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Natilena: Version 3.160
Sun Dec 18 11:16:29 2005
To: all
Wizard marked weapons are now wieldable on the offhand

Argument added to mobhunt 'points' so you can see
your own total points

Liberate now requires you to choose if the item is carried or held
just in case of common keywords and mistakes.

Charmed mobs should no longer hang about guild when their master quits

Quest mobs now understand what bards and thugs are

A flag has been added to exclude rooms and mobs from being used for
mohunt, mobmaster and lq quests. Post a typo if you feel a room needs
to be added.

Added all the structure to allow bards to be chosen as a new character
but it is not choosable yet.

Bards can now go a few places they couldn't before

Lowered bard minimum level to be able to memorize scores

Added 2 new bard performances, Awe Audience and Dragons Bane

Gambling has come to TFC, first game, a Slot Machine added to Gimbles
Gambling Hall

Gimbles Gambling Hall area addition open, updated and ready for business

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