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Wolfwood: A Very Fond Farewell
Thu May 5 11:29:46 2005
To: all
Dear all,
My time here was more than well spent. TFC has been my home for a long time.
But now, I must leave it on a more permanent basis. I would first like to say
thank you to Clue, you had one of the most interesting and unqiue followings I had ever seen.
She provided great RP as well as a relaxing place to simply enjoy the game. She deserves all praise
she recieves. I would like to point out Mistyfier, Fobro, Teren, Qrzon, and of course Eliste for
the hours of fun, good conversation, and milk bottles of change sex potion.
I would also like to recognize Lady Katrana and Lady Cordir's followings for also creating
a wonderful amount of RP and cool people to talk to in general. Lastly, I feel I should mention
Lord Kerriariadne and the rest of the glorious Dark, for providing me a home, a short lived
but extremely warm and loving home. Thank you.

And always, thanks to Tynian and his staff for making such a wonderful game. It was a pleasure
to play here for so long. Blessings be on all of you. Enjoy.

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