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Natilena: The Snowman Wars!
Mon Dec 19 23:45:54 2005
To: all
The era of the Snowman Wars has begun!

To enter your snowman into the 1st Snowman Wars you will of course
have to build one. This will be an ongoing quest lasting until
just past New Years. Our goal is to build a Snowman, make it
stronger and then watch them fight to the death!

Unfortunatly this will be a following only quest. If you are
unaligned you can cheer on the Snowman of your choice but you won't
be able to make your own.

Sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) or the next day (Wednesday) the
instructions on how to build a snowman will be posted in the Great
Hall on a sign. Each following will need to appoint a following
captain to turn in their snowman parts to allow me to animate their
snowman. When you turn in your snowman part you will need to have
ready a name for your snowman.

This will require a lot of assistance from your immortal so make
sure you check with them!

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