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Ptarchyzk: Retirement
Mon Jun 20 21:42:53 2005
To: all
I'm not. Never have, and never will.
The server is gonna die of old age before I do.


Belsambar: re: Ptarchyzk
Mon Jun 20 23:14:18 2005
To: all
Hearhear! MWaha, I may start gathering dust, but I'll be here long
after the dusts settle of the current, count on a crazy
suicide mage always being around to lend sparkle to your day...and
perhaps I'll figure out if this lint ball thing has merit or not when
I'm as old as Ptarchyzk...By then he'll probly have alzheimer's, and the
secret will be lost....but at least we'll all be around forgetting stuff!

Your rambling Suicide-ness...

Belsambar Bloodstar Lin Silverdyne k'Treva
Black Tiger, DarkMirth, Caramel Rage, Suicide Mage, ChaosKnight,
DangerTwin v2.0, GnoMage Alliance, Mystaya's Attourney, Dragon Snack,
and many many many more titles to come in the years ahead! MWahahaha!

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