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TFC Historical Timeline 1996

12/27/96 - Khore cants 'This is not my lag. This has been a disclaimer.'.

12/25/96 - A WIZLIST and a WHO LIST.

12/22/96 - A large Christmas GT is held in Phoenix, with Sohcahtoa, Wyrm, Splat, Shinu, Caradoc, Aladin, Foolkiller, Xaviera, Tokugawa, Furnock, Shushila, Kell, Agape, Crysania, Emaleth, Cerebus, JohnPaul, Syrinx, Facade, Gwyrdain, Scroll, Darkmoon, Malaki, Larry, Jyslin, Lorna, Zrie, Madman, Tynian, Assilem, Wazoo, Phooey, Kaplin, Zipp/Voltron, Marisa, Sloan, Nayr, Jaxxon, Maltor, Syla, & Talia attending.

12/20/96 - Coleman posts a series of christmas notes.

12/18/96 - Zarous posts "The Stuff of Adventure!".

12/12/96 - Hired by Cordir of the Black Conclave, Alecto kills Kylera. Dor reaches level 16. Version 2.76as is installed.

12/8/96 - A who list from this day. Malkil reaches Ma:21 Th:21. ### [Somewhere, Shylok chants like a little engine 'I tink I know, I tink I know, I tink I know'] Right around this time, Welverin is deleted and given a grave.

12/5/96 - Vulcan the Forge slays Garid to reach 30th level, and becomes the Black Smith of the High Council of the Black Conclave.

12/4/96 -Version 2.76a is implemented, which includes Gryphon's Temple. Borneo is killed three times, ince by Allanon, and twice by Ziggy. Democritus and Ahab are created.

12/3/96 - After eight months or so of really annoying the Implementor Madman, as well as the rest of the mud, the ICP (a bunch of little level-camping newbie killers) is forced to level. Laujar reaches Ma:10 Th:10 Ra:15.

12/2/96 - Khore posts "Things TFC Needs" to the TFC Mailing List.

12/96 - Natas LaVey is created. Coleman writes his infamous Christmas Story.

11/30/96 - Nyx reaches 30th level (in 2x version). Version 2.76ar is installed, which removes bandage as a skill. (Bandage had been heavily abused.)

11/27/96 - Viceroy and Cordir take turns singing songs... in the Crypt?

11/25/96 - Sorrow reaches level 15, Ziggy reaches level 16.

11/17/96 - Version 2.76ao implemented.

11/13/96 - Nalor reaches Cl:16 Wa:16. A who list from this date.

11/9/96 - Jahiliya cants (in common) 'Who votes I get to talk to my inner thoughts instead of this silly boring demi I'm currently stuck with? :>'. Jahiliya cants (in common) 'my inner thoughts are so much more fun...they speak to me in dwarven and wonder what color they should dye their hair...'.  Version 2.76an is installed.

11/4/96 - Version 2.76am is installed.

11/2/96 - An old 2x group kills Ebencaleneezer. A WHO LIST.

11/96 - Doc reaches 30th level, the first Larry follower to do so. Polnevdra, High Priestess of the Silver Fellowship of Gryphon reaches 30th level. She immediately Petitions for Immortality, but is told to remove the note, as no Immortality Petitions are being accepted until 3x is implemented. Alecto is created.

Late 1996 - Splat and Siren and Aahz retire. Zarous (Lord of Adventure), Ozmo (Lord of the Jhereg), and Assilem are made Demi Gods. WHO LIST

10/31/96 - Boo! It's Halloween! Triston gossips (in common) 'scary stories in recall while its dark out'. Tokugawa battles Madman's pet demon. A who list from this day. Everyone moshes. ### [Ebola told king (in common) 'I hate thieves with info 3']

10/30/96 - Tokugawa kills the assassin to reach effective 50th (Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30) at 2742 playing hours!

10/29/96 - Version 2.76al is installed.

10/19/96 - WHO List

10/17/96 - Robert is promoted to Ambassador. Phooey reaches effective 50th (Ra:30 Ma:30 Th:30) at 1006 playing hours, and is killed by Madman's pet demon. He holds the record for quickest to 50. Tamar and Valor are created and join Lorna. Version 2.76ah is installed.

10/14/96 - Midgaard is under attack by meteor swarm. The mayor of mg gets taught a lesson.

10/11/96 - Boyardee levels to 3. A partial who list from this day. Masher is an Ambassador at this point. MG grouping is a great way to knock off 3k xp in 30 minutes. (You just have to make sure you don't get confused and go splat.) ### [Merlyn told Unknown (in common) 'can u smile at me ,i think i got sex change']

10/8/96 - Robert, a 30th level Warrior, 25th level Mage, 25th level thief, is given his Immortality Quest by the Implementor Madman.

10/7/96 - Version 2.76ah implemented.

10/5/96 - The mud's disk dies and is replaced, and player files from the previous week are used on the replacement. (All files created between 9/29/96 and now were only temporary.) Here's an explanation.

10/96 - TFC is invaded by a small, talking Candy Dispenser... Pez arrives. Grouped with Faust, Cordir reaches 19th level. Rocky is created. Boyardee is created.

9/29/96 - Version 2.76af is installed.

9/27/96 - Faille is created.

9/26/96 - SOME of the current gods include: Demi Gods: JohnPaul, Foolkiller, Pyros, Bumblefoot. Ambassadors: Dadon, Rudolf, Sajkald.

9/24/96 - A GT is held in Costa Mesa, California, with Ivarr (the host), Marisa, Zarous, Khore, Foolkiller, Gryphon, Tokugawa, Einskaldir, T'Far, Cordir, ZARA, Polnevdra, Taffron, Nameless, Xaviera & Feydorian among the mudders attending.

9/23/96 - Two newbies (named Blazing and uh, Saddles) keep Sajkald the Ambassador on his toes. (Well, or at least gives him something to do.)

9/21/96 - Tokugawa is killed by a fido while mg grouping. (Ok, so Darkmoon's rift may have had something to do with his death...) Cyrix, Assilem, Dadon & Sajkald are all Ambassadors at this point. A who list from this day.

9/18/96 - Version 2.76ac is installed.

9/11/96 - Cordir, a level 17 mage, is wed to Keller D'Augustine, the Paladin of Tel, by Polnevdra. The ceremony is interrupted by the Arch-Lich, who steals the bride, forces her to worship him, and annuls the wedding. Ironbrain is an Ambassador.

9/96 - Ozious, the Nashite Death Knight, reaches 30th level, becoming the seventh member of the High Council of the Black Conclave. Tyrall joins the Trinity, following the path of Infinity.

Fall 96 - Hornblower is created.

8/25/96 - A little warric named Faust hits effective 13th level.

8/24/96 - Welverin reaches effective 50th (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30) at 2766 playing hours.

8/23/96 - Version 2.76x is installed. A day for the TFC history books On this date, at one point in the day, there were NINE ambassadors - a new record. They included brand-new Ambassadors Ironbrain, Larry, and Mekt, as well as Foolkiller, Gryphon - a Coleman follower, and Zarous - a Cerebus worshipper (who were promoted to Demi God later that day) Zarous becomes Lord of Adventure ( For the record, Zarous had been an Ambassador for 332 hours at that point, when the norm was 75! A record to that date! ). Gryphon becomes the Justicar of Nash, creating the Silver Fellowship, the first Good Nashite following. His symbol is the Silver Ageis. Polnevdra becomes his first follower and his order's High Priestess, and Wren (Gryphon's son by Kestrel) is Ordained as his Paladin. Foolkiller creates the Trinity, its symbol The Trinity's Symbol of Trust. His first follower is Crysania. Zarous creates a band of adventurers, his holy symbol a golden pin, and first to join him is Rogue. He later had three ordaineds, including Skarfester, Jarkeld, and Xandi. In mortal business, Silence was created, and Xanthese reached level 26.

8/19/96 - Version 2.76w implemented. A WHO List.

8/10/96 - A WHO List.

8/8/96 - Version 2.767v implemented.

8/3/96 - Thaygar's Temple removed from Upper Floor of Temple area (See a log of the event.)

8/1/96 - The original Bubba is created. (Not the person who plays in 3x.)

8/96 - Ozmo becomes Pope of Nash, and holds it until his retirement. Nyx returns to the Realm, and discovers that Thaygar has been promoted to God, and the Ebon Hand disbanded. He is reformed for the second time. Shortly thereafter, he follows Pyros.

7/31/96 - Cordir, a wee little 16th level mage, has a chat with Khore and Nayr about a restring she lost... a Vampire's Kiss. (also includes a 'Who 30' and a 'Who thief').

7/30/96 - Monk, Inquisitor of the Black Conclave, reaches 30th level and joins the High Council.

7/23/96 - Cordir wins a storytelling contest.

7/17/96 - Thaygar posts a note, declaring his Final Ascension from Lesser to God+, disbanding the Ebon Hand.

7/96 - Khore Semi-Retires, disbanding most of the Kindred. Lena joins the Kindred nonetheless. Thaygar becomes a God+. Other God+'s at this point include Nalya and Darkmoon.

Summer 96 - Trap is created. At some point this summer, Nalya is promoted to God+, and Foolkiller is given his Immortality Quest by Madman - to retrieve a Dragon Turtle Scale and a Stingray's Tail. Foolkiller is permitted one person to assist him on this quest - and he chooses Jaator. They complete the quest in 90 minutes. Its believed Foolkiller was promoted to Ambassador in August, but this has not been verified.

6/30/96 - Version 2.76n implemented. Zara starts running Trivia Contests. A WHO 20 list.

6/26/96 - A WHO 20 list.

6/24/96 - Coleman posts a note about soul rift to the TFC mailing list. (At the time, naked shamans ruled the mud.)

6/12/96 - Malkav, Ebon Wyld, posts a little note to share with everyone, entitled, 'Why Do I Kill?'.

6/10/96 - Jaator reaches effective 50th (Ma:30 Ra:30 Th:30) at 1596 playing hours, and is killed by Madman's pet demon. He is only the second character to ever do so, gaining admission into the Hall of Fame. Lancelot posts "Ode to the Hunters of the Black Conclave".

6/96 - Version 2.8 is released. Serious testing begins on the 3x version. Sadow the Wind Ruler slays Shar-Ti the Duergar Shaman of the Dhole to reach 30th level, becoming the Grand Shaman of the Black Conclave's High Council. DragonHeart is created. Nyx vanishes from the Realm of TFC for a time. Jerald, Syrinx, Foolkiller, Clue, and one other as-yet-unidentified companion complete a quest designed by Madman. The prize is a permanant sanct lasting for one week.

Mid 1996 - Kim retires. Gaul becomes Nalya's second Paladin when she reaches Lesser Goddess.

5/28/96 - Syrinx becomes the first to reach effective 50th (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30) at 1550 playing hours and the age of 790 years old. (Note, this log IS here, keep clicking if you get a notfound.) Marvin reaches 17th level. Magius reaches 4th level. Krack reaches 5th level.

5/16/96 - Zarous is promoted to Ambassador! Zrie duals to warrior. A who list from this day. Right around this time, Aries is created and Ginny retires.

5/96 - Darkmoon becomes a Lesser Goddess. ZARA of the Black Conclave reaches 18th level. 119 people die to her in the following month. (One of which is Tyrall, who is an effective level warrior/cleric at the time.) Molo is re-ordained as Pope of Nash and holds the title until 8/96. Additionally, he has to spend 2,596 ticks restoring the mana spent just pardoning Zara for those 118 kills..Khore becomes a Demi God, creating the red-aura'ed following of the Kindred Vampyric. His holy symbol is a black cape. His first followers include his beloved Sapphyre, Kira, and Raith, as well as Shahrazad and Dalamar. He later Ordains Palmer and Combee. Less than two weeks after accepting him, Khore releases and rejects Dalamar with no explanation whatsoever.

Spring 96: Rhina (CL/30), previously a Siren and Coleman follower, becomes a Demi Goddess, creating the Good aligned following of 'Natural Forces'. Her holy symbol is a leaf of jade. She first accepts Midnight's worship. Her first Paladin was Artur.

4/27/96 - Syla and Pyros are married by Nayr (They subsequently have two children - Jahna and Leer.) Asia joins House Veladorn. Gryphon becomes an Ambassador. Version 2.76k is installed.

4/18/96 - Version 2.76j is installed.

4/17/96 - Thaygar, Master of the Ebon Hand, and his bride, Siren, Mistress of the Dark Mist, renew their wedding vows in the Garden of Black Roses.

4/16/96 - Gryphon, the Paladin of Mirth, reaches 30th Level.

4/15/96 - Huey, Ebon Wyld, fails his Mastery Quest, which, to his shame, is announced by Thaygar. A WHO List from this date.

4/5/96 - Aladin shocks the mud by dualing to cleric at level 20 thief (the first thief ever to dual to cleric). At the time the idea of a thief/cleric was unheard of (and was thought to be an exceedingly stupid, character-destroying idea). That experiment lasted two months before Aladin retired. A who list from this day. Right around this time Erond and Daark post retirement notes.

4/96 (unknown dates) - Molo is promoted to Demigod and The Black Conclave is formed. Syla & Pyros are married. Khore marries Risa, a level 20 ogress, in a wedding ceremony performed by Syla. (Soon thereafter, Risa leaves for a desperately needed stay at a charm school, from which she still infrequently escapes and steps on people. The wedding was later annulled.) Khore, a worshipper of Syla, is later granted Immortality and becomes an Ambassador. Sirak takes the title, Pope of Nash back from Molo, and holds it himself for a month. Azra, the Anti-Hero, reaches 30th level, and becomes the Arcane Heirophant of the High Council of the Black Conclave. Polnevdra, Taffron, Shylok, Bashful and Tyrall are created.

3/24/96 - Versions 2.76 & 2.76i are installed.

3/10/96 - Version *alpha* of TFC is installed on the test mud. (Looks like this was probably the first version of 3x on the test mud.)

3/9/96 - Thaygar posts 'Pride and Prejudice', a poem about Syrinx.

3/96 - Lorna, previously in service to Nalya, becomes a Demi Goddess. Her first follower is her adopted brother, Vertigo. Her holy symbol is a tiger's feather. Foolkiller is created. Right around this time, Pyros immorts and his following is Fire. His holy symbol is the Talisman of Fire. His first follower is Fear, his second follower is Sibyl, who becomes the 'First Daughter of Fire'. Molo is ordained Pope of Nash until 4/96. Anwar is made Paladin of the Passionate by Tel. Doc is created. Palmer is created.

Late 2/96 - Lorna, with the help of a Paladin, reaches 30th level Warrior. She then decides to begin killing all the beasts she has feared until now... including the Gold Dragon of Ofcol. Shortly thereafter she becomes an Ambassador.

2/23/96 - Pyros and Lorna are both still mortal at this point.

Early to mid 2/96 - Tel and Kalton become Lesser Gods. A WHO list from this month.

1/24/96 - A who list from this day.

1/20/96 - Molo completes his required hours for Ambassadorship, and one week later, becomes a Demi God, leading the Black Conclave. His first follower is Grayghost, a 30th level mage of great power and renown. Kestrel is created.

1/18/96 - Version 2.730 is installed. 1/18/96 - Madman becomes an Implementor of TFC. (Tel, Cerebus, Syla, Coleman, Pixel, Psykill and Raze are all Demi Gods)

1/12/96 - Version 2.71j implemented.

1/96 - Version 2.7 is implemented. TFC is now up to 70 areas, with nearly 7,000 rooms Pyros (then a 30th level mage) returns, and requests Immortality. Pyros becomes an Ambassador. Aahz is an Ambassador. Ginny requests permanant retirement. Darkmoon retires for a short time. Tynian takes a leave of absence. Asia is created. Vecna is created.

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