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(located at port 4000)

Tranquility: Triton's.
Sun Jan 9 18:53:55 2005
To: all
The trip is in planning, everything is being gathered, the only
thing You!

Wanted: Brave adventuring souls willing to walk into Triton's on
the next weekend from the posting of this note. Meaning, Saturday
the 15th or Sunday the 16th. Evening is more likely than during
the day. I would *suggest* speaking with your immortal about back
up as this area is seriously hazardous to one's health.

Requirements: Ability to allow others to lead, and to take orders
as given, especially when under fire. Ability to get along with
all people in party, regardless of personal differences. Willing-
ness to deal with a Grand Shaman mob. (The point of going into
this area in the first place.)

Negotiables (to a degree): Max levels in all classes, fully equippe
d and holding potions you need to keep yourself alive. Alignment,
which will be determined by responses with deliberate favor given to
those who have assisted in other aspects and adventures of this quest.

If you are considering going, interested in more information, or
simply want to tell me I am insane, please leave a note here or a pm
on the forums. I will return all messages, unless the purpose of
your note is counter to the intention outlined.

Accepting donations: Heal (bright oranges), sanct (gold), and sanity
(brown) potions. Any knowledge of Triton's be it in person, by pm or
in note form here. I am also accepting advance condolences due to the
death that occurred last time and the expectation that it will not be
the last.

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