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Schwartz: My apologies
Fri May 13 23:29:57 2005
To: All

Effective immediately, I am retired from TFC. This may seem a bit of a
surprise, but so was my father's unexpected passing.

Love them while you've got them, folks. You never know when those you care
about will suddenly be taken from your life. You can't wind back the clock
and you'll never get them back.

Apologies to my friends, my followers, my enemies. I immensely enjoyed the
time I've spent here, but its time for me to move on.

I need to get out there and spend time with the rest of my loved ones while
I still can.

Vittorio: schwartz
Sat May 14 03:28:24 2005
To: all
sorry to hear about your loss...:( you and yours will be missed
Wylin: Schwartz
Sat May 14 06:40:11 2005
To: all
Take your time, you were/are a great god, leader, and person. You will be missed.
If you ever need someone to talk to, don't forget that you are a part of the TFC family.

Drink em if you got em.. *beer*
-Wylin, Lord of the Enforcers

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