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Seraph: where have all the non nashite gone
Mon Jan 24 13:57:09 2005
To: all
when I log on and that far and inbetween all I see is nashite
I have seen some big players die to them some cause they don't want to play anymore
some cause well we all seems no following is on to fight them
hunt MIA dark MIA all goodies seem MIA so I guess gratz to clave and choice
you guys run this place and I'll sit back and watch
Seraph retired arch-angel of hunt
Seraph: to understand
Mon Jan 24 14:51:32 2005
To: all
there easier to understand
Croix: Re: Seraph
Mon Jan 24 20:35:10 2005
To: all
it's called a monopoly!
beware landing on boardwalk with 4 hotels on it!
do not pass go. do not collect 200gp.
Kel: RE: Seraph
Tue Jan 25 21:25:27 2005
To: all
Half of them are in temporary retirement due partially to being so outnumbered.
The other half made nashite characters so they could xp/random in peace.
I hate it too, but thats how it goes..Everyone wants to be on the winning team,
even if it lowers the funfactor overall and leaves the mud lopsided.
Kel, the Non Nashite of the ENFORCERS

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