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Talyn: To all Members of Choice - Your Only Warning
Tue Apr 5 00:47:59 2005
To: all
This is strictly a curtesy, and being curteous isn't on my top 10 list of
things to do for you folks, so appreciate this, and do not post
replies, or argue with me about it, because this situation is NOT open for
debate. It is what it is and that is it. If you have a problem with it, too
bad. Cry to someone else, because neither I, or any member of the
Righteous are going to listen.

If you choose to group with the conclave:
1. I dont care.
2. Dont think for even a moment that your group member is safe.
3. Dont even remotely think about using your just if we attack the heathen
4. If you decide to, you will be listed, and you will be killed.
5. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, start at #1, and read again
6. If you read this more than five times...join the Conclave.
7. Have a nice day

Talyn. Ordained. Righteous. Annoyed.

Oh, and seriously, don't post replies.. i might get more aggrivated - not good.

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