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Tynian: Version 3.172
Fri Feb 10 10:58:06 2006
To: all
Notify player that over-limit item will purge if the character

Some characters will receive a "floating" damage bonus (meaning
that the bonus will change over time, depending on certain factors).

Lessened the effects of effective levels for determining the chance that
a lower level character has to hit a higher level character. In other
words, smaller (lower effective) characters have a better chance of
hitting bigger (higher effective) characters.

Parry and dodge now use the highest level in a class to determine
effectiveness, instead of effective level.

Fixed bug with mobhunt that would cause occasional crashes.

Tynian: Version 3.172b
Fri Feb 10 13:31:43 2006
To: all
Raised damage cap in order to evaluate the change.

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