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From: Isolas Starleaf
To: God+, Cordir
Subject: Immortality Petition
This world has been my home for many years. I began my journey in May of
1998. Since that time, I have been many different characters, and explored
many of the opportunities for play, choosing varying classes and alignments.
Each had a lot to teach, and has helped me enjoy TFC in a new way. At this
point, I would like to take the next step in my evolution as a mudder on TFC,
and apply to become an Immortal.

I have read HELP BECOME, and have met all of the requirements listed there.
I have also read through every help file I have access to at my level. I
feel I have a strong grasp of the letter and the spirit of the rules of the

While some see me as a non-serious character, I am very serious about my desire
to explore this new possibility. I think I could be a strong addition to the
Pantheon of TFC, and welcome any questions you may have for me.

I hope to hear from you soon, and thank you for your time.


Isolas Starleaf
Lady's Councellor, Taoiseach, Blade of Fate, Captain of Longship.

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