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Tynian: Attendant Isolas
Sun Sep 11 11:14:10 2005
To: all
Just a note to you that keeps track of such things. Isolas is currently
attending Cordir, which actually violates one of the criteria for
Attendant selection, which states that the prospective Attendant shall
not attend an Immortal they have followed as a mortal. The idea behind
that restriction is that I want the prospective Attendant to experience
the workings of a new following.

Unfortunately, there aren't very many active Immortals left. In fact,
there are only 3 FLIs that I consider active enough and whose followings
are active enough to have Attendants. One of those Immortals
disqualified himself from consideration, leaving Boromir and Cordir.

I had also posted a note to 3 inactive Immortals almost 3 weeks ago, and
asked that they play more often. Unfortunately, that did not work out,

I could have had Thor attend Cordir, but I did not feel that was as good
a match as Boromir. So, Isolas will train with Cordir. I will then
have him attend another FLI near the end of his attendancy, in order to
broaden his experiences.


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