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Schwartz: Alphabet soup scavenger quest - the game and the winners
Mon Jul 11 23:50:19 2005
To: All
Tonight, I held an Alphabet soup scavenger hunt, an impromptu mini-quest. The
participants had 20 minutes to gather as many items as possible
which started with each letter of the alphabet.

There was enough interest, and Tamar agreed to support with prizes, so off we

Four participated until the end, and here's how they ranked:
. First place (by virtue of a tie-breaker): Belsambar, with 23 items
. Second place: Azilix, also with 23 items
. Third place: Cadee, with 19 items
. Fourth place: Samwise, with 17 items

Prizes will be given to first and second place finishers by Tamar - first
place gets 2 quest potions, second place gets one quest potion.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all those who participated!


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