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Malakai: Honor
Sat Apr 1 03:56:35 2006
To: all
I want to start out with a disclaimer:

The following is intended to be viewed as an editorial,
nothing more, nothing less. It is not aimed at any person
in particular, and likewise, was not provoked by anything
in particular. It is simply an observation.

There's a word you don't hear on TFC very much. That is to say,
it's a word you don't hear very much -any more-. It was not long
ago, perhaps two years or so, when honor was a main focal point
for blue and red followings alike. Players prided themselves on
their honor. This has slowly been degraded over the years.
I don't presume to cite any particular event; however, I'm sure
that everyone can think of at least on instance where someone
acted less than honarably. Be it through trade or other action,
the decietful have permeated all of our gaming experiences.

Is that to say that it's completely negative? Some would argue
as much. I'm going to say no. No, it's not completely negative.
It's mostly negative, but not quite completely. Even those who have
been the victims of dishonorable acts have to concede that these
kind of actions stir things up a little bit. Granted, they hurt others
and detract from the game in other ways. In real life, can you
trust everyone? No. The mud is no different and those that have
presumed as much have been proved wrong repeatedly.

From the aforementioned time period to now, the idea of honor has
been so far watered down, that it need not even been mentioned
anymore, by all except for the "long haul" veterans of TFC. The actions
of so many people, thinking about only themselves have, yes,
succeeded in stirring things up and in giving people a much needed
sense of self-preservation in trade arrangements, but now, the players
are left with one less tool to reinforce their aura or the doctrines of
their following.

Perhaps it is not that the concept of honor is bereft in the realm. Perhaps
it has been internalized by those who have it and they've stopped
trying to convince others that it is the right way to behave. Again,
a result of the actions of a few self serving (but not necessarily bad)
players. Either way, a look around deserves to be taken. The idea of
honor is something that some of the followings that have existed in the past
couple of years should have paid more attention to.

As we sit and look into the future, let it be one where honor has a
place. Bring back the honor of being blue or dark red. Let it be one
where in a war between good an evil, honor can at least be a saving grace
for those who need it. Let the unaligned, and in right, all players in the
realm be able to -you- by your reputation. Build that reputation and
hold to it, be it scoundral or saint, the mud needs it.

Malakai, Dark Priest of the Nashite Magi.

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