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Cadee stands up.

A quiet please sing lights up.

Cadee recites, "I've sung many tales of my own lack of skill,"

Cadee recites, "And coupled up rhymes about stage-fright that kills"

Cadee recites, "But this little ode is for all I call friend,"

Cadee recites, "For good times and bad times, and tales without end"

Cadee recites, "There's none that I won't meet with 'Hi' and a smile"

Cadee recites, "For any young newbie, I'd walk miles and miles,"

Cadee recites, "While some in the past have been closer than most"

Cadee recites, "I count more as friends that most others can boast"

Cadee recites, "Adventures I've had, throwing caution to winds"

Cadee recites, "As Iso and I portaled often for grins"

Cadee recites, "Beowulf stood at my side steadfastly"

Cadee recites, "As we slew countless bad guys and centaurs with glee"

Cadee recites, "It isn't just moments of heartstopping fear"

Cadee recites, "That binds folks as friends, whether distant or near"

Cadee recites, "Its the moments that build up, like leaves in the fall,"

Cadee recites, "When you're out there, adventuring, having a ball."

Cadee recites, "It's having a heart with no limits in size"

Cadee recites, "Or peering too close to discern other guise"

Cadee recites, "I meet people openly, no judgement, no fear"

Cadee recites, "And walk with all comers both far and both near"

Cadee recites, "It grieves me to see others judge and to hate"

Cadee recites, "Which often than not, is what we see of late."

Cadee recites, "Give me a greeting, a word, or a wave"

Cadee recites, "Just don't meet my kindness with uplifted blade"

Cadee recites, "I'll walk with you, talk with you, learn, or I'll teach"

Cadee recites, "Or share quiet moments watching waves on the beach"

Cadee recites, "It doesn't take much, to be one I call friend"

Cadee recites, "And you'll find that I'm loyal, beginning to end"

Cadee recites, "I wish others could find some place quiet inside"

Cadee recites, "And reach out to others, not murder and lie"

Cadee recites, "This realm is a great one, I enjoy happily,"

Cadee recites, "And daily thank Tyn for my home: TFC!"

Cadee curtseys gracefully.

Natilena claps at Cadee's performance.

Legolas throws confetti in the air!

Legolas throws confetti in the air!

Isolas shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Legolas throws confetti in the air!

Jaeden showers Cadee with confetti!

Damian applauds Cadee's actions.

Tynian grins mischievously.

Isolas is in 2 bard songs now. Is that some kind of record?

Natilena says, 'very nice'.

Jaeden shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

You clap at her performance.

Damian applauds Cadee's actions.

Jaeden grins wickedly.

 16 players.
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Hiro: Mirth. Choice. UA. Buying scrolls.
Elf [      Demigod      ] Isolas Starleaf, Adept of the Magi *Erian*
Elf [  Greater Goddess  ] Natilena is random.  Deal with it.
Hel [    Ra:18 Ma:17    ] Artichondra Artigo: insane little half-elf
Hum [    Wa: 8 Ma: 9    ] Jaeden Kael
Elf [ Bard:  30  24  19 ] Cadee, needs a Bard Review.  -=Fate=-
Hum [    Greater God    ] Tokugawa.
Elf [ Th:27 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Kethran of Fate.
Hum [    Semi-Retired   ] Schwartz, Master of the Nashite Circle of Choice
Hum [    Th:18 Ra:20    ] Viscous, Master Rogue of the Black Conclave
Elf [ Th:21 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Legolas, Rogue of the Black Conclave
Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Jashon Vala is.........*Nexus*
Dwa [       Cl:13       ] Damian is a lost cause
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Maeron, Drow Goon
Dwa [    Implementor    ] Tynian: May be here... or AFW/K. It's a mystery
Elf [ Th:24 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Shilea the Elf Maiden.
It is 2am on Cearn the 7th, the month of Celebration,
in the year 2755.

TFC started up at Fri Jan 13 11:34:26 2006
The system time is Sat Jan 14 13:49:44 2006
Legolas gives Cadee some gold.

### Cadee has earned Bards' Council approval for level 20.

Cadee is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

who Cadee
1 player.
Elf [ Bard:  30  24  20 ] Cadee, needs a Bard Review.  -=Fate=-
Schwartz claps at Cadee's performance.

Legolas gives a huge mug of hot chocolate to Cadee.

Legolas smiles happily.

Jaeden grins wickedly.
Damian gives Cadee some gold.

Jashon gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cadee!'.

You say, 'nice job'.

Legolas says (in common), 'have some hot chocolate!'.

Schwartz agrees with you 100%.

Isolas says, 'Very nice indeed'.

Tynian says, 'Congratulations!'.

Cadee says (in common), 'thanks!'.

Natilena says, 'congrats Cadee'.

Jaeden gets a tiny pearl from a saddlebag.
Jaeden gives a tiny pearl to Cadee.
Jaeden snickers softly.

Tynian beams a smile at Cadee.

Natilena grins happily.

Natilena wiggles her bottom.

Tynian says, 'Nice performance!'.

Natilena tickles you and disappears into a cloud of stardust.

Tynian giggles.

Tynian throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Legolas says (in common), 'you watch waves on the beach, too?'.

Tynian steps through a rift in the universe, and disappears.

Isolas sits down and thinks deeply.

Schwartz disappears in a mushroom cloud.

Isolas may have been in a 3rd song too.

Isolas vanishes in a bright flash of cyan light.

Legolas says (in common), 'see, im the hardcore fan.. still here'.

Jaeden says (in common), 'waiting for the credits?'.
Jaeden winks suggestively.

Legolas giggles.

Cadee says (in common), 'credits?'.

Legolas gossips (in common), 'i want my money back!'.

Jaeden chuckles, evidently amused.

Damian hugs Cadee.

Legolas gossips (in common), 'there was no action!'.

Jaeden says (in common), 'Written by: Cadee Performed by: Cadee, Directed by: Cadee'.

Legolas gossips (in common), 'no special effects!'.

Damian says (in common), 'there was "up lifted blade'.

Damian says (in common), 'and liars and murder'.

Jaeden says (in common), 'Executive Producers: Cadee'.

Isolas appears in a bright flash of cyan light.

Jaeden grins wickedly.

Isolas returns, thumbing through a book.

Isolas says, 'Yep. 3 songs.'.

Damian says (in common), 'stunt double: cadee'.

You wave.

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