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(located at port 4000)

Natilena: Version 3.161d
Tue Dec 27 09:42:43 2005
To: all
Added new command for snowman quest. Unwrap

added snowman equipment and resets for present

fixed a few problems with the snowman mobs

fixed icy blue crystals so they actually do something

Fixed a problem with mobmaster where the wait time wasn't working after reboot

Natilena: Version 3.161e
Tue Dec 27 09:51:07 2005
To: all
fixed problem were not even snowmen could eq snowman armor
Natilena: Version 3.161f
Tue Dec 27 13:23:53 2005
To: all
fix crashing problem with snowmen/immortal command
Natilena: version 3.161h
Tue Dec 27 19:52:51 2005
To: all
blue crystals REALLY do something now
(you were imagining it before)

removed the super cookie possibility

added more snowman equipment

Natilena: Version 3.161i
Tue Dec 27 21:24:29 2005
To: all
Crystals were having never-ending issues now too all fixed

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