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Gno [ Tg:26 Cl:30 Wa:30 ] Noctus,Chosen Blade of Fate *Tranquility* RM
Noctus: Beer on me
Wed Sep 14 14:32:28 2005
To: all
2000 years old (3977 hours), created Tue Feb 01 00 09:54:34.
Beer and snacks available at the Thistlerock in.
Feel free to put it on my account

Noctus, ancient gnome of Fate
DarkClaw: Re: Beer on me
Wed Sep 14 15:45:20 2005
To: all
Happy birthday, old man!...Like I can talk.
2723 years old (5423 hours)

Faile: Noctus...your tab.
Thu Sep 15 18:49:40 2005
To: Noctus all
The Innkeeper refused your tab...better pay up!
Belsambar: Noct's tab
Thu Sep 15 20:36:10 2005
To: all
Uhm....I paid 40k off it earlier...who the hell put 2.3mil on you tab?!

Mnaramenth: re: Noct's Tab
Thu Sep 15 22:20:13 2005
To: all
Erm...sorry...I thin' thah' be me an' th' boys o'th'Drunk
Dwarven Adventurer's'n th'guys'll round up
summo'thah' tab fer yeh...soon as therr done bein' passed out
a'th'ancient red. Luck'ly, they done consum'd 'nuff alcohol, therr
closeness done made him dunk they be havin' a grand ol'
time holdin' a party up therr fer us...thou' I bin tellin' thems
they needs ter pick better spots fer parties *shrug*

Mnaramenth Vidrion, Magnetic Blade and Vice President of the Drunk Dwarven Adventurer's Association

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