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TFC Historical Timeline 1997

12/31/97 - Take a look at the New Year's Eve party.

12/19/97 - Kordos is created.

12/14/97 - Tahlm is deleted by Madman. There is a scary attack of lag. Moltar retires (Hel [ Wa: 6 Ma:24 ] Moltar got a lousy shirt at DR. *MISCHIEF*). A wizlist and some who lists from this day. ### Lonar killed by the one-legged turkey at Entrance to the Grunting Boar Inn. Nightfall is created.

12/13/97 - Tokugawa posts an immortality petition. Natilena reaches Th:17 Ma:17 Ra:15 and gets a train. Ptarchyzk reaches Th:17 Wa:16 (regaining 17 thief). Blystur is created.

12/6/97 - An area list from this day.

12/2/97 - Madman posts a note about the immortality quest.

12/1/97 - Jan and all his chars (Jan, Raja, Dacrphyil) are deleted for "inciting others to multiplay".

11/28/97 - Rennia is created.

11/22/97 - Soj is created.

11/20/97 - Oak gets the record for the fastest-quest-item-getter. Here's what happened. (In other words, Oak vows and completes the Immortality Quest in a single day, but does not Petition to Immort.) Tamar joins Rhina.

11/17/97 - A who list from this day.

11/16/97 - Humble is created.

11/14/97 - Rhina's alignment is changed from Good to Neutral after Rhina petitions, and is granted Neutral alignment for her following, 'Natural Forces'. Khore petitions for Neutrality for the Kindred, and is refused.

11/12/97 - A who list from this day. A few Madman antics from Natilena's point of view.

11/11/97 - Version 3.00t is installed.

11/9/97 - An early 3x score for a "semi-retired (2x) mortal".

11/7/97 - Triston is a Questor and Masher is STILL an Ambassador at this point.

11/3/97 - Some who lists from this day.

11/2/97 - Tokugawa becomes an Initiate (which was the step prior to becoming an Ambassador when promotions were done this way).

11/1/97 - Nayla turns 1000! Dadon is an Ambassador at this point. A who list from this day. Version 3.00n of TFC is installed.

11/97 - Laurana Starbreeze is created.

Late 1997 - Ozmo and Assilem retire. Nyx disappears once more from TFC, his third departure. His whereabouts are unknown.

10/31/97 - Tynian posts an fyi note about equipment purges.

10/30/97 - Madman posts an fyi note granting amnesty to those who've been coolered. Today is the highest peak 3x usage, with 68 people on at once.

10/28/97 - Tynian posts an fyi note about bug reports. Sibyl is created.

10/27/97 - Palin is created. Tynian posts an fyi note about changes in immortality. Splat is retired this week.

10/26/97 - "Madness", or, the last few minutes of 2x. (Can you say spam?) Here's a zipped version of the end of 2x in case my filesize limit kicks in and you don't feel like clicking 10 times to get the html version. (It IS there, and you'll get it eventually, but...) A log of Slue, the corpse collector. THEN, 3x goes live! (Version 3.00 of TFC was compiled at 15:44.) Here's a random log of part of the first day of 3x (and once again, the zipped version of it because of the size limit). The mud is now up to 11,000 rooms, with an active volcano, sailing ship, and more. Daelin, Grand Knight of the Black Conclave is the first Mortal to set foot within the Realm after going 3x.

10/24/97 - A beta test of 3x on the test mud.

10/19/97 - A who list from this day. Taxes are in effect on the mud at this point for items that are overlimit. (You own a couatl feather, but it is over the allowed limit. A couatl feather will cost 1 in taxes.) Kollen Der is created.

10/18/97 - A WHO LIST.

10/17/97 - How people's scores looked in 2x. Dracos is created. Lysanthir has a KILLER flag.

9/21/97 - A note about Conclave statistics as of today.

Fall 97 - Trap marries Jyslin. Dinin is created, and becomes a follower of Lorna. Strat is created, and worships Syla.

8/25/97 - Check out Telamon's zombies.

8/21/97 - A few who lists from this day, along with a look description of Kim. Some silly happenings with Cerebus.

8/13/97 - A poem from Angua (and one from Tennyson). And, a series of odd comments on cant and auction.

8/8/97 - A who list from this day.

8/7/97 - A quick peek at the Court of Cerebus.

8/6/97 - Madman posts a note about 3x beta chars. A who list from this day.

8/97 - Mekt becomes an Ambassador. JohnPaul declares that Gryphon's Silver Fellowship is not to be considered a Good following, and that none of his followers can aid Fellowship members in any way. Cordir and Torchbearer, JohnPaul's Avatar, discuss the issue...

7/28/97 - A who list from this day. Version 2.82h is installed.

7/27/97 - There is a brief delay, and then Solanthas and Lania are married by Rhina. Later this day, Agape is retired/deleted. Here's an email on the topic of the deletion of Agape.

7/5/97 - Gregar levels to 5 ranger. Elean levels to 8 cleric.

7/4/97 - A who list from this day.

6/30/97 - Some funny stuff happens on cant. Natilena the MURDERER.

6/28/97 - Legionaire is created. Stafellayinn reaches Ra:21 Ma:20 Th:18.

6/12/97 - Version 2.82e is implemented.

6/8/97 - WHO LIST.

6/1/97 - Madman runs a quest (warning, big log). Faust wins the QuestMaster Title, collecting 8 out of 10 clues - see Plaque20 in the Room of Records for mention of this when on TFC. ELECTA levels to 26 warrior. Ghengis and Azrael are created. A who list from this date. Valin reaches Th:14 Ma:20. Katun levels to 5 mage. Theoden reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. A conversation with Polnevdra about family matters.

6/97 - Kennet is created.

Summer 97 - Jyslin helps a young level 12th Drizzt Do Urden dual to mage. They become fast friends.

5/30/97 - Version 2.82a is installed. Khore posts "The Question" and "The Answer".

5/27/97 - A WHO LIST.

5/24/97 - Ptarchyzk asks for some help with re-equipping. Trix is created. Brightbranch reaches Ra:11 Ma: 9 Th: 9. Zloty reaches Cl:18 Wa:17. A who list from this day. Drizzt posts a sort-of retirement note.

5/20/97 - A WHO LOG.

5/18/97 - Twotone dies to the IceWorm in the Frigid Wastelands and Zakath, Kira and Natilena do the corpse retrieval. Humphrey reaches Ma:16 Wa:11. Sarelk reaches Cl:22 Wa:15. Myro dies and looks for a god+.

5/14/97 - Marisa turns into a pker. (Yeah, right ;P)

5/11/97 - Dalaran reaches effective 50th (Ma:30 Th:30 Wa:30) at 1344 playing hours, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame. A wizlist from this day.

5/10/97 - Natilena and Zakath get married! Phineas levels to 4 warrior, as does Farkis. Music gets added to the TFC homepage by Madman. A who list from this day.

5/02/97 - Oak reaches effective 50th (Ma:30 Wa:30 Th:30) at 1436 playing hours, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame.

4/29/97 - Sarelk reaches Cl:17 Wa:11. Deneb levels to 10 ranger. Poacher reaches Cl:13 Wa:15. Smurf reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. A partial who list from this day.

4/26/97 - A WHO LOG.

4/21/97 - Triston reaches effective 50th (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30) at 2098 playing hours, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame, the first evil character to do so.

4/19/97 - Version 2.80C is implemented.

4/17/97 - Several who lists from this day. Zrie reaches effective 50th (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30) after 1746 playing hours, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame.

4/16/97 - Cerebus goes for a walk. A log of communication channels from Natilena. A who list from this day.

4/02/97 - Baconbits reaches effective 50th (Ma:30 Ra:30 Th:30) at 1752 playing hours. However, due to her refusal to honor the traditions that govern entry, she is NOT admitted into the Hall of Fame. Instead, she cusses out Madman and gets to spend some time in the cooler.

4/01/97 - Myronides reaches effective 50th (Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30) at 1086 playing hours, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame.

3/27/97 - A WHO LOG.

3/23/97 - Information on TFC version 3.x and some thank-yous are sent to the tfc mailing list.

3/19/97 - Asia reaches effective 50th (Sh:30 Wa:30 Th:30) at 1170 playing hours, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame.

3/16/97 - A WHO LOG.

3/14/97 - Jyslin has a baby. Here's the rp-only edited log of it, and here's the uh, unedited version of the log which gives a "different" perspective ;)  A look at Rhina's temple.

3/12/97 - Azzark reaches effective 50th (Ra:50 Th:50 Cl:50) at 1226 playing hours, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame.

3/11/97 - A WHO List. Right around this time, Natilena joins Cerebus as a level 6 cleric.

3/97 - Xaviera is created.

2/28/97 - Jahiliya becomes the first female to reach effective 50th (Ra:30 Sh:30 Th:30), at 1666 playing hours. She gains admission into the Hall of Fame.

2/23/97 - Who List & Wizlist.

2/22/97 - Belemvor reaches effective 50th (Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:30) at 938 playing hours, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame.

2/20/97 - Myronides and Larry on cant. Foolkiller runs a quest called "the gauntlet" for his followers.

2/16/97 - At the age of 366 years (698 hours), Cordir slays Dal-Kroh, Duergar Shaman of the Polyps, to reach 30th level for the first time. She subsequently posts her first Petition for Immortality, but is told to remove it, as no Immortality Petitions are being accepted until 3x is implemented.

2/11/97 - Marisa gets really nosy & winds up in the god realms. Mojo & Bane swap stories.

2/6/97 - WHO List

2/5/97 - Version 2.78 is implemented. Later that day TFC is at version 2.78b.

2/2/97 - Syla gets bored. The Lord of Oblivion speaks. Pippin joins Foolkiller. A look description of Foolkiller. Later this day, there are all sorts of goings ons in Foolkiller's temple (Including the death of Foolkiller & Frostflower, a pregnancy announcement, and a temple redecorating party). (A who list from this day. ### [Furious replied to Talia (in common) 'Ya, mud is so counterproductive'] and ### [Somewhere, Zrie utters the words, 'create ice cream']. Hookah, High Priestess of the Black Conclave, slays Straub to reach 30th level, and joins the High Council.

2/1/97 - The Lord of Oblivion exerts his will. Kollen becomes Darkmoon's official scribe. Version 2.77f is installed.

2/97 - Borneo, Grand Druidess of the Black Conclave, reaches 30th level and joins the High Council.

1/31/97 - Exar-Kun, Vile Sorcerer of the Black Conclave slays the Master Tailor of Dwarvenhold to reach 30th level and his seat on the High Council.

1/28/97 - Valence is created. Oak reaches Th:18 Ma:27 Wa:18. Alustriel reaches Ra:20 Ma:20 Th:10. Stafellayinn reaches Ra: 5 Ma: 9. ### [Exparrot replied to Elistan (in common) 'but he's pretty popular now.. you'd run the risk of pk by association,,']

1/21/97 - Combate Mortal! - The Shamans of the Conclave go on a rampage.

1/19/97 - Malkil wonders if Nayr is on.

1/17/97 - A failed pk attempt.

1/14/97- Letters between A Master and Apprentice.

1/11/97 - Khore posts "I, Pker" to the TFC mailing list. Version 2.76at is installed. Right around this time the mud school is replaced with Camp Tolanrael.

1/10/97 - Nameless celebrates his rl birthday mud-style. Lennon levels to 15 warrior. Moribund levels to 11.

97 (unknown date) - Nyx becomes a 30th level thief, the fourth ever to do so. (The others being Darkmoon, Caradoc, and Pixel.)

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