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(located at port 4000)

Natilena: Version 3.156
Thu Sep 29 20:33:36 2005
To: all
Casting wizard mark that gets absorbed no
longer takes double mana.

A character reciting a scroll is now visable to the room.

Successful crystal memo is now visable to the room.

Scores are now flagged flammable.

Scores no longer decompose without a message.

Adjustments to the reuse period after Maurice's Bargain

Spheres changed to properly pop with a weight.

Bleed and Greet socials added

Help is accessable during a shamans meditation

Fixed Maurices Bargain transfer messages to be more timely

Quest mob changes for some future use

Random spheres should now appear with descriptive names

New command for Bards. Act

Natilena: Version 3.156a
Thu Sep 29 21:05:13 2005
To: all
fixed crash with god+ command

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