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(located at port 4000)

Reaver says, "I am going to perform for you 'The Song of Isolas,' written by Nevyn."

Cadee throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!

Reaver begins to quickly play the lute, allowing the tune to escalate and bounce from note to note.

Reaver sings, 'Gather round, and pray attend, as I sing a little round.

Reaver sings, 'Of Isolas, the elven mage, and the trouble that he found.

Reaver sings, 'First drawn within the Tel-Quessir, Myronides' fold.

Reaver sings, 'He learned of elven arrogance, and yes, his mouth was bold.

Reaver sings, 'Then Fate's web ensnared his soul, and while there, he was wed.

Reaver sings, 'Fickle woman broke his heart, but Weaver, his soul fed.

Reaver sings, 'The mighty seas they sang to him, he sought to meet his fate.

Reaver sings, 'On salt-slick decks he battled there, Vahzlune he sought to bait.

Reaver plays the lute as he dances about, back and forth, with a hop, and a skip.

Reaver dances around Cadee and twirles.

Reaver sings, 'And sailors bold fell to his spells, and so he took their lead.

Reaver sings, 'Thus Captain of the Pirate Ship, in thought and act and deed.

Reaver sings, 'The Darkness then embraced this elf, and Kerri fed his rage.

Reaver sings, 'And broken heart made harder still, the world became his stage.

Reaver sings, 'Flocks of elfchicks scampered 'round the Guild when he was there.

Reaver sings, 'And Captain's parrot squawked enough to gather every stare.

Reaver sings, 'But one keen eye saw through the masks, that pain inside creates.

Reaver sings, 'And one voice whispered soft to him that honor, courage takes.

Reaver dances around the crowd with his eyes closed, concentrating deeply as he feircly plays the lute.

Reaver sings, 'Then Weaver's hand reached out to him, and healed that wounded soul.

Reaver sings, 'And taught him to look inward more and how to reach a goal.

Reaver sings, 'And now the wheel of time has turned, now back to those first days.

Reaver sings, 'Of joy in magic's power and flow and teaching magic's ways.

Reaver sings, 'For wisdom tempered elven heart, Ascension forged the steel.

Reaver sings, 'If Isolas you would give oath Then magic's price you'll feel.

Reaver sings, 'So if a Magi's lore you seek, then lofty Tower find.

Reaver sings, 'And within its marble halls dwell those of your own kind.

Reaver stop the tune and suddenly looks up, seemingly completly out of breath.

Reaver , while heavingly panting, bows deeply then exits the stage into the crowd.

Cymbol shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Cordir smiles quietly and applauds.

Sarai shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Cymbol gives a round of applause.

Cadee shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Cadee twirles

Reaver bows deeply.

Cymbol applauds Reaver's actions.

who Reaver
1 player.
Elf [ Bard:  14   6   5 ] Reaver, Traveling Bard of the Nashite Magi

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