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Orion: Retiring
Mon Jun 13 18:18:59 2005
To: all

Ive retired before but never gone threw with deleting but this time i am I thank everyone that was in the realm who helped me become the player i am today. Katrana, Solaron, Ink, Artanis, Sylarn, and Wylin .....if i didnt mention your name sorry, i appreciated everyones help

Thank you to the imps for making it fun for me for the past 6yrs.

I wil be back from time to time, but i might be a level 1, but you'll know its me :)

Orion- Hunt/Enforcer
Morphius- Coven/Dark/Mayhem/Hunt/Enforcer
Armicron- Dark/Hunt
Wardon- Dreams
Kaleb- Enforcer Bard
Finache- Dark/Mayhem/Hunt


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