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TFC Historical Timeline 1999

12/31/99 - Terny reaches level 17 thief and level 19 mage, slaying Pavel and Kappa for the respective levels. Trakker and Ptarchyzk head to Jester's Keep and are promptly slain. Trakker goes back in for Ptarchyzk's corpse, and regains it, then returns for his own, and is slain. Cordir drains herself completely of mana, trying to ward and heal Trakker as he braves the Keep.Vecna, the Lord Arch-Mage of the Grey Vortex, heads in, and is slain in the attempt of regainging Trakker's corpse. He goes back in, regains his own corpse, and then regains Trakker's as well. Hours later, Cordir is promoted to Lesser Goddess. Tynian retires several Immortals, shaking up the wizlist. Later that evening, Liam reaches 30th level warrior (WA/30, TH/20, MA/25), and becomes the 41st member of the High Council of the Black Conclave. Witchdoctor is created.

12/28/99 - Marisa goes dancing.

12/27/99 - Cordir celebrates six months as a Demigoddess. Tripper reaches level 29 Ranger (RN/29 - MA/30). Angry holiday fruitcakes (animated by the Goddess of Chance) roam the Realm, determine to avenge the eating death of their friends and relatives. Kantor is created.

12/26/99 - Ugluk completes Mob Mastery #34 (a rock dragon), #35 (a stone golom), and #36 (a maid). Bubba is created.

12/25/99 - Trakker and Friends slay Captain Niall.

12/23/99 - Ugluk reaches 30th level Warrior.

12/22/99 - PezQuest2K! First place went to Grismal, second place to Rath, and third place to Ugluk.

12/20/99 - Areanna and Whitehawk are Wed by Okk in the Ceremonial Room.

12/18/99 - Marisa reaches Wa:21 Th:22 Ma:22.

12/14/99 - Chronic Bronchitis reaches 30th level, and joins the High Council of the Black Conclave.

12/12/99 - Valiant reaches 20th level Warrior. Lorna runs a Surprise Package quest, in which demonic couriers are hunted down for the various prizes (or pranks) they carry. Lataal and Adso go fishing.

12/11/99 - Makavalli and Aoife are wed in the Ceremonial room by Robby. Mordith reaches effective 33rd level, raising cleric to 24th. He also slays a carnivorous rose bush for mob mastery #50, then goes on to complete three more mob masteries, with a Magman as his 53rd Mob Mastery. Triston visits again, and is quickly chased around by a carnivorous rose bush, rifted for old time's sake by an invisible Immortal, and given a Head Gardener to tend to his rose bush. He departs after gossiping, 'I must depart these realms lords and ladys, know that you are still within my heart...and Im sure Emaleth will drag me back from time to time *hugs*'. Cordir lays a Challenge before the Chosen.

12/10/99 - Harmful reaches 14th level cleric and warrior, both. Rand reaches 11th level mage. Mordith reaches cleric 24th. Turalurayay reaches 23rd level shaman, Serenity reaches 13th shaman, Bolger reaches 15th and 16th mage, Vulcan reaches 26rd thief, Flex reaches shaman 10th. Bastian joins the Chosen of Fate.

12/9/99 Arkanis joins Unity. Anonymous is Ordained as Tel's Squire. Vorax reaches 200 years of age.

12/8/99 - Foolkiller posts his retirement note. Triston actually logs onto the mud for the first time in longer than anyone can remember, looking for his wife Emaleth. Ajantis is created.

12/7/99 - Zarous posts his retirement interview. For the first time in TFC history, an Evil Ogre casts the invisibility spell!

12/6/99 - A WHO LIST.

12/5/99 - Tylorn becomes the first person known (and witnessed) to slay the Dream Weaver of Tier Sh'Halen.

12/4/99 - Tynian holds an auction. A GT is held in Southern California. A WHO List Kaern reaches 1999 years of age (3,974 hours), Serenity joins the Chosen, and Vecna and the Conclave Assault the Demon Realm!

12/3/99 - Trakker Longbow joins the Chosen of Fate . Wolff is created. Version 3.57 is checked in.

11/29/99 - As a result of grossly insulting Tynian in a player-to-player tell, Faust, Typhon, Torquemada, Gernoul, Nihil, Teine, Storivad, and other characters belonging to the same player are deleted. Teina the Fire Lizard is born, and Impresses Hornblower. Version 3.56c is checked in.

11/28/99 - Whitehawk proposes to Areanna. Fortunately, she accepts. A Who List. Versions 3.56, 3.56a, & 3.56b are checked in. (3.56 adds the memorize ability).

11/25/99 - Thanksgiving Day. Lorna creates a Turkey Egg Quest, scattering eggs on mobs across the Realm. Some of the notable finds include: Grismal finds eggs on the Yochlol, Renajai, the Midnight Dragon, a luggage ramone, and Sahuagin priestess. Hornblower finds eggs on the tribal witch doctor and Skoale. Kilrath discovers some on the Killer Bee, Julius, a ferret, and a duergar cleric. Dinin discovers eggs in the Alpine Meadows, on the Sphinx in the Pyramid, a Mushroom Picker in Dwarvenhold, and a fourth, in an undisclosed location.

11/24/99 - Chronic reaches level 28th warrior, and has an EXTRA lucky level, gaining both a train and an extra practice. Vorax also has a very good level - reaching level 22: You raise a level!! Lucky you! You get max mana! Your gain is: 13/310 hp, 15/260 m, 8/228 mv, 5/6 prac.

11/23/99 - Rand is created.

11/21/99 - Brianna reaches 7th level. Sojourn is created.

11/20/99 - Lorna holds a scavenger hunt. Later, the Realm is pelted by sheep and slugs. Cordir, who is present, finds the whole thing so overwhelmingly horrid, she flees the scene.

11/19/99 - Version 3.55 is checked in, which adds marking on imp ids, inscribe, and modifies the damage cap.

11/16/99 - Skeeve reaches 2000 hours, 1000 years old.

11/15/99 - Jubei Yagyu of Life's Blood, the Envoy of Sirak, reaches 30th level mage, and effective 40th level. Anduin is created.

11/14/99 - Okk posts a note, titled: Sacred is the Darkness. Version 3.54 is checked in, which removes link from evil OMs.

11/13/99 Luther is created.

11/12/99 - Agralebean hits 9th, and has a particularly nice level... 'Your gain is: 17/120 hp, 16/176 m, 5/155 mv, 6/16 prac. 0/2 trn'.

11/11/99- Agralebean the shaman is created. Seven levels later, he joins Tel. Brianna is created. Jessica is created.

11/9/99 - Revenant completes mob masteries #36 & #37, the second one being a White Pegasus. Ptarchyzk reaches level 22 warrior, making him effective 30th level.

11/8/99 - Dentin is created.

11/7/99 - Jubei, a dual classed Mage/Ranger, reaches level 30 ranger.

11/4/99 - Elaina joins the Chosen.

11/3/99 - Tyrall, Boromir, Storivad and Irgaak join The Chosen.

11/1/99 - Tylorn is accepted into the High Council of the Black Conclave.

10/31/99 - BeelzeBub becomes Attendant to Torchbearer. Abender reaches 3000 hours of play - 1500 years of age.

10/30/99 - Cordir holds a Storytelling Contest in the Amphitheatre. Tylorn reaches effective 40th level.

10/28/99 - Shazam is created.

10/26/99 - Mekt becomes Attendant to Robert. Version 3.53 is checked in, which among other things allows ogres to worship good FLIs and rangers & giants to worship evil FLIs.

10/23/99 - Steelblade is promoted to Ambassador! Elladan is promoted to Ambassador!

10/21/99 - Steelblade completes mob mastery #56.

10/19/99 - Abender is named one of the Destined.

10/18/99 - Ptarchyzk reaches 500 years old! Harmful is created.

10/14/99 - Silonch stumbles into the Copper Dragon, and is promptly slain. The dragon later dies of indigestion, assisted by Skynard.

10/13/99 - Tamar is promoted to Ambassador at 508 hours. Elladan reaches 40th level, and posts an Immortality Petition.

10/8/99 - Version 3.52 is checked in. Major updates in this version include adding a 300 hour PK restriction for reformed Neutral-aligned characters, and allowing people to eat & drink during battle again (yay!).

10/3-10/4/99 - Late that evening/morning, Stouthbound becomes TFC's first triple classed Ogre, as the second Unholy Ordained Minion of the Arch-Lich, Molo.

10/3/99 - Tamar becomes the first single-classer to complete 50 mobmasters (by killing the Instructor). In a ritual lasting over an hour, three pieces of a letter are joined, and three pieces of a heart are restored into one... and returned to the lady Silonch who had lost them. Heartless No More.

10/2/99 - Culminating an effort that began on September 12th with his de-Ordainment (at RN/26, MU/25), Brenick triples and reaches 50th effective level.

10/1/99 - Elladan reaches 1000 years of age, and slays the Ogre captain to reach Mob Mastery #46. Kandrell is created.

9/30/99 - Elladan completes his 45th mob master, slaying a grapevine. At the request of Abender Stormreaver, Cordir removes Berrin from the Anathema list.

9/29/99 - Saruman returns to TFC after a long, long absence. Elladan completes his 44th mob mastery, and also reaches level 28/28. Ptarchyzk reaches effective 30th level (2 hp, 5 mv, 3 pracs). Tamar posts an Immortality Petition. Ibram accepts a challenge from Lorna, and is summoned to the DracoLich. Duvel obtains his 40th mob mastery quest and completes it, defeating the stalwart guard. Tylorn completes his 57th and 58th mob masteries. Borneo slays Demandred. Revenant reaches level 22. Coulter reaches level 20 mage, then duals to ranger, at 70 years old (117 hours). Kerouac posts a Retirement Note.

9/28/99 - Cordir posts a note about the events of the previous evening.

9/27/99 - Kennet finds the Dracolich of the Shadowed Valley. Fleeing for his life, he makes it to the Guild Hall, where Abender the Stormreaver, Kannon, and Gunner offer to help. The battle is fought, and all are heavily wounded and their belongings damaged by the Dracolich's acid breath. The three refuse any aid or recompense for their losses.

9/23/99 - Trakker reaches level 28. Steelblade posts his Immortality Petition.

9/22/99 - Dantrag reaches level 22, Jahar reaches level 21. Tyreth is created.

9/21/99 - Sibyl, First Daughter of Fire, Second follower of Pyros, returns to the realm. Upon her return she discovered Pyros had been forcibly retired, and was reformed. Sibyl is also the oldest existing (ex-)follower of Pyros', as his first follower's character was purged from the game long ago.

9/20/99 - Ivarr the Disenchanted, one of the first Ebon Masters, who has long since faded from the Realm, comes back for a visit and gets to chat with his liege lord, Thaygar.

9/18/99 - Tamar levels to 30 cleric.

9/16/99 - Dinin, the Ebon Lorebringer, gives Deamhan and Cordir a gift... In a proper ceremony requiring Loss for Gain, Cordir recieves back her long-lost wedding gift to Deamhan, and re-bestows it. As a thank-you gift in return, Cordir reads the pattern, and informs Dinin that another member of his bloodline exists, and sets him to the task of finding this lost relative.

9/15/99 - Duvel reaches 500 years of age. Elladan slays a Giant Owl of Penfold to reach 28th level mage, effective 36th level. On Marisae the2nd, The Testing of Fates, in the year 2370, Cadaver was born. A WHO LIST.

9/13/99 Grismal slays the Supreme Warrior for his 76th Mob Mastery quest. Bliss, the Ebon Chocoholic, slays Ugg in Og, with the assistance of Abender, to reach effective 40th level. They then add Grismal to the group, and kill Slue for fun.

9/12/99 - Robert's temple is istalled on the Upper Floor of the Temple area. Bremen DeNardi hits level 30. Kestrel, High Priestess of the Silver Fellowship pledges her life's blood in service to Okk. Kerouac, Adventure's Bum, (born Caern the 17th, the Fool's Errand, in the year 2278) finally reached level 30 on Jawiliea the 20th, the Month of Dawning, in the year 2369, at approximately 1 p.m. He was 612 years old, at exactly 1200 hours of playing time. The final mob was a Trading Post student.

9/11/99 - Oetharm is created.

9/10/99 - Cordir and Lysanthir discuss Family Matters. Version 3.51 is checked in, and the biggest change is that the PURGE code is now live.

9/5/99 - Version 3.50 is checked in, which adds the turn spell for clerics.

9/4/99 - Lorna's lastest quest sparks a rather odd auction.

9/3/99 - A GT is held at Grandma Tony's in Tucson, Arizona. In attendance are: (Mortals) Kamil, Elistan, Majere, Rubicant, Nydus, Gaul, Rocky, Marisa, Trap, Kennet, Jahiliya, Nyx, and (Immortals) Cordir, Syla, and Thaygar, with Asia arriving just as the GT was ending.

9/2/99 - Clue completes mobmaster 42 (the Ruffian).

8/31/99 - Doc completes his 54th Mob Mastery, slaying an Instructor in the Trading Post.

8/30/99 - Nicademus is Ordained by Masher as the Patronus Veritas of ITK. Helati de-Orilig joins the Chosen. Allyena the Witch joins the Chosen. A Record Number of Chosen are present. Layla's father refuses to allow the wedding, and Whitehawk and Layla's engagement is broken.

8/29/99 - Whitehawk proposes to Layla.

8/28/99 - Thaygar falls back down from Lesser Power, Lesser God, to Demi Power, Lesser God. Season completes their 31st Mob Mastery, slaying a Rakasta Warrior on Molotov Island.

8/27/99 - A WHO LIST.

8/26/99 - Vecna goes back into the Demon Realm and recovers more of Nyx's belongings, as well as some of Flutter's. He is accompanied by a companion who prefers not to be named. Khorlan reaches effective 30th.

8/25/99 - Nyx, the Ordained of the Chosen, bad recalls to the Demon Realm, where he is promptly slain. A number of noble heros attempt a rescue of his corpse, some for more noble purpose than others. In the process, Flutter dies twice (losing a level and falling to 29th) and Blystur dies twice as well. Abender successfully recovers the corpse of Blystur only minutes after his death in Demon Realm. This second death of Blystur was apparently a planned event… the corpse containing his equipment was recovered by Abender intact and returned unscathed. Flutter declined a second corpse retrieval attempt, as she felt it didn't really contain anything significant. Five hours after the death of Nyx, Vecna, the Arch-Mage of the Grey Vortex and Destined, undertakes the task. After slaying well over 40 demons over a three hour period, Vecna is able to recover a few of Nyx's artifacts, earning the personal gratitude of the Lady of Fate and Her Ordained. Mireya An-Shalach, Cordir & Deamhan's daughter, returns to the realm and is accepted by her mother into the Chosen. Bremen DiNardi reaches 20th level. Phantasm is created.

8/24/99 - Bliss meets Darkmoon's flute, and gets to see her bag collection. Natalie is formally accepted into the Chosen, with a bit less haste than on the previous evening. Talmud works on his Triat Knowledge Quest.

8/23/99 - Thaygar reaches Lesser Power Lesser God status. Clue dies to the Grand Mistress of Magic, and falls to 28th level. Natalie D'Augustine joins the Chosen of Fate, becoming its thirteenth member in rather unusual circumstances. Grismal and Stouthbound hire 70 Bounty Hunters to track Aenima.

8/22/99 - Kennet D'Augustine triples to Mage. His very first spell is Shield. Grismal slays the Jailor for his SEVENTY-SECOND Mob Mastery.

8/21/99 - The 'Sudden Death' Round of Lorna's Trivia Quest is rescheduled again, and is held at around 1:00. Team Chipmunk and Team Weasel compete... the first round - everyone fails to answer correctly. The second round - Team Weasel answers the two part question half right. Team Chipmunk answers completely incorrectly. Lorna asks what the teams wish to do. Team Weasel offers to go to a third round... The Third round - both teams answer incorrectly. Faced with a variety of options, Lorna decides to grant first prize to BOTH teams, and the contest is finalized at a tie. Congratulations to both teams! Team Weasel consisted of: Jahiliya of Veladorn as Team Captain, Kennet D'Augustine, Nyx, and Gernoul. Team Chipmunk consisted of Berrin, Abender, Jahar, and Pan. During this quest, an unprecedented event occured... The Death of the Tempest. Team Weasel wishes to specifically thank Dinin, the Ebon Lorebringer of Death, for his aid on the Quest - without whom, they could not have done nearly so well.

8/20/99 - Okk Ordains Mong as His Emissary.

8/19/99 - Babu is created.

8/16/99 - Okk reaches 500 years of age.

8/14/99 - Mordith is created.

8/13/99 - Syla Re-Retires.... Not really comfortable with coming out of retirement in the first place, Syla requests Re-Retirement. Many of the Teams working on Lorna's Quest seek a Bag of Tempest Hide... Little Do They Know.... Whitehawk is given the special title, 'Trusted of the Guardian Spirit' by Okk, for outstanding 'Kindness, and helpfulness, and his show of responsibility.'

8/12/99 - Lorna announces a quest. Oghma advances to level 22. Elladan also reaches 22nd level.

8/11/99 - Nyx completes his Triat Mastery Quest. Adso is created.

8/10/99 - Mijre completes mobmaster 18. Tynian posts a note about Syla's aura. Apparently Tynian finally gets the bags he needs, because shortly after this Syla gets her old size 72 aura back and is re-retired, much to her relief.

8/9/99 - Bremen DeNardi is created, and swiftly thereafter joins Okk's Life Blood following.

8/8/99 - Robert is promoted to Lesser God! Syla is unretired and gets a new size 71 red aura. This prompts Tynian to post a note about remaking auras. Gup is accepted by her as the very first New Mischief follower (after a couple of months of coaxing and teasing and pleading.) followed by Bebbly and Fhayd. Version 3.48 is checked in. Berrin had hunters on him in Nydia and for whatever reason, he surrendered. Revenant was the first to get to Grigg, and logged the following. "Grigg says (in common), 'For 16150 gold The Wrath of Solanthas.'. Grigg says (in common), 'For 2985 gold a simple ring.'. Grigg says (in common), 'For 105 gold a katana.'. Needless to say, that's the cheapest a simple ring has ever been sold for...

8/7/99 - Abender enters the realm and is simultaneously Released from Ordained service and Reformed from Lorna's following. Jubei joins Okk's Life Blood following.

8/6/99 - Jubei is created.

8/5/99 - A who list from this day.

8/4/99 - Lorna is promoted to the position of Goddess and so the Tigers are disbanded. Masher is promoted to DemiGoddess. Combee is promoted to Ambassador. Cerberus joins the Chosen of Fate. Talmud accepts a Triat Knowledge Quest. Thaygar posts "Serenade to a Siren" and "Fear of the Truth". Ptarchyzk posts a note about changing weather. Maldobar is assigned a quest. Bliss gets hunted.

8/3/99 - Nicademus reaches effective 40th (Wa:30 Sh:30)! Doc reaches Th:19 Sh:30. Some who lists and a wizlist from this day. There's some discussion on notes about a possible character purge.

8/2/99 - Okk, the Guardian Spirit, is promoted to Demigod! He creates the "Life's Blood," a Neutral Nashite following. His first follower is Falcor, his second is Whitehawk. Later that week, his Temple is installed. There is an idea posted about 2x/3x conversion, and so Tynian posts a note in response about the playing field. Falcor levels to 10 cleric. Hutt levels to 7 warrior, and has a small problem with his corpse. Allyena levels to 7 mage. A wizlist from this day. The top 3 followings at this time are: the Black Conclave (Molo), the Flying Tigers (Lorna), and the WarDancers (Solanthas), in that order. Cerberus levels to 10 cleric. Smaggle levels to 19 shaman. Veronica is created. Kennet completes mobmaster 4. Baldor gossips (in common), 'never give your icq to a strong willed woman'.

8/1/99 - Tetynst triples to mage, which is a little stranger than it seems at first glance. Merlyn joins Tokugawa. Tynian posts a note about version 3.47. Hutt is created.

8/99 A group consisting of Maimer, Abender, Berrin, and Myronides completely clears the Master's Tower and defeats the Master of Magic without a single fatality. Steelblade reaches level 30, slaying a gargoyle in Penfold.

7/31/99 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.46. Maldobar starts playing again, and posts a note called "Foul, non-believers".

7/30/99 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.45.

7/29/99 - Tetynst is created. Gernoul joins the Chosen of Fate.

7/28/99 - Nyx slain by a member of the Conclave while the Chosen's Ordained is blinded and cursed in the Vortex. His Mastery Trial continues unabated.

7/27/99 - Terny slays the Hierophant to reach effective level 25. Sylt reaches effective 29th, Steelblade reaches 27th level warrior, and Gregar completes his Shaman's Quest.

7/25/99 - Fei is created.

7/24/99 - Combee is promoted to Ambassador. Kennet joins the Chosen. Ananasi Ascends to effective 20th and joins the Chosen. Version 3.44 is checked in, which among other things puts in the Algenara quest.

7/23/99 - Nyx, Ordained of the Chosen of Fate, accepts a Trial of Mastery from the hands of Cordir.

7/21/99 - Nyx reaches 3rd level Ordained.

7/20/99 - Gregar accepts a Shaman's Quest from Cordir.

7/18/99 - Serenity is created.

7/17/99 - Version 3.43 is checked in. This implements a new calendar for TFC, and also makes it so that "practices are no longer reimbursed for spells that the caster can no longer used when the caster is reformed from a following and is now unaligned". Cordir is named Web-Mistress of the TFC Web Site.

7/16/99 - A day where death and chaos seemed to reign... Tynian found a backup from November 1995, and restored it. For a time, Molo was once again an 18th level mage, Aladin was a naked 12th level thief, and Lorna was a 14th level warrior... Earlier in the day, Vampric died to the Dragon Turtle. He tried to use the vortex to get back to his corpse, but wound up in Thalos, where a Lamia killed him. Maimer took pity, and retrieved his corpse from the Dragon Turtle's clutches, and returned it. Feeling bold, Vampric headed up to the Trading Post, where he promptly died again... all in the span of about fifteen minutes... Velalisier also claimed a life, when Stealth fell into a 1-hp room, tried to portal out, and landed right in front of the Weapons Master of Velalisier. Needless to say, the Weapons Master did not appreciate the intrusion.

7/15/99 - Gann obtains a God+ reform from the Flying Tigers and joins the Black Conclave of Nashite.

7/14/99 - Demian of the WarDancers slays a Fire Elemental to reach effective 40th level.

7/13/99 - Marvadoc joins the Chosen of Fate, becoming the 7th to join. Oghma slays Gramothe the Bear to reach level 21 Warrior, reaching effective 34th. (Warrior 21, Mage 21, Thief 20) The Firehawk clan is approved by Nayr as an authorized group.

7/11/99 - Xavier is created.

7/9/99 - Nyx, the Ebon Shadow, is Ordained by Cordir.

7/8/99 - Cordir reaches 1,000 years old. Her followers throw her a small party up in the Elven Homestead. All sorts of folks show up, and a good time is had by all. As a present to herself, she allows Durin and Gregar to join the Chosen a bit early. (See a Log of this event - Warning... this file is HUGE.)

7/6/99 - Amblin joins the Chosen of Fate, the 4th to do so. Gregar is created.

7/5/99 - This date holds the record to date for the highest player count since 08/29/98 (with 64 players online at once). Version 3.41a is checked in. Pyros, Foolkiller and Tel are listed as Inactive by Tynian in an FYI note posted. Several of their followers begin asking for Reforms.

7/4/99 - Version 3.40 is checked in, which allows for questmobs that can be used by god+'s.

7/3/99 - Jasmine is created.

7/1/99 - Deamhan An-Shalach, Oathed beloved of Cordir, joins the Chosen of Fate. Kuei joins the Ebon Hand as a Priest of Death, the first to undertake the full Rite of Joining. Kuei recited the Oath of Thaygar, joined, was ritually slain, and then sacrificed his own corpse.

7/99 - Babs reaches 30th level. Abender is ordained by Lorna.

6/30/99 - Version 3.39 is checked in, which implements the following changes for various races and classes: "Halflings get a bonus for some thief skills. New human characters get more trains. New half-elf characters get more trains. Ogres get a damage bonus vs non-ogre PC's. Rangers get a damage bonus vs ogres. Dwarves and gnomes absorb damage. Minotaurs are more difficult to trip, lose footing less. Giants have innate magic resistance."

6/28/99 - A WHO LIST. Khore, Lord of the Kindred, Ascends to the position of God (and it works this time). The Kindred are reformed as they enter the Realm. Nyx, Shadow of Fate, reaches 30th level for the second time. Ryltar completes his 22nd Mob Mastery quest. Thaygar posts 'Absence... Return... Destiny..' note and 'The Oath of Thaygar' note.

6/27/99 - Talmud joins the Chosen of Fate.

6/26/99 - A who list from this day, along with some ftells from Craige about Bliss. Version 3.37d and 3.37e version notes posted.

6/25/99 - Branta is created. Vera reaches Wa: 7 Ma:12. Rennia reaches Ma: 8 Wa:15.

6/23/99 - Masher is made Attendant to Solanthas' WarDancers. "No Emote" is added to Daelin's restrictions.

6/22/99- Okk is made Attendant to Lorna's Tigers. Vorax is created.

6/21/99 - Cordir An-Shalach is made a Demi-Goddess, creating the Chosen of Fate. Cordir's First Night as a DemiGoddess...(See a Log of the Events that Unfolded...) Her first worshipper is Nyx, Ebon Shadow of Fate. Thaygar, previously a Retired God, is reinstated to Lesser God status, reforming the Ebon Hand. Shortly afterwards, Typhon (an Ebon Master of old) rejoins Thaygar, becoming his first worshipper. Khore is raised to the position of God, but due to coding problems, it doesn't quite work. See a WHO List from that night. Version 3.37 is checked in.

6/20/99 - Nyx reaches 29th level.

6/16/99 - Beelzebub, the Dark Enforcer, becomes an Ambassador.

6/15/99 - Cybrid and Grenseal join Molo. Raake reaches Wa:19 Cl:17.

6/14/99 - Plane and Alexis are married by Solanthas in the temple of the WarDancers.

6/13/99 - BeelzeBub reaches effective 50th! (Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30). He slays the Warrior Guildmaster of Nydia to do so. He posts his Immortality Petion a few days later. Several Immortals are sitting around Chatting, which gets rather amusing.

6/11/99 - A compilation who list from this day. Here's a log of the lich on gossip.

6/10/99 - Elvis reaches level 8, Oya reaches level 13 Warrior, Aphrael reaches level 4 Shaman, Angus reaches level 20 Cleric, Brundlewart reaches level 3 Warrior. Angus also completes his 19th mob mastery quest.

6/9/99 - Nyx, Shadow of Balance, reaches 28th level. Lucretia reaches 14th level.

6/7/99 - Elladan and Gwenhwyfar are married.

6/6/99 - For some odd reason, there's a corpse of Lataal in the void.

6/5/99 - A couple of who lists from this day. Pacho completes his 35th Mob Mastery quest, slaying The Librarian.

6/4/99 - JarJar is created. JarJar gossips (in common), 'yay... meesa leveled!'. Rennia joins the Black Conclave.

6/3/99 - Plato is created. Sirak has a discussion on gossip. Fabienne levels to 4 shaman. Lorna and Rennia have a conversation.

6/1/99 - Noah completes his 28th, 29th, and 30th mob mastery quests, with the last of the three being the Ancient Wyvern.

6/99 - Silonch of the Black Conclave posts a bit of poetry.

Late 5/99 - Beelzebub completes his 70th mob mastery quest, slaying the Effreeti.

5/24/99 - Zeik is created.

5/17/99 - Nyx, Shadow of Balance, gathers 123 randoms to win a quest run by Tokugawa.

5/13/99 - Tyrall reaches 40th level. Shortly thereafter, he has his first bad recall to the Demon Realm. =(

5/12/99 - Shardik is created.

5/10/99 - Robby is created.

5/9/99 - Oya is created.

5/8/99 - Skeeve joins the High Council of Lorna's Tigers.

5/7/99 - Dalaran joins Asia. Mystaya is created.

5/3/99 - Karyna and Terny wed by Nalya. Foolkiller and Xaviera are divorced by mutual consent.

5/99 - Grismal completes his 65th Mob Mastery, slaying Denrew, the Kuroth Warrior Guildmaster to do so. Abender joins Lorna's High Council.

4/30/99 - A look description of Tylenol.

4/29/99 - Berrin of the WarDancers is Ordained by Solanthas. Maimer reaches effective 50th level: 30th level Ranger, Cleric and Thief, and becomes the Master Druid of Lorna's Tigers.

4/28/99 - Ananasi is created.

4/24/99 - Version 3.370 is checked in. Torchbearer's temple goes in.

4/20/99 - Molo announces that Asia's following has been accepted into the Nashite faith, and names her Mistress of Pain and Misery of the Cauldron of Nashite.

4/16/99 - Arkanis is created.

4/14/99 - Cordir made Attendant to Tokugawa.

4/13/99 - A Loquacious Night on Gossip ... TerraHunden shows all of TFC that he knows nothing of the Triat, bad puns fly, and lots of old history is dredged up, with Immortals, Mortals, and Pirate Captains alike chatting on gossip.

4/7/99 - Okk made Ambassador, Torchbearer made DemiGod, creating the Arcanes. His holy symbol is wings. Masher Unretired to Ambassador status.

4/6/99 - Santurn is created.

4/1/99 - Gaul is pked by Beelzebub. This came about because Gaul went ahead and grouped Beelzebub in the guild to make it easier to talk, and Beelzebub promptly portaled him to a no exit, no recall, no teleport room & killed him. The moral of the story? "Don't group mages who are trying to pk you.".

4/99 - Abender reaches effective 40th.

3/31/99 - Vex is created.

3/27/99 - Version 3.36c is checked in, which fixes several bugs.

3/26/99 - Daelin is silenced by Tynian, ad infinitum. Jahar of the WarDancers is created.

3/25/99 - Whitehawk is created.

3/21/99 - Version 3.36b is checked in, which incorporates some fixes for Mish. ("Fixed one instance where Mish would not update when a character was last seen. There is probably still a problem here somewhere, since requests that should still be valid appear to get cancelled for a still unknown reason." and "If a shopkeeper is given an item that Mish is searching for, the shopkeeper gladly accepts the donation, this was a posted idea.")

3/20/99 - Cordir and Deamhan An-Shalach are married by Thaygar. Cordir is subsequently excommunicated from the Nashite faith for marrying an unbeliever by Molo the Arch Lich, effective the moment she took her vows to Deamhan.

3/19/99 - Hornblower and Bliss are married by Foolkiller at a ceremony catered by Okk.

3/5/99 - Thor is created.

3/4/99 - Wolfgang is created.

3/99 - A GT is held at the Renfest in Arizona. (See a few photos.) Jonah reaches effective 40th.

2/25/99 - Version 3.36 note posted. Added 8 elements to the mud that were from Idea Posts. Ugluk is created.

2/20/99 - Version 3.35 note posted. Kick is created.

2/6/99 - The Master of Magic is slain.

2/99 - Okk reaches 30th level Shaman and petitions for Immortality.

1/27/99 - Plane is created.

1/24/99 - Version 3.33 note posted. Mish implemented.

1/19/99 - Version 3.34 note posted. Added permanent debt for killing neutrals and newbies.

1/18/99 - Ping, Quarnel, Cabal, and several others overflow the Guild Kitchen with 1005 Magic Mushrooms.

1/10/99 - Cordir made Ambassador, Torchbearer made Attendant, John Paul made Lesser God ( includes a who 20 list), Solanthas made Demi God, creating the WarDancers. His holy symbol is a gold leaf. Asia is promoted to Demi Goddess of the order of Pain and Misery. Tynian posts some notes about respect & Daelin & the new version. Version 3.31-D note posted.

1/9/99 - A partial who list from this day. Kerriariadne is created this month.

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