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Schwartz: New moderated sparring stuff
Sun Feb 5 11:25:23 2006
To: All
Much work has been put into making it a very controlled environment
for the participants, and a TON of playtesting took place in the interest
of trying to identify and mitigate any possible loophole (ie getting etched).
Having said that, I'm sure I missed something. Please respect the spirit of
it, and note or cmdlog to Schwartz God to ensure both they and I see it.

I really want this to be fun and enjoyable, and will find a way to eat
corpses of anyone intentionally exploiting the new sparring code. Please enjoy

Many who playtested thanked me for putting this together. Please know that
this, like all the other stuff I've done, was at Tynian's direction. I'm
terrible at creative ideas. Keep the ideas coming and I'll keep picking from
the list of stuff he wants me to work on.


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