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Tranquility: The Jester Chapter
Sat Jan 1 18:33:31 2005
To: all
Today was an amazing day. Into Jester's we walked, and we exterminated its
inhabitants with much glee, some confusion and a ton of potions! Each of the
following people gave a huge amount of their time, their resources, their
potions and in a few cases, the AC they walked in with, to the closing of
the Jester Chapter.
Abe - Your expertise astounded me, and your caution as well as willingness
to take a backseat so that I could make the decisions was amazing. Often
overlooked, I refuse to see that happen again. Thank you, for this and all
the unspoken times I missed saying those words when I should have.
Dracos - I know you were nervous, as were we all. I appreciate, more than
you know, that no matter what following you are in, I can always count upon
you and our friendship. Thank you.
Mistyfier - You put aside things you needed to do, to do this with us. Your
strength and willingness to walk into anything is something I admire beyond
words. Thank you.
Padrone - I know you almost gave your life. Know that I will never, EVER,
forget that. We knew each other but a little, and it was on a lark that you
joined the group for a little adventure. Thank you.
Shilea - It had been an eon since I'd seen you last, and yet, as we storm
in the door, you appear. Ready, willing and able to kick Jester butt. It
was terrific to see you, and even better to have you with us. Thank you.
Sylarn - There are many who hold a specific opinion of you. I've been lucky
enough to never have that opinion, and lucky enough that when the journey
held little for you but scary acid breathing mobs, you came with us anyway.
Thank you.
Azrael - The potions! The potions! Bags and bags. Not only were there those,
but you held some containers that we might be able to pick up corpses. It
was more needed than we wanted to admit. Thank you.
Athorne - You stood behind your follower and our group. You allowed him,
and assisted him in this endeavor. From unexpected places come the greatest
small and large gestures. Thank you.
Natilena - You surprised me. Hugely. Your generosity was staggering and
your smile as we departed the area made it all worth while. Thank you.
Cordir - You know my heart, my goddess. Thank you.
And last, but not least...
Isolas - I feared one thing most of all, watching a friend die and having
to move on. I never expected it to be my family or by my own hand. You spared
my heart, saving this portion of my quest, by doing what you had been told not
to do. You spared my soul when you didn't even ask after your own corpse,
knowing we would walk over it and continue. If I can ever repay you, I will.
Thank you.

There are a variety of notes posted over the next few days about this, both good, bad and inbetween, but Tynian posts the following note:

Tynian: Celebrating successes
Mon Jan 3 08:51:47 2005
To: all tranquility
Tranquility: Congratulations on your success at Jesters. It was a
difficult goal for you, but you rose above those difficulties.

To the naysayers: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at
all. Maybe you can do better than she did. Maybe you can't. That's
not the point. She got out and DID something, and challenged herself.
No one is impressed by your critical comments.


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