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Natilena: My tasty puddings....
Thu May 12 07:07:22 2005
To: all
You gossip, 'in case anyone is wondering there is exactly 11 puddings left...'.
You gossip, 'that may or may not have a vial ...'.
Marduk gossips (in common), 'and how may of those nice little vials?'.
You gossip, 'AND the special different vial is still out there'.
You gossip, 'and it looks like 5 vials left'.
Asher gossips (in common), 'any hints where these puddys are left? other
than you used to exp there'.
You gossip, 'hehe ok one hint...'.
You gossip, 'they all seem to have settled in places that don't get
visited too often.. but not necessarily because they're too hard'.
You gossip, 'those good at location quest could probably show you the way'.

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