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Tynian: Names and targets
Mon Feb 20 00:44:48 2006
To: all
I recently had a complaint about ExeCut's name, after someone attempted
to kill him and instead got Slue, who also has the keyword
'executioner'. There were two parts to the complaint that I will
outline here.

First, be aware that exact names always match before abbreviated
matches. So, for example, if both Slue (keyword slue executioner) and
ExeCut are in the same room, and one types 'kill execut', ExeCut will be
attacked (provided he is in range, etc.). Otherwise, 'kill execut' will
match whomever or whatever is in the room, by virtue of abbreviation.
There is nothing wrong with ExeCut's name. If one were to type 'kill
exec', you would attack anyone or anything with that exact name
('exec'), and failing that, whomever or whatever has a keyword that
starts with 'exec' (mob or PC -- usually the first match in the room).

Slue's other keyword (executioner) was also questioned. The fact is,
mobs can have any number of keywords that may or may not appear in the
description for that mob.

We will code a config option that turns off the abbreviated matching, in
case you want to insure that you don't inadvertently match against a mob
or PC you did not intend on targeting.


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