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Natilena: A scavenger-y triva-y type quest-y thingie
Sun Sep 4 08:04:26 2005
To: all
Quest begins now and you have until Friday 6pm mud time to
turn in. Prizes will depend on participation but everyone
playing will get something!
Natilena: the trivia...
Sun Sep 4 08:05:06 2005
To: all
1. Who were 2 of Schwartz's ordained?
2. Who were 2 of Artanis' ordained?
3. Who were 2 of Bliss' ordained?
4. Who were 2 of Molo's ordained?
5. Who were 2 of Plato's ordained?
6. Who were 2 of Cordir's ordained?
7. Who were 2 of Kerriariadne's ordained?
8. Who were 2 of Athorne's ordained?
9. Who were 2 of Clue's ordained?
10. Who were 2 of Katrana's ordained?
11. Who were 2 of Wylin's ordained?
12. What was Pyros likely to do if you said "hi"?
13. Who is known as the 'suicide mage'?
14. Who is the Cow-Bard?
15. Where was the wedding of Azeworai and Sybill held?
16. Where was the wedding of Mystaya and Seraph held?
17. When did Natilena reach eff level 50?
18. When did Tynian turn 11 thousand years old?
19. On what TFC version changed teleport to no longer
be usable in battle?
20. What is the current TFC version?
Natilena: the item finding...
Sun Sep 4 08:05:59 2005
To: all
a bottle of sweet smelling perfume
a jail pass
a war bannera rain poncho
a large towel
a night stand
a bowl of strawberry ice cream
any amulet of anti-theft
any amulet of blocking
any random jewelery with "ruby" in the name
any random jewelery with "jacinth" in the name
any random scroll with "thin" in the name
any random staff with "sleek" in the name
any random fetish with "trembling" in the name
any random potion with sparkling swirls
any random potion with bright orange spots
a small redwood cone
a chunk of firestone
a dead squid
a chocolate bunny
a pig skin loin cloth

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