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Pitt: Thanks! (warning: Long!)
Wed Jun 15 20:18:41 2005
To: all
Abender         Gillfen         Mylk
Adrien          Glasya          Myronides
Adso            Grale           Mystaya
Adwen           Gregar          Nail
Alexandra       Grismal         Nalya
Aoife           Gunner          Natilena
Arden           Gup             Neodis
Arella          Gytar           Neon
Aries           Henry           Nessa
Armalag         Hiro            Nicademus
Aslan           Hornblower      Noctus
Aster           Iggwilv         Nyx
Auricirina      Ihsahn          Oghma
Azeworai        Immagine        Okk! ! !
BaconBits       Indiga          Oook
Belgarion       Isolas          Pacho
Belsambar       Jet             Palmer
Bevier          Joey            Pardoquilian
Bignose         Jonah           Ping
Blanca          Jopsephine      Pol
Bliss           Jynx            Ptarchyzk
Borneo          Jyslin          QBall
Boromir         Kaern           Qua
BraKaN          Kailani         Rhina
Brenick         Kaleyah         Rhys
Brightbranch    Kandrell        Riella
Brundlewart     Kannon          Robert
Cadee           Kantor          Rolland
Callisto        Kaori           Rubicant
Clue            Karyna          Saryio
Clumsyfool      KatVina         Schwartz
Coleman         Keat            Sidonique
Cordir          Kerriariadne    Skeeve
Craige          Kerson          Snarf
Crinos          Kethran         Stouthbound
Daelin          Khorlan         Syla
Darkfang        Kinky           Tamar
Dart            Knuckles        Taws
Deyanira        Lanfear         Thingone
Dinin           Laujar          Thingtwo(best ripoff name ever)
Doc             Legionnaire     Tiax
DogDaze         Legolas         Tiuri
Dokimion        Lins            Tokugawa
Draco           Lizzy           Toronoga
Duvel           LordSoth        Trakker
Edge            Lynian          Garland
Eldric          Madman          Tranquility
Eliste          Mael            Tripper
Endrek          Maimer          Twelf
Erian           Maldobar        Tylorn
Fearghus        Markoon         Tynian
Fei             Masher          Vex
Fobro           Melisa          Vin
Fury            Miressa         Vorax
GaNn            MissFit         Weezer
Garland         Mistyfier       Whitehawk
Garvax          Moiraine        Wish
Gatorade        Mong            Wolfgang
Gaul(best title award)          Wolfwood
Ghazkull        Mordith         Zarous

I've enjoyed my time here immensely, and I thought it appropriate
to thank some of those I've loved (and some more I've loved to
hate) over the years, so I'd like to thank everybody that just
scrolled by! (and everyone I forgot, I'm sure there's lots!)

I'd also like to make special mention of all the fantastic
followings I've been a part of, in roughly chronological order:
Adventure, Unity, Virtue, Balance, Kindred, Tigers, ITK, 
Dreamwalkers, Life's Blood, Fate, FoLK, Stars, Sun, Hawks, Nature,
Darkness and Nexus,
Thanks Zarous, Robert, JohnPaul, Tokugawa, Khore Tripper, Masher, 
Tamar, Okk, Cordir, Clue, Natilena, Tiax, Whitehawk, Rhina,
Kerriariadne and Boromir!!

Special thanks to Molo for running the scariest pack of
bloodthirsty killers around, you certainly made life exciting!



p.s. I'm not retiring ;) I just thought the list was a bit of a
blast from the past!

p.p.s. looks like I'd better start a list of those I really
shouldn't have missed the first time round:
DarkClaw, Iceman, Alaric, Cirth, Furnock, Emaleth, Wylin,
Quarnel, Boyardee, Allanon, Lysanthir, Pez!, Yelp, Diver,
Athorne, Valgar, Tiberius, Wistom, Rath, Aiken, Vecna, 
Anonymous, Nemick, Plato, Myst, Dracos, Faile, Zedar, Granger, 
Corri, Katrana, Solaron, Nayr, Ink, Lynain, Sethvir, Whoz, Shon

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