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Clumsyfool: Mudding etc
Thu Mar 31 05:15:25 2005
To: all
Like Yo!!!!
So ya dont like dyin to some pumped up eff 50?
Ya hate dyin to a mob who can kiss yer boots?
Ya think its not fair cause ya gotta leave the guild to xp?
oops ... I guess ya thought this was a chat room
This aint like some schools where no one fails ...and no one succeeds
Ya dont have anyone to do yer work for ya .. if it gets done then you gotta do it
yeah ya dont wanna hear about 2.x and 1.x where folks did stuff no matter what ,, yeah yeah
I got a possible cure fer all of this
set all the amulets and braclets and other stuff back to 2.x levels and lose the debt
relax the constraints on recalling in combat and increase the likelihood of a bad recall
no limits on how much ya can wear of any attribute (dam chr dex wis etc)
acourse at 2.x levels - if ya had 4 or 5 +2's or +3s of anything .. yer were lucky and a target
leave the rest of the other stuff alone since it helpin ta make the mud better
there *dusts hands off* better!
ya dont got peoples wearin +98 dam and whackin ya in 1 swing
wear all the stuff ya want and if ya gets ta +20 anything .. yer lucky *LAUGH*
and yer still responsible for what ya do... no one else is
this aint no 'everyone gits a hug' touchy-feely stuff...
this here is you do it .. for better or worse ,, its all yours ...
ya win ? ..good on ya!!
ya lose? ..better luck next go round
'nuff a this here typin crap ...

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