my Ordained, Khorlan is second in command to me, and has the power and authority to issue Orders in my absence. He is to be respected at all times. Khorlan has taken on great repsonsibilites to you Tigers, and has chosen a hard road. His task is difficult and challenging, so give him some peace when he is out EXPing. Khorlan is wise and experienced, but this is new to him. He will make mistakes, but I trust they will be for the right reasons. Support him and help him as he will help you. I am proud of our Sentinel. Gratz Khorlan. "

9/16/00 - Keat dies in Jester's Keep. Adso of Fate braves the billow reeds alone to regain the corpse and return it. Santiago is adopted in the Lin family by Makavalli.

9/15/00 - Santiago reaches level 12.

9/14/00 - Santiago joins the Tigers.

9/12/00 - Keat levels to Wa:20 and gains a train! Asia reaches Greater Power. Trevor of Fate completes Mob Masteries 6 & 7 (elven citizen & a deer).

9/11/00 - Tylorn and Vulcan risk their lives to retrieve Vhirrek's corpse after he dies in Velalisier. Santiago reaches Cl:11. Caspian kills a polar bear for MM#19. Trevor of Fate reaches Sh:5/Wa:12.

9/10/00 - Ronin completes MM#5 through #9, including an army ant, minotaur child, vicious warg, and goblin soldier. Darkangel gets his 'first maim' when backstabbing a mob (newdam). Gregar reaches Wa:7/Sh:30. Santiago kills a small dog for his first mob mastery. Argul dies to the 'ghost of a student'. Revenant regains and returns the corpse. A bit of chaos ensues over Sabella's story. Rath tries to get Cordir to give him a copy, claiming Sabella wouldn't mind. She refuses. Sabella posts a note that no one is getting the story. Khorlan ups the offer to 200k.

9/9/00 - Khorlan offers 100,000 gold to anyone who can provide him with a copy of Sabella's story writing contest entry. Alderson reaches effective level 20 (Cl:14/Wa:16). Gabriel reaches effective 40th level.

9/8/00 - The final entries of the Story Writing contest are collected. Cirth the Pale, Scribe of the Chosen, is the winner! (go here to read his story)

9/7/00 - Arianos completes MM#10.

9/6/00 - DeViant is created.

9/5/00 - Christanius is created. Leila reaches Sh:19/Ra:11. Natia reaches Wa:16. Serinda duals and reaches Ra:2/Ma:15. Arianos reaches Sh:7/Ra:15. Ograk is created.

9/4/00 - Whitehawk and Mimbhan join Tamar. Alderson levels cleric class twice, reaching Cl:12/Wa:15. Turalurayay duals to warrior. Dazzle mobdies to a manor guard. His corpse is stolen. He later mobdies a second time to the Ghost of the Guard Captain while trying to Turn it to help someone out. Arianos reaches Sh:6/Ra:15. Tranquility reaches level 18 thief. Alderson reaches Wa:15/Cl:12

9/3/00 - Mandrake joins the Tigers, and levels to 12th. Keat loans Galaphile 1 million gold, AFTER Galaphile lead him into the wrong room in the Volcano, causing Keat to loose 250 kg worth of weight from containers…

9/2/00 - The first "What If" story is received, written by Whitehawk. A GT is held in Ottawa, with Scorpio, Galaphile, Tien and Grishmo attending. Maldobar regained level 30, and is now level 7 thief. (Th: 7 Ma:30 Wa:30) Minot completes MM21: a Shamanic Guard. Minot tells Cordir (in common), 'I cleverly improv-invised it so it would not be attacked by the other mobs in the area. ---and people said we half-bulls were stoopid. <grin>'. He then completes MM22, also a Shamanic Guard. Mong levels 4 times and reaches Sh:29 Wa:30. Gabriel completes MM 37: "A maid" and 38: Treorn. Darkstarr Rejoined the Tigers tonight after an absence of 300 years. Galaphile swears an oath of brotherhood with Vorax. (Vorax did not confirm this, when asked.) Bizarre stuff happened that night... including the following conversation: Daelin gossips (in common), 'Okay.. well it all started back in the 6th grade when I worked as a hostess at a strip club'. Abaddon gossips (in common), 'thats so wrong'. Cordir gossips, 'Oh dear. For once I agree with Abaddon.'. Abaddon tells Cordir (in common), 'this moment should be on your timeline "time and date - Cordir agreed with abaddon"'

9/1/00 - Galaphile reaches Wa:12 Th:30 Ma:30. Jubei joins the Black Conclave, becoming " Jubei, Envoy of Sirak, Vile Shadow of the Conclave". Falcor, also previously life's blood, joins the Conclave. Nick duals to warrior, and gains 4 levels. (Wa: 4 Ma: 9) Khore hosts a story contest - "WHAT IF..." The deadline for entries being September 8th. Boyardee regains the ability to post notes after 14 months without it. Mordith gains MM80 - the Master Warrior and also reaches Wa:29 Cl:30 . Thrielz reaches Cl:10. Tien reaches Cl:19 Wa:10 . Vorax leveled to 20th thief and dualed back to warrior. (Wa:30 Th:20 Cl:30).

8/31/00 - Khore has a slight mishap which prevents him from logging in for the majority of the day. No further details are permitted for publication. Nosputtern reaches 300 hours of play. (162 years of age). Vorax reaches Th:19 Wa:30 Cl:30. Nick is created, and reaches 9th level Mage. A storytelling is held in Cordir's office, by Thaygar and Khore (who is finally able to log in. Warning, Khore's story is long and may take a while to load.) Besil is created. Seyton becomes Anathema. Xena is created. A who list from this day.

8/30/00 - Adso completes MM#84, Chromicon the Paladin. Dingbat reaches Sh:18. Whitehawk posts an Immortality Petition. Yar breaks the 100 hour mark of play. Vorax levels twice to Th: 17 and 18 (Th:19 Wa:30 Cl:30 ) Mong reaches 30th level ordained, only the second person to ever do so (Brenick being the first). Imran is created. Bragadorn completes his very first mob mastery quest - a duck. Kantor slays 'a saint bernard' for MM61, which required Mordith summoning him into a section of Nydia that was cleric-only. Kantor explores all of Tier Sh'Halen. Fallen Angel posts My Rebirth.

8/29/00 - Whitehawk levels to effective 40th (Ma:30 Wa:30) and posts an immortality petition. Kevorkian the Chaos Doctor is eaten by the Great White Shark. Serinda levels to Ma:12. Vorax joins PAIN. Omechron is created. Ronin duals to mage.

8/28/00 - Major posts a note titled Introspection. Per a Note from Nayr: The temples and offices of Tel and JohnPaul have been removed, as have the temples of Masher, Elladan, Torchbearer, and Okk. In addition, the areas Mummy Tombs and Tower of Penfold have been removed. Olly levels twice to reach 10th. Humble coolered and silenced for language. Cordir starts collecting data for the time line again.

8/27/00 - Cordir submits her resignation as TFC Webmistress. Amuro coolered for eq-swapping and multi-playing.

8/26/00 - Tynian posts this info in a note to the mailing list: "Beelzebub has been deleted for cheating. His mortal characters have been deleted, as well. He created a capture log of him going to a few thousand rooms as an Attendant. This capture log contained Immortal information that he distributed to other players." Tynian also posts the following info in another note to the mailing list: "I have completed my investigation of Lorna. As previously announced, Lorna and her mortal characters have been deleted. She provided very powerful equipment to one mortal, an online friend of her's, and worked with that mortal and another to pass equipment from her god character to her mortal characters. The two mortals that have been identified and confirmed as collaborators have been dealt with." Kantor completes Mob Mastery #60, slaying the weasel of Nydia.

8/25/00 - Okk announces his retirement in a note and requests the deletion of his characters Endrek and Ugluk. "Dearie Manners" posts a note to the tfc mailing list. Darkstar is created. Harmony Joins the Chosen. Tein Joins the Chosen. 2 WHO LISTs.

8/24/00 - Elrik joins Natas. Tallis logs in :) Okain reaches Th:12 Ma:15 and completes mobmaster 20. Rubicant reaches Ma:28 Th:28 Wa:30. Babu levels to Ma:23/Th:20/Wa:20. Lysander is created. Ronin is created.

8/23/00 - Mith is created. Pez posts "The Grisly Demise of Babs Barella". Porthios is created.

8/22/00 - Cordir discontinues the time line for a while. Victoria visits the outskirts of the Demon Realm by accident, and is followed home by a demon. Trakker Longbow of Fate assists in its removal. Gabriel actually kills the correct Giant Pudding for Mob Mastery #29, then a Vrok for #31, and a dwarven hunter for #31.

8/21/00 - Ugluk posts "Fire Lizard Stew". Morgoth's boat was nearly capsized by the Tempest as he made his way towards the Dark Manor. Plane (a WarDancer) assists Pitt (a member of Life's Blood, and thus a Nashite) with a corpse retrieval in Velelasier, rather than stealing the corpse. Plane proclaims that everyone should not say that he's not a good guy for a period of one week at least. He notes that credit for talking him into returning the corpse should go to Tripper, little did the Lord of the Tiger's realize this. Alderson reaches Wa: 9 Cl:12 . Okain joins Life's Blood. Arianos fails Mob Master #1 for "the twentieth time". Critical reaches effective 20th level. Cordir rechos country music in her temple, and Trakker instantly comes down with plague. Cordir asks the immortals: *ponder* One can only wonder how history would have changed if I had sung Keller country, instead of old english ballads.
Okk tells the immortals: He traded in his helm for a black cowboy hat... Cordir tells Okk, 'He traded in his helm for a black cowboy hat.../ He declared his intent to give Evils a Whack '. Cordir tells Okk, 'He wanted to do it with grace and with style / so he practiced his do-si-do for a while.'. Cordir tells Okk, 'Riding the Range keeping Evils at bay / He'd round up them cattle all night and all day '. Cordir tells Okk, 'He saw them Chaos and Pain in Cahoots / so he stomped them all out in his big cowboy boots'.

8/20/00 - Version 3.67e is checked in.

8/19/00 - A GT is held in Phoenix, with Marisa, Marisa's RL son, Molo, Molo's lawyer, Tynian, Darkmoon & family, and Syla attending. Arianos levels to 15th, and duals to Shaman with the assistance of Nyx. Daelin regales the realm with the 'official' rules for "Sloshball".

8/18/00 - Granger begins a strange mass-suicide, to "prevent" himself from returning to TFC. Other new Tigers in the last week include: Bootmaster (an old Tiger reborn in the Realm), Hornblower, Rhaen, Polanthis, Aphrael, Sneakabout, and Makavalli. Cipher joins Wind. Alderson levesl twice to Wa:3/Cl:12. Arianos is hunted by a carnivorous rose bush. Adso leaps to his rescue and saves him. Tersi gains levels 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Gabriel levels to Ra:27/Ma:30. Seyton levels for the first time after a long absence, gaining Wa:28/Sh:25. Jolynn (the Ex-Barmaid), groups up and exp's her way to Ma:17/Wa:15/Th:16. Tater is created. Mong levels to 30 ordained. Omnipotence joins Asia.

8/17/00 - Lins is created. Salater reaches Wa:5/Sh:11, Dundrave reaches Cl:3/Wa:11, Radagast levels through Mage 13th & 14th level. Trakker slays the Jailor for MM#75. Wistom levels to 25th, killing a Junk Dealer for the final exp. Gunner Ordained by Nicademus: Elf [ Stormbringer ] Gunner Master of Winds

8/16/00 - Nayr announces to the mailing list that vortex exits to Aarakocra City, Cobblestone Square, Elemental Canyon, Frozen Drift, Haon'Dor, Harper's Landing, Hawk Peak, Light-Wood, Longship, Loth-Llorien, Og, Midgaard, Safehaven, Seaside, Skor'lanis, Temple of Isiira, Thalos, and War'loov's Fortress have been removed. Maimer notes that it is a good day for sinners to die. Vhirrek completes Mob Mastery #60, and posts a Petition for Immortality. Xavier is slain by the Ancient Green Dragon - Trakker regains the corpse intact for the little Life's Blood.

8/15/00 - Vorax levels to Th:13/Cl:30/Wa:30. Dundrave joins the Tigers. Kennet levels to Ma:13/Wa:18/Th:27. Ananasi reaches level 27th in one of her classes, but forgets to note which one. Mong levels to Ordained 30th. Cordir creates 'the Seal of the Triat' as a gift to Her Scribe.

8/14/00 - Kalten visits the realm for the first time in a long time. Gytar reaches Ordained level 13. Wish levels to effective 30th. Alderson raises to 5th level, gaining 18 hp, 15 mana, 5 moves, and 5 pracs!

8/13/00 - Tynian announces that Lorna has been deleted for cheating. Tokugawa is promoted to God, and this note is posted to the tfc mailing list about it. Natas' temple entrance is installed when version 3.67c is checked in by Tynian. Darkangel reaches Th: 7 Ma: 9. Bulldog levels to 7 cleric. Ventius levels to 5 mage.

8/12/00 - Nothing in particular happened today.

8/11/00 - Vorax levels to 9th, and gets a train. Nyx completes MM53, slaying a door guard. Ananasi slays Captain Karn for MM41. Aoife reaches effective 30th.

8/10/00 - Gabriel levels both of his classes, reaching Wa:26/Ma:27. Harmony completes 4 mob masteries, going from 26 to 29. Idmaquina is created. Victoria and Yar join the Tigers. Galaphile levels and spends 375,000 gold attempting to regain Thief as his primary class. Skeeve assists the poor confused fellow, and thief is regained at last. Shorn is inducted into the High Council of the Black Conclave, taking "Unholy Crusader" as his title. Vhirrek completes Mob Mastery 58 - an Old Knight. Galaphile reaches Wa:9/Ma:30/Th:30

8/9/00 - Tiax and Greywolf are created. Shorn reaches 30th level.

8/8/00 - Slash actually logs on for a visit. Daggath levels to 4, 5, 6, and 7 in one burst. Taryl is created.

8/7/00 - Tyreth is released from the cooler and begins his penance for Tripper. Anduin is re-created. Shendlas reaches Ma:17/Ra:9. Hidon joins Wind, becoming the first good aligned ogre in known TFC history. Elise levels thief to 13th and 14th. Vorax reaches Th:2, and turns 1000 years old. Marisa dies in Velalasier. An immediate Corpse Rescue is made by Maimer, Abender Stormreaver, Celeborn and Plane. Falcor triples to Thief (Th:1/Wa:20/Cl:22). Natas ordains Nemick after reaching Greater Power Demi God. Lorna challenges Zahar to a dual to test his DA gear. Dwarvenheld reaches Wa:8/Cl:10.

8/6/00 - Floyd is created. Caspian levels to 12 cleric and gets a train. Sneeky levels to 10 thief. Azkral completes mobmasters 35 & 36. Vorax is slain by a member of Chaos, but undaunted, goes on to Triple class to Thief. Claire rejoins the Tigers. Acator reaches 11th level and joins the Dreamweavers. Vixon reaches Cl:24/Wa:19.

8/5/00 - Tripper reaches 1600 years old. Baconbits joins the Tigers. Sneeky levels to 8 thief.

8/4/00 - Lorna gives out 100 free bottles of vodka in the Kitchen. Okk drinks 80 of them. Shortly thereafter, Turalurayay is made the 2nd ordained of Life's Blood. Whitehawk and Areanna are divorced, due to her lack of presence in the Realm. Pol is recreated. (yes, the famous one from 1x & 2x) Tranquility reaches level 18 thief. Alderson reaches Wa:15/Cl:12

8/3/00 - Mandrake joins the Tigers, and levels to 12th. Keat loans Galaphile 1 million gold, AFTER Galaphile lead him into the wrong room in the Volcano, causing Keat to loose 250 kg worth of weight from containers… Galaphile reaches wa:5/Ma:30/Th:30. Natia joins the Black Conclave.

8/2/00 - Nathaniel triples to thief: (th:1/Ma:10/Ra:10). Cistercian reaches Cl:18/Wa:16. Salater is unsilenced after writing an apology. Bubba reaches effective 40th level (Wa:30/Sh:30). Natia is made a member of the Black Ogre Clan by Mekt. Galaphile swears an oath of brotherhood with Vorax. Upon being questioned, Vorax claims to have no idea what Galaphile is talking about

8/1/00 - Nathaniel reaches Ra:8/Ma:10. Lorna creates a giant pudding for Kollen which stalks the guild hall. It is... large. Vhirrek Doombringer is removed from the Anathema list. Pea is created and reaches 4th level. Salater is silenced for extreme foul language over gossip.

7/31/00 - WHO LIST / WIZLIST. Slaughter levels to 5th. Cistercian reaches Cl:17/Wa:16.

7/30/00 - Tynian checks in version 3.67, 3.67a and 3.67b, which, among other things, add the deathtoll command. Riella is created. Galaphile reaches Wa:2/Ma:30/Th:30.

7/29/00 - Galaphile triples to warrior. Steelblade's requested retirement takes effect.

7/28/00 - Bliss, Okk and Marisa try to have a meeting at Ladislaw's. Galaphile reaches effective 40th! His last exp mob for the level was an instructor. He is the third character to make 30/30 Thage. Odin levels to Ma:20/Wa:15. Ananasi levels, bringing her to Ra:26/Th:26/Ma:26. Babu slays the Ghost of Mazar for MM#48. The Chosen become a Lawful Neutral following. Zahar enters the ranks of the Anathema. Bliss reaches 1000 years of age!

7/27/00 - Natas is promoted to DemiGod. His first worshipper is Zahar. Within thirty minutes, Jet, Rubicant, Klavier, Tien and Sorgenied join him. Nicholai reaches effective 50th level. Khore runs a contest: the first to bring him 5 fruits in a bag wins a chance to be teleported five times, and if they survive all five, they win a restring. Ananasi Aleitros of Fate survives the five teleports, and Khore offers double or nothing. After the ninth teleport, Khore grumbles that it hasn't been exciting enough (read, "Ananasi hasn't gotten killed"), and Ananasi makes the mistake of commenting, "Bring on the tenth, fangboy." Khore rifts her; thus, she loses the contest one short of two restrings. He decides to award her one restring for amusing him anyway.

7/26/00 - Tynian checks in a few bug fixes in version 3.66c. Hades joins Larry. BelGarion reaches Th:23/Wa:29/Ma:26. Lyim returned to Mistress Asia's following, after Torchbearer's departure.

7/25/00 - Tynian checks in version 3.66pre-v4, which has a huge number of changes. Teva reaches Ordained 6th level. Klavier suffers from a near fatal bout of food poisoning. Larry is suspected responsible... Lorna holds a sale. 3 baskets with unknown items in them. Daelin purchases the first and third baskets, for 800,000 gold each. His do not hold the big prize: instead, he gets a 39 tick sanct item and a pillow, ave 1, enchanted -9 hit/-9 dam. Mordith purchases the second basket for 400,000 gold. In it are Major Amulets of Anti-Theft, Steadfastness, Health, True Sight, and Blocking, as well as a Minor Amulet of Familiarity, and a Water Breathing amulet. Iso joins Larry. Galaphile does in Velalasier due to a bad recall there. Chico and Trakker rescue the corpse intact.

7/24/00 - Larry is re-promoted to Demigod! Cordir reaches 1600 years of age (3178 hours of play). Torchbearer posts a retirement note. Breunor is created. Babu slays Kaila for MM47. Tripper announced the end of a quest, and gives this report: "The Tiger Random Quest has been a resounding success. It lasted for 2 weeks and ended this past Monday. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those that participated in making the Quest a success. Seventeen Tigers submitted entries to the Quest. 811 Items were submitted for evaluation. 542 items qualified for the quest and were awarded points. A total of 1505.5 points were Awarded. Winners of restrings included: Fen, Khorlan, Wistom, and Teva."

7/23/00 - Teva reaches Ordained 5th.

7/22/00 - Cordir falls to lesser Power. Alyria left Balance to become UA. Lorna's Armor Design Quest ends, and she announces the winners: "For the Metal category, Thalantyr is the winner, with his thoroughly evil and scary theme. For the Leather category, Layla the winner, with her Brute Seductress? theme. For the Humor category, Kollen is the winner. I'm not sure at all what to call his theme. Kollen's item descriptions not only made me laugh out loud, but he went an extra step in creativity and even provided a visual aid with his entry"

7/21/00 - Dantrag is Ordained! Teva reaches 3rd level Ordained. Brenick reaches 1600 years of age. Trakker's Portal reaches Superb from massive over use. Sorgeneid triples to thief.

Week ending 7/21 (specific date unknown) - Lorna reaches 7,000 hours of play "again" after her player file was previously corrupted.

7/20/00 - Version 3.65 note is posted. Addressed issues include: a bug with godmagic swear twist rings, a problem with the mobkill protection code, a problem with improved invis cast by Attend ants, and a modification to the random item pop rate for +4 and greater items. Ssurus is created. Teva reaches 2nd level Ordained. Gregar levels to 6 th, completing the last requirement of his self-imposed Act of Contrition, obtaining the levels with only a weapon and light source.

7/19/00 - Wistom slays an angry druid to reach Sh:22. Teva is ordained the Paladin of the Tigers. Whitehawk and Kollen both reach 1000 years of age.

7/18/00 - Russia reaches 240 years of age. Gytar, Medic D1 of Unity, reaches Ordained: 6/ Cl:30

7/17/00 - Khore posts a response to "expectations" on the tfc mailing list. Tirayel joins the Chosen of Fate. Russia levels to Wa:27 / Ma:21. Mordith slays a Master Mage for MM#78

7/16/00 - Solid joins the Tigers

7/15/00 - A GT is held in Newport Beach, California, with Marisa, Myronides, Berrin, Tokugawa and Xaviera attending. Dantrag reaches 40th level!

7/14/00 - Nyx slays a warrior monk for MM 52. Shendlas reaches Rn :9, then duals to mage.

7/13/00 - Bliss is promoted to Ambassador! Nyx slays Rufus, Oprah, and an Instructor for MMs 49, 50, and 51. The VOW code is removed, thus making Fei the last individual to ever Vow and complete the quest, becoming an Initiate.

7/12/00 - Lionheart joins Unity.

7/11/00 - Bliss petitions for Immortality. Bigtoe levels to 6th. Happy Birthday wishes to Gillfen, for his RL birthday. Gavin reaches Cl:22/Wa:23, and slays a Rakasta Citizen for MM25.

7/10/00 - Twinklefire joins the Tigers. Miraya An-Shalach enters the Realm. Bigtoe levels to 5th. Rosemary the Ogress is created.

7/9/00- Dazzle dies in the Demon Realm due to a bad Vortex journey. Khorlan and another attempt the rescue, but fail. An hour after the death, Abender walks in alone and recovers the corpse intact. Xavier levels to Cl:23. Demian is released by Solanthas from the Wardancers. Sarabos reaches Wa:19.

7/8/00- Version 3.64 is checked in by Tynian, which adjusted the random code. Elise of the Arcanes triples to thief. (Th:1/Wa:15/Ma:15). Boromir reaches 1000 years of age, levels to Ra:20, and completes his 25th mob mastery! Rhaen slain by the Implementor, Tynian, for calling him "Lady Tynian". Mael attempts to "de-uglify" himself, and spends five trains on Charisma. Caspian is created.

7/7/00- Trakker, the Elven Taoiseach of the Chosen of Fate reaches effective 50th level! Elladan reaches Lesser Power status. Dantrag reaches Ma:29 /Ra:30 by slaying an Instructor. Wistom slays a druid guard for Sh:20. Jacob is created. Lucretia reaches Cl:18 Th:14 Wa:15. Vorax completes mobmasters 24 & 25. Pez Quest 6 takes place. Tynian checks in version 3.63, which "mostly revamps the Ordained Mortal class".

7/6/00- Dwarvenheld and Sarabos join the Chosen of Fate. Bolger reaches Ma:29/Wa:27.

7/5/00- Malin is promoted to Ambassador! Tripper celebrates his 1500th birthday. Ananasi levels her mage class to 26th, then duals to thief and levels that to 26th as well.

7/4/00- Molo declares that Life's Blood is to be hunted indefinately, due to further mortal questioning of his decisions. Dazzle levels to Cl:15. Salter joins WIND.

7/3/00- Molo declares that Life's Blood is to be hunted by his Conclave for the next five days, for one of their following members questioning of his judgement on an issue. Olly is created.

7/2/00- Phedre of Wind slays the Clerk of Dwarvenhold to reach Shaman 30th! Rath completes mobmasters 68 & 69. Phedre levels to 30th Shaman. Bortman levels to 5 warrior. Qithlorien reaches Cl:27 Ra:25. Pacho reaches Wa:25 Cl:30. Boromir completes mobmaster 23. A who list and wizlist from this day. Bubba completes mobmaster 39. Majere gossips (in common), 'i will not have it! the liquor is innocent got it'.

7/1/00 - Hutt accepts an IMP Reform from Life's Blood.

6/30/00 - Tynian posts the following emails to the tfc mailing list.

6/29/00 - Bortman is created. Okk posts Lord Nash's Divine Vision to the tfc mailing list.

6/28/00- Malin petitions for Immortality. Sometime around this date Vulcan reaches level 50 (Th:30 Sh:30 Wa:30).

6/27/00- Malin is deOrdained by Solanthas. Tirayel joins the Chosen of Fate. Version 3.62a is installed.

6/26/00 - Shon levels both of his classes, reaching Ra:29/Sh:29. Hykio levels to Ma:5. Adso completes MM#79- a Master Mage. Teva Ascends to Wa:21/Cl:22.

6/25/00- Adso completes MM#78- a Master Warrior.

6/24/00- Tynian checks in version 3.62, which added following justification for neutrals, and added the pkstats command. Tien slays a sprite for MM#11. Rubicant slays the brass dragon for MM#70. Bledsoe announces his retirement, including all his other characters: Sparky, Poacher, Tavi, Jason, Zpsqm and others. Daelin unsilenced by Tynian- this after well over a year of silence. Berrin reaches Th:11/Ra:30/Ma:30.

6/23/00- Malin is Ordained by Solanthas. Arby joins the Tigers. Fei starts a Vowing quest. Vorax petitions for Immortality.

6/21/00- Ashtaroth reaches Wa:12/Ma:15.

6/20/00 - Gandalf levels to Sh:15. Hornblower slays a sword spider for MM#27. Galaphile reaches Th:29/Ma:30. Mikael levels to Wa:9/Cl:11. Torchbearer creates a new Ordained, naming them "Chesed Chalcol" which is a "devil that nourishes, consumes, and sustains the whole." Fen reaches effective 20th.

6/19/00 - Plane completes mob masteries 51-53, including a warrior monk and a mercenary guard. Clue slays Snig the Cook for MM#50. Adso completes MM#77- Supreme Wizard. Mael levels to Th:21, duals to warrior, and gets that to 18th level. Vorax completes MM#15 to 19. Spellcaster joins Tamar. Khorlan gains MM#55- a Dark Brother.

6/18/00- Plane levels to Cl:26/Wa:26. He also slays a Roc for MM#50. Berrin is de-Ordained, and triples to thief.

6/17/00- Dazzle rea ches Cl:10. Shendlas duals to Ranger. Argul leaves Life's Blood. Clue levels to WA:26. Gavin joins WIND. Happiest Birthday wishes to Abender!

6/16/00- Noctus reaches Wa:25/Cl:25, and completes Mob Mastery #61, slaying a giant squid for 1936 exp. Clue slays Alann for MM#48 and Inido for MM#49. She then reaches Cl:30! Rhyann joins the Tigers.

6/15/00 - Noctus completes MM#60- Oowor. Mael levels to Th:20/Ma:30/Wa:17, and turns 700 years of age. Dengin slays Treorn for MM#34.

6/14/00 - Grishmo reaches 700 hours of play. Nyx offers Cordir a steak of Ibram as a gift to Cordir for her RL birthday. Trakker slays the Yochol and steaks it, in her honor as well. Garvax levels to Ma:20/Wa:15. Nyx reaches 20th level Ordained.

6/13/00 - Dragonbane duals to mage (Ma:1/R a:9). Mikael levels to Wa:8/Cl:11. Russia reaches Wa:25/Ma:21. Bubba reaches Wa:22/Sh:30 and also completes MM#33 (duargar shaman) and #34 (boatswain). Granger logs in and exps for the first time in 2 RL years. Maimer declares the day "The Day of Judgement" and that all Evils and Neutrals are " sinners" . Trakker reaches level 29. Silos joins the HAND (Elladan). Bolger slays a Clay Golem for MM#33.

6/12/00 - Alyria, the Mystic Mage of Balance, reaches effective 40th level (Ma:30/Ra:30). Galaphile reaches Th:26/Ma:30. While fighting plagued mobs, Rhaen becomes ill himself. He fails to recall three times, but the fourth is successful, at 30 hps. He dies in Recall from plague. Mikael completes MM#14 & 1 5. Shadar reaches Wa:11/Th:15. Hutt reaches Wa:20/Cl:20. Tholbar reaches Cl:19. Kantor, Kandrell, and Mong go on a Hunt to test their skills- they slay the Magistrate, Slue, the Seer of Aran, and Okrii.

6/11/00 - Brenick reaches 1500 years of age. Tranquility reaches Th:9/Sh:19. Nicademus is reinstated as a DemiGod. Elderon joins Life's Blood, after informing Cordir that joining her following involves " too much homework". Upon completion of a quest for Lorna, Bubba is made permanantly an "it", stripped of masculinity.

6/10/00 - Dazzle reaches Cl:8/Wa:15. Galaphile reaches Th:25/Ma:30. Tirayel reaches 9th level. Grundle reaches Cl:3. Bubba completes MM#30 (a black dragonette), #31 (a dwarven hunter) and #32 (a clay golem). Nyx slays the Earth Ruler for MM#44. Jimmo duals to warrior. Vorax buys a simple ring, reaching one of his personal goals on the mud. Luvel a is deactivated and no-titled. Tranquility reaches Th:8/Sh:19. Dantrag reaches Ma:28/Ra:30. Qball levels to Th:20.

6/9/00 - Rahvin joins the Arcanes. Pitt completes MM#44- Darl'shinai, and reaches level 17, slaying Elder Mordath a few moments later. (Th:17/Wa:15/Sh:20) Nicademus is retired for "conduct unbecoming an immortal" by Tynian. Malin slays Mikon for effective 40th level. Boromir reaches 1900 hours of play. Natas is promoted to Attendant of Solanthas. Tranquility reaches Th:7/Sh:19. Grundle is created. Khorlan slays Oprah for MM#50. Gabriel reaches Wa:24

6/8/00 - Trakker attempts a CR for Mordith in the Captains Quarters of the Longship. When Trakker sunlights the room to pick up the corpse, Maimer and Brenick rush in and steal the body. Mordith later kills Klax, a fellow Nashite who failed to use his following keyword or Nash in his title. This causes a spat over gossip, during which Klax is silenced. Lataal is released from the Chosen of Fate, and joins the Tigers. Kantor slays Fennoch to reach Wa:22/Ma:21/Th:21. Qball levels to Th:19. Sekmet joins the HAND.

6/7/00 - WHO LIST Noctus gains the mob mastery list. Mordith completes MM#76- Merrick, and MM#77- a Master Thief. Trakker slays a groundskeeper for MM#68. This day marks the 1 year (rl) anniversary of the union of Elladan and Gwengwyfar, wed by Rhina in the secret garden i n Emdeeville. Plane completes MM #48, slaying Dantreum. Duvel slays a mercenary guard for MM#57, with only 3 ticks left on his quest after the Trading Post opens! Shadar performs several acts of "awesome thievery" before his god, and is named a Master Thief by Elladan.

6/6/00 - Gryzzl reaches Th:11/Wa:12/Ma:13. Clue joins Wind. Alexander reaches Cl:11. Okk changes title to " Okk will rift Whitehawk on request" . Within 60 seconds, Majere takes him up on it.

6/5/00 - Trakker completes MM#66 and #67- both for Drow Soldiers. Mikael slays a giant warrior for MM#12. Malin slays Landru for MM#45. Duvel completes MMs 53 through 56 (including Traveller, Dragon Turtle, Ugg, and a Demon Locust) but fails on his 57th , the ghost of a mithril golem. Khorlan joins the Tigers. Aringar Ironwolf returns to the Realm after his P-File purges.

6/4/00 - Noctus completes MM#57- a treant and MM#58- a Cave Fisher. Winstom levels to 14th . Bubba levels to 30th. Elderon finds a chance coin. Fen joins the Tigers. Tripper reaches 20 followers. Masher, Tel, JohnPaul, and Mekt are retired by Tynian for inactivity. Noctus slays a Treant for MM#57. Adso slays Lydian for MM#74. Salater is created. Qball levels to Th:18. Hammen levels to 3 mage. Orpik completes mobmasters 26, 27 & 28.

6/3/00 - Fen gains release from the Arcanes. Valerik joins the Tigers.

6/2/00 - Vorax levels to 30 Warrior, effective 40th, and goes to the Guru and Vows again. Elaina reaches level 12 mage. Alaric joins the Tigers. There are a slew of notes about a situation between Kantor and the Wardancers.

6/1/00 - A who list from this day. Porthos levels to 4 cleric. Quarnel reaches Wa:16 Cl:20. Euros gossips (in common), 'Do you have a brother named Prime, Meridian?'. Tripper reaches Lesser Power DemiGod. Mael takes an Imp reform from Tel.

5/26/00 - Athorne is created.

5/25/00 - Tripper's Temple is installed.

5/23/00 - Khorlan Farseer leaves the Chosen of Fate to join the Tigers. Babs rejoins the Tigers.

5/22/00 - Teva posts "A Compelling Vision". Doc gains release from the Wardancers and joins Wind. Caramon reaches Cl:4/Th:9. Soltari, a 14th level warrior of Pain is reformed.

5/21/00 - Alexander joins Wind. Gitane reaches effective 20th (Wa:9/Cl:19) Brenick proposes to Sorliea. She accepts. Scorpio reaches Sh:11/Ra:13.

5/20/00 - Nicademus is promoted to Demigod! His following is Wind, and his first follower is Phedre. Oghma and Mon also join. Jasmine is ordained "Hezekiah Hiram" by Torchbearer. Malin reaches Ra:30/Cl:25 and duals back to cleric. Falcor is slain by the Copper Dragon. His corpse is lost in a reboot. Whitehawk is removed (at his own request) as Okk's Ordained. Brenick slays Captain Vazhlune solo. Tynian posts the following note on various topics to the tfc mailing list.

5/19/00 - Tripper accepts Teva and Skeeve as followers. Version 3.59 is checked in.

5/18/00 - Tripper is promoted to Demigod while he is linkdead from a computer crash. The Vortex is radically changed for the second time since its creation. and the changes are not especially well received at first.

5/14/00 - Adso reaches 29th warrior, and receives max hit points. Vixon reaches Cl:22/Wa:19. It is noted on high that Eldacar the newbie actually sits and reads through all the help files upon character creation!

5/13/00 - Tranquility reaches Th:3/Sh:19.

5/12/00 - Endeldam posts a retirement note. Steelblade posts a second retirement note.

5/11/00 - Noctus slays a Couatl for MM#50. Cistercian reaches Cl:14/Wa:11.

5/10/00 - Steelblade posts a retirement note.

5/9/00 - Tylorn is Ordained by Molo. Russia reaches Wa:23/Ma:21. Duvel spends his first extended visit in the Demon Realm, where he slays 3 shadow demons. He also slays the Guard Master of Altibia and reaches Wa:23/Sh:26.

5/8/00 - Abender gathers the Chosen and speaks to them of his love and his heart in an impromptu poem. What remains unknown is exactly of whom he speaks.... Noctus reaches Cl:25/Wa:18.

5/7/00 - Version 3.57g, which fixed a large number of bugs, is checked in by Tynian.

5/5/00 - Attempting to reach the Longship for a CR, Keat bad recalls to Velalasier and dies.. Gup, Trakker, Brenick and Tiuri all go in to get his corpse. Elladan reaches 1000 years of age. Whitehawk slays a demon for MM#47.

5/3/00 - Tamar reaches lesser power. Kantor completes MM #53 (Orina) and 54 (Emperor Salias)

5/2/00 - Joecenevial is created. Caramon joins Unity. Adso is given an additional, temporary Geas for breaking his vow against eating meat. Joecenevial created. Gregar reaches WA:3/SH:30. Cask joins The Hand as Elladan's coadjutor and Healer of the Hand.

5/1/00 - Kennet reaches 1st level mage. Trakker mobdies dies due to a stupid mistake of Cordir's. Stouthbound and Brenick make their way deep into the Dream Realm to recover the corpse, while Alucard and another attempt to hinder recovery efforts. Adso gains his level back - Again! Silonch levels to 25th Mage / 15th Warrior. Vorax reaches 18th warrior.

4/30/00 - Saran reaches 22nd level mage. Galaphile reaches MA:20/TH:20. Scorpio reaches SH:5/RA:13. Adso attempts to slay Frisnor for a mob mastery. The giant bests him, and he looses the level he had just regained the previous day.

4/29/00 - Adso regains the level he lost mobdying in Sanguinna.

4/28/00 - Rath slays Unwro for MM #60.

4/27/00 - Duvel reaches 1500 hours of play. Later that day, he slays the Aquadragon to reach Mob mastery #50. Rath slays Borin the Cleric Guildmaster for effective level 40. Ghazkull petitions to leave the Arcanes, posting the following board note: "It is with great sadness that I must request my release from the following. Since Joining you, I have been mercilessly hunted and killed by Bruce on Numerous occasions and it pains me to say it but once strong faith has failed me. It is with a heavy heart that I do this but I feel that it is needed to further my enjoyment of this already excellent MUD. If Torchbearer can see fit to grant me my release, then any punishment he deems necessary will be graciously accepted. Farewell Arcanes, and thank you for your help and support throughout my time here with you." Shortly after that, Ghazkull joins the Dreamwalkers.

4/26/00 - Adso mobdies in Sanguinna three times and loses a level. Gregar also mobdies there. In an effort to help Adso and Trakker, who has arrived to help, Gregar breaks one of the strictures of his Triat Mastery Quest - and flies down the river to bring help. Rath of the Conclave and BelGarion of Unity attempt to help in the corpse recovery at various points. UuKrul of Pain breaks Nashite Law and attacks Rath, and later takes part in the murder of Mordith, gaining him excommunication from the Nashite Faith. The Arch Lich orders his immediate death for breaking the Nashite Laws, and within moments, UuKrul dies on Stouthbound's blades.

4/25/00 - Rashiel of the Black Conclave levels to WA:21 / CL:22.

4/24/00 - Cirth the Pale, Scribe of the Chosen, levels to 25th mage, his first real level since 3x. Diver reaches Ma:16/WA:16. WHO LIST

4/23/00 - Cirth the Pale, Scribe of the Chosen, tells his folk a tale of the Triat.

4/22/00 - Cistercian reaches level 13 cleric.

4/21/00 -WHO LIST Fei attempts to slay the Dormouse, but nearly dies himself. Trakker slays a Gurgoyle for MM #61. In a rather impromptu ceremony, held in the Storytelling Amphitheater, Boromir and Cassandra renew their vows. Sargas, DarkClaw, and Triston visit the Realm for the first time in months. Rashiel reaches WA:21/CL:21. Vorax levels to WA:10/CL:30, Gryzzle reaches TH:9/MA:10, Bolger reaches 25th, Gitane reaches 12th. Dakkon dies in the Molotov Volcano. His corpse is obtained by Aries of the Black Conclave. Dakkon declares his intent to retire. Cordir attempts to dissuade him, but Dakkon requests deletion. Noctus reaches CL:22/WA:18. Stouthbound completes Mob Mastery #100!

4/20/00 - Stouthbound slays the Magistrate for Mob Mastery #98 & 99. A Dormouse (a rather large, mad, and hungry dormouse) is released into the Realm, purely by Chance. It seems to be seeking "Ordained Cheesesteaks".

4/19/00 - Vorax levels to WA:8 / CL: 30. Cordir loses Greater Power status. Kollen levels for the first time in three outrealm years. Noctus reaches Mob Mastery 40 & 41 - a Satyr and a Carrion Crawler. Vixon reaches CL: 20 / WA:19. Leaf reaches TH:7/RA:11, Leif reaches RA:5/CL:12. Duvel slays the Roc to gain MM 48, which raises him to WA:22/SH:26. Galaphile levels to MA:19/TH:10 Seyton Del'Roh reaches WA:21/SH:21. Gitane levels to 10th, gains a train.

4/18/00 - Hornblower kills a gargoyle to reach level 29 cleric. Cordir reaches 1500 years of age. Galaphile levels twice and joins Tel's Passionate. Ridley (saved from Hell) levels three times and completes 7 mob mastery quests. Shazam of Balance slays The Evil One of Old Altibia. Seyton reaches Warrior 20th level, and slays a museum guard for his 33rd mob mastery to do so. Abender announces his upcoming nuptials to the Realm in lyric form, in a poem of quatrains detailing their meeting and love. Lictalon reaches 14th level. Gavroche receives a reform & release from John Paul's Virtue. Keisha levels to 30th, slaying Tarla of the Dark Manor. She then travels to the Guru and gives her Vow. Mikael completes mob mastery 3 & 4, and levels to 9th Cleric. Gitane joins Robert's UNITY.

4/17/00 - Galaphile reaches TH:4/MA:19. Shazam slays Lin-Tra of N'Kai for mob mastery 34. Jasmine of the Arcanes completes her 300 hours of Neutral PK debt restriction, and declares her intent to "kill every f'en clavers that log on." Lucien reaches effective level 20 (RA:15 / SH:15) Rellik worships Elladan, without the Guildmaster's consent, then flees the realm before Elladan can slay him for his impudence. Vorax reaches WA:6 / CL:30. Three Chosen - Nyx, Noctus and Adso - descend into Hell to rescue Ridley. Traversing through the catacombs beneath Midgaard, they find Ridley who had been trapped there for two outrealm days. Sixx joins the Black Conclave. Trakker reaches effective level 48. Caramon is created.

4/16/00 - The mud reaches 38,102 characters created since the implementation of 3x (note: created. Not existing.) and 12,225 rooms. Russia makes MM 6, slaying a goblin warrior. Aries slays a landcrab for MM 60. Kantor fails his 51st mob mastery for the "upteenth" time ( a guardian demon). Xander levels and gains a train! (Th:11 / CL:20 / WA:20). Noctus levels to CL:19 / WA: 18 and completes 3 mob masteries - the last of which is a maid for MM 37. Keat reaches SH:30/WA:18/TH:20, slaying Wictor for the level.

4/15/00 - Berrin attacks a group consisting of Rath (of the Conclave) and Alyria (of Balance). The couple flees, and Berrin pursues Alyria, slaying her. This prompts a slew of notes on the public list, discussing alignment and Berrin's actions. Galaphile duals to thief. Vorax reaches 1000 hours of play, duals, and levels twice.

4/14/00 - Baldor joins Elladan's HAND, becoming its coadjutor, and Elladan's 15th follower.

4/13/00 - Orpick is created. Mordith slays a boar and Queen Sylette for MM 64 & 65. Galaphile reaches mage level 18. Plane completes MM 42 & 43. Seyton Del'Roh of the Black Conclave reaches 18th shaman / warrior 17. Khorlan reaches level 29, and gains a train! Cirth posts a beautiful poem about the Triat.

4/12/00 - Cask is created. Admire joins the HAND. Fen joins the Arcanes. Tiuri & an associate slay the Lady of Magic within the top floor of the Master's Tower. Noctus reaches warrior 17th / Cleric 18th.

4/11/00 - Mija is created. Norak is created. Jessica postpones her wedding to Grishmo for OOC reasons. Talmud departs the Realm, following the Will of the Triat.

4/10/00 - Vorax reaches 500 years of age. Gryzzl is created.

4/9/00 - 1,665 characters on TFC at this point. Edge obtains a god+ reform from Tokugawa's following.

4/8/00 - Selestion joins the Black Conclave. Tynian lists the following Immortals as Inactive: Masher, Tel, JohnPaul, Mekt, and Asia.

4/7/00 - Xander reaches 2nd & 3rd level (TH:3 CL:20 WA:20).

4/6/00 - Talmud completes MM 50, slaying a madman, receiving 1,520 exp. Duvel slays a tired Monk for MM 42. Shortly thereafter, the Hurricane's gas breath cancels Duvel's attempt for MM 43. Mordath slays Queen Sylette for MM 62. Keisha completes over half a dozen MMs.

4/5/00 - Kodo joins his brother Podo as a follower of the HAND. Shefan also joins the HAND, becoming its 11th member. Fei reaches 40th level. Garvax completes mob mastery 24 & 25 (a worker and a militia man), and reaches level 19 mage (MA:19 WA:15) Noctus completes mob mastery 21 - a city guard. Later that day, he reaches level 13 warrior (WA13 CL 18), and completes MMs 22 through 25. Silonch turns down Wolfgang for "the 101st time", according to the amorous Wolfgang. Babs completes mob mastery #38, slaying the Shaman of Og. Adso slays Nemdor & a gargoyle for MM 62 & 63. Keisha and Russia of the Life's Blood following declare their personal oaths of love to one another. Due to the fact they're both women, they are not permitted to wed. Trakker obtains a lute for Kantor to help ease the loss of his harp. Gillfen reaches 17th level cleric. Lorna creates an exciting new way to kill people!

4/4/00 - Gregar accepts a Trial of Mastery. Olaf den Store reaches 10th level warrior. Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave kills King Zentarion to reach level 30 cleric, and is named a member of Molo's High Council, becoming its 45th member. Grishmo of Unity reaches 25th cleric (CL: 25 WA 20). Rath slays a stone golem for MM 40. Kantor slays Sgt. Qui from Aran to complete his 49th mob mastery, and gain Mage level 20, effective level 30. After gaining the consent of Khore and Robert, Jessica and Grishmo announce their upcoming wedding, to take place on the 12th. Gregar accepts a Trial of Mastery.

4/3/00 - Vixon reaches level 19, slaying a large golem. Dengen finds a +2 dam random in Nydia. While attempting to slay Sombra of Cillidellia, Kantor loses an egg casing which contains his beloved restrung blue harp.

4/2/00 - Faille posts "Faille is..."

4/1/00 - Galaphile is created. Silonch regains 24th level mage.

3/31/00 - Gillfen levels to 16th cleric, gaining 18 hit points, 11 mana, 4 pracs and a train! Jeda turns 500 years old.

3/30/00 - In an effort to assist Stouthbound with a mob mastery, Silonch dies to Scariz... twice... and loses a level. Saran levels to 16 mage. Argul completes mobmaster 13.

3/25/00 - Elladan's temple added.

3/24/00 - Keat reaches effective level 41, gaining 14 hp, 14 mana. Trakker slays a carnivorous corn stalk for mob mastery #56. Serenity tells the Chosen the tale of her Vision Quest. Boromir & Cassandra's wedding is postponed. Flutter joins the Chosen of Fate.

3/23/00 - Endrek accepts a greater god reform, leaving Unity. Posner reaches 16 warrior. Trakker reaches effective level 47.

3/22/00 - Posner reaches level 14 & 15 warrior. Saran escapes the hated Cillidellia, and relocates elsewhere.

3/21/00 - Dantrag reaches 30th level.

3/20/00 - Tripper made attendant to Torchbearer. Nicademus made attendant to Tokuagwa. Elladan is killed by Lorna for singing "Lorna and Molo, sitting in a tree" when he discovers Lorna and Molo together in the crypt. Posner reaches level 17 thief. Mikael is created. He later becomes Tamar's 4th follower.

3/19/00 - Gabriel reaches 18th warrior (WA: 18 / MA:20) Elladan accepts his first follower - Lessa. Korran slays a Rakasta Citizen for Mob Mastery #30, then a prosperous customer for #31 which raises him to 12th level thief. (th:12 / Ra:20 / ma:20). Angeline reaches 14th level shaman. Serenity goes on a Vision Quest. Version 3.57d is checked in by Tynian, which fixed a crash-level bug, among other things.

3/18/00 - Vorax reaches 900 hours of play (461 years).

3/17/00 - Elladan is promoted to Demigod! Lexie reaches effective 20th level. Stouthbound slays the Divine Warrior of Emdeeville (again!) for yet ANOTHER mob mastery. The Realm is serenaded by less than appropriate language when Stout gets acid blasted by the warrior. Cordir grants Talmud a prize for quest completion. Cordir and Deamhan renew their wedding vows.

3/16/00 - TFC History is made by Lessa, who reaches level 7/8/9 (thief/cleric/ranger), through the fun of 2x to 3x conversion. (Lessa has a habit of making history - she was also the first ranger/cleric/thief multiclass character, and was Zarous's first follower...) Ptarchyzk slain by a member of the Arcanes while stuck in a bit of lag. He begins a wholesale revenge program, info'ing each and every Arcane out of safe. Ananasi levels to mage 24th AND thief 24th. Her mage level gains her a train. Tamar accepts Darkwing as her first follower. Vixon is accepted as the second. Saran joins the Chosen of Fate. Calh is created.

3/15/00 - Stouthbound slays the Divine Warrior of Emdeeville for his NINETY-THIRD Mob Mastery! A New TFC record!

3/14/00 - Tamar is promoted to Demigoddesss by Tynian, and creates the Dreamwalkers, a good aligned following. She is 1100 hours old. Seconds later, Natas is promoted to Ambassador by Nayr. Seyton is created. Bubba reaches Sh:18 Wa:15, and completes mob mastery 15 & 16. The Chosen gather to hear the tale of Deamhan's life, and deal with an unexpected guest...

3/13/00 - Orpik is created. Gabriel reaches Ma:18 Wa:15, Adso plays Chance Coin of Death with Lorna, and loses. Saran reaches 7th level.

3/12/00 - Stouthbound slays SLUE for Mob Mastery # 92 - making him tied for first place for most mob mastery quests completed!

3/11/00 - Chronic is ordained by the Arch Lich. Saran is reborn into the Realm.

3/10/00 - Durin levels to warrior 23 / cleric 2. Gilk Dinges, 'Man with one chopstick go hungry' reaches Mage level 5 & 6. ( Mage 6 / thief 9 / Ranger 9)

3/9/00 - Wistom is created.

3/8/00 - Gabriel reaches 14th Warrior / 11th mage. Nicademus reaches 150 Ambassador hours.

3/7/00 - Volkov is created. Cordir is released from her additional Geasa. Later than evening, Two Join the Chosen. A Who list from that night. Bubby reaches Shaman 16/Warrior 16

3/6/00 - Gabriel (previously of Asia's following) joins Life's Blood, and promptly gains 2 levels.

3/5/00 - Whitehawk is ordained by Okk. Adso completes mob mastery #50, and earns a place on the HELP MMRANKS. Asia decides to 'Start Over' and wholesale slays and rejects followers as they enter the realm.

3/3/00 - Dragons besiege Midgaard. Here's one point of view...

3/2/00 - Majere joins Unity, and completes Mob Mastery #51 & 52. Alyria completes Mob Mastery 25 & 26. Posner reaches 5th level mage.

3/1/00 - Posner levels to 10th Warrior, duals to mage, and gets up to 3rd level mage. He then joins Balance. Zahar reaches 30th level!

3/1-2-3/00 Compilation Who List - provided by Grismal

2/28/00 - Bastian reaches effective 20th, and completes his 40th mob mastery - a fire eater. Kantor completes mob mastery #40 (a tortured slave) as well, which gains him 13th level thief. Shortly thereafter, he also completes mob mastery 41 - a Lammasu. Durin reaches 22nd level warrior (Wa 22 / Cl 24) Cordir enters the realm and discovers that she has reached Greater Power in rank... for now. = ) Trakker, Stouthbound and Vecna kill Scairz.

2/27/00 - Rath reaches 30th level cleric, then duals back to warrior. Hours later, he is inducted into the High Council of the Black Conclave, becoming the Wicked Judge of the Black Conclave.

2/26/00 - Nicademus reaches 1000 years old! Cordir discovers two of her followers breaking a rule. In punishing them, she experiences Mana Etching for the first time. Trevor joins the Chosen of Fate! Later that day, Plane dies to Scairz. Trakker goes after the corpse, manages to pick it up, and is slain. With immortal assistance, Trakker is back at the Sanctuary of Madness in mere moments. He regains both corpses and makes his escape. Scairz, however, is close on his tail Trakker asks that the temple be locked, and asks his goddess to slay him. At first, she demurs, but then reluctantly does so when he raises his hand against himself. This breaks a Geas she has placed upon herself, and so Cordir takes on a Rite of Contrition, to last the next nine days. Garvax completes mob masteries 6,7,8, & 9. Ungo reaches levels 4,5, & 6. Zahar reaches level 29, slaying Ryoner, and gains a train!

2/25/00 - Kantor reaches level 12 Thief (Th 12 / Ma 16 / Wa 16), and Tripper reaches 150 Ambassador Hours. Dantareth kills an old ent to reach Cleric 16th, effective 20th. (CL 15 / RA 14). Less than an hour later, he is slain by Dante as his 'welcome' to 20+. Dalmiera reaches 4th & 5th level. Zahar reaches 28th level shaman slaying Mistress Ardent. Khad reaches level 22 Ranger (RA 22 / MA 20) Gillfen joins the Chosen of Fate.

2/24/00 - Spartak leaves the Passionate and joins the Arcanes.

2/23/00 - Sindar, Squire of the Black Conclave, reaches level 15/15 (effective 20th). Shortly thereafter he is kept company by a large group of blues - a 'welcoming party' of sorts - in Hovelton. Dalmiera is created and reaches 3rd level. Nemick reaches level 18 warrior (WA 18 / CL 19). Molorn reaches Level 13 shaman (Sh 13 / Wa 11). Zahar reaches 27th level Shaman.

2/22/00 - Stouthbound slays the Divine Warrior of Emdeeville for his 89th mob mastery. Keat reaches the 1 million mark for gold on bank deposit. Bizmark reaches 30th level Shaman. Kantor slays the Ghost of Alayros for his 38th mob mastery and 16th level warrior. Talmud slays the ogre captain of Gronk for his 46th Mob Mastery.

2/19/00 - Trevor joins the Chosen of Fate.

2/17/00 - Tamar is promoted to attendant of Okk by Nayr after 534 hours as ambassador. Okk is linkdead during the promotion, so has a surprise when he gets back :P

2/16/00 - Luvela is Ordained by her Immortal. Gno [ Unholy Advocate ] Luvela, I just want to be loved is that so wrong.

2/15/00 - Nicademus is promoted to Ambassador! Lorna hosts a game of Teleport Roulette again. The game is a record 112 trips undertaken before a mortal successfully chose the right zone. (Cordir chose Tier Sh'Halen, and was successful, however Immortals cannot win the game.) Vecna, the Lord Arch-Mage of the Grey Vortex walked away with a handsome prize of a 75 kg bag and 137,000 gold! Filashous kills a trading post instructor to reach 18th level cleric (CL18/WA18). Adso kills Landru for Mob Mastery #45. Gregar reaches level 22 shaman. Anduin reaches level 15 thief. Kantor completes his 36th mob mastery, slaying a stirge, which pushes him to level 15 warrior!. Sylt reaches level 28.

2/14/00- Bastian reaches Cleric 20 / Warrior 20, slaying a Servant. Gasha is created. Lorna hosts another game of Teleport Roulette - Adso is the winner, selecting the Temple of Isiira. He makes it there on his 6th attempt.

2/13/00 - Rath joins the Black Conclave.

2/12/00 - Gregar wins Teleport Roulette, choosing the Molotov Volcano. Aoife levels to Ranger 13 / Shaman 12

2/11/00 - Bastian shares a tale with the Chosen. Stouthbound reaches level 27. Pitt slays a Duergar Cleric for Mob Mastery #30, and regains the last of his three lost levels from his IMP reform from Virtue, slaying the Zombie of Caithen the Blacksmith in Tier Sh'Halen.

2/10/00 - Bastian levels both warrior and cleric (Warrior 16 / Cleric 20), and slays 'A Weaver' for his 30th mob mastery, much to his Goddess's displeasure.

2/9/00 - Ramsey holds a 'Celebrity Death Trivia Contest', and gives out over 150,000 gold and other prizes. Zahar slays a large golem of Dwarvenhold to reach 20th level. Cistercian reaches 5th level cleric (CL 5 / WA 10). Vecna, the Lord Arch-Mage of the Grey Vortex duals back to Warrior 30 / Mage 30 / Thief 20.

2/8/00 - Cirth posts 'Another Season'. Barabas duals [ Ra: 1 Sh:14 ]. Stouthbound slays the Divine Theologian again, for Mob Mastery #87, to tie with Grismal for second highest # of Mob Masteries thus far. Clumsyfool slays a Dark Young of N'Kai to reach [ Sh:22 Wa:20 ]. Tamar reaches 500 years of age. Silonch posts Tylorn the Hunter.

2/7/00- Elladan is promoted to Attendant of the Chosen, just as Cistercian joins the chosen as well. Kaern is pkd by Redrum and Borneo. Stouthbound wins Teleport Roulette, choosing the Trading Post. He wins 76,000 gold. Fei reaches 30th level cleric then duals back to Warrior. (WA-26 / CL -30), slaying the Old Knight of Kuroth. Noctus joins the Chosen. Chandra joins Balance. Pitt slays a Rakasta Warrior for mob mastery #28. Stouthbound slays the Divine Theologian for Mob Mastery #86, and also makes the largest known zombie in the history of TFC, without use of a fetish.
Stouthbound's group:
[31 Mob] The zombie 488/ 488 hp 0/ 0 mana 100/ 100 mv 0 xp
(Charmed) (Red Aura) The rotting, animated corpse of a divine theologian drools on you.
A band of evil dwarven pirates attacks Safehaven. The evil folks of the Black Conclave take care of matters. Kannon helps, too.) Nicademus proclaims himself king of the Aara. Torchbearer reaches his one year (outrealm) anniversary of becoming a TFC Demi God.

2/6/00 - Lorna ends her Worn With Pride contest. Ananasi of the Chosen of Fate is the winner, with honorable mentions to Nyx of the Chosen of Fate and Skeeve of the WarDancers.

2/4/00- Duvel levels for the first time in months, slaying a Voodoo Warrior for 25th level Shaman. Irgaak posts an eloquent note about Luvela. Bastian reaches 17th level cleric, effective 22nd. ### Elaine killed by Cordir at Camp Tolanrael. - I don't much like folks worshipping me without consent.... Posner is created and reaches 8th level.

2/3/00 - Ptarchyzk levels to 26th thief, effective 33. Cistercian is created. Grismal kills the Lighthouse Keeper for Mob Mastery 88.

2/2/00 - Elladan and Tamar become eligible to become attendants. Bastian reaches effective 20th. Melmoth reaches 11th mage. Oliver is created. Gwenhwyfar visits the realm, much to the shock and delight of her husband, Elladan. Plane, seeking a birchwood rod as a prize, accepts Lorna's challenge to fight The Cube. Her bargain - if he lost, the "King of Kuroth" would have to move. Guess who's living in Lineaoth Valley now?

2/1/00 - Chronic slays Ryoner to reach 27th level Mage (Ma-27/WA-30). Bastian completes 6 mob mastery quests (to reach his 27th), and levels to 14th warrior. (WA-14/CL-15). Kraven levels from 4th to 7th. Pirates invade the Sahuagin City, then the Sailing Ship, and then Seaside! Several heroes of the realm are slain. A new Inner Council of the Black Conclave of Nashite is announced and takes control. They include Salem the Black Dragon, High Wizard of the Black Conclave, Stouthbound, Minion of the Arch-Lich, Tylorn, Demonic Guardian of the Black Conclave, Chronic, Pale Cambion of the Black Conclave and Daelin, Grand Knight of the Black Conclave. Noctus is created.

1/31/00 - Melmoth reaches 10th level thief (Th-10/Wa-10/Ma-15), slaying a large golem to do so. Today, Kantor casts Imp ID for the first time. Nyx levels to 7th level Ordained. Kick announces his retirement. Kraven is created. Kantor slays the Emperor's Wife to complete Mob Mastery Quest #30. WHO LIST

1/30/00 - Kalee levels to 17th level warrior (WA-17/CL-23) A new record for number of Mushrooms in the Pit is made. Ptarchyzk finally works off the last of his 300 hours of PK/steal restrictions. Kantor levels to 15/10/10.

1/29/00 - In retaliation for the monkeys in her office, Lorna releases 250 kittens in the Arch-Lich's Office and Temple. Some of the Kitties are a big larger than others, as Grismal & Company discover... Both Khorlan and Azmoth join the Chosen. Ananasi reaches 22nd level Ranger, gaining a Train. (RN-22/TH-22/MA-22) Vorax gives the Guru his Vow. Flesh-eating weasels start appearing at random spots throughout the Realm. Silonch of the Black Conclave bad portals to the Longship, and, in her words, 'Doesn't panic for once.' Some of that is due to the gentle guidance of a friend, which inspires her to write 'The Face of Courage.'

1/28/00 - Adso accomplishes a 'Threefer' - slaying the Duergar General to achieve a Mob Mastery Quest, which granted him the exp needed to level Mage to 22nd, and become effective 30th! (Mage 23/Warrior 22) Bastian levels to 11th Warrior (WA/11 - CL/15), and completes 3 mob masteries. Ananasi's security monkey wreaks havoc and runs amuck. Shortly thereafter, over 100 monkeys invade Lorna's office, making off with some of her belongings. DemonBreath joins the Black Conclave.

1/27/00 - Cordir performs for PezQuest IV. Pez announces The Winners of PezQuestIV, and then joins Tokugawa's Balance following.

1/26/00 - Garvax joins the Chosen of Fate. Melmoth levels to effective 20th. Within 10 minutes, he is Slept by Mael, and also experiences his first casting of Portal (a bad portal, unfortunately). Keisha the Girl gains 11,000 exp before reaching her 3rd hour of her life. Stouthbound goes down in history as giving the most messed up zombie concert as his bid in one of Lorna's chance auctions. Gavin is created. DemonBreath completes mobmaster 11.

1/25/00 - Rhaen is created. Angeline joins the Chosen of Fate.

1/24/00 - Makavalli reaches level 24 mage. (Mage 24/Warrior 25)

1/23/00 - Version 3.57c is checked in by Tynian, which fixed a minor bug and allowed for idea purging after 180 days. Beelzebub posts a retirement note. Kalee joins the Chosen of Fate..

1/21/00 - Nicademus is reformed, and posts an Immortality Petition. Zahar is created.

1/20/00 - Trakker and Adso die in the Demon Realm. Stouthbound retrieves Adso's corpse, returning it virtually intact. Trakker's corpse is stolen. Version 3.57b is checked in by Tynian.

1/19/00 - Tripper is promoted to Ambassador! Tamar completes 400 hours as an ambassador. Elladan turns 1500 hours old.

1/18/00 - Stouthbound performs for PezQuest IV...

1/17/00 - Lorna posts the Quest Results: " 7 Teams entered this quest. Here are the final scores in order of entry:
Team Unity: 91 points, Team Halfhearted: 70 points, , Team Colonnade: 69 points, Team Nashite: 116 points, Team Fate: 105 points, , Team MIB: 69 points, Team Wheaties: 115 points. First place team is Team Nashite, Second place team is Team Wheaties. " Team Nashite consists of Stouthbound, Rashiel, and Rocky. Team Wheaties consisted of Kantor, Ryltar, Hornblower and KotVoddy. Lorna notes that Team Nashite was "The only team who didn't get any of the trivia that they DID answer, wrong."

1/16/00 - Lorna's quest ends. All the teams wait eagerly to see who has won.

1/15/00 - Arkanis attempts to portal into lleheibwnew to help with a CR. He bad portals, and winds up in the lair of the Ancient Green Dragon, who slays him.

1/13/00 - Cordir sets Ptarchyzk and Palmer to a contest to see which is the 'cooler' thief. Neither fulfills all aspects of the quest. Craving one of the quest items - a chocolate eclair - she lays a challenge to the whole mud: The first to gain her a chocolate eclair within 2 minuets to gain a special mention on the Time Line. Within 15 seconds, Tylorn had one in his inventory, but couldn't get it to her. Palmer slid in under the wire with 3 seconds to spare, and gained her the pastry she was seeking. = ) Gratz, Palmer! Marisa kidnaps her chocolate elf...

1/12/00 Ptarchyzk reaches level 25 thief (effective level 32). Plane reaches 1000 hours of age.

1/11/00 - Khorlan reaches 421 years of age.

1/10/00 - Vorax levels to 29th cleric. Bastian duals to warrior. Megar, the Giant Defender, reaches level 30 in 162 hours- what may possibly be a new record. Cordir reaches Intermediate Power. Vorax levels to 30th. Version 3.57a is checked in by Tynian.

1/9/00 - Tripper completes his 40th Mob Mastery Quest, and posts an Immortality Petition. Lorna posts a New Quest! Vorax levels to 28th level cleric, and reaches 300 years of age. Trakker petitions Cordir for permission to undertake the Ranger Class Mastery quest, and is granted permission. Makavalli, Vile little thug of Unity, levels both his classes to reach WA:23 Ma:23.

1/8/00 - Tripper attempts and fails two mob mastery quests. The Chosen of Fate complete their Punny Story for Lorna. She reads it, and replies, "*thrash* *groan* *convulse* . You all worry me." but awards them the prize nonetheless.

1/7/00 - Cordir's temple and office are installed, however due to a problem with the door, the Chosen cannot enter. Shoya dies in the Demon Realm. Lorna holds an auction, selling A Chance. The bids are fairly unusual - The Chosen of Fate win the bid, with their suggestion : a story on a subject of Lorna's choice (cows, luck, or sheep), which would include at least 20 puns.

1/6/00 - Talmud dies in the Mystic Woods. Borneo is slain by Kannon (with help from a dragon). Ptarchyzk dies in the Dream Realm, but Trakker and Shoya are able to regain his corpse. Adso and Arkanis die in Master's Tower, trying to regain Grishmo's corpse. Ananasi reaches level 22 Thief and level 22 Mage. Gaul announces his Retirement.

1/5/99 - With aid from Abender Stormreaver, Trakker Longbow, and Rubicant, Tripper slays Slue and reaches effective 40th level! He also turned 1000 years old the same day. Congratulations Tripper!! Abender enters the Demon Realm alone, to successfully fetch out Belgarion of ITK's corpse. In the journey, he slays some 28 demons, and escapes unscathed.

1/3/00 - Tim is created. A few days later, he joins Unity.

1/2/00 - UuKrul leaves the Black Conclave of Nashite and joins the Cauldron of Pain and Misery. Later that evening, he is Ordained by Asia.

1/00 - Jasmine joins the Arcanes.

1/1/00 - TFC Brings in the new year! (who list included) Tiuri made Holy Advocate of Unity. TFC reaches a total of 20,982 characters rolled. (note, this is not existing characters, just the # of those created.)

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