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A Change of Heart

My life has been filled with treasures, both tangible and ephemeral. Loves I have had; Katrana, Tylin, Miressa. Power was mine when I wielded Similus, weapon of the Huntsman for my lady Katrana. I have known times of war, times of peace and the friendship of heroes and villains alike.

As the leader of the Mafia, I have continued this. I am surrounded by friends, more wealth than you can imagine and the power over life and death... yet I am unsatisfied.

Who, really, has benefit from my actions? The few times I have received gratitude from those weaker or more innocent than I were those times I truly tried to aid the realm. The bloodier my hands became, the more I lost that part of myself. No more. I have commited unspeakable acts of betrayal, and my love, life, friends, power and money can not make the scales tip in my favor.

No more will I look into the sightless eyes of a peasant who refused to pay me. No more will I be haunted by the sins of my past. No more will I allow this emptiness within me to grow.

I have found the Truth and the Light. It is within me. I have scourged my soul until all that is left is sorrow for the sins of my youth and vengeance for those unable to defend themselves.

The Inquisition is coming.

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