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Guardians of Mish

As I wandered my native land, weary from wreaking havoc on fisherman and half-elf children, I decided to store the treasures I had collected. I eagerly made my way through the crowded rooms of the guild in search of Lady Mish. As I loaded the Lady down, for her usual fee, she sighed and looked at me sadly. I rested in the small available space next to her feet, she took a deep breath, and began to tell me about times past.

I was intrigued to hear great tales of heroes who would pass through her halls only briefly to get water or food at her kitchens. Great Adventurers and conquering Warriors who grew to greatness before her eyes. I could feel the excitement as she spoke; I closed my eyes and imagined I was beside them fighting dragons and evil ogres.

She smiled and paused to chuckle sometimes as she recalled stories. She then sighed heavily, the expression on her face changing, as if she had woken up from a dream into reality. "Those days have come and gone young Sarai." I inquired as to what she meant, honestly, I look forward to sharing such memories with Mish.

"My shoulders are heavy with the armor and the gold of thousands of kills", she stated. "Adventurers no longer grace me with their presence to share the stories of victory and defeat". "They greedily request their gold stores and weigh me down with material things, as if I were a mule in the mines of Tharlodin". Guilt began to enter my heart, but being ashamed I piped up with the usual excuses. It seemed so superficial as I spoke it, and I could see it in Mish's eyes. What was the worst thing that could happen to me? I could lose the shiny jewelry I adorned around my fingers and neck?

I began to understand the reasons Mish chose to relate these truths to me. One cannot seek out the treasures of adventure when they are not willing to risk the treasures they wear about their body. I made a solemn vow that day, not of foolhardy disregard to safety, but to abandon the days of guildsitting and equipment hoarding. My eyes have been opened to the real treasures available to those with the fortitude to seek them out.

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