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Tynian: QUEST
Sun Sep 18 11:59:15 2005
To: all
Some quest notes have been posted from the MASTER OF MAGIC.
Master of Magic: I fought the law and the law won
Sat Sep 17 08:56:07 2005
To: all
It was a lovely day, I had earned a vacation from the confines of
my tower and took the opportunity to wander about Midgaard. Enhancing
my pleasure, I easily slew every mortal in my path. Their blood made
such lovely splatters on the walks and walls of the town. The
pathetic City Guards couldn't do a thing to stop me!

Unfortunatly, the higher laws of the land finally caught up with me...
Natilena returned my to my tower and locked me in with chains. She
has bid me to distribute my lovely glowing Rod of Magic and my
sparkling vest of golden thread but I'm not going to give them out
to just any common jester, you'll need to prove yourself worthy!

The mighty hand of Natilena has confined me for one week (until next
Sunday September 25th). You have this time to gather the objects
I require. The mortal with the most items will gain my magical
possessions, anyone else who proves themself worthy.. well I might be
able to brew up a gift or so for them.

My needs will be in the note to follow.
Master of Magic: for Mortals of eff level 20 or less
Sat Sep 17 11:38:29 2005
To: all
a dead frog
an elven spear
moose hide tunic
a mining pick
a dark blue robe with black stripes
a stickler
a child's ball
pipeweed bread
steak or bag of flounder
steak on a stick
a bamboo fishing pole
an extra scroll of magic missile
an extra pill of detect magic
a wand with the word balsa in it
a fetish with the word emerald in it
a scroll of recall
a scroll with the word messy in it
a scorpion scale ring
Master of Magic: for Mortals of eff level 21 or more
Sat Sep 17 12:06:54 2005
To: all
some magic dust
a potion of detect magic
a scroll of magic missile
a potion of detect magic
a driftwood staff
a staff made of nightwood
a staff of vigor
a black staff topped with a skull upon it
an oaken staff
an elixir of madness
a glittering potion
a rainbow potion
a white potion with clear swirls
a green potion with silver swirls
a deep blue potion with purple swirls
some embalming fluid
an extra scroll of magic missile
an extra pill of detect magic
a shimmering blue potion in a vial
a key
Where are 2 different places you could find a mermaid?
Where in an unchanging landscape can you find something different?
What place allows for nearly fifty guards?
Who is covered with flour and grains?
What does a drunkard carry?
Master of Magic: An administrative note
Sat Sep 17 12:09:10 2005
To: all
If it comes to a tie there will be a tie breaker round of some sort.
You may NOT turn in early for this quest any fines or charges aquired
for holding eq is your own responsibility.

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