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Natilena: My CLAMS! They escaped!
Thu Jul 14 08:48:39 2005
To: all
I had a small clam farm on my little personal ocean. Nobody would give
me a necklace so I decided to make my own. Their pearls are the most
beautiful things that have ever been seen. These ivory pearls of theirs
can not be replicated by any other clam, of that I'm sure! As my clams
have sort of a magical nature, some of their pearls seem to be better than

While I do still have enough clams and pearls to complete my necklace
what I don't want is my clams running around like this! I'm sure the pirates
will use them for only their evil gain.

I'll reward one potion of your choice for each 10 pearls turned in. Don't
forget to keep your eyes open for the special pearls that sometimes appear!

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