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Solaron's retirement note posted on forums

Seeya guys.

Guys, it's been great.

I'm done here. I'll still check the forums because I still like seeing the rare log or two that gets posted these days, but that's about it. I'm sure I'll be missed dearly by all of you.

Thanks to:
Kat, my wife and best friend!

Mordith, who doesn't play anymore either!

Arianas, who I've known for a very long time and only within the past year become close friends with. Wish I'd done it sooner. I'll see you on WoW!

Ink, kinda the same deal. You're one of my best friends online, and well, I have a hard time making the distinction between online friends and RL friends. I wish you lived closer than Utah though.

Weezer, you were great. I know you left quite a while ago, but your generosity was astounding. Hope you're doing well in your new life.

Wunk. Man, you're freaking hilarious. You just rock.

Those are my closest Hunt-friends and companions. There are others, of course. Orion, Rincewind, Bophal.... I could go on. I would and have trusted these guys with my corpse and life on many occasions.

As for non-Hunt:
Tynian, great game, good luck with the future of it. TFC will never die. You will always have dedicated players, but as the landscape changes, so too will your playerbase. It's time for me to move on, but it's nothing against you.

Khore..... you probably know everything I'll say. Just wanted to say thanks for being an incredible god+.

Other FLIs and Imms: It's a tough job but you're still here, guess you're doing something right.

Tairee, I'll miss you.

I had tons of fun fighting everyone. Tiberius, Dart, hell even the Ironwolf crew was fun. The big thing to remember is that -nobody- ever "owns" the mud. Anyone who says they do is setting themselves up for failure.

TFC has been a massive part of my life, but its time to move on. Solaron is officially retired. He may pop on from time to time, once every few months, just because he doesn't want to purge like Vex.

If your name wasn't mentioned here, it's because you either know I like you already and know that I'll see you on WoW, or it's because I really don't like you. (The majority of you fall into the latter category.)

"Death comes to all - our only choice is how we meet it."

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