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Natilena: Anyone up for a game of Scrabble(tm) TFC style!?
Mon May 30 07:14:25 2005
To: all
The goal is to create the highest scoring word. You will have until Friday June 3rd
to turn in your word. Exact time to be determined but it won't be before noon system
time on Friday.
1. The game tiles will be found on quest mobs out in the world.
2. There will be 2 sets of game tiles distributed in 2 waves. There will be no
letter or word multipliers this time through. The wild tiles may be used in place of
any letter but has no pt value. See forums for the distribution of tiles in each set.
3. Scoring. A word with a length of 2 to 8 letters will be scored by the pt value of
the pieces (see forums). A 7 letter (or higher) word will recieve a 25 pt bounus. If
there is some question of the word's validity I will check an online dictionary.

The tiles will be distributed as soon as I finish making them.

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