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TFC Historical Timeline 1995 and prior

12/31/95 - A who list from this day.

12/22/95 - A log of Tynian vs. Asia. Guess who won? (Includes a very old who list.) And a log from Asia's point of view.

12/15?/95 - A Christmas GT is held in Phoenix, with Darkmoon, Ginny, Szordrin, Marisa & about 5 others attending.

12/5/95 - Ozymandius is challenged by Madman to a quest... one aspect of which is to slay the Warrior Guildmaster of Lothlorien, who had remained undefeated up to that point. But that day, The Guildmaster Dies.

12/95 - Nalya becomes a Demi Goddess, leading the PBS (Pink Bunny Slippers). Her first worshipper is Znarx. A number of individuals seek to be her Ordained - among them, Ankara, Lorna, and Thomas. A competition of sorts is held, and Anakara becomes her first Paladin. Gaul is ordained as her second Paladin when she reaches Lesser Goddess.. Khore, a half-elf mage, is created. Ankara and Xymo are wed by Nalya. Skeeve is created.

11/18/95 - WHO list. Pestis hits level 12. Typhon reaches level 29, at 122 years of age.

11/95 - Typhon, Triat Master and Weaver of the Ebon Hand reaches 30th level, the third Shaman ever to do so. Keller Amberlin D'Agustine made Paladin of the Passionate by Tel. Darkmoon becomes an Ambassador and one week later, a Demi God. Molo, an 18th level mage, dies seven times on the Longship, twice at the hands of his goddess, Ginny, and once in the Black Shrine. Gryphon is created. Nalya (a 30th level half-elf cleric, who worshipped Splat) becomes an Ambassador.

10/95 - Syrinx and Nalya are wed. Kithiara is created. Tel becomes active again.

10 - 12/95 - Pyros goes on Sabbatical. During this time, Agape ("the Abrasive One", his holy symbol a looking glass ), Kim (her holy symbol is the 'key of C' - ), Ginny (University of Evil - her holy symbol a Rod of Learning) and Coleman all Immort. Coleman, God of Mirth (his symbol is a Mark of Mirth)

Fall 95 - Ginny is promoted to Ambassador, about 2 weeks after the one and only time she is pk'd. (She was killed for one single piece of eq - a pair of gauntlets - while out xping with Coleman and on an emergency boiling-over spaghetti rescue mission.) Pixel, an elven thief, becomes an Ambassador, and later that month, a Demi God, creating the Panthers. His holy symbol is a Panther Claw. His first follower is Sheepish. (See his Temple) Welverin is created and becomes a follower of Kalten.

9/95 - Clumysfool is created. Tyrall is created!

8/23/95 - A who list from this day (provided by Tokugawa). Sometime this summer the first Dutch GT is held in the Netherlands.

8/13/95 - Marisa & Talen get married.

8/95 - Agape and Pyros reach 30th level. Nayr and Sirak go God+. Madman, already a Greater God, writes the first edition of the TFC Area Writer's Guide. Oghma is created. Jahiliya is created. Night returns to find his Goddess, Dahliah, has retired, and is reformed. He gives up his name, and takes a new one, Nyx. Shortly thereafter, he follows Thaygar, Master of the Ebon Hand. Zarous was created! Later that day, the wee level 3 mage was rescued by Marisa in the Haon-Dor forest, before he wandered into the Druid's Tree. But alas, she was not present to help him when at 4th level, he 'found' the Ancient Green Dragon!

7/95 - Tokugawa is created. Version 2.52 is implemented. New spells include Animate Dead and Portal. Madman destroys Ofcol (a completely modified area file is installed.) Gann is created. Shoya joins House Veladorn.

6/95 - Slayer immorts, and is deleted shortly afterwards for switching into Slue and killing a mortal. Furnock is created. Night disappears from the Realm of TFC. Erond is created. He later serves three different Immortals as their Paladin; Morth, Ath, and Agape, and becomes engaged to be wed to Lorna.

5/95 - Daliah retires around this time. Marisa and Talen are xping in Ofcol when Diana dies of plague in front of them, fully eq'ed. They scoop up her eq and manage to trade it all to Ozymandius for (among other things) *two* Rods of Neutrality (+5 damage lights). Version 2.4 is released. Underwater Breathing is added, as well as some special underwater effects, and an underwater area, as well. Dwarvenhold added. Nalya and Syrinx become engaged. Tel Ordains Overkill, who quickly thereafter gets into a bit of trouble slaying two Ogres at their wedding... Tel writes the 'Baron Marel' area, and then becomes inactive for a short time.

4/95 - Version 2.2 is released. Three new areas are added. Thaygar becomes a Demigod - the Lord of the Ebon Hand. Tel becomes a Demi God (not in June, as previously reported). Tel takes the title Lord of Passions. His holy symbol is two blades crossed. His first follower is Anwar, whom Tel slays immediately for worshipping without his consent. The 'Deepwood' is submitted to Mudadmin for review. Fuzzy is created. Shoya is created.

3/95 - Thaygar and Tel become an Ambassadors. Marisa, Talen & Talbot are created. (Apparently not very many RL women are playing the mud at this point, since Marisa is asked by a "someone" if she is really a girl.) At this point in time, the mud crashes several times a day, every day, and there is no auto-save feature in place. (Which means that upon reconnect you often find yourself somewhere you were a half hour ago, or whenever you last manually saved. This is probably why the phrase "save often" came into being...)

Spring 95 - Kalten is created. He later becomes Psykill's Paladin, and later still, becomes Immortal himself. Schwartz is created sometime in early 95.

2/95 - Version 2x is released in February. The Shaman Class and Ranger Class are implemented. The first-ever Shaman was Chant. The first Shaman to reach 30th level was Chug. Triston was created about this time. Aladin is created. Tel is created. He is later made Splat's Paladin.

1/31/95 - Madman provided a re-mapping progress report in an email. Racial cities were being implemented. Maurice was still officially "Area Coordinator" at this time, but Madman was already heavily involved in the coordinating and shaping of the TFC world. [Info provided by Tynian.]

1/95 - Jerald is created. Splat becomes a Demigod. Robert, an Elf of Lothlorien, is created. Dalamar is created. The House of Veladorn is created by Coleman, Ozymandius, and Szordrin.

95 - Date unknown: A less friendly version of Saruman, and a tiny who list. Sirak drafts his Muditor for easy creation of TFC area files. At some point during this year, (possibly the early part of the year), Syla weds Snare in a ceremony by Jerald. Shortly after the wedding (between a day and a week - currently reports vary) Snare was deleted for cheating.

12/94 - Sirak and Darkmoon divorce for the first time. Baldar is created, and soon thereafter worships Psykill, Lord of the Dragons. At this point, Ath, who as a mortal was a gnomish single-class thief, is already a Demigod. His title is Lord of the Stars and his paladin is Modrid. William is another of his followers. His holy symbol is a blazing star. (Previous to this point, gods didn't have holy symbols.)

11/27/94 - Slash posts a Retirement Note at 12:45:24, in response to a note posted by Tynian, titled "Immortal Authority". Active participants on the TFC Mailing List at this point include Tynian, Madman, Slash, Raze, Jaxxon, Eagle, Mort, IvoryTiger, Rishana and Eagle, among others. [Info provided by Tynian.]

11/94 - Sirak becomes a Demigod, and begins recruiting for his following, The Nashites. His first follower is Hellraiser. Kithiara enters the Realm of TFC and begins terrorizing it in her own special way. Syrinx joins the Nashites, and is a loyal follower until 1/95. Malanor, Cardinal of Nashite, is created, and quickly becomes one of the first triple classed characters. Sly, Bishop of Nashite is created the same month. Lorna is created. Night, a thief of more than passing skill, is created. He later worships Dahliah upon her Ascension to Demigoddess.

10/94 - Nayr becomes a Demigod. Kaylah is created. Sirak becomes the First Pope of Nash. He holds the position until 6/95. Clue is created.

Fall-Winter 94: Grendel, 'The Gentle Giant' is created. He later worships Mort. He later rises to the position of Demi-God. His first follower is Shoya. He later requests honorable deletion for personal reasons.

9/94 - Siren (a giant) becomes a good aligned Demi Goddess. Mort, a half-elf, also rises to DemiGod. Sirak is created.

8/94 - SOME of the existing gods include - Slash, Caradoc, Slyxx, Sinclair, Madman and Jaxxon.

7/25/94 - A Who List (provided by Jaxxon)

6/94 - Madman (an Aara) becomes a Demi God, leading the following of Madness. As a mortal, he briefly followed Slash and Slyxx.

4/94 - Iggy and Caradoc (a half-elven thief) become Immortals, within one day of each other (Iggy first). Iggy is deleted one week later for cheating. Caradoc, the very first thief immortal, creates an Evil following, which takes its name from his nickname - 'The Eldest Evil'. As part of their daily tasks, the Eldest Evil followers would race to the Elemental Canyon, deliberately catch plague, and then race back to the Guild to infect as many others as possible. Caradoc has had a great many Immortals come from his followers (and their subsequent followers). Some of his followers included Sirak and Darkmoon. To this day, Caradoc is the oldest Follower-Level Immortal to survive and not be deleted for cheating offenses. He was retired with honors in 1998.

Mid-3/94 - TFC goes live as Tynian & Maurice first make TFC available to the public! IvoryTiger joins TFC about this time, after TFC was up and running on its first minimally-modified Merc version. An ancient 1x who list.

Fall 93: Tynian and Maurice sit down at Pizza Hut and have first planning meeting to develop The Final Challenge MUD.

8/16/93 - Tynian sits down and writes the very first bit of coding for TFC.

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