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(log posted with permission of mystaya & provided by tokugawa)

Mystaya: BOO!!!
Sun May 1 16:35:33 2005
To: immortal god+
Mystaya Skylore- Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ].
Created: Sat Dec 21 02 07:14:3 / 786 years old (1549 hours)

I would oh so humbly like to ask for a chance to become FLI.
I've listed pros and cons for your convince below........

Pros of Mystaya becoming immortal:
#1- The world needs more/a demi-goddesses.
#2- I'm cute AND scary... (how can you beat that)
#3- If I can get players to worship me while I'm mortal, just
THINK what I could accomplish as an immortal.
#4- More hugs for immortals.
#5- I've been maxed levels for quite a while now, and my days of sitting
at mish are becoming redundant. Having a following would give me something
fun to do, followers to abuse, and some meaning to my existence.
#6- Did I mention I'm cute & scary?
#7- Although I can't promise to be around forever, I have lots and lots of
free time right now to dedicate to the rifting of followers.
#8- (please insert very convincing reason here)

Cons of Mystaya becoming immortal:
#1- More channels for me to grace with my presence.
#2- Just think of all the crazy restrings I could come up with. (evil pondering)
#3- Giving me control of an entire following.
#4- Furthering my addiction.
#5- (please insert completely unconvincing reason here)

OOC: I think it would be make the game more interesting for me, be fun to
have a new purpose and learn the immortal ways.
I think I'd have a fun following and add some "scariness" to the game.
However I have NO experience being an Imm, and have only ever played an active
character on this mud. (hope that doesn't matter).
I would do my best to follow all the rules and orders, as I already do, and be
the best FLI I can :)
Please consider me to be the next demi-goddess!
Your Scary Dark shaman,
Mystaya, Mistress of Cuteness.

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